The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime

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During the 1980s, in the aftermath of the costly savings and loan scandal, up to a thousand executives from Wall Street were prosecuted for the roles they played in perpetuating financial fraud on a massive scale. Many were convicted and sent to prison. Cut to the Wall Street of today, as America and much of the world continues to attempt a recovery from the largest financial crisis since the Great Depression, and we witness a very different narrative.

In the wake of a criminal act which cost the economy a conservative estimate of 13 trillion dollars, not a single instigator of this calamity has been brought before a court of law. The intriguingly titled documentary The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime examines the reasons why.

The film provides a smart and concisely observed summary of the cause and effect behind the financial meltdown which occurred beginning in 2008, and targets the investment banking firm Goldman Sachs as its main orchestrator. The ethical obscenity represented by this global financial collapse is clear. Eager customers were knowingly sold toxic mortgages by the world's largest financial institutions, who then bet big against their clients' ability to pay. In short, these firms wagered against the economy and the middle class, and reaped major profits for themselves as a result.

In light of such gross manipulation - and the destruction that it's caused throughout the globe - the lack of meaningful punishment for the key players behind the crisis has been nothing short of infuriating. Does "too big to fail" mean "immune from the scrutiny of the law"? The filmmakers seem to think so.

With an impassioned activism, The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime sets it glare not only on offenders like Goldman Sachs, but also on the impotence of the Department of Justice. Their failure to successfully investigate and prosecute these heinous crimes points to a major failing in America's legal system. Relying on reams of documents and incriminating testimonies, the film shows how these financial institutions operate by their own laws, avoid regulatory oversight, and remain shielded from criminal indictment.

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  1. Adriaen22

    John Titus just keeps getting better and better. In this documentary, he has married together two otherwise very dry topics (law and finance) and has managed to infuse enough drama and tension to strike that all important emotional chord in everyone. With an absolutely masterful sound track by Professor KLIQ, this is a rock'em sock'em expose of the rot at the top. POWERFUL!

  2. BB Boone
  3. BB Boone

    The Veneer of Justice shows unequivocally the rule in America is gone. The research done for Mr. Titus' work is exceptional.

  4. Garyp40
  5. Garyp40

    John Titus has been bringing to light the couruption and cover up of big banks and government for years. The clarity in which he explains the actions of "The Untouchables" is done brilliantly. He has truly gone to the next level. There are none so blind as to those who cannot see. Thank you for the glasses John.

  6. Squito
  7. Squito

    There is an underlying commonality that exists with these financial and justice players. With this crisis as well as every other crisis of the same kind that has infected this country since it's inception. As well as untold numbers of other countries. Rothschild, Greenspan, Paulson, Breuer, Blankfein, Suleiman, Geithner.... and on and on and on. History has imprinted the never-ending purpose and mission of these people. Yet, it continues unabated.

  8. Shrive Cheney
  9. Shrive Cheney

    What about me, I lost 80 percent of my retirement savings

  10. Tom
  11. Tom

    So the question becomes; will anything be done, and by whom? A system of government that has been so blatantly corrupted at the highest level by the world's most powerful financial elites can only be purged by a populous rebellion- a strong grass-roots movement. Is that
    possible in the U.S.? It seems that, even among the well informed, too few recognize their duty to serve in a truly participatory form of democracy, which is our only hope.

  12. Johnny
  13. Johnny

    Excellent factual documentary which makes it's points very clearly.
    I'll look forward to the next documentary, possibly about how the DoJ ignored issues regarding the "Heir Apparent" to the American crown.

  14. Russ Tul
  15. Russ Tul

    This is extortion pure and simple -- at the highest level of government. How is it possible that in a democracy, the banks can put the DOJ out of commission just because they are big? Might is now right in the USA. How sad.

  16. Daniel Day
  17. Daniel Day

    The level and depth of corruption in our country is simply astounding and heartbreaking. So many ordinary people have sacrificed so much to make this a great country and now to watch it all be thrown away is sad beyond words.

  18. yeoshi yamamoto
  19. yeoshi yamamoto

    A 500 million penalty for a 1.5+ billion profit is still an amazing return. Not to mention the trillions Golden Sachs made at the expense of all the investors. The crimes continue and the DOJ is bought and paid for by your investments. Then we get Obama paying the Too Big to Fail Banksters trillions upon trillions of dollars to thank them for their efforts at defrauding the whole world. Canada did the same but hid the fact under the toilet seat. The frauds continue with 9/11 to justify the most lucrative war in the world's history, Iraq and the Middle East. And let us not forget that just prior to 9/11 Dicky Cheney said that his military could not account for the loss of 3 trillion dollars; so he had a missile bomb the Pentagon where the investigators had they documents and whilel they were working conveniently killed them at the same time. He did the same with WTC7 that was never attacked by a plain noro have any substantial fire but destroyed by controlled demolition. WHAT??? He was in charge of the fraud. Too bad this video has such a loud sound track that overpowers the narrator; I cannot watch it.

  20. DustUp
  21. DustUp

    With you @Tom. Hats off to these wonderful exposers and their expose's but it would be MUCH better if they teamed up with someone who knew exactly what to do about it and spend the last 5-10 minutes on exactly that, while urging You the viewer on how and what to do about it. Such as: (1) Never vote for an attorney for anything. They have had too much indoctrination/training that THEIR ends justifies their means. Where would we all be without attorneys? FAR better off. All laws and their intentions would be written in plain English and a person could defend themselves in court presided over by a nonattorney judge who is concerned with right and wrong rather than some sham legal trickery of his buddy or legal cartel member. (2) Investigate and expose the funding behind each member of congress and their voting record each year. (3) Create a media outlet exposing everything govt people have done and are about to do which is repugnant to the Constitution. Much of this exists piecemeal around the internet but imagine "the people" creating a major alphabet TV network for this purpose. Getting out to the vast majority who don't know they are interested in politics because it affects them regardless of interest level. Having many documentaries seen on this website. (4) Since getting rid of all the attorneys won't happen any time soon, a legal team whose purpose is to sue those corruptors of govt and in govt. including (and especially to begin with) the corrupt justice system. Wee bits of this exists in little areas regarding govt but not nearly enough. (5) .....

  22. Jane Casler
  23. Jane Casler

    The DOJ is populated by conservative Federalist Society members, alumni, and supporters. In the early 1980s the society was created by three conservative law school students at Yale and the University of Chicago. Under Reagan and Attorney General Edward Meese membership became the conduit, even prerequisite, for DOJ jobs and judgeships at the federal level. Supreme Court Justices Roberts, Scalito,and Thomas are affiliated with the society. The These

  24. john
  25. john

    A fool and his money is soon parted. The middle class of America was and is a ship of fools. They were just asking for it.

  26. Bradley Birkenfeld
  27. Bradley Birkenfeld

    What is needed to eradicate this ingrained level of corruption and criminal cover-ups by the government is whistleblowers! I should know as the UBS whistleblower I exposed the largest and longest tax scandal in the world. Unfortunately, the DOJ attacked me and let EVERY one of my bosses off with a secret non-prosecution agreement as well as amnesty for thousands of tax cheats involving billions of dollars. To get the hard facts read my book: Lucifer's Banker (

  28. DustUp
  29. DustUp

    @Jane Casler, apparently you didn't watch nor have any idea who Obama appointed to be Atty General who ran the DOJ and which the FBI answer to: Eric Holder; and the rest mentioned in this docu are hardly conservative. The banksters bought Obama from day one (starting when he was a senator). Obama cleared out many of the conservatives of most agencies, including the military generals.

    Not that republican or conservative knuckleheads are immune from temptation and crime, that fact doesn't mean that the democrats wear halos. From what their actions show, they are just as bad, if not worse criminals, much worse from 2008-2017. Yet the major media watching crowd seem to be gullibly propagandized and oblivious to the fact that we have had a Marxist takeover, who own the major media, banks (who own or control, via shares, too many of the major corporations incl. defense corps), the cia, the doj, and too much of congress.

    @Bradley Birkenfeld, thank you for being a whistleblower. Yet in order to get more whistleblowers the waters must be calm, clear, and shark, alligator, piranha, cottonmouth, etc. free enough for them to wade in from the edge of the forest. If not, very few will step out into the light to stick their foot in the whistleblower waters, having seen what happened to others. Obama, in his speeches, encouraged them and then screwed them when they did. It seems that happened to you but not as bad as some. In some cases or many?, the information has been suspected or enough has been leaked without a whistleblower exposing themselves. For instance what did Edward Snowden reveal that wasn't already known? Not that much. He just confirmed, being a superior witness, which of course is a good thing. But why did he feel so compelled? Because so many were ignorant and doing nothing.

    The problem is us. The lazy people who sit and whine but do nothing. As mentioned in my prior bit, it might help if such docus take a few minutes to explain a couple methods of what people could (and should) do to stop and prevent all the crime and corruption in govt. It really isn't that difficult. The difficulty is getting people off their hiney. One must explain that to vote is not enough. Voting is like the boss hiring an employee. However, the boss must also monitor what the employee is doing and fire them if they are incompetent or worse. The people need to see to it wise, honorable, etc. are Candidates from all parties in numbers. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    Govt is the entity that allows for most all corruption. Suppose there was no govt at all? There would be no shield for these criminals. These monsters hiding behind corporations hiding behind lawyers hiding behind govt would have hell to pay, and pay dearly they would.

    Anyway my point is, very few whistleblowers needed if people would do their job regarding monitoring govt, the people they hire. Clearly expecting others like the bought media or bought politicians isn't getting it done and rarely has. It really wouldn't take much of anyone's time to monitor govt. Suppose there are 5000 individuals in congress and the administration that really need monitoring. 1mln retired folk / 5000 = 200 monitors for every one of them. It would seem a schedule could be worked out if people weren't so lazy to refuse to gather together to do it. Double the retired pool and you have enough for a monitor for each day. That isn't asking a lot. If you add another day for those in state govt. most things will get exposed. If each of those 2 mln retireds put 20 bucks in the hat, every year if needed. That would be 20mln with which to bring lawsuits against the offenders. Since it is their money they will monitor the lawyers closely and cut better deals. This type of action would lower their taxes affording them the ability to cough up the 20 bucks they would rather throw away at the casino. As you can see, the benefits far outweigh the slight effort. The problem is most people refuse to lift a finger on their own behalf. Have seen it first hand when people would be devastated by the proposals of corporations and their rubber stamp lap dog govt ...and it is a hair puller.

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