The VICE Guide to North Korea

The VICE Guide to North Korea

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The VICE Guide to North KoreaGetting into North Korea was one of the hardest and weirdest processes VBS has ever dealt with.

From the authors: After we went back and forth with their representatives for months, they finally said they were going to allow 16 journalists into the country to cover the Arirang Mass Games in Pyongyang.

Then, ten days before we were supposed to go, they said, No, nobody can come. Then they said, OK, OK, you can come. But only as tourists. We had no idea what that was supposed to mean. They already knew we were journalists, and over there if you get caught being a journalist when you’re supposed to be a tourist you go to jail.

We don’t like jail. And we’re willing to bet we’d hate jail in North Korea. But we went for it. The first leg of the trip was a flight into northern China.

At the airport, the North Korean consulate took our passports and all of our money, then brought us to a restaurant. We were sitting there with our tour group, and suddenly all the other diners left and these women came out and started singing North Korean nationalist songs.

We were thinking, Look, we were just on a plane for 20 hours. We’re jet-lagged. Can we just go to bed? but this guy with our group who was from the LA Times told us, Everyone in here besides us is secret police. If you don’t act excited then you’re not going to get your visa.

So we got drunk and jumped up on stage and sang songs with the girls. The next day we got our visas. A lot of people we had gone with didn’t get theirs. That was our first hint at just what a freaky, freaky trip we were embarking on.

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  1. Really dissapointing docementary. Not well made and he is not a good narrotor either.. too bad

    1. Yes Aethylswith . Westerners tend to come across as agressive and not a little demeaning . Were I luckily enough to visit , I don't think I would even carry a camera ! There is a lost majesty in the north Koreans (lost to us).

  2. Watching this doco on SBS right now, and it's interesting. I'm learning quite a lot about American perceptions of North Korea. Well, the presenter's American perception at least. This guy is pretty arrogant for a guest. Yeah there's a lot about the northern Korean society that seems weird from the outsider's vantage point but that's not a phenomena exclusive to NK. (Hello USA!) For a doco, it does a great job of portraying an insular American's sense of superiority and his confusion when facing exactly the same attitude from some of the Koreans. It could've been way more interesting to have a southern Korean and this northern American presenting, and exchanging views.

    1. He is canadian...

  3. Please explain me if you not able to have any recording device,camera or anything than how the fu...k you made this documentary

  4. good doc

  5. Absolutely delightfully made ! Shane Smith is a natural at this and makes the experience worth watching. Thank you :)

  6. sure it's a little lighthearted, but worth watching.
    i think i have a little crush on the dude, shane. he's funny :)

  7. Well after watching 'Poor in America' I was glad to watch such an interesting entertaining documentary. It was so much fun to watch! The only thing is he doesn't really explain how he was able to film while he was in the country.

  8. Fascinating doc. but they could have done so much better by having a more neutral and perhaps deeper, style of reportage.
    A great opportunity sadly trivialised.

    1. Totally agree ThePhilhw, they show courage in their choice to go there but it ends up being an irreverent hangover-style travel log with no content. A bit of a wasted opportunity. However, anything more inquisitive, with deeper probing of the locals could have got them into really hot water quickly. I suppose playing 'dumb yankee tourists' kept suspicions at bay.
      Having got in, I would have liked to see them even attempt at tapping into the local voice a bit more, given the chance.

  9. Some of you cementing on here are so ignorant, however watching this doc reminds me of my home land of cuba both places are like time machines and its so sad how the people that live in both of these countries have to suffer and be denied the opportunities that many in the rest of the world enjoy because of crazy sadistic self absorbed dictators.

    1. i wouldn't be so sure that the only ones to blame are the dictators, especially in cuba's place (with the economic blockade )

  10. Some of you cementing on here are so ignorant, however watching this doc reminds me of my home land of cuba both places are like time machines and its so sad how the people that live in both of these countries have to suffer and be denied the opportunities that many in the rest of the world enjoy because of crazy sadistic self absorbed dictators.

  11. One of the spiritual masters for Krishna Consciousness Devamrita Swami said in one of his audio lectures ,that North Korea had a famine so bad they turned to cannibalism and every house has to buy a television which can only receive the governments propaganda .the set can not be turned off .
    Devamrita Swami smuggled and distributed books about Krishna consciousness in Russia and that brought about the fall of the wall .
    If the same could be done in North Korea at very least the peoples suffering would be minimised and at best bring down the regime .

    1. Are you f--king kidding me? Books of krishna brought down the USSR? 20 years later of "democracy" later there are little to none of these krishnas here. What brought down the Soviet Union was corruption of the CPSU, failed campaign in afghanistan, overspending on military, and various economic strains. Krishnas are predominantley looked down on and mocked as "potheads", and despite the "communism", most russians (ethnic) are eastern orthodox christian. Religion was not banned, simply frowned upon, and mocked amongst the elite. Simple folk which made up a vast majority of russians, embraced a very mild belief of christianity, and mostly followed the cultural side of it rather then spiritual. The USSR had far more civil rights and freedoms following Stalin's death, and it wasn't nearly as bad as North Korea today. We had our propoganda as well, but the USSR also had far more resources to work with then a tiny in comparison Korea (think about it, it was a counter wieght to capitalism and the US). As for the krishnas were simply social rejects who got into pot a little too heavy and became pseudo-hippies. There were only a handful and most got into heavier drugs and died off. I was there to witness this, and today a tiny subculture of teenage potheads still does exist, but their numbers doent exceed a few thousand out of 140 million. As for popular opinion of em today? "Potheads who smoked a bit too much". So out of all the bs reason I heard of failing of the USSR, "krishna" is just ludicrous.

    2. Krishna is the cause of everything including those causes that you have mentioned.Not a blade of grass moves in the wind without Krishna's sanction.
      When people start to develop a desire to serve Krishna he will help them accordingly and remove any obstacles or barriers .
      The actions of an envious person is to try to diminish others and in so doing you have diminished yourself by showing your envy.Try to get one of the books ,The science of self-realization is a good place to start and then Bhagavad-Gita (as it is )and try to get to those still existing ,flourishing temples. I wish you luck in that .

      Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
      Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare .

    3. Brother, it sounds as though you've been subject to propaganda yourself

  12. I think he is the most ignorant bastard, If you can help those people, if you cann't , just leave them alone/ for them you are the most weird ignorant man

  13. This guy says that there is no electricity, if so how did they manage to do Karaoke, cook food or make beer/wine???? and if the security is that tight how the hell did he get out with the film without a total strip search....looks like more American propaganda to me. Although I doubt I would spend my next holidays in North Korea...

    1. He said that there was no electricity in the villages. Within Pyongyang they have electricity, and surely they will have power in any place that they lead a tourist around in. It is pretty widely know that because of the lack of power within the country most areas that do receive service only get power during daylight hours and most of the country goes dark after sunset.

      Believe what you want but trust me, what we have seen of North Korea is only the tip of the ice berg. When that regime finally falls we will learn the true extent of the suffering those people are going through.

    2. the truth is grey :)

  14. this guy´s missing the point.. the rest of the world is not angry at north korea we are angry at America.. we just cant say it because then they come and kill us.. we scared of the americans 10 times more then north korea. its sad to see a country have to convert to this for being safe from the americans.. the middleeast and africa didnt have that leadership and we all know how it went for them.. it shuld be usa thats excluded not korea..

  15. I don't think collective paranoia is funny guys. You had the chance to get there and make a really interesting doc but you srewed it.

  16. What a show up for the books was that Shane Smith. I felt embarrassed for him when he stepped on to the stage to give the girls the flowers. The bum of him jeans was shiny as, and his hair was dirty. He wore that old smelly looking jacket, and he sneered and mumbled into the camera most of the time, like a sniggering kid. The North Koreans came across as very agreeable, and it's strange how the guards said they were going to jail if they filmed this or that again, and ALL of what they said was off camera! The North Korean girls were so pleasant and quite happy-looking. I would say this was a propaganda film from Mr Smith to a capitalist society, saying "Look how lucky we are". Rhubarb!

    What was very noticeable, was the absence of advertising, which I found very freeing and relaxing to sight and mind. We're all bombarded day and night by ads, commercials, left, right and in-your-face.

    Thank you so much for that video. Well worth watching and quite an eye-opener.

    1. Are you saying that life in North Korea looks agreeable to you?

      Of course the people were polite, they were working. When outsiders come to DPRK they are treated to a very carefully planed tour. When ever possible they are only allowed to interact with people who are trained to deal with outsiders.

      Also, the people trapped within the DPRK aren't monsters. They are good honest people just trying to life their lives. They are the greatest victims of North Korea.

      I know quite a few South Koreans and I have had the honor of speaking with someone who escaped North Korea. Trust me, no matter how much you hate advertising, you would not enjoy living in the DPRK. I don't know if you notice the pictures of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jung Il hanging in every room. That is mandated by the government. Every room must have pictures of the Great leader and the Dear leader. Hows that for in your face advertising.

  17. A lot of the comments are bemoaning the informal nature of the film, but that's the thing I found made the video entertaining and accessible. The things going on around the host *were* bizarre, and his reactions to them where honest. The film is part of a larger series, and true to the style of that series.

    The comments about "screaming anarchy in the uk" seem to be missing the point - were you watching the reactions on the faces of the Korean hosts and guards? They were completely baffled by the concept of punk rock. The hostess tried to sing along and couldn't. It was such an alien thing that they had no frame of reference for it at all. (And anyway, karaoke is kind of *for* bad singing).

    And the huge show *was* weird, particularly in the context of a government that's failing to ensure its people are even fed.

  18. The host went to North Korea with a very pretentious and closed mind.
    I thought the 120,000 people show was awesome, but he kept calling it weird, which wasnt.
    I know North Korea is a totalitarian military state with all the propoganda of a cummunist state and closed to foreigners, which would make it impossible for me to live there. Plus North Korea didnt seem to have electricity wide spread etc, it appears its communist russia, china in korean style with all the mass poverty etc.
    I must say the Host did well to get in to North Korea and filmed some pictures of north but would have been better to have some a bit more empathetic and well atleast trying to be objective.

  19. It's a shame that the host was not more professional. These people risked imprisonment and torture to get this amazing footage, and yet they didn't edit out cursing, beer slurping, and karaoke screaming of Anarchy in the U.K.
    I'm no prude, don't get me wrong. But I just this was a very dangerous mission and deserves to be seen by the world. The sloppy and unprofessional demeanor of the host will make it unacceptable to many outlets. I suggest that you gentlemen edit it a bit.
    Otherwise, awesome job and very brave!

    1. I agree with you 100%, in fact, i was thinking the same thing the whole time. The host was an idiot. he did get good shots, but he totally disregarded the fact that all the people who were in those shots, might be imprisoned by now, for all we know, and all because of his carelessness.

      Also, all the times he speaks about how staged everything is, and how weird it is, he acts as if the people who are acting as the hosts don't know it themselves. Mobile phones exist there, internet exists (it is just illegal... Like drugs in the US for example) i saw it in other documentaries, people use phones there, it is just they will get arrested if they get caught. Those people know exactly how lame everything they are doing seems, but they do not have a choice... it is either that, or starving to death in some prison camp with the wrest of their family.

      If to listen to the people who have escaped from NK talk about it, they all say that it is ridiculous, in fact i remember a quote from another documentary i watched by a woman who escaped from the North to the South, it went something like this:" we know we are living like dogs because we are not stupid. Everyone knows it, but we cant even talk about it, we cant do anything about it. People are so tiered and frustrated, that if you bump in to someone in the street, they will start fighting you right away"

      P.S. That show at the end, would give a head start to any Olympic Games opening ceremony that ever existed... (my opinion)

    2. you obviously missed the point here completely then, if all docs included hosts acting the same, bland, and "professional," youd take the rawness per say or the truth in the reality of what it is theyre documenting. this film is about just how off the wall nk and their crazy leaders are thru an outside pov. but i dont want to totally slam you here, i just appreciate that this flick doesnt to try and cater to the masses, only those who seek it out, and thats what differences us from potato couch joe watching american idol like a religion, we, you included friend, are knowledge thirsty and thats who the films directed towards.

    3. Sure, with all due respects I do in fact get that point. The problem is that in truth NK is a nation of horrific squalor, poverty, and torture. Death is an ever present danger amongst the common people.
      Showing the bizarre and lavish treatment of foreign guests on the seedy side of the curtain of totalitarianism hammers home a very sad and morbid message. Hamming it up though doesn't do much for the credibility of the rest of the world. Ethically, it exacerbates the already difficult situation.
      North Korea is 'weird' but that's just a sliver of it. Overwhelmingly it is oppressed, uneducated, and hungry. The people toil while the soldiers take their food and physically abuse them. People are dying of hunger every day. In the winter they die of hypothermia. Nobody in the capital knows, or if they do know, cares.
      Thanks for the feedback.

  20. wow, makes me wanna visit north korea

  21. anarchy in the UK.. interesting choice of song.

  22. "norz korear"

    much as i hate that country right now... you gotta love that accent.

  23. The part with the girl in the tea shop made me sad...And lonely

    1. She's adorable too.. I wish she was my facebook friend. She seems like fun.

      Often makes me lament at just how many brilliant minds and personalities are stagnating in places like this.

  24. If you don't want to support Regimes like North Korea. Buy local products and stop using so much gas. Would you let your child make shirts for Walmart? NOOOO then stop buying from Walmart because if you keep buying cheap products you are supporting a sick regime. You have to do something about the situation but don't think complaining about things will get you anywhere. That is just weak. It is the act of doing that is productive. Fight the system of the rich and the corrupt and you will see the light. I would rather see my child excel with a musical instrument then have bleeding hands from sewing stuff from Walmart. OMG a empty road with no cars. That is so disgusting!!

    1. Its only discussing because you grew up in a culture that you've learned to accept. Be alittle more open minded and realize that it isn't easy for them to transition to the type of democracy we have after living with theirs for generations, even if you introduce them to it. Its the same philosophical concept as introducing the the Metric System to America. Hard as the world tries, America refuses to adopt the metric system because they feel much safer with what they know to work (imperial system). Most of population in the United States dont even know how to use the most basic functions of the metric system and its this absence of knowledge that prevents the leap forward into the adaption of a new system.

      Do you honestly think the population of North Korea know that child labor is wrong. This lack of understanding is what makes child labor right to their moral belief. They don't know that child labor is wrong so they have no incentive to care amongst other things. If you want to be a powerful dictator, the best way to go about it is to inherit a nation that knows very little about what is wrong, and grew up with a fabricated story of what is right.

      Its like if you keep telling your kids that black people are animals, and that they have no feelings, then they'll grow up chasing african americans around hanging them like animals, segregating washrooms, and degrading them as humans and eventually telling their kids about how black people are the devil creating a chain of racist nation.

    2. Was that a reply about my comment?

    3. I appreciate your point but I don't think North Korea is exporting anything but weapons for food. Anyway, information is powerful and they were a brave team to produce this imo. My hat's off to them. I just wish the host wasn't so sloppy!

    4. Is China any better?

    5. The thing is, I don't understand you're comment about this doc. in particular. Is your implication that we as individuals need to take action and that watching documentaries isn't going to help? In any case as I've pointed out North Korea isn't adding to the consumerism you're talking about. They're living in an ultra-insular, fairy tale nightmare, and most of the population cannot afford basic necessities as the army steals everything.
      China is full of exploitive sweatshops, child labor, and slavery, but it also has a burgeoning middle class and has made great strides since the dark days of Mao. It has a ton of sad problems to be sure.
      The developed world is arguably 'the regime' that makes all this mass exploitation and modern serfdom possible, and it is spreading across the world. As humans, individuals are clever, as are tribes. But as mass societies that resemble insect colonies more than mammals in many ways, we are a disaster. Consumerism is sweeping the globe and I can't imagine that there will not be a breaking point and a mass collapse. I see a storm on the horizon and there will be a leveling field.
      Humans have been enslaved since civilization began. Of course we feel for them. If you want to help, act. I for one don't own a car and consume very little. This computer is the most expensive thing I have. I'm not bragging, but what else would one have me do?
      Anyway, this documentary is important as a warning- it reveals live the inner workings of a mass societal cult. The 20th Century saw a lot of that. Now mainly we're just busy stripping the earth of whatever resources it has left.

    6. Thank you!! That was very well said! All I'm trying to say is we support similar countries only because there in the free market. I did not like this video because he was giving you a conclusion when nothing needed to be said. Why was he selling his hatred for this country? He walked into this country with a bad outlook. We think we have a choice in the western world but the choice is already made. I can complain about the war on Iraq or even protest (freedom of speech) but it didn't change anything. This video seemed like propaganda. The amount of wasted lives for the name of freedom has never done anything except to support the economy. That is a sick reality!! If you let us into your country to destroy your land we will forgive your slavery or we promote it.

      I just found that there was some good things in North Korea that the narrator didn't say. The lack of cars should not be a complaint. Ask the women that appeared to be lonely "are you content?" Don't tell me she is lonely!!! Ask the children playing music "are you content?" The lack of food for the people was not seen on this video. The fact that the country is semi self sufficient says something. Maybe not perfect but for the most part works.

      Also, Did the reporter know how to speak Korean? It has been a while since I watched the video. I was disgusted when the reporter was waving his hand with that stupid little smile. I won't even go on about the Karaoke and the way he treated the driver. I guess they didn't need to be brain washed to know a western ass. If anything he didn't represent America very well.

      The biggest thing we face today is the future collapse of globalization. I give credit to countries that have gone the other path. I agree that Kim Jong-il is a tyrant and has been ruthless and deserves to be knocked out but I don't think they should change there global position but maybe take on the role of Cuba.

    7. grrr. I can only seem to be able to reply to the original post, not the follow up banter. Oh well, I'm a dummy.
      I completely agree about the awful presentation of this documentary. While I can't fault them for not having filmed the worst aspects of North Korea (they were not allowed there), the representation of the Western world the host gives is boorish, crude, and undignified. He was on the verge of coming off as puerile bully who came just to make fun of the sad nation. What an irony.
      What I really think is a shame is that they risked imprisonment or worse getting the footage, only to have it ruined by that backyard Barney. "God Save the Queen" screamed drunk may be sardonic in San Francisco, but it hardly helps the cause to expose the plight of the poor hermit that is North Korea, and leaves the North Koreans with a horrible last impression of outsiders.
      I also agree that few or no cars is a great idea. But we cannot miss two points: one, we're stripping the globe out of greed- that is the problem, and two, North Korea is a hemorrhaging nation beset with crushing poverty of a frightening degree. They are not 'green' and self-sufficient. They are starving. It is a mass concentration camp where only the guards and the residents of Pyongyang can reasonably expect anything like good health. It's a messed up place with many very serious problems.
      Actually, I thought the cameraman did a great job.

    8. How do you know so much of North Korea? Why can you visit North Korea? Where can I read about the true events of North Korea?
      I've traveled to Cambodia and seen children begging for water in rags for clothes. A women pulling her body with her arms across the road with green specks of gangrene on her face. Cambodia was the poorest nation i've ever seen in my life. This disaster was all in the name of freedom of communism. Why are we spending money on smashing countries and not fixing them? Then, we wonder why we have such a bad reputation? A slave owner cares for the animals health but the capitalist doesn't look after the supposedly free worker or feeds it.

    9. Please advise on what products at Walmart come from North Korea...

    10. That is not the point I'm saying. Instead of being forced into a musical show in North Korea you are forced into building plastic crap in a warehouse in China. As a individual you can only do your best and know where your money is going. As my country is going bankrupt from capitalism. It is sinking like the USSR.
      There are also some good communist/ socialist leaders (cuba) that are trying to protect there resources and there people from the capitalist slavery.

  25. Oh and if it weren't for Russia & China, the regime would've collapsed long time ago. But even China is starting to get TIRED of North Korea. South Korea has more financial benefits for China.

    Even wikileaks revealed what the Chinese thinks of the North Korean regime - acts like a spoiled little brat.

    Why would any country want an unstable, economically crippled, politically incorrect, morally corrupt, technologically backward and mentally brainwashed ally?

    1. China doesn't want to have the U.S. army as its next door neighbor, and the U.S. has repeatedly stated that we have no intention of leaving the peninsula in the event of North Korea's collapse. That, in conjunction with the refuge issue, is what's really motivating Beijing's support of the Kim regime. South Korea wants to hold it up too, simply because incorporating that many poverty stricken, uneducated, sickly people into one of the most developed countries in the world would tank the South Korean economy. Also, a lot of the North Koreans are straight up brain-washed to hate South Korea, democracy, and South Korea's most powerful ally: the U.S.

  26. I'm sorry, but these people are brain washed - BADLY.
    No electricity, no freedom, hardly any food - let's not forget the starvation of millions in the 90s.

    North Koreans who escape to the South are totally struck by how advanced the world has become. They're in awe that there's plenty of food, that they can choose their jobs, that they have freedom of speech, freedom of privacy, heating, electricity, education, trivial gadgets and all the little basics we take for granted.

    And no, I'm not American - but I don't have to be one to pity these folks who live in a country that's more like a cage. And yeah yeah, democracy is overrated and being capitalist is not always good given the state of the world's finances - but I'd STILL prefer to live in a democratic country. At least I know when I type in comments like these, it's not going to send me to jail just because I voice my opinion. People there can get capital punishment for offending the fat leader.

    Imagine what would happen when the citizens become free from this regime. Can you just imagine the amount of anger from the people who were lied to for over 50 years?! Think Libyan and Egyptian riots but 10 times worse. That day will come - no empire (no matter how great or pathetic) survives forever.

  27. Also was it that bad having a quite street with no cars? I rather that then new york city? but that is my perspective!! you bring bad vibrations into anything and it will bounce back at you!! metaphysics.

  28. insane , damn ,i really would not enjoy having to perform these shows every time .

  29. I'm an american citizen and all i want to do is impose my ideas on north koreans and steal their land from them using military force and allow for our great financial institutions to turn that hell hole into a giant fantasy land where capitalism and freedom run wild. Just kidding, I have a life to live. Don't people understand that the majority of american citizens doesn't give a flying f--k about other countries? We just do us and improve our own situations, because we're allowed to. Everyone hates us but they secretly want to be us because we have money, great teeth, and the most fun. I love where I live because I'm allowed to be myself, not some loser holding up colored pieces of cardboard signifying the great struggle of my country. Alright I'm out, I'm gonna smoke some weed and text ms. new booty aka yung titties galore aka saucy mcsexington. alright bye.

    1. ha dont 4 get who made u.... ENGLAND.... had the world and gave it back now u americans r trying to do the same.your just puppets r fall boys

    2. i might take you more seriously if you had the literacy skills of the guy you're mouthing off at. But you don't. So I don't.

    3. I like being canadian because we actually DO smoke weed without all the bullshit. But i agree with pretty much everything you say since that and the free (and slightly crappier) health care is really the only difference between us anyway.

      Happy toking!

  30. Weird comment a gathering of North Korean Secret Police..

    1. Wow, you need to be educated!!

    2. North Korea has it's problems but it's life!! Governments are extreme. We can't change one country with weapons. We have to except what we are given in life and it is how we make of it. It takes a person and the people to stand up to the government. Apparently the people are not starving enough or beaten down enough in camps of torture. They are brain washed and so are western people and that is the sick reality of greed or control. Our world needs change and pronto!!! Not our country OUR world everyone needs to change. Tomorrow don't complain about gas prices because that does nothing. It's called doing!! Ride a bike take the transit. It will be strange at first but you may enjoy the simplicity of it and your giving back to OUR world.
      I hope I don't look like a North Korean Secret Police.

  31. Your posting of your personal opinion does not make you an ideologue. He went to North Korea and reported on what he saw. The actions of the United States is irrelevant to his visit. If I commit a crime I can't point at my neighbour and tell people to leave me alone because his crimes were worse than mine. What criminal could ever be taken to account. I have to face up to my own wrongdoing as does my neighbour. North Korea must do the same. This doc in not a poll. It is about one place that has reprehensible record for the abuse of its own citizens. Not every opinion is propaganda either. Propaganda does not apply to some one who disagrees with you. My biggest problem with this journalist was his smugness. That is a personal opinion about the journalist and has nothing to do with the content of the documentary.

    1. Throughout its history, Korea has been invaded, influenced, and fought over by its larger neighbors.Korea was independent until the late 19th century.China sought to block growing Japanese influence on the Korean Peninsula and Russia pressured for commercial gains there. The competition produced the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95 and the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05. Japan emerged victorious from both wars and in 1910 annexed Korea as part of the growing Japanese empire. Japanese colonial administration was characterized by tight control from Tokyo and ruthless efforts to supplant Korean language and culture. Organized Korean resistance during the colonial era was generally unsuccessful, and Japan remained firmly in control of the Peninsula until the end of World War II in 1945. The surrender of Japan in August 1945 led to the immediate division of Korea into two occupation zones, with the United States administering the area south of the 38th parallel, and the Soviet Union administering the area to the north of the 38th parallel. This division was meant to be temporary until the United States, United Kingdom, Soviet Union, and China could arrange a trusteeship administration.
      "Almost" sound like Afghanistan!

    2. another smart perspective jack!! I think you got it but that is why I didn't like the video. The journalist is kind of sick.

  32. Yet the United States has to seal its borders to stop unwanted aliens sneaking in to live. I wonder if North Korea has the some problem.

    1. I think North Korea has to seal its borders to stop unwanted ''natives'' sneaking out to live.

    2. American attitudes are that if you don't like it here go live somewhere else. Good riddance. North Koreans have to stay home. There is something intrinsically wrong with a country that feels they must force its citizens to live there against their will.

    3. North Korea has it's problems but it's life!! Governments are extreme. We can't change one country with weapons. We have to except what we are given in life and it is how we make of it. It takes a person and the people to stand up to the government. Apparently the people are not starving enough or beaten down enough in camps of torture. They are brain washed and so are western people and that is the sick reality of greed or control. Our world needs change and pronto!!! Not our country OUR world everyone needs to change. Tomorrow don't complain about gas prices because that does nothing. It's called doing!! Ride a bike take the transit. It will be strange at first but you may enjoy the simplicity of it and your giving back to OUR world.

  33. How is it that when commenting about North Korea, so many posts are about the United States. Does anti-American bias run so deep that people cannot discuss any topic without a rant against the U.S.? The United States is far from perfect but that does not negate the wrongdoings of other nations.

    1. Have you noticed the film is made from a US journalist view? ...and a somewhat disrespectful few. I travelled countries like Iran, Pakistan, Jordan, China, Africa...if i concentrated like many tourist do...on comparing and complaining on what i am missing from home, i too could see them negative.
      I have learned to see different ways as different, and yes in their essence often times better for the good of all.
      If this world goes to the dump, my opinion is the US would go down a lot more responsible than North Korea!
      Again not each and every citizen are responsible for the actions taken, but they are responsible for not taking a stand, same goes to any citizen in the 1st world countries".
      We do have opportunities to make things BETTER and we don't take them. They may not have our choices but they don't impose their ways on us.

    2. My point is that American citizens can make a difference if they want to. The political mechanism is in place for them to do this peacefully. If it doesn't happen, then like you say, it is the fault of the citizens. In North Korea there is no allowance for dissent, at all, ever. If the North Koreans want change they have to revolt, just like in the countries where it is happening today (Egypt, Yemen i.e.). Government control in North Korea is so encompassing that it is almost impossible for the people to organize. Any demonstration by the North Korean people against their government will be answered in the most harshest way. Loss of freedom in the United States has been lost through apathy and can be regained through the political will of the ordinary people. In North Korea, freedom was forcibly removed and the people have no political recourse to regain that freedom.

    3. My point is US citizens will start making a difference when they quit being involved in controlling every country for their own interest (oil or other) and start fixing their own country. You think the political mechanism is in place for them to do this peacefully? ...hum!
      This appears to be the strategy of the US GOV, if we fight against the world then our citizens will simply forget to fight against us....and when doubts arise, let's have (or create somewhere) an other war....that will divert their attention!
      Don't get me wrong, i have lived in the States, i have loved many people there and when ever i go visit, i enjoy most people i meet. But unfortunately many are blind to their own doing and frankly so are Canadians. I often feel like we are just a shadow reflection of their policies specially with the PM we are stuck with!

    4. Nationality doesn't define one's character. I agree that the film was made somewhat disrespectful and inconsiderate, especially making the guards sing about anarchy- I just hope they didn't end up in labor camps. It's a problem that we all westerners have- we presume that our way is the best without giving any other means a chance. I'm not saying that North Korea is a great place to live, I hope that they will be free someday. And by free I don't mean free to be mindless consumers like most of us westerners. In my country one is free to say anything about everything, but no one listens or pays attention. How is that different from not being able to speak openly?

  34. HA...funny, another reason I love ViceMag./

  35. I really enjoyed this documentary on North Korea. Although I found the narrator to be a bit anal and I have no idea why they let him into North Korea, the finished product is really good and shows a mysterious people that are very creative, arts oriented, industrious, and defensive of their way of life.

    North Korea has definitely been getting a bad rap these days. Based on everything I saw in the video, these people work very hard to accomplish incredible things. The narrator was a little bit harsh on the people who were helping help out and at the school.

    However based on some American schools it is nice to see so much attention given to the kids to creative and to excel at a specific art.

    At times I was very embarrased by the narrator's actions and no doubt the North Koreans will now know that they are right about Americans. At other times though the narrator showed the proper respect to his hosts and the country he was visiting.

    Although the narrator and the videographer did not have the freedom to go where they wnated to, they were treated it seemed with an incredible amount of respect and given access to many places with a team of people who spoke English.

    In the United States or Canada would we do the same in the North Korean tongue?

    All in all I was left with a very positive image of North Korea and its people.

    The editing of this documentary is very well done cutting in North Korean propoganda footage with the narrator.

    The massive spectale at the end for the games was simply amazing. What an experience that would have been to see it live! All those 120,000 North Koreans working together to make it happen.

    North Koreans are anything but a backwards people and they really need to be given more due credit. Yes they may be controlled by a central government, but who isn't these days. A very enjoyable documentary for the positive things the narrator and videographer were allowed to see.

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada

    1. Who are you Arnold? I enjoy reading your posts.

    2. For one reason or another we never met the ordinary citizens of North Korea. Of course they are a mysterious people. There were no man is the street interviews, no visits to local shops, factories, homes or parks where the North Koreans were living the life of a typical citizen of that country. All were chosen representatives, speaking the party lines which were thoroughly rehearsed. Not one dissenting North Korean voice. This does not and could not happen is any country where people are given the freedom to express themselves.
      I live in Canada. When my relatives visit from Europe, they have complete freedom to go where any Canadian is free to go. No special tour guides, no designated tourist destinations and no speeches about the greatness of our leader (could you imagine?). They would never come back if they were treated like the people who produced this documentary.
      Lastly, the people of North Korea are a backwards people. Its not their fault. It is the fault of an autocratic leader; a man who does not want his subjects to have any access to the ideas, freedoms and lifestyles that we take for granted.

    3. Your english, though fairly good, doesn't sound correct. The phraseology is all wrong, though the words are correct. If you are Canadian, I am Viet Namese.

    4. Canadians do not necessarily have English as a mother tongue, French is another language spoken natively in Canada. How could you not know this?

  36. Saw this a long time ago and enjoyed it. I think some people here are overreaching in their serch to bash anything done by any American ever. These guys have made quite a few docs, most of which were excellent and informative. To feel this is somehow propaganda?? So ya think the presenter paid off the thousands of people who would have attended that big show not to come? or did he stage the show himself. Maybe he planted the fake food in the empty hotel. And perhapse he was responsible for the hauntingly lonely look on the face of the Tea girl. Go ahead and hate America hey it's the cool thing to do these days but give it a rest some places and some governments are actually worse. Admit that or go ahead and do what this guy does. Tour N.K. Tour Darfur, visit Ruwanda, Visit the child brothels of South East Asia. Or just keep on raging against the most visible target. Your choice, but if what you are trying to acheive is depth, try looking at all sides not just the hipster "down with the evil empire" side.

    1. you have some good points here. I agree there was no propaganda involved in this movie. There is no need for it and I never said there was propaganda. At least in america you can talk s*** about your government. The only problem is you have two choices democratic or republican. They are tyrants in there own way. I'm not saying the people of America are bad people but we are governed by idiots. I'm not patriotic and I never will be because i'm a person of the world I am one with all people and life forms, I think this has given a clear perspective of how absolute power can really be sick. Of course there is more problems in other countries. Poverty is a sick thing it will make people do horrible things. Hitler used this on his own people. Would you say it was the government or the people? Are all germans evil in world war 2? We need to get beyond countries and realize we are one nation and one planet. We need not to judge ones beliefs!! I see a close resemblance to rome and the USA. Gladiators- UFC, Football war war war. and even worse t.v. and adverisments to make you consume more than you can pay back. All in the name of making billions of dollars. We have a more lavish lifestyle than the nobles of rome (300 + million). We all know what happened to rome. All I can say is when our luxuries are taken away, I hope we don't act like the impoverished countries you speak of. Why can't you stand back and see that being patriotic is not healthy in any sense when we are being run into the ground.What I'm saying is maybe we will have to face suffering in the future. Are we prepared to for this? I'm not saying anything in vain on here and I'm no hipster. I'm wrong most of the time but only by making mistakes do I learn. You do have good points brother.steve

  37. What a typical American perspective! I found him one sided in his thoughts. Why don't we go into the western society and see how wasteful we are and how we go into other countries to destroy there land for our lavish life style.

    1. I like to see how we cope when we have more money than resources. My fat freedom wallet won't be able to buy water unless you need some paper for a fire. I like the fact that North Korea and Cuba have closed there doors to the greed of Capitalism. The Soviets went down hard but wait for the soft western cultures. We might actually have to toughen up and plow our own fields?

    2. American wrong doing does not negate the abuses of the North Korean government. This documentary is about North Korea. You cannot have discourse about one subject by discussing something else. Your anti-American bias should not cloud your judgment. The United States is what it is and North Korea is what it is. Two different countries; two different topics of discussion.

    3. At least have a intelligent reporter and you are correct jack. Smart reply!!

    4. Peace!!

    5. Smart reply Jack!! You can not look at north Korea as being totally bad. If that was a british, indian, canadian reporter with a negative view, i for one would say that british, indian, canadian perspective is blinded!! You have to see some beauty through darkness!!! That is the meaning of life. You make your own hell!!

    6. peace brother!!

    7. Smart reply jack!! You can't look at north Korea as being totally bad. If that was a british, indian, canadian reporter with a negative view, i for one would say that british, indian, canadian perspective is blinded!! You have to see some beauty through darkness!!! That is the meaning of life. You make your own hell!!

    8. and one ignorant reporter.

  38. very good documentary but lets not rush to conclusions and forget how we are similar. "indoctronation"? how bout a nation who is currently at war right now but bombards their people with IDOL, football and ipods, while towers fall and muslims blamed? in a f--ked up crazy way, N.Korea, may be one of the last free places on earth.

    1. What a crazy method of reasoning you have. North Korea is free? Then, so is my goldfish.

    2. free from the American imperialism? Maybe so.. .but I still believe ''filtering'' is much better than, closing the doors on the world...

  39. Great documentary but one of the worst edited I've ever seen. For one, it's in 14 5-minute parts and each of them include an intro, which is retarded. Second, the volume on music is ridiculously high versus the volume on normal speech.

    I recommend checking out "Inside North Korea" if interested in this subject as well or instead.

  40. Interesting! At the end when he said that they have absolutely no cultural exposure....I agree, N. Korea is very secluded but aside from N. Korea, almost all of Asia would come to the USA or western cultures and say the same thing. How exposed are we to Asian culture? We don't know who their top musical artists or biggest celebrities are so in my opinion it's pretty equal comparing Asia to the West. Just because Asians don't know who Bruce Springsteen is doesn't make us any better because we don't know who their Bruce Springsteen equivalent is either...

    1. So what? As long as I'm free to choose my Bruce Springsteen (not a fan, myself). As long as they are free to choose their Bruce Springsteen.

    2. I must agree with you... I grew up in Canada, so i'm kinda of a mixed up assimilated dude... Last year my cousin came from China for a master's degree.. she has no idea whatsoever of anything of western culture.. and quite frankly doesn't want to take in any western music or w/e I show her... Meh I can't blame her, I do the same with her music weirdness and C-pop.

  41. What do they mean by a "vice guide to travel: north korea", because to me I hear how to be a sex tourist.

  42. Ok, two things I have to say about all of this. ONE, these people are bat s*** crazy. TWO, some of those N.K. chicks are kinda hot. I'd like to introduce that tea girl to a little western culture.

  43. why do i get a feeling of fear mongering and propaganda? Kim jong ill isnt about to take over the world, the US has already done so :S

  44. The reason North Korea isn't an imperialist power is because they know they wouldn't win any war. Their venerated leader would then lose the one thing he craves most; complete and total control.
    True freedom is anarchy. Anarchy will never work and is a pipe dream. Reality insists that we give up some freedoms to maintain a certain level of freedom. That is a very difficult level to sustain and relies on the participation of all citizens involved. I wish the people of the United States would form a third party and take on the power of the two elite parties. It can be done. All is needed is the will, strength and determination of the people. Take away that will, or worse, don't even exercise that will and you will get the type of government that most are complaining about.

  45. Saw this doc before, the DMZ, talk about a powder keg, I betcha wont be to long before the empire will try to take over that country also. Another war Hmmm?

    But nobody is free anywhere, just wait people until it becomes mandatory to get chipped, your elected govment that is itself governed by a handful of the elite is trying to garner more control over the sheeple everyday.

    1. Wow! That sounds like something I'd say . . . yes, the "chip" is comming but I hope to be Raptured before then. Yes, I'm still a die-hard "religie" but I'm rather discouraged at the moment. But as far as North Korea is concerned, I'd like nothing better for us than to find a way to take over that country, militarily, politically, socially, or otherwise!

    2. Die-hard're right! But the diying seem to be wished upon others. What do you think happens when military is involved? Don't they teach you compassion and tolerance in sunday school?az

  46. Wow,
    This is an incredibly important document.
    This highlights exactly how much governments f#ck with our heads all the time. And how normal we perceive ourselves when we are within that context.
    The whole democracy b*llsh1t is not much different, especially in the African countries.... Sure, your vote counts. Yeah, all the voters are dumb enough to vote for a brain dead criminal. Wow, who are they kidding.

    Also, this is much like the internet, and all the western hypocrisy. More and more control is exercised centrally. For example without a google account, or one of the other main accounts that have the ability to track our daily activity, it is no longer even possible to make a comment, not even on this site. Wow, talk about social engineering and control. Who are we kidding. Us westerners accept just as much social engineering as the North Koreans, and it is just as bizarre.

    1. I wasn't a big fan of hooking my facebook account to this site, as much as I like it. I use to comment on this site a lot, and now i have to have some sort of internet ID? It's a damn shame, because a lot of people who otherwise might comment on here may not now. I was never afraid of trolls on this site. How does this help anything?

    2. You don't have to hook your facebook account to this site. You just sign up with any name you wish to use, a password and a valid e-mail adress which stays confidential. If you attach your facebook account your name will be blue and people will be able to open that facebook account by clicking on the blue name, if you don't your name will be black and will remain confidential specially if you call your self something like Campbell Soup.

    3. @Dave Campbell

      Just un-link you FB account from your current profile, and change your name to whatever you like.

  47. It's easy to tell an american not to judge another country, But North Korea Has some serious problems. If we ignore both our problems and theirs.... their problems might turn into ours anyways. We have to study history, but we have to look around at what's going on right now too. Maybe looking into N.K. might wake us up to how our goverment treats us too.

  48. @azilda

    point taken and i tend to agree with most of what you post, but I think you got a bit overly relativistic here, in a sense claiming that there is no objective way to organize a society where it benefits the most people.. (i think)

    see, the problem with all present government configurations is the initiation of the use of force on the citizen. point blank period.
    Because "we" believe that those who attack us and take our lunch money are the ones who are protecting us, we set ourselves up to be pillaged and in a sense deserve it. this is what happens all over the world, US and N. Korea alike.

    in your thought experiment, a simple solution would be to create a country based on nothing but contracts (evidence of voluntary agreements) and the non-aggression principle. NO taxes, no "legislation" or regulations. (i know, its a thought experiment)

    I agree and don't think its fair to pass value judgments based on personal tastes, But I am fully justified in judging and condeming those who initiate force and use violence to control others.

    great posts.. and oh yea, this film is awesome!

    1. To me every thing starts from a point ./ and that point is the dot on i. Call it GOD if you believe and DOG if you don't.

      dig in the silence of your i
      dig like a dog
      by talking a lot with i
      by questioning a lot i
      by listening a lot to i
      by opening up a lot in i
      by stopping a lot from i
      by restarting a lot towards i
      keep trying in your own lot
      i am a salmon fighting against the current
      pregnant of a new self
      i am a dancer when the music play
      i am a writer when there is so much to say
      i am becoming the hen before the egg
      taming my egg O
      the more i am
      the least i think of what i have
      it is in the Self within
      that every i should park 1's love
      for a while
      to recharge its full meaning
      tapping in 1's own creative force
      dipping a pail in the bottomless well
      of raw emotions
      casting a net in the topless
      skies of tomorrows
      letting a volcano of dust erupt from 1 self
      the more 1 plays physically
      mentally emotionally spiritually
      the more 1 plays creatively
      are you playing yet
      every 1 is watching
      for your next move
      a poet in her free time

  49. This guy is every bit as much an ideologue as the North Koreans. At least their propaganda as regards the US is entirely true, as opposed to US propaganda which is generally a pack of outrageous lies, but you wouldn't know that from his reactions. He says the North Koreans don't know that "the world is mad at them". How ridiculous. The North Koreans aren't the imperialist bullies of the world. They aren't bombing, occupying and torturing the citizens of other countries. I think you would find the country that is doing those things would top the polls by a longshot for justified anger and resentment toward it. And that would be your county, doofus "journalist". What an ungracious guest. Why did he go there in the first place? Oh that's right, propaganda.

    1. If he was commissioned by the American government and was told what to say, that would be propaganda. If he is reporting on his own personal experiences and giving honest responses to those experiences, it isn't propaganda. A corrupt American government does not automatically mean all other governments are good. They can both be bad. Anti-American bias should be set aside when judging the actions of the autocratic leader of a repressed nation such as North Korea.

  50. For those of you who have never seen a doc like this it is hard to digest or even accept.In fact this has been going on for 50 years but you've been kept in the dark.Maybe Colonel Jessop is right,Americans can't handle the truth.NK is the fearsome indoctrinated,Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower dreaded would one day dominate the US policy.We did not listen.Misinformation,mass propaganda,willfully surrendering our rights to the State by media generated terror is commonplace now in Amerika and after the fact.
    And you,my fellow Americans ,must agree with our government policies,or you are a traitor.Brainwashed,complacent,robotic ,systematically undereducated,placated by luxury and bold lies.
    Perhaps we deserve the grim destiny of North Korea,enslaved by its own government.If you're real Americans,then think.Question your leaders,its your precious right.The Money Mongers who own the government won't give up .If you think you deserve your country back,get ready for one helluva fight.

  51. Well worth watching! I have seen a few of the Vice Travel guides before, but this one was by far the best.

  52. First I really appreciate the guys who made this film. They took some big chances to get this information out. I don't think we should be non-judgmental as suggested by another comment below. The problem is the people in N. Korea have no choice in their lives - that is wrong. You can be neutral about many things but saying we should leave them in peace and they will leave us alone is head-in-the-sand-thinking. I do think we should be critical-minded in considering our our own imperialist and capitalist society, it's easy to get an us vs. them mindset and that's not my point. For them, the playing field is not level - they are not even allowed to even perceive choice! I wish they suddenly all had unlimited access to the internet! Information is power. I do think the shock of being thrust into 2011 would be like taking someone from 100 years ago and expecting them to accept modern values. It would be rough. (And, the fact that these guys filmed the narrator singing a Sex-Pistols song in N. Korea.. someone give them a medal!)

    1. I agree we should not be non-judgmental...we should be Extremely judgmental towards our own self.

      The trick is in what one emphasizes.
      We either make ourselves miserable,
      or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same."
      — Carlos Castaneda

      if amnesia is the inability
      to imagine a future
      be amnesiac or be a maniac
      with extreme enthusiasm
      for a fathomless tomorrow
      circumstance are never the way
      we thought they would be
      it is a fallacy in our present mind
      to create a future not yet there
      specially a negative one
      what do you think would happen
      if you won 1 million dollars
      what if you gave
      1 dollar to 1000000 people
      10 dollars to 100000 people
      100 dollars to 10000 people
      1000 dollars to 1000 people
      10000 dollars to 100 people
      100000 dollars to 10 people
      what if i gave it all to 1 person
      eyes in eyes hands in hands
      what could love snowball
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      it is funny how the world
      does not look that big on a map
      think in terms of 1 million desks near you
      who would you omit and why
      love could change that
      even presidents and lawyers make mistakes
      they would listen to the people
      they would have to
      how does 1 stop billions of people
      from reaching the comprehension
      of a genius mastermind game
      bottom up versus top down

  53. Great project. Scary. THE...BALLS to do this. Big giant brass balls crazy. You think the guys from JackAss where swinging bowling balls?

    I just realized this is the weirdest film review I have ever done...

  54. I had to shut it off. Just way too depressing for me. Puppets and robots without enough common-sense to know it. Propaganda, propaganda, propaganda. Such a sad movie.

  55. I didn't know Jesus had slanted eyes? It is evident every country wants THEIR people to believe THEIR country is the best. Any American that still believes our country is the greatest, is as deluded as the Koreans. Of course, it goes without saying, America is much better than North Korea, however, that's not saying much. This reminds me of all the movies we were shown as children, just how Russia was. Same Military. Same robotic-behavior. Same music. Same delusions. Same foolishness. Same inability to realize the truth. America does it "differently." This is all "smoke and mirrors." The poor Koreans don't realize the true reason why diplomats gave them "presents." They don't have enough common sense to understand politics. At least, they keep it to themselves if they do. At least we...have the "illusion" of freedom. I feel for these people. I wonder what they put in their food? Perhaps too-much Floride?

  56. Wait a second, they tell us there's no cameras "allowed?" Well, who TF is filming? The first thing that enters my mind as I watch this is ROBOTS, ROBOTS, ROBOTS. Well trained ROBOTS. This is, like China, a Globalist test, as to how to CONTROL people and FOOL them into believing they are "happy." If American's don't wake up to the fact that we ARE "Imperialists," we-the-people will be "we the robots," unless we do something about it NOW. I was taught in school that it was Japan that was an "Imperialist State." When the fact is, American's have "allowed" our Federal Government to become the Imperialist State. Take our country back, or end up like Korea or China. And if Korea is under the impression THEY can win a war with the United States, it goes to show how deluded they are.

  57. I haven't watched this movie YET, but I have a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, this is the future of my America. That is to say, UNLESS we all wake up and put these Illuminati-puppets out-of-business!

  58. I really enjoyed this film. I just wonder why usually Western coalition is making peace in wrong place like Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. It's smells oily. In same time in places like North Korea the human rights are in last place.

    1. i would venture to say that western nations like the U.S. and England are in last place when it comes to human rights. whatever abuses the North korean regime commits, it is against their own people - the West doesn't limit their abuse to just inside their borders, in fact their preference is to violate human rights in countries where they should have no sovereignty. furthermore, what non-western country has ousted more democratically elected leaders, only to replace them with people who are similar in their lack of tolerance for civility.

  59. Hummm!..........interest...ingggg!

    Let's imagine for a minute that the *imperialists* went to a planet where there was a very different way of living such as this. What would *we* do?

    Are we threaten because we have to share the globe with them? I have never put much time in trying to read on and really find out the politics of North Korea and their intended actions if the "imperialists" were to invade them. But they seem to be giving a strong message of "Leave us alone and we will do the same!"
    Now i am not saying i envy their way of life, but i know one thing... US is imperialistic in it's essence.

    American Edward Said said: "so influential has been the discourse insisting on American specialness, altruism and opportunity, that imperialism in the United States as a word or ideology has turned up only rarely and recently in accounts of the United States culture, politics and history. But the connection between imperial politics and culture in North America, and in particular in the United States, is astonishingly direct.

    1. Ye nice post, im deffently one thats is for freedom and ageinst most government interference, weather its in the life's of the American people or abroad. i understand we are imperialists in a sense more acurate would be oligarchy or corporatism, we deffently aren't a democracy like it is sugested, and its not the people that are this way just the they are mostly blind to it weather its because its they choose to be or just they don't have the copasity to under-stand it is another matter. The most you can blame the people for is not doing any thing about it.

      Now on to my point, for you to be sticking up for N.Korea is kinda sick, espechly if you understand how there people are treated, Watch children of the secret state on this sight and watch how children and the normal citizens there as well are treated, if you are not part of the government mechine in N.Korea you are luckey if you eat at all....
      just something to think about. As for this movie it will be intresting to see, i allready know about the shows they put on for "tourests" and digenateries that visit and the elabreat meals they feed them wile the people in generial starve.

    2. You read my comment with a bit of connfusion , i am not sticking up for North Korea, i am sticking up for peace no matter with who, you included.
      The inhabitants of North Korea are blind to their situation as much as the Americans are blind to theirs, as much as the Africans are bling to theirs, as much as i am blind to some of mine. What i have decided with my life is to stop judgement of others as much as possible and to use others to judge myself.
      A fish doesn't know he is in poluted water.
      We humans tend to not see that life is a mirror. Everything we visualize and experience with our senses exist inside of us as a possibility.
      Let's say you were given the opportunity to create a country based on your ideas alone, let me tell you something would be f****** with it for others, even though YOU would think you are doing your best.
      North Korea is no more my personal problem than US politics are to a citizen of the Americas. My problem is that i am not changing my self in all the many ways i have the freedom to do it.
      That's every one's biggest problem, we look next door and adjudicate!