Virgin School
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Virgin School

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Virgin SchoolVirgin School follows the emotional and physical journey of a 26 year old virgin as he embarks on a unique four month course for sexually inexperienced men in Amsterdam. The course is designed to boost his sexual confidence. If he makes enough progress the course could end with him losing his virginity to one of the sex therapist coaches.

According to a recent study (by Radio 1, MTV and Durex) the vast majority of people lose their virginity between the ages of 16 and 18. However, there is a small section of society who remain virgins well into middle age. Around 4% of people haven’t had sex by the time they hit 25.

James is one of them. He’s ‘never even got to first base. He says that "Being a virgin you get judged, you’re isolated, an outcast. For me losing my virginity is a rite of passage, it’s about becoming a man and feeling like everyone else, feeling that you’re not abnormal."

James has given up all hope of ever having sex or having a meaningful relationship with a woman but that could all be about to change as he heads off to Virgin School.

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  1. Come to Eastern part of the world..India/Nepal/Bhutan etc.. People who are virgin or choose to live unmarried life are being worshipped.. followed like god

  2. There's a unique double-standard when it comes to guys and virginity, I've found. With girls, everyone expects them to retain their virginity for longer than boys. However, with boys if you haven't lost it in high school or earlier, then you're made out to look pathetic. That's not the case! As a 19-year-old virgin female, I find a guy who has enough respect for himself to not just sleep around with anyone very attractive. Don't let yourself feel pressured to nail as many people as possible in order to gain "experience." Every partner is a new challenge, so experience won't matter that much anyway. Taking the time to learn together is what it truly means to lose one's virginity. :)

  3. this is the truly society we are living in
    a monstrosity.
    a society full of bulls*it insted of sex and happines.
    and taking care of the ecosistem.

  4. Do you know how hard it can be for people like him to ACTUALLY it into a relationship.... and unfortunately women tend to be rather critical of us guys who are not wired like everyone else.

    i was pretty much like him up until i was 24, and i still have trouble with even getting close to women, let alone having SEX... Everyone else, i know is either in a relationship, or getting laid anyway. so for people to realise there are people who have issues with it, and getting the help they need is a good thing.

    Oh and the majority who say go out and get laid with a prostitute or a shallow women!! If we have issues talking or getting close to those of the opposite sex, then its not going to be bloody hard to those guys

    I appreciate James for going on camera, and showing the world about the problems we face. Good for you!

  5. It angers me that the whole RELATIONSHIP aspect and CARING and LOVING thing is over-shadowed by the physical act of sex.

  6. tell those brits to come to america. these shallow insecure women will sleep with anyone that has an accent

    1. Oh yea, and British women don't have sex with foreigners. What an ignorant person you are.

  7. I think the experience and age of the 'bitties' is part of allure.

  8. This documentary was so cool!

    Some of the comments below have poked fun (pardon the pun) at it, but I found it really touching (pardon the pun).

    Seriously though, the sex coach Brigette, as well as the others, are providing such an important service. I can't imagine the inner turmoil and confusion adult virgins must go through.

    1. Dude, I worked with a guy who used to pick up discarded cigarette butts off the floor & smoke them, as well as drink old beer from glasses which had been standing for 24 hrs. He had no teeth, except for one solitary rotten stump at the front. Also he used to smell of B.O all the time. Over the course of several years, EVEN HE was able to find female companionship without paying for it. This doc is f*****g tragic. If a guy needs to pay old woman to show them something (which should come naturally), there's something seriously wrong somewhere. It makes my flesh crawl. Okay so a lot of people have confidence issues, but to stoop this low is beyond tragic. There is a point where most guys are forced to throw caution to the wind rather than sleep with old crows. Grow some balls & testosterone, develop some standards.

  9. "Virgin School follows the emotional and physical journey of a 26 year old virgin as he embarks on a unique four month course for sexually inexperienced men in Amsterdam"

    For 100 bucks, in almoust every major city, you can embark on a emotional and physical rollercoaster, with a unique (or make that 2) girls (well under 60 yo), regardless of your sexual experience.

    Are these people serious ? Took them 4 months to get the poor guy layed, and ironically reduced his chances of getting layed in the future by putting him on camera and revealing his identity. Were they teaching him or were they learning aswell as he went along ?

  10. Content deleted

  11. haha, nothing like getting a rub down from a couple of raunchy bitties.

  12. Hey, what the hell! I'm deeply traumatized.

  13. amsterdam 8 out of 10 girls will say YES. C'mon.

  14. that lady looks like my grandmother O_O

  15. you go James. at least you will be more passionate, and more interested in the actual art of sex than most men and your going to make a woman very happy. listen to your partner when it comes to being intimate and you will have no problems. also remember to have confidence in your self, because if you can do a documentary and show what your workin with for the world to see, then you shouldn't have any problem at all.

  16. @ez2b12

    At least now I realize why you are so angry in your comments regarding other all makes sense.

  17. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin at 25 if you chose so but you can clearly see this guys has bigger issue he wants to rationalize the act of making love think of touching women in fact it's simple just like sleeping pissing and eating just let you instinct guide you, your inner beast we all have it but some just don't embrace it or thinks it's wrong to do so.

  18. I totaly agree with one of Randy's comments.
    I am 21 years old soon and im still a virgin.
    This man was both brave and showed alot of guts doing this.
    This makes me more confident about myself and im willing to go out there and give my best.
    Thx James

  19. I think I am only watching this to get a glimpse of Amsterdam because I want to go back their ;/ lol

    otherwise this is kind of boring.

  20. Wow! Virginity sure gets the juices flowing doesn't it?

  21. @Sexsage

    Sexage Commented:Connie wrote : “I think he was exploited by a group of over sexed old ladies that should of never – ever shown there nakedness to the light of day let alone to the world. You are all nasty- nasty woman ! ” It’s women such as Connie, that the greater sisterhood shuns. How disgusting to make such comments on ANY ***** or ******. Her foul mouth is what is really nasty and her advise in other posts is hypocritical. Perhaps instead of spewing out her two faced comments – she might consider growing up a bit and learning about *pheromones instead, (or at the very least, look the word up ) before she goes defacing ANYONES sacred and special parts. And whilst we are on the subject ( Blank) Pheromones just don’t exist -regardless of the marketing hype out there. Other refs available of course, but I wont bother listing them also. You can ‘Google Scholar’ for them. Connie also said..’If we don’t love ourselves then how can anyone else?’ These women in the video have ‘matured and are self loving’. They know whats what. ….And then along comes Connie with her foul mouth and lack of maturity. She can take back all she likes in subsequent posts – but an apology to these wonderful women is what’s really needed. Congratulations to the Grand Women of this documentary and to James for having the courage to ‘educate others in the deeper sexual issues that obviously some people are facing.

    Connies respond to Sexage…. You must be very young . Because if you were mature you would not be so vulgar and rude and outright offensive to the point of discust.

    Before I look up any words Why don’t you go take some classes on social etiquette, Better yet go get some behavior counseling.

    In case you are not intelligent to realize this is a comment section on Documentaries. Which means everyone can comment with whatever their own viewpoint is.And anyone can say way ever they think Not just what you want them to say.

    With counseling and perhaps extra anger management you might learn that it is mean and rude and wrong behavior to viciously attack someone for something they wanted to comment.
    Something is very wrong with you to attack me when I did not say or do anything to you personally. You just plainly attacked me personally for comments I made on a doc.

    You should be ashamed and embarressed and if anyone owes anyone an apology it is you to me.

    James and the Like made a Documentery knowing their would be personal comments made pro and against.

    when I made my comments it was about the Doc. or to someone else and it was clearly not addressed to you.

    Kindly keep your rude mean behavior to yourself and to the Doc. not to me.

    You want to make a comment contrary to mine then do so. But do not attack my comments as if you are the almighty and I had no right to my freedom of speech.. Who do you think you are?
    I think now you are mentally deranged and I will not tolerate it.

  22. @ Sexage

    Do you have this problem in all areas of life ?If so don't fret Just stick around here and join the comments and soon enough you will watch yourself grow and you will not be so critical at Judging others as hypocritical. Instead you too will see yourself change in viewpoints of express double thoughts as you think and disscuss with others.
    It is a great benefit to join in on discussions that you would of never thought much about.
    You will also see that while writing replys you learn about yourself and change and grow.
    Be patient with others and you will find others are patient with you. :-)

  23. The two words in my previous post that have been ****** (compliments of the site moderators) both start with the letter V. How very peculiar that in this day and age even the correct terminology for a womans private parts are blanked out. It's more than sad. It's pathetic. And when it's in the comment section of 'such a video', it's as two faced and as hypocritical as baby Connie is.

  24. @ Rachel,

    I hope you do NOT feel out of place and I think in your circumstance it is Ok. Reason being if you have not found that special someone of which you want to share the intimacy with then you are better off not doing anything.

    Men are different on most parts I think.. I think they can deal better with the hit and runs.

    But us woman need to connect our emotions with the sensuality of Love making. We feel sex within our Hearts but Men are just like little busy bees and any flower will do to when it comes to aiming their antennas.

    You are doing the right thing.I would Not push the Idea that you are happiest not having that special friend or mate to share intamacy with. Otherwise you may just send out farmones Of leave me alone.
    Instead try thinking more like I am waiting for my special playmate and think positive thoughts like I am excited that I will enjoy myself fully when my playmate and i find each other.
    Think thoughts that he is out there and he will be the special one you can share your intamacy with.

    You can draw him nearer faster by Knowing he is just around the corner and you are so glad you waited.

    What ever you are thinking is what will be.

    I will share a secret with you... Get to know yourself as the beautiful person and woman you are. No matter what you look like. Think of yourself as a beautiful Diva . Imagine yourself as a Goddess and feel like it and you will be shocked at how many men are attracted to you.

    All I have to do is feel it. Even if I am in the car and men are walking in a different direction. I have seen Men feel my presence and they do double and triple takes . I can plainy see they felt my powerful presence and looked or turned backward to see what they feel behind their heads.

    Try it and see what I mean it really works.
    We draw to us what we think and feel. SO please do not think or feel anything less then the Godess or Diva that you are.
    Men are attracted by what we send out..... Only send out the message you want them to hear and feel.
    We are the beautiful vessels that they need us to be.If we dont Love ourselves then how can we exspect anyone else to?

    Hope this helps Beautiful Racheal A Goddess of Love :-)

  25. I'm a 26 year old virgin. I had an opertunity to lose my virginity but he was 7 years older than me and he kind of creaped my out. I have not been on a date in 3 years and I don't expect to go on anther one. I tried a few times in college but guys are creaped out by me. I often used my autism as an excuse for not dating but in reality I just don't want to I'm happier single

  26. Oh my god I want to hit this guy. Screw the program this guy should have just ended it a long time ago. He is so pathetic it hurts!

  27. I agree that it was like a car wreck... you want to look away but you just can't. Kinda gross.

  28. Thanks for such web! i like it

  29. @Wendy:

    Sex =/= love

  30. I disagree -- I think James needed the therapy, perhaps even more than he needed the actual sex, and he'd never have gotten this by simply flopping down with a prostitute. I doubt he would have been able to perform with a hooker even if he summoned up the nerve to hire one. The work that these women do is wonderful in my opinion. And to those who look at them as old and unattractive, you need to do some growing yet. Love is beautiful regardless of the outer package!

  31. This was so unsettling to watch. It looked like he was going to lash out and kill the old bag instead of ƒucking her.

  32. what a dumb-ass doc

  33. why is he wearing a nappy? and under boxer shorts??? what in the hell?!?? I AM SO DISTURBED.

  34. @ Paula, Are you hinting to James for a Date?

  35. The fact about the old woman. It really takes a lifetime to know anything about the complexities of sex the more you think you know the more there is. It's not just an Olympic act that would be too easy.

  36. Everyone's comments are funny. Society is so hooked up on losing their virginity at 16 that men are always blamed for being jerks, lying, cheating etc...If you don't sleep around you are seen as an outcast. Well some girls should not complain that men are they way they are because they might be the first ones to laugh at a man who is a virgin at 27 years old. He obviously never lied to a girl to sleep with her; unlike a few guys I know.

  37. People are soooo mean...and they can be so insensitive.

    I admire James' courage to do this movie. I also admire what the ladies in the school do - they take care of the feelings first and try to heal wounds and only then teach the basics of touching and being intimate. I'd never consider them whores. If James had been with a whore instead, I think he might have suffered an anxiety attack and run away, or just f--k her and not really solve his intimacy issues.

    I am a 27 year old woman, I had 2 sexual partners all my life and married the virgin one :). And I can say that the love making with a virgin man can be the best if there is intimacy and no judging.

    James, you seem to be a great guy, trust yourself and you'll find the right girl. Girls who laughed at you are not worth a dime. And you look great too, so you should be proud of your body. Good luck!

  38. Damn! I get two thirds of the way through, then "video unavailable". This kind of unpleasant and anticlimactic experience does kinda bring me back to my first time, though.

  39. Hi Luke!

    Sometimes our wishes will remain unmet. Go figure... I still fail to see the academic side of the virgin school despite their appearance. However I am sure between the three of them they have a lot of mileage. Agreed hands on experience is what counts in the end.

    I also think that there are far better ways of dealing with virginity. If a person is maladjusted before then afterwards they would be screwed up even more.

    Besides if a person is incapable of attracting a mate there are reasons that it is so. Not everyone is fit to have offspring which is ultimately the goal of intercourse. It is only natural.

  40. @ Hesus
    Although I didn't really want to get involved in an argument on a documentary website, the fact that you need to insult has drawn me in. Throughout the documentary the women refer to the fact that they are trained in these areas and are cleary by appearance, not just old age prostitutes who take pleasure in sex with vunerable men. Also, I'm well aware of Amsterdams culture on all sides, visiting it on my 18th was an eye-opener.
    However, the general perception of Amsterdam is negative on this subject matter (also referenced in part 1 (I bet you missed that aswell)). I've no reason to commend this place, just identifying that it might be quite useful for 30+ virgins to try out.
    I know if I hit that age and was still untapped, I'd be first on the list.

  41. Well Luke I feel that you are a p@#$%. Academically educated? Must have missed that part... and btw Amsterdam is a great city architecturally and culturally. Virgin school discredits itself.

  42. Seems to me like a few old bat hookers have found a market for their services.

  43. I feel that the large amount of negative feedback on this documentary is unjust. The fact that there is an organization that helps these men is hugely beneficial to them. I think the fact that it is based in Amsterdam appears to discredit it, however these women are cleary profesional and educated in this field academically aswell as socially. Those that review it as a 'car crash' etc are cleary immature and narrow minded.
    The documentary is called 'Virgin School', What did you expect?

  44. @ Guddu

    OK ! With intentions of stealing a couple minutes from my busy day to read and discards some of my many emails I opened an email and started reading the words from your post.

    Consider please that I was stealing time and in a rush, Then perhaps you can understand why I was offset momentarily.

    I had to do some double take reading to figure out what I was reading. At first I thought I had accidentally opened a spam mail involving Porn.

    However I quickly realized I was reading your post from The TDF site. Thanks for the Laugh. I like your factual, humorous point of view.

    James may be to close to the story to appreciate your humor but someday he will look back and giggle with you. As for me you are like an Alka Selzer fizzling with humor calming an upset stomach.
    Good view !

  45. Hahahahahhaha

    Can i touch you everywhere?......Yes you can touch me everywhere!!!.....Can i touch your nipples?.....Yes you can touch my nipples!!!!......:@ :D lolzzz
    OMG the worst doc i ever was like a slow train wreck....thru an old lady's ass!!! uuuuuuuufffffffffff

  46. Oh ok on a side note......I am happy for him :)

  47. O_O
    This is something that deffinately falls under the category of:

  48. Good on you James!! I really felt for the fella and was so proud of him. I felt a huge surge of empathy for him and was so happy that he has discovered his 'manhood'. Yes, the doco was a bit strange but enlightening... which is what any good doco should be. Usefull for other people in the same predicament (and there's gotta be loads...).

  49. James , you are courageous. You tackled something difficult for you, and succeeded. Ignore all those who belittle this problem as their are many who have the same or like issues, but as you know it is usually a secret.Keep looking for a human connection and congratulations on your job. good Luck to you James.

  50. @ Reiner

    Trust me there are many here that are just as grateful you do not need to go to that extreme either.

    Happy excertion and Happy insertion to you !

  51. First time I literally threw up from an internet video, and I haven't even made it past the 5 minute mark. I'm surprised this isn't considered a shock video yet.

    I'm creeped out by the fact that I -can- relate to the guy, and I understand why he feels frustrated and desperate, but to think that he would go as far as to have sex with that old woman is disturbing at the least. The mere thought of me being in his shoes makes me most uncomfortable. He probably just forces himself to think that what he did was "okay", and the sad thing is, he's a fairly attractive guy and he could have had lost his virginity had he exerted more effort socializing instead.

    I'm more than grateful now that I have a girlfriend without having to rely on these 'last resort' methods.

    1. awesome.. sex is life

  52. Why those old women? :O

  53. He has a problem.
    Producers have idea on their mind to make a documentary.
    He has no idea, what to do about his problem.
    Someone can help him but he has to pay for the help.
    He wants this help very much.
    Producers find him and they say they can pay the bill for the help.
    He wants this help very much.
    Producers say that if they pay the bill James must allow the cameras in everywhere.
    He really wants this help very much.
    He accepts.
    Thats all.

    Never forget: Prostitues are the people who works but doesnt like their job.

  54. Well this documentary seemed to have generated more than it's fair share of comments.

    More power to you James - you've got real balls to share it with us. Though I'm not so sure it was the wisest thing to do.

    I suspect you've been used by the film makers. No paper round is going to pay for months of therapy.

    I thought the women were great. Of course they are older as they need to have built up life experience.

  55. Dear James

    If only you had noticed that girls are quite different from us boys. By this, I don't mean the physical differences , more the fact that they remain unimpressed by your mastery of games involving wizards, or your understanding of Morse code. As a general rule girls do not get quite as exited by the use of urine as secret ink as boys do.
    I thought long and hard about what advice could possibly be suitable, and here it is:

    1. Its important to listen. Human beings (read as women) are often very self centred and like to talk about themselves. It's good advice to listen closely, especially if you're nervous - unless she has also been given this advice, in which case an uneasy silence could ensue.
    2. Be carful with humour. It is very common for boys to try and impress girls with a string of jokes, each one more desperate than the last. ONE joke, perhaps, and then a long silence while she talks about herself…
    3. When you are older flowers really do work!! When you are young she will almost certainly guess that your mother bought them.
    4. Valentines day cards. Do not put your name on them. The whole point is the excitement a girl feels, wondering who finds her attractive.
    5. If you see a girl in need of help - unable to lift something, for example - do not taunt her. Approach the object and greet her with a cheerful smile, whilst surreptitiously testing the weight of the object. If you can lift it, go ahead. If not, try sitting on it and engaging her in conversation. Start with, ' Hi, my name Is James and I like/do/… what's your name ' It's usually best to keep initial conversation simple.
    6. Finally make sure that you are well scrubbed, your nails are clean and your hair is washed. Remember that girls are as nervous around you as you are around them. They think and act rather differently to you, but without them, life would be one long football locker room. Treat them with respect.

    Yours sincerely

    Mr E_Logic

  56. lets all go granny cunting !!

  57. very interesting documentary.
    Also bravo to James it was very brave of him to take this leap and go through this experience.

  58. Yeah! I want to be like James!

  59. james you are beautiful. you do not fit into the world but that says more of your goodness than your shortcomings.

    there are a few people every once in a while who haven't the first clue how to conform to the ways of the world, but don't let yourself think that's a bad thing.

    you are beautiful, don't let the world tell you otherwise.

    just because you cannot fit into the world does not mean you are defective as a human being. in fact, it may say just the opposite. the world tends to reject and shun raw, true vulnerability and genuineness. do not let it think there is something wrong with you. there is, obviously, as there is with everyone, but the goodness inside you is far beyond that of most who thrive in today's world.

    don't let the world dictate anything in your being or your life. social norms say NOTHING, and in fact are most often wrong. live life on your own terms. the world says it looks for true beauty and goodness but it does not know it when it sees it


    James you poor b@#$%&*!

  61. google speed seduction. that will change your life

  62. Rip off of Private Practices: The Story of a Sex Surrogate
    It's available for instant watch on Netflix and seriously is the funniest and weirdest s@#$ ever. Esp. being a documentary made in 1985.

  63. Oh, no! The BBC often does documentaries that make someone seem more extreme and desparate than they really are. In this doco they make a big deal about this guy being 26 and say that 96% of their population has 'lost their virginity' by 25. Making it sound horrendous for the guy, but it is far from abnormal!

    1. Thanks to @Caroline the full documentary is posted again now.

  64. @ Bulshka who wrote:

    "without having to go through old women’s vagina, who’s trying to seem not to be so excited that her vagina is going to see the light of day again..."

    OMG!!! This just kills me... I'm dying over here...

    You are right! But you are killing me... LOL!

  65. @Bulshka

    OMG!!! Your post made me spit water all over my keyboard!

    So funny... so true!

    HAHAHAA! I'm still laughing...

  66. Okay,well, I wasn't able to see the whole doc. because apparently it only plays in the UK, but..but, seriously, you're in Amsterdam, you could've paid your way through a bunch of smoking hot prositutes, who would've taught you all you needed to know, if not more, without having to go through old women's vagina, who's trying to seem not to be so excited that her vagina is going to see the light of day again, what's the moral issue here? tomatoes tomatos

  67. I'd probably stay virgin than lose it to this woman ... for God sake she looks like a succubus ... He is like a man who stops eating then when he decided to eat he eats an onion .. no wonder he didn't has more sex because I would never want to have more sex if I had to lose it this way.
    He should has a lot and a lot of sex to forget this awful experience, there is a huge difference between 18 yrs old vagina and 50 yrs old , I don't know what he was thinking .. anyway , I believe he is really courage to do this documentary.

  68. Why is it called 'Virgin School'? He's already good at being a virgin. Shouldn't it be called 'Getting Laid School'?

  69. @ I know Brilliant strategy when I see it :-)

  70. @ Vlatko

    I'm rolling on the floor laughing, You have the most contraversial part of the whole Doc for preview.

    Tell me you did not do it on purpose LOL I wont believe you.

    Hysterical !

    1. No it was not on purpose. I swear. Hahahaha...

  71. @ Vlatko
    Headree is right what happened? Doc feds ? or
    Alien interception? :-)

    1. Damn... the videos have been removed. I've placed a preview and an alternative link to SeeSaw. However only UK folks will be able to see the film there. Sorry.

  72. oh man the video is down now. can someone re-upload for me? thanks

  73. I'm not sure I agree about women being more superficial though. Society does indeed teach women to usde thier looks and charms to thier advantage but, it also influences men to feel superior and be domineering, controlling, even violent in many cases. Besides many women rise above this societal illness quite regularly, as do men in my experience. Everyone has a right to thier own opinion though, you cetainly do not need my leave.

  74. Oh, Yeah i agree. I'm not sure what the logic is behind animalistic attraction enfluencing evolution to make us all look like beautiful big breasted beach bumbs, that is kind of wierd now that i isolate it from the rest of the statement. I'm not sure what we would look like but the world would definetly be different if we all just acted on every sexuall attraction. Lots of babies, abortions, miscarriages, and families in crisis I would imagine. Any way, maybe Reasons voice could explain this further- he seems an intelligent chap. I'm sure thiers some misunderstanding in our interpretation.

  75. My comment referred only to "If we were as was said before “just like any other animal” we would all look like Arnold or Pam Anderson"

    Which I believed to be an oversimplification, as well as incorrect/inaccurate.

    As for the woman being selective, I think it's actually a little more superficial than that. I believe women just have a better understanding of supply and demand, and are taught/indoctrined with means of exploiting or using established social etiquette to their personal gain.

    Ironically, a woman's keen understanding of supply/demand when it comes to sex, puts them in a logical position and hormone/motivation driven men in an irrational position.

    I say ironically because I'm sexist and believe women are mostly irrational creatures (when it comes to sex), or in other words, more "feelings-oriented"

  76. @ D-K

    We are not talking about attraction here but actuall selection and intercourse. Yes attraction is very animalistic, almost uncontrollable. The actuall act of consumation envolves much more than basic attraction, for most people. If man laid with every women he was attracted to nothing would get done.

    Now I believe thier are those that attempt to lay with every person they are attracted to, they have a diagnosable desease they say. I believe men would quite commonly have this affliction if women were as willing as they. Insted you see mostly women nymphos and I believe it is because they know thier is always a willing man some where. The goal of getting laid is very achievable for almost any women at any time or place. In fact a women could be like, " I'm going to just hang it out the bathroom window about nine and let what happens happen." Men would be lined up around the block by eight thirty, fights would ensue over line breaking. Now let a man be like, "Yeah I'm hanging it out about eight or so." All he will get a bad insect bite you know where, or maybe arrested.

    My point is man knows better than to try and be a nympho, women are too selective. I guess nympho guys have to have a lot of money and go down to the red district often. I bet you would not live a month or two, yuck. How can a man lay with some one they know just laid with another man or women and has probably not even had a bath. It distgusting and juvenile in my opinion, of course I guess I do not have the healthiest outlook on sex.

  77. @Reasons voice: I disagree with the pam and arny comment. Perception and judgement of beauty derives from certain factors that differ individually and culturally. While some characteristics are mostly unanymously found attractive (facial symmetry, femininity/masculinity), lust is evoked by different people to different people.

    I agree on the rest though, I'm always for "natural selection" and preserving what's left of the purity of the gene pool.

    (I may have to add that I don't meant that last bit to come off racially charged, I was going for intellectually charged.)

  78. Free advice: A good lube works wonders for the male and female sexual organs!! give it a go, it can work wonders:))

  79. @ reasons voice

    Well said man, bravo.

  80. @ Reasons Voice

    Well said !And relates good Reason :-)

  81. The intellectual evolution of man depends uppon there being more to sex than just physical lust. If we were as was said before "just like any other animal" we would all look like Arnold or Pam Anderson. The injection of romance and personality into sexual selectivity is what drives the success of more intelectual genes. Yes we are just animals on an organism level but it is our ability to be more in terms of intelect that drives our race.

  82. Thanks for your incouragement Connie. This site has become like a family to me, and I needed that badly. Me and my brothers do not get along and my parents are just to old fashioned to talk about something like this with. I live in the bible belt so really no one is a good person to talk to about stuff like this. My brothers are far right christian idiots, they fit in nicely here. I on the other hand, well lets put it this way- I am an athiest, jazz musician, and lover of science. I am about as popular as old scratch himself around here. My parents are more progressive than my brothers, and they are seventy-seven and sixty-six years old. Bless thier hearts though they voted for Obama, encourage my education and individuallity, and defend my right to be myself- great people. At one point i had to change doctors because his (Dr. John Kerr's) constant unchanging advice no matter what you came in for was, "Pray about it." No joke, an actuall doctor telling you to pray away your illness or injury.

    That being said I am a pretty happy guy most of the time, so don't feel to bad for me. I love to learn and spend most of my time doing so. I also think i have had friendships with women that most men have never had. No sex really simplifies things and clears the road for true discovery of your feelings.

    The only bad part is that on the one occassion that i did fall in love, my affliction ruined it. She left me after about two years, and I do not blame her. I wanted to be with her badly, I loved her. But I could not do it. I tried to explain my issue to her but I got really embarrassed and starting getting sick and all. I ended up just breaking up with her over the phone, god what a way to end a two year seriouse relationship. I still think about her from time to time, her name is Susan. She is married with children now and lives in Arkansas, still as beautiful as sunshine to my eyes. I'll always wish I could have at least told her I loved her.

    Alright, I never meant to bring that up so that's it I am shutting up now. I'll be alright, thier are after all other things in life than intimacy and love. More important things to society as a whole in fact, maybe not to the individual but for man kind. I gotta go for a while.

  83. ez2b12:

    Wow! John, you have really opened up on this, the first step to getting better I suppose, even though have some medical training will not even attempt any form of diagnosis.

    Yes, there are medical syndromes associated to what you are saying, but yours sound very symptomatic of some deep seated fear, like you said of scared of not being in control, it seems you are scared of letting your emotions take free rein. Sex is I'm afraid, classed as a little death, but of course you do not die, you usually have a smoke afterwards, (LOL)

    Yes, John, by all means do go see a doctor, but tell the doctor everything,
    He no doubt will refer you to a psychiatrist. And believe me there is no stigma attached to this at all.

  84. James deserves so much better than to be preyed upon by these three old buzzards. He's not a bad chap at all. He should have kept his privates and money both in his pants!

  85. @ Ez2b12

    I take back anything negative I had said about this film or the School.
    If this is what it took to get you and others to open up and talk to someone about such personal issues then I am glad and it truly was needed to help others.

    I personally cannot add any info that can help.
    But I want to say thank you for opening up and trusting us all here to share and ask for help.

    This was a very brave thing to do! And if anyone does make anything negative of what you have shared Please remember it wont be the majority.

    I can't wait for Achems to answer you back, he was a paramedic and so if he has any clue that you should see a Doc then please do so.

    Dont cut yourself short on seeing a medical Dr first. Besides A good Mental Dr. would have you go thru Physical testing first anyway to rule out any physical malfunctions.
    What came first the chicken or the egg? Anyone would have mental or emotional stress after what you endured.

  86. Thanks Achem, for your concern. Are you refferring to physical issues or mental. I realize it could point to some deep seated phsycological problems but I never thought about anything physical. I have had many physicals and they never seem to find any issues, other than the few injuries I already know about. I guess I should get on google and do some detective work- see if this could be connected to a physical problem of some sort. I would think it could be connected to the nervouse system. It seems as if I am very easily over stimulated to the point of pain. I even feel pain just thinking about sex sometimes.

    The wierd thing is i could be touched say on the arm in a sexual situation and that would hurt, but if you just touch me thier while we were talking or something I would never notice it. It is once I am in that hightened state that the pain starts, and the panic in my mind. Some voice keeps screaming, "Hey you are not in control of your self, get control of your self now." This started when I was very young, when ever I would even think of sex or be attracted to some girl a little. So I guess I started then just putting it out of my mind as much as possible, avoiding any situation were it might come up, and keeping my distance from others.

    I have had to end many friendships with women because they started to make me uncomfortable. It seems if they ever notice my adversion to intimacy then they either want to be intimate or at least closer. Every women that finds out wants to be the one that "heals me" so to speak, its ridiculus. First thing they want to know is, "Are you a virgin?" I always answer the same, "That's none of your business and you are making me uncomfortable. Stop or I will leave." At this point they start apologizing usually and I have to be all, "Its no big deal, blah, blah, blah..." What I am really thinking is, "Well here goes another perfectly good friend lost to my malfunction." See once they know it is never the same, it underpinns everything they say or do toward me from then on. Guys seem to be able to let it go and remain friends with me but not females.

    I know they just want to help me probably but, it ruins everything. They just do not seem to understand the depth of this problem. It is not something that can just be fixed by some awesome night of sex or a slow approach. Some where in my phsychy i am all screwed up man, I just know it. I have such a strong reaction to this though that i would think it dangerouse to poke around in it much, I could really go off the deep end. Put it this way- The last time I was out with my friends we went to see a movie and of course eventually the sex scene rolls around. I became so uncomfotable that by the time I could get up and in the bathroom i was literally sick- Sweating profusely, throwing up, dizzy,unable to breath, heart racing out of my chest. It was a panic attack i think. I just left when i got of the bathroom and called everyone later and made up an excuse.

    Wow, I just stopped and read this whole post and I am one sick puppy man. I never really talked about this that much or realized how much it had impacted my life. I should see a doctor, I agree. I will soon, maybe. I swear I have never been molested or any thing like that, my parents are great people. I think the big problem is the feeling that i am not in control of my self. That is scary to me. That's why i never liked drugs or booze i think. I also seem to be afraid that people will hurt me some how if i let them get close, and I am probably right.

    I'm shutting up now, I've said to much I think. Its just easier to talk to someone I will never meet in person probably and now that I've started I see I need to get some of this off my chest. Don't worry yall, I am going to a doctor/shrink soon I swear. I don't think I'll go to one of these sex therapists though, not after seeing this. The whole thing was creepy and I could not watch most of it. I would think it was just me but others seem to have had the same reaction.

  87. Doctor my eyes!

  88. ez2b12:

    Hi John, sorry to hear about your medical malaise, there are a lot of underlying different causes/reasons of what you are explaining, some of them not very good at all, I do recommend that you see a doctor!

  89. Funny story.

    I just had this really good looking women from Russia start sending me emails of her self naked and in all kinds of kinky poses. She of course was trying to build some kind of relationship with me online and then get me wo send her money to come here. Then she pockets the money and you never hear from her again. I just wrote her back and was like, "Boy did you pick the wrong guy. Better luck next time. " Think of the odds, she picked me from probably thousands of different guys on facebook- me the one guy with this wierd condition that I just explained in the above post. Now thats bad luck.

  90. I sympathize with James as I have a some what rare sexuall condition of my own. I find sexual stimulation very painful and uncomfortable, always have. I am not a virgin and have had my share of experiences but, they all were the same in a way- they hurt and I did not enjoy it. Besides i find it mentally unsettling to be that close to anyone. This used to be a big problem but now that I am 38 not so much anymore. I do not think about sex any more, and i find life very enjoyable that way. I have thought about seeing a Doctor but why, I am happy this way. Life is more simple and it is much harder for women to use me, somehting I see a lot of. My friends wives and girl friends use sex as a weapon all the time. Girls use the suggestion of sex to get what they want quite often, at least in my experience any way. This does not work on me as sex isn't important to me any way. The few women that i do see from time to time understand and say that it makes being with me easier for them as well. Eventually it does become a problem though and I have lost several girl friends over it. I just stay involved in my studies and work and let the rest fall to the way side, its not so bad as it may seem.

  91. @ D-K,

    If I recall right there was one man involved for a short period.However I do not recall what his part was in this.

  92. I find it a little pretentious that women are the only ones giving instructions to him. Hardly scientific and it leaves the actual male aspect out of it entirely, sad, sad stuff.

    His "study" leaves him with an incomplete understanding

  93. This is what happens when chicks teach you how to lose your virginity or get laid. you start dancing like an autistic in front of the mirror and say things that embarrass GNR fans.

  94. Ya peps is making fun of how ridiculous a method the school chooses, cheers to james for putting himself out their or else we'd bewatching nothing. The school is just a high priced ho ring and he is having grannys stroke his weiner

  95. So he has problem having sex with women and flies all the way to amsterdam to have sex with an elderly over priced prostitute who looks like his grandma, great. why not just have sex with the prostitute at least she has a test for aids.

  96. The guy should have listened to Bob Marley. "No woman no cry" (and possibly lots of cash left intact on your bank account, too).

  97. There is something rather traditional Eastern about this.I mean this in a positive way. They have sex workers all over Asia and are trying to make it more legitimate because like the lady in the movie said.She likes making other happy, and it has been a necessary service since mankind came into existence. Call it what you will.

  98. @ Connie

    There is something inherently funny about truth...

    @ Achems

    Also good advice.

    In the wise words of goddess of victory: Just do it!

  99. @ Achems,

    I will accept that you would know alot about the shy dudes and the ones that cant take the hint to respond privately when A Lady sends an SOS.

  100. @ Vlatko

    Would you keep your eyes open for anything about the Merovingian Dynasty.


    Ps: I will try harder to behave :-) And play smarter

    @ About the doc.
    This was a fun Doc. I can see from a personal stance that some guys just are not brave enough to accept the invitation for communication. Perhaps there are many guys just like James who will just never know cause they dont call back!
    Maybe they are frightened even if they are not virgins :-)

    next time i meet a car salesmen I will wonder if he is scared too! :-)

  101. @Connie:

    I know that, am only talking about the shy dudes. May ease their transition is what am saying.

  102. @ A real Woman doesn't need whiskey !

  103. @Hesus:

    You got it wrong, ply the women with whiskey, then you are grooving with the moving.

  104. @ Hesus LMAO ROFL cause its true!

    If Any one can get brave for Virgin School without whiskey then they sure can off camaera with whiskey!

  105. My advice to all virgins out there - if you haven´t been laid till you are 21 get a bottle of whiskey and hire a hooker. Repeat step one and two as many times as necessary untill successful. If you are intimidated by a beautiful fertile woman I am sure you can get ugly/old ones too.

  106. holy cr*p.....someone get this guy some trimmers to cut his pubes.

  107. James I hope you're reading these comments.

    First Mistake: You buy white pants.
    Everyone knows that you never buy white pants, and the reason for this is that they can stain, and the one place you never want to see stains is your underwear. Any blokes on this sight know what I'm talking about, and don't try to deny it.

    I'm actually watching the doc as I'm writing this and truly I'm speechless. Oh God, I'm on the role play bit, and what the hell is wrong with this guy. He wrote secret love poems toa girl. I thought that only happened in rubbish films. And now there are old lady bits hanging out. Please dear God tell it doesn't get any worse.

    Yes it does get worse, the guy is upset over touching someone of the opposite sex. If you find that upsetting then there is something wrong with you. Fair enough, you can be nervous, which is understandable, but I never thought when I was loosing my V-Plate that I was scared or upset, I just wanted to get laid.
    And I'm sorry, you can't blame the fact you haven't got a good job on the fact you haven't got laid.

    Doesn't anyone else feel uncomfortable with seeing an old lady naked, considering she's talking to him like an aunt or doting grandmother. He is now thrusting in front of a mirror to practise having sex, while making grunting noises. Lads, has anyone done that in their life? Still with the white pants, oh James, oh James, oh James.

    This is a horrfic porno, as many have said: "it's like car crash, you just look away." I don't know how the prsenter keeps a serious voice on when there is an old stroking his manhood. I've never seen a man look so uncomfortable being showered.

    How on Earth has this man never got laid, he lives in Kent. Does anyone else think that Dave is his only friend? I know this sounds horrible, but how can a person openly on National TV admit to being a virgin, and be a paperboy at twenty six. It's disgraceful, how could none of his friends or family get him a prostitue, it's obviously effected his entire life. I feel sorry for this guy, I think that the film makers have basically taken advantage of the poor lad. He clearly has no idea how big a fool they've made him look.

    And it ends getting laid on national TV. He says that its a great achievment, no it's not you had sex with a hooker.
    My final comment is:


  108. @ V I was trying to find this doc Virgin school in the documentery list. NOt realizing you had a whole category of sexuality listed, You might be amused that I actually was guessing that it could be under either Mystery or music and performing Arts :-)

  109. @ Randy Achems was right ! You do feel like family.
    He said uncle Randy would just love to take little
    Achems Jr. fishing and camping.

    Will you babysit on our Anniversary? We will probably need all hands on Deck so we can watch Documnenterys.:-)

  110. @ Achems and Connie

    LOL! Yes of course... I was kidding but maybe I am jealous! I've been married for 25 years!

    HAHAHA! Caryy on, you crazy kids...

  111. oh and Bridget, I am a virgin, but I am also 28. Do you really think I need an anatomy lesson or that it wold help anyone over the age of 12? I've never flown a rocket ship either, but I know what one is. You are insulting his and my intelligence.

  112. Shawn L. you are the only one that understands his dilemma. I understand because I share his problem."There’s no way he could have done this with a normal, 26 year old woman. This sort of thing is possible when you’re 16, but every 26 year old woman would expect him to be able to touch her hair without freaking out." This is the issue.

  113. @ Connie smiles as she wiggles her walk on the way out , but I shall return :-)

  114. I'm back, @Randy, I have no excuse, have no idea why I used that sentence, was only agreeing. women like to be right don't you think? (LOL)

    But now see, I have Connie sticking up for me, and she is right, you gotta dig the romance Randy (LOL). See, the chase is fun. Yes?

  115. @Bridgette

    Wbat's morally wrong with prostitution? Especially this kind? It's a victimless crime, and these women obviously enjoy what they do. James appreciates their services, they enjoy giving it -- who are you to step in and say it's morally wrong?

    As for using an anatomy book -- sure, there's nothing inherently wrong with doing this, but do you really think James would have benefited in the same sense? This man is terrified of touching women, of being touched by women. The woman opening up her legs and showing him what's what is the best way for him to learn. Far better than some diagrams. What's better -- learning to drive a car by looking at diagrams of a car, or actually taking it for a spin? Arguably, doing both is best! And that's what people do.

    I agree that sex is a lot more than physical contact and technique, and this documentary proves that. James was incapable of intimacy with a woman because he was so frightful of it. They spent 4 months babystepping their way up to sex! There's no way he could have done this with a normal, 26 year old woman. This sort of thing is possible when you're 16, but every 26 year old woman would expect him to be able to touch her hair without freaking out, right? Hence his dilemma, and his need for this school.

    Lastly, I absolutely agree with what you said in regards to taking care of himself. I believe they this broach this subject but it seemed secondary. James' problem is all the bad habits he's picked up over the years, such as hunching over when walks, his bad hygiene, shopping with his grandma, etc. I would have definitely put more of a focus on that, but ultimately I think all the rest of the stuff he learned was incredibly valuable.

  116. @ Randy ,
    Why jib a friend anyhow ? Do you not know that we woman know that for most men the responsibility starts and ends at the antenna. But still it spoils the fun not to at least verbalize responsibility in a socialite manner, thus comfortably veiling ideals that perhaps we really are just part of the procreational force included with the reat of the eco system?

    Wheres the romance? If not the veiling and pretentions.

    Even a hunting dog likes a good chase.

    Its not the captured prey that makes it fun. Its the chase! :-)

    With all respect Randy thats my Jib to you !

  117. @Achems, whom I am busting chops right now, because we's pals:

    You wrote, tragically, as you hoped to impress a woman:

    "And agree in using control in areas of responsibility..."

    Ok. That was sad. I know you don't drink anymore, so what is your excuse for that sentence?

    What are the "areas of responsibility" actually? Radioactive waste dumps, perhaps? And what control must we use there?

    And why must we agree?

    LOL! (Ever knowing that I have written worse sentences in my tenure here on the ol' TDF! Please do not take offense, I was jibing a friend!)

  118. It appears the consensus from the womens point of view is that these womans appraoch violated unwritten behaviors.

  119. @Connie:

    Yes, I dig! Talk to you later.


  120. To people who misunderstand the negative commenting about this documentary: We are NOT judging James for being a virgin! At least I know I wasn't judging him when I last commented. And I think I can speak for all here when I say that we are all a little confused about the "method" of de-virginizing in this video(be it James or Whoever). First of all, these female so called "sex-coaches" are nothing short of prostitutes, and if you think that THAT is judgmental, go look up what a "prostitute" is. Secondly, what most of us commenting as "painful" to watch, are those women! Especially the part when the older woman spreads her legs open and starts playing with herself in front of James, that is just plain WRONG! She could have shown him an anatomy book, a video, or an anatomically correct model that even doctors have at their offices. And for those of you who might argue that this way it's more realistic for James, imagine if this is how sex-ed would be taught in schools! I was speaking negatively about this so called "school" for virgins...this is NOT the proper way of teaching someone about a.relationships c.romance Thirdly, sex is so much more than just physical contact and technique, sex is about level of lust, trust, connection. What has James learned exactly from all this? other than the "technique"? I think this is "immoral" on so many levels. And fourthly, as someone has already previosly said in a comment, the most important thing that they needed to tech James is taking better care of himself, improving hygeine, self-esteem(not just his assurance of masculinity)...if they had just taught him those things, maybe the next time he meets someone he'd actually wear clean new socks! That is all.

  121. @ Achems ,

    I should know better than counting on little Sis !
    Thats why I am the older and wiser Sister.
    But I hope she does well without me from here on. because I am not bailing her out anymore when I gave her several chances to enable herself.

    Now are U thinking what I am thinking ;-) What an enjoyable day it is !

  122. worst guy ever seen in my life. To remove virginity no need to undergo training and other c***. All you need is go and meet people, hang out people and you might end up what u after one day.

  123. @Connie:

    Seem to recall your younger sister was going to look after your place.

    Yes, read somewhere, some time, about using sexual energy to obtain positive results in endeavours to achieve certain goals in life.

    Myself am always open minded, upwards mobility and all that.
    And agree in using control in areas of responsibility.

  124. @ Hi Achems !

    I'm still in nY. and waiting for my Knight to come get me and the chester and take us up north Around Malone and Plattsburg area before we go to CA.

    I'm still looking for the right someone to keep watch of this place for the winter.

    As far as sex goes I'm really open minded and don't believe in all the mumbo jumbo , Chasity locked garments Where religious sectors parade their warns of eternal death for what is a natural procreational design.
    However there is such a necessity as mature control where and when needed.
    A natural respect for responsibility sake.
    I myself enjoy Sexual energy and use it for my most productive work in life . It draws unparrallel creativity.

    I fully understand your point of view and risen ideas associated :-)

  125. Its weird but i actually feel happy for james.

    James!! if u ever read this, have you ever heard about the seduction community???

  126. Hi, Connie, where are you? NY or CA?

    On the doc. I dunno, still think it is weird, like I have said, what next? No disrespect intended, but if I was a virgin, last thing would want is older women, would turn me off sex forever, would want a hot young thang! that has a body that never quits.

    I'm with Randy on this, men where specifically built for F***king.
    Maybe it is just me, but have no patience with whoosies,
    Either f***k or be f***ked!

    I don't know about women, but men, the ones that are alive at least, think of sex approx. every 27 seconds.

  127. Honestly, I think the hype about the older women being gross is a little overdone. I agree in the sense that, if I was paying for this, I'd want some hot 18 year old debutante to take care of this 'problem' for me.

    Do you think this guy could have handled that, though? I think it took him two weeks to touch a woman's breast. Sitting in bed next to a woman, fully clothed, was terrifying for him. Put him in a room with a hot young blonde thing with a g-string and he'd probably have a nervous breakdown!

    And lastly... older, overweight women... whatever, man. Women who have serious issues looking at that are probably super insecure about themselves to begin with.

  128. Much respect James for laying bare your problems ( no pun intended ) cant quite get the image of the therepist out my mind though I think that would put a lot of men off but you have learned that when all is said and done sex is not what it is cracked up to be. I hope you meet someone special and you can enjoy the experiance with the person you fancy and not some over sexed old women. I thought Brigite was very creepy how can you have a boyfriend that is ok about what she does for a living.
    Linda ;-*

  129. Do I have this right?

    Those that can sympathize with James by similar exsperiences give the Virgin school a thumbs up.

    Those that sympathize with James and dont have similar expserience think James could of done better without the Old Ladies.

    Could it be said then that those who have the exsperience would have a better knowing.?

    Or would those who have the lesser sexual exsperience know what James and others alike need?

    Would there be a middle ground somewhere here that would of made it better from all points of view?

    One thing I saw in the film was the low income surroundings and atmosphere. Could bringing up the atmosphere and quality Made this more comfortable for everyone and what if the woman were younger and more fit?

    Personally the first vaginal view for James by the woman who displayed herself so proudly as "Saint Mother Vagina" was near a vomitizing exsperience for me.

    Any suggestions on how the Virgin School could be improved ?

  130. As someone who lost his virginity at the age of 25, I can certainly emphasize with parts of his documentary, and I'm glad it was made.

    The longer you wait to have sex, the harder it psychologically gets. My experience was somewhat different than James', however. I'm a good looking guy that was simply intensely shy around women, so even when they would throw themselves at me, I'd turn them down. I obviously got over it. Four years forward, I've had 9 partners and some fantastic experiences, so for any older virgins reading this: don't worry about it.

    My advice? Get an escort. Get it over with, then work on your confidence & pick-up skills.


  131. If you think he should of just gone to a prostitute then you've missed the hole point. There should be more "schools" like this, these ladies are wonderful. Go James!

  132. And, I have no respect for virgins. We are biological organisms that are designed to f--k and eat! Until we become food for something else...

    That's what all creatures on this planet do and we are no exception!

    The idea that some ridiculous morality tries to resist that? It is the very nature of evil and depravity!

    Science. Sorry.

  133. @ esmuziq
    You asked"why the hell is he dancing when he takes of his clothes?"

    He is setting himself a mindframe to take the plumge across the threshiolds of his fear and inadaquacy. He is using positive thinking that he is a sexy stud and acting the part of a stripper. It is a role play to help the "James want to be "at that momment realease the fears of the Virgin- Shy James By portraying the naughty boy. The Other James is safe as he takes the plunge.

    Am I making fun of James? NO !

    I actually feel sorry for him. I think he must of been paid to do this film probably by free intuition at Virgin school. I think he was exploited by a group of over sexed old ladies that should of never - ever shown there nakedness to the light of day let alone to the world.

    You are all nasty- nasty woman ! There I said it! Thats the part that makes this movie weird and uncomfortable! Its not James thats inadaquate. Its them nasty Hoes!

    James you really are a rock hard throb! Cause I bet most guys reading this couldnt stand to wave his flag with them Woman!LEt alone spread his seed to shining seas!

    yeah thats the gross part.
    @ Hesus said it right when he said" ROFL That was painful to watch. He should have gone for a prostitute. Would be far cheaper and a much better experiance than handling these old ladies. Going through this therapy will probably screw you up even more and not in a good way."

  134. To amplify 420 Vision's comment above, I would add this old addage/aphorism:

    "Sex is like air, it's no big deal until you aren't getting any..."

  135. To all the dumb trolls out there, have some compassion. This man was super brave to have gone on camera with this. He broke out of his conditioned historical matrix with flying colours.

    Having everybody operate to their maximum/optimum potential as a human being not only benefits the individual, but society as a whole.

    James, if your reading this: much respect, dude.

  136. It is more interesting to me that everyone here had an uncomfortable feeling about this doc, than the actual doc. Kinda shows how awkward sex really makes people feel. That is what is so strange and weird to me.

  137. If you think about sex alot, chances are your not having sex alot,.. I rarely ever think about sex, it's just part of my daily routine, like coffee in the morning and a big spliffy at night.

  138. I find it amazing he went from scared to be naked to be involved in this documentary to begin with. I wonder what his friends and family think of the doc...

  139. Jesus f***! that was hard to watch! hahaha!! My life!!!!

  140. If only we would not be infected with false ideals and fairy tale illusions about sex and sexuality. I think that if all you want is sex, then you better go study business.

  141. dont know why its weird for some guys. It is not your problem doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.I am 24 and still a virgin and I know how big a problem can it be for somebody..
    so dont go after that poor guy and we should greet him for sharing it with us.thanks.

  142. Hah Ha Bridgette bet me to the socks LOL

  143. OK James!

    After all that only to discover he could of had a V-8 all along.

    Really though they left out teaching him such basics like shaving and wearing socks without holes.

    I personally think this was made up for profits not privates.

    I mean after all I could teach him much more than all three of them :-)

  144. PS: and those ripped socks at 17:29 part 1 !!! I really should not have watched this, this should be promoted to anyone who's addicted to porn, I guarantee they would not be aroused for a long time, takes a while to get those images our of your head.

  145. What a delightful documentary!
    James not only was successful in losing his virginity, he is more confident and is in touch with himself is educated in ways many men never will be.
    This surely can be of help to others.
    Kudos to James and the Ladies!

  146. ok, THAT was painful to watch. My eyes!!!

  147. this realy strange !!!!
    and i don`t understand why he didn`t discover his sexuality or whatever tell this edge hadn`t he mastributed before or what ???
    and why prostitutes where are Psychologists ????

  148. wow, he should go to a Mystery method workshop or something. Like really, haha

  149. if this was a girl it would have been much more easyer to see i guess

  150. Well, I don't agree with any of you.

    I cannot say I relate directly with the guy, but I certainly did have great empathy for his problem. Must be a terribly punishing affliction for the mind and the self. It was a warm comfort learning that humanitarians were thinking of people in that predicament. I chuckled with his 1st instigated orgasm, and actually had watery eyes when he finally got laid. And then I thought, "Well gee, he's 25 or better, he's missed most all those years of being led around by his dick." Men, you know what a curse that was. Youth you'll remember, had a downside too.

    Now look at the guy, he walks like a man should, the the fallen head and droopy shoulders is gone. He exudes an amount of confidence. He''s taken on a job. Hell, I wish him the very best. That he's not been laid since therapy doesn't seem a problem. When he finds the woman that is right for him, she will be one very lucky lady. That he allowed the documentary be made around him is reason enough to walk proud. Man's got more figurative balls than most. Even the guy (another Brit I believe)that made the documentary where he wanted men to talk openly about their penis'. No biggie you might say, but that guys penis was two inches erect! James, rock on brother, it's gonna be A-OK one day.

    Peace out

  151. I can find myself having same problem with my first girlfriend at age of 16 :) its kind of funny to watch since its hard to imagine that people really have problems with it. personally i don't know nay guys relatively my age that are still virgins. Girls on the other hand are more likely to wait longer. Weird to watch :D

  152. Interesting doc....
    In some cultures the young man is initiated into adulthood by the company of an older woman who teaches him how the plumbing works.

  153. I swear, at the end he was going to say he had to find someone who was DESPERATE.

  154. Tried to watch, st*pid weird doc. gave me a bad feeling. Painful to watch.

  155. why the hell is he dancing when he takes of his clothes

  156. Bahahaha



  157. Virgin school?? what next? Unbelievable! wonder if you can get credits for that?

    A proven fact, all you have to do is ask, one out of ten will say yes, or something like that. (LOL)

    Of course now I have to watch.

  158. This intimate experience he shared with us... What for? Ok, for helping others like him. But he says he is doing tis dcumantary for himself. Only. So why doing it at all? He could go to this place without the cameras. Or is it also a poof to oters that he is not a ''zero''. Although he seems to be a decent young man, his sex problem could have well been resolved if he tried to reslove the social and selfconfidence proble first. All would of flown naturally after. I need to critisise it because there was something really eerie in the older ladies touching him for the first time and him exposing that in front of us.

  159. Worst porno ever.

  160. Just watched part 3 and it was even more distrurbing than I thought... it was like a car accident - you want to look away but you can´t!

  161. ROFL That was painful to watch. He should have gone for a prostitute. Would be far cheaper and a much better experiance than handling these old ladies. Going through this therapy will probably screw you up even more and not in a good way.

  162. What a strange documentary.
    So do sex therapists normally double as prostitutes or just for this documentary?
    "If he makes enough progress the course could end with him losing his virginity to one of the sex therapist coaches."

  163. James oh James oh James..

    I'm sure it would have been much more special
    if you had waited for that special lady.