Visionaries: In Grave Danger of Falling Food

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Visionaries: In Grave Danger of Falling FoodPermaculture is a bit of everything. To some it is architecture, to others, organic farming. Some say it is a philosophy and a way of life, others believe it is their only hope.

Permaculture is a design system, but the engineering principles it follows are those of life. Earth evolved from dust and gas and made in the energy of a huge hydrogen furnace known as the sun, a living system powerful enough to colonize an entire planet was born.

Mollison looked at this process and saw a model. Here was a system that was stable and fertile, yet became ever more complex... and that is how Mollison believes are own environment should be.

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    Paul Williams
  1. Paul Williams

    I feel ashamed to be human after watching what we can all really do very easily. When society breaks down maybe the people at the top will realise money has no use.

  2. Andrea
  3. Andrea

    What a wonderful film. This is truly the solution.

  4. Will
  5. Will

    Very, very interesting ^^. The idea of having food available year round, to live with nature utilized but still in harmony. This is the first step of a free future. A way to drop out of the rat race - so we can all become lazy gardeners, who don't have to weed. So we can spend time to think and build out of love rather than fear and necessity. True Liberty.

  6. micha
  7. micha

    does anyone know where i can find another permacultur/transition town documentary here? I once saw one on this site but i cant find it anymore.

  8. Wendy
  9. Wendy

    Also try "Farm for the Future" under Environment, Micha. And there are several short films about permaculture and food forests on Google Video, but you have to go fishing!

    This documentary has really changed my plans for my yard.

  10. hawkpork
  11. hawkpork

    i could swear i saw this doc here on TDF but under a different name.
    anyway. great stuff. another awesome aussie initiative! permaculture and wikileaks..the best things to come out of aus..besides me of course :)
    i'm goin to build a permaculture exebition home in northern sydney.
    anyone can create a sustainable, food producing ecosystem. space, soil, sunlight, water and knowledge is all one needs.

  12. Bianca
  13. Bianca

    When I get a garden, I'm going to put in lots of fruit trees :)

  14. Scrawb
  15. Scrawb

    Some day when the a@@#$%& humans have exhausted earth's valuable resources which they have used mostly to impress each other, the plants that we now call 'weeds' will assume their rightful place in the planet's existence.

    Humans will be history and there will be no one to read this history. Animals will not even make the effort to 'investigate' the thinking of a life form which spent a good deal of their fragile existence watching football or producing glossy magazines showing women with skeletal legs.

  16. Scrawb
  17. Scrawb

    I'm going to mow my manicured lawn so that some of the 7,000,000 million on this planet, who are 'flat out' sawing at the branch that they are sitting on, will think that I'm a huge 'success'.

  18. Alison Lewey
  19. Alison Lewey

    My visions and dreams will be reality... may more of us become Awake..thnx for great info..and coexisting :)

  20. Chris
  21. Chris

    Amazing documentary, inspiring stuff indeed!! I would love nothing more than to get involved in some sort of permaculture scheme, clearly a far more sensible way to live than the western default, which seems to be inefficient and unsustainable raping of the land without a thought given to consequence or logic. Nature ftw, it's saddening to know there's so many ignorant people out there, so hell-bent on making "money" that they'll unwittingly forsake the very forces that brought them into being. I need to escape from the system, and get started on a more natural, gratifying way of life. Permaculture seems like it would do nicely, perhaps with a dash of Buddhism..

  22. Kumamori
  23. Kumamori

    Another document about permaculture is Natural World: A Farm for the Future, here in topdocumentaryfilms. It presents well grounded observations on why either the current agriculture or majority of earth's population and natural areas are going to the end of the road. The thing why permaculture has such upper hand in many aspects, is because it has flexible cycles and a vast army of nature's different multifunctionals, surprisingly many of them having a use for human or supporting another living being that has use for human.

    More inspiring than seeing this film, is to know that there's plenty of people with different ways of natural "farming" if you can call it that... Joel Salatin, Bill Mollison, Toby Hemenway, a few years ago passed Masanobu Fukuoka... they all happily contributed more than their fair share and still do.

    There's a lot of good books on this in english. I consider translating them and helping the information spread, to be an act of saving the world. We don't know if it'll do any good, but before I knew about this permaculture, I had practically trying to hold on the little strings of hope that humanity has. It was so hard to see at times how can we have a happy society in a world like this. But when people can produce their own food and build their own houses and harvest their own energy from the sun or whatever actually renewable enough source, then we can at least remove those needs of fight. We may have gone to work to support the "western civilization", but I strongly feel that our most urgent workplace is out there in nature, and nature itself being our most important fellow worker, not our slave.

  24. whoitisnt
  25. whoitisnt

    Utterly amazing that people are dumb enough to believe this religious version of history in the 21st century. Truly pathetic.

  26. whoitisnt
  27. whoitisnt

    Really sad that the forces of ignorance and superstition (religion) still mislead a large part of humanity. Pathetic.

  28. Admir Efendic
  29. Admir Efendic

    Humanity is in direct conflict with profit. Stuff like this never takes off on large scale because corporations can have more short-term profit doing destructive agriculture. And short-term is what everybody goes for in todays world, because ... everybody else is doing it.

    Catch 22 there.

  30. Alice
  31. Alice

    can't understand his english

  32. Donald Smith.
  33. Donald Smith.

    Bill Mollison is Australian mate. Hang in there and persevere with the film. It will be worth it.


  34. Bob Lapsley
  35. Bob Lapsley

    two persistent failings of any activist today:
    1)it is not enough to shine a light on viable alternate livelyhoods. the vast majority of the developed world will refuse to give up the meager security and wealth they have cobbled together nor will they discard the lifestyle it entails.
    2) Not much changes without a codified support system that prevents penury, one which supports and promotes the health of the ecosphere, while simultaneously discredits and penalizes anthropocentric profit.
    Of course I don't know what that world would look like... but that won't stop it from emerging. Hopefully not too late.

  36. Jo McKay
  37. Jo McKay

    well said. I like to think there is also hope in cheering fellow humans on to do what it is they can do - so many of us could learn to grow our own food, this kind of knowledge makes it productive and exciting even - others can do the marches; a few perhaps can get access and influence law makers; some can build new communities, bring together neighbourhoods, make videos, write books. And recently I am even watching a few billionaires who are trying to talk to and turn around other billionaires. They say that while most of the time they are not heard unless they are talking about making more profit, but there is one other thing even the super rich are affected by in these times - that is fear - maybe of climate change, or not, but all of them realize the massive difference is numbers, so some are accepting that perhaps their greed has gone too far. Interesting times for sure. I feel encouraged by the signs of waking and if we each do the things we can, both the health of our planet and her people grows. Peace.

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