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Animal X

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Animal XAnimal X is an American documentary television series that aired in more than 120 countries. It began in 1997 with its first series of 13 half-hour episodes.

In 2002, Discovery Channel in the U.S. co-produced a second series of 13 half-hour episodes with the creators of the series, Australia's Storyteller Productions, for Animal Planet.

In 2004 Animal X spin off, the Natural Mystery Unit, was born. Also a co-production between Discovery US and Storyteller, it was again aired on the Animal Planet Network in the United States, as well as numerous other networks in countries around the world.

Animal X Classica (as the first two series have become known) and Animal X Natural Mystery Unit are produced in segments that often feature eye-witness testimony.

Animal X is series that reports and investigates strange animals and animal behavior. The episodes routinely show the Animal X Team planting motion-activated infrared video cameras to try and capture evidence of the creatures they seek; or discovering some form of physical evidence which they would then send off for analysis.

Even so, episodes are careful to avoid making definitive conclusions and the new evidence presented by the Team is usually described as inconclusive or unable to be classified. Animal X adopts a cautious believer approach to Cryptids and rarely features outright skeptical viewpoints.

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Chris von Hublot
1 year ago

I just finish this episode. It was very interesting but also too small to talk in depth about those cases.


Dan the Man
3 years ago

The Animal X series is terrible. Put out by the same people that make Monsterquest. Production values probably consist of the crew pooling their spare change to see what they can do with it. People shouldn't waste their time with such garbage that is made strictly for ratings and not to educate or inform people. It's trash.

11 years ago

They should of made a five year test before they give the water to the cows .

11 years ago

I get that some sort of North American/North Asian ape could exist, Canada and Russia have A LOT of barren forests and tundra, some of it still hasn't been explored, but c'mon... things like a gigantic, 600kg carnivorous lizard? That's going a tiny bit far methinks... this series, is more about the myths and tales of certain areas of the world as far as I can tell. I think it's a cool series, I love learning about archaic animals, especially the ones our long lost ancestors would have had to deal with, but I wouldn't take the vast majority seriously.
Anyone want to see a nightmare fish? Search Dunkleosteus on Wikipedia. I bet someone somewhere thinks they're still floating around down in the depths. Its human nature to wonder, what if?
Again, I'm not against these ideas, but certain animals they're talking about are just too specialized to exist in todays world. I think certain Leviathans may exist. The ocean is vast, and deep. Colossal Squid were thought to be a myth for a very long time until a dead one washed up on shore somewhere. Where are the dead Megalodons washing up on shore? They don't because they don't exist, any more.

Nightmare creatures from the past are just that, from the past. The world may seem a little boring now, but we still do have our fair share of nasty animals. Ever seen a pack of lions take down prey? Horrible death I'd imagine. How about Sperm Whales? A truly massive predator, the size of a boat and a jaw full of sharp teeth. One could easily swallow a man whole, if for whatever reason they felt the need to.

On another note, is there any weight behind the Essex Big Cats? Ive seen the pictures, they look pretty convincing. Those are definitely big cats, however are they just props or is the UK really the new home of Panthers? I wouldnt worry too much about Cougars, they aren't *too* dangerous if you know how to deal with them, people in the US and Canada have lived alongside them for ages now. But Panthers, they're quite large, and probably don't give a chainsaw.

11 years ago

Megalodon cannot still exist. It is far too large, someone somewhere would have seen one by now... the comparison with Coelacanth is laughable, Coelacanth is like, 6 feet and is a bottom dweller. Megalodon was 50 feet and hunted at the surface, like a great white. Any professional who seriously considers its continued existence, should no longer be considered a professional. I believe the ocean can hide a lot, but not a Megalodon.

11 years ago

It was once thought that if something was unexplainable, it was the work of the Gods. As times changed, we believed that if something happened, that no one could explain, it was the work of wizards or witches. Vampires killed people, there were werewolves, because at full moon an animal or person died a savage death. In the early 1900's someone introduced the Science Fiction story of Creatures from another galaxy. So now a days, if something is unexplainable, it has to be these fictitious creatures too. Cant it just be, that a properly scientific study has not yet been conducted and that our full understanding of nature is in no way near to even being close to understood.

If I lose my keys I do not look up at the sky and shout "Damn, you little green men, you have done it again." No, I use common sense and logic to create a theory of why my keys are not around, and then use a step sequence to work back to where they may be, eliminating theories as they are proven wrong.

Sorry I know this is a ramble, but I am sick of these documentaries that always say it is a UFO or a magical creature, or the swamp monster or a Scientologist, or some other random creature that makes no sense, and is not based on any proof. Yes it is easy to say, "sorry I'm late for work boss, but there was an apparition in my room that would not let me out today." But if I did I would surely lose my job.

If you are like me and you believe in science and factual evidence, then I do not suggest that you watch this series.

Rant over. 4/10

11 years ago

That pom talking about crocs, has he ever seen a croc or just going by stories? To begin with he says he has seen photos of crocs with a full grown man in its stomach and also 2 outboard motors. I would like to see those photos. Later he says that crocs will roll and rip off pieces to digest or store them to decompose so easier to digest. Which is it idiot?
Love to take him fishing in Northern Territory or North Queensland. He would last about 2 bloody minutes.
Crocs have a small brain but incredible animal cunning. They can be in shallow muddy water which you could never think could hide a big croc till they launch themselves at you. They will come around from the back of you through the mangroves, only need to see you once at a billabong and wait for your second trip with infinite patience, come into your tent and campsite at night. They fear nothing and everything is their prey. Yes they attack outboards or any other parts of a small boat. They can leap out of the water to three quaters of their body thength or more.
Crocs have a small brain but compared to that idiot englishman they are einsteins!

12 years ago

Just finished watching ALL of these - I love shows like this, there are never enough of them out there!! But I completely switched off when it tried to turn into CSI: Bigfoot. TopDocFilms, if you can get your hands on Fortean TV, I will be forever so grateful!!

12 years ago

Well - there was some really interesting parts - especially in 2nd serie. Like that about chupacabra, bigfoot body-print and some episodes about big-cats in england (but it is not a mistery at all - they are simply there). Ok. But most of epizodes are really boaring, not enough scientificall explenations, really poor produce value - bad blury-colored filter effect and ugly drawings. Worst thing is, that many cases are just recycled in so many episodes - especially bigfoot, tazman tyger and big cats. So - really? I'm no cryptozoologist, but i know far more cretures then i saw in almost whole series of this! I mean the cases - not the creatures personaly :-) And i stop watching this when (i don' t know - it was 3th season?) they start to make it "x-files" very embarrassing style with this bold absolutly tragic old actor and two "agents". Last episode i saw was sooo boring, so i ended with this. Hope i find some better serie, becouse i really love cryptozoology. And sorry for my bad english - i hope you understand.

12 years ago

why is it so impossible for people to appreciate such docs? I'm sorry but the world is not formed exactly how you were raised to believe nor do we know everything about our planet. No matter what, people have to realize that weird things happen.
If you believe in a talking snake, virgin birth, pillar of salt, and the thought that an invisible white bearded Santa clause watches you shower. Or even if you choose to believe in absolutely nothing. Than how is it you find this unreal? Pleez. tisk tisk. Its a great thing to watch. Something interesting enough to break the walls down and open some minds. No matter what our minds grow in its abilities every time we learn something new. They are just trying to piece things together. And if it was such a waste of time. Why the hell did you watch it for hours on end. It obviously had your attention for some time. Just take it as it is. Or don't watch it. Animal X is kind of like Monster Quest. Yes, I find MQ more interesting. But this has its charms as well.

12 years ago

!6 hours? that is humanly impossible! (LOL), If it was a latest science doc though, no 'problemo'. Need more science! Thanks for the heads up @Yavanna: will trust your rating.

12 years ago

Please dont watch this. A mixture of BS BS and more BS with the occasional sprinkling of reality. I think it was about ten hours in I gave up. Whether it was the 80 year old lady with the psychic cat or the guru narrator (unemployed bad english actor) with his matrix style background "sending" his investigators (worth watching just for the hot ozzie girl) to see what was what at some haunted house with strange animal noises or the lady who lost her horse with whom she had a particular bond with; and got a new horse who she got a really special bond with and OMFG you see where this is going.....

Life is too short for this kind of nonsense. Vlatko I honestly appreciate the daily updates. I look forward to them and I really appreciate a bad doc sometimes as it highlights the good ones even more. But please give us a rating button because I could save a lot of people a lot of time in avoiding garbage like this. A further reason being as this "new" commentary system means people dont look beyond the last few comments so they wont read this. I know I`m too lazy to flick thru comments.

The comments sections even when i didnt participate was what made TDF special for me. New system = bad though I would understand if you like it as less comments / discussion = less moderation / work............. It kind of feels like a youtube comment section now. Rather than real discussions.

12 years ago

16 hours...that'll cheep us busy:))

Savage Henry
12 years ago

Never trust a man with a mullet and an eye-patch!

12 years ago

16 hours.. Gladis!!! cancel my diary.

12 years ago

interesting doc.