WANNACRY: Earth's Deadliest [Computer] Virus

WANNACRY: Earth's Deadliest [Computer] Virus

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In the 21st century, using technology in day to day interactions and to carry out typical day to day activities is commonplace. Whenever something goes wrong with a device, it is usually cause for an immediate reaction. This happens because these devices have become so important in the modern-day lifestyle. Over the years, there have been a few memorable widespread issues that affected the devices of many individuals across the globe.

For example in 2017, a computer virus first began as a small crypto worm but ended up as ransomware infecting thousands of computers with backdoor entrances so that when it was ready to execute it could run commands to terminate all connections to the outside world. It was able to accomplish this through a complex process of overwriting the existing files on the device, encrypting them, tagging them with its mark, clearing the available recovery and backup files and then multiplying the process.

The virus was distributed in several ways. It was linked in social media posts and other easily accessible files to end up infecting several hundred thousand computers.

The feature then delves into a parallel story about taking down of a drug kingpin. The details of this part are as exciting as one would expect. It involves both online and offline tracking of the involved parties and how they manage to get their operation off the ground. Interestingly enough, it starts out, as perhaps most of these operations do, in a relatively legal manner.

This part of the documentary describes the involvement of some government agencies, healthcare industry workers and others. The narrator switches from this topic to the previous one, explaining a complex web of connections between the two.

The most interesting thing about the feature is its animated representations. If these topics sound like they could make a palatable watch for you then you will enjoy the feature.

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