War Dance
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War Dance

2007, Society  -   12 Comments
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War DanceThe superb documentary War/Dance reveals the redemptive power of music, even in the most horrific places. Focusing on three children in their early teens in war-torn Uganda - stoic Nancy, driven Dominic, and soft-spoken Rose - War/Dance tracks the efforts of the school of a refugee camp called Patongo to compete in Uganda's countrywide music competition.

The contrasts are staggering; in interviews, the children describe their parents being killed by rebel soldiers, then footage of rehearsal shows them joyfully singing and dancing with their classmates.

Some of the sequences are harrowing (a scene where Nancy grieves for her murdered father is painful to watch), but without them, we wouldn't understand how hard-won are the feelings of pride and accomplishment as their school performs for the competition's judges.

The built-in structure of the competition gives this documentary a clear and engrossing storyline, much like Mad Hot Ballroom, but the heartbreaking circumstances and the emotional openness of the three teenagers makes War/Dance even more compelling.

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12 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Sally Warner

    As a music teacher, this is my favorite movie... seriously. I saw it twice in the theater, including being blessed the first time to hear a talk afterwards by the couple who made the film, and I rented it once. I showed scenes from it to my elementary music students (ONLY parts of the kids rehearsing and going to the competition in Kampala) and they were inspired by watching the other kids and learning just a little about what life is like for these kids.

  2. musavir

    they say life thrives under the shade of death, true it is and so much true it is. we have infinite number of reasons to live and they have a single reason to kill; whatsoever and how much strong the might of killers is, humans always find a motive to live and to carry on. this doc. is full of inspiration- the inspiration to live. it has brought me a wonderful aspect of human existence and reality that probably no other experience of my life would.

  3. mohammed atef

    i duno the name of the song but it have some arabic and muslim content

  4. Angel Ortiz

    This is a must see. it further proves to me the power of human beings despite infinite ignorance.

  5. Corrie

    WOW. Thats all i can say. Truly amazing documentary that has highlighted the problems in Uganda, and the difficulties the people are facing..these children have inspired me in so many ways. Its beautiful to see the way they find happiness in song and dance, and made me cry like a baby throughout the whole thing. I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY!

  6. Zemfira

    This is a very touching movie and every time I see it, I cry. Everything has been taken away from these kids - except their music. It makes me really happy to see that music plays such an important role in their lives! Good luck people - and most importantly, children of the war zone.

  7. Tinariwen

    Does anyone know the name of the song in the beginning? It's so beautiful... and the whole documentary made me cry. A five stars video, definitely.

  8. jtl1985


  9. Cassio

    If anyone could tell me the name of the song in the very beginning or a way of how I can get this song, please let me know asap! Also, this is one of my all time most preferred to watch docs out there. Truly captivating and beautiful. Thanks in advance.

  10. Audrey

    oh gosh, what an incredible documentary! I am totally speechless…and left feeling so humble. A fantastic 1hr:46min:53secs that will leave you with a different perspective on life! Merci.

  11. Juliana Amal

    This documentary is so touching, it inspires. One is able to see the distinction between Patongo and other children in better placed facilities.
    Even though out of a war torn region, they have the inspiration, the positive attitude and the ability to endure. They are so resilient. They break down, and also break through, they cry and laugh at the same time. The war has not killed their zeal for success.

    I have loved this documentary, it portrays the state of hope in the entire northern Uganda, from young to old.

    Congratulations, Patongo. You did it. Peace will come, some day, and all the talents that had long been suppressed will once again shine.

  12. Crystlgib

    This movie is fantastic...it covers some hard facts...but also great beauty and hope.