Wars In Peace
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Wars In PeaceAfghanistan, war in the Hindu Kush, a war fought by the Soviet Union to prevent the spread of Islamic Fundamentalism. Like Vietnam, a conflict dominated by the helicopter gunship.

Unlike Vietnam, a hit and run guerilla war not all rebels could agree how to win and one fought under often atrocious conditions for which the soviets were untrained and unprepared.

Afghanistan is a remote landlocked country whose closeness to Iran's Islamic revolution scared the Kremlin. It's also a wild mountainous country with few metal roads. This lack of easy communications dictated a two pronged invasion to secure the capital Kabul and the towns along the road system.

The invasion was personally supervised by Marshal Sergei Sokolov, the Soviet's deputy defense ministry, extensively experienced as a war time tank general. He was a hawkish commander, but a conservative tactician who soon faced a federation of 24 major guerrilla groups.

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4 years ago

9/11 was the best trick usa did

5 years ago

Anyone that kills anyone is a terrorist.

5 years ago

I think you need to study the artificial division of the Middle East following WWI by France & England mainly to get an understanding of the origins of these issues. The divisions were based on who wanted who's oil, with no consideration for the ethnic groups & their cultures. As for the US, well its one thing to claim not be colonialists in the 17th 18th as were the Europeans, but the US has used its multinational capitalism to effectively be "economic colonialists". The US needs to stop thinking it has a right to impose it's form of democracy on the rest of the world. Piss off and let people decide their own form of govt. even if that means civil war. FFS look at your own struggles against colonialism. I don't believe the US staged 9/11, but I also dont believe the invasion of Iraq (as is obvious now) was justified. As for Afganistan, let them figure it out. I can't believe you've forgotten Vietnam. The US will be a spent power within the next 50 years. China & India will be the economic powerhouses of by the end of the next century, and I hope they will have learned from the mistakes of the Brits, French, Belgiums and esp. the US.

6 years ago

@George root... America is the real terrorist

10 years ago

The description and the video don't match... The vid is re. the Iraq/Iran war...

12 years ago

If America was actually going to fight in Afghanistan it would have to be a war like war used to be (destroy and take over) not try to set up some group that doesn't really like us, but instead likes our money and supplies.. then in 30 years attacks us.. if we were to go through and viciously kill and destroy like real war is it would work.. but no one including me wants this because it is to horrible, (war) problem is the other option simply won't work..

So we should just leave, because we can't fully attack. And there is no way we are ever going to make people like us by occupying their country. We should learn from history, occupying a foreign country will not work.

12 years ago

Extremely heavy on the loldongs.

the loler
12 years ago

lol, you guys.

12 years ago

i agree with some one who says america did good to attack the japs but what about vietnam,iraq,afghanistan are they strong enough and supported by some super powers to resist the mighty milatry force of us, no exactly not. america only attacks those without any good reason who are poor and isolated and never dares to give a milatary eye to china or russia if she does she will fell a aprt and will never hope to gift democrasy to any other country. COME FORWARD AND SEE HOW MANY COMING SUPER POWERS ARE WAITING FOR AMERICA OR AMERICANS,,,

12 years ago

Americas houses fall appart they blame someone else so they can take steal their rescources.

Meanwhile in America they call Julian Assange one of the most dangerous people on earth, even though he hasn't hurt anyone while the accusers orders their stupid puppets to kill innocent people in other countries.

Land of the stupid home of the fat

12 years ago

YOUR ALL WRONG.....These comments are ridiculous,you watch a poor 30min doc and your all experts.....clowns

vj 612
12 years ago

Hey "MS" i guess you love the people leading your country..u must bend over for them all the time..u must like to be ridin than to think for your self...u think u all great and powerfull...you guys fight wars on situations created by your own gov....

and many places you got the smack down on ur a$$...Somalia for one u got your a$$ kicked by people in flip-flops and shots...Vietnam u guys were hanging off the your chopers...while trying to get away and than like pussies go bomb there villages...

dj u made a good point but its not this a$$holes family suffering from radiation...wat goes around comes around if u keep this type of thinking...all of it will reach your door step...so go study up before defending the people u r...

Some People
12 years ago

Some facts:
Most people are ignorant, even if they read few books. It depends on the author's opinion.

Western people are ignorant enough to hate someone so much and travel for long distances trying to kill him and get killed without knowing the truth about why is he really fighting. Americans are Europeans are continuously being fooled by their own rulers for centuries. See instead the documentary "Ring of Power"
Who of America's enemies were not a terrorist? Che guevara, Vietnamies, and everyone else is a terrorist. Now Muslims have to be terrorists so that the American families send their sons to fight them to have their oil!

Muslims are ignorant enough to think that the war will end by itself some day. They did not learn that a new war will start again in their land, more people will die, even more humiliation and a bad reputation.

That's how we all people are ignorant. Admit it instead of blaming each other.

12 years ago

Hey DJ,

No anger here, well, maybe. That's just your opinion, why can't you just accpet that? I accept the fact that you feel that way and even respect it but don't make some universal judgement like you are a god or something. Let others have their feelings and opinion as well, that's American. So I see nothing wrong with it, a fight is a fight, yo fight to win and the Japs didn't feel bad about the soldiers that were individually incinerated with their bombings and ultimately their is no difference. The only difference is we won, and that is a good thing. Going to a museum makes no difference, why don't ou look at some burned remains of American bdies before you open your big f--king mouth.

Laslty we are kicking ass when it counts, anytime we are engaged they die which is a good thing. That's what they wish to do to us but can't do it as well and that's a good thing. What they do to each other blowing each pother up in markets and such is not kicking our a** that's for sure.

Dack Janials
12 years ago

Wow, so much anger in here. Maybe we should all do some more reasearch or simply chill out for a second, damn! About the Bombs on Japan, no matter what Japan did and who attack who first...the nukes there wrong, very wrong. If you happen to have some time and money on your hands, take a trip to Japan: Hiroshima and visit the museum over there. see if you still have this big f*cking mouth. And yes, lets hope people will learn...but if I read most of the comments here...I seriously doubt it.


PS: Last time I saw the usa on the news they where not really kicking ass. Actually they are not even taking care of "their own people" let alone others...

13 years ago

To the id*** SOME ONE who writes that America is the real terrorist because of WW2 and the bombing of Japan. Hey fool, Japan bombed us first and killed Americans unprovoked, we brought the smack down to them as a result with many brave Americans dying. The same goes for Afghan and the welfare receiving Muslims, they thought they were big and attacked us, we brought the smack down to them as well and are kicking their asses everywhere.
As a side note educate yourself on the history of Islam and their cult.

13 years ago

some talking head, i gotta agree with mescalin up there. your saying what you feel and not what you know is logical. its ok someday people might learn.

13 years ago

Poorly written comment " Some one"

Perhaps you should actual do some research first before speak

the reason why Imperial Russia first invaded the Caucasus mountain provinces of Dagestan, Chechnya and Ingushetia in the first place was because they got rather tired of being incessantly raided and attacked by the neighbours from hell, including the kidnapping of their citizens for the slave trade, carried out by 18th and 19th century jihadi warlords whose ideology bears a rather striking resemblance to that of the terrorist groups Russia faces today. Secondly People fighting in this region today are foreign Arab fighters from pakistan and the Saudi. They murdering the native Chechen because do not follow the same sect of Islam. In fact most of the fighting is between Chechen security forces and the Foreign fighters.

I suggest you follow your own advise and not talk about things you have very little knowledge on " DO SOME RESEARCH NEXT TIME."

the man
13 years ago

right you blew up two towers we blew up two coutries who's winning? if you piss off the usa we shoot back were not europe

Some One
13 years ago

The Soviet Union tryed to make Afghanistan apart of thier country to extnd thery teretory as so they coud try to come around Europe, through Iran and Afghanistan.

The same as the US and Russia if the Afghans were left alone and people stopped killing Muslims, like in Chechnya, Iraq or Afghanistan Muslim terrorists would not exists. Russians and US are the real terrorists.

Never forget, they have killed more then anyone else. at the end of the day the US uses bombs although 1000x more expensive and deadly to kill the innocent children properly. Look what they did in Japan, Nuclear bombs, you don't think this is worse then a plane killing 2-3000 people. when the US killed OVER 100,000. HELLO! UR THE terrorists ! DO SOME RESEARCH NEXT TIME.