We Are the Aliens

We Are the AliensClouds of alien life forms are sweeping through outer space and infecting planets with life – it may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. The idea that life on Earth came from another planet has been around as a modern scientific theory since the 1960s when it was proposed by Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe. At the time they were ridiculed for their idea – known as panspermia. But now, with growing evidence, it's back in vogue and even being studied by NASA.

We meet the scientists on a mission to get to the bottom of the beginnings of life on Earth - from the team in Texas who are lovingly building a robotic submarine called DEPTHX to explore a moon of Jupiter, to Southern India where they are investigating a mysterious red rain which fell for two months in 2001. According to local scientist Godfrey Louis, the rain contains biological cells unlike any he had seen before – with no DNA and the ability to replicate at 300°C. Louis has come to the conclusion that the cells are extraterrestrial in origin. Could all this really be proof that We are the aliens?

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  1. jason

    leave it to the BBC to never really answer any questions.

  2. afly
  3. afly

    help!!!! I'm running out of documentaries
    I've been lurking on this site for three months and I'm starting think I'm seen everything

  4. missi
  5. missi

    rev 11 and waters turned to blood. Blood from heaven. its a plague call it what you want here comes some more.:)

  6. missi
  7. missi

    Here comes the rain again...

  8. Milton Babb
  9. Milton Babb

    Freud Fraud, ny alarms just went off ... red blood cells contain no DNA. someone "seeded"clouds with washed red blood cells (to remove the outersugar coating, attacked by emnem!!

  10. Mary
  11. Mary

    Theories and nothing more. No proof to anything. Enjoyed the documentary and had a few laughs.

  12. Caduceus Mercurius
  13. Caduceus Mercurius

    That bubble-blowing scientist, David, should try to create a living organism WITHOUT injecting DNA into his soapy substance. Because according to his theory, DNA developed from inside the soup. It's in fact the panspermia advocates who claim that DNA was "injected" into the Earth's primal soup.

  14. LeoXD
  15. LeoXD

    i might say we are part earthlings and ET's, all heavenly bodies contain bacteria of their own and that includes earth it's just a matter of cross breeding by nature if there is an intruder (meteors), i guess this answers your separate theories Mr. Chandra and Mr. Bubble

  16. sirbruun
  17. sirbruun

    why not send a lot of microorganism to the moon and let them try to survive .and start life up there and others planets to

  18. billge
  19. billge

    If our intelligence came from space - that doesn't say too much for whoever is up there.

  20. Kolton Hamm
  21. Kolton Hamm

    Why would anyone want to start life on a new planet when it will turn out just as shitty as earth from the nasty ass idiotic humans that inhabit it.


    are we the aliens?
    see mushrooms.
    although we are probably the younger kind of alien, less educated and more primative. i mean lets face it, spaceships don't run on gasoline.

  24. Filip Gorecki
  25. Filip Gorecki

    I'm gonna lay down, put my headphones on and watch this. I am not going to get up... so this better be good.

  26. MelinKa Corvalán
  27. MelinKa Corvalán

    because the moon doesn't has conditions for the microorganism to survive, if u want to do that u have to find a planet with water, temperature, etc, to give the microorganism a chance to live and grow

  28. Nicholas Penney
  29. Nicholas Penney

    It was an interesting watch, not bad. Makes ya think at least. Which IMO is the point of documentaries, to make you think, whether you agree or not

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