We Love Cigarettes
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We Love Cigarettes

2006, Drugs  -   126 Comments
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We Love CigarettesA love of nicotine unites all peoples across the globe, regardless of colour, wealth or creed.

Where religion and politics have failed tobacco has succeeded, but at what cost?

For over 50 years people have been knowingly paying for the pleasure of tobacco with their lives, making man's fatal tryst with the cigarette one of the strangest love affairs ever.

But as smoking bans in the US and Europe abound, what is happening in poorer nations?

Their love affair is still in its first flush - one third of the world's cigarettes are smoked in China alone.

And globally the tobacco industry is still worth $430 billion and going strong.

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126 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Years ago I clipped the obituary of R.J. Reynolds 3rd, Tobacco Heir, 60, who didn't quit. It states that the 'cause of death was emphysema and congestive heart failure caused by smoking cigarettes.' It goes on to state that 'Their father, Richard J. Reynolds 2nd, also died of emphysema, in 1964 at the age of 58.' So, I did quit, finally, with great effort, and now am 79 years old. Twenty years my friends..... 20 more years of life have I enjoyed than those two idiots who couldn't, or wouldn't, quit. It was the hardest thing I ever did, and took me 8 tries. I would like to shout out to the entire world to embrace life....... and to give up a filthy habit that makes you stink and wastes your money. You can do it......

  2. There is literally no evidence that Tobacco causes cancer.. intact it may even PROTECT against lung cancer... the harm only comes from the PLASTIC and the other nasty shite they add to the papers and the chemicals that they treat many tobacco brands with. Tobacco has been around for thousands of years yet only recently it has been considered something harmful.. Tobacco protects against dementia and it makes people able to increase intelligence by an increased amount when it is grown naturally and smoked in a pipe .. it is disgusting what the big corporations are doing and it is obviously planned for whatever shady reasons the top of the pyramid have.

  3. I love cigarette. I enjoy smoking so much. I sometimes smoke but not all day. I am in good health because I sometimes exercise and walk. Then, we want to smoke at home or apartment without balcony or outside because it is very very cold in the outside or balcony.

  4. This description claims the tobacco industry is growing, but are they really? I've seen graphs of e-cigarettes growing and traditional cigarette market share shrinking.

    1. Not if lawmakers and tobacco lobbyists have their way. Where I live in Canada, laws are being passed at alarming rates restricting the sale of modifiable vapourizers and ejuices. I wholeheartedly agree with not selling to minors (duh), but limiting the selection of flavours available to legal adults? Prohibiting the retail of vapourizers? It's ridiculous and has no real purpose other than to satisfy the knee-jerk reaction to the mention of nicotine ("WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN?")

      I really hope vapourizers beat tobacco out of the market in the next decade. Cigars and cigarettes will always have their place here and there, but vapourizers are an incredible and indespecsible technology with the potential to reduce a lot of harm.

  5. nice post..

  6. There is huge number of people who use tobacco cigarette for smoking. As we all know that smoking is an addiction so once you start smoking with tobacco cigarette quit it completely is very difficult but not impossible. So quit tobacco smoking as soon as possible.

  7. Anu TheWitch

    there is a HUGE difference in now days tabacco and the native american
    they smoked pure tabacco and what you smoke and tabacco+chemicals and much much more ****...so...your argument is invalid
    first research little bit about tabacco and then preach how good it is

  8. I smoked for 23 years and quit overnight with an electronic cigarette. No kidding. Six months later I was given a clean bill of health following a complete physical by my doctor.

  9. I can honestly say that I smoke tobacco because I truly and genuinely enjoy it. There is a very old and very rich tradition of smoking tobacco on this continent of which many people appear to be unaware. The Native Americans have been using tobacco for both ritual and medicinal purposes for a very long time and they were doing just fine until the Europeans came along. The anti-tobacco movement is nothing more than an attempt on the part of the owners of this country to destroy the last remaining shreds of Native American cultures. If tobacco were banned today it would also be an egregious attack on the personal freedoms of all Americans. The fact of the matter is that we all have the right to do whatever we like with our bodies. Not only is smoking tobacco pleasurable and relaxing for me, I also consider it to be a spiritual practice (like the Native Americans). So if i'm ever in public and I stand off from a crowd to enjoy a cigarette and someone comes up to me complaining about the smoke i'll simply tell them, "I'm practicing my religion". Last time I checked everybody in America had the right to practice their religion. Does anybody care to try and find any holes in my argument?

    1. I'm an atheist and I don't believe in any religion...lol

    2. Well yes and no. The tobacco that was smoked by Native Americans was nothing like the tobacco you buy today. Unless you're growing your own and rolling your cigarettes, the tobacco you smoke has been processed with hundreds of chemicals to preserve it and intensify the effects of the nicotine. And while it is your body and you are free to do whatever makes you happy, you put other people- family,friends and strangers alike- at risk when you smoke in public. Second and third hand smoke is harmful just as firsthand smoke is so while you are free to practice your 'religion' remember that you can potentially be hurting others while doing it.

    3. Well, I think you may have not heard of American Spirits, or many smaller more local brands. If you are going to be that sensitive about tobacco smoke why don't we ban fires of all kinds, and wood stoves, and coal power plants?

    4. Here is a hole in your argument. How about I fart in your face. You like inhaling my sh*t I do not like inhaling yours. I do not like cigs so why do I have to smoke yours. If your smoke was blowing in my child's face you are going to suffer the consequences.

  10. The ratio of smoking is highest in China is because of the population, this habit takes millions of lives every year and is also dangerous for the environment.

  11. I hate nazi's . Smoking is my problem to continually attempt to quit. Anyone that tries to voice their opinion of others ways, errors, habits or even where you stop and visit along a bike path. Nazi's! If people want to worry about something, Look in the ******* mirror sometimes. Start there!

  12. Fact is people smoke because they are young and stupid or they are old and addicted. They all say the same thing, they all do the same thing, they are all the same !! "I smoke because I like to" Wrong !!! You smoke because you are week> You smoke because you couldn't say-- no thanks inhaling burning leaves insn't my thing! I like donuts, but i don't carry a sleeve of them in my pocket, or wear a stupid hat with DUNKIN written on it!! Ask one of these " i do it becasuse I like it" people to stop for a week, or even a day and look at their face !!! TERROR !! If you want to lose a friend tell them in front of other friends that you will give them $50 to not smoke for a day or two... They will hate you for that because they know they can't ! I know what every smoker says about the subject. Thery are not very bright. A guy with a needle in his arm has a problem, a parent who smokes around their children and spends $$$ THOUSANDS a year on tobacco is a good person??? I don't think so !! And by the way could you take a shower before you walk by me at the grocery store!!YOU STINK !!

    1. This is probably one of the most perposterous things I have ever heard! Smokers are stupid people because they don't want to quit? If I asked you in front of your friends to keep your arrogant mouth shut for $1000 in sure you would get mad because you can't! Oh by the way, it's weak, not week. I smoke because I enjoy it. Why would people quit something they enjoy?

    2. As you said, people smoke because they are young and s*upid. That's where the addiction to nicotine started to most of us, Everyone was young and s*upid at some point, and that stupidity led some of us to cigarettes. Not because we're weak, but because we were s*upid. I would say that it's my own fault if I would've started smoking at a grown age, but I was 14 when I started because like everyone else at that age - I was a r*tard. You can't say that I'm weak because it's an addiction, a very hard to stop addiction. I hate smoking, but as soon as I stop smoking I feel horrible. I'm not weak at all, in fact I exercise for 1 hour 5 days a week, I study a lot and I have a full time job. Nicotine is the only thing that I can't handle, while at the same time there's nothing else that I can't handle.

  13. An electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cigarette, vapor cigarette or an e-cig, is an electrical

    inhaler that vaporizes a propylene glycol- or glycerin- or polyethylene glycol-based liquid solution into

    an aerosol mist, simulating the act of tobacco smoking. It is often marketed as a smoking cessation aid

    or tobacco replacement.

  14. I do like that they tell you how cigarettes shorten your life by, on average, 10 years.

    Sure sounds like a lot, until you remember those will probably be the years you'll be wearing diapers again and sitting in a nursing home just waiting for Death to come and take you away : /

    Any of you really gonna miss those years?
    Smoke em' if you've got em'!

    1. Let's see if you feel the same way when you turn 60. If you make it that far. Seriously.

      I'm about to turn 65 and do not see a nursing home in my immediate future. But then I quit smoking nearly 20 years ago and have never looked back. I still cycle and hike and enjoy the physical life, and feel many good years lie ahead.

      Friends I grew up with who continue to smoke are at death's doorstep. Literally. Their bodies are worn out.

      If emphysema makes you unable to walk to your mailbox without suffering, you're right in that you wouldn't miss those years of illness and incapacitation. But it doesn't have to be that way.

  15. You can never have enough cigarettes! I'm proud to be a slave to nicotine, and will smoke 'till the day I die.
    Newport 100s are my one true love.

  16. I smoked for 15 years and quit 9 years ago (after trying to quit 5 times before). The tool I used was the gum. I have not touched/inhaled a cigarette in 9 years and I don't even crave to. :)

  17. I smoke. Why can't non-smokers respect it. It's not easy to stop smoking.

  18. I know a couple of people who smoke. I don't smoke because I don't see the benefit in it and I'm allergic to the smoke anyways. I don't quite understand why people start smoking or want to start smoking in the first place.When a person does something over and over again then it’s quite obvious that he’s betting something good from it. In case of smoking the person thinks that he is feeling good after he smokes. This feeling is in comparison to the feeling when he’s not smoking. This means smoking is looked upon as an activity to get rid of constant state of stress a person may have and feel good.

  19. Did you guys ever try out electronic cigarettes. I tried out some, most were shit: little vapor, ugly look. Now I have discovered a new brand, which offers small sizes and have an astonishing performance. Now I am a dual user:-) At home/in the car I smoke them, outdoor still my loved tobacco

    1. i dont think there are more than 10% of tabaco in sigaret. It is all chemicals (around 400), paper, leftovers from production and some more garbage. I have my smoke marihuana via Vulcano (vaporizer).

  20. 17 years of freedom from tobacco. I smoke cannabis. never a problem when I don't have any for months. It has made me healthy. No Alcohol for 9 years. I'm never sick anymore, never even a headache. Don't listen to the government or doctors they want you to die quickly when you retire. Doctors need an income and healthy people don't visit the doctor often.

    1. You smoke weed - epic fail

    2. lol common knowledge fail
      There's a drug section on this website, a lot dealing with Marijuana, if this doesn't change your view then please, for the sake of humanity, refrain from having children.

  21. Something this doesn't mention is that smoking tobacco gives the smoker more psychoactive substances than nicotine. Nicotine by itself is not physically addictive.

    1. Get real, of course nicotine is addictive by itself. Otherwise, the tobacco companies wouldn't add it to their products.

    2. dude, nicotine is naturally found in tobacco...no one adds it...prob they add a supplement to make you more addictive, but it is naturally found in the plant.

    3. Nicotine is present in the natural plant yes, however tobacco companies are known to extract Nicotine from a different type of Tobacco plant called Nicotina Rustica rather than the typical Nicotina Tobaccum we all know and love. Sometimes they even cross these two to create a type of tobacco called Y1 which is a very high nictoine content tobacco.

  22. How can they stand there and say, "I believe nicotine is not addictive"...they're making idiots of smokers!

    1. ...or anyone who has ever smoked...

    2. They say this because nicotine only remains in the body for 3 days, so in theory your body isn't going to crave nicotine after 3 days if the substance isn't ingested.

    3. I'm an ex-smoker, so I know how long it took me before being free of the craving. The cigarette companies are such liars. Over here, in Australia, the Govt are talking about having plain cigarette packets, so no names at all, just plain white. Don't know how peeps will buy their favourite cigs!

  23. just smoke weed instead of tobacco easiest way to quit

  24. Blame it on Humphrey Bogart...

  25. I know smoking is harmful and all, and I dont see the point in partaking in the life shortening addiction of tobacco, but lets be realistic, smoking in a way can regulate the Earths booming population. Without smoking the death rate every year would certainly go down while the birth rate stays constant and the population growth would rise considerable, which is the last thing this earth can sustain...more people

    1. I agree people with addictions need to die, but the problem is that they don't die Immediately... they take years and years to get to the grave. If people would just commit suicide to solve all of their problems, the world would be a better place.

    2. Are you two right in the head!?

      Edit: stupid question...

    3. @Angeru Mikami
      'If people would just commit suicide to solve all of their problems, the world would be a better place.'
      A better place for who? You?
      Never met an adult yet without at least 1 problem in their life, and if you're talking addictions, never met an adult without at least one 'addictive behavior' pattern, and I don't mean just drugs or alcohol.
      Simmering in anger can be very addictive and can lead to a multitude of illnesses, both physical and psychological, that other people eventually have to pay for, one way or another.
      You obviously have been harmed greatly as a result of someone's addiction, so I wish for you a happier future, truly xx

    4. please tell me you are joking! what an inane statement to make. Have you ever experienced someone close who has suicided? Really, smokers just smoke, their choice. People who commit suicide die of "depression" not smoking. wise up and dont even mention suicide.

    5. What about the rest of the people who have to pay for your health care as you die from cancer?

    6. You only have to pay for another's health care under a system that puts a gun to your head to make you pay. If you are living under that kind of system, you have bigger problems than someone smoking.

    7. No. Because when a people are treated for cancer and cannot pay for it, they price for the procedure goes up, in order to stem the cost of the lost money due to the people who cannot pay. It's economics. Same with the cost of EVERYTHING else in the care facility.

    8. So, your problem is with people who don't pay their medical bills, not smoking unless you can provide evidence that: 1. Only smokers contract cancer and, 2. Only smokers skip out on their bills.

    9. You look like a genius asking rhetorical questions.
      Smoking cigarettes has a definite link with lung cancer and a variety of other cancers. Cancer treatment is expensive. People of all social classes smoke, therefore there will be an outlet of people who smoke and cannot pay their medical bills.

      Kind of confused as to what you were asking. So unless I can provide evidence that doesn't exist by definition, I cannot have a problem with something? Seem's like a strange way to live your life.

    10. @Freeman1919
      I agree with you on that one. There are plenty of of non smoking related diseases that will kill those who can't afford treatment so they may as well all 'light up' and blow smoke in the faces of those b*****ds denying them help. x

  26. I smoke the elecronic cigarette and ive been smoke free for 3 weeks now. The gum, patch, ect.. are made to fail so you go back to smoking and go back to the NRT. They want to screw you out of your money as much as possible.

  27. wtf, using anti-depressants on smokers, is there anybody americans don't want to give them to? from 6 years with adhd now this. being addicted to mind altering drugs is not an improvement by any strech!

  28. where can I get an e-cig,solopocono?

  29. What a great documentary - I'm so glad I stumbled on to it!

    It's all about choice....to smoke, not to smoke, what to smoke, and what to believe about smoking.

    I commend the filmmakers and would love to find out how to reach them if anyone knows?

    1. what did you have in mind?

  30. Oh that was hilarious! Y'all gotta read "Dissecting Anti-Smokers' Brains" to understand the minds of these crusaders against smoking.

  31. @ Jay....I hardly feel that smoking is a life choice, addiction itself means that something has taken you over...its about encouraging people to move past addictions, knowing they are more then just physical bodies, smoking isn't adding anything but disease and harm in our lives...We need to encourage people to be powerful, not mere slaves to entities that suck & feed off their life force energy and only leaves them empty,reaching out for another cig with no relief in sight...that is insane. Mind over matter...not the other way around remember. Where theirs a will, theirs a way!! ALWAYS!

    Peace, Love & Harmony

  32. @Mr. Real

    - I know that smoking might bother non smokers, but you have to understand that smoking is a life choice. Just like religion, marriage, etc. I think that we should all accept each other how we are, and in the end, we will prevent arguments and hopefully someday be able to live in peace.

  33. @Anthony -

    Well, well..., check out the big brain on Anthony!

    Listen..., I said you could smoke all you want, as long as you are not harming others. Your superior intelligence obviouly mis-fired and didn't realise that my response was filled with hyperbole..., and was intended to provoke a response such as yours.

    Anyway, I took your advice..., I got "laided" a few times, and I think it helped! I didn't get "high" however, at least not a drug-induced high.

    Just relax...., have a puff or two. I really did enjoy reading your post, thanks for that!

    Oh yeah...., I fart in your general direction!

  34. @Mr. Real - You're a "real" brainwashed fool and probably still get your info from main stream media outlets. Your argument of "wearing an asbestos suit and releasing nerve gas at will" is ludicrous. As much as you are brainwashed. Hold on, I need to light up! Your argument of "grandpa living the last twenty years of his life, being taken care of others (usually those who don't smoke)... and ran up a 20 million dollar medical bill" is as absurd as your tiny brain appears.

    I'd lay odds 10-1. You don't know your arse from a hole in the ground. And, you're completely incapable of thinking for yourself.

    I don't go into tit bars because I don't like the type of people that own/manage them. So, let's just close them down because they are harmful/sinful and America is after-all a Christian Nation (MY ARSE)...

    Alcohol is a leading cause of death/dismemberment/disabling injuries. Let's bring back prohibition to stop that terrible epidemic... and wait for the mob to take it back over and open their speak-easies again.

    If people are so sensitive to *cough* second-hand *cough* smoke, perhaps they're the ones who should live in a bubble.

    I'd bet too, you're tiny brain is against same sex marriage as well as interracial couples. I'm from the south and an X Baptist (practicing Agnostic now) and I'm all for it. Who the freck am I, to judge someone for their lifestyle. By the same token, who is some pencil pushing - no life - busy-body to tell others when and where they can smoke? Probably a religious fanatic to be sure!

    I just love, walking in to a restaurant, having a nice meal and then lighting up a stogy just to piss off prudes such as yourself. You'd best ground yourself - before someone does it for you!

    You sir, definitely need to get high and get laid!

  35. It never ceases to amaze me..; the reponses of smokers saying "my father smoked and lived to be eighty"; or "I should be able to do what I like".

    I agree, you should be able to smoke on your own property, but you have absolutely no right to smoke in a public place where you expose others to dangerous and toxic substances. What if I decided that I wish to wear an asbestos suit in public, and release nerve-gas at will?

    Also, I know the old story - "my grandpa lived to be 86 and smoked his whole life"! Oh yeah, along with the last twenty years being taken care of by others (usually those that didn't smoke)..., and ran up a $20,000,000 medical bill.

    Smokers unite! - and put your burdens on everyone else!

    1. bullshit.. if that's your opinion then stop driving your car in public places.. exhaust fumes are way more toxic and deadly. So while you still drive a car.. you have no right to say what you say unless you start driving only on your own property.. kaaapingg! WINNING!!

  36. Well, I'm a non-smoker but I have done smoking couple of times when I was 16 and literally I liked it but I never kept going on because I was/am aware about the hazardous face of it.

  37. I'm a smoker, and my Momma didn't raise no quitter!

    Honestly though, I haven't seen the doc, but reading some of the comments here has me worried for our personal freedoms. Any bad habit that doesn't harm another person should have no bearing whatsoever on the decisions of others.

    Some of you say, "Smokers cost everyone money by going into the hospital," really need to get your politics out of my life. I say this to anyone that thinks we should be FORCED to have health insurance, pay Social Security, or pay for someone else to go to the hospital: LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!

    I'll do what I damn well please with my own body, and as long as I'm not hurting anyone else, don't even think about suggesting to me about changing my habits, let alone try and force me to do things "your way".

  38. Sony blocked the content of 5th part. Thank you, Sony !!!

  39. Watching this makes me want a cigarette

  40. Honetly I am a smoker, I enjoy it it hellps me relax and consintrate, if I dont smoke I am hyper, anxious, and not fouced, have always been since I was young and before I smoked.

    See when I watch those above the influence or tabacco free commericials thats when I want to smoke the most. But I mostly smoke after sex, after I finish eating, wake up, or very very board.

    Everyone should smoke its better for everyone

  41. Jeez, I though my addiction was bad, but some people here are so badly addicted that even after years away from the cigs they still think of life primarily as an opportunity to smoke.

    Tobacco companies are predators and we are the intended prey. It's that simple. If you want to be devoured whole by tobacco companies while donating huge sums of money to them, go for it. Some people like to be the gazelle that gets eaten by the tiger, I guess.

    I personally don't find that an appealing situation and therefore I don't defend my smoking habit. I hate smoking, and wish it would have been banned before I ever touched one. Too late, though.

  42. Hmm, I kinda found that eCig have a very easy to pull nice thick vapor, giving that hit that simply screams out at you “Satisfaction guaranteed!”.
    Can’t speak anything bad about the green smoke, haven’t tried. But I’ve had my eCig one for 5 months now, have not smoked a real cigarette in four and a half months, family is happy, boss is happy, and, well, i am happy too

  43. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that at the age of 21, while still a rookie policeman, I had to attend a post-mortem examination on a 40 yr. old male person who had just been shot by his wife, a jealous type. The doctor doing the autopsy, upon removing a lung, opened it up and while talking into his recording machine, said, "This 40 year old male was a heavy cigarette smoker, whereupon he showed us the inside lining blackened and heavy with what he called "tar residues". Holding cigarettes had turned this dead person's right hand fingers yellow. I remember that day celebrating my luck in having refused all of those cigarettes offered to me since the age of 12 and they were many. Smokers used to pressure non-smokers in those days for some weird reasons...........today, I laugh at them.

  44. That young boy in the video, the one choking after his first puff, looks and sounds just like I did when I tried smoking at the age of 12 while in the Army Cadets at summer camp. I do believe that I tried a second time shortly after, however, I was never able to hold the smoke down like my friends did and never became addicted. My friends continued to pester me by offering cigs. I always declined. I am now 72 years of age and not taking ANY medication, except one vitamin pill per day. A 60 kilometre run on my bike is just another bicycle ride for me. I still thank my lungs for having refused that noxious foul-tasting and smelling smoke.Call it a stroke of luck........

  45. That guy at Dublin bay, made a complete fool of himself with such a stupid comment by saying that all those writes wouldn't of been so good if they didn't smoke. I've never been so shocked at such stupid remark.

  46. @ Pulunco
    by the way the second paragraph was not directed at you, it was just a general thought for all readers who may be in denial.

  47. @ Pulunco i believe you misunderstood the person who was relating knowing someone who was a non smoker and died from lung cancer, what they meant was that lung cancer or any type of breathing or heart related problems do not definite smokers, in other words smoking is not required for a person to suffer from the said illness, however from what i read the person was not advocating that smoking was a healthy habit either.
    As to the reality of physical dangers involved in smoking, we can try to fool ourselves nonetheless they are very real, if anyone needs proof they should try viewing the insides of a dead smoker's lungs.
    And one last thing, although we are typing in English this is not an English class, we should try to focus on understanding others points of view rather than to focus on their grammar. I think "thing" you might enjoy this part. Perhaps is a hard habit to break.

  48. "And globally the tobacco industry is still worth $430 billion and going strong."

    Now, if only people would love Marijuana as much as cigarettes. Let us destroy the tobacco industry and help mother nature. It is not that we love cigarettes but that we love smoking. Cigarettes kill you w/ or w/o responsibility. Marijuana doesn't kill you w/ responsbility. Peace to all the smoke lovers. Go Green, Go Nature, Go Marijuana.

  49. that comment up there comparing obesity to smoking is stupid
    obesity is a problem of course
    but what about 2nd hand smoking
    chances are ppl dont hate you cus you smoke
    they hate you cus youre making them smoke with you
    my father was a smoker, as a kid the reason i grew apart from him was
    because i couldent stand the smoke and honestly his smell
    i love him of course but it could have been better had he not smoked
    If you dont wanna quit for yourself, try doing it for your children
    and if you think its not happening, look again

  50. I can see what randy is saying
    I respect smokers as ppl

    However b/c someone respects you
    doesnt mean they like you
    what Milt said is what goes through my mind when guys that think they re cool for smoking try to hit on me or my friends
    its just extremely unappealing

    You could be an amazing person
    but as soon as the smoke alert goes off
    it makes you easily avoidable
    that being the sad truth

  51. I like pie.

  52. I was thinking about this the other day when my neighbour said, 'we've all got to go somehow', and I replied 'yeah but i dont particularly want to go like that'.

    Smokers hate it when you give up and start telling them how bad it really is because they are all in denial. They say ex smokers are the worst. But the worst for what? For pointing out how stupid they are?
    There are many reasons for giving up but my personal favourite is that I'm an intelligent person and all the facts point towards smoking being a fatal habit. Therefore to continue smoking would make me stupid.

  53. @smiths

    I watched my mother strangle to death from smoking related lung diseases.

    So what?

    She loved smoking and smoked since she was 12 and died at 67, how much more life do you want?

    I quit, but I respect smokers. And, you should, too.

    Something's gotta kill ya. Nobody gets out alive. I mean, I'd rather die in a hospital bed filled with morphine than to get stabbed to death.... or burned alive... or drowned... or eaten alive by some animal... etc.

    I mean, it's basically dying in your sleep. What would be better than that?

    Like the man says, "I am not afraid of death, I just don't wanna be there when it happens..."

  54. my mom's friend (who was 65) recently passed away from smoking-related cancer....and believe me its not a walk in the park to have cancer...its not the way you want to die. Often smokers are hung-up on the positives of smoking and have an excuse like "i dont want to live to be 90". It just is a stupid excuse to make themselves feel better....

    Smoking is disgusting and people who smoke are stupid for doing so

  55. @Milt

    Wow! You totally win at life!

    I wish I could be more like YOU!


  56. You can tell me a million times how beneficial you think smoking is or to live and let live, but smoking is disgusting. Theres a lot of pollution in NYC but the thing I hate the most in the sidewalks are smokers.
    If anyone's coming in to do a pitch at a conference or whatever, there' s always the guy that had 1 cig hours ago and you can still smell him from across the room. Go ahead and eat 20 mints and spray yourself a bottle of perfume, you still smell like a chimney all day. Go figure why a lot of people avoid you.

  57. Cigarette companies are scum. They are making huge profits by pushing their drug in third-world countries, knowing their old markets and are used up (dead) and know better. They know exactly what cigarettes do to people. All cigarette company executives should be forced to smoke twenty packs of their own product each day.

  58. Judging from some of the responses. Makes me believe that smoking has regressed people. Or else they need a SMOKERS CHAT LINE. To access ENGLISH-101. Stop smoking and start chewing tobacco.

    1. chewing is just as harmful as smoking you can still get cancer from chewing

  59. eireannach666 did i in any point judge you or say YOU should quit, i only told my own experiences about the fags
    the way i felt when i smoked and the way i felt after quitting(amazing) apparently you dont belive it feels good. and how i managed to quit, you say it should be easy or you must have weak mind, unless you dont wanto try to quit how can you even have oppinion on the matter, i say you aretruly weak and narrow minded you just proved it

    i know alot addicts real addicts that use heroin, coke, subutex and even if i dont like one bit about what they do im not the one judging them they know my oppinion and i do tell my opinion loud and clear but i dont preach it like you seem to take it and i wont save it so you can feel better about your habbit! that seems to be the case

    and yes obesity is alot worse problem i think, but lets not go there

    its all about the quality of life not how long you live i agree with you on that, and personaly i think fags will drop the quality of life considerable amount unless you really dont have anything to do with your body, or dont wanto have clear mind 24/7 when you need it the most

    i would choose any day 30year healthy life over 85years of unhealthy life coughin in chair doing nothing, the day i cant run or jump i will probably die mentally

  60. @eireannach666
    I got it. Just had an urge for a little sarcasm before going to sleep. it's a weakness of mine. :)

    @queen of cheese
    probably the most irritating thing about smoking, drinking and obesity is that it costs everyone else a hell of a lot of money to look after these people when they end up in hospital.
    but hey, we've all had our vices.
    so live and let live eh

  61. @The Queen of Cheese THANK YOU!! You aceived more with less than all the debate over circumstances, What you said is al it really boils down to. "The Queen of Cheese,"I’m so glad that i can still enjoy a cigarette with my beer, it often makes all the difference. Whenever i tried to quit i suddenly realized that i don’t want to draw my pension till im a 105…and all cigarettes looked like if Raptor Jesus rolled them especially for me…SLAINTE !!!!!!

  62. @ The Queen of Cheese (GREAT NAME)

    I couldn't agree more! I laughed like a loon at that!

  63. why is it that a smoker can be attacked in company over this disgusting habit, but an obese person reaching for that second dessert cannot be reminded about the dangers of retaining numerous KFC buckets and chocolate-chip muffins in their veins? Obesity is already a huge problem in the West but somehow it deserves sympathy and understanding that smoking don't. Why not make it compulsory to add salad to a Big Mac instead of fries if the person is clearly over 100kg? just a thought...

    I'm so glad that i can still enjoy a cigarette with my beer, it often makes all the difference. Whenever i tried to quit i suddenly realized that i don't want to draw my pension till im a 105...and all cigarettes looked like if Raptor Jesus rolled them especially for me...

  64. Ok, I smoke and I love it. Yes, I'm addicted to it. But I'm not an intolerant smoker, respect non-smokers, never smoke in a car (even my own), don't smoke in my apartment (spouse is a non-smoker), respect the non-smoking signs, etc.

    But I still think the campaign against smoking is an absolute hypocrisy. Yes, it's not healthy, I don't deny it, but look at what we are generally breathing. Look what we are eating. Processed food today is mostly cancerous, with all the additives they put into it to preserve it and give it long life. Who complains about their children eating all that shite and cancer? Why don't they? Is that ok? Less dangerous?

    By the way, I saw a super anti-smoking ad. It goes: "Smoking reduces weight.... One lung at a time..."

  65. @Pacha Let me elaborate a bit .When it comes to your personal habits such as , smoking ciggs , or whatever you smoke , shoot up , ingest , etc, than no its none of my buisness. Now if you are out there being a chomo , or murdering people etc , than of course Im concerned.Its not my place to tell you how to live. It is mine, however , to live mine and try to enjoy the ride. Why live life worrying about if Joe Blow likes to pop pills or if Mrs. Jane like porn . Dont sweat the small things.Really those things have no direct impact on my life. If they somehow got to the point where they did , like if they offered those things to my kid etc , than me and Joe Blow would have a nice long "talk" about his little habit. Slainte

  66. 'I dont care about what anybody does as long as it doesn’t directly hurt me'
    how very selfish of you

  67. @hotice it should be easy if you still find it hard its not the addiction its weak mind:) its not if you like them and not quitting doesent make you mind f***** as you say.... like Isaid one mans trash..... and if you claim to be doing all these other drugs but not ciggs than you have no buisness even sayin shyte about anybody elses addictions or pleasures. I dont care about what anybody does as long as it doesn't directly hurt me....... and by the way im in pretty good shape.... I also have 0 health or cardio issues...... like I stated before .... not everyone who smokees dies from it.... @ Randy @EveryoneYou all understand that I quit many years ago, right? I mean, I don’t smoke but I do not judge others that do, is my point.If YOU do, it’s probably because you are jealous of them. right on...... @JOHN John05/05/2010 at 12:51 Sometimes I look at a doco on this site and almost watch it and then read the retarded comments by people that love smoking cancer sticks and decide to go do something else Maybe you should if you let someone elses opinion on a subject stop you from enjoying a doc.... not everyone will agree on these topics but you should be able to debate a topic w/o being mad or disgruntled or even discouraged from watching..... dont take things so seriously ..... if you dont like ciggs than dont smoke if you like shrooms like my friend hotice up there than eat them.... enjoy YOUR life ... it is short ..... i do.

  68. I agree with John on this, after I read the comments I decided not to watch this film. Well Randy apart from his (avora)strange sentence stucture he actually says there is no "prove", I think he meant proof,that smoking is harmful.He then compares smoking to cars and that he knows one guy who died of lung cancer who is a non-smoker. Hey thats all the "prove" I need; he knows a non-smoker who died of lung cancer, I'm going to start smoking it MUST be safe. I think he is taking crazy pills.

    I say it you want to smoke then go ahead and suck it in. It is your right as a human to do whatever you want to your body. But if you are going to smoke around me you better thing twice, because your right to smoke ends with my right to breathe clean air.

  69. lol once E-smokes become more common, ill give it a shot.

  70. Sometimes I look at a doco on this site and almost watch it and then read the retarded comments by people that love smoking cancer sticks and decide to go do something else

  71. That last post was snarky, I admit, but I will further refine my point with this:

    Gay bashers beat up homosexuals because they are in the closet and are afraid to come out, for whatever societal reasons they imagine...

    Drug bashers are usually closeted addicts.

    I can not speak for other countries but my study of the one I live in, America, and current events, tell me that this country is drowning in a storm of hypocrisy.

    It will NOT recover, but I try anyway...

  72. @Everyone

    You all understand that I quit many years ago, right? I mean, I don't smoke but I do not judge others that do, is my point.

    If YOU do, it's probably because you are jealous of them.

  73. eirenannach i will haveto add to this that i do enjoy some drugs but with tobacco when you count the +/- you should notice that the thing you think you enjoy is mind f****** you and if you cant see that you sir are weak/narrow minded

    anyway i do enjoy cannabis and shrooms very much you just don't have to take them like its the last day on earth like you do with cigs 20 a day

  74. @pulunco who wrote:

    "avora..all I can say is wow!! You are not a smart person are you?"

    I don't believe avora's statements were particularly unintelligent. I understood his sentiment.

    Can you explain, or amplify your opinion.

    I'm seriously curious....

  75. eireannach66605/03/2010 at 09:32 @HOTICE Well that says that you are weak/narrow minded….. why did you quit?

    i dont get it, how is it a weakness if i can stop my addiction without any help?, maybe even worst addiction out there after heroin

    i didnt actualy start to quit like that initially, but i started to smoke less at first(about pack a day) and when i only smoked about 2 in day i thought wth it should be easy to quit it once and for all when i got this far

    and the reason is so i can enjoy life, ive practiced alot different sports and games in my life and its just one of the things i enjoy very much, and if you havent heard cigs will hinder your game be it billiards or running it just does it

    personaly for me being helty is one of the enjoyments of life, but if you enjoy sitting down than smoke you dont need your body

    some might say it makes you calm, concentrate and think faster but thats just the short term effect the Smokers notice after smoking becouse rest of the time they are anxious, stressed and pissed without constant dose of nicotine ive been there, when you get off the habit you will notice how your body and brain will drop load off the back

  76. avora..all I can say is wow!! You are not a smart person are you?

  77. That film was too lighthearted to be of any use really.
    It's a horrible industry which prays on children and the ignorance of the third world to keep itself going.
    I gave up about 3 weeks ago and its hard. It definitely gets harder, the longer you smoke for sure.
    One thing that doesnt get harder after a while is your penis. If nothing else puts you off guys that should.


    Q: Do you smoke after sex?
    A: Dunno? I never looked...

    Q: When do you smoke a lot?
    A: When I get too close to a camp fire!

    These days smoking will kill you on the highways... right after you butt out...to reply to the text message...

  79. I started smoking when a pack of Export A (Eh) cost 50-cents and the government was still making a killing on the taxes. I once had an opportunity to smoke fresh tobacco without all the added addictive chemicals...Yum! It was really tasty! People in big cities die from lung related illnesses due to all of the exhaust crap in the air, whether they smoke or not.

    (I still foolishly believe that tobacco has helped to build up my anti-bodies)

    Smoking a joint in the morning is a good way to 'hoark up' a healthy amount of phlegm and to get on with my day: a coffee in one-hand and a filter-tip coffin nail in the other.

    My 90-year old Mother prays that I will die of lung cancer and my last gummy words will be: "Pass me an effing nicorette will ya?!"

    On my tombstone it will read: R.I.P. Cough! Choke! Eff Off!

  80. For the best part of the 50 years the introductory text refers to people were also being pushed into smoking. I'm sure most of you here remember that until relatively recently, the cigarette ads were telling us how cool we look when we smoke... And not many spoke about the related hazards.

  81. People say they don't quit because we all die of something...so why not just enjoy your life (and smoking) while you are alive? That's exactly the reason I did quit. Because I could look around me at family members and others who no longer had the capacity to enjoy their lives because their bodies were so weakened and broken down from smoking that even getting around without the aid of an oxygen tank was impossible. My father-at 60-was unable to even attend either my college graduation or my wedding. By the time my daughter was born, he was dead-at only 63. And Trust me, he was NOT enjoying life those last 3 years. Breathing itself was painful and accompanied by spasms of coughing. I don't judge people one way or another whether you decide to continue smoking or not. But don't kid yourself that your choice to smoke simply means one day you'll up and die from a smoking related illness. There will most likely be months--if not years-of diminished functioning in your body and health followed by true suffering before the death itself. I didn't quit to avoid death. I quit because I wanted to enhance my life.

  82. @HOTICE Well that says that you are weak/narrow minded..... why did you quit? (retorical) because something changed ....... but as for me , i like them , what habits do you have ? (retorical) I bet I wouldnt like them but , I wouldnt say that you should quit unless it was harmful to others.However , alot of things people do make hatred in my heart,but those are all different types of habits ........... remember ........ what goes around ------ comes.habits are not all bad and one mans trash......... etc.. and if ya jesux fans wanna get in on this practice what you preach........ judge not unless you want to except the outcome as being your own doings

  83. i smoked for 12years and i feel so much better and healtier after quitting best decision ive made in my life

    i used about 8~10months to quit but it was really easy with no real withdrawal effects

    just gradually reduce the amount you smoke.

    example cut 2 cigs from your rutine in first 2-3 months every month (6down), than start to cut one in every month untill your at 0, it should be easy if you still find it hard its not the addiction its weak mind:)

  84. i say stop picking ....... whining is for kids ......

  85. I remember the last time I was in New York, and I was with friends, and some of them smoke. We were at a New York/Irish Pub. Incredible place, very old, at least for America, like 30 years... whatever...

    Well, when my friends wanted to smoke, they had to go outside, because of the incredible stupidy of folks, so I went with them to talk and chat, you know... whatever...

    Holy Aquaman! The bus fumes, the taxi fumes, I mean... what the hell, man? I was more inundated with a toxic hell than were they, with their American tobacco.

    And, I'm just sayin', I watched my mom choke to death from smoking all of her life, but, it certainly didn't influence my opinion of smoking which is fine if you like it. I mean... seriously... what the hell? Stop whining!


  86. Well, I know at lest 20 died driving cars or dealing with it and i know one who died of lung cancer but he never smoked in his life.
    Its not about, that smoking kills there is no prove but we love to divide people into races and groups. we have smokers and we have non smokers.

    Why not ban cars ? they produce chemicals and toxic gases ?

    Best slap on the face was E-ciggrits every body should some now :)


  87. the best times to smoke for me after-sex/food/sleep.......... but i smoke like a freight train on fire when i drink. but i will admit that i do smoke about 3/4 of a pack a day normally ......but i smoke because i like them,,,,,taste and all........ addiction just came later. but i look at it like everyone has something they do habitually that isnt good for them...... so for someone chews gum all the time and got to sit there and listen to your bubble popping smacking bs , than they shouldnt say a gd thing...... matter fact all this makes me deserve a smoke now.............yup great

  88. The worst times are when I watch a really good movie where an actor really smokes like he loves it... that really makes me jones. Not every movie or every smoking actor, but those people that make it look SO cool... you know?

    Cuz, you get into the movie and the whole reality of it and you see this guy/woman just loving this smoke...

    ...yeah... that's all I'm talking about...

  89. @eireannach666

    I really can't disaggree with you there...

  90. I smoke and Idont look so stupid, in fact, i do it because I enjoy it.Not all people di young from smoking...... my g-pa lived to be 75 and my other one 80...... if I get cancer or something when im that age than fine ,,,,,,, who wants to be 90 anyways.......... and screw smoking,we need some kind of global disaster / disasters to happen if we ever want to fix the overpopulation issue,...... well we could always just control breeding,,,,,,,some people's genes are better left not passing on. Of course alot of human rights groups would probably frown on that one.

  91. @yol

    Yep. I'm on baord with all of that. Especially the population problem, hells yeah!

  92. We should let the smokers smoke. Its a win win situation for pretty much everyone.

    Smokers want to die young and look stupid The rest of us want to reduce the world population especially in overpopulated places like China. Everyone is happy.

  93. @SoloPocano

    I don't mind nicotine addiction, studies show that nicotine is extremely beneficial to focus and concentration. It increases beneficial brain chemicals. Of course, the delivery methods can be harmful to the rest of the body.... but what the hell? You wanna live forever?

  94. I've got 5 friends, all smoking for over 35years, with multiple attempts at quitting-unsuccessful until the past 3 months. They switched to e-cigs, (just one brand-one tested the price, quality & customer service of the 6 most well-known, and recommends only ONE), and haven't looked back. Two major problems-one if you don't mind continuing nicotine addiction. The second is that big tobacco AND big pharma is fighting them. They've got quite a few websites up declaring the "dangers" of e-cigs. They kinda skip the research that says the opposite-the only research available, of course. Can't cut into THEIR multi-billion-dollar profits after all!! The ONLY negative is the ongoing nicotine-same thing you'd get with the patch, gum, or "candy". If you're interested in the brand & further info-shoot me an email-my screen-name above at gmail.

  95. When I smoked, I loved, loved, loved it. I mean, I went after cigs with a knife and FORK!

    I still miss it, but after over 10 years, I just can't stand the smell anymore. Believe me, I tried to smoke again several times over those ten years.

    Plus the whining maggots have made it SO hard to smoke anywhere, that it is just not worth it.

    Was it George Bernard Shaw that said about quitting smoking, "It's not that you live longer... it just SEEMS that way..."

  96. listen to your doctor when he says:
    "stay in the pink with ciggies and drink!"