We Ride: The Story of Snowboarding

We Ride: The Story of Snowboarding

2013, Sports  -   12 Comments
Ratings: 8.26/10 from 58 users.

A compelling, dramatic and stylish cinematic journey into snowboarding's unique history and the wider cultural forces that shaped it.

Half a century ago, in his garage in the suburbs of Muskegon, Michigan, a father decides to tie two basic skis together so his young daughter can enjoy riding on the seasonal snow.

Fast forward to the present day and snowboarding is not only an Olympic sport, but a multimillion dollar global industry. Top riders are classed as international celebrities, competitions are world-class events and riding pushes the limits of human capability.

This documentary tells the story of snowboarding through the eyes of the people who made it happen. From its origins in the culturally shifting 1960s, to its boom in the 90s, to its acceptance as a mainstream sport, snowboarding has had a roller coaster history.

An archive film narrated by Jason Lee and a cast of dozens of snowboarders, We Ride: The Story of Snowboarding is the first feature film to tell the story of how this outsiders' sport became huge.

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5 years ago

Glad they had fun. It isn't for everyone. All I remember was some micro fun along with several un fun face plants. However, that same feeling can be had doing other things. Ask a kite boarder, sail boarder, surfer, motorcycle rider, skier, mountain biker, hiker, etc.

Not everyone is of the type to get hooked on a single thing. These people are getting high on an activity ...which is far better than a chemical or sitting around getting drunk. Yet some do that after. Maybe they need to deal with themselves rather than look for so much escape?

Everyone wants to claim they were first at whatever. Typically more than one person comes up with the same idea at the same time. However, I bet NONE of these guys were first.

Before the "granddad of snowboarding" was likely some fellow on a wide water ski or one of those old shorter trick water skis, not that different than the first snow boards shown in this video, actually better. I've seen country kids ride a permanent wave in a river on a piece of plywood they curved a little when wet and had a rope to the front. I would bet the same type of kids did similar in the back of their snowy farm on a hill side since they had no skis. For sure it was done long ago on sand dunes. I remember sliding down a grassy hill near the house on thick cardboard and trying do it standing a few times.

Before that it was likely some natives or Eskimos or Cave men who thought it would be quicker to get down the mountain on a hunk of wood after seeing an old bark bare tree part or spear slide down a snowy hill. Then some nut standing up on various types of sleds. Probably more than one of all of these world wide.

I've seen people of a certain young sport at the time come along and claim they were the first to do that in a particular spot and an article stating that the spot should be named after them. My brother and later myself had been doing it there long before those ego driven fame seekers.

So yes, enjoy life, leave your ego behind, be respectful of others and their property... unlike many of the punks shown towards the beginning of the video. Did they even try to get together and work for a place to skateboard? No, they preferred to crap on everything they could, skateboard in peoples swimming pools, and damage the surface. Undoubtedly ruined the top edge of some nice pools. If they were nice and didn't have heads full of bad wiring they could have gotten with city officials and shown the benefits of allowing them the use of some unused spaces. They could have gotten materials donated. Much like our local skate park. However, that would have required some work which is why they didn't. So middle finger right back at them... and a dump truck load of natural chicken fertilizer on their doorstep.

Sadly the slopes are crowded and expensive nowadays. Rollerblading or skateboarding or bicycling is it for those low on funds. Or surfing if you live there. Or you could get your kicks by inventing something new or improved. The super pogo stick looks deadly.

Shaun White won the half pipe in the 2018 winter olympics in South Korea. Quite the competitor, STILL after all those years.

Alex Snow
6 years ago

I learned how to snowboard when I was 25ys and after 15 years I can honestly say that is one of the most rewarding, intense, open space, nature minded experiences in my life. When I snowboard the world and its sh*t disappears. Last week I meet Jake Burton for the 2nd time in my life at Burton Soho store and my all time favorite rider Terje! awesome experience. Keep riding, keep smiling.

Ryan Rodgers
10 years ago

Good Stuff!

10 years ago

great documentary. I stayed with skis, but shared slopes with many of those early snowboard pioneers at Donner Ski Ranch. Wish I'd taken it up back then.

Nicolas Blackburn
10 years ago

Wow, great movie! Fun, sad, thrilling, frightening, all the emotion spectrum. Capture the essence of snowboarding and make you realize why you love this sport if you ever forgot. Would be amazing to watch in a theatre!

10 years ago

Lots of great memories came flooding back watching this. Not sure if I feel young again or just old. I guess the fact is: we were so much younger then.

10 years ago

Absolutely great video.

10 years ago

Where i live, snowboarding is a way of life for many young kids and not so young. My grand son is already skiing at 2 yrs and 3 months, a mini snowboard is awaiting him, he does practice standing and balancing on it on the living room rug, he will probably skateboard this summer.
This is an awesome doc and i've already sent the link to many people and posted it on facebook.
A great way to spend an hour and a half!

10 years ago

Much more interesting and entertaining than I thought it would be. Worth a watch even if your not into snow boarding or other extreme sports. These guys have tremendous dedication, I think you would have to in order to pull off some of the things they execute so gracefully.

10 years ago

Nice thanks for upload