When a Mother's Love is Not Enough

When a Mother's Love is Not Enough

2009, Health  -   7 Comments
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Rosa Monckton is the mother of a teenage daughter with Down syndrome. Her emotionally involving documentary When a Mother's Love is Not Enough isn't just about the struggles and triumphs of her experience, but the plights facing all parents of disabled children, as well as the need for improved support services and resources.

Based out of Great Britain, Monckton has made it her mission to advocate for the rights of disabled children and their families. She understands the seemingly insurmountable challenges of raising such a child, and the feelings of helplessness and defeat that frequently overwhelm a parent's ability to cope. It's an oftentimes long and arduous journey to reach a place where acceptance is possible, especially in those moments when all the love in the world can't overcome a barrage of daily obstacles.

We're introduced to other families dealing with similar circumstances, including a teenage boy who suffers from a severe case of Asperger syndrome. Innocently eccentric behavior has recently given way to violent outbursts, curse-riddled rages, and physical aggression. The parents don't recognize their own son at times, and their efforts to seek professional help have been met with crushing rejection at every turn.

Apathy comes from a lack of understanding, but the film defeats this by allowing us to experience what it's like to walk in the shoes of these families in crisis. In the most extreme and high-profile cases, a few parents have taken their child's life in an attempt to put an end to the stress and turmoil. This is one grim conclusion to a system that doesn't recognize its role in supporting the families of disabled children.

Through Monckton's impassioned advocacy, we made aware of fundamental failings in government to provide proper public education and greater support to social servants and caregivers. After all, these children can all contribute greatly to society if given a chance to thrive under loving patience and proper care.

But in the end, we all have a responsibility to show compassion to those in need. At the most basic level, When a Mother's Love is Not Enough reminds us that we're all in this together.

Directed by: Stephan Atkinson

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And Robin
5 years ago

This documentary really makes me rethink my position on respite care and funding. It makes me thank my lucky stars that our family issues pale in comparison to many people dealing with profound disabilities. My heart goes out to all of them. I'm particularly saddened by the persistent bullying that these people face. As if life wasn't already hard enough. To everyone out there dealing with this type of issue, I send you a great big virtual hug and thank you for all that you do.

7 years ago

It was touching to watch this. Thank you very much.

Sylvia Severi
7 years ago

My heart goes out to all of the parents who have a disabled child. This is a heart rendering documentary, thank you Rosa Moncton for informing us so well of the extreme difficulties these parents and herself face. I had a son who was born with the fingers of his left hand missing and for me that was devastating but on my visits to Great Ormond St hospital I realised I was quite lucky when I saw other babies with even more serious birth defects. I so admire the courage and love the parents in this documentary give their children.

Roma Fraser-Engler
7 years ago

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Juanita McKenzie
7 years ago

I was in tears constantly throughout this very well made documentary. Rosa's way of presenting was incredibly compassionate as only one who has the experience could be. I was left wondering what are the answers, what can be done? There is such a need for community involvement and support as what was highlighted for me was the isolation the families felt. I am about to embark on a community building project with organisations that help families of disabled children to be continually mixing and contributing to the wider community and receiving caring and practical support in return. I imagine we will all be learning and sharing a great deal in the time to come.

Nikki B.
7 years ago

I wholly appreciate a documentary that is created by someone who is personally affected by the topic. Ms. Monckton did a fantastic job of highlighting the rewards and struggles that these families, as well as her own, were dealt.