Who Made the Mysterious Circles in Sahara?

Who Made the Mysterious Circles in Sahara?

2022, Mystery  -   2 Comments
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The mystery: Christophe discovered unusual circles (22 in total, 42 meters in diameter, 420 meters apart) on Google Earth in the middle of the Sahara desert near Algeria. Driven by curiosity, he embarked on a journey to uncover their origin.

Initial theories: Oil exploration, ancient burial mounds, water collection system (qanats) were some of the initial hypotheses explored through extensive online research and expert consultations.

Dead ends and new leads: Many theories hit dead ends, but a document mentioning "circular tumuli" and geotagged pictures of wells near the location offered promising leads.

Focus on water: The circles' regularity and spacing suggested a connection to water. Qanats, ancient irrigation systems, seemed like a perfect fit. However, experts disagreed and couldn't confirm the link.

Turning point: High-resolution images revealed tire tracks, hinting at recent human activity. This led to hiring a local journalist and archaeologist to travel to the site.

Desert expedition: The team faced challenges like communication issues and lack of infrastructure but persevered. They found signs supporting various theories - tire tracks from seismic survey trucks, well systems, ancient tombs - but eventually settled on a satisfactory answer regarding these mystery circles.

Directed by: Christophe Haubursin

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Moe Badderman
Moe Badderman
21 days ago

Very fine detective work!

22 days ago

I've sent this off to a relative who used to work for Shell in such places as Afghanistan. This is great detective work.