Why Am I Still Fat?

Why Am I Still Fat?

2015, Health  -   26 Comments
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Obesity continues to plague every corner of society, and has brought about a flurry of critical health issues never before witnessed in modern medicine. The Australian produced documentary Why Am I Still Fat? focuses on the science behind this epidemic. By understanding the role our bodies, brains and environments play in shaping our weight fluctuations, we may be better equipped to achieve success in our dieting efforts.

The film contains a series of surprising revelations that could inspire a significant shift in the obesity conversation. For instance, did you know that you could actually diet yourself into a fatter state? Scientists call it the famine reaction, and it's the brain's defense mechanism that actually works against our efforts to lose weight. This reaction creates increased appetite and decreased energy, effectively manipulating the dieter into over-consuming in order to refuel. As detailed in the documentary, controlled studies have been conducted in order to determine the most effective methods for combating this natural bodily reaction.

The science behind weight grain transcends the physical in many other respects as well. At the South Australian Health and Research Institute, researchers are investigating the communications between stomach nerves and the brain, and how these transmissions fundamentally change when weight gain occurs. For those who feel they must resort to gastric bypass surgeries in order to shed pounds, this research study could offer much welcomed insights into less drastic non-surgical solutions.

Coping with the manner in which our bodies process the foods we eat constitutes another struggle in the ongoing battle of the bulge. In one scientific study, laboratory mice are fed a consistent diet high in carbohydrates and proteins. Internal examinations detect massive weight gain and organ inflammation - a reaction similar to what occurs in humans who partake in such a diet. But these scientists have detected a single ingredient which greatly diminishes these adverse reactions: anthocyanin-enriched plums.

Featuring commentary from scientists, food experts, and various dieters who embody the frustrations of millions the world over, Why Am I Still Fat? offers hope and possibility to those who have found little success from their weight loss endeavors.

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A. Klock
1 year ago

*reading the comments is like everyone is a yelp reviewer and you are each the most important yelp reviewer I’ve ever read… HILARIOUS.

6 years ago

Wow, when are they going to actually realize that health and appropriate weight is no big mystery, it comes from eating appropriate food! We evolved eating food that grows in nature, not crap from the food manufacturers loaded with fat, sugar and salt and no real nutrients. We are overfed and undernourished and our health suffers. Just give yourself a break and eat real food. It may take your raped tastebuds some time to adjust, but it is so worth it!

6 years ago

Well, let's see what the research about BPA, etc. says. I am actually a very thin person (since about 6 months or so) due to medical issues and it gets pointed out to me constantly, negatively. Fifteen years ago, I began gaining weight and ended up about 7 kilos heaver than I had ever been. Honestly, it was the food I was eating. Processed foods, in particular grains, and lot of dairy. It's complicated, but if you eat non-nutritious foods and continue to do so, you will see an increase in body weight. You are basically nutrient deficient. And, no, it is not difficult to quit sugar, or grain, or dairy. I did just a month ago and I really did not crave it. I still don't, because I have replaced these foods with very nutrient dense and colorful foods. Once the mind is made up, and a person starts minding what he/she eats, it is in all likelihood going to help that person to move to a more healthy BMI. Peace!

7 years ago

Surgery and experiments on animals to deal with obesity? Wow. You're all on some other world...
Better off watching Wall-E.

7 years ago

Because you eat wheat. To anything else other than acknowledge the "I'm constantly starving protein" of Gliadin and the "belly fat protein" of Gluten, is evil, especially when you know.

7 years ago

Food addiction is the worst of all addictions, unlike booze ,cigarettes and drugs we can not give food up and sugar is so addictive and in everything including low fat so called diet foods. I only live on food that has been killed, or grown if it comes in a packet and has more than 2 ingredients leave well alone.

7 years ago

As a teenager I think I can safely say that by the time my generation is independent there is going to be at least 20% less dipsh*** in our society. ^^^^^ Exhibit A, B, C, D etc etc etc. You are all arguing about a documentary that is IRRELEVANT to your lives. Don't let technology consume your lives people, as a well educated young adult i was purely here for the documentary. Thankyou and goodnight.

7 years ago

Extremely disappointing documentary, I stopped watching half way through. Obesity does not cause the life threatening illnesses, metabolic syndrome does. There's a huge body of work out there on insulin resistance, leptin, metabolic syndrome and the associated impact of sugar/processed foods on the body's weighht regulation. Don't waste time of this if you have a genuine interest in obesity research (my experience as formerly BMI 33, lost 30% bodyweight 2 years ago just eating clean and ditching sugar and now normal BMI and never felt better).

7 years ago

there are health reasons also ron
some dumb A** comments here
interesting documentary, want to find out more about BPA
seems like the more society "progresses" the crazier it seems... makes me want to become a hobo and go back to the woods

7 years ago

It is amazing how the mere body weight creates such hostility. Why would anyone judge others on the way the look? why does it matter to you how much another weighs? It is better for one to concentrate on oneself and try and improve himself. Always try and be kind to others and treat them as you wish them to treat you. Greg said if you see a good pianist would you listen to his music or concentrate on his look. I like this example. It says to look beyond mere appearances.

7 years ago

"Stop being a lazy, stupid, lard butt."

Bet that went down really well when you were hectoring people with depression, anxiety or on antidepressants, Mary. Ever thought abuse may not be an effective tool for change?

And by the way, is being thin the be all and end all? What about writing a novel, editing a book, writing poetry, composing music, playing instruments, inventing something, starting a company etc.? You know, real achievements. Do you view George R R Martin as a lazy, stupid failure because he's overweight, and his writing one of the most popular series in the world as irrelevant? If a brilliant pianist moved an audience to tears with her playing, would you be the one sitting unmoved because all you fixate on was her BMI, not her art?

I know seeking to control your weight and the weight of others may simplify the world and give a pleasing sense of superiority, but am suggesting that there are a lot of skinny people who haven't done much with their lives.

7 years ago

Come on folks. Stop defending the fat people.
And yes, I do carry extra weight. But, that neing said, I fully acknowledge that the extra weight has everything to do with what I eat.
Eat ONLY foods from the fruit and vegetable sections, alongwith perhaps LIMITED amounts of meats and dairy.
You will NOT be fat.
Do not preach tome either. I spent anentire career inthe health care field educating people about this issue.
If you really want to be thin go to thewebsite of John McDougal. He has superb information and it is FREE.
For anentirely different approach you can go to Dr. Mercola's website. You could also follow his plan.
Either plan is superb.
Stop being a lazy, stupid, lard butt.
Engage your brain and show that you have the intelligence to changeyour life style.

7 years ago

Glad to hear fat shaming is alive and well, Blaice. Now you've got that out there, about how you think overweight people are lazy and stupid and you view them with contempt, do you feel happier in yourself?

7 years ago

nutritional knowledge*.

7 years ago

Trevor, I hope you're not making the assumption that every successful person is intelligent. Believe it or not, 99.9% of the time there is one of two (or both) reasons people are fat—lazy or severe lack of nutrition. Those are ultimately THE ONLY two reasons besides the EXTRAORDINARILY rare genetic defect, which is not an excuse for 99.9% of all overweight/obese people.

7 years ago

Very intersting and important info but people are so much lazy in balance dite.so good dite is good health.

7 years ago

Blaice, I hope you're not making the assumption that overweight people are less intelligent. Being fat has nothing to do with one's overall intelligence. There are many fat people that are very successful and very smart, and there are actually, believe it not, many reasons as to why people get fat.

7 years ago

People get fat because of poor liver function, brought on by a long term poor diet.

That's why some people can seemingly eat endlessly and not gain any weight, but the liver can only take so much before it becomes impaired, at which point the pounds pile on.

7 years ago

Ted, theyre trying to get below that magic number.......... seriously though, if you're fat, there's a reason for it. Lazy, medical problems (i tend to doubt this excuse, though there are some real cases), over eating, poor nutrition, ect ect. Basically what Blaice said.

7 years ago

There's some good info in this short doc, i wonder why its rated so low.

7 years ago

I could be wrong here, Blaice, but I feel like you didn't even watch or engage in the documentary at all.... Maybe try watching it all the way through; it's not that long.

7 years ago

Because you are ****** and eat dense foods with little nutrition, then complain about being fat. There is a reason fat people are perceived as being dumb, because they are—or have terrible self-control.