Chasing Bubbles

2016 ,    » 16 Comments
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There's a lot to admire about Alex Rust. His life was guided by an irrepressible free spirit, a genuine fondness for people and an insatiable curiosity about the world around him. But his ambitions for adventure frequently outweighed his skills of reason in the face of great risk. This ultimately contributed to his tragic death at the age of 28 while in the midst of a sailing expedition across the globe, but it also gave his life a fullness of meaning that eludes most of us.

The gripping documentary Chasing Bubbles chronicles each step of his journey utilizing candid interviews with his closest friends, family members, and travelling companions, as well as the library of stunning footage he captured along the way.

Alex found great success in the professional world as a day trader on the stock market, but he soon realized that the 9 to 5 lifestyle didn't suit him. Burdened by the death of his father, and restless for a greater sense of purpose, he bought a modest sailboat he named Bubbles and decided to sail around the world. During his travels, he recruited everyone from relatives to complete strangers to share in the adventure as he filmed the various points of interest he would visit along his ambitious route. In his view, his journey was too awe-inspiring to experience alone.

Viewers of the film will also feel like a fellow passenger as Alex and his crew encounter the glories of the natural world, engage with communities that have long been undocumented, and even climb an active rumbling volcano. Those closest to Alex testify to his inspiring character, and reflect on his stubborn resolve against the perils of bad weather, near disastrous collisions, and oftentimes unbearable living conditions.

Chasing Bubbles works as both a breathtaking travelogue and an absorbing character study. What was it that drove Alex? Was he embracing the possibilities of life, or running away from a pain he couldn't define? How can we apply the lessons of his journey in our own lives, and what meaning should we derive from his death from typhoid fever at such an early age? It's in this personal exploration that the film truly resonates.

Directed by: Topher Cochrane, Alex Rust

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16 Comments / User Reviews

  1. LEE

    I vote HYPOMANIC....... Bipolar or Type 1 .
    I have Bipolar and I can feel very alive on the edge......... unless severe depression almost kills me months at a time.....or panic attacks.
    We also do things like live in our van because we think differently.

  2. LEE

    Sometimes we make another separate comment ....LOL
    Abraham Lincoln was Bipolar and look were that got him ....but he like Alex was a Genius .Sometimes they are a gifted artist in Hollywood creating new experiences for people producing and making special movies.

  3. LEE

    OR....let me try again maybe Alex was born as a nomadic person that was or wasn't Bipolar....I know it took me 50 restless years 70 long trips and a dignosis to realize that I am nomadic and Bipolar.In 2019 I will retire and sell my home and travel with my wife till we are's who I am and it's were I'm happiest exploring places and ideas.

  4. Rick

    Why is this only 5.4, should be at least a 9.

  5. JSteff

    Great story about a very unique man. all the money he needs and the time.
    What an adventure!

  6. Dan

    Thank you for the trip and God Bless you, Alex

  7. Thomas

    Good docu. Really worth of making a movie about.
    Very interesting. 9/10 !

  8. john smith

    Must have had a lot of money, this trip must have cost a fortune but saying that, it must have been amazing!

  9. john smith

    Why didn't he take a typhoid injection?What a shame. Variety IS the spice of life, it's never easy to come back to the hum drum way of life after having adventures like this,I've been there too.You just want to keep going.Forever and ever.Nothing is the same again.This has nothing to do with being Bi polar, it's just living life to the full, and then the reality of life sinks in when you get home, that's all.

  10. Steven harding

    This was mind blowing,I loved it too the end 10 out of ten 4 me God bless you alex do shòw thìs on the big screens,but as it is,ñot someone playing his part

  11. sidsnot

    never have the gelt to buy a boat used jets,, been to everywhere the news said its not good to go had the time of my life

  12. sidsnot

    i guess you are worried john smith... theres nothing to worriy about :)

  13. Larry

    His story reminds me of combat soldiers, who lived so intensely, then have trouble readjusting to normal routine humdrum life.

  14. Mark Gaboury

    Interesting documentary about a lively man. Good thing the only person he got killed was himself. Oh, how foolish men are to plunge into hell on the wings of an adventure! Their lives are like soap bubbles on a sea of everlasting misery.

  15. Steve Jones

    Tragic end for someone who grabbed life by the horns.

  16. DJB

    At least he squeezed more into life than most people do in a lifetime - which makes you question your own existence & what's really important ...

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