Life after Life

Life after Life

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Life after LifeIn Life After Life Raymond Moody investigates case studies of people who experienced clinical death and were subsequently revived.

This classic exploration of life after death started a revolution in popular attitudes about the afterlife and established Dr. Moody as the world's leading authority in the field of near-death experiences.

The extraordinary stories presented here provide evidence that there is life after physical death, as Moody recounts the testimonies of those who have been to the other side and back - all bearing striking similarities of an overwhelming positive nature.

These moving and inspiring accounts give us a glimpse of the peace and unconditional love that await us all.

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2 years ago

My question is since my brother died at 14, when I see him how will he recognize me? I fully believe I will see him, along with other loved ones, but is it a spiritual connection we will have?

2 years ago

why is it these documentary makers only show us those who have had an o.b.e. or near death experience you never hear about the millions of people who had bad experiences, people who have either gone to hell and people who dont experience anything at all in fact there are more people who dont have these experences than those who do

3 years ago

I used to think that biting from the tree of knowledge was allegory for what many did as a child, choked on an apple. Because when I did, I had no time to even try to breath, the peice of apple went right down and I blacked out before I hit the floor. An eterniy later, I find myself flying backwards, from the outside street, seeing all the house's, I flew through the wall's until I entered my body. And here's the best bit, as I started to regain conciousnous, I 'KNEW' where everyone was. I open my eye's slightly and see lots of dark form's, with a silver lining, like them in the movie ghost, but with a fine silvery aura, the same silvery as the corners where each wall met, all else was dark. T this day, I know who stood where, and all have confirmed where they stood. Then breifly blacked out again before getting up, seeing thse who saved my life.

5 years ago

So I had a massive heart attack, 100% blockage of the left anterior descending artery, my cardiologist called it "The Widowmaker." He said that my heart had stopped and that he considered it "a miracle" that I lived. He and his nursing staff, along with all my family and friends asked me if I had any kind of near death experience or was I aware of what was happening at all. Honestly, I didn't. I remember the extreme chest pain and thinking I just wanted to get away from it and then I just felt myself slip away, like to sleep. Next thing I knew, my doctor and all the nurses were hovering over me, talking to me and smiling and high 5ing each other. Yeah, it was pretty intense. But anyways, NOW my question is, why didn't I have any kind of out of body experience or near death encounter?? What does it mean when NOTHING happens? I would like to add that regardless of what lies on the other side of death, I'm not afraid at all. Dying is easy. It's living that requires strength and courage.

Sean Thornton
6 years ago

4 years ago a very good friend of mine was involved in a very bad motorbike crash. My late mother passed away about 15 years ago. When i wen't to see my friend at the hospital, i was told he was in a coma, later that night he died. He was brought back by the skill of the doctors. I again wen't to see him, and this is what he told me. He gave me a message from my late mother, and she told him a secret that only my mother and i knew, a secret that my friend could never had known. He described how young my mother looked, and she told him, some very bad news. She said that he would only live for one more year, but told him not to be afraid. Exactly one year later to the exact day, my dear friend passed away. How could my friend know things that only my mother and i knew? Believe me, there is life after death, i know this because i have seen my mother in my room 8 months after she died. I could not hear what she was trying to tell me, her lips moved as she talked, but i could not make out what she was saying to me.. RIP Greg and RIP Mom. I'll see you both again one day.

6 years ago

Here's another thing to chew on. Let's take the psychopath or sociopath who has no conscience. His/her brain isn't wired for it. They didn't choose to be born a psychopath, a small but deadly part of the population just is. So what's god going to say to them? "I made you a psychopath but I'm also making you responsible for your actions that you have no control over. Again we're back to christianity. Look at how many comments here said god and then when on to describe their christian religion. The video never said it was a christian god but they glommed onto that word god and then made it into christianity. And imo christianity is one basically evil religion the way most practice it. In fact I see fundy christians trolling videos all over the internet and they add nothing to the discussions and are rarely even a little bit rational or kind or compassionate unless you are a christian.

6 years ago

Sorry but I don't buy this sudo religious after death fantasy. If you really dissect this stuff it's the stuff of christianity.

No loving god would hold you responsible for actions that were programmed into you by birth and socialization and circumstance. Sorry but this just doesn't cut serious thought and consideration. IMO it's the creator that has some major explaining to do. If there is one that is. This is IMO people dealing with their own fears of impermanence by creation of a heaven fantasy. And all NDEs don't turn out well as they'd have you believe here. Do more research and you'll see.

And I certainly don't want to see anyone I've ever known in an afterlife. I've had it with humanities malevolent nonsense.

6 years ago

The guy talking at the breakfast table sounds like Jack Nicholson

8 years ago

What does Ahmed Deedat say?

Michal Szymanski
9 years ago

not a congruent doco. Maybe will suit certain minds, but if you are logical and want explanations to be clear, may not be your cup of tea

hellena one
9 years ago

there is no racial, religious or cultural diversity in this documentary because it was made a long time ago. if it was made today, people from many other backgrounds would have been in it, which is way i hope somebody will make one some time soon, so we can hear from the people like the japanese, who have a completely different culture from the rest of the world. as i have heard, they report somewhat different experiences (not a lot different, but different) from NDE. very interesting!

Vivian Oberon
10 years ago

I used to use drugs (clean for 15 years) and I overdosed a few times. A couple of times I had a seizure, stopped breathing and actually turned blue. (This was witnessed by two different people) I had another seizure which I guess jump started me again and came to, full of absolute terror. Nothing in life can prepare you or come close to explaining that kind of terror. I was screaming so hard that no sound came out and looking around the room wildly in the corners as if something was there (according to witness). When I finally come to the part where I remember I was so terrified and I had no knowledge of not only who I was (or anyone else) but also WHAT I was (or anything else). For example I did not know I was a human being. I did not know I was anything. I could not have told you what a table was and what it meant. Just this pure terror. My roommate was on top of me trying to hold me down for my safety-a man bigger than I was. I had the strength to push him off me , deke past him (he used to be a football player) and run down the hall screaming, I ran so fast I ran right into the stove at full speed. I finally calmed down a bit when my roommate (who I'd known for years and did not know or recognize in any way-again did not even know the concept that he was a man, a human being) told me about my pet rabbit and my mother and I remembered those things. It took 3 hours for me to know who my roommate was. I watched as his face slowly went from a stranger to familiar-it was a very strange experience. Anyway, all this was no doubt my brain all messed up because of the seizure, but I hope I wasn't dead for a moment and saw something so terrifying that I screamed until there was no sound and out fought and ran a man a lot bigger than me. What was I seeing when I was looking wildly at the corners of the room screaming? Why the terror? Where was my light and love? One other sad thing. I forgot I was a junkie and when I was told this, it was terrible. Imagine that.

Caroline Lowe
10 years ago

I have had 2 NDE's within the last few years & I'm nearly 50 now and I was told to come back last time by my maternal grandmother. I didn't want to as it was so beautiful and I no longer felt any pain. But I came back for love. As I heard from beyond my dear husband pleading with me to come back and so I did.

Over my lifetime I have studied nearly every religion & belief systems in the world. I am a spiritualist, psychic & wiccan. I was brought up as a Christian and I still see Jesus as the greatest, mystic & healer of all, then the Buddha etc. When is the human race going to understand that many path's lead to the "One". It doesn't matter if you call it God, Goddess, Allah, Jehovah, Krishna etc. Often what we call this divine source of love is culturally determined by our culture, parent's religion and our own life's learnings.

Since my 1st NDE I have dedicated my life to spiritual learning and knowledege. So please people don't argue and fight over what's christian, islam, judaism etc. That sort of things causes wars as we know.

The overwhelming message that we can all learn from NDE's is that love is what gives our lives meaning, not material success and gain. Our immortal soul is here to learn lessons in this life and if we don't? We're just going to have to do it all over again. To forgive is divine.

I would also recommend any of Dr. Raymond's books to everyone. I know this was filmed back in the 1980's but it's as relevant now as it was then.

Blessings to you all no matter what your reiigion or beliefs are!

10 years ago

The documentary confirms every single thing i read in a spiritual book entitled IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH THE GRAIL MESSAGE

Heidi Dresser
11 years ago

I just love how some comments are bashing this as "typical Christian propaganda" when throughout the entire video I heard the mention of Jesus only ONCE. Most of the video describes the experience and/or being as "light", "presence", "love" etc. Everything's yellow to the jaundiced eye I guess.

11 years ago

My mom has been an atheist for over a decade now. She is neither hateful not arrogant about it. In fact, she lives a religious life out of respect for my father who is a deeply religious and mystical man. My mother rarely speaks about her beliefs. She is charitable, kind, and an excellent citizen.Because I have been exposed to both very religious people, agnostics, and atheists, I realize it is impossible to generalize about any of these three groups of people. There are mean spirited people of all different kinds of belief - religious and not.

Also: Why are there no black people in this movie? Africans? Indians? Asian people? Jews? I find this very lacking. It is in fact a very narrow group of people.

11 years ago

To those of you who call this Christian Propaganda, you clearly didn't watch the same movie. If you paid attention the term "God" is used as a reference for an all loving presence that cannot be explained otherwise. Anyone who is open enough to the idea can in fact have an out of body experience, probably not as intense as a Near Death Experience, but the freedom, warmth and calmness that comes over you from having one, opens your mind to what "science" refuses to acknowledge; we are merely souls/spirits that continue to live on past this physical body.

If you don't believe, it doesn't matter anyway, because when your physical body dies you will then know the truth. We have a choice, to live a life full of hate and anger or live a life filled with love and acceptance. The choice is yours to make, no one else's.

It does amaze me when reading other peoples' posts, how much of a pattern is seen; all those who deny have really mean and hateful things to say, and those that believe are kind and accepting of others' views. Food for thought.

11 years ago

the only thing that sucks about heaven is that we have to share it with atheists. im kidding of course (im not kidding). you ***** should be forced to sit in the darkness for a few million years as penance for running around trying to rain on everybodies parades all the time and acting like you know wtf youre talking about, when in reality you're just as ignorant -- if not more so -- than the theists you spend all your free time ******* with. what makes a group of people vehemently oppose an outcome thats in their best interest, i'll never know. get back to me when your beloved empirical process has something in the way of concrete evidence that "proves" NDE's are solely the product of physiology....until then, im gonna need you to go watch bill nye the science guy or whatever it is you pretentious know-it-alls do when you're not trolling NDE video's.

11 years ago

My mother has 40 years of experience in the healthcare. From the operation department she has seen enough of miracles to fill my apartment, even the biggest ateist have to think twice. My Personal experience, evidence from people i know and religion have led me to my faith about god and after life. I couldn't say that two years ago. Wery good documentary.

11 years ago

It's sad that almost all atheists are unable to express an opinion without lashing out with hateful hyperbole and character put-downs directed at the ones that come to a different conclusion. Reminds me of a distinct group that wrongly believe themselves to be "conservative". There are at least 20 published PhD.s that have extensively researched this topic and concluded that the evidence is heavily weighted toward after-life and God being reality. Experiments in modern physics concurs. But any atheist worth his salt is way, way smarter than those guys.

11 years ago

this was very well done. the accounts held that ring of truth, and the whole story had a single theme

Olivia Lewis
11 years ago

Even if its not true, it's an amazing thing/idea to live by. If everyone believed in this documentary maybe there would be less violence, hatred, etc in the world and more love. Like it said - we were born with love - by people who made love. We give to others out of love. It's the strongest emotion and can wash away any other hurt or anger. To love is to live and I'm sure this will bring a lot of closure and happiness for people to watch this and know their loved ones who have died are happy and at peace :)

flinktor flinktor
11 years ago

i dont buy this..if they could go anywhere and do anything then why didnt they bring back some knowledge other than just experience and prove that knowledge scientifically, it seemed like they had a lot of time. If it was for a short term then it was nothing but hallucination. Well one day we all will know as we'd die, for me i dont believe it but if it turns out true i'll be kicking some arse! Otherwise, ___________________(into the darkness)

11 years ago

Hate to bust all your balls but when you die your brain releases a large amount of DMT which would explain all the trippy experiences. Still, it is nice to live in hope that life doesn't just cease existing. Btw, I'm not a skeptical person, mearly logical.

11 years ago

Watch this with skepticism. I will explain...

Firstly this documentary is very biased. It focuses entirely on descriptions of life after death but completely ignores all the scientific explanations. Therefore in my books this is not a documentary.

Secondly, I initially thought the individuals in each case study are actors because of their wide usage of the word, "panoramic" to describe their lives after death. Since they're ages vary, different backgrounds, different education levels and even a Russian, they are unlikely to have used the same word. HOWEVER, then i decided to GOOGLE a few names and suddenly it all became clear.

Third, fourth, fifth and sixth, The case studies are not a random bunch, several of these individuals have economic interests in this programme. George Richie and Sandi Rogers both have books out on this subject which was not mentioned in the programme. Dannion Brinkley, well he claims to have special powers and is a prophet. He previously announced there will be nuclear disaster in Norway but didn't happen among many other predictions. George Rodonaia's story of the a baby with a broken pelivs, well his story has changed a couple of times, thigh bone, sometimes its a boy, other times a girl.

I couldn't find much dirt on the others. Viola Horton sounded genuine to be honest.

SEVENTH: How many times did he say KGB???

EIGHTH: Contradictions. They talk of living without a body, time and space is infinite, be everywhere at the same time. But they also talk of seeing loved ones. Well firstly why do they have a body? Secondly in infinite time and space how would you recognise someone, in what part of development will they take? Why are they loved ones and others are what? Strangers in a love infused heaven?

But overall, watch with caution.

NOTE: I gave up watching, had 15 mins left.

11 years ago

I'm not religious. I have Out of body experiences. In fact you can have them when you are about to fall asleep. Your mind stays awake and your body falls asleep. You hear some buzzing noises in your ears and then you float up. It feels so vivid and real. I can't explain it. If you're interested in having OBEs look up Astral Projection and Night Paralysis.

11 years ago

This isn't a documentary by ANY definition; it's typical christian propoganda bullsh*t!

Don't waste your time watching this unless you believe in the invisible man in the sky.

11 years ago

Christian propoganda.

11 years ago

It's not hallucinations, it is real. It was confirm when I had an out of body experience. I used to think when the church told everyone that you are a bad person for seeing things that can not be explained. When it was confirmed I was in an car accident and I was shown that all this is true. I have a gift that used to scare me since I was three years old. It was told to me that it was not a bad thing to have and yes it is a gift that I was given. I also have the ability to go out of my body when I sleep it feels the same way but there is no light or tunnel, I'm either in the past, present, or future.

11 years ago

this is fascinating, i love watching things like this..thanks :)

11 years ago

alot of different opinions beliefs or non beliefs as far as the comments on this doc goes lol but me personally looking past all this I really enjoyed this one just listening to each person own personal experiences.

11 years ago

I recently was put under anaesthesia for Surgery. I was gone three hours, knocked out no dream, nothing absolute void.

Sadly this experience is what I believe will happen when the day comes when I die my brain might squirt off some endorphins but when my brain stops firing I believe that just like when I was put under anaesthesia the same will happen however this time, it won't just be for three ours it will be a perpetual void.

Chad Christopher
11 years ago

two snazzy dressed dudes, spending a pleasant day together! it's actually a very interesting doc.

12 years ago

I am happy now because i know when i die i will still be a live with God and i will be happy.

jonathan jackward
12 years ago

google this .....unified field of consciousness

12 years ago

wait a minute, how do people make the jump from NDE to soul?? there is the possibility of non-local consciousness. As a matter of fact that would be the most likely explanation, nothing to do with souls. We would all be one "soul" basically, and that "soul" (consciousness) is the universe experiencing itself.

No need for a soul or God. Still would be a matter of pure faith.

12 years ago

I'm still amazed at the fact that one can take a photo and see a moment image captured yet, later....or, on video. So, this doesn't surprise me at all...

12 years ago

amazing, I have had a near death experience myself, I was sucked out of my body into space, where I saw the earth, and every detail of it. After wards I continued on to the tunnel of infinite love. Very similar experience to these people. This video stirs up unbelievable emotions in me, I can barely handle it because I still think about that experience every single day. I didn't even deserve that experience, but because of the love of jesus christ, he accepted me for who I was, even though prior to that I have done many terrible things in my life. I just wanna tell people out their, that God loves you, and you are his treasure forever.

12 years ago

I know that God is real. He loves us. He created us. If we receive the redemption purchased for us on the cross, when we die, our finite minds cannot even imagine the beauty and joy that awaits us. Not just the beauty to see, but the thing we all desire most... every single being in Heaven has the joy of belonging, being loved, valued and having purpose and dignity. And after all of that, the reunion with loved ones, the meeting of new friends, the privilege of walking and talking with God Himself, we also get to travel at the speed of thought, fly, invent, continue learning, explore and... man... it's going to be a ball up there! There is nothing here that can compare... as beautiful as nature is.

12 years ago

I love this video. There is a God and he loves us. Take it for what its worth. Maybe this video will help people to be better and more loving. I just love how people taught by other PEOPLE think they know everything. The lack of true wisdom gives me a head ache. "I think I will use a bunch of big words and try and sound smart." Comparing life to a "lightbulb"? Even if these athiest ideas where true, why would you dare chance it? Do you honestly think that you have all understanding? I guess its your choice and only you have to answer for it. Trying to destroy other peoples hope and faith will lead to failure no matter what religion you are. Even if your life is lacking any religion at all. I pray that you find your "light" before its to late. We are lucky if we are given 85 years on this earth. Why not have faith, why not have hope?

12 years ago

what is there to understand about death . once your gone your gone . its case of we die to make room for another body .
but i would ask my self what is the point in life at all then we will understand death . or not .

Kung Fu'zi
12 years ago

"We do not understand life; how can we understand death?"

12 years ago

hahha wasted

12 years ago

if your in a room and your turn the light out . there is no power to light the bulb .
so once your light goes out there is no other place we go .
no power no light .
if the light bulb expires same thing happend we have to change the bulb

sarp kaya
12 years ago


"arguing with people who know just as little as you"...

If there is one thing we can be grateful for, it is that at least almost all people know a great deal more than you, and that would include every man's right or left testicle.

12 years ago

OBE and NDE are certainly very real and do somehow bridge the conscious self to the world outside of their physical bodies. Don't take my word for it, you'll have to experience it at some point for yourself. Other than that I don't know what happens after death, no one knows for sure. To say any different just shows foolish arrogance.

How will you feel when you finally realize there are no "neutron stars", "black holes", and certainly no mystical substance called "dark matter". All that time spent reading and looking at lovely diagrams, watching neat-o videos, arguing with people who know just as little as you. For what? Vanity? Unconditional love?

String theory this and big bang that - why are people still perpetuating these ideas which have no real basis in reality, much less any concrete or reproducible evidence, as scientific fact? You claim to be scientists, but you're just part of a new religion.

How can you be so certain of anything without personally experiencing the primary source? At some point everyone has faith in something or someone, no one knows everything for fact.

PS If you think Einstein was a genius, you don't know enough about his work or who he was (you most likely were indoctrinated in Israeli or US public schools). If he was so smart why have his theories been thrown out (they were not even his own ideas)? Ben Franklin had more imagination and knowledge in his left testicle, and he was merely a part-time scientist.

12 years ago

perseption makes this world and the next, differnt modes of veiwing for differnt realitys we will never understand the unseen in this world but we can all feel it.

Frank U
12 years ago

I Love to how people that claim this is all fake take their precious time to watch the whole documentary and then trash it.

12 years ago

hi guys,
I am an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian. I learned about all these guys are talking all my life. Every year in the mid of the Great Lent, usually on Sunday, the whole day is dedicated to remember the second coming of Christ. In that day, the same exact teaching, of what the guys have experienced, is narrated. If it were that all the guys are Ethiopians, I was not amazed. I was really amazed to hear it from unrelated parties.

Especially the KGB victim told there is deep darkness! Exactly the same dark tunnel is built in Lalibella, Northern Ethiopia to show how it is dark in Sheol. You can pay a visit to Lalibela.

The other what amazed me is the panoramic view of all our lifetime at the same time. As a child I was always puzzled by the same teaching. Now I believed it without questioning it, I will share this video to all my friends the whole my life!!!

Thanks for sharing this had a tremendous effect on my view of the Spiritual World and EOTC.

12 years ago

Well if Life after Life is so amazing, beautifull, happy....ect why live at all?????