Mummies and the Wonders of Ancient Egypt

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Mummies and the Wonders of Ancient EgyptJourney back to the rich and fantastic world of Ancient Egypt - a world where animals could magically jump out of a hieroglyph and change the meaning of your writing.

Where giant pyramids were a gateway to the afterlife. Where a king's ransom could buy an elaborate 70-day process that would guarantee the eternal preservation of your corpse.

The world's greatest Egyptologists and the latest computer technology bring this extraordinary world to life. We'll unlock the secrets of the Pyramids and the Sphinx, decipher long-secret hieroglyphs and explore the glittering sepulcher of the legendary Tutankhamun.

We'll even get an inside look at the recently discovered KV-5, believed to be the family tomb of Ramses the Great.

The documentary takes an interesting look at mummies by describing the culture and its world view that made mummification important.

The film takes a look at the process of mummification first, then the burial situations, the monuments inspired by their views on life and death, and the language of hieroglyphics.

There is a section on Tutankhamun's tomb as well as a bit of information on KV 5, the suspected burial tomb for Ramses II's sons.

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  1. Alen

    This is one of my favourite subjects. Thanks for the upload V. Gonna enjoy it here in my bed with a dubie:)

  2. Waldo
  3. Waldo

    Diagrams of the pyramids and explanations of who built them and for what purpose, explains the mummification process and how the practice originated and why. very interesting, definetly worth the watch. I would say a nine on a scale of one to ten, if your interested in these subjects.

    See, I just had one of those ancient alien folks argue to me that they had never found a mummy in a pyramid, that they were built by aliens as some type of structure to capture energy from the subterranean earth. I am totally ignorant about Egyptology but I strongly believed he was wrong, maybe no bodies but at least funeral items. Plus I did read enough ancient history to know that certain records kept in hieroglyphics talk about the pyramids, if aliens were there someone would have wrote something about it in my opinion. Thats not the sort of thing you leave out, especially for these primitive people. Seeing an alien or space ship would have freaked them out to no end, surely they would have recorded it.

  4. TheyCallMeMrChase
  5. TheyCallMeMrChase

    I LOVE this stuff. We should all realize by knowing where we've been, can enlighten where we are and where we are going.

  6. sonny corbi
  7. sonny corbi

    fire one up alen

  8. Intbel
  9. Intbel

    The pyramids were:
    1. Not built by the Egyptians.
    2. Not built to be used as tombs.

  10. Joseph Haran
  11. Joseph Haran

    What happened to "The Sphinx"?

  12. Achems Razor
  13. Achems Razor

    Great doc, am always fascinated about King tut. Pyramids, Egyptology, etc:

  14. peco
  15. peco

    all that was shall pass...all that is shall pass in two thousand years what will they say about us.? we are at the beggining of the end of our turn of history.

  16. Mad at the world
  17. Mad at the world

    1. Might have been their slaves? or maybe spooky aliens o.O
    2. Agreed but its debated as to what their real purpose was/is

  18. Ramus
  19. Ramus

    The inclusion of Zahi Hawass in this doc relegates it to propaganda. This guy has his own agenda and is known to be a racist. He bars release of findings if he doesn't agree with them and wants Britain to return all of its Egyptian artefacts...... Yeah not gonna happen mush.

  20. afly_on_the_wall
  21. afly_on_the_wall

    i just love this site ...thanks again ;)

  22. WTC7
  23. WTC7

    "and wants Britain to return all of its Egyptian artefacts……"

    How dare he ask for the stolen artifacts be returned to where they belong! How distasteful...

  24. Charles B.
  25. Charles B.

    Interesting. I want to see the pyramids at least once in my life.

  26. Ramus
  27. Ramus

    Exactly, I'm glad you agree. I mean whats the point in going to all that trouble to free foreign relics from slavery when their home city has the nerve to want them back. Imagine if Iraqi's wanted their gold back from the Americans, it's just too uncouth to think about it.

  28. WTC7
  29. WTC7


    Ooops, seems like I got you wrong :)! My apologies! Peace

  30. Ramus
  31. Ramus

    At the moment I'm off work with cough, headache, hot & cold flushes and muscle cramps so I'm a bit bad tempered and bored. No offence meant.

  32. WTC7
  33. WTC7

    @ Ramus,

    Thanks. And, what a coincidence, I myself am off work for the second day now fighting a bad case of the flu... :(

  34. Kaiako
  35. Kaiako

    I have flu also:( Just thought I would join in the flu group!
    Great site Vlatko - I check it everyday to look for new fodder

  36. Eesha
  37. Eesha

    thanks a lot for the upload

  38. Avatar
  39. Avatar

    Good documentary.

    The age of the Pharoahs reminds me of Iron Maiden's song Powerslave:

    Into the Abyss I'll fall - the eye of Horus
    Into the eyes of the night - watching me go
    Green is the cat's eye that glows -
    In this Temple
    Enter the risen Osiris - risen again.

    Tell me why I had to be a Powerslave
    I don't wanna die, I'm a God,
    Why can't I live on?
    When the Life Giver dies,
    All around is laid waste,
    And in my last hour,
    I'm a Slave to the Power of Death.

    When I was living this lie - Fear was my Game
    People would worship and fall -
    Drop to their knees.
    So bring me the blood and
    Red wine for the one to succeed me,
    For he is a man and a God -
    And He will die too.

    Now I am cold but a ghost lives in my veins,
    Silent the terror that reigned -
    Marbled in stone
    A Shell of a man God preserved -
    For thousand ages,
    But open the gates of my hell -
    I'll strike from the grave

  40. makandwa
  41. makandwa

    want to watch this doc but it says no embeddable videos are currently selected for this player? some1 help if they can

  42. elithe1
  43. elithe1

    I like how this doc goes into great detail of the tombs, pyramids, and livelihood of the Ancient Egyptians but depicting Pharaoh's as Caucasoids is a big NO-NO.

  44. flowershoe
  45. flowershoe

    very interesting ive been to the vally of the kings myself only 3 tombs were open though

  46. Chrystal Brawdy
  47. Chrystal Brawdy

    This isn't about mummies...

  48. David Treaster
  49. David Treaster

    Wow that's a lot of digging

  50. mikejones
  51. mikejones

    The Pyramids were built by my ancestors who are melenated people's, not mid-eastern, not Arabic and definitely not White!

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