Green Death of the Forests

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Green Death of the Forests

Green Death of The Forests is an unusual film. It is both a hard hitting portrayal of the causes and consequences of deforestation in Indonesia, and a film which captures the tranquility and calm of wild nature. It contains no narrative or dialogue and yet helps us understand complex commodity chains.

It was made with a small camera by a single person on a tourist visa, and has beaten much larger production teams, and healthily funded groups to the most prestigious prizes in environmental film-making.

Green needs to be taken seriously. That means it, and the issues it touches upon, need to be studied critically. We hope that this will facilitate the action and thinking that Green requires. For it is difficult just to watch it, but what to do requires some thought.

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  1. Bogdan Gherghel

    the legal way: boycott the economy and promote sustainability. the right way: technological sabotage against the first line - the companies that cut down the forest. objectively, we were already in self-defense in this matter decades ago.

  2. AntiTheist666

    A beautifully made documentary, I can see why this has won prizes. The lack of narration enhances the sounds of the environment and the haunting soundtrack goes with the agony of seeing what we’re doing to ourselves.

    The Crucified One

  3. Nothing_Is_Real

    The powerfully rich and greedy do not take just enough, they take it all and look for more to take. We the people can justify anything that comforts us. Greed is a drug, comfort is a drug and we are all addicts.

  4. Trevis Robotie

    I just wanna cry my heart out.we have no soul

  5. MediaMongrel

    This is the second or third unseasonably warm winter we seem to be having over here in Alberta. It's starting to get a little scary as winters here were never this warm in the past. Brown winters. I headed out to Banff a couple weeks ago and could not believe my eyes how brown it was mid january. I'm thinking the planet is heating up and it could starting screwing with natures processes. The warmer weather is somewhat a relief from the long cold ones, but, at what cost?

    Did anyone see Beijing in the news the other day? They were closing down factories because the air quality was so bad. 12 million people live in that! I get a lot of my eBay good's from China and hate to think that I am contributing to that wretched pollution. As a jogger and outdoor enthusiast, im greatly appreciative of clean air to breathe. I hate to be frank but sending mail all over the world doesn't help.

    We may be headed on a collision course folks.

    Sixth mass extinction = pollution?

    I saw a photo the other day with a picture of the scars from Alberta Tar Sand's operations and it read "If this is good for the economy, then screw the economy." It somewhat resonated with me and made sense.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  6. Carole Ann Lajoie

    I had a very hard time holding back my tears and the anger I feel toward the people in this film that have absolutely no respect for animals. What is wrong with human beings? How do these people that cage animals and take their right to freedom away live with themselves? I hope in my heart and soul that when our life ends here on earth, that we are all judged by our treatment of these beautiful, innocent animals and this beautiful planet that God gave us. I hope that they pay a huge price for the distruction of our planet and the way they have mistreated God's creatures.

  7. Maddestmax

    I'm not as entirerly sure as you seem to be ,that we are all god's creatures. BTW I'm praying you're vegan.

  8. Carole Ann Lajoie

    Yes..I am a Vegan. I guess what it is that I was trying to convey is that I hope there is a higher being that is capable of punishing those who mistreat our animals.

  9. Maddestmax

    I posted a link,currently being adjudicated, that would answer. Google collective evolution , man's destruction.

  10. Chrosmata

    It's definitely going to be a weird ride as we start running out of fuels. Conventional oil production has been in decline since 2006. And we're still producing more fuel oil than ever before. This is due to the tar sands, liquefying coal, and expedious production of current and soon to be wells. Tar sands weren't economically viable ten years ago, and now they are. This is due to human kinds multifaceted problem of expansion and domination. If our economies don't increase each year, we are actually declining due to more people entering the markets and our banking system in general. We pay interest, and we pay inflation interest. To keep prices stable, and consumption profitable we need to increase our production over and over again.

    As the resources we gather are finite, this is an impossible precedent. The realities and problems we face as a race are so incredibly dug in there is no stopping of the juggernaut. The only solution to our over consumption and runaway growth is hitting a brick wall and mass poverty. The mega rich that have been profiting off of this game will batten down the hatches, buy that island, and sneak away. The ones who depend on the game (everybody else) will be left with the realities of bad policy.

    No renewable energy will be able to duplicate the massive amount of fuels we burn today. One of two things will happen, either everybody will be ok with poverty, or there will be a massive bloody revolution. Most likely both will happen, as mass starvations cause mass revolts; some will be knocked to their knees and give up, others will continue to fight. And the worst part is, for what? You could topple the government and rich that caused this situation, but you'd still be left with the situation. And the beginnings of the true reality, this is everybody's fault. Even all the animal rights activists and green people will give up their ideals when they are starving to death. We are no better or worse than animals. And it wouldn't be the first time animal or plant has mindlessly consumed without regard for the earth.

    Humanities only hope is that after the smoke clears from this situation, people will have a new found sense of status on the earth that requires sustainability, and not luxury. But I wouldn't put my money on it.

  11. Maddestmax

    Unless of course, if all of the worlds media suddenly did a eco=educational volte face. But I woudn't put money on it.

  12. MediaMongrel

    well said sir.

  13. Maddestmax

    What is it you find so well said? The view of society in decline, The view of humanities inept guardianship of the planet or the possibility of participating in some dystopean future.

  14. Reila Forbes

    Mankind is alive until animals and Nature as a whole exist. And animals and Nature in whole will continue to exist without us. Mankind will not survive without them. Just look what is happening after Chernobyl nuclear explosion.

  15. Simon Gramstrup

    "Sixth mass extinction = pollution?" I doubt it will come to that, but capitalism is definitely ruining much of the world if its not stopped..

  16. Simon Gramstrup

    Embarrassing.. :/ I hope someday to see a world without the blind r*tard capitalist religion!

  17. Paul Gloor

    A picture is worth 1000 words, 47 minutes and 14 sec at 25 fps means this doc is worth 70,850,000 words.... It needs no narrative !

  18. Chrosmata

    I know Simon says, but there is a serious lack of understanding of animals. Religion seems to give us excuses. We care about ourselves with no regard for others. What are we supposed to do, limit ourselves to 7 grains of wheat per day because that will allow careless breeders to be free to choose their dreams? If we think ourselves different from the rest of the natural world, we believe ourselves as super natural. Every animal on this planet is a capitalist, they are determined to capitalize every bit they can to ensure their survival. Does a man have right to tell a dog he cannot drink?

  19. brianrose87


    Its rather rare that I see someone whose keenly aware of our transportation fuel crisis. Especially now that the EIA and IEA are painting a picture as though oil is plentiful. If only the average person would look at a chart of global oil production over time instead of reading fanciful articles.

    Then again even those oil production charts are deceptive these days since they count total barrels instead of total energy. A gallon of ethanol is not equivalent to a gallon of gasoline, yet you would never know looking at an IEA chart. Not to mention that creating ethanol takes just as much energy to produce as is yielded, which means its double counted.

    Anyway, you, Chrosmata, already know all this. It scares me that I delight in seeing another aware individual because this knowledge comes with a heavy mental burden. Most of the population blissfully predicts infinite progress and growth into the future; I see a civilization built on finite sources of energy, and the primary transportation fuel of that civilization is about to begin its inevitable decline. Meanwhile, the population continues to grow.

  20. G8grudge

    I do appreciate the detail in which you have explained your views and agree with you. I like to summarise the expanded discussion into one short outlook and that is that if there is no significant positive shift in human conciousness and we remain the primitive beasts that we are we will be the architects of our own demise.

    There were once indigenous peoples who lived within the means that the earth provided them with and most people have the blind arrogance to call them primitive.

  21. oQ

    Very touching documentary, it brought me back to the trilogy by Daniel Quinn; Ishmael, The Story of B and My Ishmael.

    Looking at the despair of that orangutan, one can really embody the misery of a destroyed person.

    A movie to share for sure.

  22. Imightberiding

    Very poignant. With the despair, misery & hopelessness portrayed through the camera lens & embodied in the lone dying orangutan, there was no need for narration. The film maker chose wisely to present his finished product in this way.

    oQ has stated all this well in her previous comment, thus I am being somewhat redundant with my statement. I only take the time to reiterate oQ's earlier opinions regarding this film because to anyone reading the comments & not sure if they will watch this doc, it is well worth the time.

    Thanks for another good one Vlatko & everyone at TDF.

  23. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    Easy Top 10 Doc's of all time.

    That padio furnature is kinda nice tho...

  24. Patricia Amundsen

    WHY? really, I ask WHY? To destroy the life support system of this planet and turn it into such pointless and lifeless and disposable STUFF is beyond my comprehension. The bottom line is that you can't eat money nor can you drink oil and if people continue this path of destruction eventually that is all they will have to sustain them. Unfortunately intelligent beings who work to protect Earth's nativity will suffer the same fate. Perhaps that is our evolution....Live only for today!!!

  25. DjCu

    The message is clear, we need to change our ways. Now.

  26. ratfink38


  27. AntiTheist666

    We shouldn’t laugh, it’s a very serious subject... but I tip my hat to you. LOL

  28. mishap

    And why hasn't this been in the spotlight of the press? Because big companys know that people would be outraged!

  29. mishap

    I really shouldn't talk, it's what Americans did also.

  30. David Ewer

    Sadly Patricia it's because it makes a profit for the elites.

  31. Hope Cather

    This is heart breaking, why is there no law for the companies, that says there must be areas left untouched so these beautiful creatures can live!!! They were there first and there will be none left for future generation other than pictures. I find this absoluetly gutting!

  32. Lastviewer

    No comment during the whole docu.
    Just as if this points out the reason how this happened to be.
    We're silent just as that docu.
    In any events, Indonesia will be done with its wildlife in less than one generation. Two at most.
    Zoos wont be able to keep up with such small populations of beasts.
    As I viewed the nude forest, I though to myself : Same as the pillows of bombs in Vietnam?

    If anyone goes back in history, it's easy to understand that the peoples over there didn't had much to make a living, so...
    Too busy in building up the wealth of planet Earth Elite.
    The backdraft that drive their politic.
    Since that anyhow, the end began a few generations back, who could blame the Indonesians?

    Some humans help beasts but don't count on beast to save anyone!
    I wouldn't.

    Very last viewer.

  33. beneloben

    Sadly, money rules over everything ... even the ones who think they are religious, don't realize that they're praying to a God but really believe in another, the Allmighty Dollar ... everything on this planet has a price sadly :(

  34. JtothaP

    Sadly, although i don't care for this, I have an issue with people getting quite so upset over it when there is still an abundance of human suffering in the world. For all you people who invest your time and money trying to save the rainforest, it would be much more ethical of you to invest this instead in trying to deal with humanistic suffering. These are animals and i cannot value them as highly as a do humans, stop wasting your time with this nonsense, it can be dealt with at a future date when we have done a better job at dealing with suffering among our own species.

    I also can't believe that none of you could truly live without wood or paper or would have a desire to. Almost everything you own will have relied on paper that could well have come from a rainforest, at some point in its manufacturing process, for the time being, it is the only viable option we have.

    The palm oil industry is unnecessary, however, if we are cutting down the trees for wood and paper anyway, it would be a waste of these animals lives not to use everything we can.

    I know that lots of environmentalists will now be getting on my back about how 'heartless' i am and how i don't have a 'soul' (which is alright since its a fictional thing). Well just know, i think you are the heartless and lazy ones because you are are too concerned with long term environmental issues which will naturally occur anyway when you could be investing them into helping those less fortunate in your own species.


    very sad. this shows how we have destroyed this magnificent planet the habitats for animals and even for ourselves and there seems no way out of it!
    excellent doc. thank you Al Jazeera and TDF.

  36. Ryan Hahn

    Human suffering = caused by humans, so we have only ourselves to blame.

    Animal suffering=caused by human greed, they didn't ask for it.

    Your quote "These are animals and i cannot value them as highly as I do humans." is not justifiable. A morally right human is valuable, an immoral human is worse than an insect IMO. That kind of supremacy thinking will be our species' downfall.

  37. Ryan Hahn

    OK, everyone stop being sad and take action! Start your own garden and grow your own food. Stop giving power to the big corporations, because that's what you are doing if you don't take action. Right now!
    If you don't do it, you have NO RIGHT to feel sad for these or any other creatures. No action= death.

  38. François Ainsley

    How symbolic was that, the chimp's death bed was probably made of the wood from the trees that made up its habitat in the first place..

  39. Craig76

    Your comment is ignorant and misinformed, and not really worth paying any attention to. Change driven by the conversion of natural capital (i.e. greed, and the present economic system based on perpetual growth) will start to have serious implications for humanity at a global scale probably within 1 generation, based on latest science. If you think "humanistic suffering" (a word you have used in the wrong context by the way) is bad now, wait until that happens. Not to mention the moral reprehensibility of turning millions of years of biological evolution into plastic trinkets for a few cents, to be discarded in landfills the next week. Or paper from virgin rainforests. In future please avoid making statements regarding subjects which you very clearly have no knowledge of, or ability to apply intelligent, logical thinking to. You are an id*ot.

  40. Elizabeth Wesley

    How true, you said it well.

  41. Afghan

    I'm quite happy with this stance.

  42. Lunarwolf 137

    I am going to stop eating chocolates and junk food containing palm oil from today on, and inform others that buying and consuming food and cosmetics containing palm oil is unnecessary and is killing the forests.

  43. bluetortilla

    Welcome! You are watching...

  44. bluetortilla

    Using wood is fine as long as more or as much more grows as you use. Actually, 'the white man' began deforesting many centuries ago. He exported the behavior and now we're really in the simian swing of things! What should we make the 'chimp's' bed out of? Plastic? Steel? 9 inch nails? Cotton fields?
    What I thought was really symbolic was the black tarry smoke coming out of the palm oil factory that proclaims on its labels: 'Proudly made in Indonesia.' Oh, and aren't we proud. We don't need nuclear warheads to destroy life on earth- just leave us to our own devices and vices.

  45. bluetortilla

    While you're at it include all processed or genetically modified/sprayed foods, petroleum products, chain stores, services from corporations, or anything from a factory. Hard to live in this and achieve that!
    Palm oil picked from the tree is great stuff. But it's tough work making natural oils; that's why they're so valued in ancient texts.

  46. culture_de_debile14

    You are frustrated?

  47. bluetortilla

    I'm beyond frustrated- i'm absolutely enraged.

    But I do sincerely apologize. I meant to add that my response to your post wasn't toward you personally, but a general observation. All i wanted to do at first is point out that it was an orangutang that died, not a chimpanzee.
    But given the fact that hardly anyone in this world could give a damn less about the beasts and trees of earth, much less their own fellow human 'chimps,' or even themselves-- it's hard to rationalize the point of wasting the time to think about it, isn't it?

  48. Niko

    At first i was like typical american consumption... then i relized alot of these things shown were literally Finnish, to many companies from here. Litereallly finnish words here and there... i feel bad.

  49. Norman Van Rooy

    I understand your point. It is hard to embrace life here and now with all this s*it going on. Any intelligent and honest person knows that life is going to get really tough in the immediate is an inescapable fact.

  50. Laird Beevor

    Differentiating the suffering of humans and other forms of life is the cause of the problem. Claiming we are better is the cause of the problem. Labelling animals as a commodity is the cause of the problem. Examine a circle sometime and when you find yourself in one, open your eyes and see the whole picture.

  51. big ppopa@gmail.comå

    I know what you mean don't feel bad realize the power you have, the knowledge you have gained and share it.. I feel like we all relate to each other no matter the country, we are all human .. we need to start using the internet to change the world.. and communicate with each other.. they are few but we are many ..We are either apart of the Problem or apart of the Solution, I think there are people who believe in fate and destiny and then there are those who change the world.. by realizing we literally have the choice everyday of every second that we are alive to do something to make a difference, One person can and has changed the world for good or bad. We create our own fate, by choosing to act or not act. Similar to relationships some girls believe in fate, "if it's meant to be then it will be.. meanwhile back in reality We have the means to communicate and make things happen! United we stand divided we fall..we choose to make or to not make things happen .. there are 2 types of people Leaders or Followers.. don't ever let anyone dupe you into thinking you can't change the world even if it was just you.. the ones who dare are in the history books.. we must be the change we want to see in the world. APATHY NEVER!

  52. Troy dela Victoria

    Homosapien is not an animal it is a disease!

  53. Troy dela Victoria

    Corporations. politicians and the general public will not listen- until you have some kind of an armed environmental army, that will not hesitate to kill them if they will not stop destroying the environment. If we don't have this. we are wasting our time talking about the environment.

  54. Troy dela Victoria

    Throughout history, no one talked about legality without supporting it with an army. That's why, they are successful.

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