Beyond the Green Horizon

Beyond the Green Horizon

2018, Environment  -   5 Comments
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The green revolution has officially taken hold. It is estimated that 2/3 of the world's energy will be generated by sustainable sources over the next thirty years. This profound transition will likely affect our politics, culture and way of life in a manner we cannot yet fully predict. Nevertheless, Beyond the Green Horizon attempts to do just that. Produced as an installment of the acclaimed vpro backlight documentary series, the film predicts the unique challenges and altered landscapes that might await us as we're ushered into this brave new world.

We can already witness the changes taking place right before our eyes. Wind turbines and solar panel factories are superseding the coal mines of yesteryear. Architects are designing sleek energy efficient housing units that are pleasing to the eye, the pocketbook and the environment. Prices on sun and wind energy sources are dropping, and their integration into the modern landscape is expected to become more widespread in the coming years. Gas stations are being replaced by charging stations. Electric cars are growing in popularity, and driverless automobiles are just a heartbeat away.

This revolution represents more than just a switch from fossil fuels to renewable sources. Just as the internet fundamentally reshaped our everyday existence, energy independence will transform our dreams, goals and economic opportunities. It will require all of us to adopt a whole new way of thinking; an embrace of ingenuity and innovation and a willingness to discard the outdated methods of old.

China remains a leader when it comes to furthering this revolution. Their long-term, forward-thinking approach will likely set the standard for how the rest of the world adapts in the face of tremendous change. The United States, meanwhile, has willingly taken a back seat. This dynamic could have severe economic implications in the future, and could ultimately recalibrate the balance of global power.

Beyond the Green Horizon calls upon the expertise of environmental specialists, architects, urban planners and others who are eager to play a role in the shaping of an exciting new way of life for citizens across the globe. With great enthusiasm, they serve as our guide on a thrilling journey that's only just getting started.

Directed by: Martijn Kieft

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3 years ago

There was nothing about environment . Main focus was in economic opportunities and who will win, who will have the lead in the World...for god sake were in this together. Insane. We just destroy the nature with these new age solutions that cost all the nature and goes into one guys pocket.

4 years ago

The PRC is saving the environment by switching to coal powered cars (EVs).

Brian Wagner
4 years ago

It disappoints me that the USA has been so slow to move more quickly in this direction of sustainability.

4 years ago

Very informative docu. Recommend watching