The Hyena Men

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In the early moments of The Hyena Men, a fascinating documentary short produced by CCTV Africa, we see performers interacting with a series of dangerous wild animals, including baboons, hyenas and poisonous snakes. Their daring feats aren't being performed on the glittering stages of Las Vegas, but on the crowded streets of Nigeria. It's part of a proud tradition passed on for many generations, and a source of great controversy among animal rights activists around the world.

In their off season, these men farm the land and deal in scrap metal to survive. But when it comes time to perform, they travel across the most populated country in Africa to the delight of thousands of hypnotized onlookers. This travelling circus thrives on the potentially perilous relationship between man and animal. Each performance is mixes wondrous spectacle with edge-of-your-seat suspense; after all, the audience is keenly aware that a deadly attack could occur at any moment.

The animal show is cleverly used as an alluring ploy to promote the real family business: herbs and medicines. The more dramatic the animal show, the bigger the audience. With bigger audiences comes more robust sales for their medicines.

This travelling troop has gained a mystical reputation over the years. Many Nigerians believe these men possess special powers which allow them to interact so gracefully with the most vicious members of the animal kingdom. In fact, their skills are the result of a carefully crafted tradition several generations in the making. It's a tribal heritage that they're born into, and they begin their training as young as ten years of age. Still, their way of life is not without its fair share of close calls as evidenced by the countless scars that blanket the forearm of one baboon trainer featured in the film.

Meanwhile, detractors find little thrill or entertainment in the work of the Hyena Men. For them, the act of snatching a wild animal from its habitat and recruiting it for a roadside circus show is unnecessarily cruel and harmful to the natural order.

The Hyena Men takes us deep inside this subculture, and introduces us to the performers who devote their lives to continuing this unusual tradition.

Directed by: Russell Bergh

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15 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Colin D

    This is animal cruelty and should not be defined as culture, these people are thugs who should be locked up for the cruelty they inflict.

  2. mike

    Simply animal abuse.

  3. Dr Emberg, Tasmania

    Just too cruel for me.

  4. connie

    I couldn't watch after 5 min. Animal cruelty!!

  5. Jamie

    I agree with the above comments. Very cruel and again, it's all about greed! These poor animals are being horribly abused in order for these greedy men to make money. Why don't they get a decent job and leave those poor animals alone!

  6. Muhannad Faza

    Yes, Defiantly this animal cruelty , I do not think is related to any culture, for them it is a way of living, and if you look to their strong structures, and all of them are young. torturing the animals is not a career for living.

  7. martin

    It's kind of reminiscent of Bertram Mills Circus -- an English show that traveled the length and breadth of the uk showing their 'tamed lions' and elephants that had been 'conditioned' to perform -- all the animals were abused - all for the sake of exploitation and profit,
    What I would like to have seen is all the hyena 'unmuzzled' and see then how the handlers would react - no doubt the would have been eaten.
    The Brits did it all those years ago - we called them menageries - all to 'turn' a quick buck. Good luck to the guys trying to earn a living when the WEST turn a blind eye.
    Shame about the poor animals - life goes on.

  8. Julia

    Terrible! Abuse!

  9. Rox

    The governance should develop science and education instead let people to believe in "special" power of those conmen and buy from them special herbs and medicine while they definitely abused those poor animals and fool people.

  10. Elisa

    Im not impressed. Poor poor animals...How they suffer at our hands. They should be free be in the wild.

  11. bunchababies

    now I have to watch every low rated documentary on this site because people are obviously rating them based on how the documentary makes them feel and not the quality of production they are presented with. how sad, how weak and pathetic.
    "Wahh, this documentary depicts reality, wahhh, reality makes me sad therefore this is a bad documentary wahhhh."

  12. Foolmeonce

    Barbaric cruelty masking as "culture" yet again. Civilized society must not countenance animal exploitation. Ignorant and Shameful.

  13. OneStGermain

    We are all the same , and equal? Liberals say so!

  14. Jane

    The monkeys seemed like they were doing alright. They showed some interest and would obviously bite the piss out of you if you made them mad. But, the hyenas looked miserable from beginning to end. Endlessly "lunging" and pulling away and nothing to do but be tied to a pole back home. The babies sat on their backs to protect the children from witches. Some of the little children ostracized for being witches there is so awful, too.

  15. M. Knox

    I am a vegetarian, and I believe in animal rights. Yet, for each person that called out 'animal cruelty' over this documentary, you are simply ignorant and insulated in your artificial reality. This is the real world, this is happening in every nation, and those people, those CULTURES, will be more authentic, interesting and honest than any of you. If you want to change the lives of the extraordinary humans who live a life that you'll never comprehend, then move to Africa and educate them, one person at a time. Also, support their livelihoods while you "elevate" them to the sophisticated level of your comfort, which can boast free elections that elected a reality television star to president.

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