Getting into Cirque Du Soleil

Getting into Cirque Du Soleil

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Getting into Cirque Du SoleilEver wondered what it takes to be a part of Cirque du Soleil? Getting to be a one of a kind performer is no small feat. For four months, 16x9 followed Cirque Du Soleil scouts as they scoured the world, searching for the best of the best.

Canada's world-famous Cirque du Soleil is not your typical big top spectacle. With 22 shows around the world, it has become an international sensation.

But getting into a Cirque du Soleil production is no small feat. Thousands try out every year hoping they will make the cut – but only a select few ever do.

Cirque du Soleil ("Circus of the Sun") is a Canadian entertainment company, self-described as a "dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment." Each show is a synthesis of circus styles from around the world, with its own central theme and storyline. They draw the audience into the performance through continuous live music, with performers rather than stagehands changing the props.

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  1. Mike

    What happened to the Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas? When will the new show?

  2. 31jetjet

    I would rather see humans doing tricks at the circus than animals. SAY NO TO RINGLING BROS.

  3. Imightberiding

    Huge fan of Cirque Du Soleil! Thanks much for adding this to your fantastic, ever expanding list of docs. Time well spent & an absolutely fabulous time that was!

    I too had wishes & dreams of running away & joining the circus when I was young & fit... Ah, but I can still dream as I continue on with my midlife crisis. ha! Perhaps a clown.

  4. oQ

    I like the way they paint their faces and the clothes they wear that looks like a second skin.

  5. lakhotason

    A life each of us wishes to live.

  6. oQ

    This is my favorite doc in the Recently Added.
    Well made "cinematographiquement", the subject is fascinating and so are the people!
    Running away with the circus!
    I give it 4 stars.

    1. lakhotason

      Did you see Cirque Du Soleil's interpretation of The Beatles? Why would anyone think these people boring when they are one of the few things in this life which are not boring?

    2. oQ

      No i have not seen their interpretation.
      It isn't boring one minute for the audience and i would say the lifestyle sure gives that same impression.
      A moral philosophy of life.

    3. lakhotason

      I'd love to run away with the circus. Maybe a magician because I certainly cannot do what these people do.

    4. oQ

      and you can do magic?
      My dad always did magic and card tricks, he would also string knots withh his bare hands in all kind of shape even into a bridge. His fav was to pull his hand out of his pocket full of change and dare you to guess how much there was in one look, if you won you kept. He would also ask the young attendant at the gaz station, if you can guess on what amount it will stop when full, i'll give you the same amount.
      He still is a player despite the medical difficulties he had to live this year.
      Escaping with the circus was always one of my fantasy when i was young. I got to work for a circus once while travelling, setting up the tent, and working a game booth at night....will never forget.

    5. lakhotason

      Well I can change beer into piss.

    6. lakhotason

      Yet can you imagine being that physically peaked. And I think it's a human thing. Can you and I ever put ourselves in that in that picture. All I know is it is inspirational. Which is not subject to the natural laws or doesn't seem to be.

    7. oQ

      There was a day when i was young where i behaved more like a monkey than a child, climbing the huge weeping willow right behind the house and being found upside down against walls and doorways. That would have been the right early time to send me to gymnastic, i had hardly any fears.
      But no, i was sent to piano lessons and i hated it.
      I bet i would have been great at trapeze and not bad of a clown too.
      I sure had the looks!

    8. Emily Jayne

      I was put into Gymnastics and always wanted to be a musician, learn piano. I became a champion at my sport, was selected to compete at the commonwealth games and, Olympics would have followed. One day I broke my collar bone, ... playing baseball as school.

      I wished so much and still do, I'd learnt music. 10 years of intense training and it was all over in a second - due to the serious fracture, I not only missed out on a dream to compete at these two major competitions, I was eventually forced to retire from that injury.

      Take it from me, - looking back, all the blood, sweat and tears - I'd trade them all without a thought, ... for music. Music is with you for life. All I have now, is arthritis and problems with my bones frequently, mostly my back and shoulder - (that I will be having an operation on in the new year) Enjoy playing the piano.

    9. oQ

      Hi Emily,
      I just finished writing a letter to a goes as such...
      "May my words find you peaceful.
      I will admit your response surprised me but then again i thought why're not the only one depressed even though most won't admit it. The times are hard. We have become a separated society. A lot of people surrounded by an edge of abundance while immersed in aloneness.
      It's been too easy to be stoned, drunk, overwhelmed with stuff and credit, disconnected from loved ones from failed relationship, too fat and not exercised enough, without a job while replaced by a machine, full of memories of travel long gone, ignored to the core.
      In reality there are few things that makes us happy and fulfilled 100% while it is happening, beautiful music, beautiful art, love making, love giving, helping someone, a great meal, the smile of a child and feeling heard beyond the words. The rest is fluff.
      We are caught in a current of dreams and desires.
      I too have my struggles, the main one is that i have lived such a full and beautiful life....i can't find how to top it. Is everything downhill from here, is one question i ask myself often.
      I see through your photographs that nature is a gateway for you, living next to the Botanical Garden is a blessing. You will never be able to count the flowers it contains...that is real abundance."

      A few years back i spent a whole winter by myself doing art in a house surrounded by forest and mountains, there was a piano. Every day for hours i would play the musical scales in all the different keys with two hands...nothing else....up and down and up and down. Then i would go back to painting, eating, snowshoeing, dancing to very loud music, and writing. Although i was going through a difficult separation, i was transported to very high states of being.