The Templar Code

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The Templar CodeFor nearly two centuries, the Knights Templar was the most powerful order in the medieval world. Today, the group's legacy is played out in an array of Hollywood blockbusters and numerous works of popular literature.

Despite the Knights' long reign of power, the order experienced a sudden collapse in the early fourteenth century when certain members stood accused of unspeakable crimes and were subsequently tortured and killed.

In this insightful program, Decoding The Past interviews some of the world's leading biblical scholars and visits historic sites throughout Europe and the Near East to probe the past of this mysterious order.

Did the Knights, as many believe, guard the Holy Grail? Or was the object of their attentions buried a thousand years before the birth of Christ?

The Templar Code is an in-depth examination into the remarkable rise and rapid descent of the powerful and obscure Knights Templar.

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37 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Tom

    I was always fascinated by Knights Templar. Thank you for this documentary!

  2. Tyler

    Good watch. I actually learned quite a bit.

  3. j

    Intrigue and fascinating history. Oak Island treasure hunt and the pope excommunicating the entire country of Scotland, new on me.

  4. cld

    no answers just possibilities for those seeking a definitive conclusion to the questions surrounding the templars.

  5. charlesovery

    Wow there is lot missing from this documentary. Researching further I noticed it is directed, published, and ultimately distributed by. Yeah this is a film that directly defiles other links and coincidences that are involved with the history of the templar. I give this doc a C+ just based on the effort of it being from one point of view.

  6. Nokik

    Nice documentary.
    I have always been fascinated by the Knight Templars... but the fascination is never quenched as the story spins to several versions of conspiracies....

    But i would love to believe the free masons descended from the templars. Their history is also unique and their secrecy etc... and that would mean they took part in the formation of America. Exciting :)

  7. nameless

    very good

    May their legacy live ever on

  8. mathew

    I've heard the the templars went underground after they had all the things said about them an now they are the Illuminati.. and they are now running s***....hmmm

  9. mathew

    i would like to meet a supposed illuminati ask him or her what they thought

  10. mathew

    even if i did would they tell me the truth? or maybe here both sides...because history is wrote by the who really knows

  11. Linda McGuigan

    Great documentary I learned a lot. I did not know that my country had been excomunicated by the pope. I have alway's wanted to visit Roslyn chapel maybe I will get this summer as my daughter is moving to Edinburgh. I was in Winchester a few weeks ago and visited thier cathedral and the Templar evidence in the building was very prominent I took lot's of photo's as I have a great interest in the Templar influence in the old building's and the art work and carving's in old church's cathederal's etc. I took a photo of st george and a dead soldier in it he is wearing a white tunic with the Templar's red cross on it. Some part's of the cathedral where built around the 11th centuary and the rest completed in the 13th also at that time Winchester was the capital of England. The part about Robert the Bruce defeating the English also falls into place as Edward long shanks ( hammer of the scot's )was buried at the cathedral but they wont tell anyone with a scot's accent where lol.

    Linda ;-*

  12. Charles B.

    Hum. I'll have to watch this later. Thanks, Linda. you made it sound very interesting.

  13. crystal

    excellent documentary; had me sitting on the edge of my seat. and because it's so well researched, it's ten times better than watching a blockbuster. i only wish that someday somebody will excavate something and point us into a new direction. a really, really fascinating chapter of history!

  14. mickinblack

    Great show really enoyed it.
    Really makes you think about switzland dont it.

  15. KebbeG

    Some what informative for the novice. But as usual the subject of the templars some how legitimize, even among scientists, the spawning of the craziest hypotheses. I've read so many theories about the templars and what happened to them. Everything from them sailing all the way to the new world, long before Columbus, to them ending up in what is northern Ethiopia of today, where they constructed the famous churches of Lalibela...Soon yet another eurocentric nut is going to come up with the brilliant and far featched idea of them constructing and erecting the statues on Rapa-nui.
    It's a shame that we can't make a serious and trustworthy documentary regarding the templars, free of speculations and conspiracy theories.

  16. Jay

    this is about knights of times ago, in the ancient forests of dragon-man: half dragon, half man. do not cross him, or it shall bring an end to the reign of the rulers of the region of rohan. the fiery-breathed beast lurks in the shadows of shade. so hear me now. do NOT trespass the dragonian mangonion forest, or it shall surely be an interesting tale. thus be the templar code.

  17. gero2006

    This documentary is a bit of a laugh and not as mad as I feared it might be given how daft people get about the Templars. I would have preferred to hear more about the actual history of the Templars rather than so much about the crazy fringe and their fantasies. I grew up on a property which had once belonged to the Templars so I have a bit of a soft spot for them. After the supression, the land passed to a local community of Benedictine nuns and they held it until 1538. Somehow whilst growing up, it was more fun to pretend to be a Templar than a Benedictine nun... I guess we all feel the same way or there would be conspiracy theories about Benedictines the way there are about Templars. After the Dissolution the land was bought by local gentry who used the Templar's buildings as a 'country seat'. In my day the buildings were so redeveloped you had to search hard to find the evidence of the Medieval past behind the Modern facade. I used to dig up the garden and look for archaeological remains -- perfect summer holiday fun. I found mainly Victorian and Roman stuff. Not much Medieval. However, I have a stone head of St John Baptist which used to be in my mother's rockery. When my parents sold up and retired to the seaside I took the head as my souvenier of the childhood home. Before watching this documentary, I had not known that St John was so important to the Knights. Interesting. I am looking at the head now. Past and present coming together. Cool.

  18. Jake

    Very nicely done... although for those questioning regarding the Masons, it is believed that they are indeed direct descendants of the Templar, according to few researches Philippe Le Bel failed to eradicate all Templar and such few of them escaped successfully and created sub-societies such as Rosae Crucis in order to preserve the Templar secrecy and treasures.

    One thing I'd suggest to those who have a fund interest in the Templar collapsing stories, is to read Maurice Druon's novel the Accursed Kings... Now yes it is a novel... not all is true and most of it is indeed fictive possibilities coming from the imagination of a very well spoken and fanatic lover of medieval studies. However, you'd find out that Maurice Druon was an accomplished historian and its version of what happened to the Templar might be one of the hundred hints that actual historians refuse to study upon.

    I strongly believe the theory of Druon regarding Philippe Le Bel raid against the Templar because Jacques de Molay refused to accord a massive loan to the kingdom of France. To this king it was a direct insult since refusing a grand-children of St-Louis or King Louis IX was bound to heresy accusations right on the spot.

    Druon also imagined that the remaining Templar hid the treasures not only overseas, but to many places at once and thus, makes it even more difficult to be found. In the popular thinking the Masons are today the only one who really know the treasures whereabouts as they are the guardians of what used to be the greatest religious organization of the time.

    If you do a research about the Masons, you'd find out that only if you were in a way linked to a member family of a Templar, you'd be able to enter the order. It is a very closed society and even I who had direct ancestors could not even enter since it dates from 600 years ago.

    Medieval studies are my favorite subject of all time... thanks for this documentary.

  19. Cognitor

    Hi Jake

    I am looking for an informative documentary which deals with the Rosicrucian & Masonic connections to the Templars.

    Would you please recommend one?


  20. Rebel Lious

    The introduction of the (hidden) mushroom in Christian art and architecture around the first crusade suggest the knights templar discovered Jesus was actually a magic mushroom, and thus they became a threat to the power of the church...

  21. mobeen

    the best documentary on the crusades ive seen to date. nicely done

  22. jeremy voigt

    if you would like a great book to read that gives alot of insight on the templar/ masonic connection, along with their connection to renne la chateau ... where the last templars may have went, and gives you alot of info on what may have happened to the templar treasure hord . buy the book called ---
    The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar written by Steven Sora

    i don't read many books but i pick this book up every 5 or 6 months and read it all over again ...

    so if you like a good treasure hunt, alot of info on the templars and the role they played in the shadows behind many kings and countries... this is an awesome book

  23. Paytonic2Payto

    No mention of the everlasting war between the The Templars and the Assassins?

  24. Chris Keeler

    no mention of altair and the third crusade

  25. Ruby Alexandra Beloz

    Well done, soon they will know who we really are is not what we have been portrayed to!

  26. Ruby Alexandra Beloz

    If you want to read a really great book on this topic read "Holy Blood Holy Grail" written in the 80's it was the book that Dan Brown pretty much copied into a movie drama.......

  27. James

    Being men of principle,the rules of conduct for the Templars were strict & they were willing to die for their beliefs.This made them feared on the battlefield,& respected in life.Such was their reputation that,in battle there were instances where the enemy would turn & run at the very sight of Templars taking to the battlefield!

  28. Anthony Wurthmann

    I enjoyed the devoted Templae History study.
    Br. Anthony, IC XC + NIKA

  29. bringmeredwine

    So, the Knights Templar consisted of rapists, murderers and thieves. Well that pretty much sums up what happened during the "crusades".
    Religion can be very evil.

  30. Ann M. Higuet

    Knock on the door and they will let you in :-)

  31. Michael Rasmusson

    Dont really like documentaries with biblical scholars. Since a lot of them belive that the bible is true and something you can find facts in.

  32. Guest

    You believe video games a true?

  33. Etheric Luminasi

    I agree

  34. Guest

    Are you being serious?

  35. Clifford Edwards

    Loved it until the end when they said Aleister Crowley was a Satanist--he was NOT, and they said that he made a statement in the 1960s, which was impossible as he died in 1947. And finally his last name rhymes with "holy" not "sowly." They really need to get their facts straight.

  36. Michelle C. Stright-Foto

    Was good until they mentioned something Crowley claimed in the 1960's. As noted by another here, Cowley died in 1947. The idea Crowley came back from the dead just to comment on something, is obviously silly.

  37. Michelle C. Stright-Foto

    Yes, they messed up royally. Too bad because I agree, it was well done until they brought up AC.

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