Giants of the Bible

Giants of the Bible

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In this multi-part series, the biblical claim that giant human beings once lived among us will be examined.

The archaeological "evidence," the scientific "evidence," and the claims of certain apologists will be highlighted.

The series concludes with a discussion of physics and how it relates to the verifiability (or not) for the existence of human giants.

The Bible describes many individuals as giants, and it also mentions several giant people groups. Interpreters have speculated about the size of these people with guesses ranging anywhere from 6 feet to more than 30 feet in height.

Also, a great deal of misinformation about biblical giants has been proliferated on the Internet along with some fake pictures of supposed giants. So did these giants really exist? - Tim Chaffey

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5 years ago

Skepticism and atheism as well have become their own religions with their own tenants disguised as truth. Both mix well with the evolutionary religion of many scientists. The existence of giants does present a problem for them that has to be answered or their religion fails. He has merely rebutted his own misunderstanding in accordance of his "faith" and some of some honestly mistaken theories from Christians of the Bible and giants. When the truth is found it will be done by persons honest enough to interpret the evidence without bias. Trying to disprove scripture is a bias.

7 years ago

I had to stop watching this halfway through. I hate any kind of documentary or lecture given from someone claiming to be a "skeptic" because 9 times out of 10 they are complete @-holes. This guy certainly fits the bill true to form. He starts off trying to sound all scientific and open minded but he can't hold it together very long and soon starts presenting opinion as fact and making fun of the opinions and he's spotlighting.
There are points where he shows the other side of the argument to certain claims (which is good) and a lot of it debunks some "fringe" creationist claims.
Then he starts just pointing to the opinions of scientists as fact that debunks the creationists alternative claims. What the hell? No one needs your documentary for that!. The creationists were well aware of the generally accepted theories before as were the rest of us. That's why they call the creationists theories "ALTERNATIVE"!
Anyway, then this nimrod just starts mocking people openly. At one point he seems to be using the fact that one creationist has a different theory about how giants originated then another as some sort of proof debunking the first theory in itself.
It would have been nice if this person just stuck to splicing clips of other people together instead of trying to be the star himself.

Skepticism has become a religion and most people are simple full of crap when they claim to be "debunking" things. They act like the other side wasn't aware of conventional wisdom and now that they've stated it in their film the problem is solved. Theory "Debunked!"!

This video is total cr*p so don't waste your time.

8 years ago

Many ancient texts speak of giants. The Iliad, for example.

And archaeologists have found "giants," or at least very tall people compared even to modern people, such as the Mummies of Urumchi, Celtic people found deep in central Asia, many standing 6'6" or taller, even the women.

9 years ago

The written traditions started at the time Israel came out of Egyptian slavery. They were persecuted as a race and treated like livestock by their rulers. Under this condition, superstitions and false ideas filled the minds of the ordinary Israelite. Fact is only Moses was raised a nobility who got training and formal education. The rest of the Israelites know their roots from oral traditions, most likely from folk lore or recreating stories in a sensational, exaggerated and less sober style.

Moses too had an issue. In fact God rejected Moses for his inability to show the Almighty to the Israelites. This happened when Moses failed to acknowledge the power of God before Israel by giving thanks after God granted the wish of the community to give them water.

Moses wanted to save his work and effort for posterity, leading to the written account of his misadventure. Yet the nation of Israel - conditioned as slaves - regarded Moses as the great prophet, not understanding that Moses failed to lead them to God too - proof of which is written as the reason why Moses had to die in the desert as punishment or sign that he failed in this mission..

Perhaps the primitive language or crude literary form and expression of lore by Israel got to share blame for the exaggerations and confusions that Scriptures contain. Realize that in those days, folk lore or story telling was the media mode of public communication and entertainment. This style is comparable to ancient or classic compilations prior to publishing and the science procedure such as Arabian Nights or Aesop's Fables

For this reason, Jesus had to come down from heaven to show men the Way to God. His advise was to let the Holy Spirit guide you to the knowledge or Truth of the Scriptures. People may never realize the issues or what really happened unless it is the Holy Spirit explaining it.

Indeed God is the author of history since men may try or attempt to create history yet God always has the final say. God's Word is absolute so that Scriptures would prove that the disobedience of Israel never prospered.

susan g
9 years ago

I haven't watched the doc yet, nor have I read all the comments, so I don't know if this has been mentioned.

Since humans have been getting taller through time it would stand to reason they were much smaller in biblical times. There is a medical condition called acromegaly. People with this condition can grow to be as tall as 8ft! They not only grow to enormous heights, but their hands, feet, and features are also very large. Think how someone with this condition 7-8 ft tall would look to the average person of say 5ft? They would have most certainly looked like giants!

10 years ago

Not worth the time.

Fred Harding
10 years ago

Reply to: Robertallen1

Anyone can write a book--and I understand you have another volume on breast cancer. What are your qualifications, especially in biology and medicine? Furthermore, it's obvious that you have posted here merely to promote your book and I'm certain that the moderators will deal with this appropriately.

P.S. In light of a six-day creation, a talking snake, the resurrection, the differing accounts in the synoptic gospels, anyone who claims the bible is reliable is immediately suspect and certainly not entitled to any respect.

Since when does research require qualifications? Many of the most important discoveries were made by people not involved in a "recognised profession". However, to answer you question regarding my

1.Another volume on breast cancer. What are your qualifications, especially in biology and medicine?

For the book(s) I worked with three professors at the University of Washington and a pharmaceutical company "Artemisia BioMedical, Inc as well being involved with Breast Cancer Fund and COSHH, so although personally I am not medically qualified as such, those people are. In fact in the coming book the MD of Artemisia Biomedical will be writing a foreword for the book.

As an example of my research capabilities, I am not a minerologist but my book on North Molton Gold is described by the owner of the land Peter Stucley, the youngest son of Sir Hugh Stucly and the Great grandson of George Wentworth Warwick Bampfylde, 4th Baron Poltimore (1882-1965).

Upon first reading my book he wrote and said, "You have done a really marvellous job! It was a fascinating read. Over the last 30 years or so I have gleaned various snippets of information from the family archives, but this is the first time (that I am aware of) where somebody has pulled everything together in such a detailed and concise manner. It is a mineralogical thriller!"

A major mining concern has read my book and found what it contained worthy enough to carry out some expensive sampling of the mine with a view to commence mining operations after 150 years.

As for my book I mentioned and the topic here, the Bible does not say there were giants only Nephilim. An entire chapter is devoted to demonstrating this fact. I am more than willing to add this chapter as a post if I am permitted to do so. Oh and by the way, I do not believe in six days of creation and as for miracles, a visitor from the past would believe that being able to speak to someone at the other end of the world, machines carrying hundreds of passengers in the air - miracles. Just because we are not told the technology behind the Biblical miracles does not mean that they did not happen.

As for respect, this I am not seeking. I am merely pointing out that just because someone believes in something religiously (evolution) , does not mean that it is right and if that person is not prepared to look beyond their belief system then they are not worthy of respect.

10 years ago

Received your e-mail on problems with discus. Tried to respond to it directly, but it has been deleted. Thank you for researching this.

10 years ago

Oxymoron story could not see it in its entirety YAWN

10 years ago

Silly movie, This is the 21st century for gawds sake! Wishful thinking for small people to look to the heavens to a BIG guy who will listen to our prayers and make the sun shine on our parade day.
I'll make it real simple for all you religious folks out there in never neverland.
Isn't it strange to you, that no matter where you were born. God ordained YOUR religion to be the true one? IF you were born in India, more than likely you'd be a Hindu or a Moslem!
Lucky us in the USA, we were "given" this land by a Xian god named Yeshua , who happens to be a Jew!. And folks this is the TRUE (tm) religion for most of us, Patriotic Americans.
Sorry Jews, you had your chance! But God did "give" you guys Israel and made you "The Chosen Ones". Impressive!
Religions Suck! NOTHING divides man more than religious beliefs, we are all brother animals.

Phillip Galinsky
10 years ago

I don't think that it's worth my time to watch this documentary, but I'm interested in knowing which bible passages refer to giants. Many ancient mythologies refer to giants - could these tales have been passed down orally through generations since the time of the coexistence of homo sapiens and neanderthals? The passages themselves might reveal some clues to this, so if anyone watches this long enough to see which passages these are, I'd be grateful if you posted the passage titles or pasted the passages themselves as a reply to this comment.

kris sto
10 years ago

Ohhh!! ''Giants of the bible''...time to educate my self! Yippee!!!

Andrew Drew
10 years ago

So they are using the
King James Bible to support their argument.
Try looking into the original
languages of scripture with a Hebrew
Or Geek dictionary to
get to the original meaning of a word and
how it has been

10 years ago

people still think the bible is fact?WOW

10 years ago

Hardly any use in disputing the Bible Skeptic since his stated agenda clearly colors his views. In almost everything he does, Bible Skeptic sets up his straw men, knocks them down, and then thinks he has exposed the poor Christians for fools. For the sake of viewers, here are a few items to consider:
1. While some "so called giants" are given actual height measurements, the defining characteristic of the nephilim were that they were "mighty men of renown" of which great height is not a requirement. It represents influence.
2. The bible mentions the nephilim in a manner that suggests that who and what they were was common knowledge. Clearly, information has been lost regarding their origin and identity.
3. Bible Skeptic spends most of his time addressing concepts of giants that are based in fairy tales or television programs of recent times while very little is known of the Nephilim.
4. Several words have been incorrectly translated as "giant" meaning a gigantic human. For example, the word "rephaim" is not originally a word that means giants but refers to to dead ancestors.

There are more, but I'll let the reader do their own research. However, it's pretty clear that bias plays an enormous role in how things are presented. The neo-athiest would claim that christians have a "god of the gaps" and
that soon science will provide explanations that will dispel iron-age
myths. And yet this hubris is based on such poor science. Here are a few well-known examples as food for thought:

Reports of recent genetic testing indicates the possibility of Neanderthal DNA in the human genome of people of European decent was accepted as gospel (sorry) rather quickly. Isn't that rather close to what the bible was saying regarding a dilution of the human bloodline?

All the so-called evidence for human evolution would still fit, with room to spare, inside a single coffin. The NY Times reported "That makes a rather poor sample from which to draw conclusions."

Until fairly recently, it was accepted that evidence for a Israelite civilization was non existent. Now, because errors in the timeline have been exposed, a wealth of artifacts are being reexamined and reclassified as Israelite. Since the bible reports that the Nephilim were tracked down, destroyed and their cities burnt, how much evidence would you expect to find?

Supposedly, the Argument from Design was defeated by the Multiverse theory (if there are an infinity of universes, then the odds of having a universe fine-tuned for life becomes inevitable) so the math demonstrates that a designer is not needed. But this idea falls under its own weight because it depends upon absolute infinities which do not exist outside in the real world. There is a difference between ideas popularized by best-selling authors (who sell books) and speakers, and peer-reviewed and supported scientific theory. Real mathematicians (information scientists) avoid talking about the multiverse the way that other scientists (who only use math) do.

Pretty clear that bias continues to filter what documentaries get posted to TDF, as well.

10 years ago

It would have been nice if the film maker had any kind of expert, i.e. medical doctors, geneticists, to support his claim that a human would be unable to live at, say, 15 feet tall. Without independent verification, what he said is nothing more than an opinion. Further, I think it's inappropriate to compare biblical giants to what we now call gigantism, which is a hormonal disorder. If there were a race of giant humans, it's inconceivable that they all suffered from a hormonal disorder and were able to thrive as a race or species. I mean only to point out problems in the film's argument without regard to my personal beliefs; although I think it's unlikely to be seen this way, I intended my comments as an objective observation.

10 years ago

I wish the makers of this film had delved a little deeper into those pictures of giant skeletons. Had tried to find the source of those pictures and then go on to actually find those skeletons. I'm sure they would have found nothing but I think a solid discrediting of those pics are warranted. This video did not prove hoax, only stated that they were photoshopped. Somebody took those pictures. Find them and talk to them and force them to show us the skeletons. I doubt they will ever find the photographers but it would sure be funny to watch some of those who use those pics as evidence squirm when confronted and asked to verify the authenticity of those pics. That way we can finally put those foolish pictures to rest.

10 years ago

believers beware as this documentary acts like a prick to your bubble & if you want your bubble unscathed then you have to be that prick!

10 years ago

I'm sorry for the people that take bible even a littlebit - real.