Working Man's Death: Brothers

Working Man's Death: BrothersIt's snowing in Shamorgar, a little Pakistani mountain village near the border to Afghanistan. Ramadan is over. The harvest is in. Corn, onions, potatoes, and tomatoes are being stored for the winter.

It's calm in the village. A blacksmith is repairing hooks, rakes, shovels, and plows. The owner of the general store opens for business. The muezzin calls to prayer. His voice echoes across the vast landscape.

The Pashtuns are big, proud, and strong. The men speak softly, are seldom loud. They themselves say they can perform the most grueling tasks and are not afraid because they have been chosen by Allah to do so.

That's why they are generally the ones who make the long journey from the mountains in the north to Southern Baluchistan. Here they scrap huge ships. Piece by piece they cut apart the gigantic hulls until all that remains are small sections of steel plate.

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  • dewflirt

    Love the scale of it all, they look like borrowers in Steampunk costumes :)

  • PaulGloor

    Most of those guys are out there barefoot !!

  • Classifieds Weekly

    Where is the ending! They should have got more personal with these tough taliban guys! Like their home personal lives etc! Anyway good one!

  • Actof Courage

    Americans should do a summer job there. We are so spoiled compared to the rest of the world. Shame on us.

  • Malchik

    Assuming these workers are with the Taliban?

  • Amir Shafi

    These workers are innocent people to make ends meet. Labeling them anything but pure hardworking, bread winners is insult to all humanity. Please note that best think western media does negative labeling.

    Taliban's a nobody but freedom fighters, fighting against foreign aggression, first Russia and now NATO. The are proud people of a historical land. So please avoid such comments, after all they are the ones who are at the loosing end.

  • drinker69

    The Amir!

  • drinker69

    I used to do restoration in Toronto in my flip flops. It's not a big deal Paul.

  • drinker69

    In Egypt they would work all day for bread and beer. That's basically how they built all the temples, pyramids etc. Other then banging chicks, what else is there for a dude?

  • drinker69

    Shame on you you contrived mendicant. Go and do it then or are you so choked that Micheal Phelps finished 4th in the 200m 'mens' gaystroke you'd rather lecture us all on how to live our western lives? You sound like the type who watches Oprah to keep his old lady sweet. Put up or shut up and go do it for a summer. Either that or shut your pie hole about how 'enlightened' you (we) could've been.

  • drinker69

    Amen brother! That's exactly what people want to know about! Behind the scenes with the Taliban.
    -how to wipe without TP
    -how to play with rocks and reject plumbing
    -how to find boys, animals, other men more sexually appealing then women.
    -how not to have a personal life or a home.
    -the 72 virgins you get will be other members of the Taliban

  • cindy d

    not to their women are they freedom fighters

  • cindy d

    why are americans spoiled we worked for our freedom

  • PaulGloor

    My personal experience with heavy objects suggests boots required :-P

  • Nyna Petrov

    I think we can dispense of the name calling, after reading some of the comments I just read, this is trivial compare to what these hard working men go through. We must remind ourselves that these are human beings and they should not have to go through what they endure on a daily basis to bring bread to the table especially in this century.

  • PaulGloor

    Haha yeah.. I dont think they had health coverage, safety team or a union though. :-P

  • Al Corrupt

    Some of the comments here are really foul. Rascist ***holes. You drag your culutre down - if you even have a culture anymore.