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Since we all inhabit the Earth, all of us are considered earthlings. There is no sexism, no racism, or speciesism in the term earthling. It encompasses each and every one of us, warm or cold-blooded, mammal, vertebrae or invertebrate, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, and human alike.

Humans, therefore, being not the only species on this planet, share this world with millions of other living creatures as we all evolved here together. EARTHLINGS is a feature length documentary about humanity's absolute dependence on animals (for pets, food, clothing, entertainment, and scientific research) but also illustrates our complete disrespect for these so-called "non-human providers." The film is narrated by Academy Award nominee Joaquin Phoenix (GLADIATOR) and features music by the critically acclaimed platinum artist Moby.

With an in-depth study into pet stores, puppy mills and animals shelters, as well as factory farms, the leather and fur trades, sports and entertainment industries, and finally the medical and scientific profession, EARTHLINGS uses hidden cameras and never before seen footage to chronicle the day-to-day practices of some of the largest industries in the world, all of which rely entirely on animals for profit.

Powerful, informative and thought-provoking, EARTHLINGS is by far the most comprehensive documentary ever produced on the correlation between nature, animals, and human economic interests. There are many worthy animal rights films available, but this one transcends the setting. EARTHLINGS cries to be seen. Highly recommended!

Directed by: Shaun Monson

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  1. An excellent introduction to the subject, I was referred to this film after watching a debate on the topic. After my initial viewing I was determined to pull the film apart with some serious fact checking. Sadly, even today everything in the film can be verified as not only true but still widespread.

  2. Gotta love a doc that tries to debate morality simply because other things exist, which is dumb. So many things on this earth would kill us without hesitation, yet we have to pretend life is all about not harming anything ever? Ok, so can we get back to reality? Or we just going to preach silly philosophical babble that at best amounts to one big circle jerk?

    1. You didn't even watch it.

    2. Totally rude. You're obviously one of the bad people. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    3. There are some animals that might eat us if they had to. Lions, maybe, or sharks. But they'd be doing it because they need it to survive. Humans don't need animal products to survive, yet we still kill them, and in the most horrific and unecessary ways.

    4. Hmmm, don't do it for the animals .. do it for yourself! Our survival depends on them. We don't paint office cubicles and computer screens on our children's walls. We paint nature and animals and birds on their walls - to tell them that they are not alone. A happy atmosphere with happy animals around us is good for our health and brain and soul. It's just beautiful!! Take a moment to think!! Just close your eyes and feel!!!

    5. Saying other animals would kill us is just redirecting a nonexistent blame. We systematically kill billions of animals every year by raising them unnaturally whether that means with antibiotics or in cages for their entire lives. There is absolutely nothing natural or ethical about this, you choose to ignore this reality by calling it a circle jerk and redirecting blame.

  3. @willej: As far as what should be obvious but clearly isn't due to the on purpose, extremely poor education systems, and the too many lazy minds which refuse to educate themselves... There are about 16 different stomach types in humans, some of which are radically different in design and function. By comparing them to other animals, it would seem that some are more designed to process meat than others. I for one cannot eat that much grain or my stomach and the rest complains to the point I have learned not to. Hence the search for information beyond the typical school and media emotionalizing nonsense. Now eating meat that has been commercially produced in a feed lot can be just as bad, since cattle were not designed to eat corn either. Grain is a carbohydrate and the prevalence of low carb diets tend to align with the fact that many people don't do well on grain, especially corn. There does seem to be a large number of people that can function well on rice.

    So if you want corn, there is plenty for you ... and plenty of doctors waiting down the road to perform expensive procedures like heart bypass, liposuction, stents. And big pharma wants you chowing down on all that corn and corn fed animals so they can sell you blood pressure meds and meds to counteract the other poisons they put in those so they can sell you more.

  4. So many people are commenting about how if we didn't eat animals then we wouldn't have enough to feed ourselves that I feel I should mention an obvious (or at least I thought so) fact. We need to feed the animals that we eat a lot more food (mostly grains that we ourselves could eat) than we get from their meat. The lowest estimate for the conversion rate of corn to beef, for example, is 4.5 to 1. Even if we let animals graze freely, we could be using that land for farming and producing a lot more food. I get that it's so easy to rationalise the things that you want to do, but the truth is that in today's world there really is no good rational reason to continue eating meat (given the animal suffering it causes, as well as the pollution and environmental damage).

  5. Hello Fellow commanders!

    I'm halfway through this propaganda advertisement video. I was considering joining your vegan colt. For some obscure reason this movie just made me want a steak though. Usually a $5.99 T bone steak would suffice, but for some enigmatic reason this flick made me go all out. I bought a gourmet free range eye fillet. The bad boy set me back $14.99. To top It off as well, I accidentally cooked it to medium. So I had to throw it in the bin and buy a new one. Oh well. I've got my medium rare in front of me now though. I'll finish the second part of the advertisement and check back in with you guys shortly.

    1. You Mean Cult? not Colt.... I'm not Vegan or an Animal Activist but I am a firm believer that if you're going to be mean towards others online saying things that you would probably never say to someone's face then you should at least know how to spell.

    2. Your body is a graveyard!! I pity you!! If God would ever be kind enough to open your eyes, you will cry. Its a realization which when it happens - comes as a shock!! When it occurred to me I cried for days. You see - I was never close to animals, I was neutral and thoughtless. And I wasn't an avid meat eater but I was very dependent on milk products when one day I found a small puppy whose mom had died. I took pity on it and let him in. He changed everything - the way I looked at animals .. everything!! And slowly it began to dawn on me - I began to actually see - the plight of every animal .. cuz they all have the same innocent baby eyes as my puppy. I researched more and then one day something broke inside me - a dam and ever since then i stopped meat and I am on my way to be completely vegan.

    3. who cares

    4. You sound completely ridiculous.

  6. Ive thought a lot about how the treatment of none free range animals are and the treatment of free range animals. None free range animals no nothing but the misery they live. Free range animals are given space and good amounts of food. Killing a none free range animal would be a good deed for they no longer have to suffer. Killing a free range animal is putting an end to a slightly enjoyable life of the animal. I agree however that some of the ways we keep animals is quite extreme.

    1. EBONY G.
      That's because your one warped,sick individual, with physcopathic feelings, we'll send you to the nearest factory farm next week,you can then experience real suffering,cry out for your steak there.nobody is coming. send a telegram,while boiled alive. enjoy your steak, nobody cares if you check back or not,your not worthy of this world,those animals are.CALLOUS DERANGED SAD OBJECT.TRISHA

  7. The best movie i have ever seen! everybody must watch it!!!

  8. This movie was by far one of the toughest to get through. It's so disturbing and it took me several attempts to power through but I don't regret watching it. Would give it an 8/10

    1. WHY??

  9. I am so comfortable to be in the same company as people like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, and Jane Goodall who all observed vegetarian diet purely on the basis of logic and morality.

  10. That's why its called the Vegan-maker! Glad of it.

  11. Without a doubt the most amazing documentary on animal cruelty I've ever seen. I am deeply touched by it. Not only does it make me sad and depressed that we humans are capable of such cruelty and greed and insensitivity, it makes me furious that people are continuing to let this happen. I always though I was just one person and that there's absolutely nothing I could possibly do to fight such a big and unfortunately growing industry. But how can you watch this and not want to help these poor, innocent, defenseless creatures? HOW?? People, you all have now seen the atrocity going on behind closed doors. Now go do something. Anything. Spread the word about what's really ending up on our plates and in our stores. These animals don't have a voice- give them one!

  12. I wonder if free range or "kobe" beef are happy...

  13. Who are these people that they can work in such conditions and do that to other living things? I think I lost my appetite for meat! No wonder we as a human raise are getting sicker every year. I can't even comprehend we are doing this!

  14. This is freaking horrendous. These poor animals.... How can people do this to other animals? It's as bad as murdering a human. Maybe even worse because these poor animals are innocent and don't have a fighting chance against a human. I'm not vegetarian but I'm taking it into serious consideration because i just don't think i can eat another piece of meat without thinking of this video.

  15. Im a vegetarian but after seeing this movie im going VEGAN for sure!!!!!!!

  16. I thank this documentary for showing me the truth after I didn't want it to see it for one and a half being a vegetarian... I had no more questions after watching this, I knew that this will NOT be happening because of me anymore, I went vegan.

    And it was one of the best decisions I've ever made, I've never felt so good about myself as I do now.

    Everybody should see this video, please show it to your family and friends even if they don't want to see it.

    As written on their site: "We must not refuse with our eyes what they have to endure with their bodies"

    Live in peace

  17. i wonder if cows know there delicious

    1. I wonder if cows know that Thomas Bard is an ***hole. I bet they do.

    2. I wonder if cows know that Thomas Bard probably ate 5 of their cousins since the time he posted that comment haha I wonder if cows know that Kevin is a pu$$y.

    3. Thomas Bard is NOT smarter than a third grader. Learn how to spell and use punctuation, you moron.

  18. Most people I know are too cowardly to watch this documentary. That is all it is; cowardice. They are afraid of seeing what they know goes on. Out-of-sight: out-of-mind.

    1. I do understand how people would be hesitant about watching because even people that care about animals may not be able to stand to see what goes on in slaughterhouses, labs, etc. But that's a bit ignorant, you really should know (aka watch the documentary!)

  19. The americans are parasites, and they will consume everything, and at the end they will consume themselves. The humans are too greedy to stop...

    1. And Americans are different from people of other countries how? I mean, I know us Americans have slightly different lifestyles than most other nations, but your comment seemingly insinuates that other countries don't "consume" meat, or breed animals as pets. We simply have a different way of life, but is that not what makes every country unique? I don't expect you to respond with anything intelligent, but please do your best to answer my question or clarify this comment which basically says that only Americans consume things, not all human beings.

    2. lol Americans don't have a slightly different lifestyle than other countries. America is the fattest nation in the world!! it's lifestyle is very different from most countries. We have HUGE factory farms and even larger agrafarms to feed the livestock in factory farms. All of those crops and government subsidies could be used to feed our country, and the world, healthy food instead of supplying patties for McDonalds. I understand that this film and others' statements may challenge and offend viewpoints you've held for a long time, but try to keep an open mind and do your own research before jumping the gun and getting offended. Follow the independent research, not the propaganda.

    3. I always do my own research and think for myself, I follow no propaganda and no aspect of my comment suggests anything of that nature. Just because America has a higher percentage of overweight people doesn't make it a bad country. You act like overweight people are of lesser importance than "fit" people. If you think America changing it's ways of raising livestock would feed the world and stop world hunger, it appears that you are the one who needs to "do the research". 30,000 people a day die of hunger. In the time that it has taken me to write this, and you to read this, probably around 50 people have dropped dead from hunger.

    4. The most evil people in the world are the Asians who skin dogs alive and slow boil them alive because they believe that suffering makes the meat taste better. Demonic!

  20. its just....horrible...seen this video 6 yrs ago, made it till about 45mins and still not able to watch the rest. Still remember everything like it was yesterday. All the pain in the eyes of every poor animal had to deal with. The worst thing ive seen in my life and i couldnt get over it yet. I hope i never will cus this mustnt be forgoten! Everyone should see this and change this horrible, horrible way how human being can treat the poor little animals who did nothing wrong. Like those dogs dying with love in their eyes and have no idea whats going on. Too helpless. Too cruel! We cant ignore this fact anymore!!

    1. Thank God,someone who is sane,read other comments,Phsycopaths society.NO ANIMAL ever should suffer like this,the agonising pain they are made to endure at the hands of man,they are the innocents,who gave us love ,trust,companionship,no animal does what we do to fellow man,they defend when threatened,protect their young.I am now vegetarian because of this,NEVER did I think I would see such heartbreaking cruelty to the helpless.sign every petition as I have,MP. Write to Goverment, CRY FOR THEIR SUFFERING AT THE HANDS OF THE HUMAN RACE.

  21. this documentary grabs you by the throat.
    After watching it, I choose to become vegan.
    I agree with some of the other comments: it would not be bad to have a kind of a warning-sign: this movie is way to harsh for children.

    1. Everything eats other living things to survive. It's a fact of life.

      But we really don't have to torture the animals we've chosen to become our domestic partners. (Did they possibly choose us as well? Certain plant and animals species have benefited greatly by teaming up with humans. But industrial 'production' of living beings is abhorrant.)

      Better even than becoming vegan, become an activist to change the way our co-dependent domestic animals are treated. For an example of this, if you aren't aware of her work yet, check out Dr. Temple Grandin. She's a great role model.

      If you do choose to become vegan, make sure you fill all your protein needs--its not hard, but a little attention is required. We're omnivores, we can pretty much eat anything.

      But if you have a cat, please, for goodness' sake, do not try to impose your new morality on it--cats are missing the ability to synthesis certain nutrients from vegetables the way we and dogs can. Cats, unlike us, truly are carnivores.

    2. I am now also vegan after watching this film. This is a film that every human being (18+) should be forced to watch. The 'meat paradox' must end people. Wake up!

    3. me too i became vegan after watching this documentary. It may be too graphic for children to watch but isnt that sheilding them from reality? isnt it better for them to know the truth at a young age so their choices will be more compassionate in their future?
      Just a thought.x

    4. there are definitely other ways of teaching compassion and respect to other living beings to children, rather than scar them for life.

  22. All I can say in general, I'm ashamed to be part of the human "species", supposedly the most intelligent, don't think so!

  23. The Human being is the only animal that destroys it's own habitat. And as long as there is Capitalism unfortunately it's not gonna change...

    1. Their is a warning,yes not for children,but all adults should watch this,not turn the other way.Myself could not stop crying,could not believe the cruelty,It is they who are forced to endure this not us,THE INNOCENTS?I am now vegetarian,I will go vegan,I sign every petition,I shall write to the Governments anything to stop this.Never will I forget the torment and pain they endure.

  24. dont bother watching this the quality of the video is beyond poor. listening to it however is not awefull

  25. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to be born into a society where imperical study has given us unprecedented information as to the nutritinal requirements of human beings,any criticism of this documentary can hardly exceed the wisdom of comparing chattel with plant life.

  26. I think that we should all hang our heads low what we are doing to animals its wrong. We are killing the animals the planet and each other. There is no reason to eat meat i use to eat meat myself. I went on to veg and i am much better in myself happy and well being. You should try it give it a go. earthlings should be awake up call to all of us. We cant keep going on like this . You dont mess with mother nature.

  27. I can't remember how long I was able to watch this documentary for before I just had to turn it off. However much you get through, 30-45 minutes like me, or the full thing, this documentary will most likely leave a lasting impression on you. Having Joaquin Phoenix doing the narrating was a great choice. He really has a somewhat naturally haunting and dark tone.

  28. who is the author?

  29. Human beings are the only species that have some decision on what they put into their mouth.To assume that it is more moral to eat animals then each others is only splitting hairs.How big a step will it be from eating animals to litterally having your neighbores for supper.To the savage gluttion meat is meat is meat because it tastes so good.The human carnivores insatiable desire for sense enjoyment has rendered then stupefied.And when some Earthlings can no longer afford their SUV and are forced to take them off a cliff I suggest that they pack a pork sandwich and a sleeping bag for its going to be a longs ways back down.

    1. I hardly believe it is for sense enjoyment. Most of these animal products are tasteless carbon copies of the same burger patty or glass of milk, over and over. It is consumed more and more because western society brainwashes the world into eating it "for protein" (which is actually easily and best derived from plants) and because it is laced with addictive ingredients. Why? Because it is very, very good for western business.

  30. Humans are the only species that have some decision on what they put into their mouth.To assume that eathing animals is more moral then eating each others is only splitting hairs.And how big a step will it be to go from eating
    animals to litterally having your neighbors for supper?To the savage glutton meat,is meat,is meat because it tastes so good.The human carnivores desires for sense enjoyments have rendered them stupefied.When some Earthlings can not longer afford to keep their SUV and will be forced to drive them off a cliff I suggest that they pack a pork sandwich and a sleeping bag,for its going to be a long ways back down.

  31. Difficult to be brief here; so my apologies in advance. I also have limited - if nothing - in the way of constructive criticism to offer here too. I suppose I'm being rather selfish. As I am a "newbie", please can I ask this be pardoned. Why am I saying all this then? First of all I love this site, but to be honest I am totally stunned by the images I've seen in this video; and for me this video crossed the line; and I admit now, I may be writing this more out of my gut reaction than anything, rather than out what makes sense in relation to the video EARTHLINGS. My only hope is that other TDF surfers/members might scroll to the comments board here before viewing this video, because I think this would be seriously traumatic viewing for those not already hardened by other similarly distasteful images (would a forewarning "graphic" caption in parenthesis be a good idea on the video title perhaps; or would this (censorship) be contrary to the political sensibilities of TDF? just a question that's all - I am torn between two positions). I'm not saying turn the other cheek and to advocate ignorance; at least my own ideals say that. However, I am saying there needs to be more effective information here with such video materials to better forewarn the viewer of what they're about to see. On the subject: This is bleak, utterly hellish. Apart from the one-note theories on actions of Capitalism/Globalisation being the responsible cause - or ourselves equally as part of that ecosystem - I cannot but wonder why there is such suffering in the animal kingdom by ourselves through our direct actions; where suffering comes from; why it's always been and will probably always be; and whether our knowing/knowledge of such things will ever be enough to undo or stop these "bad" things occuring. I have been an atheist for approx 5 years, and so a "loving creator" for me just doesn't wash, nor wash away the amount of blood and suffering captured on film in this video. I think the term "sick" would be most appropriate (no offense meant). No disrespect to TDF.

    1. You do not need to apologize for being new, I do warn you not all criticism on here is constructive :). Some people seem to just enjoy provoking drama. This video sadly is not the 1/2 of it and what is happening to animals caught in the China fur trade is beyond a normal persons imagination. If you love animals, it is worth looking into.
      China is extracting organs from LIVE, CONSCIOUS, Falun Gong prisoners and selling the organs at the highest $ possible & nothing is being done, that being said, we are all in grave danger.

    2. Thank you Leslie for your reply. I'm not surprised such things are happening. In addition, North Korea has a pretty appaling human rights record too. What will they think of next, one wonders..

    3. Nothing wrong with showing the reality of all the horrors these creatures suffer at the hands of the "human race", not knowing, or pretending not to know by closing our eyes makes us as guilty as the people doing it. The scariest part, is thinking that most of the time the reality is far worse than what we see on the screen, the good part? Somehow we are the solution to most of the problems of this world, after all is our world and we have a saying on whats going on!

    4. Thank you for your reply. I think I was just making a despirited statement on the video/subject, and so I appreciate your attitude on the notion of not turning a blind eye (I agree), in the face of such knowledge and awareness of these things; that is, to inform and promulgate these goings on. But where do you draw the line on the injustices of the world? (sorry if that's a ridiculously open-ended question). How can the exposure of such gruesome stuff continue to be ignored? Why is most propaganda negative?

  32. We are all caught in this machine, not just animals. The same machine has sent generations of men to die in pointless wars and condemns millions to starve while ample food rots elsewhere. The truth dawns when one realizes there is an inorganic actor on the planet, a type of organism which does not think, perceive or feel, yet directs the behaviors of nearly all human beings. We call these organisms Ideas.

    It is not that humans are callous and do not feel, it is that they are ruled by ideas, abstract, linguistic programs that are as incapable of feeling as a computer virus. Simply choosing not to eat ham will not delete these programs. Victory will only come when human beings stop reacting to Ideas emotionally as if the things were alive and take back control over their own minds. When ideas return to being just tools and one needs to go to a museum to learn about religion and nationalism, then, maybe, we will have overcome this hurdle in our evolution.

    tldr: Earth has malware

    1. WWJD5
      Partly understand where you are coming from. But this is happening,no constructive reasoning,no excuses there is none,it will only always be if we stand by and allow this ,HITLER HAS gone down in history for his actions against the human race,this goes much further for me.WHERE IS COMPASSION FOR THOSE WEAKER WHO CRY FOR HELP,It does not matter the whys and wherefore it is happening,and it's got to be stopped.I no longer believe in God after seeing this.PITY THEM FOR GODSAKE.

  33. animals would definitely be better off without us, and so would the planet. the human species is a bacteria that spreads uncontrollably and destroys as it goes. if we wipe ourselves out, there would also be less animals as they wouldn't be forcibly bred. the populations of many species would narrow down, which would seriously slow down global warming and extinction. certain animals would have more room to evolve without our involvement.

    1. I agree. If we don't wipe ourselves out, mother nature will. She WILL correct herself.

  34. This is simply a distraction. Its too sensational to be a documentary. To me, it's a film that aims to divide and distract the narrow minded. Come on viewers, do you really think reality is that simple? Don't waste your valuable time. Move along please.

  35. If I was an animal, I'd eat other animals. Oh wait.

    1. if you were an animal, you'd hunt it down and kill it yourself.

    2. Not all animals are carnivores. If you insist on parroting the silly notion that we are omnivores, consider that we have long digestive tracks and real carnivores have claws and short digestive tracts to push out the rotting carcass. Just because we can doesn't meant we should. A banana fits in your hand and up your ass. Just because it fits up your ass you gonna put it up there too?

  36. Sensationalist - yes. However, as others have said, if we use, eat, and exploit other 'earthlings' then we should be aware of what some of their lives and deaths are like. True, most of this is USA industry controlled animal farming, feed lots, and slaughter houses - but there are some of these places in other countries as well and the trend is growing. Free range, grass fed, organic, non GMO are the labels we need to both require and look for... That said ... plants used for food, for medicine, for firewood and myriad other products for the needs of humans is also earthling speciesism & exploitation - we do use one another. The point if we look past the emotional overkill, is, I hope that we need balance, we need to look at what our countries, communities are doing to respect the food supply, to care for pets and to insure a future that is sustainable and humane. For me that includes paying more for better, advocating for seed variety, buying heirloom and local foods in season, advocating against Monsanto and Co's who intend to own the world's food supply, and all it's seed,etc. More of us need to grow our own, learn new skills, not just in feeding ourselves, but also in finding healthier alternatives to consumerism/energy resources/capitalism...We are destroying ourselves in physical as well as moral ways - little time is left (if any) to start getting it right. Good luck to all. -peace

    1. Madscirat
      Then think for your bloody self,you know torture and cruelty when you see it don't you.You know injustice don't you.Then STAND UP FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT.

  37. omg, no one can say that animals would be better without us!!! life is about survival of the fittest. honestly if humans didn't exist the animals would still slaughter each other to survive themselves. but I don't agree with killing animals for fun or sport, simply cause its a wast

    1. Unfortunately they would be. No one destroying their habitats, using them for amusement, and hunting them into extinction. Animals will not "slaughter themselves," because first of all the majority are herbivores. Second of all, they only hunt for survival, not fun, sport, or taste.

  38. Half this outstanding piece of work I thought I was watching a L Theroux doc on some American gaol where the system has been developed so that the inmates become one anothers' punishment. The people who impose and maintain animal torture/killing are a subhuman embarrassment to all of us and should be castigated by the exact same means. If every kitsch-head unquestioning meat eater could be made to watch this, Clockwork Orange matchsticks style, the animals' cause could benefit, but first you remove the sadist animal processors, by their ball5, kicking, 5hitting, pi55ing, squealing and bleeding, from their joyful employment . These guys have children that they smile with over breakfast before a hard day's torture?? Jeez I hope not. Well if any of you hell spawn are reading here, may you drown slowly in your own boiling excrement. Upside down.

    1. Granted I am now a pescetarian (vegetarian who eat fishes and fishes her own fish) for over 7 months now... I will never act like a condescending, cantankerous, holy-than-thou sh!t head vegetarian like you!You're the reason why hardcore meat eaters look down upon vegetarians. F- off! Wishing death upon those who kill and eat their own meat or those who eat meat off the market place isn't going to help your cause or that of the animals whom you are trying to liberate. >_> What helps is knowledge and compassion... not spiting and hurting. You're no better than the people whom you speak ill of.

      BTW I became a pescetarian because of logic.. I know I could hunt down a fish with my bare hands; whereas I can't do the same to a chicken, cow or any other land animal. I do it out of practicality... Not because of the animal feelings. Believe me nature and all other species could give two f&*ks if you were strapped down and eaten, so why should you care what others eat (who are you to judge? You're not God!). Nature is cruel and heartless. Even you hardcore vegetarians shouldn't overlook at that. If cornered and starving all species will eat one another regardless of so-called intelligence, ethics or some BS law in ones mind. This is why I don't use the "animal welfare" excuse for my diet. Animals don't care for my welfare just as billions of people don't care for welfare of each other. I eat mainly veggies for my own welfare... and again it is easier to grab and stuff my face with broccoli than chasing down some stupid chicken. Why spend energy when there are easier meals? Why spend $8 on chicken when there are $0.50 for a huge head of cabbage? Hell even fish is cheaper than chicken. The other day I brought two whole 10 oz garlic seasoned tilapia for $1. I also have no problem grabbing fish and killing it through snapping its neck with my bare hands. That's my excuse for being a pescetarian. I also learned that my ancestors weren't land livers, but sea dwellers, which explains why being on a strictly sea diet (this includes eating tons of seaweed...which is f-ing awesome!)I lost a lot of body fat, gained muscles, gained more energy and things like blood pressure, sugar levels, cholesterol, etc wet down. To me, people need to find a diet that works for them and that they know they can accomplish on their own without the help of corporation and advanced technology. I know I can hunt fish without harpoon, nets or guns, so I eat them. People who can't hunt the meat they eat, shouldn't eat it period. F-k ethics and morality... it's about whether or not one can actually continue that diet without corporate and societal help/assistance.

    2. Nature always balances out,and nature will bite back at mans interference Hayden Mayer. While you have the mindset that strongest survive God help us. Thousands of years nature has looked after this planet,always be predators it has balanced out,do your research . MANS GREED AND SADISTIC CRUELTY. Animals hunt for what they need,No animal does what man does to each other.Many species of animals are near extinction,some are,global water are warming coral reefs destroyed,nature has a balance man is destroying that.Watch earthlings again maybe then you will grasp the meaning and find some compassion.

  39. What the ****! Ok, KKK is shown as an example of racist then it shows women standing up for themselves against sexism as sexism....FAIL...

  40. This video made me hungry!

    1. Congratulations, you're what's wrong with the world.

  41. You would make a good translator. You really stirred the eric shitnest with that comment. What eric is probably too autistic to realize is your "nothing is simple" comment serves no real purpose other than to incite an eric tirade.

  42. Easy Bluesy, I think swearing is your second language. Also, violence begets violence so unless you're dishing out makeovers for would be animal executioners, it's all quite unbecoming. People just need to let the sense sink in. It's a supply and demand industry. We just need to vote with our wallets.

  43. I agree with you. Most of these quotes are baseless. We are better than animals and since we can distinguish savage behaviour, better yet, since we are Gods (until rightfully challenged), we can, and should set a better example. In my opinion. Otherwise what stops us from eating our neighbours young? Literally as opposed to figuratively, which is common. If we are and should be savages, why not get this steamroller coasting and abolish prisons and laws? Let's stop being "half way savages" and let the animal loose. I think according to you that would make sense.

  44. I like watching stuff like this while eating meat <.<

    I like to understand where and how my food got to my plate however i wont chance my habits unless the food is toxic to the level that it doesnt benefit you anymore.
    (The risk out weights the benefit)

    Also i keep in mind that when i die my body will root and nature will feast on me, in which i contribute to the natural system of endless bio Recycling.

    Endless it least till the Sun turns into a Super Nova and then even Natures Endless Cycle comes to a end.

    If there is a after life or a Heaven i wonder if will be Dependent on god to fix and change everything in it, or will humans run Heaven into the Ground and get kicked out :D

    Or will the Aliens step in with there galactic union and teach us how to coexist with out planet.

    Maybe we should create a A.I. consciousness and have it calculate our destinies, maybe we can escape into a digital world.

    Maybe lower our population numbers and focus more on the already living generations in order to teach them how to be more efficient with natural resources.

    Maybe Colonize space and send the elites there in case Earth turns into a giant garbage ball O.o

    Maybe send the most diverse and fit humans into Space and keep them in Cryostasis for when humans go extinct, like seeds :3

    These are just a few Futures we could create, if your reading this still my point is.

    We Humans are individuals so we all will always have our different ways of trying to achieve the same goal (more or less), So naturally humanity's weakness is we cant agree on one thing, (Even Governments are not ran the same world wide.)

    Humans are the most fascinating Animals i'ved ever Researched. Sadly i cant live long enough to see the eventual extinction of the species.

    Even tho nothing last for ever and everything comes to a END, dont let something as silly as END get you down. :D

    Even tho i try to see things in what i from my understanding call A Realistic Way, i never let it get to me :D

    Its not about the Goal but about the experiences and things we see and feel. :D

    1. if u die and buried in a coffin, u r not "biorecycling" or anything else except the cloth lining inside the coffin. if u get cremated and remained inside an urn, no recycling back to nature either. it also takes a lot of energy/fossil fuel to burn up the typical American fatty bodies down to bone flecks (that's what remains in cremation) so it can be "scattered". however, how many animals/fish do u know can live off bone flecks? therefore, ur argument of eating animals and when u die, ur dead body go back to nourish nature & animals is false. unless u opt for a green burial where they just dump ur fatty ass into a hole wrapped in biodegradable material.

  45. I can't watch this :( it has the power to ruin my day, or my WEEK!

    1. I know what goes on have seen footage here and there, literature, I am vegan purely because I think making a living thing suffer is sickening, I cannot watch this it is too hard, it will just make me wish I was dead. To those that aren't even affected in any way you don't even deserve to be living and wish you could experience torture and pain like this and be wiped off the earth... that'll soon cut down the population. Anyway, I will never log back on here to see all the dumb ass and f@#k wit and cruel comments that I will get in response.... so do so if you please but not for my benefit as I'll never come back on to read them. As far as I'm concerned we could do without most of the human population!

  46. who are these people that work in a slaughter house anyway?

  47. I know. the first time me and my wife tried to watch this we got to that point too. I finally watched this on my own. now i am a vegitarian for sure.

  48. i dont have the words

  49. This was very hard to watch, I wish this was what people were shown and taught. A heart wrenching documentary. I am afraid I will see my world pass away in my life time. I only hope that we as a species dont burn away with it. I wonder what my grand-children will say to me. It terrifies me utterly to think that I will be condemned as a monster. Good luck all, my best wishes. William

    1. Too Hard! Only got to the dog part.

    2. ".. I only hope that we as a species dont burn away with it" you say. This filming of our big dirty little secret condemns us as the monsters you specify. If we 'burn away' for sure there'll be some rejoicing animals. Would that be so bad a thing?

    3. Yes, pretty much every species of life on this planet would be better off w/o us, the only ones who would suffer are the ones we have completely domesticated and the ones we have specially bred for our pleasure!

      So imagine what life would be like on earth w/o imagine what life would be like for humans w/o animals.

      Fair, Right, Humane? Not !

      WE SUCK

      We have so overstepped what is right and inflated our sense of worth, shit, in Asia they largely practice insane torture (intentional) killings & Asia is not alone.

      I am not vegan, I am not sure I could accomplish that but buying large and buying local direct, I get grain fed, (hormone & GMO free) meat that I know is killed in the fastest, painless way possible & it does not have that red dye to make it look pretty but cause cancer.

      I will take a gun to my head before I buy anything new with Fur. I have not bought anything leather in a long time and don't imagine I ever will again.

      Anyone who wants to see true reality, go to youtube and lovinight, my section of beautiful creatures video's I found, but make sure you have plenty of tissue. This video is rated pg-13 and those are more like x, my opinion.

  50. The government doesn't even make the multinationals tell us where our food came from in Canada how about that Canada not the country we thought it was. Gone to hell in less than 5 years neo conservative rule.

  51. I like my meat but not when its beat.:(

  52. edit.

  53. Agreed. Though what I was referring to as blatantly stupid is assuming that 'kosher' is the better option, because clearly depicted in the video was the abuse in one such abattoir. There are also more than just that one example, across the board. In Australia we have food labels "Made from Imported and Local products", written such that the former is greater than 50% and the latter less than, though two ways they trick consumers is
    A; to import from a trusted country i.e New Zealand - who have imported the product from anywhere else in the world
    and B; to simply package the product in Australia, with a few other cheap ingredients. (which is really just 100% imported product ... more or less)

    Not all animals are mistreated, and I think the people themselves doing these acts need to be held accountable. No matter how humane and respectful and clean you make a process, you can still have an individual who may be perverted.

    This footage doesn't need to be used if educating viewers on mistreatment or of lifestyle alternatives. Its overkill, if I may use the term. My problem is with the footage mostly. Uhhh, but let us not forget that I am against the foul mistreatment of any animals.

    The narrator has a clear bias against consumption of meat, and intentionally references holocaust atrocities to stir emotions. It's walking the line to draw any parallel between destroying unloved pets, who would otherwise run the streets and be left without care, to the suffering and persecution of the Jews. One is mercy one is merciless.

    I support better standards, and that includes our behaviour towards each other and animals, as well as film making.

  54. Understanding where the food you buy comes from isn't blatantly stupid, it's responsible consumerism. The film at several points reveals the consequences of our consumption; the doc is simply a vessel of information, where the viewer decides in the end how they are going to use that information. You seem to place the onus of responsibility on industry, which has proved time in and out that it cannot be responsible on its own; footage like this reveals the consequences of our excessive consumption. I don't think this film is telling us all to become vegetarians, it's simply giving us the info to be more mindful of our purchases, to use our purchasing power accordingly. If people then decide to become vegetarian it is a personal choice; I wouldn't go as far as to say that meat is supposed to be consumed by humans either. We can survive without it

    Also, when footage like this is revealed, it mobilizes people to stand up to industry and demand greater accountability. Yes slaughterhouses are necessary, but not by the standards depicted in this film.

  55. well, I can only assume that this documentary has good intentions, and as Jordee says, the domesticated animals section was surely moving, but the delivery of the message is horrific. WHY should we all become vegetarian? Meat is supposed to be consumed by humans. Meat can come from many animals, and to say that we would all be vegetarian because we have to kill our own food is completely false. We humans have been killing our food for what, 60 000+ years ? If we killed our own I'm certain we would see far more 'humane' killing of livestock but not many more would stop eating meat. In fact, we refer to our food as "livestock" (living - product) rather than Herds and so forth because we keep them for food purposes. If you want to feed a great many people, and only have a few specialised people to do the job of killing, you use large numbers and make the process efficient. That is why we have slaughterhouses.
    To say this film has made you consider where you buy your meat is blatantly stupid. This film showed a "kosher" slaughterhouse where they were insanely inhumane, and bypassed procedure (for efficiency), so no matter where you buy, it still depends of the wankers who work there.

    Perhaps, in regards to the overpopulation of unwanted domestic animals, all pets should be neutered before purchase so there is really limited chances of unwanted breeding. NO, it will not mean the eventual demise of cats and dogs, because of course the pet stores and so on will have a demand for sales and so there will be licensed breeders, who will strive for excellence in breeding. The numbers of available pets will then be far more evenly matched to the numbers of willing owners. BAM. problem solved AND better breeding.

    Anyway, I stopped watching at 25 minutes. This film is irrationally biased. Thumbs down.

  56. I always make it a point to watch docs that will educate me as a consumer about any product or service. When I watched the doc Tapped my bottle water purchases and consumption decreased significantly. Also, after I watched Food Inc. my taste for McDonalds decreased. This doc definitely elicited my tears during the first part of the doc about domesticated animals. I tried to get my friends to watch it, but they wouldn't watch past the first 10 minutes, claiming it was too sad. The film is incredibly effective at following through on the emotional impact of the message on the audience; although I don't disagree with the message, the delivery was slightly manipulative...

    But hey, if ppl make a stance in their personal lives and become educated about i.e becoming vegetarian, giving vaccinations to pets etc then all the power to them and this film. Good message. I know Im much more conscious of where I buy my food, namely my meat and seafood.

    1. the old " too sad.." line is the tired old excuse. They know in advance they can't justify their meat diet having gone through that kind of truth overload. Tie them down with cats' intestines and make them watch it. Then serve them a lovely whopping egg bacon cheese burger, but tell them you 'hand reared all the happy animals yourself with tenderest love and human compassion..

  57. i say to every one watch this movie and expect what we are doing with our one life less than100 years old. we have one life same animal.

  58. this is the world greatest movie i think. i saw it. just after i had new eyes about animal and nature.

  59. Earthlings is another word for Monster....we must change or be damed

  60. Call me Mrs. hypocrite animal lover, no problem. You may give someone the shirt off your back today and tomorrow they will stab you in the back. People I have gone out of my way to help are the ones who treated me the worst in the end, where people whom needed no help, were the descent ones. This world is out of control.
    Imagine life w/o imagine animals lives w/o humans...we don't even deserve them. Animal testing,in the name of medical research. If we are trying to find real answers, why are the cancer cures not public? Why Aids, Sv40, toxic vaccines, etc? Keep testing and torturing, for $ not answers.
    Skinning alive intentionally in order to inflict the most pain possible at death, humans nature makes me ashamed to be one.
    I'll be proud to be what you call a hypocrite.
    God I hope these animals know justice of some kind someday.

  61. *eats her BK Chef choice burger* ...uh huh, keep on preaching the bs veggan religion... more meaty meals for the rest of us, thank you very much.

    1. You, are absolutely disgusting. It's quite clear from reading your posts that you aren't very intelligent either, kindly think before you type and keep your horrible jokes to yourself.

    2. This "comment" is disgusting and shows just how vile you are as a person. Clearly you have very little intelligence, a distinct lack of morals (not to mention respect..) Therefore kindly think before you type because your little joke is not funny.

    3. Ok Holy-than-thou a-hole. Acting all condescending and being cantankerous towards an online comment isn't going to help your cause.... so you think first before posting any insulting comments towards individuals you never met face to face or truly know. Sorry if I'm trying to help my own species first before trying to save the whole animal kingdom... if that makes me vile than so be it... but you should say that I'm so vile to the hundreds of children whom I helped escape from educational stigma and abuse of injustice system that traumatizes and belittles people with disabilities. I doubt your sorry a$$ have the patience or ability to teach psychotic young children with sever cognitive and intellectual disabilities to over come their disabilities. No... for you the welfare of other species who careless or don't show appreciation for your compassion is far more important than the pain and injustice that still occurs within your own species. GIVE ME A F-ING BREAK!

  62. I am vegan from this day forward. No more convincing needed. I can only hope that Karma plays a huge role in the lives of those workers in the slaughter houses who treat the condemned animals so viciously.

  63. the lack of education and sense of community has brought us to this point and it will take a long time to start to see a tiny change in these type of behavior... so sad i might not see cruelty ends so sad to be born out of a desirable time

  64. the lack of education and sense of community has brought us to this point and it will take a long time to start to see a tiny change in these type of behavior... so sad i might not see cruelty ends so sad to be born out of a desirable time

  65. When I saw this documentary four years ago, it took an entire week to watch it (I could only watch it in 15-20 minute increments). Once I finished it, I stopped eating beef and pork immediately. I lost the taste for it entirely. If I didn't feel like I would starve trying to be a strict vegan, I would have stopped eating fish and chicken too. There were a number of health issues that also went away when I STOPPED EATING BEEF AND PORK. I am very fit and exercise daily so I didn't think it would make that much of a difference but, when I stopped,

    1. My bad cholesterol (LDL) levels dropped dramatically;
    2. My good cholesterol (HDL) sky-rocketed;
    3. My hemoglobin levels dropped and I'm still not sure why. I am not diabetic but the doctors said I was exhibiting symptoms of pre-diabetes. It does run in my family. Either way, blood levels stabilized;
    4. I use to have this stomach/colon problem where I would cramp up really badly and then start bleeding rectally (sorry...I know it's gross). It started when I was 24 and would happen approximately every 2 years like clockwork. I had to have a colonoscopy each time it happened. They could never find anything. Doctors couldn't explain why it was happening. Well, it hasn't happened in the last 4 years. Maybe it's a coincidence? I don't know;
    5. My skin looks a lot healthier now and overall I just started feeling a lot better. This might just be all in my head. I'll accept that.

    ...Or maybe it was all in the beef!

  66. I think it is a crule reality for animals who are bread for large scale meat proccesing and such things , Saying that however I still eat meat and im not ashamed of that the key is respect for what it is you are eating, I would much rather eat an animal ive hunted and killed myself than an animal bread in a cage an killed in mass slaughter.

  67. Ya that about does it for animal products for me... was not a huge meat eater to begin with but even Milk, eggs, and cheese... can no longer eat those! All of these truths presented in the film are obviously not new ideas to anyone, however, I think the crude, without-restraint, and honest manner they are presented in may shock some people (like myself) into making a conscious shift.

  68. Almost everyone here is talking about being a vegetarian and animals slaughtered for their meat and so on...I am a vegan and have been so for almost a year now as I am only 18. I understand that for some people cutting meat and dairy out of their diets is not possible, and I don't expect for everyone to become a vegan. Everyone has their own opinions and needs and some diets just can not be altered. What I have a real issue with is animal experimentation, puppy mills and people wearing fur, leather, wool etc...These things are not necessity for ANYONE. You do not need to wear leather, it is an ignorant choice. Humans have become so greedy they feel they can take advantage of animals to make a fashion statement, it is disgusting. No matter what anyone says, studies have shown, animal experimentation is not necessary, nothing has every come of it, it is torture, plain and simple.
    I think people need to tackle these issues. These are the things that are fuelled on selfishness, ignorance and greed.
    As to eating meat, I wish that everyone did not, but that is probably an unattainable goal.

    1. If you eat beef there really isn't anything wrong with wearing leather. What's the alternative? Petroleum based vinyl?

  69. hi Aaylsworth....i watched this in May2011 and have been a vegetarian since then ..... so count me in !!! Hope to see more people joining in and for those who can't stop eating meat right away least reduce your meat intake ..... gradually...... "don't live in ignorance....get real".... and good luck folks .....

  70. I watched this in August and have been a vegetarian ever since....

  71. Re: Karmiccontrail

    "you can be eaten by preditors and be breed for meat and go through the slaughter house and when your upside down bleeding to death you will know that they were excuses and lies you told yourself after all"

    Does that sound like compassion to you?

    Maybe it would be more fruitful to encourage others instead of berating them. Also, maybe leave your personal agenda out of it? Initiating an objective dialogue is difficult enough without attacking the beliefs of others.

    This documentary provides an opportunity to examine the pathology of our collective existence. If you're open to such considerations, you may find this film enlightening.

  72. Unyielding documentary. Shocking, thought provoking, and difficult to ignore. Many will ignore it,however; some things are better not thinking about. For those who cannot ignore what they saw in this documentary, what are you going to do about it?

    1. I watched this in August and have been a vegetarian ever since.... Care to join me?

    2. went v*gan. best decision i ever did for health, Earth, and those who are voiceless yet are most abused, animals.

  73. Things are as they are.

    1. I guess when people murder and rape you say "Things are as they are".....

    2. Uhhh... eating meat isn't anything like rape or murder. >_> Meet a few of those victims before posting such garbage on the internet. You're no better than the PETA sh!t f*^kers who compare the suffering of cows to Holocaust victims. I dare you to post those posters that PETA sh!t f*^kers do at an actual Holocaust'll have your @$$ handed to you by the actual Holocaust victims themselves... insulting them by comparing them to beasts. No better than the propaganda films the Nazis made that compared Jews to Rats.

    3. The suffering of cows and farm animals is EXACTLY like the holocaust! Maybe even worse. Whats different? The fact that one concerns humans and other is animals? There is no significant difference between animals and humans. Humans just made that up for their advantage. You have an extreme case of speciesism. I would love for you to experience the torture and suffering that the poor animals do and tell me its better than the human holocaust. bitch.

    4. Lexi: A good doc. to watch concerning this topic is called, "The Superior Human?" available on
      Top Documentary Films. It is a fantastic doc.

    5. You sound as if you might have been so traumatized by what you have seen humans do to other humans, that you are unable to truly see what we humans do to other species.

  74. I am ashamed to be a man on this planet, when my fellow man see's fit to behave this way to any living creature. All life should be valued for the wonder that it is and not as a product to be used or sold.... I Am now a different person to the person that sat down to watch this show, thank you

  75. As a Metis person I eat meat but also realise all things have a spirit and that spirit has to be respected. I have also lived in the high Arctic beans and rice don't grow there and even if they did you would soon die with out a meat based diet. I hunt and eat meat but i can not find a justification for factory base meat raising or agriculture both disrespect the land and the creator.
    you cant grow crops on all land and painting meat eating as a sin is not fair or respectful of many northern cultures. The Bison is the symbol of respect since it gave it life to the people for food, clothing, shelter and tools.
    Meat is not the problem it is respect for all things including cultures that has to be learned.

    White Horse

    1. lol the bison didnt give its life. people stole its life then butchered and ate it. i dont think the bison stood around waiting to be hunted and killed and eaten.

    2. You missed the point completely. He was trying to say that if you hunted an animal, and used it up completely (to the best you could), if you're thankful, respectful about it, and do it only for necessity then you shouldn't be singled out as a cold blooded murderer. Films like this are propaganda meant to remove us even further away from the animal kingdom. It's almost as if to say; "well YOU are a human and clearly most intelligent, you don't need to rely on other animals anymore, you need only yourself! don't stop to think what would happen if we didn't eat ANY meat at all! It could never have an impact on the landscape and hm, that vegetation you've decided to eat for the rest of your life.. stop thinking and feel sad!". Be critical. I think you also missed the part where he said "Metis" because the Europeans were the ones who absolutely devastated the Buffalo, not the natives. In fact some natives had learned that burning the pastures would lead to better grazing grass and therefore bring buffalo closer to them. Yeah, one of them is going to die, but for the others, they simply gave them more nutritious food to eat. In turn, they will provide us with nutrients. See how that works?

    3. the Natives hunted a number of North American animals to extinction. so dont give me that romanticized notion of the gentle native. they made mistakes before they learned how to live better.

      and we do have the ABILITY whether it be intelligence or not (it is you who gave that a hierarchical structure) to survive without eating meat. the impact that would have on the eco system compared to what we are doing today would drastically improve it for the better.

  76. Re: to Achems_Razor
    All living entities have a soul and all the souls are equal . Animals are not the only form you can take on in your next life you can be reincarnated as any living entity .We should offer all our food to Krsna ,then its karma free.
    Its all explained in the Bhagavad Gita (as it is) .They are not my laws as you put it.

    Re Canadiacraig.
    Yes it does sound like compassion for humans that i took the time and trouble to help them avoid that fate of missing the goal of life ,Krishna, and being reincarnated as an animal .
    For those that will not listen to Krishna ,to have compassion for them is all I can do . I have compassion for you because you would rather try and find enlightenment from a documentary , than from Krishna .

  77. Meat eaters know their diet is wrong deep in their hardened hearts of stone.They make excuses by lying to themselves until they believe their own lies.
    An Interesting point made in the documentary was 'we reap what we sow '
    Krishna is the highest authority on all matters ,He makes the laws and it is illegal to kill animals in his spiritual laws and karma for those that break those laws .It is totally condemned and sinful . Karma can be explained simply, for every action there is a reaction .
    The suffering inflicted on animals is returned to the people in equal measures .As the increase in meat etc has risen so have the natural disasters ,wars ,disease and problems in general .The documentary shows the extent of the problem and so we can expect a lot more of this kind of mass karma .A large increase in the human death rate is due .
    Your next life is a result of your actions in this life .For eating meat , preparing meat ,making profit from meat or killing and harming animals your soul transmigrates and you take birth innumerous times as an animal. .You can then fulfil your desires to eat meat with out incurring any more Karma but you can be eaten by preditors and be breed for meat and go through the slaughter house and when your upside down bleeding to death you will know that they were excuses and lies you told yourself after all.
    Krishna consciousness is the best way to learn about compassion for other souls and to help people get out of the continuous karmic reincarnation cycle of birth , disease , old age , and death .
    Hare Krishna.

    1. @Karmiccontrail:

      Right, but by the same token plants have their own innate consciousness also, they have their own feelings and are also conscious entities sentient or not, so by following your Karmic law, are people that eat plants going to be eaten as say a cucumber or a carrot in their next life?

      Watch..."the secret life of plants" here on TDF.

    2. if this is ur sorry excuse to kill/consume animals, it's a creepy one where u can't differentiate the obvious cries & suffering of those with a brain & nervous system (animals, humans) to those that don't (plants). an enlightened Life isn't about do no wrong but do the least harm.

    3. this is all very interesting stuff and i would love to believe you have any evidence or reason i should believe it?

  78. ask the iraqi dead if they suffered enough, the north koreans are shrinking before our eye's, there is plenty of human suffering

  79. I watched this documentary; although obviously completely hardcore it obviously must be hardcore because the subject is only this. Although (THANK-GOD!) I didn't grow up in your average/standard American family in regards to eating beef and other meat all the time, we rarely did, don't get me wrong it was present but only a few times a month. We always had many fresh vegs (not canned) salad and fruit every single day. I carried these practices over my whole life, so eradicating meat from my diet and my families has not been difficult. What has been hard is trying to make sure we don't consume or take part in their abuse in other ways, but it can be done, especially now days with so many stores offering vegan products, food, etc. My little boy actually wanted to go completely vegan a yr. ago and no I haven't showed him this doc. he (like most children unless taught otherwise) has always had a love and respect for life, all life, human / animal / plant and has spoken out when hunting was suggested to him in the past. :) And to Christians (I am one) honoring animals by not eating them and taking part in their abuse is right up there w/supporting human life - to me it is no different, veganism could gain even more ground if if was widely accepted as a love of God's world in the Christian world, just think how it could grow......
    And yes I even dared to put the link to Earthlings on my Facebook feed, lol. Screw anyone that got offended or mumbled to themselves. Oh well. :)

  80. I'm a realist. Even if I became vegan (which I had and then stopped because a burger tastes better with bacon), the cruelty towards other species will not end. Even if all of us band together and became vegans, this cruelty will continue.

    Another thing I have more pressing issues to deal with and solve, than animals being turned into a meal. There is unemployment to worry about, child abuse, sex trade, domestic abuse, AIDS, and other human tragedies. Not to say that I agree with animal abuse or cruelty, I'm totally against it and it's unnecessary especially with the many of the abuse and cruelty I've seen working at animal shelters that would insult our species intelligence, but to me a childs' safety trumps over the life of a chicken. Sorry but it's instinct to protect ones own species and future.

    Now... with all that being said, I totally agree that in the industrial countries or countries that are doing so well financially are eating too much meat and need to cut back on it. You don't need meat in every meal you eat and not in large portions. You can have eggs and bacon for breakfast, not too much of it and balance it with toast to fill you up. For lunch, a salad or peanut butter sandwich, something with protein but doesn't include meat. Finally for dinner, a small piece of meat, with beans and veggies. You'd be surprised how fulfilling a plate of cole is... not cole slaw, just plain cole with vinegar. Not only will you help the environment, you'll look fabulous and feel healthier. The key is balance. I read a medical textbook a few months back that state that the normal portion size for any piece of meat in a given day is two inches by four inches and half an inch thickness. Of course I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with the information in the textbook, I just wanted to share the information I found.

    Finally I'm going to close my comment for this video with an idea. Lets visit and observe how tribal communities eat. We're one of the most diverse of species on this planet. Unlike other species to which we can clearly point out... oh that's a carnivore, that's a herbivore, that's a scavenger etc... we humans are more complex. Some humans are carnivores others herbivores and the rest omnivores. Go to Mongolia, the tribal communities there are mainly carnivores... diet mainly of milk and meat. Go to certain communities in India and you'll find vegans. Go to certain parts of South America and people there will eat anything. To those who say that being a herbivore is the way of the future are delusional and arrogant towards humans and their cultures. Humans will eat what they can get their hands on... always have been and always will be. What images like the ones shown in this video will do is change how meat is obtained, but it won't eliminate people from eating it... and anyone who thinks otherwise is a pompous, overzealous, overprivileged child who is ignorant of humanity.

    1. Well said. The whole system has to change, sadly even if it starts this minute, it takes a couple of generations for it to propogate accross everyone. I hope people realize it before it is too late. Go Vegitarianism Go!!!

    2. "I'm a realist. Even if I became vegan (which I had and then stopped because a burger tastes better with bacon)".

      mm.. i always did trust in the opinions of people who take their lives to some ideological extreme then recant for the most trivial of reasons. PS, you mean 'the burger tasted better with bacon', as in -- you went all the way, hey, to veganism but forgot to omit burgers from the shopping list? No.. you mean the veggie burger tast.. etc. doh me ;!
      PPS. the point getting so lost around here it appears, is not whether or not we should be using animals at all (given that this is something which will not be changed) but that our use, having long since become an horrendous AB-use is as embarrassing and cosmically obscene and as insulting to the state of being alive -as represented by the human species- as the piles of emaciated cadaveres emblematic of the concentration camp. The final disrespect is to ourselves and by extension we'd be seen to be signing ouselves up for exactly the same treatment at the hands of a superior alien invading population (ha. let's see us plead 'maltreatment' to the intergalactic tribunal. Now there's a mockumentary in the offing..

    3. Veggie burger indeed... oh so sorry Mr. Holy-than-thou...>_> *roll her eyes and jacks off the air at the cantankerous, condensing online smart a$$*

  81. but we have to live !
    its nature Herbivore live on death of vegetables and Carnivore live on the death of Herbivore ......its food chain and we happen to be on the top
    after all what is the difference between eating dog or lamb ?
    its only cultural >

  82. If you would give yourself to stop animal suffering then give yourself to stop animal suffering. If you kill yourself I will become a vegan.

  83. You sound like a horrible person.

    1. Why becase I would give my life to stop animal suffering but not give it for human suffering? Humans can defend themselves, most these animals CAN'T!! Most the suffering on this planet is caused by HUMANS. Do you have a clue as to the extent of suffering we cause?

    2. That is messed up.

    3. You're kidding right? Not all humans can defend themselves. >_> Children, elderly, and the severely handicapped are a few humans who can't defend themselves. Humans cause suffering over other humans too, yet you're preaching that humans can defend themselves? Seriously do some research before posting such a malarkey post. I say first help your follow kind before reaching out towards others, because not doing so makes you a *beep*ing hypocrite.

    4. Oh FYI I am fully aware the situation of the child, not quite human till they lose the innocence unless it is stolen from them. Who would do such a thing? HUMANS!!!

    5. You notice I said "WE" myself included.

    6. Yes that's exactly why.

  84. For people that eat meet ,imagine yourself going through suffering,like those poor animals !When you eat peace of meet, remember you make those animals, to be slaughter !!!

    1. While I'm doing that I'll also think of the millions of insects who were posioned to get me that salad.

    2. Please, if you don't have anything inteligent to say, don't say it!

    3. I agree. While vegetarians and vegans want to place themselves above other humans they in turn are still causing a group of living beings to suffer so they can have a clean and disease free fruits and veggies. After all are insects really beneath all other animals... especially when insects have been living and evolving on the lands of this planet longer than any other species (ocean creatures have been evolving and living more so). If going to care for life, care for all of them not picking and choosing as one pleases, that would make one a hypocrite.

  85. Love animals: God has given them the rudiments of thought and joy untroubled. Do not trouble their joy, don't harass them, don't deprive them of their happiness, don't work against? God's intent. Man, do not pride yourself on superiority to animals; they are without sin, and you, with your greatness, defile the earth by your appearance on it, and leave the traces of your foulness after you -? alas, it is true of almost every one of us!"~Fyodor Dostoyevsky

  86. OMG!!! As bad as this might be, We should be showing it to our children. They are the next generation that might be able to put a stop to all this cruelty! Is it a wonder God wants to End all life on earth??

  87. I can not wait to start watching these shows. Thanks.

  88. Never mind the genetic feeds, growth hormones, antibiotics fed to livestock.

    Now a new twist: A lot of people now are paying top dollar for meats that are "GLUED" together from "bits, and pieces" from multiple different cows that would of otherwise been discarded, or sold for a fraction of the cost!

    Not only for beef, but also for Pork/ham, Chicken, Imitation crab meat, processed meats, Fish balls.

    Aside of it being a pure scam! The possibility of food poisoning is overwhelming.

    Meat glue is an enzyme called transglutaminase, produced through cultivation of bacteria, or blood plasma from pigs and cows.

    Check your steak, even butchers can't tell the difference!

  89. I rarely cry, and I bawled watching this, right during the fur bit. It's not because I was unaware, or that I had never seen these images before but... It must be said that this movie does play a lot on our heartstrings, an hour and a half is a long time to be subject to this much gore. I find it's opportunistic towards my feelings.

    In response the people saying that we NEED to eat meat... I suppose it's true to an extent. We need calorie intake and protein, but ORIGINALLY our species was herbivore, when we were nomadic. Eating meat enabled us to develop our large brains, and then to settle down and industrialise our food sources. That being said, we haven't needed to hunt or scavenge for food in a looong time, it is no longer true (for the developed world anyways ) that our nourishment is sporadic and unstable. Back in the day, it was perfectly feasible to not be ABLE to find meat for extended periods of time. Even so, despite the large caloric intake hunting takes, they managed because we are here today.

    TODAY we eat MANY times a day, we do much less exercise and we eat sooo much more meat than previously before. I remember reading somewhere that we've basically doubled our meat intake in the last century. Is this necessary??

    Not only that, but it's perfectly feasible to reduce, if not ELIMINATE animals from our diet. I understand it's hard to change habits. I understand that maybe a vegetarian christmas dinner is not as appealing as it's traditional meal. Think of other traditions, the question of bull fighting has been brought up time and time again, but spanish people hold on to their tradition, just as whalers in Japan do. It might even seem barbaric to the rest of us, but remember it is TRADITION. But I think that... if we are to call ourselves human, in the sense that we are endowed with humanity, then we have an obligation to find better ways.

    Yes the circle of life should go on, but our current habits are excessive, irresponsible. Something as silly as our DIETARY NEEDS is wreaking ecological havok, this affects US!! The use of so much land, so many resources and the fact that mass meat industrialization makes us all murderers because we allow it. I think the last point is the most costly, because if we feel the need to murder on a massive scale, what are we worth? Why would we uphold any other value? I feel so dirty and so should you. The worst part is that people who consume the most meat, the people in the US are so very ill! Cholesterol ONLY comes from animal sources, and how many people die from cardiac problems?? Only topped by cigarette related deaths, I believe.

    I am not a bible nut at all ( I do not adhere to any faith or believe in a god) but the basic lesson of ponce pilate (I think that's his name) washing his hands of Jesus as he left him to the will of the masses, but still being soiled with his blood holds true.

    I am not even a vegetarian, I have reduced my consumption of animal products GREATLY for the past couple years, but when I do invest in meat, I really do my best to buy from local farms who I know practice more humane methods. Even so, I do feel I should be doing more and I think I will be, at some point.

    Food for thought.

    1. We didn't start out as herbivores, we were omnivores. We survived and evolved as we did because we were willing to try and eat almost anything. Not that I believe other animals should be treated terribly simply for our gain, but I think it's just as counter productive to try and change what you are, as in omnivore to herbivore. If we didn't eat certain animals, for example deer, they would over populate tremendously and continue to run into streets and cause people to crash, etc. They don't have natural predators around places like Ohio, so we must do something about it. That's the way the world works, one animal should never become too powerful. I accept what I was born as, and I am amazed that so many others could be so easily manipulated. Eating chicken and fish isn't going to kill you, in fact, it's good for you. Red meat we have always known to be hard on our bodies, so that's a preference of taste I suppose. My long point short is, if you think your decision to go vegetarian is going to make such an impact on the world, you're still thinking with an ego mentality, not an eco mentality. ;) Just remember, the fruits and vegetables you will eat aren't exactly clean either. Perhaps it'd be better if we as people tried to overhaul and make food sources, products, better, instead of drastically changing our diets and then continuing to nothing about what we saw as the problem in the first place.

    2. Seriously, THE DEER WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD???!!
      "If we didn't eat certain animals, for example deer, they would over populate tremendously and continue to run into streets and cause people to crash, etc"
      You eat deer only because you are doing all those poor road users a favor? Oh come on! The fact is that yes we, as humans, were originally omnivores. That was back when people needed protein dense food so that they could survive in a world without all the things we have today such as houses, heating, cars, etc. etc. Protein rich diets provided early humans with the energy to hunt and gather and wander for hundreds of kilometers each month to find more food and shelter, to fight off predators and keep warm in colder climates. It was a matter of necessity and now......we don't do any of that. Or perhaps you are one of the very few survivalist still out there. Hunting and subsistence farming, bringing down a deer and skinning, butchering and then eating it yourself. Using every last bit of hide, muscle and sinew to keep yourself warm and clothed. If not, your argument is a little weak. By the way, I presume you eat massive amounts of wild caught your civic duty, of course!

      "Eating chicken and fish isn't going to kill you, in fact, it's good for you".
      Um, eating growth hormone filled chickens and fish caught in our toxic oceans is actually very bad for you. And now the latest reports are saying that the massive amounts of antibiotics given to cows is still present in their flesh after death and is being ingested by humans. The new super bugs are here and the traditional antibiotics that medical practitioners have to fight them aren't working. The latest reports from many doctors/ immunologists/ researchers (ie. experts) are now admitting that the huge doses of antibiotics ingested daily by meat eaters is going to become a very real issue in the not too distant future. The super bugs will be immune to everything.So yeah, meat is actually bad for you.

      "if you think your decision to go vegetarian is going to make such an impact on the world, you're still thinking with an ego mentality, not an eco mentality."
      Is this just your guilt talking? What a patronizing statement. Single people start revolutions and if someone chooses to try and reduce the suffering of others by changing the way they live then it really isn't up to you to decide if their reasons are sound. And while we're on the subject of patronizing....
      "I accept what I was born as, and I am amazed that so many others could be so easily manipulated."
      Why do you see that someone who has learned new things and is now trying to do better as being manipulated? So are you suggesting that we must stay as we were born? No room to experience new things, expand our views, change our minds? Well I'm happy to say that history totally disagrees with you. How the hell could anything ever get better if we all just sat back and said 'oh well, it's how I was born...can't change that!" ?? And where is the starting point? 1157, 1690, 1947?? Which era is the one that is so perfect that there's no point trying to change anything?

      "Just remember, the fruits and vegetables you will eat aren't exactly clean either"
      Er, not exactly sure of your point here?? Not eating meat is nothing to do with cleanliness. Did you even watch the doco??

  90. As any one read the series by Daniel Quinn?
    The Story of B
    My Ishmael

    Brings one to look in a wider or deeper way.

  91. With respect, if you love meat so much you should either hunt or raise your own animals. Those ways ensures the animals are treated humanely. In your words, the animals will have lived that is closest to the way nature intended themto live.

    In response to a speck in the universe

    1. Aye. It would be better if people could get their meat from a local supplier, save for some exceptions like reindeer. It's a population that has been kept alive and yet eaten by those who live in Lapland longer than my country's name was Finland. That production is nothing like those torture farms. I can't see every meat-eater hunting or growing their own meat in a society where everyone specializes in one profession. But if we'd not concentrate on feeding the machine of mass production and making money, but on locating the resources in a better way for ourselves and for nature, I bet you'd have a lot less of this stuff. I'm talking about raising the animals in smaller communities, and increasing the watch for it.

      Today's society is based on 8-hour or longer workdays to scrape your living. Either you go there and get fired and some issues, like "where am I gonna get a new job?" and "do I have enough savings before I get a new job, or should I go clean toilets now?", or "I wonder if that friend of mine lets me stay in his place for some time, because otherwise it's the streets". People in places like the KFC factory where chickens were mistreated aren't on the highest payroll, and I bet they don't have much better places to work at. That's a problem.
      When people aren't driven in a corner, they don't feel as much to lash out at something as those guys might. Nor they need to take out every dime in form of more efficient animal indrustry if they can get along without that money.

      The solution is to resign ourselves from that kind of action, and to support for a more humane way of life for us humans too. Try butchering an animal you've grown by yourself, makes you want to give a peaceful death to one. But butcher tens, hundreds of animals and you become too numb to it and might start to hate your job so much you take it out on animals. This is why smaller scale local production is better, too. There is no real reason to not do it, except our own sin, laziness, fear of change, and turning our head away from unpleasant things.

      This made me too shed tears. I will continue to eat meat, but will also act.

    2. I agree full hearty. I had a duck farm and miss it so much, because I knew exactly what my ducks ate and the quality of meat I will have. BTW home grown meat tastes million times better than what corporate places serve. However, I'm also a realist and not everyone lives near an area to hunt nor have substantial amount of living space to raise animals. This is why farmers markets are so important and need our support.

  92. I think it would be absolutely deranged to show this in any school system. it's over dramatic with super sad music to help pull on emotional strings. it has endless videos containing only the most gruesome of images which are undeniably true but not necessarily the average or normal.

    however, it does bring up some interesting debates. unfortunetaly it offers no solutions itself. humanity is not cruel, humans can be cruel. humans are just trying to survive the same way a lion bites into it's prey and chews into it while it's gasping as it's life drains from it. the lion doesn't try to ease it's pain it's just trying to survive, and that's life.

    Humans are not herbivores. humans are omnivores. God didn't create humans to live on a vegetarian diet, and humans didn't evolve into vegetarians. It's not likely that the humanity will ever become vegetarians.

    it's debatable that this planet was not designed to cater to the current human population. ofcourse, if that's true then god is not all knowing, the second coming is nearing, or there is no god. Either way what can we as humans do? Deny ourselves the meat we have been bred to eat, or simply kill each other or ourselves. The latter not being in our nature, but the first would defeat the purpose of this video.

    everyone who made a comment on this video stating they are ready to go on a vegetarian diet the majority either tomorrow, next week, or next month will be eating meat. I know I will, and while I eat meat I probably won't think of the cruelty in this documentary but I will be thinking of the juicy, tasty meat product on my plate.

    1. You are absolutely disgusting.

    2. As long as we grow the *amount* of grain that we grow...we will feed the animals with the grain surplus and feed our selves with the animal surplus. If we were depending on hunting and fishing instead of animal husbandry, there would not be a squirrel left!
      We eat meet because we can.
      Growing grain for feeding humans is much more ecological, sustainable, healthy and many other reasons why vegetarism might come to be the favorite way to eat.
      It had to be a *fashionable way to be* at first for the real benefit to roll in.
      The whole way of life makes people take different choices. People go back to the land to garden, re-use, re-cycle, re-invent repair stuff, buy second-hand...ect. In general city vegetarians eat very differently than country vegetarian.

    3. @Kumamori
      You say what's so bad? Go to any major grocery store and tell me how much of the meat packed in plastic on styro-foam dish comes from nature-like (healthy) environment.
      By the way i do eat meat occasionally, organically fed and free roaming and local if possible or wild (my 75yrs old parents hunt for moose once a year).
      What i buy for myself at home is generally organic, local, and mainly vegetarian but if i am invited to people's house i eat as they do which in my opinion is respectful.
      I don' believe the population of earth can continue to eat meat the way we do. Growing huge fields of grain to feed animals that we will feed on, creates a string of problem ecologically.
      Moderation and selection is best for now but one day we may come to have no more choice.

    4. I cannot understand how you feel it would be (in your own words) "deranged" to show in schools the FACT and cruelty of these sickening acts from man to "so called lowly animals".
      Why should the future generation of world rulers and influential figures (which includes myself) be kept from the truth, if most people were shown this there would be a chance that we, as a species could change for the better.

      As a atheist and a vegetarian I disagree with many of your views.
      As time passes the number of vegetarians greatly increases from back years ago when veggies were less common to far greater numbers of the world's population nowadays.

      Also I cannot fathom how an individual can watch this documentary and then state "I will be thinking of the juicy, tasty meat product on my plate".
      Quite honestly that comment truly disgusts me

    5. What a bunch of bull, unfortunately a lot of people share your mediocre way of "thinking", "what can we as humans do?", "I probably won't think of the cruelty...", "God didn't create humans to live on a vegetarian diet..."

      These are nothing but excuses!

      Next time, before you have a juicy, tasty piece of meat, why don't you do a little research and find out what is actually in it and all the disease it can carry....then go ahead and take that big bite & enjoy.
      When was the last time that you saw a lion tourturing and abusing its prey for months before finally killing it and eating it the way humans do. The lion doesn't know any other way, it has no other choice, we as "humans" DO.

      On another point, don't you think kids have the right to know the truth about what they are actually eating, so they don't grow up to be ignorants not only on this subject but on everthing else. Then maybe we can actually prevent the question of what can we do, or expect solutions from a documentary. Here's a little fact, a documentary is to show us what's going on...we are the ones that have to act & find the solutions to the problems that affect us all as a whole on this planet we call home.

      Meat consumption is not only about crueltly to animals but about the effects it has on other world issues such as health, water consumption & contamination, deforestation, pollution, & these are to name a few.

      So, put the xbox down & pick up a book or two and do some real research on the topic before stating your opinion, because you might lack the confidence in yourself..but there is so much you as person can do for the sake of our planet & future generations. God, didn't make you vegetarian but he gave you free will.

      oh, & hey big boy books don't have pictures don't fall asleep!

    6. You just sound completely ignorant. I don't think you watched this video because it said in the beginning that humans are more capable than animals. Of course the lion doesn't take in account it's preys feelings. We have the option and the ability, why wouldn't we? Why do we have to force them to suffer when we don't have to? And yes it is the norm... unless it's organic or specifically cruelty-free.

    7. I'm pretty sure the suffering is taken into account, which is why they have such a high quality of life.

  93. This documentary should be mandatory in high school systems, just as the Inconvenient Truth is, as the people of today can help make the biggest differences tomorrow. Spreading awareness is the best thing that can happen to our youth, as all conflicts stem from ignorance.

    1. But inconvenient truth is rubbish and not truthful. Most don't want their children watching fiction presented as fact.

    2. I completely agree, as a young person I have already tried to make my mark (as it were) by signing petions and participation in local politics to make a difference and also becoming veggie.
      All after watching this documentary and others on different issues ,Young people want to make a difference we just need to be shown the facts

  94. of all the animals created by God...Human beings are the most vile!!! We use our God given intelligence for too much evil

    1. I'm sorry but there is no God. I do agree with you, however, that we are quite nasty. That's got to do with overpopulation. There's simply too many of us, hence we require too much. That's the cause of the meat industry and deforestation.

    2. Actually besides the fact that there are too many of us, most have us have come to eat meat at least once a day and sometimes every meal of the day. This is the problem, if you look at healthy eating guides meat is a very small portion of a good diet. So taking that into account its our excessive natures that have caused deforestation , etc. due to the need for more room to raise more meat in the most unhealthy conditions. How much health can we get from our meat when they themselves are not healthy? All that stress that goes into their muscles as it does with us.

      This documentary encompasses so much more than eating though. Its everything from sciences to clothing. Its the lifestyles we lead that cause all of this. Tell me why we need to slam a monkey's head at 90 degrees in a steel vice to figure out what kind of damage will be done to the brain? We can't logically figure this out as humans with a large brain and the ability to reason?! Or burn a pig with a tiger torch? What is this telling us? That we are cruel and need to exact our dominance over everything we can!!! Heaven forbid we should feel inferior in any way. Lets show these animals how tough we are and how they are just here for our use and the taking of it?!?! This is ridiculous and as a society we need to wake up and open our eyes to this beautiful universe we are destroying and change!!!

      Be the change you want to see in the world!!!!!

  95. I just couldn't finish this..
    I got more than halfway through. Meat just seems grosser. Everything that humans have done toward the animals for our profit/benefit just seems much crueler and I am beginning to hate humanity.


  96. This is a very sad film. The things that human beings are capable of, its frightening. They will have to suffer the grave karma that they make in this lifetime.

    Go vegan, go healthy.

  97. this is the first time i could not finish watching a documentry and i hope we humands can put a stop to this its discusting how we came to develop

  98. I don't think I have cried so hard in such along time those dogs... I cant get them out of my head I feel like I should do something to make it better but what can one person do...?

    im really ashamed of us all, we deserve everything we get. Some caretakers eh?
    earth will reclaim what we took from her we wont be top of the food chain forever just wait till the oil runs out. we are fu***d and we asked for it, even the one who don't think its they're fault i got one word for 99% of humanity that word is complacency.

  99. I just watched this and I am completely speechless... I honestly don't even know what to say. After watching this I am so disgusted by everything... by us human beings. It was so hard to watch I had to keep stopping because I was actually crying seeing these animals being tortured. I know for a fact that I will never be going near meat again. I already do not wear fur but I will be avoiding leather as well. People say there is no more slavery in the world but there is... we humans have made these animals our slaves.

  100. I have been a vegan activist for 11 years now and I can at least say that none of this is happening because of me. Going vegan is the best thing you can do for animals, your health and our environment, its easy. I have never made it through this documentary, I can't even be in the room when people are watching it, I can't hear the noises. If it frustrates you please go vegan and join an activist group near you, the only thing that takes the pain away is taking action.

  101. "We need another and wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals.
    Remote from universal nature and living by complicated artifice, man in civilization surveys the creatures through the glass of his knowledge and sees thereby a feather magnified and the whole image in distortion.
    We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate of having taken form so far below ourselves. And therein we err, and greatly err.
    For the animals shall not be measured by man, in a world older and more complete than ours, they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear, they are not brethren; they are not underlings, they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time , fellow prisioners of the splendor and traveil of the earth." Henry Beston
    Please, people is not only about the animals(for me it was the main reason)there are a lot of other reasons, the enviroment,(meat industry polutes more than all the cars in the world) health issues,(there are more than 50 million cases of meat-related foodborne ilness every year in the United States) pollution,(factory farms produce 130 times as much waste as the entire human population of the United States) world hunger,(a full 80% of US agricultural land is used to raise chickens, pigs, and other farmed animals, if the massive quantities of grains now feed to factory-farmed animals were feed up, there would be plenty of food for the world's starving people) water scarcity(more than half of all water used in the U.S. is used to raise animals for food, a vegetarian diet requires 300 gallos of water per day, while a meat eating diet requires more than 4,000 gallons per day) violence("For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other, he who seeks the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love" -Pythagoras),moral issues, (Issac Bashevis singer called Speciesism "the most extreme" form of racism because animals are the least able to defend themselves and the easiest to victimize) there are so many really good books and docs. about all this, please(David) gather some more info on the subject, and then talk about it, is not only about eating habits, but it is about respect, how about we respect their lives and treat them in a more "human" way, after all we are the "human race."

  102. I became a vegetarian after watching this documentary. Suddenly overnight I had no desire to eat meat. For me, the transition was very easy, I simply lost my desire to eat it. Other food is what I enjoy and look forward to eating now.

    TY for your work V.

  103. Watched it a while ago and was very moved as well. What blew my mind was to find out (after) how many GREAT MINDS have been vegans. Reading some of their quotes made me realize how wrong it is to eat meat.

    Da Vinci:
    "The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men."

    -Leo Tolstoy:
    "Flesh eating is simply immoral, as it involves the performance of an act which is contrary to moral feeling: killing. By killing, man suppresses in himself, unnecessarily, the highest spiritual capacity, that of sympathy and pity towards living creatures like himself and by
    violating his own feelings becomes cruel." "As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields."

    They are seeing the big picture, the future, a VERY distant future.

    There are many many more quotes out there if your search ...

    1. Found one, vegetarian, very famous. And of course he saw his own version of the "big picture" and the future, just not so distant.

      "I have not come into this world to make men better, but to make use of their weaknesses. " - Adolf Hitler

      So much for your pompous vegan logic about battlefields...

    2. Well, I'll just say that Hitler was insane. There is aways one in the bunch.
      Every race, culture and religion has exteremists. He obviously was one.

  104. 10 minutes in to this I just couldn't watch any more,it upset me and made me sick! heartless,cold git!!

  105. I am going to keep this short and simple.

    This doc was very moving, and it was very hard to watch. The fact still remains though. I love the taste of beef, chicken, and pork.

    It has crossed my mind of becoming vegan, but why bother? If I am enjoying life and not hurting others (humans), then there is no problem.

    Animal cruelty is an issue, but there are countless other issues that should be addressed before animal rights (nuclear war, government [a whole other discussion], unemployment, and much more)

    I respect the vegans and their eating habits, so please respect mine.

    1. I don't mind your habits, but you are a dying breed, and that is something you need to realise. The world is slowly turning green, because as we evolve as a species we understand that the habits we've had for the past century simply aren't sustainable any longer - whether it is for the environment, the rights of animals, or our own health. Overpopulation has taken meat consumption to a whole new level, and I'm sorry to say, just sticking to meat because you like it goes against evolution, and it is a choice that is likely to sort you out.

      If not you, then your children and descendants. Mine will prosper, if you don't kill the world before they are born.

    2. I think what this film is trying to say is that systemic and global violence is connected as a whole, not separated case by case. In other words, human beings who are willing to let greed and ignorance manifest as war against other humans over resources or ideas is directly connected to the manifestation of animal suffering for food, clothing, etc. Violence, whatever the cause and effect, is violence.

      2 quotes from the film;

      Animals dying of experimentation - 19000 per minute. 10 billion per year.

      As long as there are slaughterhouses... there will be battle fields. -Leo Tolstoy.

  106. I think a lot of you, watching this documentary are not looking at the big picture, the point is to show in the open the abuse a lot of animals endure every single day, all for diferent reasons, and promote a moral and humane way to treat them, it is not promoting a veg. diet, or advocating a certain group.
    We live in a country where animals have rights and stll we hear about abuse every single day, it is not about rights but about moral issues!

    1. Well I am sorry, sir, but there is no way you can treat animals justly and still eat them. The world is globalised and overpopulated, and the demands of our species will only increase in the coming decades, which will lead to more animals being slaughtered and treated like seen in this film. Simply deciding to treat them better wouldn't solve anything as the demand is still there, and the supply will follow shortly after. Try feeding 500 million fat Americans without conditions like in this documentary.

      Edit: I should add; hence the only solution is to stop eating meat and evolve.

    2. Mojo, I do agree with you all the way! I am a vegetarian! my coment was a reply to some people who are only focusing on the food industry, not to many mention the other 3 topics that the movie talks about, ignorance is what makes some people talk nonsense, not to many people understand the connection betwen their eating habits, their healt and our enviroment!

  107. You need to understand that although I don't condone anything in this documentary and I am vegetarian, the PETA (Jaquin Pheonix is a member) movement that produced this are not to be trusted. They are very supportive of methods that a lot of vegetarians and vegans would find questionable, including stem cell research (where they often use animal test subjects anyway), genetically modified foods, no kill shelter policies for strays etc, in fact their shelters kill far more animals than any other shelters run by animal welfare societies. In some instances their adoption rates were only 7%. That's a 93% kill rate. They also spay millions of animals. Now I know everyone is going to jump up and down and say thats not bad but take these points on board first. 1.How would you feel if you had your testicles cut off or womb ripped out before you even reached full growth. 2. Would it affect your physical or mental development. Yes it would, my mother had a hysterectomy when she was about 35, she aged 10 years in a matter of months, that is a fully mature woman, imagine doing the same to a little girl, it is also a well known fact that desexing a large breed male dog before they reach full growth causes their limbs to grow longer and more elongated greatly increasing the risk of breaks and hip disorders. 3. Many studies have shown that although there are health benefits to spaying female dogs before they come on heat, the same is not so for male dogs and in many cases the risks are increased and increased significantly the younger the age spaying occurs.4. Responsible pet ownership is discouraged with routine spaying as people then feel there animal can be free to wander and do as it likes s it wont impregnate or be impregnated, they forget about the harm that animal can cause to wildlife and the risks that the pet itself is placed in from both other animals, humans cars etc. In the long run it's the easy way out and yet another human imposed cruelty. They spend millions of their donations on media stunts involving semi clad or naked celebrities to protest fur and circus animals, yet wont adopt a no kill policy at its shelters because it costs too much. They also have a policy (I suspect to keep there celebs happy and fashionable) that it is ok to wear fur and leather that was not paid for, WTF?? They have an agenda, and the face they show to the public is not the real face. Other animal liberation groups have accused them of working with the animal research/food organizations to increment change whilst taking the focus off real animal liberation groups. The founder herself is a diabetic and although she says if animal research found a cure for AIDS she still wouldn't support it, she uses insulin ( a substance her own organization has protested). Just something to think about because really, this documentary only focuses on a few slaughterhouses and animal establishments and for that matter countries. Some of the footage is obviously old. They have clearly chosen the absolute worst places they could to film and have filmed in countries where animal rights don't even exist. Much of this footage is rehashed from other films many years older. Of course if you are going to eat meat, have pets etc you should ensure they are obtained from places with ethical and humane practices, and like I said I don't condone anything seen in this film, but I needed to put some perspective in place as to the organization behind this film.

    1. Whoa, wall of text. :) I think you should look at the facts, dude. Eating meat isn't sustainable with the current growth of the human population - this documentary explains this very well. Forests are being cut down to grow food for the cattle; seas are being emptied of life; while methane gas is filling the atmosphere, increasing global warming. These are just a few of the impacts the meat industry has on the planet, would you like more?

  108. I am from Australia and you can buy marmite in any supermarket here, it is not hard to find

  109. Do you love mosquitos and flys or bacteria for that matter...
    Does size matter?
    What about vegetables? Aren't they alive? Just because they dont move around as much as we do, might they still feel pain?

    ...dream of treating animals good while there are humans who suffer more than caged animals.

    1. This is just silly. Defensive meat eaters, or "vegan haters" are just like religious people - a dying, desperate breed.

  110. What animal would spend their life in captivity if it had a choice?

    Answer: An animal who has been treated well.

    Why does these type of documentaries always exaggerate so much... Maybe i would take your opinion if it was not exaggerated. Of course there are some animals that are treated bad and u managed to get them instead of showing any well treated animals or even mentioning them.

  111. Before i cut my cats nails. She never made a sound or complained in any way. She sat in the lap while i did it.
    Since i only take the tip off it does not damage the foot in any way as i see it.

    It's the nicest cat i've ever known the only problem was when she was young and we lived in an appartment and she wasnt able to run outside and the toenails was too sharp.

    ...i cut my own nails too.
    Is that equal and ok to you or does that seem cruel?

  112. I guess we should bite the animals until they die like animals do. instead of using all these fancy killing methods

    1. yes, we should. because at least we wouldnt b overconsuming...and when a lion eats a zebra...that zebra is free range, grass fed, and not tortured for entertainment. We do need to consume to survive...but malicious torture is just extra and unecessary...

    2. You are sad. Animals use the only weapons they have to kill their prey in order to survive. They do not opposable thumbs. They kill in the most efficient way they can, by biting the throat. Their long teeth bite through the vertabrae and puncture major blood vessels. A very quick and possibly painless death.
      It is sad that animals that are not capable of being moral, nevertheless are more moral than alot of people.

  113. Flowers are alive too should i also feel for them too...
    Maybe i'll go beat up some kids that are ripping flowers from the ground next summer...

    Whats wrong with you people... You dont want to kill but still want to eat meat. Sounds like babies to me if you cant even make your own food when it infront of you.

    Either we care about humans, animals, flowers or i want none of it...

    1. none of the people supporting this documentary 'still want to eat meat.'

  114. sickening sickening,only humans know how to inflict suffering on their own and other spicies,this the price of a lost mankind to sin

  115. Eating Animals - Your arguement there is actually better researched and less biased than this entire documentary. Im not disagreeing with the message of Earthlings, but rather the relatively elementary use of shock images to force their opinion. They seemed to fail to provide alot of information that would have valified there arguements.

  116. To all of the people who think that vegetarians only eat fruits and veggies, where have you been? To all the people on here who have said, oh, we have to eat meat, what are we to do, there are billions of us.
    Ok, there are so many more sources for protein, and they are cheaper to create. We actually feed the livestock that feeds half of us, more than enough to feed double our 7 billion numbers. Do the math, do the research, its really not that complicated.
    some sources of protein:
    next time you make a stir fry, try almonds instead of chicken or beef. This is not like tofu or chickpeas or other protein filled grains, its almonds, you like them already. In a stir fry it actually tastes better than meat. Do it once a week, or you will come back in your next life as one of those animals in the documentary.
    Yes, Im a witch and I just cursed you.

  117. I am truly disturbed and frustrated after seeing this can we change things? What can we do? I have been vegetarian for 10 months and I don't think it even begins to help in the most insignificant way...something needs to be done to create awareness and more than make people understand and care that this is wrong. I am disgusted to be a human being and to have been an accomplice to this because of my stupid ignorance.

  118. anyone on this forum who thinks that eating meat and using animal products is necessary, useful or that it is impractical to expect people to stop eating meat of using animal products or that question the sources for this doc (I am looking at you Karen et al.)...It does not matter if the footage is old or new, I challenge any of you to go to a few slaughter houses and see what goes on there. As for "natural farming" or grass fed cattle etc...they still kill them, and it still hurts them..unless you know of some magical way to lull an animal to sleep and have it die happy and peaceful. It doesn't matter how the animal is killed, it still dies, it still feels fear and pain. If you think it is necessary to health to eat meat or other animal products, clearly you have not done any significant research on the subject and you are brainwashed by argibusiness and meat manufacturers. And don't speak to me about our evolutionary ability to eat and digest meats/animal products...just because we can do something doesn't mean we should do it. Anyone that has watched this doc or done any research into how animal products are produced and they still continue to eat/use them is being intentionally ignorant and is a fool. Anyone that will not do said research or watch docs like this through to the end is a coward. You want to eat it, know where it comes from, I bet you won't want to eat it again. If you can do research and watch docs like this, see where it comes from, know what happens and still insist on eating meat/using animal products, you are a heartless low life and I feel sorry for you.

    1. I'm glad you want to live in a magical fairy land where nobody and nothing dies, but that's just not going to happen any time soon. So, tell me, do you go around with a stick chasing after lions because they're going to hurt that defenseless zebra? It's going to be in pain when that lion attacks and it's going to die. That's nature, that's how it works, that's how it's always been and you owe your entire existence to the hunting prowess of the cro-magnons, because if they hadn't evolved to be clever, fast, strong when hunting, we never would have survived. Like I've said a million times, instead of living in some incredibly delusional fantasy world where nothing gets hurt, actually try and change what bothers you. Try and change how animal husbandry and farming is done. If you won't be the change then you have absolutely no right to complain, and you certainly have no right to get high and mighty as if your moral capacity is better than those that eat meat. If you're going to be so haughty I full expect you to be a person that makes your own clothes and grows your own food, because that's another thing entirely. Or, do you like to see human suffering for your clothes? Hey, it's okay, it's not leather they're working with in that sweatshop, you can sleep easy tonight knowing that instead of using the hide of a recently deceased animal, we just let it go to waste instead! Perfect solution!






    all life is sacred.. whether eating meet or not..

    this awarenes alone would change the whole world






    WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR ACTIONS and the impact on eachtoher and the planet




    THIS IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.. the sacredness and connectness of life..


    im acting on it day they might..

  120. Folks, every kind of food you eat has an effect, and in some cases a profound effect, on the way you feel. And this is being proven through new research. Information is good, but sometimes too much information can cloud your instinct – And what to eat is a matter of instinct, to a large extent.

    No other primates, and we are primates, are omnivores. We all don't have the teeth, immunity or enzymes required. And this is a fact, no matter what some studies say about the benefits of eating meat. And cooking came much after we evolved ...

    I have been on a partially raw (75% fresh fruit, 25% vegetable) diet for 2 years. Lots of herbs and delicious spices. Some grain. No cartoned juices. No aerated drinks. No animal products except very little milk, yoghurt and honey. I mostly eat the pulpy parts of fruits, and flower parts of vegetables, very few roots and stems of plants. Oh yeah, and plenty seeds and nuts, and extra virgin oils (coconut and olive).

    Lets face it, most soil is depleted, and so I find the occasional supplement necessary to get a dose of all the missing minerals and nutrients.

    The decision to be on this diet is mostly instinctive, with very little focus on researches. And I feel much better than I used to …

    Your instinct about what you should eat could be different from mine. The point of me posting this is that you think about how you feel when you eat something, not just how it tastes or fills you up. Read up on ayurveda and other ancient wisdom maybe to know what impact certain foods have on the way you feel.

    And this is a personal request … whatever seeds you don’t eat – please don’t throw them in a bin. Please personally put them in the ground somewhere … maybe some of them will die, and thus feed the one’s that will grow into edible plants … for something or someone to feed on …

  121. I was surprised to see so many comments on this doc. but it was more surprising to read some of them, "I tried to go veg but only last two days" " I wish I had more conviction" "We need to eat meat" "we are carnivores" "we are hunters" "Top of the food chain" bla bla bla, we are not predatores and we are not carnivores, take a look at your teeth and then look at your dog's, we do not need meat to live, we are just addicted to it the same way we are addicted to salt, fat and sugar, the only good thing we get from meat is protein and there is more than one way to get your daily portion of it, watch a few more documentaries, read some books, do some research and then try again, the worst thing that can happen is you getting healty, eat more vegs and fruits, nuts, roots, seeds, yes they exist and they are edible, healty and very nutritious.

    Lets do ourselves a big favor and stop believing all the lies about a balanced diet that includes rotten corpses full of steroids, antibiotics and diseases, and become more humane, being the top dog only make us responsible for the well being of our planet and the rest of its inhabitants, lets not be ashame of being human, lets try and change that, educaing people is the best way, I was veg. before watching this movie, but the movie turn out to be a great weapon in opening eyes and changing peoples minds, a god bunch of friends and family turn to vegetarianism after watching it, one step at the time.
    GO VEG!

  122. I have never been so disgusted, ashamed, hurt, and emotional about any animal documentary that I have ever seen.

    This is truly a sad sad planet in need of a new consciousness..

    :( thank you for posting this very important documentary..

  123. i thought i was a pretty hard man work in the bush felling trees do a lot of pig an deer hunting but then i watched this doco well half of it anyway i had to watch the other half the next day it was just too over whelming we think we are so intelligent but after watching this doco what a bunch of idio*s we are all humans do is take take take but we never give back.

  124. When the time comes, this is what human beings will do to each other. I am a 100% vegetarian and have been one all my life of over 50 years. Do we call ourselves intelligent? I have talked to many of my friends in regards to these senseless slaughters... senseless koshers... senseless murders of dolphins and seals. All I got back was "these animals are born and bred for food." They do not want to know about the preparation of the meat on their table... Whaaat???? When an animal dies of so much pain, doesn't your heart cry? I wonder what kind of life these butchers live. A very touching documentary and great narration by Joaquin who seems to penetrate your heart with his words.

    1. what about all the bunnies that are slaughtered by combine harvesters to prepare your delicious soda patties? YOU MONSTER ! ! !

  125. WARNING:This film has very strong images of animals getting brutally killed!! I still strongly recommend to watch it.Remember: The main reason this is going on is because ppl are scared to know the truth.Make a difference by watching the whole doc and informing yourself.

  126. thanks to allan for recomending food inc. I watched it and immediately recommended it to some of my nearest and dearest.

  127. I only made it through Pets, barely, and I could barely see through my tears. I've seen other animal cruelty documents, but they're nothing to this, they're Disney films compared to Earthlings.

    The gas chambers tramautized me, I'd never have guessed we'd STILL do such things! And the horrible rough, uncaring way they were shoving cats into the cages to fit more in... God forgive us. Thankfully it seems shelter gas chambers are being outlawed across the country now.

    I've actually apologized to my burger/steak/chicken breast. Unfortunately, I have to eat meat, I feel horrible, drained, weak, et cetera if I don't eat meat. I've tried limiting my meat intake but it just doesn't work. My need for meat, though, doesn't mean that cow/chicken should have to suffer.

  128. All living things depend on each other to survive, but as humans we need to be more respectful of all living creatures on earth. Other living creatures take what they need to survive, we take for the sake of taking and do not think about the pain and suffering of animals to feed our desires, needs and wants. I'm not a vegetarian, but totally respect their right to be and wish I was not a lover of meat. But reality for me is I love the flavour and taste of it. This Documentary should not reflect on vegetarian vs meat eater, but on how as humans we should respect the life that we take from this earth to survive. I believe every animal has a right to live in way that's closest, to the way nature intended it to live, even though they maybe breed for our survival. Example free range chickens able to move around freely on a farm. At some point they will be eaten, but lets do it in the most painless way possible for the chicken that helps us survive as a human race. No animal should suffer for our benefit, we should be smarter than that. We know ourselves to be human, well I think we should act human and be a advocates for other living animals, but also for each other. I mean really, how can be respect animals below our food chain, when we don't respect each other. We need to appreciate all life, until then we live as savages and are not worthy to be labeled a civil society. Peace Out x

    1. I agree. These days, people do not have enough respect for animals. Half the time people are confined in buildings, barely seeing the outdoors. They see meat in packages. They do not see the living animal it once was.

      If people had to hunt or raise their own animals for food, maybe they would have more respect for them.

  129. Thanks mahesh for commenting on this. I also thought that the first sentence by KT was very out of place. EVERY human being needs to take responsibility on a personal level as well.

  130. To K.T.
    I totally agree with every word you wrote, except the first line "Just being a vegetarian is a pretty small and selfish solution,".....
    Personally i dont think becoming a vegetarian or vegan is a selfish act because here they have to deprive them selves from something in order for their choice to let another live. This is indeed a selfless act however small you may say it is. Even if one rejects meat for their own health , i still see it as a good thing. Because every little bit helps.
    K.T. , we always try to point our finger to the errors of human society, we argue about who is wrong and what is wrong and how things should be done but as you say we have to do much more than that as individuals and as a whole. So K.T., please let us know What have you done.

  131. Just being a vegetarian is a pretty small and selfish solution, distancing yourself from the real problem and what really has to be done. Vegetarian or not, all humans are at same fault because we can't cooperate, we hide behind titles and habbits to move away proudly from the problem and say "Look I did my itsy bitsy part".
    If you want to improve the life for humans and animals on earth we have to teach our kids nations are just an economic building block and quite more recent than we claim. That being proud of flags, skin color and ancient culture is to say the least damaging to unity. That religions that part us from eachother fail their own reason for existance and that saying a piece of land is "my country" is utter nonsense and foolish.
    If we didn'd spend half our budgets to kill eachother we'd have abundand food for us, the animals, the plants and even the bacteria. Now that would be cool, your own bio culture pets :)

  132. Iris Chinook, i appreciate your comment and you are right to say that the problem lies in the fact that this is all "profit" geared. This is an undeniable truth. We should not treat animals this way i agree. BUT please explain how does one KILL humanely??? Would you KILL your cat humanely? I can accept euthanasia for example. I can accept shooting a horse in order to reduce his suffering. I cannot accept puting dogs "to sleep" because there are just too many out there. I cannot accept killing a chicken, even if it's humanely as you say, in order to eat. Unless of course there was nothing else to eat. I would kill a chicken to feed my children (if i had children and they needed it badly for lack of other foods), but as long as i have an option, i will choose not to kill.
    The problem is that humans should act in accordance to a higher level of consciousness, but they don't. I think we didn't crawl out of the mud, and we will not crawl out of the mud as long as we feast on other animals and live in this perpetual "us" and "them" reality, which applies to every facet of life, and is at the source of conflict, wars, frustrations..everything that goes against sanity..
    Sadly, we are very far away from this reality, mostly because most people don't think. we welcome "entertainment" in our lives. It helps us be in this "sleep" condition that permits these atrocities to go on and on. Very sad indeed.

    1. I live in northern Italy and pigs and cattle are shot in the head. I am absolutely certain that is as humane as it gets. In addition to being humanely killed, as far as I have seen they are treated humanely as well. They are not fattened up, and I have seen at least 20 cattle having a huge field to graze in. Their pens are large enough for them to move around freely, and they have outside pens (for daytime)and inside pens (nighttime).

  133. This was a really hard documentary to watch. I wanted to stop watching it about a half hour in. I continued watching because I think at least one more person whould be educated. Not even educated...guess more like to realize that animals feel also. They experience fear and so on like we do. It`s so disturbing to know that there are people that do these kinds of things to other living animals and don`t seem to`s revolting....
    But this was a very eye-opening documentary.

  134. I agree with the folks that are saying it's not the eating meat which is wrong; we've been eating meat ever since we crawled up out of the mud. What is wrong, what is unforgivable, what is sickening is the way the animals are treated on the way to our table. We don't have to stuff several chickens in a tiny battery cage before we take their eggs or slaughter them. We don't have to feed cattle food that makes them sick, crowd them together inhumanely,torture them and subject them to mechanized hell before we eat them. We don't have to eat the amount of meat that we do. We have been programed by an industry.

    We could chose to treat animals with respect and tenderness while they are alive and growing, kill them humanely and eat them without the horrifically cruel and barbaric steps in between that we now subject them to.

    The problem is with the people and corporations running the facilities. The problem is, with everything it sometimes seems, greed and profit.

    We could grow our food with respect, but we don't. We don't treat the land that provides for us with respect nor the water nor the air nor the animals. It's all connected.
    We have a choice. I say let's make a different one.

    1. I agree with you completely. You are the one of the few people I have ever said that to, concerning this issue.
      I think it is ok to eat meat because humans have been doing it for a very long time (it was the most pratical thing to do in the ice age), but I detest making them suffer. And humans should treat them respect and be good to them while living, and then when the time comes they should be killed humanely (people should prevent their suffering just because we are able to).

      And I agree with the problem that companies in the meat industry are greedy and only care about profit. It is not right that now-a-days everything in this world revolves around profit.

      Another problem is overpopulation of humans.

  135. Everything will be paid i think.

  136. very moving, I now don't feel like eating any source of meat products. I now can understand the importance of each creating of God and feel for every living being big or small till they have a heart and mined to feel the pain of death or suffering

  137. After watching this i became a vegetarian (immediately). There was no way i was going to eat meat again. Of course i knew many years ago that we probably shouldn't eat meat, but as it happens, this is an idea that we easily put away. Meat is readily available everywhere at all times, and most people eat meat, so we tend not to think about it. Even when we see shocking images of animal factories, we soon forget about it. The fact is that we don't actually think about it. If you sit down and think for a few minutes, you must come to the conclusion that it's absurd to keep a cat or a dog home as sweet pets, whereas we regularly eat chicken, duck or pigs, simply because we don't have this habit of being in contact with them. I found it difficult in the first days to find the right food, but after a week or so, looking carefully at different foods at the supermarket, i was really positively surprised with the variety you can still get without involving meat. There is a lot of healthy food out there, we've completely forgotten about! I am into sports and body building and since i stopped eating meat i feel a lot better! I strongly recommend it!

  138. Well this is the first video that I have commented on because I feel a need to share my own personal experiences about being a vegan. I was raised on the farm and we ate anything that moved! I joined the army after leaving the farm and of course compassion was not taught. To move ahead... 7yrs ago this summer, I was working at a night job and reading a book from the Buddhist Monastery I know go to. There was one part in this book where my Master was pointing out the importance of being a vegetarian. At that moment when I read his words, I made the decision to become vegetarian, and two years this fall, I have decided to become vegan.I do not miss eating meat and I have never craved it since making this decision. This comes from a man who ate meat for 35yrs of his life and who could not imagine going without meat for one meal! Also saying that I am the only member in my family who is vegan. Go figure eh? I wanted to share my experience with others and I do not point my finger at others who eat meat, because I have eaten meat for many years. With that said, I thank the creator of this website for his time and effort at making it possible.

  139. what a question young and there follows a god, Allah along that same line, another invention of man, one must understand this deeply cause it is a huge part of society, the world classes and all the prejudices, divisions which mankind created and what the politicians and organized religions contribute too; which is actually ironically very animal and in its behavior primitive, so you see we have that contradiction again; which we can call glorified primitiveness, so one can see what has changed is mans sophistication of hunting, killing and the technology which all falls along that line, this again bring us to knowledge, which is the question: what Has a more knowledgeable mind done? knowledge has built cars, subways, one has theorized from what one knows, but one cannot turn that knowledge in towards oneself, it cant be weaponized there;what is knowledge?

  140. If you don't respect all life the same then that implies you believe there is some sort of hierarchy to beings. If this is true then why does it surprise you that some people believe humans are above animals on this hierarchy?

    1. I really want to know what you mean, but I do not understand this question?

  141. Eric & Sandie .
    you people are neither delusional nor mad for the efforts you put here to make the world a better place for all. The actions you ve made by your food choices are in fact sacrifices done not for your self but for the sake of respecting the truth. You truly are an inspiration an influence and insight to me.
    and ..For those rest who are continuously looking for any definition that justifies their action , i say that's fine, but for the truths sake - please don't try to glamorize a product that's laced with cruelty, its much more noble of you to simply shut up and eat.

  142. Hate machine, I disagree with you firmly and with your baseless allegations that doesn't make any sense at all.
    I hope you weren't joking when you say that -life is sacred for you from the bottom to the top, yet what part of definition allows you to eat the other part of the definition is not clearly defined here
    Well, it s your decision and i m not interested in arguing with your eating habits or your sacred definitions.
    Now let me tell you why I eat apples but not animals and soon you will know my habits are neither based on your assumptions nor any other definitions. Truly I don't understand why are we looking for scientific facts or archeological artifacts when deciding what to eat.Technology could provide us data to be advanced but should we let it make us intellectually so retarded ? Goodness for something so simple like food.

    Hate machine , the answer does not lie in a definition but, its within you, within me and within all else , if you do really care to will see it's clearly defined in a universal language and its simply 1 and only whichever way you view. and that's what i call "the simple truth".
    When i am eating an apple i am also directly involved in a process that helps the same apple to grow into a tree and become more apples. Quite a creative action isn't it ? also When i do not eat an animal i am helping that animal to live according to their wish and help them to produce more animals. See i am simply respecting their own wishes here as i perceive from my naked unaided senses. also i see it as THE right action to do because both of these actions fulfill their desires and are quite creative and not so destructive. See there are no scientific definitions or any other sacred theory to fool me or aid me. Now do you still think my decisions to follow this simple truth is purely emotional ?. Well, for me your definitions about myself doesn't matter much, but your definitions of foods and life worries me as it allows you to eat even me.....;- ( and your body will happily digest my flesh too !! But my actions that respects the truth as i perceive allows me to not only let you live but respect your wish to agree or disagree with me. Quite simple.
    Also , i agree with you firmly when you say that we must put our emotions away in order to find the truth but i believe when it comes to making decisions these emotions are what makes us humans, otherwise we are also simply plants, animals or worst.. biological machines.
    I Hope this may have cleared your doubts. I am sure you too have the desire to be what defines you as a self that make this world a beautiful place for all those who inhibit. Peace.

  143. Yo and let's not forget there is a few species of carnivorous plants. Venus fly trap for example.

  144. @Moris - Ill try this again, and ill make it very simple this time.

    Quote "They [plants] don’t have even possibility to adopt into climate changes, like humans or animals!"

    I responded "Pretty sure plants have colonized a lot more of the earth then people have… and they have been doing it for a lot longer."

    Quote "heart rate control occurs in scattered regions of the entire brainstem including the pons and mesencephalon.So please do not talk stupidity!It is not just process, those functions are controlled."

    I respond "The Dicopomorpha echmepterygis has a heart. So me the brain stem on this animal." I tried to say "So show me the brain stem on this animal"

    Quote "Oo really plants are better with adopting than humans?so teal what happens with most of the plants in winter time?over the decades human got hair to adopt better in these situation, and what have plants got?"

    I responded "My example is the common pine tree. Not only does it live in extreme cold but they do it without needing extra clothing. They also live to be hundreds of years old. They have been doing it for millions of years. Actually the oldest living thing on earth is a pine tree. Its name is Prometheus."

    and "One example of how plants are better able to adapt to climate change is the fact that a lot of plants are able to survive both submerged and out of water."

    You replied Quote "animals cant live submerged and out of water?what are the fishes than?lol.Human can live, in water, we have invented instruments to do this"

    Fish cant survive outside of water. When there gills dry they can no longer perform gas exchange.

    You replied "In the future we will live in the water."

    Plants are doing it now so obviously the have adapted to one environment that humans haven't.

    Quote "and you are learning me the biology?about pine tree you gave me one example. what about flowers?and grass?" - "You had describe only one plant.With winter I thought general, what happens to most of the plants?!My logic is ok, most of the animals don’t die in the winter time, perhaps you should read my post twice."

    Flowers that don't "die in the winter" beside tulips and roses.

    Amsonia hubrichtii
    Platycodon grandiflorous
    Iris x hybrida
    Monarda didyma
    Rudbeckia fulgida
    Galardia x grandiflora
    Campanula carpatica
    Achillea millefolium
    Helleborus orientalis etc, etc

    Grasses that don't "die in the winter"

    Calamagrostis acutiflora stricta
    Helictrotrichon sempervirens
    Imperata cylindrica rubra
    Miscanthus sinensis Gracillimus
    Miscanthus Zebrinus
    Pennisetum alopecuroides etc, etc

    Animals that DO die in the winter or have less then 12 month life span.
    Brine shrimp
    Worker Honey Bee
    Worker Ants
    Small Mice
    (sorry for not having Taxonomic ranks... list would have been to long)

    Quote "Plants control there growth rates just as animals do, sorry but your statesmen is stupid as hall, i repeat stupid."

    Then you wrote "Plant hormones are signal molecules produced within the plant, and occur in extremely low concentrations. Hormones regulate cellular processes in targeted cells locally and when moved to other locations, in other locations of the plant. Hormones also determine the formation of flowers, stems, leaves, the shedding of leaves, and the development and ripening of fruit."

    That is almost EXACTLY the definition of human hormones.
    : Hormones are powerful chemical messengers that circulate through your bloodstream to specific target cells where they generate a wide range of biological responses. Think of hormones as the "prime movers" of your physical being.

    In fact, the physical observation of the sexes we call "male" and "female" in nature is the result of differences in the amounts of individual hormones in the body and differences in their patterns of secretion . In other words, testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone are produced by men and women, but in differing amounts and in different patterns.

    I believe the only thing worse then your grasp of nature is your ability to write.

  145. Tearful and moving documentary. Probably one the best produced thus far about the animal industrial complex, it shows the true bloodline of this industry that has farther reaching tentacles than is really known. It struck to the very core of me almost a year ago and it still does today. It should bring out the genetic trait that makes us all human in you, empathy. Their is a very good reason this documentary is labeled "the Vegan maker". The change to become Vegan was literally overnight for me, once i had watched it. All it took was courage and readily provided information that is all over the internet. It will be a year on May 18 for me.

    We can grow beyond the need for other animals slowly or quickly it will happen the day we all open our hearts to them. You can be strong enough to need nothing more than what grows from the ground, because all the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your body needs grows from the Earth(soil).

  146. Moris are you sure memorization is learning? out of all that you have written is there learning taking place? or are you force feeding, not to offend

    What is memory? can there be any learning which takes place now? which is not a repetition of the known, memory, remembering,repeating over and over like in school, what is the relationship between, memory, remembrance and repetition? is there a difference?

  147. ps:what part of the plant does control there growth rates?
    Plants control there growth rates just as animals do, sory but your statesmen is stupid as hall, i repeat stupid. I will prove why if you want I can give you a sorce:Plant hormones (also known as phytohormones) are chemicals that regulate plant growth, which, in the UK, are termed 'plant growth substances'. Plant hormones are signal molecules produced within the plant, and occur in extremely low concentrations. Hormones regulate cellular processes in targeted cells locally and when moved to other locations, in other locations of the plant. Hormones also determine the formation of flowers, stems, leaves, the shedding of leaves, and the development and ripening of fruit. Plants, unlike animals, lack glands that produce and secrete hormones, instead each cell is capable of producing hormones. Plant hormones shape the plant, affecting seed growth, time of flowering, the sex of flowers, senescence of leaves and fruits. They affect which tissues grow upward and which grow downward, leaf formation and stem growth, fruit development and ripening, plant longevity, and even plant death. Hormones are vital to plant growth and lacking them,plantswould be mostly a mass of undifferentiated cells.I said this before and I will say it again:it is stupid to compare human/animal vs plants!

  148. sorry quotation in the end of the post!

  149. @hate machine what are you talking about?what is the meaning of this sentence:"The Dicopomorpha echmepterygis has a heart. So me the brain stem on this animal"Do you even know what is Dicopomrpha echmepterygis?.We could live in the water, submarines, or research centers.In the future we will live in the water. It is known that most of the oxygen comes from the water, so i cant see any obstacle why we couldn't live under water.And for your information:where is human being before he is born?and you are learning me the biology?about pine tree you gave me one example. what about flowers?and grass?About knowledge of English, biology, you should read your post again.You had describe only one plant.With winter I thought general, what happens to most of the plants?!My logic is ok, most of the animals don't die in the winter time, perhaps you should read my post twice.I will give you a quotation of ALBERT EINSTEN: Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."When I read your posts I think of this post!

  150. why has mankind become so concerned with knowledge, I wonder if you really see how concerned with knowledge we are? first see that

    You said how can one go about questioning everything, then lest do it...... the mind which says I know will not investigate, questions, obviously right?

    you seem serious enough luke wilson so maybe we can video or audio chat on camfrog or skype: camfrog ecandor and this also goes out to Mahesh as well

  151. I thought Solomon was Hawaiian myself!

    I've not been completely baffled by what he's talking about for a long time.

    People come and people go.

  152. I do not think that @ Eric is delusional, only that English is not his first language.

    He sounds like he is Filipino! Are you @ Solomons brother by any chance? Dead giveaway is the phrase what is.
    What happened to Solomon, did he get the boot?

  153. @Eric

    I was soo intrigued by your comments on the knowledge vs intelligence debate that I scrolled all the way to the top and read all your comments on this page.

    You say academic knowledge and true knowledge are 2 different things... I would get the actual quote from the exact post but that would involve me reading them all again. They are quite alot. Soo, how would one go about gaining true knowledge?... You keep saying, question, question... Easier said than done. Just because you question something doesnt mean you are going to get an answer?? Inorder to question something and get an answer to your question, you must have tools that you must use, that is knowledge (which in this case is knowledge that you have been taught as you cant have knowledge that spontaneaously created itself within you out of nowhere) and experience which is your own personal judgement.

    Anyways it's very hard to get exactly what it is you are saying and thus formulate a question back to you. Indeed somebody said you should be a shaolin priest not as an insult to you but because that is what you sound like to the rest of us. Maybe you should try and use your grammar in such a way that the rest of us would understand. No??? Yes?? Maybe?? As grammar is the only means of communication we have within this medium, why not atleast try and make those who you are trying to talk with understand you??

    Before I finish, I'd like to ask you a personal question. From reading all your comments, you come across as someone who seems confident and certain as to what he is saying is the undeniable truth. Obviously as what you are saying seems so abstract and how can i put it, removed from the mainstream way of viewing things, one would have to wonder if you are indeed soo faaaaar gone from reality that you are indeed crazy and delusional. What do you think of this? It would be a huge waste of anybodys time to try and understand the working of a delusional mind.... dont you think so? All am asking is for you to somehow show you are indeed not so. If you dont mind. And yes m definition of a delusional person is that which I have been fed by the world... am sorry if you dont agree this is the true definition of the word. Maybe you would care to offer your own definition before you answer the question.

    Anyways Thank you and I look forward to getting a response.

    Ps. I am not trying to be rude nor am i making fun of you.

  154. @Eric.
    Wow, I tried reading your posts here and am very intrigued. I dont understand what you are saying. I think its because I might be abit dumb but from what I can gather it seems rather interesting... I've seen the word knowledge and intelligence thrown about quite alot.

    So you are saying that by watching all these documentaries, we are gaining in knowledge but that is not as important as intelligence?? Ok then how does someone improve there intelligence?? You say 'just question everything its really that simple, but do it? not half way or somewhat but completely .' So i have to ask you, How can a person begin to question everything, if he doesnt have knowledge about that which he is questioning??

  155. you see hate machine, I'm not making an argument or seeking to win but merely stating what is;grammar which is verbal structuring can not contain something which goes far beyond the words that we use to describe; the greater troubles really are not grammar but on the contrary that one knows so many things about everything else but not oneself, why you do things? why watch documentaries? and why is one just quoting other people? that can not be of any understanding which of yourself, to understand things deeper you must not fear to go there, it does not come through the word or sentence or a certain impact it may have on you, nor can one arrange the words in any way to achieve a result, you have to be serious to investigate,to question something which I cant do for you, my grammar will not aid you in that which you can only do for yourself, just question everything its really that simple, but do it? not half way or somewhat but completely and then you can come up on something which is much deeper than the surface which the world is still hanging on

  156. stop eating meat everyday .... AT LEAST!

  157. young that's definitely a part of it but much more deeper,and be careful when you say education, there is the general kind of education which we are saying and also we can put forth the question which is, is there an education which is not to merely build up the mind to accumulating knowledge? but to cultivate a mind which is highly sensitive, sharp, aware, attentive, in which it can make the right and intelligent use of knowledge, the technology not to destroy which the educated people are also contributing to in fact much much more than the poorly educated in the academic sense

  158. it is hard to follow, reading this!

  159. @eric

    In regards to you intelligence and knowledge thing allow me to retort for everyone.

    Intelligence and education are different things. An educated man in not necessarily an intelligent man.

    Is that what you were saying?

  160. @eric - Proper writing is a sharp tool. To wield it well is to win your argument. You show me a statesman, Ill show you a master of language.

    “The greater part of the world's troubles are due to questions of grammar” - Michel de Montaigne

  161. no really I'm asking why is grammar something that you are so concerned with? What does it mean to read? Not to glance upon a word and begin with ones interpretation ones own definition or meaning, but to read throughout carefully, to think on, see your reactions and what is taking place inside yourself, do you do that, or you jump to an assumption, react without any deeper investigation, have you ever done that? said something and your question was already answered, does that happen when you are in school hardy? so our question brings us to what is attention, and can your mind be still, quiet, careful, thorough.

    The word learning implies now, what is learned, accumulated, stored is of the past, which makes up all of your known; Can there be intelligent use of knowledge? or is it that we are operating from one knowledge to the other, you know connecting. Knowledge is partial always and that's why you add more of it to what you know: the computer can be programmed to connect things, but to see itself out of the programing requires a different kind of intelligence, which cannot be programmed in, knowledge itself is the programing and is the program separate from the programmer?

  162. I'm nothing near a professor, English is my second language and I'm not even out of school yet.

    All I'm saying is that your post isn't organized and I can't see a clear train of thought that I can respond to.

    If you post a bunch of random words, I can't give you any answers!

  163. @Eric you are talking nonsense all the time!accumulation is learning, memorizing and storing!the only difference betwen computer and humans is than we can connecting thing together. For example if you want to learn math, you must first read and understand basics!thane our brains connect thing we had learned, and we can operate!did you read what is meaning of intelligence?do you know the term?ok I can see you didn't made your homework!Intelligence:(uncountable) Capacity of mind, especially to understand principles, truths, facts or meanings, acquire knowledge, and apply it.
    to practice; the ability to learn and comprehend.@Eric, can't you see that no one understand you.your statements are not substainable!next time you start to talk about inteligence or any other thing first read the meaning of the term.I'm not trying to insult you, it is yust a good advice!

  164. Eric, are you using a translator? If you are then try another one. No one is criticizing your grammar. We just want to understand what your are saying better.

  165. @Moris - A chemical reaction in a brain is no different then a chemical reaction in a plant. Plants control there growth rates just as animals do. Just because plants are different then humans doesnt mean they are any less of a life form.

    The Dicopomorpha echmepterygis has a heart. So me the brain stem on this animal.

    From what I can tell no one lives underwater. People have the ability to journey underwater for short amounts of time but I cant find anyplace where people are born and live underwater.

    I hate to break it to you but cows don't live under water either. So by your logic a cow is no different then a plant.

    I quote "Oo really plants are better with adopting than humans?so teal what happens with most of the plants in winter time" since its hard to sort through the broken english, Im going to guess at what you are trying to say.

    My example is the common pine tree. Not only does it live in extreme cold but they do it without needing extra clothing. They also live to be hundreds of years old. They have been doing it for millions of years. Actually the oldest living thing on earth is a pine tree. Its name is Prometheus.

    Moris the difference between you and pine trees is that pine trees survive in very hostile climates. I have no doubt that if I were to drop you off in the Yukon surrounded by trees you would be dead in a few hours.

    Moris your grasp of biology is crude at best, your arguments are not backed by any logic, Im not even sure if your comments are in english. I will leave you with a quote from Abe Lincoln "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

    @Sandie - Pretty sure you dont have to have a mouth like a lion to eat meat. Lets take the blue whale, or a hornet, or a Powelliphanta, anemone, Hooded Robin, etc etc etc.

    @eric - I eat meat because it tastes good. I wear shoes made of leather because they last longer. I wash my hands with anti-biotic soap because microbes can make me sick. I spray for insects because they damage plants. I spray for weeds because they damage plants I like. I am comfortable with this. I have made peace with the world.

    I dont judge you for destroying the life I am compassionate about. Why do you feel it is necessary to judge others for doing the same?

  166. vlatko is exposing you to many things, some very good documentaries on here, that present many things that you may not have touched upon yet in your lives and that is a great thing to discover, to learn, watch and think on it for yourself; but if you are just accumulating, gathering, storing its like that poor man they call a savant who knows what page everything is on, that is a poor mind, how dulled must that mind become with all that trivial knowledge, he is almost like a machine which cannot think himself out of the rut he is in, I'm sorry hardy but my point is not something you get to; why are you so concerned with the grammar, is it cause of your education or you are an English professor, or what is it?

  167. Oh my, eric, please do use paragraphs next time.

    What exactly is your point and what are you trying to say? I cannot make sense of your post, I'm sorry.

  168. you see many of you have accumulated a great deal of knowledge partial to all fields, and that is what you are doing when you watch these documentaries right? accumulating, gathering, agreeing, accepting, concluding, rejecting: and that is the road mankind is on which is to be so concerned with knowledge; why wont you learn? accumulation is not learning, memorizing, storing, that is what the computer is doing for you, dont you see that? or your so stubborn and stuck to what you know cause there is no intelligence in that, intelligence is something totally different to knowledge, through knowledge you can not become more intelligence, intelligence is not something concerning more, materialism, most of what you know will be eventually gone, replaced with something else as in history this is taking place, can you look at the world? cause I sure dont want to bust my head with someone Else's trash

  169. the fact is those of you who eat meat are now aware really why.and you are just using some science to make your conclusions so that you can in some way accept the fact of what you are doing which is destroying life and the lack of relationship you really have with it, any buffoon can read books and restate some facts.I hear talks of consciousness what do you really know about that, rarely if any of you have ever observed yourself completely to talk about such a thing, the fact is with nutrition is that man has given indulgence to meat and therefore neglected nutrition which is irrefutable, so any of your talks of how you need this or this in your body is not valid even close to what you are saying, this is really obvious and anyone can see that, nothing is missing it just the new which has not been discovered. are you some scientist talking about chemicals and the only place you think that out of all plant life which has sustained all these years is to find supplements for your nutrition in meat only, dont be silly, look a little bit closer to what chemicals are not from any ones point of view, you are all just making things complex for yourself, the question for every single human being is what is life? and that is not a philosophical question left up to some man in the woods, or a few biologists, but its something your a are faced with constantly, you are living aren't you? so where will you begin? are you like most who is concerned with the lives of others, their trash, or will you begin with yourself to understand yourself, what you are doing, thinking, what your thoughts are, reactions to what somebody has written, or said, then at least you are in some relationship and therefore sensitive to each other, not indulged in your point of view, which I hope at least its something one has found out for oneself

  170. Edit: poorly "specialized" jaw.

    By the way, chimpanzees are omnivores, too! They enjoy an occasional steak as much as we do.

  171. @Sandie - To say our teeth are not meant for eating meat is plainly wrong. We aren't specialized, that is true, but we have teeth for grinding and teeth for ripping (ergo: omnivore).

    You are correct, because of this lack of specialization we aren't made for hunting tools, we can't kill a cow with our bare hands. This leads to the conclusion that our ancestors could have been scavengers instead of hunters (eating remains instead of hunting themselves). After tools were invented, hunting became possible, even for our poorly developed jaw.

  172. @hate machine and animals cant live submerged and out of water?what are the fishes than?lol.Human can live, in water, we have invented instruments to do this - again BRAINS!

  173. @Sandie I have read those studies, you have 100% right.

  174. Hate machine all those function you counted are controlled by brains!For example:total heart rate control occurs in scattered regions of the entire brainstem including the pons and mesencephalon.So please do not talk stupidity!It is not just process, those functions are controlled. If we are lacked of food, what our brains do?they stop growing hairs, fingers...and the body start using fats. I give you a simple source wikipedia, I think it is good enough for you to learn more!
    Oo really plants are better with adopting than humans?so teal what happens with most of the plants in winter time?over the decades human got hair to adopt better in these situation, and what have plants got?Hate machine as i told you plants don't have brains, they have
    just chemical reactions!

  175. Vitamin B12 is needed for cell division and blood formation. Neither plants nor animals make vitamin B12. Bacteria are responsible for producing vitamin B12. Animals get their vitamin B12 comes from eating foods contaminated with vitamin B12 and then the animal becomes a source of vitamin B12. Plant foods do not contain vitamin B12 except when they are contaminated by microorganisms or have vitamin B12 added to them. Maybe we should be eating foods contaminated with vitamin B12 as well b/c I still believe we are not designed to eat meat. All meat eating animals have a very short digestive tract certainly no where near as long as our. Meat should not hang out in the intestial track too long due to rot factor and putrification. Herbivours, like us, have very long intestines.

  176. Our teeth may not be designed to eat meat, but our bodies sure are!

    Our bodies require B-12, not actually a vitamin but a microbe,
    in order to sustain health. That comes from meat products.

    Before every one says you can get B-12 from vege's, read mine and others posts on the comments section on this doc. about B-12.

  177. Our teeth are a prime example of how we are not designed to eat meat....have you heard the one that goes like this? What would happen if you jumped on the back of a cow and tried to rip through his hid. Could you? Our teeth are designed and shaped more as herbivors and mountain lions etc..have teeth more designed as carnivors.

  178. @Moris - Pretty sure plants have colonized alot more of the earth then people have... and they have been doing it for a lot longer. And Im pretty sure that all the functions in humans are also controlled by chemicals. Mensuration is controlled by chemicals (hormones). Production of sperm. Hair growth. Digestion. Heartbeat.

    "Plants generally flower when a certain protein reaches part of them." that is truly a exceptional explanation of the the flowering process. At least your post to Wikipedia proves the credibility.

    One example of how plants are better able to adapt to climate change is the fact that alot of plants are able to survive both submerged and out of water. I would like to test this on you... or your animals.

    You sir fail at separating humans from plants.

    @Sandie - I applaud you for making an effort to be open minded. But no matter how much you "think" it will not change the fact that humans are carnivores. Sure we dont have to eat meat, but we are alot better at digesting it then plants. That wont change no matter how you "feel" on the subject.

  179. I'd like to live off of sunshine. Wonder how people do that. I'll have to research that. I'm in for a group hug Pacha. I know I can get a little too sarcastic sometimes. I just don't understand some people's way of thinking but know I need to be more open minded. With that being said I don't think I will ever be open minded about us being carnivors/ I whole hearted believe we are herbivors.

  180. I think it's time for a group hug

  181. @Sandie - Have you heard of 'sarcasm'?

    On topic, it's natural for animals to eat other animals - it's the way life works around here.

    The industrialized methods shown in the movie are in no way natural or healthy. This is why you don't buy meat from the supermarket.

    I have reduced my personal meat-intake and I now only buy my meat from whole-food shops, I know that the animals had a (close to natural) life and were killed in a quick fashion. I'll gladly pay twice as much as for 'normal' meat.

  182. neorns = neurons btw

    Damn you Vlatko... when will I be able to edit my posts!!!

  183. @Sandie - emotion is not pain. neorns are just on form of sensory receptor. Im pretty sure that that all plants have sensory organs (or cells). OMG, have you never watched a field of sun flowers follow the sun. Have you never watched morning glories upen and close. This is not random. But thank you once again for demonstrating how closed minded you actually are.

    Obliviously your grasp on science is as limited as your grasp of observable plant life. I suggest you pop your head out of you rear end long enough to read "Electrical signals and their physiological significance in plants" by Fromm J, Lautner.

    And you ask what I eat... If you read my post you will notice that in one example I eat cow, but i guess that was kinda hard to figure out. But if you really need to know I eat babys lots and lots of babys.

    The difference between me and you is I dont ignore other forms of life in an attempt to justify personal "feelings". Your arguments are not based in science or even logic for that matter. Where do you draw the line that is is OK for you to kill something. Is it when it has compound eyes and doesn't moo? You are a hypocrite.

    I would encourage young to continue the discussion but I respect his decision to opt out.

  184. It is possible to live off sunshine and nothing else by the way.
    Certain people have been doing it for years.

  185. hey you are talking about researches?give me 50.000€ and I will make you research you want!

  186. Plant is intelligent?in what meaning?In what way?show me a case how can you describe plant to be an intelligence being, for instead dog can be learned saving lives of humans...searching...even pig can be learned.
    This movie is far from propaganda, it is fact.Most of slaughter house are using this methods of killing?why?we live in capitalism, so even slaughter house are doing in this way, saving money in opiates, bullets, syringes.Killing pig, to cut first his neck is normal. This way they can get more blood, if pig was dead before, the blood would be more condensed and it would be uselles.They hawe to sell every part of the animal (pasture).

  187. Ha,Ha, Love it!

    Actually @ Hate Machine is right in that regard, not saying to sacrifice cows or anything. but to me everything is conscious in one
    way or another! The whole universe.

    It has been proven that even plants do have their own form of consciousness.
    And don't knock the sunshine, It gives the vitamin D your body needs to survive!!

  188. Even though I couldn't watch the entire documentary, I think everyone needs to see this. Truly shocking!

  189. To the Hate Machine:

    OMG... I am speechless (but not really). Plant life as we know it via science doesn't have nerve endings which means they probably don't experience pain nor a brain for an emotion center to exist. Are you for real in saying you would sacrific a cow instead of 5 ears of corn???? Unbelievable.......I'm going to give YOUNG a shot at this one. He's pretty intelligent. ....again....unbelievable that people like you with that way of thinking exisit and are part of the human race.

    BTW HATE MACHINE...what the h-ll do you eat? Do you live off of the sunshine? Sound like you believe nothing should be killed not even bacteria that lives in the cows gut. You are one condradicting individual.

  190. @mahesh & Sandie - I believe all life is sacred from single cell bacteria to plants to house flies to mammals. For you to focus on a single type of life and deem it better then the rest shows that you are not just hypocrites but ignorant in your views of life. I bet neither on of you have any problems using anti-bacterial products and killing hundreds of thousands of animals.

    I bet you have never considered how many insect homes are destroyed to harvest your precious plants.

    Just because you watched a cow push a cow with a broken leg doesn't make them better then other animals. I have watched untold ant colonies protect there young from rains by transplanting them. I have watched colonies of bees defend there young with there lives.

    If it takes one cow to feed me or 5 stalks of corn I will sacrifice the 1 cow. If it takes 1 cow or 1000 cotton plants to provide me with clothing I will sacrifice the cow.

    Do NOT dispute this by saying that one type of life is more precious then any other.

    If you cant grasp this concept then you really are ignorant and biased based on just "your" feelings and not a true understanding of the world you live in.

  191. are still eating meat aren't you Young? I knew it. I don't mind pissing matches. Go eat your fat cheeseburger. Maybe you'll hear a medical term soon such as "atherosclerosis" and you want have to worry about people like me making insulting comments and "ludicrous comments".

    And how dare you keep using the word, "peace" on this thread when there is no peace for these factory farm animals who suffer every single day of their life til they die a brutal and cruel death.

  192. Ok this is my last post here because the lack of respect for criticism by you people is greater than that of religious fundamentalists.

    I just want to clarify to Sandie that the "mad woman" remark was directed towards your comment on me suing you for slander not your views on the issue at hand.

    You try to bring someone down personally and make ludicrous assumptions on their personal behavior because their idea's conflict with yours, rather than bringing down the idea itself. It's sad, but I don't get dragged into internet p!ssing matches.

    So peaceeeeeeeeee.

  193. To Young:
    Yes to answer your question...I am a mad women...MAD ABOUT HOW ANIMALS ARE TREATED. Abused, tortured and killed at the hands of fellow human beings..mostly for food which we don't even need!!!Yea maybe all that fat taste good but you have to rise yourself to a higher moral standard and realize that animals experience emotions and feel pain as we do. There was a video I saw of a crow desparately trying to get another crow with a broken wing out of the middle of the road before it got hit by a car. That spoke volumes to me. Just because they have no voice and can't tell us how they are feeling and what they are experience at the hands of evil people doesn't mean it doens't exist. Every movement...civil rights movement, womens liberation movement...all movements take time. We are in the mist of change...the animals time is just not here yet. BUT I BELIEVE IT IS COMING. And people like you YOUNG that show every little compassion (by probably still eating flesh from a tortured being) doesn't help the animal movement. I don't appreciate you calling me a "mad women" and "histerical" b/c I love animals and want their liberation.

    1. I like your thinking! If I told people how I really feel about how animals are treated I would probably be viewed as a mad woman too.

  194. Want to know why the animal rights movement doesn't get anywhere? It's because the politicians are just as stubborn as you guys. You'll cause your own downfall.

    Done. Peace & Propaganda for the People, that's what they want.

  195. Sandie.
    I agree with you entirely.... except for the bit about us having a right to free speech.
    That's disappearing fast.

    I don't think jerk is a slanderous term by the way.
    You could probably call him worse than that and get away with it :)

  196. Thou shalt not kill (any living being)

    This refers to the respect for all living things, not merely humans as comonly think

    1. Yep. But people twist religious texts' words just so that their behavior can be "justified".

  197. Sandie

    Relax. I didn't threaten you with a lawsuit are you mad woman! You can say whatever you want to me, you are nothing but text, I'm not going to let the text p!ss me off.

    I was informing you that calling someone a murderer that hasn't been convicted or charged with the act is considered slander in a court of law.

    If compassion equals hysteria then your right, I don't have any.

  198. Slander? Give me a break. I never called you a jerk I just stated people that didn't believe the term murder should be used for animals was a jerk...I didn't call you that specifically AND how far will it get you in a court of law...."she inceniated I was jerk"......Grow up Young and get off this thread...everyone knows you have no compassion for animals....sue me for slander and see how far you get. Hahahahahahahahahahaha I have 2 judges in my family, 3 attornys, several goverment have not a chance.

  199. Thank you Mesheh for also believing we as humans are murdering animals...and we go a step beyond...we have to torture them too. When will this ever end..this much be how the afrian americans felt as slaves...when will this ever end. It's just making me hate people.

  200. #Sandie

    Slander is also a legal term used against those who call those who kill animals murderers. First amendment will only take you so far.

  201. My orginal posting to "Young" was deleted so I'll try again.

    Jerk is a non-legal term used to describe thoses that have no compassion for animals and believe the legal term "murder" should only apply to humans.

    And to the moderator: Please don't forget about "freedom of speech" it's the first admendment to the Constitution and we as humans have to right to speak out.....We are still in America...aren't we????

  202. Eric,
    I cant help but always enjoy reading your posts. I ve tried to contact you but the link doesnt work. How may i contact you if you dont mind please.

  203. Sandie ,I agree with you. Being human means not behave like animals. Killing an innocent beautiful creature and stealing its flesh to satisfy our greed is indeed murder.

  204. Sandie

    Murder is a legal term reserved for those who are tried and convicted of killing a human.

    1. The words killing and murder are interchangeable. In essence, they have the same meaning; ending life.

  205. Even if a tenth of the film Earthlings is happening it's still enough that it needs to be exposed. My daughter is 11 and I would show her this in a heartbeat if she would sit with me and watch it. I want her to realize that she never knows (when she's eating meat) if that animal was one that had a horrible life and then died a cruel horrific death.

    Even if it was killed humanely it's STILL MURDER. If I killed someone (living breathing person) humanely it would STILL BE MURDER. Why isn't it considered murder for animals. They are a lot more innocent than people and I happen to like them better than people. With the exception of my child and husband (and all the animals lovers of the world). Here's my bottom line: IF THEY CAN FEEL PAIN AND EXPERIENCE EMOTIONS IT'S MURDER.

  206. Fair enough. No worries.
    Maybe this is old school but I truly believe meat is murder and the only way you're going to get meat on your plate is to kill an animal.
    I am totally against any form of violence and that includes towards the animals. Especially towards the animals in fact.

  207. @Pacha34

    It was an innocent recommendation, I was actually going to warn that I'm not trying to preach how to raise your child but didn't. Maybe I should have lol. The problem I have with this film is it's ferociousness. This isn't how 100% of the meat, or zoo or fur industry is run but that's what they lead you to believe, effectively lying by omission. Playing on people's sensitive hearts to push an agenda. Their is no need of this in my opinion and I believe it will cause a backlash that will ultimately harm the whole animal rights movement as a whole. Because when people find they have been mislead they tend to dismiss any information they are given by the group there after.

  208. Those film clips are clearly real. Perhaps the narration misinforms but the most important thing for me was to show him the way animals are treated in order for people to go in a supermarket and buy a piece of meat.
    Personally I had no idea where our leather came from before watching this and I think everyone should be aware of the way animals are abused in laboratries.
    This is not aimed at you Allan but to anyone who's ever tried to tell me what I should and shouldn't do concerning my child, I've always had the same response. I'd never tell you how you should raise your family so don't try doing it to me.
    Thanks for the recommendation though. I'll have a look at food inc. I've heard of it, just not seen it yet.

  209. Propaganda is lying by omission which this film demonstrates to the tenth degree. In fact, their are many (I'd say at least 30%) statements which are downright false.

    I would recommend a film like "Food INC." to show to your child. It professional, researched and entertaining.

  210. What is there to be fooled by?
    Every year millions of animals are abused and slaughtered to make our lives more comfortable. That's not propaganda. It's a fact.

  211. Pacha34

    "Some people might think that’s wrong but personally I think at that age you’re old enough to start deciding things for yourself."

    WOW! Exposing your son to this type of heavy propaganda - I would say that's wrong. He can make his own choices but even adults get fooled by this.

  212. This is a very heavy film and hard to watch. As soon as I watched it though I showed it to my 12 year old son. Some people might think that's wrong but personally I think at that age you're old enough to start deciding things for yourself. My nephew became vegetarian at about that age after watching something similar ans as far as I know, he still is, aged 25. Hiding your head in the sand and pretending these things don't go on, doesnt stop them happening. It just makes you ignorant.

  213. impossible to watch
    how to watch this movie??
    I feel like wommiting after 15 mins..
    cant watch it

  214. Zoo's and circuses that use animals should be banned.
    We need to leave these creatures alone.

  215. I wonder how they were allowed to be able to film these atrocities?
    Wow,this was really hard to watch.
    I am aware that all life feeds on other life,but there is no reason for these creatures to be tortured like this and kiled in such a slow brutal manner.If an animal is used for food,it should be killed as quickly and as painlessly as possible,not slowly bled to death or cut open as its still breathing.This is wrong on so many levels.

    Just one more reason to avoid buying food that comes from these large corporate farms/companies. This is outrageous.

    And we wonder why the"E.T's" dont make contact with us!

    Folks,we better hope that the "ET'S" Never DO make contact with us,because there is a good chance that they might treat us EXACTLY the same way we treat the other animals on this planet.

  216. wow you are besides the point, just don't respond at all whats the point of you doing that its childish, how could you possibly understand anything beyond yourself if you are unaware of why you are even bothering to respond back? not to offend you, but it just doesn't make sense to me, academic knowledge and the actual thing are totally different cause that takes place where you don't have to enter to learn

  217. Right. You would make a good Shaolin Priest.

    Wipe on rub off!!

  218. so then you really can question what it means to be simple actually? to not complicate it for ourselves or anyone else;simple is it not? what you are implying if we can look at this part of the mind. from your complex understanding of what an atom is, or a molecule, or amoeba and from your knowledge, your complication you attempt to look at something which is simple, so the mind analyzes, abstracts its parts to understand it, so it becomes complex, distorted, complex to the mind; perhaps I say that at atom is very simple, it is a make up of a something, which can become the make up of something else, can you yourself become the make up of someone else? one can say what makes up an atom, what is the make up of the make up of an atom and so on; so when we say a simple life, simple organism, are you not a complex being that denies simplicity not just in ones biology, or particular science; its like when someone who has not even finished with something says that it is difficult, while eagerly waiting for it to be over and then what does that all mean?

  219. Nothing is simple. not an Atom, a Cell, a Molecule, an Amoeba, and so one.
    Should refrain by using such a blanket statement!

  220. plants are a simple form of life

  221. i coudnt see it to end, it was to much.

  222. Yeh the secret life of plants has been debunked a long time ago. None can reproduce his results. He f**** up.

  223. @ hawkpork:

    You think carrots do not suffer when you chop them up? (LOL)

    Watch "The Secret Life Of Plants" here on TDF.

  224. omfg! becoming vegetarian really isn\t enough. i guess sharing this vid will be a snall step.

    you seem to be deep in denial.. face it.. pain sux. and meat is dear.
    point 8. morals are not arbitrary. all healthy beings want to stay that way. its a universal natural law of life. as sentient beings we can see this and should respect it.

    so if we can agree on the moral basis of not causing unneccasary suffering. it\s apparent that ones life should be sustained by eating plant matter where possible.
    regarding point 7. pretty damn obvious. the carrot doesnt suffer when u chop it up. the cow does.
    photosynthesis is the powerhouse that drives life on earth.plants provide for us all.flora and fuana live in symbiosis. we need them, they benefit from us.
    obviously we are omnivores and the acquiring of meat has played a huge part in our evolution as a species.
    but with 6.5 billion ppl to feed and an undeniable history of environmental destruction, moving towards vegetarianism seems a neccasary step if we are to find some semblance of ecological stability.

    in your closing sentence you attempt to find absolution in evolutionary science. much as creationists throughout history have excused human atrocities as being the will of god, you excuse them as being a function of natural law, survival of the fittest. it doesnt really matter why we wiped out so many species and degraded the ecology, the fact is we have. and it is a mistake that could be our undoing.
    as sentient beings we all have a conscience (even u). and its in the interests of all earthlings that we use it. otherwise we might just totally f--k it all up.

  225. Respect bluesmanwalking, that's the best kind of reaction to have after watching this documentary. I've been vegetarian for a year, vegan for half that time, and yes, Earthlings played a huge part in my decision to go vegan. Truly the best documentary I have ever seen.

    Young have a problem

  227. Key word here “cruelty”, emphasis on "cruelty".

    What is it you f*****g imbeciles don’t understand???!!!

    What f*****g part don’t you f*****g understand???!!!

    Do you think they don’t feel anything at all???!!!

    Do you think this is completely normal???!!!

    Would you just sit on your f*****g porch with a cold one in your hand and watch your kids skin a live animal???!!!

    Is the “cruelty” f*****g necessary before killing???!!!

    Do you f*****g realize, just trying to justify this make you mentally sick, and you should worry???!!! can you say borderline psychopath.

    Anyone thinks I’m a little “sensible soul”? Well f--k you!!! I had tears in my eyes? F**k ya ! Did I turn vegetarian? F**k ya ! And immediately went to the fridge and threw away 60 $ worth of tortured animals. I should have done this a long time ago, but it didn’t click in my mind, shame on me.

    I promise you I will never have meat again.

    And one last thing, if I ever witness this, you’re mama won’t recognize you when I’m done.


  228. @K

    I'd like to respond to each of your quotes.

    1. Not true, I've seen this doc and I still eat meat. Is every slaughterhouse worker a vegetarian?

    2. Statistically speaking false.

    3. ??? Elaborate if you could. Ever hear of hunting?

    4. Not what it really is, statement is propaganda but ok, I'll play ball. I recognize it as that. Now what? My steak tastes the same.

    5. Shame, but in business we call that breakage. It's the price of business. Should we stop driving because of horrible traffic accidents?

    6. I disagree. Surely antibiotic's and modern medicine have had much more profound effects on human health.

    7. If I accept that "life is life" then life in myself is equal to life in a vegetable. What am I to eat? Did he mean human life is equal to animal life and all animal life is above all other forms of life? If that's true then the phrase itself is contradictory.

    8. Morals are arbitrary. Maybe India treatsn it's animals more humanely then countries of the west, but I wouldn't consider India to be a greater nation than Canada, Usa or UK.

    9. The goal of evolution is adaption to ones environment not perfection on a moral scale. In fact isn't a huge part of natural selection evolving to hunt other animals more successfully? We ARE savages, if we were to stop BEing savages then that would mean we are better than animals, isn't that what your previous quote said was our problem in the first place?

    10. This quote implies divine purpose. I don't believe in god so this quote is nothing but BS to me. But as long as were talking about purpose I would like to make reference to nietzsches purposed purpose of one to impose ones will and power on another.

    11. Question of what's natural interesting. Well let me just say that because we do drink anothers milk that it is natural because nature has allowed it to happen. A time machine is not natural. Its not NORMAL, in the animal kingdom, but we've discovered how nutritious it is and use it to our advantage. That's what we as human's do isn't it? Exploit natures resources to improve our quality of life. That's how nature made us so let's just say it's what nature intended.

  229. If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian. ~Paul McCartney

    The beef industry has contributed to more American deaths than all the wars of this century, all natural disasters, and all automobile accidents combined. If beef is your idea of "real food for real people" you'd better live real close to a real good hospital. ~Neal Barnard

    We don't need to eat anyone who would run, swim, or fly away if he could. ~James Cromwell

    Recognize meat for what it really is: the antibiotic- and pesticide-laden corpse of a tortured animal. ~Ingrid Newkirk

    A veteran USDA meat inspector from Texas describes what he has seen: "Cattle dragged and choked... knocking 'em four, five, ten times. Every now and then when they're stunned they come back to life, and they're up there agonizing. They're supposed to be re-stunned but sometimes they aren't and they'll go through the skinning process alive. I've worked in four large [slaughterhouses] and a bunch of small ones. They're all the same. If people were to see this, they'd probably feel really bad about it. But in a packing house everybody gets so used to it that it doesn't mean anything." ~Slaughterhouse 1997

    Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. ~Albert Einstein

    Life is life – whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man’s own advantage.
    —Sri Aurobindo (1872–1950)

    "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." -Mahatma Gandhi

    "Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages." -Thomas Edison

    "The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than blacks were made for whites, or women for men." -Alice Walker

    "People are the only animals that drink the milk of the mother of another species. All other animals stop drinking milk altogether after weaning. It is unnatural for a dog to nurse from a mother giraffe; it is just as unnatural for a human being to drink the milk of a cow." -Michael Klaper, M.D.

  230. This was the most disturbing thing I've ever seen. One part was so shocking I had to pause the documentary, but seeing that scene frozen was still too upsetting so I had to flip my laptop upside down. Then I cried for a good 30 minutes over what I had just seen. Nothing has ever made me feel so sick.

    I thought I'd post my reaction because after having witnessed that, I feel the "Viewer Discretion Is Advised" disclaimer is not adequate enough to warn viewers about what exactly they are setting themselves up for. Before watching, please be aware of the truly graphic and disturbing images.

  231. ami Frederica Well Done

  232. Je sais que ceux qui visitent ce site parlent anglais mais je suis francaise et connait mal l'anglais alors j'écris mon commentaires en francais :)
    Apres avoir écouté Earthlings je suis devenue végétarienne. Ca fait maintenant 1 mois. Je tiens bon et je dois dire que la viande ne me manque pas !
    Je l'ai regardé au complet et parfois j'avais envie de l'arreter mais j'ai continué parce que c'est important de prendre conscience du mal que les humains font aux animaux (pas tous les humains), et maintenant et tant que végétarienne e n'encourage pas les abbatoirs au moins... J'encourage tout le monde qui ont vu ce documentaire de le recommander a beaucoup de personne pour qu'un jour notre facon de voir les animauz change. Ils etaient la avant nous, ils méritent leur liberté mais nous leur avons enlevé... Si tout le monde changeaient ses habitudes alimentaires, les animaux seraient enfin en paix, comme au début...

  233. Radian Measure

    When most people find out that they have been lied to or mislead by a certain group or government they tend to dismiss any information given to them by this group or government thereafter.

    So while this film may have had a profound affect on you, it may ultimatley serve to discredit the animal rights movement as a whole. Therefore regressing much of the progress these groups are making.

  234. Absolutely horrible. Disgusting! I felt so horrible watching it. Even though I myself treat animals with respect, and try to eat organic, im so angry with man kind. How can anyone with a heart do something like this? Why? There are so many better ways of killing animals, so that they dont have to hurt!!! I feel so angry, i want to hit somebody.

    Still crying...


  235. OMG. I'm so glad I'm Vegan. Now how do I stop from having to buy meat for my family, who refuse to go vegetarian. I hate contributing to the animal cruelty of it but this is one problem I haven't been able to solve. Tried all the meat substitues with them and they balk at it. Please email me if you have any suggestions. DESPERATE TO STOP CONTRIBUTING TO THIS INSANITY.

    Sandie ssfaughnan[at]yahoo[dot]com

  236. This film changed my life. I immediately became a vegetarian and plan to become vegan.

    Even supposing this film is extreme and represents a small minority of the way animals are treated, IT NEEDS TO STOP. A little bit of torture is not okay.

  237. I would also like to add that when it comes to the seal hunt issue the reason this continues is because the seal population is still on the increase. These seals eat the ever defleated cod fish population on the eastern part of Canada. This region of Canada is heavily dependant on fishing for sustainable econmics.

    Also I find it funny that you mentioned seals, becasuse it may suprise you to find out, that these seals are commonly known to bite the cod, and leave them for dead. Sport fishing in a sense. Just killing them indiscrimenatly and not eating their remains.

    Now as far as my opinions on animal cruelity are concerned. I find it appauling. But I think this video misrepresents it. That is why I am trying to take a stand on the other side of the veiwpoint here. While these films arn't propaganda to the degree in which films made during the ww2 era were, they are propaganda non the less, just a more subtle version of it.

    I believe that cruelty to animals is such a cut and dry issue that we do not need films like this to further it's cause. I find the shock and scare tatics to be appauling and shameful. It's such a powerful subject that the point can be made quite clearly without use of such propaganda. Films like this should be renouced and condemed by those who claim to care about animals.

    1. Animals are cruel. We are humans, and although mammals, are capable of understanding the idea of cruelty, therefore not opt to be cruel ourselves.

  238. @Moris
    I'm truely sorry if I offended you. This was a result in my frustration. It is evident to me that you are a person in search of knowledge through history much like myself and for this I give you the upmost respect. It is also evident to me that english is not your first language, and what I was trying to say is that while you may have great intelligent points to make, alot of them are lost in translation and distorted so it is apparent to you more than others.

    I can tell this is a subject for which you are very sensitive. I can answer you question to me with a great knowledge because I am from the eastern coast of Canada where this takes place. The answer is Yes, their is more humane way's of killing these animals. But what you fail to recongize is these moe humane ways are actually common practice there. Long range rifles are the norm for killing these seals. But we are generally not exposed to this information because it does not enhance the narrative of animal cruelty. So as if to make my point, we assume that these horrifying injustices are the norm, because we are bombarded by the images, and any human with a heart will be affected by them and jump to irrational conclusions based on these sights. Its olny natural. So you must ask, what is the agenda of those who bombaird us with these images?

  239. Earthlings require other earthlings to survive.
    Many other carnivores play with their food while alive before killing it and eating.
    It is NATURE-AL for humans to be HUNTER/gatherers. That we have evolved to be more efficient at it is an achievement, not a thing of which we should be ashamed.

  240. I'm very proud of you Morris LOLOLOLOLOLOL !!!

  241. Allan what didn't you understand from my are saying nonsense all the time!please it would be better for all to not refer any post here, you are just writing nonsense.those who work in benefit of animals, and those who work for profit are using same one understand you here and comparing komodo dragon with act of humanity... Please i dont want to insult you anymore, but don't post anymore contradictions, because no one understand you!i'm sorry my friend I will have to end with you.

  242. One more quick thing. Allen & Morris do not insult each other, it is not a way to successfully understand one another nor is it a way to respect one another opinions. Think about it.
    You two can avoid starting a War, Yes ?

    Peace Dudes.

  243. Yes my friend Allan, you are confusing, even a little contradiction in the whole. Maybe because English is not your first language and you have a little bit of difficulty in expressing the fundamentals of your views. I don't understand the logic of your point. Please do not try to explain again. But i have to say that if you are interested in these Docs you can't be all that bad.
    Let me ask you one question dude. Hunters that club young seals in northern Canada and scalp their white fur off when they are still alive, and make no mistake, they are still alive, and that's because it makes it easier to get off or specifically men and male kids who hit dogs with metal pipes, hammers, what have you and then throw them in a dump truck still alive mind you then burn them away from the towns. I could go on for ever but... So are these acts cruel or not, are they a natures way are they justifiable ways of killing ??? Can't these animals be killed in a different way, by Men of course ???

  244. No I think you missed MY point. Actually you deffenatly missed it. I'm not saying that the people who have created this film killed animals. I'm saying the issue of animal abuse has 2 sides. Those who do it and profit from it, and those who are trying to stop it. They are on different teams. But they use the same shady tactics to get their points of veiw across, so they are playing the same game. It's obvious to everyone on this forum your english comprehension is very poor. While you consider your self very smart, nobody else does. And I don't mean in the Socraties manner of isolating your self because of new ideas. You really come off as a self righteous m****. Seriously, do yourself a favour and stop the self embaressment.

  245. How are you able mixing politic with this movie in this kind of way.Your argumentation is fuzzy. You are trying to teal that those who crated this movie have also killed those animals.This is the same as you would said that news reporters, creators, were killed those who died in news.This movie will not change nothing, but it is a fact.some people are closing their eyes from reality, and those are aimed public which movie is dedicated to.hey you should watch it again i think you missed the point!

  246. The same game analogy means, that this film is trying to get a certain point across, and using shady tatics to do so. On the other side they do the same thing. Like left and right in politics. They are on different ends of the spectrum, but the same spectrum none the less. They are on different teams,, but playing the same stinking game. That was a reference to the tactics of the film makers, not the issue they are illustrating.

  247. Komodo dragon cant make a war kill 1000 of human - living beings!

  248. who said anything about preserving species?!we don't trying to preserve nothing, and this is not under nature law!our main goal is power and dominance.O so you could teal that WW2 movies were propaganda movies to!As i told you once animals hunt for there preservation humans kill for power&control!what teams are you talking about, this is not US football:)lol. you should horizon your view, and watch some history movies.If we were in same teams we wouldn't killing each other. We are treating with animals in same way we treat each other. You talking like you are in year 0 to kill and eat. lol. More food mean more money. Money have nothing income with nature.

  249. @Moris

    and by the way, my point was to seem retarded, because when you take what this film says and apply it to something other than humans, you see how retarded the point really is, I guess people are having a hard time seeing that.

  250. Moris,
    My point is that we are an apex predator and because nature has allowed us to become that then everything we choose to do as a species, no matter how horrifying it may seem, is alright in the eyes of nature. I know that people don't like to hear that but it's the truth. What we do and how we choose to do it is irrelevant, it's a hard concept to grasp when you have such a narrow veiw as you seem to have. If I was the ruler of the world the way we treat animals would be much different, it would be much more "humane", but I don't run the world so that would never happen. Every horrible act we commit is justified under natures law. Trying to preserve a species is just as arrogant as hunting them to exstinction. Same game different team. This film is a prime example of propaganda, and when you don't give a voice to those you opress then those who are opressed will eventually become the oppressors. When you realize that, then you will realize in the long run this film will actully stregthen the issues of which it aims to equalize.

  251. Allan I'm sorry but your kinda retard. Animals eat and hunt for their survival, to fed themselves, unlike humans, we are making big factories of meat no mater how much food we actually need.We need control, money, power and enslave everything what is weaken from us!you are describing komodo dragon, he kills in similar way as snakes do!and soon you will describing here how cruel snakes are!Cruelty is not an idea it is a fact!

  252. Komodo Dragons poison their prey then depending on the size of the animal will stalk them for weeks until the poison slowly shuts down all of their organs then beguin to devoour the prey while it is still alive. Would you not agree that if this was done by a human it would be considered cruel? The point I'm trying to make is that nature is the cruelest beast their is if you apply our standards to it. Pygmy elephants are believed to have been hunted to exstinction by Komodo Dragons.

  253. Again Allan, there's nothing cruel in the way Komodo Dragons kill their preys. As far as extinction goes, what as disappeared ? What biology recherche are you referring to ? Komodo Dragons are not fussy eaters, they will eat anything.
    Animals do not have cruelty in them. Only humans have that, being cruel gives some kind of rush or satisfaction emotionally or psychologically to humans.

  254. Again I would like to make referance to the Komodo Dragon. They have hunted prey on Sri Lanka to extinction. At least according to scientific theory. Would that not be considered to much?

  255. Allan, there's nothing cruel about the Komodo Dragons.
    Cruelty is a state of mind, human cruelty comes from to much of something or and not enough of something else. I'm not going to give you my psychiatric theses, ok.

  256. If you wanna see cruelty check out how Komodo Dragons get their prey. How come olny humans can be cruel to animals? Because cruelty is an idea.

  257. I 100 % agree with Platoson.
    Our governments lets our children participate in wars, living on the streets, hungry, sick, addicted, sold, enslaved, beaten, uneducated. These are the harsh realities of life they're living day after day until they die.
    I don't believe if our children saw these images of cruelty, monstrous acts on animals and or on children they would be dramatized for life. These children that we see on the streets are there instinctively to protect themself against what they were living at home.
    These children can handle more pain than most adults that had it good all their life. I promise you all that.
    They are the only ones who can change this sick world, they are the only ones that will do and actually do everything possible to change their world they're living in for a better one.
    Children are far more courageous, strong and tough emotionally then we in the West would like to admit. We can easily demonstrate our hypocrisy when we let them get bombarded constantly with sex and violence on TV.
    Think about it !

    Peace !

  258. One of the most thought provoking, distressing and totally riveting documentaries I've ever seen.

    Very hard to watch all the way through without wincing or shedding tears.

    I wish this could be shown to every child in ever school in the world, then perhaps we will slowly start to change the way we treat animals, then maybe just, we can then start to take care of the planet.

    Great job Vlatko, keep up the good work!

  259. For all those who say that we couldn't feed the world population without meat--this is just ignorance. an acre of land dedicated to grain would produce 10x the food than an acre dedicated to livestock. And acre of fruit trees would produce 100x that! Why are we being so irresponsible? Yes, the cruelty shown in Earthlings is horrifying, but the human starvation rate is staggering. We NEED to stop eating meat so we can fee the world. The "American Dream" makes me gag. why do we need to be/have/do what the TV tells us too? Why do we think that our culture is how it's suppose to be? Or the right way? Because we were raised that way? Come on people, wake up! Go vegan! End hunger! plant a fruit tree! Return to our natural (frugivorous) diet! Stop feeding the war machine to pay for drugs(not just prescription)/food/worthless material thing NONE of us need and would be happier without! You don't own your possessions--they own you! Beat your addictions! Learn to be happy with enough natural food, clean water, friends, freedom and basic shelter cause that's ALL YOU NEED! And while your at it...why not try to make sure oppressed people have those things too. Because that's just humane. Look into permaculture. My nation is a nation of monsters.

  260. What would satisfy Earthlings to stop cruelty, killing, for this insatiableness of power and money ?
    What could replace animals for those people ?
    Because fundamentally it's all about feeling some kind of power over animals, may it be something missing from childhood ? or sexual ? or a soul.
    The same applies to money. We all know that on this planet money is power.
    I hope that future generations find something quickly, because when everything is dead, these people will still have this thirst for power over something and besides a living thing, i don't see anything else that will satisfy them.
    Fascism ? Slavery ?


  261. Eric, you have a fine mind!

  262. I don't know where we can begin, those are all nice wonderful ideas, but they are just that, no external event will ever change the mind to anything other than the superficial, which is what Hitler has done, what all revolutionaries do? and I wonder if you see that that is what you are implying, for a revolution. What is a revolution? to oppose the govt? to fight, go to war, bring in another ideology,new movement, when inwardly one is lost, staggered, bewildered; war is a part of what we see as division; Iraq, Bosnia, Serbia and the whole world; So what you have to be careful about,is that when you say togetherness what you are implying is nationalism, that is a totally different thing, when looking at the world nationalism is division,right? and seeing that deeply one does not want anything to do with it; you see a part of being sincere cannot come of disciplining a child, imitation, that child can be ideally good and be rewarded, but to that child what meaning does that have?leave the room and see what happens, Do you see the role of an authority? A mind which is free to be told what to do wont happen? It is only a mind that is not free, insecure, dependent and cannot stand alone that seeks authority; this does not mean you rebel or go and kill the presidents to be free or isolate yourself in the woods but does one see this actually, not as an idea, or something somebody has to do, but is this taking place now? You see Hitler like anyone who wants to be famous is very concerned with the image; so being passionate, influential, strong, driven is very important, but a truly passionate human being has no ideological driver, for that there must be love, care, compassion which is not an imitation of what one wants it to be, or what some call tough love and what effect does that have on a child and its relationships with each other as it gets older goes to school, accumulates knowledge, gets married or becomes something? it must bring up a confused mind; do you see what is being made of things when it is merely accepted as an idea, when there is no deep understanding, insight into the thing in question, not ones opinion of it cause that has no meaning; forgive me but I'm finished with this

  263. it is not the proteins that are so important, there are amino acids. Meat have more quality amino-acids than plants. The point is how are we treating with animals!In the begging of humanity we kill and eat because we were hungry, and we have to kill with our own hands!now-days there are massive animal production, whose point is to get more and more money!so i can't see any solution. We have to reform our minds globally, not only locally in one of the area. As long there will be hungry people in earth, poverty and in other side to much of wealthy, the world will be the same as we know it!

  264. There is a solution for humans not to need the valuable proteins of meat/eggs/milk anymore. But with all the funding of trillions of dollars in military **** to blow each other up who pays for some real research on making plants richer in nutrients? Demand your government to spend less of stupid weapons and more on science, and hell no to military science.

  265. I advise you this book not because is autobiographical but because this (crazy)man had some good thoughts.I like to learn, i like to read.Delusional man, what are you talking, most of the authority that we live in now days is delusional do you think you live in fairy tail.WAKE UP!If i quote:the most in-slave are those who believe they are free!for most of the nations Hitler was delusional, but not for Germans. What has changed?did leaders changed ideology or they just hiding the truth, like Hitler hide holocaust to Germans?OK so if we expel ideology what than?there will be no belief in anything, can human live without ideology without belief?!Lets look in other way, how do you think that they lived Germans before they lost their war?Was this utopia?I was reading research 95% of Germans were satisfied with work,their way life, there was plenty of everything, and most of them didn't even know for holocaust, but Hitler gave Germans what he promised(no matter how high price will be...)!I do not support war, but humanity need something that will close us together, that will live in coexistence animals and humans!The war is just one of that event that close people together(not animal). War close us together for some time, after some decades we become again same as we were in the begging.You ask the question can it be peace now?I say to you man is on earth from about 200.000 years what has changed?How many time will have to pass?what will be events that will change our minds?It is all the same, we have leaders, we have wars?Yes we got some technology advantages, but yet in one side is poverty and in other wealth.If we want to live in peace,animal coexistence we must first deal with problems in our heads, because no other race can't do this instead of us!

  266. I don't want to read mein kamp that is finished, what is happening is just an accumulation of what was, sophistication; I wont come up to any level which is what is implied when one says to read some book; which is a mind that is concerned with knowledge and your posts keep bring us back to education and whether the knowledge which is accumulated in school the classes that Hitler took or anybody is capable of bringing up a mind which is delusional? The very schools which classify intelligence and when we look at the world one can see many problems so naturally one must question that, not excluding anything; the books you are advocating are autobiographies written by a delusional mind and how it sees things, why do you read it? you wouldn't learn possibly anything other than the ego talking, a man when concerned with his image has nothing else to talk about but all things of that; authority over living things comes about when there is acceptance that there is something higher, a god, or leader, or animal race, and that division has its hands deep into all destruction taking place, not just capitalism, or some other Utopian belief; I think and i stick by it wholeheartedly that all ideology is false and I don't want anything to do with anything of that or impose, assert myself over any other complex living thing which is control and that is very obvious; I live in a country recently out of war, and the tensions, politically are still there, the division has grown, religion has become more obvious,many churches, mosques all over the country, two different presidents and so and so on.. I was talking with a woman and her friends about peace which suddenly got tense, argument, insults, so I ask the question as I do often which is can there be peace now? She said that is just an ideal,so are we aware of the disorder taking place within ourselves when really we have nothing to talk about but everything else?

  267. eric: Ok first read book mein kamp, second read book The Rothschild Dynasty! maybe than you will understand. get some real books and start learning about European history, usa history, start connecting things.we know so little what happen before WW2, what was behind the scene. So what is difference between now-days and days of Hitler rule?I cant see it:)people in africa are dying because of lack of food, and most people in usa, europe are hawing filthy asses. we realy need a gas c hamper to see holocaust, killing people?

  268. mahesh:their own health?I have newer said that vegetarian is good for health. I eat beef, chicken, but I know what food I eat, where does it come from, what were animal eat before, how many space did the had...Centuries ago human could learn how to kill animal and animal were more and less free. The regim is one who need to be changed and a leadership. Capitalism is one who is responsible for all of this. Those one position with control always need more money to keep control over money. More food mean more money. So what is the difference killing thousands of animals or thousands of people on brutal way?none!What I said about Hitler is that we should learn something from it, from history, we must first take care for humanity than for animals!But yet history repeat itself, i don't believe we can change learn.Animals chose for leader the one who is smart, strong, fast...yet people choose the one who is the most corrupted!

  269. Moris: As Eric has pointed you out, people become vegetarians for various reasons, some for selfish reasons (their own health) while some do it for selfless reasons, and the religious reasons. Indians dont eat the cow and the muslims dont eat the pig, Whatever the reason, i think it is all good for these poor animals. Why Hitler was a vegetarian is something that i dont know. If you say he loved animals yet ordered to kill millions including babies and children .... ? i simply cannot understand that. is it what we call pathalogically insane or something like that? No Moris we dont need leaders like that.

    I think it is not so nice to insult these poor souls who work at butchers. Dont they have more balls than those meat eaters who say "No i dont kill animals ,i eat what others have killed"

  270. LOOK at the world Morris that is mein kampf; what is education? would an educated man kill? what does it mean to be educated? is it knowledge? imitation? preparation? conformity?to be brought in.

  271. Did you read the book titled "mein kampf"?I do not favorite or in any way adore Hitler, I yust like history. Stalin was a man with no education at all. Adolf was smart, he was the best in elementary school, but because of regime he could not study further. However, in his book he described his teenage life, he was working 12-14 hours daily, and after work he always read a book. And he said people who dont read books become dead in his minds. His ideology was failure I cannot argue that, but he was an animal lover. Eventually he would convince people to world meat. What would be the thing that we could learn humanity how to live?We still need leaders, we still don't think with our "heads."So we need good leaders or better a new regime. Capitalism yust went further beyond extreme borders. O you mention India, in India even humans don't live life worth to a man, and you could not expect from people they will treat with animal differently, only cows are exception.You must first take care for yourself to take car for others!It will take many centuries that we will learn how to deal and live with coexistence with other beings. We use only 2% of our brains, some people in those butcher factories even less.

  272. That is analysis, how do you know that Hitler would free the animals, you don't know that and neither do I? In India many people don't eat animals because of their religious beliefs, some vegetarians for health reasons, some because they cannot stand to see what is happening to other living things and so on; your question really is, is there any thing that takes place that is not on the superficial levels, but deeply, not something full of contradiction, delusion as Hitler was clearly a delusional man,and when listened to what was said had absolutely no meaning, such a man can only be ideologically driven, a contradiction is an idea opposing an idea; what you are saying falls along the lines of Stalin being an atheist which could be a hate for religious people, experience or some kind of knowledge so then we call him an atheist attaching our own meaning to the word, but one must go beyond the verbal definition or meaning and look at what is actually taking place not from any point of view or video don't be offended we are learning aren't we? at least a little, ourselves;

  273. This is crazy. Human are learning so slowly. But let be clear, Hitler was vegetarian and if he would win, animals would be free, more or less.Maybe we need something or someone again to wake up the humanity. It is not worth to live side by side with animals.

  274. Well my plot is well and truly located. I might actually go out and murder a few carrots soon, rip them up brutally and savage them mercilessly.

    Why don't you go and post on a documentary about vegetable abuse.... Hope you're having fun

  275. Yavanna, I did not post this as a joke. I take the subject matter very seriously. If you took it as a joke that is entirley up to you. I hope you get a good laugh. Someone indeed, has lost the plot...

  276. I could only watch 10 mins of this … it was extremely difficult for me to watch … it is very unfortunate that this happens and I hope in the future a better way is found … after watching this I am strongly reconsidering my view on the subject …

  277. I could only watch 10 mins of this ... it was extremely difficult for me to watch ... it is very unfortunate that this happens and I hope in the future a better way is found ... after watching this I am strongly reconsidering my view on the subject ...

  278. I had tears in my eyes twice and almost threw up once.

    Thanks for the post Vlatko, I seriously need to reconsider my buying habits.

  279. We all need sustenance; humans animals alike. To propose that plants should have rights is to say we should believe cows to be torturers because they eat grass. Someone here has lost the plot and I don't think it is me.

    "Illusion " Good luck starving to death whilst you contemplate the atrocities a rabbit might inflict upon hay. Get a grip matey.

    I can only suppose your post was a joke.

  280. Another thing, illusion what you say about the plants is right they are growing, living things on the planet. But i think you have the missed the point that earthlings such as human beings and animals have physical feelings. You cant torture a plant with pain and neglect. Yes you can starve them of water and nutrients. But it's factually impossible for it to feel the feeling of pain and hurt. What would you rather do, kill a puppy or pick a flower. But either way you look at it it is how the world now works and to stop it would need a ******* good plan

  281. And to think we get angry when an animal hurts a comparison of humans hurting and killing hardly happens atall

    1. yeah. i think that is wrong.

  282. Oh illusion illusion where do i begin

    we wont feel the guilt when gorging on the feast
    stolen from the beings who were well looked after
    we love our cat, and our dog, and the gold fish in the bowl
    we respect and dont eat them, and we will scream if some one did.

    we drink the milk and eat the mother
    we love the tender meat of a baby lamb
    o how smart are we to cheat a dumb fish
    to drink its oil to make our brains smarter

    we drive 4WD to the gym, swing dumbell to the beat
    we watch the bi-seps and the pride grow in the mirror
    we stole the bulge from the innocent and the weak.
    who cares where its from, because we can.

    we say plants have life and we say they do cry
    but we dont know why the apples cry red
    but we have a morgue in the kitchen
    that freezes the dead and the rotten

    Oh illusion illusion where should i begin
    lets blame it on that ugly head again
    and lets wipe our hands away
    by the word we call the "GREED"

  283. Greetings, Earthlings. where do i begin. Very disturbing to watch indeed. That old dirty bastard has reared his ugly head again... "GREED" and his bucktooth cousin "Mass Production". Make no mistake about it, this is not done because companies are so worried about feeding the masses, hell the masses are overfed. This my friends, is done for profit. And as stated in the doc, we eat way more meat than we did in the past. It's not that we need more meat, we have way more than we need to consume. Meat in excess. But the corporations have to make more and more profit.

    Although I admire this doc for shedding light on a very important issue, I have to seriously question something here. Ok, basically the premise in this doc is to stop eating meat or stop supporting the machine that causes all these atrocities on the animal species or be a vegetarian. It sounds like the doc is strongly suggesting on being a vegetarian. There is nothing wrong with that. But I ask, are plants not a living species as well? not because they dont look like us and bleed the same color blood but they are earthlings, are they not? Who will stand up for them. They are being harvested in excess all over the world. What, because they don't closely resemble us we just dismiss them? So I ask if the doc is advocating vegeterianism. who draws the line and says well it's ok to cut down trees and plants and mass produce the (the plant species) but it is not ok to do this for the animal species?

    It may not look as gross or disturbing as an animal being slaughtered but the plant kingdom is very much alive. Dont get me wrong i am all for some radical change this is just plain wrong. And all these terms "Kosher this and Kosher that.." gimme a break. Its all baloney. There is no beautiful way to kill an animal. Some are less gruesome than others but all involve killing the animal. I grew up and was fortunate enough to witness killing animals for food. Animals that we raised by us. This was on need basis not a greed basis. It comes down to respect. If you dont respect others and your surroundings this is the result.

    Another point, if man has enslaved and tortured and raped, hanged and other countless acts to his own kind for hundrds of years (slavery), it should come as no suprise as to the way animals are being treated. Man, and his uncontrollable appetite for control and power stemming from GREED is damn near an unstoppable force. It always baffles me how the few can have such a hold on the masses. Everyone agrees that this act is wrong but yet and still we go about everyday as cattle (no pun intended). The machine just keeps turning. Wake up people. Stop feeling sorry and do something. We are in the final stage. What will it take for you to mobilize and do something, anything?! Will it take for them to start tagging you and processing you like cattle? Because believe it or not it has already begun.

  284. is it really that complex to understand the simple life forms? where has the brain come to then? touch the fruit, vegetable, examine, observe it closely, its color, smell completely and if you are unsure, take two fruits or vegetables leave them out and see what happens; there is death, or decay as the scientist call it to all things; you must be aware in living for experimentation which is not a result of some learned process for learning which is new, but throughout all living when you are aware then you could not help but see the fact of it, not talking about science but with each breath that kind of living in which there is freedom is a constant science which is really fun; you cant go wrong eating healthy; me personally I live in a country which is luckily still full of farming, as the corporations are coming in slowly but wont be able to go any further in that sense cause of lacking interest, but however i grow my own food; cabbage grown with its many leaves is resilient, as it wraps itself tight and you can always strip it down to its goodness, and if you understand the whole of its life, then taking it to a lab wont become some, examination which is of analysis, or dissection which is partial and that is what most scientists are doing and we read up on that research, or conclusion so than ask yourself, what has my brain come to? what is ones understanding? it surely must be partial in that approach

  285. Since I was on the subject of B12, beneficial bacteria, the following is in correlation with this doc.

    We live in a symbiotic relationship with bacteria. Between 2 and 9 lbs
    of our body weight comprises of bacteria, would fill a half gallon jug.

    "You are more bacteria than you are you"

    Body contains 10 times more bacterial cells than human ones. Mostly beneficial.

    We are walking "Petri dishes"

    Not beneficial:
    48% of soda fountains of fast food restaurants contain coliform bacteria that grows in feces. 11% contain E. Coli. and about 6 others.

    Ice used in the drinks of most fast food restaurants have more bacteria than toilet water.

    Or try a cup of "Kopi Luwak", or Civet coffee, 20$ for a 12 ounce cup, from Asian Cats.
    Most Cats live by the creed, "Never eat where you poop"
    Apparently some humans missed that memo.

  286. and most of you accept that way of life, whether it is war, hate or any idea which inevitably is even in opposition with you, which is you, the conflict is inner

  287. be careful that you don't get caught up in all that analysis, all that is being said is that very little that when deriving from something else cannot be derived in other means; when it comes to meat eating what most of you mean when you say natural implies your psychological self, the psychological self can only be in relationship with its nature when there is an end to contradiction,opposition, which on this site these comments keep bringing us to conditioning, being conditioned according to any idea or way, essentially implies a way of living which is not separate from ones thought, memories, education, but we separate thought from living and there is contradiction, conflict, a cancer within oneself

  288. Achems Razor:
    Thank you so much , you are absolutely right. I used to eat Marmite until i moved to Australia about 15 years ago. Its all vegimite here, and i thought they are quite similar until you mentioned there is no B12. I feel like i had been living under a rock. Damn i have to find a place to buy marmite.
    To all: I humbly apologize for writing Vegimite has B12 in it. Infact it doesent. Vegetarians and vegans should use Marmite instead.
    Thanks Razor.

  289. Whoopi:

    This B12 thing has piqued my interest.
    I have looked at a few websites.

    True, some people have a hard time to assimilate B12 because of bad health and yes, bad eating habits, or other associated syndromes concerning there gastrointestinal malaise. Usually it is generally because of deficiency of B12 for a number of years. Can actually become irreversible.

    B12 deficiency should not be taken lightly by anyone.

    Yes there is B12 in dirt, but the thing is who wants to eat dirt?
    with unwashed vegie's, if a person eats them raw, fine. a lot of people boil, or steam.

    One one web site, sea food, namely snapper, had the highest B12,
    much more than liver.

    I came to the conclusion that my diet is fine, a lot of salmon, some beef, eggs, after watching this doc and another short doc here on TDF called "Wegmans Cruelty" I will only eat "free range eggs" from happy chickens.(LOL). Real butter, not margarine, trans-fat free or not.


  290. achems razer

    Animal flesh is not an original source of the vitamin. B12 is co-incidentally found in beef, for instance, because cattle ingest the microbe when they graze in fields or eat unwashed feed.
    Pre-industrial humans received more than adequate amounts of B12 in small amounts of soil consumed on unwashed vegetables.

    Today, our vegetables are usually washed before we eat them (and severely nutrient-depleted if you're not buying organic) meaning vegans need to make sure that they are absorbing adequate amounts of B12.

    its my understanding that vitamin B12 deficiency is typically caused by lack of absorption in the intestinal tract rather than a lack of this vitamin in the diet. So, improve your digestion and improve your assimilation of vitamin B12.


  291. @ Mahesh:

    Have Googled Marmite and Vegimite.

    Marmite has B12 and unlike Marmite, Vegimite has "no" B12. at all.

  292. An excellent source of B12 for vegans is MARMITE or VEGIMITE.
    just 4g of it could provide you with 30% of RDI.

  293. @ Joe_nyc:

    Hola back, long time no see!

  294. Truly regret watching this excellent video.

    Hola Razor - good to see you still kicking around here.

  295. @ whoopi goldberg:

    Yes, I agree, B12 is a microbe, a bacteria.
    That not only thrives in soil, but it "does" thrive in digestive tracts,
    the human body does utilize B12 from the digestive tract, it is stored.

    That is why most primates eat there own feces, of course this is not recommended at all be me,(LOL). The old adage, eat a "little dirt" to be healthy. This is also not recommended by me.

    And it is also true, that any thing refined or cooked or jam packed with hormones will kill B12.
    Milk for one, is useless, unless it is raw unpasteurized.

    There is major discourse on the web about B12.

    You mentioned Red Star Yeast, a lot of doctors do not recommend this
    because of the fungal potential. There is also the risk of "Candida", that is prevalent in any yeast.

  296. B12 is actually not a chemical compound, it's a microbe — a bacteria that thrives in soil, not in digestive tracts.

    vitamin B12 can be destroyed by highly alkaline and highly acid conditions. This means that the B12 in meat would be easily destroyed by the high levels of hydrochloric acid produced by our stomachs during the digestion of meat.

    This may explain why meat-eaters are statistically just as likely to have a B12 deficiency as vegans, even though their diet contains more of the vitamin. Also, for meat-eaters, as a result of modern factory farming techniques, there are antibiotics contained in meat that are lethal to the vitamin B12 microbe.

    Alternatively, you may choose to supplement your B12. An excellent source is through Red Star Nutritional Yeast. (its really good on popcorn)

  297. About Mushrooms:

    New studies suggest that although mushrooms do contain small amounts of B12, they are unable to synthesize it, but just absorb tiny amounts from fecal matter in the soil.

    It would take anywhere from 7 to 326 cups of mushrooms to meet the FDA.

    But in my opinion the FDA is always to low to begin with. usually just the minimum.

  298. @ squid:

    I agree, the best food sources for B-12 are,

    liver, kidney, meat, fish, eggs, milk and cheese.

    B-12 is not found in foods of vegetable origin.

  299. From what I have read, you can get SOME B12 if you don't wash vegetables that come in contact with the ground (tubers) I don't know many people that don't scrub potatoes though. I have also read that seaweed once again does provide SOME. In the same literature it also stated that these sources are often not enough to provide what is needed for humans. Hands down the best source is and always will be liver. B12 is something vegetarians and especially vegans need to keep tabs on.

  300. @ Mahesh:

    Well, that is fine Mahesh, if you think there are other plant sources of B-12. But I am afraid I do not.

    It sometimes takes up to 20 years to have irreversible anemia B-12 deficiency disease. Anybody that is a vegetarian should see a doctor and have their blood checked, especially vegan's. for B-12 levels.
    And by all means consultation .

  301. Achems Razor, I do agree with you that B12 is an issue. But i wanted to let you know that there are other sources apart from meat that provides B12. Japanese fermented beans is another source that i forgot to mention.
    Last year in this part of the world where i live (Australia) it was all over the news and papers about a ground breaking research done on mushrooms about its content of B12 and its bio-availability. The vegan community here got quite excited about it.
    I am a plant eating milk drinker but i admire vegans as they are much less selfish than us, and they are quite brave to do so too. I v met many vegans here in victoria , they are extremely kind and loving beautiful people, regardless of their B12 level.

  302. Well charlesovery, it depends what you mean with animal fat. I believe that fat from seafood is really good, but not fat from other animals. You really don't have to eat meat at all if you don't want to. I still eat fish but no other kinds of meat. There is plenty of protein in fish, beans and milk/cheese. Even a vegan can easily get enough protein from veg. sources. You will feel a big difference if you stop eating meat, and with time your body will free itself from all the rottening meat inside you. (And you don't have to feel guilty about animal slaughter anymore.)

  303. Even though we need protein and animal fat in our diet, oh and the "christians" point of view that god put the animals and the earth here for us, there is no way that i will watch this video. EVER!!! This is the only documetnary on this site that I will not watch because I can not handle animal slaughter, abuse and misuse. The question that noone seems to want to ask nor answer is if there is a better way!

  304. @ Mahesh:

    I completely disagree with you.

    You should at least Google to get more info.

    No plant food can be relied on as a safe source source for B-12

    Spirulina will actually make B-12 deficiency worse.
    Yes you can get B-12 from milk, but than you are not a Vegan.
    And the body needs more than a minute quantity or B-12
    Why do you think some people actually have to have B-12 shots!

    My suggestion is to make sure you know all about sources of B-12,
    and how much the body does need.

  305. Achems Razor:
    I kindly like to inform you that it's quite not true to say that vitamin B-12 comes only from meat. It's a proven fact that mushrooms and sea-weed contain more than enough B-12 to last a life time of a vegan as the body needs only a minuend quantity of this. Vegetarians who drink milk get more than enough of it from milk alone.

  306. @ Backpack jeff:

    Good for you Jeff, if you are happy about being a vegan, than all the power to you!

    One thing though, the body does require vitamin B-12, most people are lacking in such. And you only get that from meat. If you buy B-12 pills than you are not a vegan.

  307. Achems Razor

    I know the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian. Vegans don't have to eat continuously as you stated either.

    A lot of people eat meat because they crave of the taste and they think that cows are meant to be merely a meal.

  308. Mahesh:

    Good thinking!


  309. Achems Razor: “eric’s” writing on this important issue could easily be expanded into a book. Also What you have written just above could have easily been contracted in to couple of lines, or better if not written not at all cos this space is not about eric or you or me. So we should move away.
    Eric has simpmly won my respect with his level of respect to other earthlings.

  310. Mahesh:

    Maybe in a book you might make some sense of "eric's" writing.
    but not on the net.

    Anything long winded and not spaced properly, tends to be skimmed over by readers.

    Basically on the net, writing has to be concise, to the point, with as little words as possible!

  311. Eric indeed does makes lots of sesnse in his own profound style of writing which i love reading . Those who may find them meaningless might have chosen to be living in the dark ages. But those who respect the truth may read them over and over, until its understood, cos its worth and wont be a waste.

  312. Eric makes more sense whilst drunk (I think this is what you imply)

  313. I tell you, to try and get those neurons working in high gear and decipher, exactly what "eric" is trying to parlay in his profusion of meaningless words by all means is no is mean feat.
    It would drive anybody to drink.

  314. [eric filter engaged]

    Achems you are proof positive of modified genes. Organic? Pfft I believe you are a dissinfo agent of Monsanto! (btw I`m drunk)

  315. are you sure it is all about money Archems? think on that very very deeply before you answer that..
    any intelligent human can learn to grow their own food, it is very deceiving to speculate on such things, when it is from a verbal idealistic point of view, im sure that your brain probably required more energy to write all of those generally preconceived notions that most of us who don't eat meat hear, that argument is neither reasonable or logical in any sense, but entirely theoretical, or from ones own experience, one must look at the whole thing, and looking at just biology in high school, that energy which is a part of your point is something that dissipates, it is first received by a plant before digestion and moves along, it is of no particular blame to anyone that mankind neglects such fundamental things as proper nutrition, and the only way that most seem to get a small part of it is to keep eating the same way, which is also becoming more poisoned, one must stick to the point which is why one eats meat? the rest of the arguments, problems can be resolved as long as it is not from a pessimistic,conformist point of view of the world; these are very serious issues which have nothing to do with who is right or wrong, or winner or looser, in fact that kind of game moves us further from what is true, it happens in all argument in relationship and what we must understand about truth is that we can also see it in the false as long as ones mind can listen, read, without resisting or distorting or getting caught up in a game of semantics; vegetarians don't eat just veggies,grass as this man asked me and and I'm laughing at this moment, for those of you who do call yourselves vegetarian,and for the most part it is just to point out that you don't eat meat however it just becomes a way to classify you as a person as mankind is doing more and more and that I'm sure you know, which is a part of a bigger problem; Division, that is a whole other discussion, but for anyone serious it is not a tiresome study to take up on their own... I hope reading this no one is deprived of breathing

  316. You can't win for losing on this,
    Even if a person went vegetarian you are still playing Russian Roulette with your health.
    Everybody's favorite company, "Monsanto" is not required to label foods that are GM produced. Most are full off antibiotics,
    Most milk in U.S. contains rbGH.

    Most seeds for plant crops have modified genes.

    The only way to go is organic, if you can find it that is.

  317. Depending on the type of animal (ie meat product) for each calorie you gain from eating meat - it takes between 6 and 26 calories to produce it. The apologists for meat production might consider this inefficiency when making claims that meat farming is necessary for our survival, if that is the immoralities of such cannot be grasped.

  318. this doc shows the ending of animals lifes, however the brutality starts at birth with the earthlings born into factory farms. its not cool, its not an efficient system for feeding mass population.
    cows eat on average 90 pounds of food per day, 24 pounds of haylage, 2 pounds of hay, 40 pounds of corn silage, 14 pounds of shell corn and 10 pounds of protien mix. and uses 35 gallons of oil during its life. thats alot more food and energy then you get from eating it

  319. Jari:

    I said Vegan. not vegetarian. Big difference!!

    And than it still depends on what degree of vegetarian, again big difference!!

  320. @Achems,
    I'm a vegetarian and I don't have to eat constantly. I can get all the protein that I need without eating a dead animal.
    One doesn't need to eat meat if he has access to alternatives.

  321. whoopi goldberg:

    If you insist.

    I first watched "the earthlings". quite a long time ago from another source.
    It affected me deeply by the abject cruelty of us Homo Sapiens.
    Against other living sentient creatures on our small self contained spaceship we call Earth.
    I think the majority of humans somehow feel divorced from animals, unless they become our pets. Then it is a different story.

    Again it is usually always about money folks. Check out a short doc. here on TDF. called "Wegmans Cruelty"

    When I first watched "the earthlings". I figured that's it! no more meat for me.
    That lasted about 2 days, I believe my chemical makeup is hunter-gather'er. Need Meat!! Need Protein!! Cave Man stuff!!
    Check out, (The Paleo Diet)- Google-"Loren Cordain. The Paleo Diet"

    So than again I ate meat, but with reservations, and no more packaged meat of any kind

    Knew friends that butcher and process there own meat, did that, helped them.
    Than I at least knew where my meat came from.

    Used to hunt my own game, dropped that years back, to dangerous, with all the big white hunters out there.

    Kosher meat!! what a farce, as in this doc. That meat ain't blessed!

    We became what we became because of eating meat, protein to sustain us for long periods of time, other-whys we would have to eat constantly, as in Vegan. diets.

    I believe there is enough room on this planet for all humans, I should say all "Earthlings" to live in some sort of harmony.

  322. to whoopi g. When it all becomes no longer profitable , then most probably you will have to raise them and slaughter them by your self. then perhaps you will become a vegetarian too.

  323. red rover red rover we call Achems Razor over, i enjoy reading your comments the most, please comment

    it is my feeling that most of the animal cruelty in this documentary is caused by or for financial benefits, i dont think anyone would disagree with that. nothings going to change until it becomes no longer profitable

    think global and eat from local community farmers

  324. Here is a good lecture to be watched in conjunction with this doc:

    (Google) Jonathan Safran Foer: Eating Animals

  325. The part about dairy cows is b*******. Veal cattle aren't produced this way legally. Dehorning is absolutely necessary, have you ever seen a cow with its eye poked out? I could go on. I've worked in the industry for a long time, most of this is illegal, and is certainly not standard, my parents owned a slaughter plant when I grew up, and this behavior is not the norm, even 25 years ago. In short most of this is bullshit.

  326. Mahesh, man is without a doubt the most violent creature ever created. Animals use violence due to instinct but man uses his ability to think and reason to justify his dirty deeds. We go to war and thank our 'gods' that we killed and maimed more of the enemy than they did to us. Genocides have been plotted, planned and carried out for thousands of years and man can always justify those actions by deeming the others lower than ourselves. Man lives like the animals do and it is the survival of the fittest or the smartest. We just refuse to see ourselves in that light. We all have the choice to do good or do evil because we can think and reason. It is a sad sorry world that has so many who put such little value on all life, including human life. Happy New Year to you pal.

  327. Reb & Eric, it's quite comforting to read all your comments here. That means you souls are really paying attention. Happy New year to all of you.

  328. When you truly think about it, a people that can turn a blind eye to partial birth abortion has already stooped to the lowest level. The sale of baby parts is now a booming business around the world. If we can do that to the most helpless among us why should we be surprised at any level of animal cruelty?

  329. A terribly powerful moving film.Indeed one that noone would care to watch, but everyone should.It is only our complicity that allows these unbelievably obscene practises to continue.Our ignorance has blinded us..and this film has the power to open peoples'eyes....

  330. wow...what an excellent and moving report.

    i feel that we as humans have taken the earth for granted and it is now too late for us to rectify things. the world will heal itself and we will no longer exist.


  331. The world has become a savage in every way,even more complex in its technology, slaughter, and most of us are just ravaging everything else, exploiting each-other sexually and all sorts of ways which is all of the egos food, digestible or not, which is our ego that we have to care for, watch, see what it is doing throughout the days and every second of what it thinks about that, which is to be completely aware of yourself of thought in order to put to a complete end such result that is not separate from the sources external evidence, which is the same source that searches for proof every where else

  332. we must really understand what the root causes,problems are, most of us are trying and putting so much effort towards particular problems in politics or in the technological, or personal which it can never be, so in some sense we are all running astray, which is disorder and still even these problems linger as they have for so long and are getting extremely complex and one can see that in relationship, which the stubbornness, the denials, the confusion on what things really are; is creating so much delusion; the scientist are trying to explore other planets, speculations all without a foundation, which in some sense they are trying to move on which many say to do, but one cant because the problem is there and wherever one goes and so what happens even of the technology we create, to battle pollution,or some ecological problems, when we neglect the cause, and as most of us are just carrying on in whatever way have, repeating and repeating; there is no change as the revolutionaries, politicians are pushing

  333. This is a good movie for people who haven't opened their eyes to the the implications of our practice of using animals yet, but there is so so much more to see and learn, and it definitely doesn't come close to ending with the way animals are raised and killed.

    The main thing I would like to add to this comment page is that we, by no means, need to consume or use animals or their products for our health or in order to sustain the rest of human population. Some people on here have stated that we need meat, that it is natural and necessary for us to be consuming meat and animal products the way we are in our society today, and that in order to feed our planet's human population we can not give up animal products. However, this is not the truth, and we should not hide behind these beliefs when facing the issues surrounding the exploitation of animals. It is not necessary to human health or survival to consume or otherwise use animals.

    These are all beliefs given to us by the society we have been raised in, so I understand why so many people take them for granted as the truth, but as soon as we step back from our biases and look a little deeper we see that this is not by any means the truth.

    To begin with health, when you look at human health throughout history and at present, we do not need meat or animal products to be optimally healthy and thrive. Throughout almost all human history, up until very recently, much of the human population has survived with comparatively very little to no meat in their diets. Many populations today are still primarily vegetarian (never before having had meat once, let alone three times, daily) as they almost always have been, and it is only since WWII that humans have eaten meat on the scales we see to today- and even then, only in the wealthier nations. Throughout history meat has been associated with power and luxury, and you can still see this now- only in the past few years, with their further industrialization and increased "development" towards more Western ways of life, have other nations around the world begun eating meat on a more regular basis, and the health implications of this are not hard to see. It is only the nations who's diets rely so much on meat and other animal products who suffer heart disease, cancers, obesity, osteoporosis, and dozens of other diseases on such a huge scale- and only when other nations begin increasing their meat consumption do they see these diseases as well, and make no mistake, they do at a rapidly increasing rate.

    The American Dietetic Association states that vegetarian and vegan diets are suitable for all humans at any stage of life, and it would be illogical to assume any other conclusion, seeing as it has been a diet present throughout all of human history. A balanced, healthy vegan diet has never caused health or development problems in humans but has been a diet present throughout much of human evolution, whether by choice or necessity.

    In our society we have been lead to believe that vegan diets can not sustain our bodies, but this is not true. Sufficient protein, for example, is easily obtained through a balanced vegan diet, the standard meat-focused diet actually gives us much too much protein, which contributes to the very diseases that most affect our nations. Any other deficiencies a vegan diet is thought to cause are also either false or due to the way our food is now produced, not the diet, as healthy plants grown in natural, healthy soil naturally provide everything everything our bodies need, and study after study shows that vegans in fact have less than half the amount of dietary deficiencies that those who regularly consume animal products. Again, the deficiencies some vegans have are not due to the diet and would not naturally occur, they are due to nutrients being stripped and lost in the production and processing of today's food.

    When you look at human health and development beyond very recent history, you see that it would make no sense for humans not to be able to survive and be healthy on a vegan diet- we would not be here today if we couldn't. We know that humans are just as healthy, if not healthier, on balanced vegan diets, and that eating meat on any scale larger than a few times a year or month, unless forced due to environmental restrictions, is no more natural or necessary than eating twinkies.

    We do not need meat to survive in our society, we do not need meat to be healthy. Knowing that, what valid excuse to we have to exploit animals the way we do?

    Moving on to the idea that in order to feed such a huge population of people we can't be expected to do it without meat, this idea also falls to pieces when you look at the bigger picture of the world. Keeping in mind that the nations which eat meat on a such a regular basis are the relatively few wealthier ones, and most of the world's population eats little to no meat in relation to us, we see that meat does not play a beneficial role in feeding the world's population by any means. In fact, it does the complete opposite, and the decision of the wealthier nations to consume so many animal products is ultimately harming the world's population and the environment we live in.

    It takes 20 times as much energy to produce 1 calorie from meat as it does to produce 1 from vegetables, which means that vast amounts of food is wasted in the production of meat in exchange for very little nutritional value. More than half of the world's crops go to feeding livestock, a third of the world's land surface is used for raising animals for food. The practice also uses and pollutes huge amounts of the worlds water, it takes up to 100,000 liters of fresh water to produce 1 kg of meat compared to just a couple hundred to a couple thousand to produce vegetables. According to a study by the UN, the production of livestock is, on every scale from local to global, one of the main causes of environmental destruction. 80% of Amazonian deforestation has been for cattle pasture, and most of the remaining 20% for soybean crops (90% of the world's soybeans go directly to feeding livestock.) A recent report by the WorldWatch Institute indicates that at least 51% of all human caused greenhouse gas emissions come from raising livestock. Considering there are currently 600 billion animals being raised for food around the world at this very moment, huge amounts of plants, water, and land that could be used to directly feed the world's population are being wasted for a relatively tiny amount of nutritional value due to the dietary choices made by relatively few people. The environment is being exploited just as much as the animals to satisfy our demand for animal products, the list of issues goes on and on, in the end it is undeniable that eating meat does not aid the survival and health of the human population but rather harms it (quite significantly.) We would be much more capable of sustaining our growing population without meat, and in fact we may soon have no choice to give the habit up due to this very reason.

    So when learning about the production of animal products and it's many implications, keep in mind that the truth is it is all very unnecessary, at at this point in time definitely not a naturally unavoidable part of the food chain and life cycle. We do not have the excuse to hide behind of this being natural or necessary.

    Albert Einstein has said "Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."

    Leonardo daVinci stated "The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now do the murder of men."

    Both were vegetarian, as were most significant intillectuals and geniuses throughout history. This is a lifestyle choice that has been around for as long as we could choose it, beginning with Egyptian priests and Pythagoras, and it has been advocated passionately by the very people who have built our world views, including Plato and Socrates, Charles Darwin, Jeremy Bentham, Thomas Edison, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, Immanuel Kant, C.S. Lewis, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Leo Tolstoy, Franz Kafka, and the list goes on and on. Yet even though all these figures we consider so important had this one moral plea for humanity in common, we disregard it and exploit other animals without a second thought, with the excuse that we can not avoid it or that it is somehow morally excusable to eat and exploit animals simply because we are higher on the food chain. But the truth is humans do have a choice and have the ability to understand right from wrong, be compassionate instead of cruel, and consequently people have been avoiding using animals since they had the ability to choose, and it has lead to no negative consequence.

    We can, and indeed do, choose.

  334. Leah: According to what i'v observed Buddhism rejects all forms of beliefs and faiths , instead invites people to use intelligence, reasoning and logic for understanding. This belief you mentioned is actually coming from other religions in India.
    Meat is simply a biological matter, it has no feelings such as anger or pain. Buddhism disagrees with theories like "you are what you eat". No one can be judged by what they eat.
    Buddah has clearly mentioned that there is a big difference in eating for survival and eating for pleasure or greed.

  335. and with you Mahesh, we can relate irrefutably

    good one Priscilla, the environment is a factor, but many of us accept our habits if we can say it as that, which is always a question of living, and it seems difficult for those that eat meat to kick it and one simply accepts anything easy, whether it is fast food, or the next scientist, or doctor to agree, biologically, or just pure opinion,I remember this doctor saying it is okay to eat meat sometimes, as if that really means anything; many of the scientists do all of these studies and conclude into all sorts of avenues, but those of us who don't eat meat actually know,understand what its like, not as a speculation or popular opinion, its silly how much of scientists talk of experimenting and yet one can see what they are doing which to me is not science, but that is a whole other thing;

  336. It touches me completely! I am a vegetarian . God bless us all!

  337. Buddhists believe that when you eat something angry, it makes you angrier. Interesting that as commercial farming methods that are as cruel as they are efficient have risen, so has the amount of violence in the world................

  338. I have already been a "vegetarian in training" at 95% - going 100% effective immediately..... BTW, there is enough food (fruit and vegies) to go around (it is big corporate that is hindering the equal distribution) - and the positive physical (and mental) health effect of being a vegetarian is priceless.
    My advice: Study the impact of food (all food) on the body - it will take some time for you to learn the vast amount of information - but it is worth it. Respect all living beings and use your common sense, please!

  339. Quietsamurai ,what you say is in fact a true fact, & we all agree on that. We also agree that all the other beings are driven by instincts and has got no choice. But for us having this choice makes us quite different from the rest. So when we make our choices, Should we ignore the fact that our habits and desires could cause a lot of "unnecesary" sufferings to fellow earthlings.
    I think ,When you say "We do it just because we do it" it takes away the purpose of us-being human. Do we have to behave like animals just because we are biologically similar ? Should we follow the nature that favors the strong and the mean more than the weak and the innocent ?. Why should we look at lions when we can look at elephants.
    Quietsamurai, you say chimps kill and eat their young , but i know you are not insane to do the same. Unfortunately you have forgotten to mention the names of animals who imprison other animals for entertainment or education, animals who breaks the spirit of the others just to ride or race, animals who practice blood sports for fun. I m sure you cant find any, but i would like to remind you that there is a species in this world who not only drinks milk but also kill and eat the same being that they drink milk from.
    Quietsamurai did you read an earlier post from Eric which says about a Hippo who tries to save another being from death ? No offense here Quietsamurai but Personally i think it would have been much more comforting for me to be a buffalo rather than being a shameful scum human being.

  340. by saying "its the law of nature" removes one from any responsibility of ones actions. It isn't just about exploitation or a deeper meaning or freedom. we are no longer part of the food chain, we've been able to remove ourselves completely. its the fact that we are the most intelligent and conscience beings on this planet. We are not only the most evolved in intelligence but also in spirituality. we should know better than to treat the world and it occupants like this. Especially in this day in age where information is at a press of a button. we should all be ashamed.

  341. People look to far into the way others act. Not everything we as humans do has some grand and deeper meaning. We do it just because we do it. And we aren't the only species to act cruel to one another; chimps kill and eat the offspring of other chimps, they wage war on other chimp families, and even eradicate them for territory. Dolphins will kill each other out of jealousy and kill other aquatic animals for no reason what so ever except for the sake of killing.

    I agree with the strong preying on the weak or exploiting them argument the film made. But humans are NOT the only species that do this, It's the law of nature. And in the law of nature the more fit the specimen the higher on the food chain they are, and the higher on the food chain you are the more freedom you have. This is true not only in biological terms but in social terms as well.

  342. For those who find this film horrific and cannot watch the full report... think again! Changes don't come ease. Denial has perpetuated the problem. Truth while inconvinient is necessary. STOP the unnecesary animal suffering, choose to know and make responsible choices.
    As humans we truly lost the sense of respect for life. Worse... we blame God for our own actions! Society has placed more value on profits, luxuries, social status and power on its persuit for happiness and selfish desires. What humans have encounter enstead is destrution. Destruction of nature, animals, the planet and self! It is more evident today than ever before that humans could and are capable of causing our own extintion!
    Personally I believe when calling someone an "animal", actually that expretion is a direct insult to the animal speaces itself.
    What is real and true is; "we reap what we sow".
    Are humans prepared for the harvest? because the "fruit" has ripen! The price has to be paid for what has been done.

  343. How did humans with such big brains come to have such small souls? we should all be ashamed of ourselves for one way or another, we contribute to this horrible cycle.

  344. Eric. I honor you for writing nothing but the truth. If everyone else were like you ,then we wouldnt have watched this video in this day. Peace be with you.

  345. Good doc though. If I cared more I'd probably stop eating meat too.

  346. Don't worry yavanna. We all have trouble understanding eric, and I think he has trouble understanding us.

  347. is one just trying to prove a point, caught up in the past or are we together in this questioning?you see someone who is onto something new, wants to share, cause it is very important and it is very simple to talk about something one is very clear with when one has really gone into it, put in the hard work and so the words are like sweat, effortlessly dripping;
    no rush its totally up to you but please understand one thing my comments don't exclude anyone, if things were that easy, we wouldn't have to think, life is the toughest work;

  348. It's like I`m communicating in a different language. I`ve tried to make my comments as clear as possible. I give up - and certainly have no desire to bang my head more on forums Eric

  349. That which is called religion Charles, wont ever fly by me;another thing Yavanna, If I may pick without disturbing, do you think its possible that, that so called human nature in the sense which seems unshakable,perhaps might be a part of why there is something which we call god? could that be so? And is it capable of change, as all things are?

    Forgive me Vlatko for my many comments......

  350. As far as I know, Eric isn't even religious at this point in time, but we can always hope. :-)

    This was a good documentary, by the way. Everyone should watch it at least once even if you think it's exagerated or not.

  351. I dont see any relation between the use of animals as food / religion / god. first we go into that don't you think so? not spiritualism, or what a particular man has done, which is must be more complex then him just wanting to eat it; Answer this first if I may say without authority, what do you mean by religion?there is organized religion, the Jews, the Muslims, the Buddhist, the Hindu, witchcraft, and personal beliefs? and where do the concepts of these beliefs derive?are they really personal? is there a difference between the higher power and what the organized religions call god? the rest you are asking supposes that i believe in some spiritual moment, and there is nothing I want to say on that, with all respect; so then where can we begin? and do you want to move to the forum?

  352. Eric, I think you missed my point completely. You brought religion into this discussion for some strange reason best known to yourself. I wasnt attacking religion though I would within a related topic.

  353. man made himself into a devil and believes in him

  354. yavanna,authority
    one has to understand that when it comes to organized religions, the religion is the people; the Koran or bible is just a book a very interpreted and translated, old book; if you see it as something of god than you'd think it would be important; but the fact is many religious people don't actually read it just as many adults that don't like to read; if you are mistaken which if i may ask, do you think that religion is being blamed? or do you not see the effect that organized religion has on society? one can see that just in this commentary as one is writing how one word can have an effect on what is said; so what relationship is that to the many years of translation,interpretation? it is very important that we understand what organized religion is, because it becomes a barrier in many of discussions, and we are always separating the organized religion from the people, and their actions, so we do not see the dangers, the violence that comes from having such conviction that denies anything else which may be necessary for the understanding of ourselves which is becoming more and more irrelevant whether you call yourself a religious, or atheistic, or a scientific person; and if one looks at religion from their particular point of view or experience or how they are, then when it comes to religion one must admit, that has absolutely nothing to do with the whole and you can see that cant you? I'm not an atheist, nor do I knock on religions door but while we are in the company of organized religion and some of us are struggling with that AND the many problems that arise in science as well, which of-course is defined by the scientist, and if we are just concerned with that, than what effect does that have on our understanding of science or religion?and what is the cause of such division?

  355. SO Disturbing! Yuck! What's wrong with us?! Where's compassion and value for life?! Look what these companys are feeding the people... sick dairy cow! It's toxic on so many levels. An animal dies in fear... the energy from that remains in the meat that you then injest into your body. No wonder cancer is an epidemic. Perhaps the cows get the last laugh! McDonalds is the devil!
    Seriously, Wake up America!! If we allstop being in service to the self and start being in service to others, what a wonderful world this could be.

  356. eric

    I dont see any relation between the use of animals as food / religion / god.

    We eat to survive . This is nature. How we behave accordingly towards these animals is defined by our nature. For instance an american guy screaming at a pig as he killed it "die mutha f--ka" Was that to do with God or religion? I prefer to believe he was dealing with having to kill an animal for food in the way that worked for him. I dont think he had a spiritual moment to be honest. He was disassociating himself from an event he probably found difficult. He had to wind himself up to do it.

  357. not water buffalo, Hippo

  358. There is definitely a relationship between religion and the way we look at life,death,living things, and god in sense to the organized religions is something higher and he may do with us as he pleases and the so called religious people pass much of what happens in life over to god;

    one must understand that no living thing that can comprehend why it would be used for food by man would sacrifice itself, cause it is the nature of all living things to survive and thrive; in nature much of what happens can be justified, cause their lives are very difficult, just as ours were, but we have moved on from that kind of thing, however one can see that something still remains which is the cause of such carelessness,killing, and the end of that there can be love; I saw a animal documentary and a alligator had snapped a deer passing in the water and a water buffalo chased the alligator away and held the deer in its mouth, but the damage was done quickly: AS a small this may seem, it takes intelligence,love to do such a thing, however one can think logically that since we are capable much greater, that we would know better, we can all relate and there is a part of that in all of us and we must understand ourselves;
    awareness is the greatest source

  359. Mahesh, the low class of mental psychos who use holy books to justify their cruelty and greed are all a mess of contradictions and they choose the ones that fit their need.

    In the OT Jeremiah refutes what has been about animal sacrifices being ordered by a god and clearly demonstrates the "lying pens of the scribes" had been at work and was telling the people they could take their burnt sacrifices and stuff them. However, the religious lot is like the god they serve and love the sweet aroma of burning flesh floating up their nostrils. BTW Jeremiah was stoned to death for speaking out against these forgers.

    "Thus says YAHWEH of hosts, the God of Israel, "Add your burnt offerings to your sacrifices and eat the flesh yourselves. For I did not speak to your fathers, or command them in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt, concerning burnt offerings and sacrifices....Now my people do not know the requirements of God. How can you say, 'we are wise, for we have the laws of God', when, behold, the lying pen of the scribes has worked falsely." (Jeremiah Chapter 7 verse 21, Chapter 8 verse 7)

    Eating the dead carcass of what was once a living feeling creature does not appeal to me either and after this documentary it never will.

  360. Even though I am 30 years vegetarian it never allowed me to be happy knowing that i belong to a race which is the most disgraceful to fellow living beings. This low class race justify their greed by referring to old religious dogmas or utter nonsense biological theories. Surely i think under some circumstances meat eating can be justified but i think it is utterly horrible when this race says it is "delicious".
    This movie confirms again that i truly feel ashamed being human.

  361. this doc makes me to stay vegetarian and iam proud of it and from know i protect my surrounding .
    Salute to all team members.

  362. Kelly: I'm sure there is some basis for the film's arguments even if the footage is older. Rarely are things either totally black or white.


  363. I think this planet is the jumping off place of the universe. I am sick.

  364. I dropped out in 30minutes , just to much.....

  365. I watched the whole couldnt pay me enough to watch it again..everything was so sad and just made me hate how people use and abuse other living things. Very bothering...and its just sicck to see how our food it produced.

  366. I watched every minute though it pained me. Every human should. Any left thinking there is a god is stupid indeed. We dont deserve to live on the same planet as these poor creatures. Something has got to give.

  367. the way we humans, who are suppose to be intelligent beings, treat animals just sickens me. Im just so ashamed to be even the same specie as these people who commit these horrible acts. Ive been a vegetarian ever since i saw a pig being slaughtered 5 years ago and now im totally going to be a vegan. I really do hope that people would just learn to sacrifice a little part of them to make the world a better place for our fellow sentient beings.

  368. This movie was really hard to watch and I had to stop it a few times but I felt like if I don't watch it, who will? If we continue to live in happy ignorance then it will never stop--human greed knows no bounds. It's amazing how heartless those people must be to do those acts. But then I suppose those kinds of people who work those jobs don't have many options in their lives. I can't imagine someone CHOOSING to work at a slaughterhouse because they wanted to. My first reaction is that slaughterhouses should be shut down and everyone should become a vegetarian. I, myself, am not a vegetarian but seeing this I'm definitely going to cut way back. But it's impractical to expect this country and especially the rest of the world to change their eating habits. I wish I knew the answer to these problems, because this is definitely not the world I want to continue living in.

  369. I am very touched by the film but I honestly think there should of been a big warning for viewers. A film like this makes a big impact on people minds. I myself know its so wrong to eat meat, but God or whoever is watching us, could understand that our populations are in the billions, so it would be really hard to feed all of us with just veggies and fruits. I am not saying I promote killing animals, I was so sicken by man kind and the things he does. But we grew up to believe in this world its kill or be killed.

  370. Horrifying! Honestly. If I had more conviction, I'd be a vegitarian too. I really don't like the fact that we trap, hunt, and eat things to extinction, and how sad it is for the domesticated animals we eat, etc. but it's not entirely practical to stop eating meat entirely. The fur thing was grusome; now that was really sad. But, on the other had, we do have to eat. What are we to do?

  371. This almost made me sick. What is wrong with us? I don't understand humans.

  372. In order to fully comprehend the scale and impact of the topics this film touches on, it is imperative to watch it in full. Do not stop part way through. Bear witness to the truth and direct the emotional energy to constructive change.

  373. 'In there behaviour towards creatures, all men were Nazis' Isaac Bashevis. Wow that quote in the documentary just hit a chord, and an unusual comparison but one i found extremely relevant.

    I am personally a vegetarian, but feel that people should not be forced into becoming vegetarian but should know how their food got on the table, and thus make their own decision. This documentary was very educational, but the sad thing is that it will only be watched mostly by those who wish to watch it aka those who are either used to killing animals to which this has no effect, or vegetarians who have already seen stuff like this. The other 99% will not watch it as it depicts images they wish not to see, as they may be unwilling to admit they eat the food from the animals shown (i may be completely wrong but its my personal opinion).

  374. I would agree on one point PHM, it is not wrong to eat meat. What is wrong, in my opinion, is the suffering that we impose on the animals who sacrifice their lives for ours.

    After watching half of this documentary (I couldn't make it through the whole thing) I no longer eat any meat that is produced by factory farming methods. Which means I have eaten no meat for about three months now. This has been something I have been considering for several years and this doc pushed me over the edge.

    I hope that when the aliens come they treat us better than we have our fellow Earthlings.

  375. I am stunned that people are not aware of what they eat. I was raised in a small rural town where it is still common to slaughter your own animals. I was involved in meat judging in high school, and attended a agricultural college. I am very aware of where my food comes from. To be so naïve about something you put in your body 3, 4, maybe 5 times a day is shocking. I do not think it is wrong to eat meat. At least no more wrong that cutting down a tree to make toilet paper. Since I have no plans to stop eating burgers or using toilet paper, I refuse to judge those that continue to supply me. To stop eating meat because of a shocking video and continue to support a farming industry that is destroying millions of acres of land and polluting vast tracks of fresh and salt water is just as naïve. I'm sure humanity is on the verge of cheap synthetic food but until then if you want cheap accessible food for 6.8 billion mouths, animals will die and the land will be raped. Don't act so surprised.

  376. Barbaric really is first feeling that came to mind. I too had to stop watching, not because
    out of sight = out of mind for myself, but it too made me not care much to be a part of the
    human race seeing this. But with anger = comes action. I'm 8o% vegetarian and treat animals
    with respect, i think there are too many lies out there behind closed doors. animals have
    been desacralized into packaged meats. Know the story behind what you eat! 10 stars for
    not softening reality but leaving it as it really is. the pigs and cows brutality murdered affected me the same as the dogs and cats, if not more. If that's Kosher, then the word
    has no meaning.

  377. Earthlings - you're right ppl need to be aware, personally, I was getting sick watching it and had to stop. Lost all hope for humanity. Just think when we get visited, what the visitors will think of this behavior, and what repercussions will occur because so. Just imagine substituting humans for any one of those species-it could very well happen, as far out as it may seem.

  378. Very moving and sometimes hard to watch.

    It does a great job at pointing out that animals have contributed substantially to the improvement of our living conditions/wealth yet we have done little to improve theirs which is very shameful.

    I hope to see more of these reports which raise awareness on this topic.

    8 out of 10 Stars