Working Man's Death: Heroes

Working Man's Death: HeroesA documentary on the extremes to which workers will go to earn a living. In today's technological age - is heavy manual labour disappearing or is it just becoming invisible? Physical work was once celebrated with hymns of praise.

But workers today must be content with encouraging one another that their hard work is better than no work at all.

This series looks at the state of physical work in today's world. Work that is dreary, demanding and at time dangerous.

Heroes looks at freelance miners in Ukraine who spend long days crawling through cramped shafts of exhausted coal mines to dig out a living for themselves.

Next episodes: 2. Ghosts, 3. Lions, and 4. Brothers.

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  • dmxi

    reminds me of my old demolition labour ,which i gladly don't miss !up to
    70 hours a week with regular minor & the odd fatal injuries but the pay was ok!

  • slpsa

    Everyday you come out of the hole is a good one. The Mining sector is now my second career. Albeit, you would not catch me in a mine like the ones shown here, but suffice to say, I have been to three backwater places on the globe where it was pucker factor 9.9 the whole time. My sphincter was sore after those ascents and descents, never mind the general work conditions and safety procedures. I received extra pay for those three jobs, I actually negotiated on a sat phone with my boss, getting the dangerous super heavy duty pay package from the top of the header for the elevator shaft, I absolutely refused to go in that hole unless the man was upping extra dough. It was probably the scariest work site i have ever been on through a lifetime of engineering work. The job I do pays very well, but for laborers in some of the Countries I have been to, it is literally for pennies a day, risking it all for their families and themselves, to eek out a rather low scale existence. I made a lot of friends while there though, being a charitable kind of person, I partially payed for and helped build playground equipment for a local school and its students through a work program that my company partly covers the cost of. These people deserve better money than their state sponsored mining industries pay them, we are sub contractors, and nothing more, we have no say in what they get. A lot of these men look much older than they are for good reason. Having the living sh*t scared out of you everyday can age a man quickly.

  • Andy Reynolds

    interesting comment - bet you would be worth buying a beer :)
    stay safe - andy, uk

  • slpsa

    I may take you up on that, I have some friends in the UK, in Bournemouth and Manchester. I plan on visiting sometime in the future. They owe me a few cold ones for some old bets.

  • dmxi

    ahh,manchester........most beautiful metropolis of this decaying
    world!haven't been back in 10 years,miss it!

  • slpsa

    Aaahhhh yes. The soddy mancs are not far removed from the potato farmers that inhabit Wales.....LOL. The sheep and cows in Wales can hear a zipper at 50 paces doncha know lad. Bloody mancs are not far behind at all. This is the type of friendship we have, it insists of me insulting them at every turn, while they call me a moose shaggin canuck whenever the opportunity arises, which is, it seems, every 4 minutes or so. Good lads they are anyways, off topic as it is.

  • Dexter

    a pity that it isn't the whole documentary which has some amazing parts about steelworkers in China, large boat metal scrappers in Pakistan and meat handlers in Africa.

  • Vlatko


    Do you see the title of this post? It says "Working Man’s Death: Heroes". The rest of the episodes will follow.

  • dmxi

    och,not necessary off topic when one beholds manchesters industrial
    history ,where labour was hard,dangerous & under-paid!with pride,
    the turn of the centuries economy was made possible on the pain-ridden backs of northern souls !out of date,maybe...but not off topic.

  • bringmeredwine

    Hey! from North Bay slpsa. Thanks for telling me about this site.

    Loved this doc and it ended too soon.

    Despite their horrendous job, these miners seemed so sweet. I thought they'd act hard and bitter.

    I cringed watching them dig with out safety glasses, and those tight spaces - eeeks!

    Imagine the boys in Sudbury having to work under those primitive conditions?

  • bringmeredwine

    See my post slpsa about Working Man's Death. Just wanted to let you know I've been gobbling up these docs.