Working Man's Death: Lions

Working Man's Death: LionsThe Port Harcourt slaughter yard is a labyrinth of people and animals. The entire area is actually a market, which lies between the zoo, a bridge in the middle of construction, a river, and an area where multinational corporations like Coca Cola and Shell have settled.

The grounds consist of a few huts, a large covered market hall, a cold storage room, a corral for the cattle, pig pens, a pool table sheltered by an awning, a mosque, a few shanties, a slope leading down to the river, and the places where the slaughtering is done.

These places are a large paved surface "The Slab," where the cattle is slaughtered, skinned, and cut into portions, and a charred elevated platform for roasting the beef heads, skin, feet, and whole goats.

First, the young assistants of the goat butchers and goat roasters bring in the animals. The goats make the most noise as they are being led - all tied together - to the slaughter yard. You can't tell if they sense what's in store for them; maybe it's just uncomfortable to be pulled around all tied together like that.

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    excellent doc.

  • Noname Unknown

    Never stops surprising me what a sick, twisted ****** up species we are.

  • 4GER van Ludyck

    Indeed very advisable for everyone who is thinking about becoming a vegetarian:-) The screams of little goatlings suffocating on their own blood after their throat has been slit will stay in my head for a very very long time I'm afraid... This is called true horror... nevertheless excellent doc and doc series!!

  • andrei

    As a person who's grandparents lived and owned a farm I see nothing disturbing about this scenes. Since we where kids we have seen chickens, pigs, cows and so on getting slaughter and we learned to respect the animals that will die at some point and become our food in order for us to survive.
    I find it deeply offensive of how most of the city hypocrites will say: "that's animal cruelty, that's inhumane...bla-bla" but they have no problem devouring a bucket of chicken or a big nice juicy stake without even blinking

  • sergio matos

    just look at this i cant wach them they are animals so sad the way they kill them omg i hate your kind

  • Rickysmith

    Do any of you think that the animals you eat...chicken,pork,beef,turkey etc. die a more humane death just because it is done in the civilized world? Even with all our technology thousands of animals suffer at the hands of the slaughter houses, visit one sometime and you will see that we are no better these poor people, all for the sake of meat on our plates. Good doc but not for the faint of heart, and remember you can not unsee something you have seen, so this doc is not for everyone, especially animal lovers.

  • Jen_in_Madison

    I don't believe God will save people from the consequences of what they do. I'm fortunate to be vegan.

  • Ralph Connell

    Haven't watched this yet, not sure if i will tbh... from the title i expected it to be lions killing people, not people killing goats lol... so what do lions have to do with this?.. anyone??

  • Andrew


  • Roy Rain

    God's a vegan and JC had plastic sandal's,,,interesting.

  • Pete Leclair

    As disturbing in the eyes of the faint at heart is the disturbed poor who know nothing but life blood death and the issue is this.Mankind with it's consistent take.take and then when it is gone move on to other pressing issues.I enjoy meat cooked my way and watching the thick black smoke with the relentless toil of misery from the absolute poverty that makes this life seem like a waste land of carcass and death all the while barterring about skin and innerds and cleaning.My God man.Does the Nigerian Government expect that this is normal for their [poor while they sit high in their western civilized homes filled with corruption and inhumane issues at their beckon call every single day and still do nothing but lie.cheat,stael.murder and then when the day is over their bank accounts are overflowing with support on their electoral promises to want to help their people.What i see here is a picture of HAITIES HELL on EARTH and the sweat and misery faced every minute would best describe as a place where the strong survive the weak die and the rich make empty promises for their drug alchohol induced promises.What would be so hard for a Government to invest in a proper cleaner slaughter house and putting perhaps thousands to work beginning with the raising,feeding,caring and finally the death nell.The only disturbing issue is the rampant disease these people carry with them everyday.The facts are plain to see here that the rich eat like festule pigs while the poor such as these souls are the ones cleaning their food.No wonder why this planet is full of disease

  • dewflirt

    Poor people making a living any way they can. Fine. Dead animals, fine too, but God that place must stink! And how can they think washing the meat in dirty water is going to get it clean? Why don't they all get food poisoning? Messy boys!
    Glad to see the gentle art of cow tipping is alive and kicking the world over :)

  • Martin Screeton

    I would of liked to take Milton Friedman (if he will still alive) and plop him down right in the middle of Port Harcourt. Then after a week (or two) :) ... then I would liked to have gotten his take on His so called unobstructed, no regulation, right wing free enterprise system he so passionately lobbied for his whole life.

  • Martin Screeton

    I agree, after seeing Food, Inc. ... the corprations in America have hidden this away from us ... the inhumanity is exactly the same and they do not aloow camera's anywhere near a factory slaughter house anymore because of the crualty.

  • Imightberiding

    Holy Cow! ;) What an unspeakably wretched, filthy environment. It boggles the mind to think of the sights, smells, tastes, textures & sounds in such a place. Vultures & buzzards lurking amidst all the chaos of flesh, blood, urine, feces, mud & entrails. Good thing they don't eat pork. Can you imagine tossing a slew of pigs into the mix as well?!

  • Andrew Bowdley

    Well i for one glad i Buy British beef As a person who's Aunt uncle lived and owned a farm I see nothing disturbing about its animal slaughter the old way I guess today machines do it for us at a push of a button,on a bigger scale but we learned to respect the animals feed and treat them right as at some point become our food clothing in order for us to survive and I still value this but now its cash in a modern society most animals not get these simple things as of profit loss
    But I find it disturbing how many will say but that's animal cruelty,Who the fuck to blame we are and have no problem devouring a bucket of chicken or a big nice juicy stake, an without even blinking super size it for 10p and then moan for free treatment if you take the C of Chips what you got

  • Stanley Smith

    I agree with you Andrei. Some people are so quick to criticize others for their way of life and they do not have a clue.

  • Stanley Smith

    The film shows people who are operating an old and unsanitary animal slaughter house. This is because the people are so busy working and trying to survive day to day they have not stopped to take time to establish a clean slaughter house. The Nigerian government should have a department of health established to regulate how meat processing standards of health should be maintained. People eat beef and goat meat all over the world. People kill cows and goats all over the world this is nothing new. I think that the Nigerian people need to get some help to get good clean facility for a meat processing plant. The people in this documentary are not bad people, they are working in a bad system. They need some guidance to establish an infrastructure then they will be okay. If they were to spend about 30-50 million dollars they could get several good slaughter house built and hire some consultants to show them how to run it. Nigeria is rich with oil and they could afford to do that for their people. They do pray over the beast before it is slaughtered, much like kosher Jewish practice.

  • Verena S

    however, I wouldn't say "faint at heart" but "normal at heart"
    .......... (it's just that unfortunately, nearly everyone grows up
    regarding this kind of treatment, and killing of animals as normal)

    Apart from that, it is perfectly true that most of the animals that are slaughtered in the so-called civilized world don't die a more humane death; in a lot of cases, they suffer even more, and also have a horrible life in most cases

  • Verena S

    there is nothing "normal" about this, and there is absolutely no need for an animal to be killed "in order for us to survive" ...what more of being killed in this kind of way....rather on the contrary, a diet without meat and other animal products is far healthier for human beings and can be even more varied, and someone doesn't have to miss anything, thanks to the variety of delicious and healthy products that are made from soy, wheat etc. today.

    However, of course I'm not criticising people in poor countries for eating meat, where the choice of different types of food is limited; and I absolutely agree with you that it is hypocrite to whine about these things and at the same time happily eat meat oneself, often not even caring where it comes from....