Origins And Evolution

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100 Greatest Discoveries - Origins And EvolutionThis show attempts to explain our deep psychological questions such as, why we exist, why we try to stay alive and how we try to understand planets, other ecosystems, environment and species.

From explaining the misconceived bacterial sludge to deep sea chemosynthesis, or from the theory of comets, volcanoes and an explosion bigger than all nuclear forces, this documentary, hosted by Bill Nye, is an important summary of popular and common science theories.

This documentary discusses such topics as Charles Walcott’s analysis of the Burgess Shale; the Linnaean classification system; Darwin’s theory of natural selection; Donald Johanson’s "Lucy"; Mary Leakey’s Laetoli footprints; and Michel Brunet's Toumai skull."

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    Solomon S. Buyco
  1. Solomon S. Buyco

    a)Extinction and evolve... seems work hand in hand as we still have the bears, giraffe, beast, and among others... a line may just have fade away... or a branch just fell off.
    b)Neutrino and the "Serpent"... buried in the rock to never developed or evolve as cursed by God.
    c)On meteorites, we have Hawaii in the middle of the ring of fire...
    d)Chimpanzees and the Aliens... equals Lucy, the bipedal. :o)
    e)Well, we are living in a present day, so I still go with the 'story' of Adam and Eve'. :o)

  2. LadaDance
  3. LadaDance

    great doc!!! answers all the questions!! and uploads really fast. thanks!

  4. Helen
  5. Helen

    Second time watching.Excellent. Keep up the good work TDF.

  6. Richard
  7. Richard

    No one cares Solomon

  8. Anri Pashaj
  9. Anri Pashaj

    Thank you mister for your comment. It was nice to read this reaction of yours. The documentary is a good see nevertheless.

  10. FreeRangeRadical
  11. FreeRangeRadical

    Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

    If we had but 10 Bill Nyes in the public eye, we'd have a helluva lot less ignorance.

  12. Nimmernumbnuts
  13. Nimmernumbnuts

    This is always good for a laugh.....

  14. John Krisfalusci
  15. John Krisfalusci

    Bill Nye, please if you ever read this, please educate us about "Cryovolcanoes" This is the new strange and fantastic frontier for the smarter Generation like me! I have all your Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes that are in rotation which shows every other day on my TVShows harddrive schedule but anyways~ ^_^ Have a nice day~

  16. Mickayla Nicole
  17. Mickayla Nicole

    i found a miracle a diamond! in the safe, was bigger than tat of the ones i thot were real, i wanna be with my soulmate

  18. ali khan
  19. ali khan

    I couldn't watch,,, i guess the documentary is removed from youtube. I think TDF should start hosting the documentaries on there servers instead of presenting the users with link to vimeo or youtube.

  20. Themanbehindthecurtain
  21. Themanbehindthecurtain

    Darwinism is a religion and not science. A bird that changes beak is still a bird, or a moth that changes color is still a moth. There is no evidence of one species changing to another species, like a whale changing to a bear. False prophesy.

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