Galapagos: Beyond Darwin

Galapagos: Beyond Darwin

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Galapagos: Beyond DarwinGalapagos: Beyond Darwin takes a scientific and photographic look at marine and terrestrial life of the Galapagos Islands.

The inspiration behind Charles Darwin's boldest theories of evolution, the Galapagos Islands may be more provocative than Darwin originally expected. Explore the fascinating world of the Galapagos archipelago that Charles Darwin couldn't explore in his 1835 visit.

Using underwater footage and state-of-the-art scientific equipment, marvel as new discoveries are made about marine and terrestrial life.

Climb into a state-of-the-art submersible and plunge 3,000 feet beneath the surface as history’s first deep-diving expedition to the Galapagos probes the depths where no camera has gone before.

Charles Darwin’s historic voyage to these islands forever changed our view of the world, yet he only scratched the surface.

Beneath the waves, an extraordinary variety of creatures continue to evolve, undisturbed by human settlement.

Share the discovery of over two dozen new species and capture creatures never before seen or even named! Be part of the expedition scientists will be writing about — and you’ll be reading about — for years.

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Whitney Staley
1 year ago

I was there many years ago, I was part of the crew on the Vessel, I worked at HBOI for 12 years, Guess you just had to be there to understand just how great it was.

11 years ago

There has to be some better way to collect specimen for further study (and place them back in the water) as opposed to sucking them up a pipe and allowing them to die.

Robert Allen
12 years ago

Question: Are there any poisonous snakes endemic (not introduced)to the Gallapagos? My first thought is no because, as the documentary pointed out, there was no need for defensive mechanisms. But then again, poisonous snakes use their venom on their prey.

Robert Allen
12 years ago

What a fascinating documentary!

The participants have turned science into an art form.

12 years ago

this was an absolutely first-rate documentary into the life on galapagos, a well-equipped modern (mid-90s) voyage of discovery.


such comments are not helpful. this is a high-quality doc. if you don't find nature docs interesting, don't watch them.

more importantly, don't offer an evaluation, if that's all you can say. what is 'boring' to you or me is of no interest to anyone else. the purpose of documentaries is primarily to inform, and if one is excited about the information, its presentation, cinematography, subject authorities, narrative, that's all to the good.

otherwise, best to move on and let those with at least a modicum of interest in, regard for the importance of, or background into the subject matter judge the doc on its merits.

12 years ago

Don't worry about not being able to watch this in HD @capricious. Even though somebody uploaded this film to youtube in HD it is just a standard definition copy.
Same with the recently added Evolutions film. The problem with this practice is wasted bandwidth. If one watches the HD feed you are getting the same images as the 480p version, yet much more bandwidth is wasted for no increase in resolution.

some guy
12 years ago

The narrator sounds like The Brain: "same thing we do every night, Pinky: Try and discover new species!"

12 years ago

Great documentary...I'm in the right mood to watch some of this, thank you!

12 years ago

it's been MONTHS and youtube still hasn't fixed the HD problem :(((

I cannot watch youtube HD videos, they load too slow and even if I let them buffer the resolution is too high for my 2ghz laptop :(

Of course, I still have the problem of it resetting to HD every damn part change so I can't just put it on and kick back to watch it. This, unfortunately, makes it unwatchable for me. I hope either youtube or Vlatko can figure out a way to fix this. I don't care who it is as long as it gets fixed *tear*

12 years ago

amazing a must watch on hd

12 years ago

Facinating creatures.

Me Numba Won
12 years ago

Interesting. The narrator's voice makes me sleepy though.

12 years ago

nice !!! one day i will dive with shark whales
seems so peaceful down there

12 years ago

worth watching.. good documentary

12 years ago

a bit boring