18th Street Gang

18th Street Gang

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18th Street Gang18th Street is considered the largest gang in Los Angeles, California, and is a strong armed transnational Latino criminal gang.

It is estimated that there are thousands of members in Los Angeles County alone. There are approximately 200 separate individual autonomous gangs operating under the same label within separate barrios in the San Fernando Valley, the San Gabriel Valley, the South Bay, South Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles, Pico Union, Inglewood, Cudahy, and Orange County, according to the latest figures from the NDIC.

Their wide-ranging activities and elevated status has even caught the eye of the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who recently initiated wide-scale raids against known and suspected gang members netting hundreds of arrests across the country.

Although most members are Mexican, membership is open to other backgrounds, including Central American, Middle Eastern, Asian, African American and Caucasian. 18th Street have an organized hierarchy. It is unknown who is at the top.

On the streets, there are the Shotcallers, their Lieutenants, and the foot-soldiers beneath them. Although the gang is well networked throughout the Los Angeles, there is no known central leadership nationally or internationally. Cliques generally function independently, but will join forces when combating rival gangs or law enforcement.

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  1. Haven't seen this but reading comments makes me feel anyone who has sympathy is retarded there is always a choice I realise there is not a lot of options but you give any young person the choice do right and work hard for $20 or do wrong for $60 its pretty obvious which way they will go the problem which everyone who has commented knows Is not the people not the parents but the greedy government that allows this to happen it leads back to them pricks

  2. Does anyone know who directed this movie?

  3. Eventhough it is a good documentary , it is not about the original gang 18 st, and it'S principals, it is about El Salvador. i am a member of ws 18 st Hgs LA and i get fustrated when I see what some so called hommies made of 18 in the media, we are not about that, and yes i agree that it has escalated to a political reason in El Salvador, but trust me we have not and never will be a Salvadorian gang, we are Los Angelinos....

  4. poverty probably is the main reason for this sort of bullshit going on throughout the world - and the reason for that is capitalism - the distribution of wealth - some get everything (jobs, education, security etc.) while others get damn all - there must be some other way


  6. The problem is the doc description. This is NOT an LA gang documentary. It's about a bunch of poor teenagers in San Salvador & how they get by. They call themselves a gang but are nothing like what you'd find in LA. A sad bunch of punk kids. Clearly they are poor, uneducated, & un-parented. With few options available and no ambition to speak of, they're caring for themselves and each other as best they can.

  7. first of all there should not be latino gangs in the usa, its the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, period....

    the US government is doing nothing to remove them from the usa, the come to this country, they dont speak english, or even try, they take over comunities, municipalities, these things should be sent back to where they came from, this is not their country, never was never will be,

    1. Haha, well, there should only REALLY be native Americans, but as you know your country was stolen. YOU'RE ALL ILLEGAL

    2. that's is exactly what i thought XD

    3. Technically, everybody who's not of Native-American descent is an illegal alien. If I steal your car, is your car now my car because I'm driving it? Apply the same logical format to this country. Inarguable, huh?

    4. That's the stupidest argument ever. "Anyone born in the US is a native american", so why should illegals be treated like they aren't illegal. Oh, and don't agree with the first thing I said? That's a direct quote from russell means, the recently passed influential leader of the Sioux tribe.

    5. My prior comment is inarguable and your comment is a heaping pile of bulls**t. Europeans belong in Europe, Africans belong in Africa, Asians belong in Asia, etc. This is not your land and you don't belong here, you have no right to tell a Native American that he's trespassing on his ancestors' land. You people have deep entitlement issues.

    6. How is your comment inarguable? It's clearly arguable because it's an ignorant comment. Besides that, my comment isn't bulls*it, since it's a viewpoint from a famous American Indian himself. This is my land because I was born here, just as it is anyone else's who was born here in the US. And who is telling any native american that they are trespassing on their ancestors' land? Are you that ignorant to any knowledge on politics and history? If you're referring to Mexicans as Native Americans, then I'm going to have to laugh right in your face. Most Mexicans are mestizo, which means they too have European blood in them. Being from Mexico doesn't entitle you to go anywhere in the f--king western hemisphere and claim citizenship because you think you're entitled to. I dare you to try going to Mexico to pull that bull****, they'll throw your @** in jail in a heartbeat. Also, if you're so sure that Africans belong in Africa, then please go ahead. Quit being a hypocrite. By the way, my Great(x3) grandfather is the Sioux chief "Crazy Horse", thus my moms side is of native descent. You can take your ignorance elsewhere. I suggest you go back to your hometown and ask why your high school failed its students educationally, because clearly it has failed you. Read a history book.


    7. Did the natives invite foreigners to their land? Did the (white)foreigners come here to work or did they come here to steal, rape & kill? A Sioux Indian did not say "Anyone born in the US is a native american", that was conjured up by right-wing extremists.

      I don't read history books written by the enemies of my people. If I wanna read about Native American history, A Native American must write the book. Reading a history book written by whites about non-whites is akin to reading a history book about the Crips written by the Bloods. The book will be loaded with biased bulls**t.

      I'll relocate to Africa when the non-blacks in Africa go back to their ancestral homelands. When that happens, Africa will be the richest continent in the world. European countries will degrade into 3rd world countries because they won't be able to steal our resources and send the profits back to their countries. The Africans that relocated from abroad will enforce the shoot on sight immigration law for all non-blacks.

      By the way, The Mexicans are implementing plans to take their country back from the illegal aliens(All non-Native Americans). Your white self claiming Sioux won't stop them from bashing your head in. This is not your land and it never will be.

      Listen to how the Natives really feel about you occupying their territory.


    8. Lol, you're a delusional person. If you honestly believe the foreigners came strictly to steal, rape and murder, then that shows how ignorant you are. First of all, this land was discovered by accident. The settlers began creating a new life for themselves here. It ended up becoming a place for people to get away from their oppressive countries. Secondly, a Sioux indian did say that. His name is 'Russell Means' and he's the most influential Sioux leader of our time. It's a fact he said that anyone born in the US is a native American. Look it up for yourself.

      I can clearly see the hate that drives your heart. It's said, because you honestly believe what you're saying even though you've been lied to. You quickly claim that right wing extremists conjured that up, but I'm not even sure you know what a right wing extremist is. As I said before, you need to pick up a damn history book. The Republicans aren't out to get you like the mainstream media tries to make you believe. Look no further than the Democratic Party. The Party that started Slavery and supported it 'til the very end. The same party that devised a plan to keep blacks lower in the social totem pole. Don't believe me? I just wrote a report on it, and you're free to read it if you'd like.

      Or, how about you just look up the racist Democratic Party online. You'll find a boatload of info to help you wake up out of your delusional little dream World. I'm not advocating for Republicans, as I believe the party has gone down hill in the past thirty years, but man, you've been lied to and you need to honestly sit down and get your facts straight.

      I also agree that Africa could be well off with all its resources, and I agree that it's a shame that many of the resources there are being stolen from nations around the World. Africa is in a completely messed up state right now though, and it can't simply be fixed by making the whites leave. That would actually be one of the worst things that could happen right now.

      Mexicans can come up with whatever little plans they have as well, because I highly doubt that they will ever try and start a nationwide race War. Before you go out and quickly defend the Mexicans though, you once again need to educate yourself. I'm not sure if you're aware of the hispanic gang problem in the US, but it's a fact that here in SoCal, latino gangs are performing ethnic cleansing on blacks. Look it up and see for yourself. Blacks are being targeted by latino gangs, and many blacks have already left the Los Angeles area because of it.

      Take off your bull liberal jerk off party hat, grow a pair of damn balls, and start educating yourself. If you want to look out for the good of your race, quit blaming Libertarians and Republicans, and start looking within the Democratic Party.

      Please watch this and I think it'll help you a bit. I care about blacks and I think it's time for you and other minorites to get informed.


    9. I have to agree with everything you said, I'd look even more foolish by trying to contest it. I underestimated you. When I look at my previous comment, I now realize I made myself look like a babbling i*iot. Thanks for the insight and have a blessed day.

    10. It's okay man, I wasn't trying to attack you or make you look like an i*iot. I was just trying to show reason, and hopefully show both sides of the coin to you. Only respect. You have a blessed day too. Cheers

    11. Are you really that slow? He was being sarcastic genius. And yes, America is a stolen land that belongs to Indigenous peoples. Only Europeans such as yourself even argue that fact while blathering about illegals. You people are like a sick joke.

    12. most of gang members are born on USA for your information so most of them are "native" the smartest option is to invest in the poorest countries and "hoods" economy and give campaigns to prevent young ones to become part of this gangs, also take out the leaders of the groups and have strict control over the the ones in prison, new laws must be part of the constitution to warrant the safety of the citizens no matter where they are, gangs cause troubles whetever theyre no matter if it is in africa or USA.
      Getting rid of them in USA is sellfish and stupid as more gans will return more powerful and dangerous to USA

  8. Jaymali and ProudinUS
    Your do not understand the roots of the problems but are quick to blame someone. Latin America has been in a deep economic and political problems ( some generate by the US policies and its bad strategies in the region) for more than 3 decades and many people had to migrate to US ( mainly illegally)to work hard. Some of them with young children and others left behind their families. Thus, these children are the ones who suffered the consequences there is no a simple solution for this problem. Now we have an epidemic over the continent and abroad.

  9. dont think that you're any better than these people because you haven't made the choices they have. I grew up with many friends from gangs and its never been something they could just walk away from and i understood that. When your entire family is in a gang, your neighborhood is a gang central, and you witness close friends and family killed by others gang members for no reason, then you can talk about how "horrible" these people are. How about instead of pointing fingers, blaming, and judging something you can't understand, you offer some solutions? It would make you sound like less of a jack***.


  10. omg first scene...!!

  11. commented on wrong movie, sorry.

  12. i don't blame the kids i blame the parents who had these kids and left them alone. I wonder what is wrong with Africans and Latinos, only thing that we are good at is killing and crimes we don't deserve to live on earth.

  13. i'm sorry was this a joke? they're a gang? their leader is 16, their racketeering is like, you know, whenever... they can't afford 2 dollars to buy rolling papers and their claim to fame is selling weed that looks like something a cow spit up. the "biggest gang in the world" gets by on 60 dollars profit and some change they get from some bus drivers? LOL homeboys are doing something wrong. oh, and when you see vids of REAL gang initiations you don't have anyone yelling "NOT THE FACE, NOT THE FACE!"

    1. It isn't bad enough they commit murder after murder like it's nothing? If you think every gang member everywhere is rolling in thousands of dollars a day, you've been watching too many TV shows. Not ever other country is as wealthy as America, nor do they all have the same insatiable appetite for drugs like we do in the USA.

    2. Very true, there are many different types of gangs, the stereotypical ones are not presented here. Maybe thats the point

    3. Yes,the gang leader looked like Justin Bieber

  14. I wonder where all the adults were and parents and family..... or are they apart of it too? I understand that alot of the boys didn't have so called blood family who cared enough for them, but wasn't there any love from any adults who did? Not good. My heart went out to the one who called his mom. All he wanted was to be with her and still....... she denied him even that. If any of them ever see these comments..... my heart is with you boys and may GOD bless.

  15. sorry to say that these kids wouldn't stand a chance in the eu if they tried to pull a gun out on any older than them...i know for sure that in my city im they just pulled out a gun on any of my friends best case scenario we would dismember their bodies and feed them to the dogs and its the best case scenario

    1. you're as ignorant as they are!

  16. good docu the 2nd is not so good follows 1 persons life (slapy), the 3rd one jail life is an interesting insight to there jail culture lol

  17. These 18th and MS13 are the branch of illuminati and freemasons. The fema camp is ready for them. We will keep them with their bosses soon.
    The communities will be free of the igronce and barbaric people once and for all.

    Free America forever!!!

    1. These fools wouldn't stand a chance joining Freemasons. They don't chose losers. The fema camps are ready for the blind, like you my friend

    2. I'm not sure about that. I've met some seriously loser freemasons before. They acted like they're part of some elite gang and tried picking a fight with me for no reason.

  18. the operatores of the gang world are from the western leaders who involved in drug and cocain project. They need the minority children to sale the drug on the street. We don't have leaders, we have gangsters who build weapons to steal countries and distroy human race around the World.
    At the botom of the problem, Police have to clean-up the invisable crimes of our leaders. I wish we can speak with out
    fear not to be killed by CIA or masons. We don't have a country, we have the land of liers and decivers who make their liveing based on human race suffering. They need human blood in order to make their adiction fullfiled.
    With out police and their sacrifise, we could have been killed by mesleaded gangs.

  19. I was born and raised in Santa Clarita,Ca. It's about 25 mil.north of LA. I knew a lot of bangers. Alot of WANNA be gansters I should say. You really can't blame some of the kids that get involved in gangs. Most of them are pretty much forced into it. Some of them are without any parentel supervision. They see the older G's make a couple grand in an hour and think that's better then getting a job. Where I lived it was pretty much white but we had our own little clicks that protected us.It's the wanna bees down there that you have to be affraid of because they have more to prove.

    I find it hard that some of the commenters find these kids as less then human. They don't live where their at and have no idea how f%&*ed up their situation is.Poverty and having to be on their own. The gang is their only sence of security.

  20. Nothing but a bunch of scum, a waste of human life. Going around intimidating, bullying etc. ordinary, hard-working people just because they're far too lazy to work and get a life.
    I couldn't give two f--ks if they had a bad childhood, or no childhood at all, whether they come from abusive homes or not, it's no excuse to behave in that disgusting way.
    If every one of them were shot tomorrow, I couldn't care less. Good riddens, I say.

    1. I agree

  21. @ekim Haha and maybe if I was more educated i would have correct punctuation and not be missing a verb in the last sentence. :P My statement came off sounding pretty pissy and I apologize for that. What I find alarming is the fact you don't seem to realize these kids are disadvantaged. They can't help where they are. That being said, you can't help being what values have been instilled in you, but you can change them. Please realize that it is not "stupidity at its finest"

  22. @ekim These kids aren't educated well because of their socioeconomically disinclined situations. They can't help the fact that the value of education was not instilled in them. This is where they were born and as trends show with social class, where they will stay. Its not their fault? Ignorance? Stupidity at its finest? Maybe if YOU were more educated you would know basic sociology and less ethnocentric.

  23. @ekim,Prix:

    It still never ceases to amaze me how ignorant and brainwashed American people usually are.

    Maybe if you where not so ignorant you would understand that the world is a pretty complicated place.

    Poverty and social alienation is by far the two biggest reasons any community through out history has gone sour.

    It keeps repeating itself over and over but no one seem to learn or even want to learn...

  24. I feel sorry for these kids because they do know that what they are doing is wrong, they just can't find a way out. Yes, education would help greatly.. give them some prospects in life. And poverty is also a factor.
    My heart goes out to the boy who wants his mother to pick him up from the US. She could change, even save, his life but she doesn't seem to care.
    For most of the kids, it appears that the biggest attraction of the gang is the family aspect and support. Maybe they wouldn't be drawn to such a thing if they had been given support in their lives.

    1. My Mother left us when I was 6. I don't do this stuff. My Father was overbearing, but he taught me "if you want something, go GET A JOB." So one EXCUSE is the same as another. We ALL have a brain....USE IT! Stop blaming you position, on your circumstance. MAKE IT HAPPEN. If you don't have a job, go out and GET ONE!

  25. ...and yet our government still lets people like this in,and does nothing to at least get the illegals ones out,and keep them out.They come here only to bring drugs,violence, and death to America.Our government doesn't care and most Americans don't care if these criminals waltz across our boarders illegally.This is one of the reasons our country is becoming a s**t-hole.Frankly thats what we get for not demanding that our boarders are secure and we keep all illegals from coming here...

  26. Poverty, The reason for MS13, 18, bloods, etc....

    I saw the initiation kickings.
    HaHa 18 seconds of love tapping makes it a very easy gang
    to join. They prey on the poor and weak for membership.

    They have no other choice in life.

    I can't pity them too much because they are breeding like rats and are trained to be killers.

    I need to get a gun and teach my family how to use it.

    Now THAT'S SAD.

  27. It's a tragedy that these gangs migrated from L.A. to Mexico and to South America, affecting the livelihood of those involved and those who are innocent. The ones who are at the forefront of all the killings and wrong doing will have to suffer their karma.

  28. I had to put this one lol :

    Juan,carlos,and antonio all jump off a cliff to see who will hit the ground first. who wins?


  29. What do you call a building full of Mexicans?

    what do you call a mexican who;s had his car stolen?

    What do you call a Mexican with a new car?
    A felon

    What's a mexican's favorite sport?
    cross country

    Why were there only 5,000 mexican soldiers at the battle of Alamo?
    They only had 2 vans.


    1. very ignorant comment.

  30. still MS13 was bigger than this one

  31. Everyone is quick to judge, but you don't know what you would do different if you are not in the same situation.
    Be thankful you live in better conditions and that you have the posiblity of a better life.

    What would you all do if you guys lived in a 3rd world country like they do in complete poverty where the possibility of having a better Life is not even part of their reality?

    Ignorance doesn't only occur with people without an education, it is also prevalent in people who are educated.

  32. Excellent documentary. Very thought provoking.

    And to anyone who thinks they have a solution to this situation I encourage you to do your part and act upon it. Help for these kids will never come unless ordinary people are willing to take action.

  33. FANX andy, I have to study too... to do my part in the world.

    These kids are i@#$%&. Why do you kill? For the cause. What is the cause? Err... To kill MS, cuz they kill us. Why do they kill us? Cuz they're MS. It's just the way it is, yo.

  34. damn, i feel bad. i'm gonna go study for my decision science midterm now though. someone has to make the world go 'round right? i'll do my part guys!

  35. So many of these kids went to the U.S. "for a better life" but got sucked into crime because as we all know the streets there are not paved with gold. They get into gang culture, drugs, violent crime and end up doing jail time then on release get sent back to their own country and take the gang culture back with them. MS13 and all the offshoots from it started in the U.S. Another fine export from the land of dreams......

  36. This is how a documentary should be, honest, thorough and presenting you with the facts. Much better than the sensationalist MS 13 documentary also on this site which doesent give you an insight as to how these kids live and think.

  37. @ Reasons Voice

    I hear what your saying, and I agree, when you have managed to drag yourself out of a bad situation, and improve your life by sheer hard work,diligence and mental strength (etc.,) then it really is very hard to tolerate those in society that dont.

  38. this documentary is too much work.

    it's like i'm reading a book.

    do a translated version so i can work and listen then i'll try again.

    FYI normally that's what i do on these site, listen while workinh.

  39. education may help them, but look at modern day american schools, where we have cliques and bullying and such, though not as servere as gangs it still falls in the same category.the thing we have in common with them is that we all want to be part of something, so that we are appreciated and loved. you cant just blame the lack of education, theres so many things that take part of that. its complicated.

  40. them gas chambers ain't gonna build themselves robe

    better get to it

  41. Just Imagine, increasing the amount we currently have in America of those repugnant criminal it is and INFESTATION!!!!

  42. You could have done well working for Hitler robe33

  43. They are sewer rats, nasty criminals, I would put a policeman on the bus with a gun and kill one by one, Do not deserve to be treated as humans are world's leprosy.

  44. I was trying to keep an open mind until I heard them say that they cant get a job because of their (gang logo) tattoos...after that, any open-mindedness that I had went down the plughole....and stayed there

  45. that´s what to live in a sh*t hole is like...thanks ¨civil wars¨ and US support to paramilitary...

  46. Amazing, lol.

  47. this is the most boring documentary i have seen in a while, i forgot it was even on for about 45 minutes.

  48. I haven't watched this yet, but I know that an underclass is always needed. If the people with money and power gave a c@#$ about their fellow human beings something could be done about all this. Sadly they don't, so the cycle goes on and is so hard to escape. Especially when people don't give a damn & just want to label them & look down on them.

  49. I love how people can watch this stuff and say "o damn r@#$%&* and uneducated people, all their fault." lol, we have 3rd world communities and gang violence like this in the US and Canada as well, not in such huge numbers, but it is there. I recommend instead of hating people for their problems you try to contribute to your own community instead of being a white yuppy in some suburb somewhere walled up, acting like you have no roll in creating a violent situation across the world, let alone in your community.

  50. We are of like mind then. True, as a compassionate person, I would feel sory for the end results of a series of crapy choices made by them. I would also, in fact do whatever needed to stop them in that eventuality.

  51. @Reasonguy
    Actually I meant the total opposite of that. Let me rephrase the last two sentences of my last comment. Does it matter, that the enemy has a young face? See enemy. If anything the internet (the ultimate democracy) should have taught us , that age bears little importance in the 21.st century. Thoughts alone matter nowhere else or anywhere in time happened where a 14 old kid can lead a coherent, serious, intelectualy satisfying conversation with a 60 y old gentleman. So I meant I would shoot them in the face trying to break in my house regardless of age in the USA. (I Europe EU it is nearly impossible to get a gun and using it even in self defense is against the law ). sweet face you say ... :)

  52. @Simon: I Would say it does make a difference in the minds of the general public, that the face of this is so young. And oit is dangerous to allow ourselves to see them as children. With their expiriences and actions they are as much children as a 15 year old was 300 years ago, when at 15 one was married had children and a farm to run. They may look young and sweet but they have blood on their hands and whats more they take pride in that.

  53. @Roachinkansas
    I like your style but please when you are drunk think twice before commenting but otherwise your comments made me smile. Hope to see you around more but watch out with C2H5OH. :)

  54. @ Reason's Voice
    I totally agree with your first comment. I also see some resemblance here to the inherent tribal mindset of people. We have to assume that if nothing else is accepted/respected they will create en mass their own little microcosm based on the common denominator. I have my own stories about this too but let's just say the "street" organizes itself also we like to think that these people (and other marginalized groups) are outside of our world, when they are right inside of it actively destroying it. Wheter we like it or not. Now the enemy has a face a young one. Does it make a difference?

  55. @MRR: Ok i'll give quick sumary. I have not had health insurance for the last 14 years. I have worked TWO full time jobs for minimum wage simultaneously while living in public housing and rode a bike to work. I suffered under my own poor decisions for years untill I got my own mind rite and fixed it. The flaw in the thinking of the western world as you referr to it is not in myself but in you. Your indulgence and pitty are the enableing force, and shows the true disconnect from other cultures. Perhapse you have always had your silver spoon but many of us "western world" dwellers did not. Don't presume to know the backround of others based on the standard of the media image or your own life. Did you know that in the US there are starving children? I bet you did but I also bet the picture in your head is showing you a minority child in some inner city slum. Wrong picture. The starving children are in places like rural west virginia where coal mining has gone away leaving communities to wither and die. I did watch and I did listen. In fact I watched All THREE of the Docos in this series based around the same community. Did you know that the root of this gang was not corporate imperialism, was not local poverty, was not the reminants of the Iran contra affair. No it was Salvadorian born young men who grew up in Los Angeles (thats a western city..a quite affluent one to most residents) and chose to have fun by turning into gang bangers because it's practically socially acceptable because of appologistic attitudes. The idolitry of thuggish criminals in what is now the mainstream western culture is the root here. Those young men were caught up in the gang sweep conducted in the mid eighties and subsequently deported. When they got back to San Salvadore the started the gangs there. Again I don't pitty these people as it is their CHOICE to do this, from it's western roots all the way to it's near global status now.

  56. "roach," as i said yesterday, i commented prior to watching. There seems to be a need to assign blame to the lowest common denominator: on this particular video, that would be parents..because we all have them. Had i known that i was commenting on a documentary based in another country, i would not have considered addressing challenges to parenthood in the west. And that makes the comments about parenting, education..in fact any comment that is judgmental from a person living in a western culture at all has no credibility whatsoever. We have NO clue what it is like to grow up in these places. We are protected by our military, which exists to protect our ability to consume. Like it or not, what is, is. And roach, one last thing: if you are here to be educated, put away your western paradigms, and as i said yesterday, listen more, talk less. Or if you prefer reading, some history of these issues are addressed by Naomi Klein in "The Shock Doctrine." This is a very profound overview of corporate/global/american imperialism in the modern world, and you can find it at your local library.

  57. @Zardoz I think you might be correct. It just seemed to flood over and the dam was never fixed.

  58. i haven't started watching this yet, but have read the comments. @Reasons Voice, roachinkansas(though only in a peripheral manner,) and all those who speak of "education": educate yourselves first. To any and all who believe that the dynamics of poverty, disempowerment, oppression and repression, and the resultant agression can be attributed to a single factor: you are wrong. For example, those who say parenting is the primary causative factor, i ask you: do you understand what it is like to live on minimum wage? have you ever had to work long hours, travel on public transporation or a work van for more than one hour, each way, to get to and from work? have you ever been without health insurance? do you understand how unbalanced the public education system is in terms of quality? have you ever had dealings with child protective services, or know someone personally who has? do you know what the largest outlay in public welfare is, and always has been? (just to answer that one for you..corporate welfare-as in tax breaks and subsidies.) have you ever been a single parent? have you raised children to adulthood? do you know where members of your immediate family live? are you in contact with your immediate family? do you have a reliable support system: be they family, friends or even a work setting which is supportive? have you ever lived in a city? have you ever lived in public housing? You know..there are many, many questions for just this one particular facet of the issue. To reduce a human beings life, and their choices, to just a single factor, is ignorant. Considering that each of you who have done this, would be the first to defend yourselves with claims that people do not understand the circumstances of your life, were you to encounter a life-challenging dilemna; it would do you well to be less judgmental. Say less, listen more.

  59. who was that aimed at moose?

  60. What amazes me is that any of you here are capable of working a computer at all. Clearly, most of you haven't even had a basic education. Do they not teach English in American schools? Use a spell checker then. Learn to use the word "too". Then try to string a few sentences together and offer an intelligent comment.

  61. I think it's a shame they waste so much aggression on each other when they could be out fighting the illuminati or battling with the klingons or something.

    I'm not even sure I feel sorry for gang members anymore. I've watched so many docs like this now and they've all made me wonder the same thing. Why not one of these people has ever realised that what they're doing is so incredibly dumb.

  62. Respect for them....... Szaco......

  63. @prix

    "government education" hahhaha yeah good one!

  64. @david. yea, sign yourself up. These kids represent the environment they where brought up in.
    you would be no different growing up in those shoes. Be thankful for what you are and try not to be a d@#$head about it.

  65. @David,.. you are clearly a mind that is in support of eugenics. Adoph Hitler has things in common with you. I think that perhaps you might just be really terrified by these folks. Is your terror truely justified,.. or are you just spewing fear the media has indoctorinated you to believe ?

    These folks are just military with a different face. I agree, the current media approved and supported military does what it does, legal or not, gets away with murder, and continues to find approval from the racist white folks that founded the cardboard, SUV contaminated city called suburbia.

    These men portrayed within this film are no different from our military, and God bless them.

  66. this was boring

  67. what's wrong with these fukkin ppl??? too much testosterone... can't wait till they ll kill each other, and the winner gets a bullet in the head !

  68. Honestly how can you absolve the parents in this? Absent mothers unmentioned fathers, these kids grow up alone in the streets to fend for themselves. Are there realy people here that can overlook parental abandonment like this? You would realy rather find fault in what capitalism, forighn intervention, the obligatory faceless white man? Give me a break. I can see the poverty in the country. I can understand the difficult choices. But the one kid had and Aunt who by all apearances was maried and responsible. They collect $60.00 a week frome extortion and drug dealing and say "it will provide the luxuries". You cant tell me that 40 individuals could not make that and more even doing the most menial tasks legally. As to education, yes, an education would help these young people greatly. Tell me this though. How will you get them to attend and further how will you get them to apply themselves. While many supposting structures are failing them ultimately individual responability must be considdered. Truly a sham and a waste of life.

  69. @zardoz - lol, it didn't come to mind. (I'm Canadian)

    Does anyone know if this is the whole doc or if it's a series?

  70. @Scott - Thanks (and just to clarify, I'm not a Democrat).

  71. @Scott Thanks, and just to clarify, I'm not a "Democrat".

  72. Oh My! Did we really transition into 21st Century. It seems society is going backward.

  73. @ Zardoz

    Thank you for including this important viewpoint.

  74. I don't get it, all these guys put so much energy, effort and hard work to be gangsters. They get s@#$ kicked out of um, there is always danger of death, police, etc. Why not put all that hard work to something more useful?? If your gona break your back, go work or get some education. I don't understand how people see this the "easy way" out. I'd love to get these kids into my business if they would put that much time in it!! And they'll get more money!

  75. You know the origin of all this is Iran-Contra, in which Salvadorians were trained by the minions of Oliver North to terrorise Nicaraguan peasants under the Sandinista regime. They were taught to cut the heads off of parents in front of their children, and generally to punish the population with extreme brutality until they relinquished the idea of distrubing the wealth more equally and resigned themselves to becoming another client fascist state of the good old USA, which they finally succeeded in doing. Then they came back to their spiritual homeland to join the many other quisling groups who have been persuaded over the years to fight against their own people for the benefit of US corporations - Hmong, right-wing Cubans, Republicans, etc.

  76. The parents aren't at fault either, they grew up in the system like everyone else, so they will pass on their traits and the methods they were disciplined with. Until society accepts that looking the other way isn't in their own best interests then we may finally get to move forwards.

  77. @Ekim

    I kind of agree with you. I think it's mostly the governments and the parents fault. Most of these kids need love, even in jails most of the people need love. Parental guidance and government education.

  78. An excellent documentary. I love these kids. To bad they have to be killing each other.

  79. really crazy set of documentaries. worth watching for sure

  80. @ekim

    Maybe? Talk about ignorance.

  81. much bether than gangland !!!

  82. It still never ceases to amaze me how ignorant people can be. I mean just absolute stupidity at its finest. Maybe if these kids were educated better there would not be such stupidity among thier community and they would realize everything they are doing is harmful and pointless. Had to get that off my chest, but otherwise a good doc lol!