2012: Science or Superstition

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2012: Science or SuperstitionDecember 21, 2012: the end date of the sophisticated Long Count Calendar created by the ancient Maya in Central America. Countless books and websites, magazine articles and newspaper headlines debate its meaning, with enthusiasts in two camps: those forecasting apocalypse–the end of time–and those who see a coming renewal, a rebirth of consciousness.

Adding fuel to the debate, some scientists see the increasing number of natural disasters in recent years as evidence of a catastrophic climax of events in 2012. How much of what we're hearing is science and how much is superstition? In this film the leading researchers, writers and scientists in the field tell us exactly what this date means to them, why it's important, and what we should expect.

Featured in the film are Graham Hancock, John Major Jenkins, Daniel Pinchbeck, Alberto Villoldo, Anthony Aveni, Robert Bauval, Jim Marrs, Walter Cruttenden, Lawrence E. Joseph, Alonso Mendez, Douglas Rushkoff, John Anthony West and Benito Vegas Duran.

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  1. Its 2015

  2. This whole new NEW AGE phenomena is all based on fear and so many clever con artists have been laughing all the way to the bank on this one...I am a clever person and i was THINKING but would never DO the following...I planned on renting out a very chic chic restaurant for 21 December 2012. In my MIND ONLY i thought of scouting out the perfect crowd so the perfect venue to offer the perfect END OF THE WORLD dinner ....sort of like the most fabulous New Years Eve EXCLUSIVE opportunity for the highest end party the world has ever seen. Only the richest and most IN of all people would be notified of this FINAL of all celebrations...and I was going to charge a fortune for these silly IN people of such HIGH VIBRATORY LIGHT etc bs lolo and no expense would be spared BY THEM to have the night of their LIVES the LAST one hahahaha...so ok...i get the perfect venue and market it spending a fortune with the very best marketing firm on earth and allow THEM to take charge of this final EXTRAVAGANZA and best PR as in the PR firm who so brilliantly allowed Hillary to ACT precisely as she was coached to which was BRILLIANT and i would choose whomever she chose...and WOW I would charge each of them a goddamn fortune and have no idea what would be included for this last unique time as they just KNEW they would be breathing their last breathe come whatever time on the silly Mayan calendar that was prophetized as being.

    So i would make a f--king fortune and then the next day they would all awaken perhaps hung over at worst but very much ALIVE...lolo...so at least they would remember the END OF THE WORLD as having been tons of fun and this was in my head.

    There are so many similar SCAMS that came out of all this silly END OF THE WORLD CRAPPOLA...i mean coffee mugs t shirts bomb shelter constructions food stockpiled for years non battery operated radios and god knows how many other items that were nothing but a total waste of money people moving to Montana away from the tidal waves that would have drowned them all and the earthquakes that would pull them into the center of the earth and whatever other scare tactics those scamming opportunists came up with ...to be sure THE END OF THE WORLD MADE MILLIONS out of con artists due the the terror of all the silly sheep. There have been soooooooooooo many END OF THE WORLD days i think new years 2000 was one then was it Y2K for 2001 or when i get so confused with so much tripe ...then of course there is MRS HICKS of Abraham FAME who has gone from white trash southern nothing with an AMway saleman as her late husband to rich as shit and you people all buy this load of horse manure and the rich of you even spend tens of thousands of dollars going on her enlgihtenment cruises and all other manner of bs in the past your mothers just got hysterictamies at age 40 and spent the day sitting on a bar stool or addicted to their daily appointment with their Freudian analyst now i think AA is passe but you were into THAt for a time. Now it is Hay house radio if you got money to burn and you CAN buy enlightenment or so you are SURE and go on your two week holidays to swim with dolphins off Maui or some long weekend seminar at Esalen or wherever and what is it THIS week the guru of the week havent checked hahaha but I KNOW you know sure you are or have been a vegan etc.

  3. more believable if you would si straight up

  4. I guess the 'it ends all of a sudden' theory is bust then. Bugger, had a front row seat. :)

  5. Superstition. No documentary needed. I watched 20 minutes, a lot of hippie bulls*it

  6. Dr. Alberto Villoldo comment seem to be out of place. "earth was designed to be inhabited by under a billion people riding bicycles... not 7 billion people driving SUVs" really? what an id**t and how such id**ts get DR.

  7. Haha, how ironic, a documentary about coming together, universal consciousness... and yet the first 10 comments are two guys arguing.

    Make the most of it guys! only 17 days left and then you may never end up arguing again!

  8. Science didnt give us anything. Everything was already on earth before humans. Science just named the resources from plants with strange names and numbers. Its true that they saw the potential of these plant and could use their full potential too. Some medicin was discovered by chance, like the Penicillin. A scientist is not about being an athist and believing in theories. A scientist is a person that is interested in science but can also be religious at the same time. Religion does not condemn scientist for making medicin. They come up with theories and can not back them up with facts and evidence. It sound alot like religion if you ask me and thats what it is, a advertised religion. Religion is about belief and not knowing, thats why it points out that it is all about free will. I am not a religious guy at all but some things one must have in consideration before making claims, like some people here. There is no argument that science does good for ones body but religion does good for ones mind, and eventually the body. Therefor religion and science have to co-exist so both the mind and the body can benefit from them. Religion and science are actually the same thing but with different theories so technically these two as a whole can not be compared with one another, only their theories can.

    1. "Science didn't give us anything." So how is it that you are able to blog your drivel?

      Do you have any idea what a scientific theory is? As a matter of fact, do you know the difference between theory and conjecture? Can you name one scientific theory for which there is no evidence?

      "Religion is about belief and not knowing, thats why it points out that it is all about free will." " . . . religion does good for ones mind and eventually the body." If you ask me, you sound awfully ignorant.

    2. The big bang is one theory that has no evidence, just theories after theories. Why didnt we give ourselves some wings to fly to places and not have the need to build boats and invent the wheel or to eat and drink to survive if evolution says it is possible. One good attribute would also be usefull if we could exchange our memories so that we can correct our mistakes or not do any and why not resist aging which is bothering all of us. Do you know that evolution has many meanings. Some of them are the cosmic evolution (big bang), chemical evolution (origin of higher elements from hydrogen) and stellar and planetary evolution (origin of stars and planets. If big bang supposedly created hydrogen and helium, how did the other 105 elements evolve? If you want to explain evolution you have to explain it from the very beginning of everything. Did you also know that no one has ever seen a planet or star form. Internet is actually not in function due to science. Science and technology are two separate things. Without electricity there wouldnt be any computers in function. Do you know how electricity is created without the help of what Earth is providing us with? Religion is good for the mind. That is witnessed. Some say religion is their only way of life and that they would not survive without it. It also provided us with one of the oldest written laws in history. Where did the laws of the universe come from?

    3. Ignorant Statement 1: "Why didn't we give ourselves some wings to fly . . . and drink to survive if evolution says it is possible?" This inane question shows you have no idea what evolution is about.

      Ignorant Statement 2: "If big bang supposedly created hydrogen and helium, how did the other 105 elements evolve?" You are as ignorant of the big bang as you are of evolution and basic chemistry.

      Ignorant Statement 3: "If you want to explain evolution, you have to explain it from the very beginning of everything." See ignorant statement 1. Evolution has nothing to do with beginnings.

      Ignorant Statement 4: "No one has ever seen a planet or star form." Now you've added astronomy to your growing list of subjects of which you know nothing.

      Ignorant Statement 5: "Science and technology are two separate things." Wrong again. You can't have technology without science.

      Ignorant Statement 6: "Do you know how electricity is created without the help of what Earth is providing us with?" A garbled question if there was ever one, hence ignorant.

      Ignorant Statement 7: "Religion is good for the mind." That is witnessed." By whom? somone who simply says it's so without providing anything close to proof?

      Ignorant Statement 8: "[Religion] provided us with one of the oldest written laws in history." And just what is that or do you know?

      You're batting 100.

    4. Please stop commenting if you dont know anything you are writing about. If you did know anything about evolution you would not excluded the big bang. I really want you to explain evolution to me. "Evolution has nothing to do with beginnings." LOL. Thats what its all about!! When you can breed a flower with a dog you can come to me and we can talk and i will accept evolution but please do not insult me before you do. You can try to explain technology too, while you are at it.

    5. I can't explain anything to someone as unlettered as you who makes statements on subjects he knows nothing about and prides himself on his ignorance.

      Until you have read up on all the topic of which you lack even a basic understanding such as evolution, biology, astronomy, technology and science in general, I think you should stop commenting.

    6. You didnt answer any of my questions nor explained anything to me. Try to teach me the truth. Even Darwin admitted he has no evidence whatsoever.

    7. Show me where Darwin admitted this. You love to make statements with nothing to back them up. It's obvious that you haven't read any Darwin or for that matter know anything about him.

      You want some answers: start reading some basic texts about the subjects I mentioned in my response. Unless and until you do, everything you write is hopelessly ignorant.

    8. "Often a cold shudder has run through me, and I have asked myself whether I may have not devoted myself to a fantasy."
      (Charles Darwin, Life and Letters, 1887, Vol. 2, p. 229)

    9. This is no admission that he had no evidence whatsoever. Just about all of the "On the Origin of the Species" and "Descent of Man" are given over to evidence. Now why don't you use the entire passage rather than just this snippet and why don't you give the context in which this was written and what it was written about? You're a liar and a cheat!

    10. Thats not he who wrote it but someone claimed to have heard him say that. He had friends and family you know. Now you get that it is hard to believe without any evidence. He did actually write this in his book "On the origin of the species" on page 211: "If my theory be true, numberless intermediate varieties must assuredly have existed". Thats not very believable if he is not sure himself.

    11. This is a simple if clause with no doubt implied. You are putting something into it which simply isn't there.

      Now you can add English comprehension to the growing list of topics you need to study and distortion to your growing list of vices.

    12. Why dont you explain the topics to me then. You have to explain why you are right and i wrong, not just point out what you think is right or wrong.

    13. No, I'm not going to give you crash courses on all the subjects which you know noting about and wish to learn nothing of, except perhaps what you seem to glean from creationist websites. Your two snippets from Darwin say it all. You haven't read "On the Origin of the Species," "The Descent of Man" or any of his other works or, for that matter anything about the topics on which you declaim and you have no intention of doing so.

      Once again, you're a fraud.

    14. The only explanation I'm going to provide is to show you up for the liar and cheat that you are:

      LIE AND DISTORTION NO. 1: Your first snippet from Darwin is from a letter to C. Lyell, dated November 23, 1859. Here is the full quote with your snippet in brackets: "For myself, also, I rejoice profoundly: for, thinking of so many cases of men pursuing an illusion for years, often and often [a cold shudder has run through me and I have asked myself whether I may have not devoted myself to a phantasy.] Now I look at it as morally impossible that investigators of truth, like you and Hooker, can be wholly wrong and therefore I rest in peace." Your transmogrification of Darwin's acknowledgment of the comfort he took in the confirmation of Lytell and Hooker, people whom he respected, into a statement that he believed he had no evidence is fraudulent.

      LIE AND DISTORTION NO. 2: Your second quote allegedly from "Origin of the Species, reads as follows: "If my theory be true, numberless intermediate varities must assuredly have existed." The fact is you have mangled a portion of Chapter VI. This is what Darwin wrote: "Lastly, looking not to any one time, but at all time, if my theory be true, numberless intermediate varieties, linking closely together all the species of the same group, must assuredly have existed, but the very process of natural selection constantly tends, as has been so often remarked, to exterminate the parent forms and the intermediate links." Again you have misquoted and endeavored to distort an assertion into a statement of doubt concerning the evidence.

      These are no more than typical creationist tricks and unfortunately too many people fall for them.

      You should be ashamed of yourself.

    15. Fraud? Im not the one who prints textbooks and other school books and claim that i know how life was made and I am certainly not trying to change your mind. I actually dont care what Darwin says or believes nor what people say he said. Im unhappy because they claim to have the truth which they clearly have not. There is no fact whatsoever that what he claims is the truth. Microevolution is one part of evolution and there is macroevolution which is also a part of evolution. Microevolution is proved to be true. One example is black and white people. There are many others like long and short haired cats and dogs (but they still are dogs, cats and people). That is a variation of the species. Macroevolution however is claiming that we all have one common ancestor. We and a banana, a dog, a fish, a flower etc. are related. That is not a fact, that is not proved and has no evidence. That is why evolution is a religion. I am not a creationist but religion is not forcing you to believe in it. Its your own choice. Ofcourse there are kids that want to be religious and believe what their parents believe and think they are right but that is not what we learn in school. School teaches evolution as the only truth therefor forcing you to believe in it because you will fail that subject if you dont. I understand that we people are becoming more and more knowledgeable and that we dont know everything yet but why not wait and see what else we find out before making claims to know the truth.

    16. You have still misquoted and misrepresented which makes you an ignorant fraud. And now you rationalize your misquotes and misrepresentations with the statement that you don't care what Darwin says or believes or what people say he did. Well get this straight, Darwin and these people whom you denigrate know a lot more than you.

      And yes there's plenty of evidence that all living things have one common ancestor and are thus related, however distantly--ask any microbiologist, not that you will, because obviously you prefer to remain proudly uninformed.

      And no, the only difference between micro and macroevolution is in your imagination. There is no distinction. It's all evolution--ask any biologist--and I repeat, these people know a lot more than you do.

      Now, we can add basic genetics, molecular biology and microbiology to the list of topics of which you are woefully, wilfully and loudly ignorant.

      Until something scientific comes along to refute evolution--and so far that's not happened--evolution is the only viable explanation for the mechanisms of life, no matter what you say, no matter how much you lie and distort.

    17. What is your point? ten to a doughnut you are another religee that believes in a 6000 year old Earth or an ID proponent.

      Do you know anything about your bibles and/or religion? or you as lost there also?

      Are you a Mormon?

    18. Science is not a religion, religion is an entire different state of mind, and I'm getting sick of people saying "skepticism, rationalism, atheism, science, and others are somehow the same thing as a gullible unscientific social institution. Show me how science is like religion please.

    19. And so am I!

  9. To everyone believing there is something unusual to happen that day:
    You are all invited to my 'Welcome 2013' New Year party!
    We will have lots of unusual things happen there I bet you! ;D

  10. 1. The mayans did not predict the end of the world. Like our calendar ends in December and starts anew in January so they had writings that predicted things happening that surpassed the year 4000. December 21st was the end of their calendar, specifically because they used the winter solstice for such a thing.

    2. There are no planetary alignments. Unless you think every single astronomy program is lying... and thats some conspiracy? Go see for yourself. This includes any stupid 'galactic center' rumors.. we were closer to the galactic center alignment wise back in the 1990's. Gah.

    This is another stupid y2k, and the sad thing is that when this fails to materialize another cataclysm is inevitably going to find it's way into pop culture. Stop being sheep and do you homework people. Yes, our planet is overpopulated, but how far back in the dark ages are we that we are sitting around waiting for the end of the world to fix this instead of actually being PROACTIVE!?

    What's sad is that people do 'research' by going on conspiracy theory website. Every single so called original theory is one of two recycled ones, first appearing in 1984 and then in a new age book that followed mentioning a 'spiritual rebirth' ..and viola! The two most famous scenarios are born, destined to be recycled and capitalized on for years to come.

    The only good thing to come out of all of this is the projected 50-100% increase in tourism expected by South America. The couple million Mayan people STILL alive today -- though they first welcomed the hype and capitalized on it -- are getting sick of people and these conspiracy theories because every single attribute of this conspiracy theory completely distorts their culture. They did not believe in "spiritual awakening" nor this stupid doomsday scenario.

    We are trained to see patterns where there are none. It's evolutionarily advantageous, but once you realize how millions of dollars are being made off this 'advantage' it should make you stop and think. I guess I just thought I'd share that next time you hear one of these conspiracy theories check it out yourself instead of looking up other conspiracy sites to back your argument, which is essentially where these conspiracy theorists are coming from. Its like the blind leading the blind.

    1. This is the most cleared mind comment i ve seen on this topic, people just want to believe anything they re not critical, the ability to make everything better is within the people , you don 't need a planetary change for resolution its more of a choice of individuals and collective comprises to achieve a greater standard for ourselves and for the whole of earth, time to build new structures for humans opposed to the old systems plagued by actually tangible problems, dealing with corruption opposed to conspiracy theory

    2. Wow, you msut be a very wise man and I assume be part of the Mayan culture that you know what they exactly think about it. And it is indeed kinda..weird but when I did my research on those so called non-conspiracy web pages I still read the galactical allignment is indeed true and expect to happen. Well... I wonder where you got your information from then. Maybe there is something like: This-Web-Page-is-not-a-cospiracy-weg-page-thus-we-say-the-totally-opposite-of-what-all-other-people-say-because-we-can-and-then-tell-everybody-we-know-the-REAL-truth.
      Mhm... I will look this up smart***.

  11. Mayans predicted the end of the world, but were totally taken by surprise at the European invasion of the new world? That's logical. There is no "debate" here. You have some crackpots who are not Mayan scholars who believe in a crazy idea, and who make up hypothesis without any evidence. Great indie documentaries are the good output of the era of the rennaisance of cheap camera equipment. Garbage like this is the bad output.

    1. look deeper into the documentary it is about how we get stooped in the world

  12. I wonder did the mayans predict there end.

    1. Do you mean "their end"?

    2. I think you nailed it, according to much research the Mayans came to exist around 1800-2600 BC but became knowledgeable in many arts in the early 3-4th Century. I think, not because I’m all knowing, but because I study cultural anthropology that much of what they wrote is contextual to their time and geography, meaning most of what they saw and perceived was somehow related to their world, the world in which they physically occupied. There is no evidence that they believed other physical lands existed apart from their own, so whatever was to happen or did happen to them, it was a worldly event. Their sphere of knowledge was vast when it came to astronomy and math, but lacked in many other areas or else they would have known that-that ocean led to somewhere, and that that ocean could and would act as a medium for transport of others from other lands. I think that like most ancient people, they looked toward the heavens for answers; they found relationship (philosophical and physical) with the stars and correlated their respective points in the sky with events that took place on the ground.

      If you ask my opinion, I think Dec 21, 2012 is just another day to us lay people, but to them they found meaning in most everything, so it very well could be that they see this epoch ending and starting anew because some 5,200 years ago, the same galactic alignment occurred then too, so perhaps the calculation for this cycle is just a means toward spirituality, much the same as we view Easter or the Passover, whether you believe in Jesus or not. In this case, it just so happens that this is the approximate date that the long count ends on and probably rolls over to continue toward 20.

      Anyway contextually, I think most of what they knew and understood somehow only affected them because that was all they knew.

  13. @Jamie Navarro
    You think there is a God? YES?, You also think that God gave us all free will, yet you spit on those who have free will, i.e., ones that made nuclear bombs, RIGHT? So how can you say you know there is a god, love him and understand him, when you hate him for giving people Free Will? Oh any by the way, Science also made Medicines, The Web (the thing your using to write here) and millions of other things, whilst the Church (the so called house of God) tries to keep us back in the dark ages. Answer these simple questions and points I have just made. Don't be rude or angry (Your god would not like that at all).

  14. This could as-well be a gigantic psi-opp... Here we are and things are looking grim, no doubt. But "they" might "just" turn on the HAARP and make half the world go crazy. So much is coming to realization that I suspect foul play.
    Either that, or Mayans were basically right... I don't know what is worst. There is so much disinformation, that if on December UFOs started openly crossing our skies for everyone to see, I wouldn't know if to believe my eyes or start warning everybody about project blue-beam!
    If a flare disrrupts our magnetic field as all all seems to indicate might be happening anytime, we'd be all fried in minutes... And then again, even then, with my last breath, I would suspect they could have turned it off using ELF-waves.
    The elites of our world have such a hung for destiny and apocalypse... Are they using the fear to control us, or are they as waked as to provoke it, as it would seem. Iran, anyone?
    Then... again. A near supernova, or radiation-pulse could wipe us all out anytime without warning, but anyone who managed to discover by themselves such a long-term process as the procession of the equinoxes deserves our consideration. I don't think we could have figured it out ourselves with our short-term way of thinking, today.

  15. I'm enjoying my knowledge in re-guard to the Earth being "blocked out" through the transit of the center of the galaxy by our Sun, which actually happened several years ago, but who's really keeping track. I do agree that this world is totally over-populated and until everyone knows for a fact that reproduction is a privilege and not your right we are all going to destroy this place. Now if you believe that humans are here to destroy the Earth, keep up the good work.

    1. Dude global overpopulation is a myth. Its been perpetuated by a certain strata of society to justify tightening the nut screws on the general population. In reality 70-80 percent of global resources belong to 5-7 percent - this gives the illusion of overpopulation.

    2. that only means that we are overpopulated by remaining 95 -93% of world population

  16. i kinda feel fortunate my birthday is december 20th, i get to squeeze one in.

    1. lol mines on the 13th

  17. wizard did it

  18. The government had us at Kennedy, murdered by his own. So why should any of you or I believe anything that comes from the One World Government to be revealed. It is here, but, no ones looking.

  19. This doc is 1% science 99% superstition.

  20. Cant believe that Dr Alberto thinks that humans are just parasites 9 to 10 mins into the doc.

  21. that guy with the goatee really needs to stop trying to talk astronomy, cuz he does not know the first thing about it. It was amazing `he knew a bufo toad has DMT in its glands, but fails to note the Ayahuasca brew was their primary use of DMT. Cant always find toads, but you can stockpile the Ayahasca ingredients...he is so thin in knowledge to be in such a documentary, The Astronomer was the most entertaining, because he wasn't having any of the garbage they were spouting.

    Not a documentary, more like Leonard Nimoy's "In Search Of"

  22. Im going to stay home on that night and listen to the gunshots from a safe distance.

  23. Hello, I'm Joe, "I-think-I'm-a-skeptic" Poster, here to bring you all my favorite fallacies. NASA tells us EVERYTHING, and the gov is here to help. Oh and only "brainwashed" DON'T take time out of their day to ridicule "conspiracy theorists". Time to go get spoon fed the REAL OBJECTIVE TRUTH from all my fav mainstream unbiased sources that never lie to me then get caught lying but then I forget immediately b/c I'm a retaaad. We got OBL, Welcome to the economic recovery , trrrrrrrrrrrrrrists are behind 9-11, bombing poor people = bringing democracy, the CIA is your friend, the US doesn't torture people, We have 100's of years of cheap available oil, for-profit incarceration isn't a conflict, the Police are civil servants and don't murder innocents on the reg, black is white, up is f***ing down, Fukushima is under control... errrr melting through to the earths core, but a CONTROLLED melt-through, are you dummies getting it yet? it is over. 2012 is now. You might not have made the consciousness leap, continue to buy i-pads and "tweet".

    1. I think I love you.

    2. Seriously this stupid?

    3. Some people, yes.

  24. Perhaps they ran out of space on their makeshift calendar.

  25. Q: 2012: Science or Superstition?
    A: Superstition.

    1. PS: I can hardly wait.

  26. well said... "something might happen" lol this post way too funny think I will read it to the end.

  27. We are in a situation in this country where-by most of our resources will be spent on clean-ups

  28. The background music irritates. It would have been much more better if they could have done it without music.

  29. I was puzzled by this interstellar cloud thing. Went to check it on the internet and found confirmation of its existence at the top science site possible - NASA. The article of December 23, 2009, is called 'Voyager makes an interstellar discovery'.

  30. There is no link between Astrology & Scientific fact, Astrology is just nonsense. All of the natural phenomena's that are happening are just that, natural & have been happening for billions of years. Hopefully there will be a change in human conscience towards a more Humanistic way of living on this planet & moving away from the selfish, destructive ways that we have got now. Also we hopefully we will forget all the religious nonsense of the outdated myths that some people still foolishly cling to. Maybe then we can progress to a better world for all of Humanity. We can only do this is we use Scientific facts & ignore all the nonsense about a non-existent mythical supernatural God. It's time to move on & come out of the bronze age with our thoughts, we are all living in a time of amazing Scientific advances, never throughout Humanity have we progressed so far & so fast. Let's not let religion hold us back.

    1. Foolish assumptions on your part.

    2. The arrogance of Atheists never ceases to amaze me. Every horrible thing is somehow the fault of the God you don't believe in, yet science is untarnished? Thank science for the hydrogen bomb and Zyklon B. Hey science I love acid rain, and weaponized Anthrax! Hey Science did since Atheists say you are all knowing where is the missing 96% of the universe yo cant find? Maybe Science, like religion is what people make it out to be for good or ill? At least Christians will admit we don't follow God law to love each other. I would ask that to Atheists, but you have no moral obligation to do so, since you believe we live in a cold uncaring universe so its every man for himself. Guess that explains the Gulag, and Hitler's death camps. No he was not a Christian!

    3. @Jaime Navarro
      first off atheism ans science are two different things. science provides us with tools and information. what we do with those tools and information is not the fault of science.atheism is the lack of belief in a god or gods nothing more. your religion does claim to be a guide for life and the moral authority so it is responsible for the actions of its followers. science doesn't claim to be all knowing all it claims is the best natural explanations we have for natural phenomena to this date and as we learn more we will update out explanations. it is your god that religion claims to be all knowing.. claiming "I would ask that to Atheists, but you have no moral obligation to do so," atheism provides no moral guidelines, science can help explain how our morals came to be but still provides no moral guideline. i as an atheist get my morals from my society,family,rule of law and a lot of morals area product of evolution. lastly could you point me a letter of video where hitler personally denounced his faith, or where he was excommunicated by the church.

    4. Atheists dont "Blame God" idiot. Atheists blame the people who BELIEVE in aGod who's whole existence cant be proved.We understand human nature,and unlike you childish believers out there,we dont try and pass off everything bad to "A guy with hooves and horns" and everything "Good" to give some imaginary "God".Atheists take responsibility for their conduct. And scientists are only human and be corrupted just like anyone else.But the difference between SCIENCE and Religion is that one is based on PROOF and EVIDENCE,and the other is based on "Hope" and "Faith".

    5. If you are saying christians are so moral. Then how do you explain the crusades, the inquisition, and the brutal christianizing native populations of the Americas after 1492? Very christian. I guess you don't have a very good moral argument either.

    6. Oh yah, by the way,Science gave us the light bulb, antibiotics, the computer, the internet, and the car. The church held us back at every step, afraid to lose it's control and power over the people. Science not the church figured out the earth rotated around the sun. A Scientist named Galileo took his life into the hand to proclaim that. The matter was investigated by the Roman Inquisition in 1615, and they concluded that it could only be supported as a possibility, not as an established fact. Galileo later defended his views in Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, which appeared to attack Pope Urban VIII and thus alienated him and the Jesuits, who had both supported Galileo up until this point. He was tried by the Inquisition, found "vehemently suspect of heresy", forced to recant, and spent the rest of his life under house arrest. There is a lot more, shall I go on?

  31. I think if the video is no longer available it should be removed from the documentaries list

  32. It IS truly astonishing, reading back through the comments, that people can believe:

    - That the universe is 14.3 billion(ish) years old based off of incomplete data and guesswork.

    - That nothing with mass can exceed the speed of something else with mass, merely 'that something' is ALREADY traveling at it's own speed, and as such the rule doesn't apply to IT (much like the fact that Peanut Butter isn't peanuts, because it is butter.) though it can be slowed to a near stopping point, and sped up beyond its own traveling speed rendering the idea that it's speed is constant as moot.

    - That Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed, from a system, and as a result this means that everything in the universe was originally compacted into an infinitesimally small point (though this phenomenon can never be proven, still widely believed.)

    However... few can accept the idea that scientists of old, despite the fact we know that they had electricity, lighting, water powered factories, water purification, sanitation, architectural abilities that surpass our own, a fully fleshed out and realized mathematical system, and a way to calculate both time and the movement of heavenly bodies more accurately than our computer models... could have predicted (especially since the occurrence happens in all ancient cultures, described in basically the same manner) something that we do not see coming... on the premise that either A: some yokels who didn't understand how computers work were worried over a minor timing error in a singular operating system, or B: we are better at science, since we have practiced our art more... efficiently?... for the past 400 years or so, than those who watched the stars for thousands of years.

    Truly fascinating.

    1. In order

      1 - It is our best estimate at the moment, what else should we believe?

      2 - Literally no idea what you are toalking about here. Nothing can exceed the speed of something? (Maybe you were talking about nothing being able to exceed the speed of light? If so we have evidence for special relativistic effects, and lights speed is constant IN A VACUUM).

      3 - No evidence of energy/matter coming into existence or being destroyed and plenty of evidence to show that matter can be converted to energy and vice versa. It is not used as evidence for big bang theory, you made that connection yourself.

      Most of the things you attribute to ancient civilizations is either not accepted historical fact or contriversial. One could compare the frantic apocolyptic predictions of people who see the end of a calendar as a major occurence with "some yokels who didn't understand how computers work were worried over a minor timing error in a singular operating system". Why do I not see the same fear every year when my calendar ends and I have to buy a new one?

  33. WHY is this video no longer available?? i just watched it the other damn day.

  34. @Achems Razor:

    It's exhausting just reading comments on this subject. What say we get together and figure a way to make some money off these people? I'm thinking selling "protective" crystals, tin foil hats, invisible shield armor? Lola might have some ideas and get involved with the project too. This is a once in a ten thousand year opportunity and time is short. ;0)

  35. An alignment of the earth, the sun and the galactic centre the Maya knew centuries before its discovery, a companion star no telescope has ever observed, an energy cloud the solar system just entered not visible by any detector, a peak of the solar activity (how strange, it only happens every 11 years) and, what was it, something about skin cancer and eye cataracts? Why, the only thing missing is Aslan the lion and the talking bears.

  36. Intelligent and informed, this is probably one of the best presentations of the precession of the equinoxes and most reasonable, if not down-to-earth, treatments of phenomena surrounding 2012 and human consciousness that I have seen. These guys know what they're talking about.

    1. I found it rather drawn-out myself. It seemed rather insiginificant most of the time with all the astrological mythology.

    2. @ Charles,

      With regard to your reply to my post a bit above :), to a person like you, the discovery of an interstellar energy cloud there is no significance whatsoever. To be honest, I don't have any practical use for it either (smiley).

      However, had you watched the doc and read the comment to which I responded, you would probably understand what is my reply about.

      You see, Charles, in the documentary there is mention of an interstellar cloud approaching our Solar System, about which a Russian astronomer spoke about in the 1990s.

      That particular discovery was ridiculed by the person (Lola) to whose post I responded. Ridicule I usually don't like before I check the facts (if available). So I looked at the internet for the interstellar energy cloud and found out that NASA itself confirmed in 2009 its existence and approach to our Solar System.

      Whether there is some specific scientific significance to this discovery or not (as if you cared from your religious perspective), I don't know - the point is that the specific issue that was presented in this doc is a scientific fact.

  37. Well, to be fair, they never stated that the alignment itself would be the cause of any disaster or damage... the Mayans, atleast, stated that the Sun would cause severe damage to the societies that exist at the time... which is scientifically possible. The Book of Revelations, Nostradamus, etc etc... are merely vague prophecies of some dire end times... the Mayans stated that the Sun would cause problems with societies on Earth, and as such life on earth would be forever changed. The spiritual side of it is, as with all things spiritual, a perpetual debate that can never truly be answered.

  38. @Aphelion:

    Like you said not worth arguing over, and as @eire666 said human nature being what it is, some humans like to read much more into it than is really there.

    As Michio Kaku said the earth and planets align every year without any dire consequences.

    What a lot of people do not know that gravity travels at the speed of light (Einstein) and since the milky way galaxy is some 100,000 light years across, if, and only if. there was some effect on the Earth because of alignments, it would still take approx, 50,000 years or so to have any if at all, effect on the Earth.

  39. I am not religious, nor do I ascribe to any faith. I merely stated, and have restated, that I do not think that it would be "The End Of The World." Infact, most of those whom have actually studied the Mayan Calender would also state that even the Calender does not claim that it is the end of the world, merely a point of change.

    To Disregard something out of hand, without proof to the contrary, while there is, albeit sketchy, proof to support it... well what can I say, we call those people lunatics most often, yet those supporting any sort of proof on this matter are considered the lunatics, and those who dismiss it without providing any evidence to the contrary are considered sane.

    Again, no one said it was the End of the World, and if you watch the documentary again, or any on the subject, the Mayan calender states that the world will Change. As do the Hopi, as do most ancient prophecies. Only Christians think that its time to meet the invisible man.

  40. Something wil happen?! Lol. Of course, something will happen today, tomorrow and on 2012 in december on that day that will impact a large group or/ and area. But i could say the same for any date and relate an event to my prediction and pull alot of people along with the idea if i take an already, not fully understood idealogical system (ancient , at that.) and put a spin on it that seems to support itself based on the idea itself. You can take any book , any idea , and any civilizations witings,charts,art etc and pull all kinds of conspiricy theories and patterns out of it. You can do it with dr seuess books .

    Fact is , some people inadvertantly see patterns, its what humans do. Some mixed with a little nievity or paranoia , or both perhaps bring these y2k's around every few years and have been forever. Where did astrology come from and look at it compared to all these y2k's. Or any claimed prophecy , vague and open to interpetation. Nothing ever comes out of them and never will. Unless by sheer luck.

    Just stinks that the herd mentallity spreads the garbage and freaks the gullable popu-sheepsters out of the mystical fairy land they so despratly want ans so thoughtlessly accept as reality.

    Newton said 2060 , so when 2060 comes we will be in the same boat. Even still with the same antics.

    i wonder and ask all :

    how many of you are religious and back this 2012 and how many are not and back it. And the same for not backing it?
    Id like to see the results on that. Ill bet it would come out quite one sided.

    Every generation has screemed the words prophecy anf always will. But prophey is only good for those who lack self driven direction and require instruction , guidence and acceptence so as to grasp ahold of any/everything that allows them to fit in and feel safe or accepted or valuable. Even if its a long shot in the dark , just either for self worth, belonging or even the ole monkey see, monkey do thought process that usually is associated with new fads like this 2012 bs.

    When it comes, and nothing happens, and your hopes of armageddon are gone, and you get a good laugh at yourselves, please learn from it so that next time you know better and see it for what it is. Nothing but looking for something in nothing and making something out of less.

    nobody is or was superpowered. Real predictions go as far as whats been tested amd proven time and time again. Things like the weather , star movements and the fact that even if the end of the world came , wed still all be at the mercy of nature.

    Heres a prediction, someday the earth will be almost void of larger life.....when we get in the way of the next comet or meteor, maybe even when the wrong finger is on the nuke button, i predict now that the earth will have this fate soon enough , and eventually. Man i must be a prophet too!

    If for some reason you religees are hoping this 2012 stuff will begin the returning of whatever messiah you are waiting on , dont acuse him of blasphemy or heresy , and try not to crucify him before i get there since i call first dibs on the hammer!

    Horns n a gag of thorms!

    1. @ eireannach666

      Quite Interesting ! Love your humor ! When you speak I hear my self!

      For me it doesn't makes a difference either way, it is what it is !

      But am I understanding you right in thinking that your Dismissing it completely, and if so suppose this is right and the Mayans are accurate and on point as History shown them to be.

      Advice to all who are reading this, whether knowledge good, knowledge bad, knowledge is knowledge and as we all know knowledge is power, we don't have to accept everything we come across or and expose to, we shouldn't, this is never a good practice !

      We should all be humble and don't be blinded by our own ignorance!

      All in All I understand and Agree with everything you said .......... Except for the Hammer part.

      As always ---------Peace-------------- .

  41. @Perihelion:

    First things first, dogs see more than black and white, the colours green yellow and orange look yellowish to dogs, violet and blue appears blue to a dog. Blue-green appears gray to a dog.

    One thing that am in agreement on is that colour is non-existent, we only percieve it as such by data entering through our eyes that the brain converts to electrical signals to give us the illusion of colour. For that matter, "matter" is itself an illusion, also electrical signals. See quantum physics, the Copenhagen effect.

    I direct "YOU" to "youtube-Michio Kaku dismisses the 2012 hysteria."

    Michio Kaku does talk on adjacent vids about the 11 year solar flares cycle, (a coronal mass ejection) that may happen sometime in 2012-2013. that may or may not cause some problem to telecommunications. But that has nothing to do with any 2012 end of the world scenario. He emphatically states he is not loosing any sleep over the dec. 21, 2012 farce.

    If you decide to refute this give some proper empirical evidence next time!

  42. I should also add that Michio Kaku IS a scientist, one of the world's paramount, and has stated on numerous occasions the scientific societies thoughts on 2012. I direct you to Youtube.

  43. @Occam's Razor

    Well, I do suppose that the argument that nothing will happen, all proof, evidence, scientific data, and coincidence from ancient literature aside and dismissed out of hand, then your argument is completely valid.

    The grass is also "Not Green", as the Colored Light Spectrum is merely an illusion perpetrated by our visual cortex, and though all evidence suggests that it is, infact, Green, I hereby choose to ignore all witness accounts, spectral readings, and literature because those are merely details, whereas to a Dog it is black and white and therefore it is universally Black and White.

    Such is the case with Y2K and December 21st 2012. Due to Y2K having wound up being an unnoticed blip due to computer programmers having solved the problem before it became a problem, then we can also assume that this time around it is much the same thing, merely a hype.

    There again, being hit in the head the second time by a brick, when the first did not hurt due to wearing a padded helmet, even though now one is not wearing a helmet, one could then also assume the second time would not hurt. Same logical train of thought, merely parodied.

    Eitherway, no one will know until that date, and until then, why argue about it.

  44. @Aphelion: or perihelion.

    "NOTHING" is going to happen on dec. 21 2012.

    And yes Achems razor, means the same as Occam's razor, except it is a medical term.

  45. @Occam's Razor:

    I am not trying to prove anything at all, all that I stated was that SOMETHING was going to happen on 2012, whether it be a geomagnetic storm that screws up my cable TV for awhile, or something bigger, no one knows.

  46. @Aphelion:

    What is it that you are trying to prove? There are NO scientists saying that the end of the world is on dec 21 2012.

    The only ones that are really gung-ho about this are the religee's waiting for there rapture.

    1. So you believe that Scientist are going to be the ones to tell us ......... and this is because,........... they are in our best interest ?
      OOOOOOOh now I get it, we trust them !

  47. You've looked at all the sites pertaining to 2012? Google Finds: 2,311,842 Matches.

    You are quick. Did you check NASA.Gov? Or watch the NASA remarks on Fox News or CNN?

    Conspiracy implies that people are thinking there is a secret is being kept that they do not know about... as such a debate concerning 2012 is not a Conspiracy Debate, it is merely a debate on cosmology and belief.

  48. @Aphelion:

    Have looked at all sites pertaining to 2012, NASA is not shutting anything down on Dec. 21 2012!

    Except if you want to believe conspiracy sites regarding 2012.

  49. @Achems Razor

    It's on their website. They've also released this information to the public via major news corporations. If you know more than NASA about what NASA is doing, you need to call up their PR department and tell them to stop lying to the press.

    1. I went to their website and all I found were denials of the significance of the 2012 date. If it is there, please show me where to look. Show us all. I eagerly wait for your response.

  50. nothing exist until we create it in our reality...will 2012 bring change?....it will because it is already happening, the internet activating and helping this transformation a whole lot. What will it be?....as we kick the ball forward we are creating this answer. It won't be one guy opinion...it will be the pooled opinion of the mass. The many Quantum sciences is a new re-legion...it tries to understand the dot in the O and the O surrounding the dot....circumpunct, the world's belly button, the dough nut or the nut of dough we all are.

  51. ehh...we'll know soon enough since it's currently 2011.
    If 2012 is when earth ends, i want my tuition money back.

    1. lmfao... that's the best post I've read here yet, quit school now and begin your own comedic blog and do as many drugs as possible without killing yourself before Dec. 2012 and you got yourself a year break. When it comes, you will know whether to go back to school or not. If nothing else, be a great story to tell your kids.

  52. What do calendars do when they end?

    They start over people. AD / BC . 2012 is thi generations Y2k and it wont amount too squat either.

    I swear its like chicken little ," The sky is falling!"

  53. @Aphelion:

    Nasa is not shutting anything down for any time period whatsoever on dec. 21 2012. quit trying to scare the gullible people.

  54. I think a few vital things have been missed in this, such as NASA declaring that the Solar Maximum for 2012 will be 20 times worse than previously declared by scientists (he stated this on Fox News and CNN).

    Now then, what one doesn't seem to get is the idea of a Magnetic Pulse (Storm, Shockwave, etc). If the sun's poles shift violently enough it creates a reverberation with our magnetic poles. The power would not "Go out for a few seconds," it overloads power lines. This burns out generators that currently have power flowing through them.

    The aforementioned information is what NASA, and various other accredited organizations and scientists have stated, not 'pseudo-science.' Unless, of course, our scientists now fall into that category, and if they do then science is bunk at any rate.

    Look at it this way. With all the publicity, all the 'hype,' all the conversation, and all the information being given about 2012, even assuming NOTHING HAPPENS... NOTHING AT ALL... The world will change. As everyone wakes up on the 21st and look around and saying "We're still here, now what?"

    NASA intends to shut down all of its satellites for a 72 hour period around the 21st. That is good enough for me, that they are going to risk shutting down, for the first time, billion dollar satellites, that -something- is likely to happen. What it may be, who knows.

    1. Still looking for any indication of a satellite shutdown. Covered a lot of ground.....lots of different websites. A lot of weird ideas out there. If there is to be a shutdown you would think it would be easy to find.

  55. what a load of c@#$!!
    what the hell are these people smoking?
    these people have mastered the pinnacle of pseudo-science.
    ROFL at them.

  56. I can hardly wait!

  57. @BluePhotonic

    The only danger to this planet are the people themselves, not all but those who are in power.

  58. Anyone wanna sell me their s@#$ for cheep, I'll take it on 21st of December, 2012 and pay you now.

    Trust me, the world will probably end so.. $500 bucks for your house. Mortgage is still on you.

    How stupid would you be not to take the 500 now?

  59. I wonder how many people are actually going to buy into this hype and waste the next 2 years of their pathetic lives worrying about something that is simply not going to happen ? Hey,.. here is an idea for all you armaggedon minded folk, why not be more productive at helping improve our current human society instead of waiting around for it to be squished into goo by some giant space slug.

    Anyone who believes this propaganda has already decided to quite the team and sit sulkin' in the bleachers.

    Be mindful though, if enough folk buy into this media terrorism, then human society on a global scale could very well bear the anarchists touch on that day, not as the result of some external phenomena, but simply as a result of their own innate miserable psychology.

  60. "we will miss our white brother." wtf? so, all white people want to drive cars and can't stand the sight of trees? There aren't any white farmers? all white people harm the environment... what a racist comment, haha. That's like a mexican saying all black people are lazy workers and would rather steal.

  61. You can thank the miliary and H.A.A.R.P. for the California size cracks in our magnetic field.

    1. Thank aliens. They gave the military the technology.

  62. Achems pretty much nailed it up there... very well...

    Acehms, I made a fortune on the Y2K hoax... I am not proud of it...

    But... you are not lying, that was some silly stuff and even our congress was scared...

    Sigh... good times!

  63. This movie is completely outdated.
    It's all meant to scare you into thinking something disastrous is going to happen.

    Don't watch it if you are easily angered...

  64. Just one more thing, If these lost civilizations were so smart and wise, where are they now? Those cultures were destroyed by white man right. White man is the vehicle for destruction but is not the causal agent, God cursed and judged any nation that did not worship him in truth and reality. So keeping looking at Egypt and Babylon and the indians and so on. They were pagans, animists and devil worshippers. sorry to be so blunt but people act like these groups were so innocent, they worshipped nature. God calls this idolatry whether you like it or not. Do I agree with all this killing, or course not but no one takes any responsibilty for their actions and is always hating on the white man. God promised judgement on all cultures that practiced idolatry. I could say alot more but never, ever have I heard any group or culture say "We brought thhis on ourselves with our idolatry.

  65. All these people with their new age stuff are simply voicing the spirit of antichrist. WE ARE GODS! no you are not! When you can create a planet and galaxies, call me. You better start humbling yourself before the creator and beg for forgiveness for all your dirty deeds and you know you have many. Your actions effect others and you do not live in a void. We are accountable to each other for what we do despite your rebellious nature. You do have to answer for what you do whether you like it or not. Not to me but to God so deal with it and realize you are a human and not a god! This thinking will surely damn your soul!!!!

  66. I love how these experts state the earth can only handle a billion people riding bicycles. Who did they consult? God. These monsters of genocide are agents of the u.n and their criminal plan to reduce the population to 500,000 as stated on the Goergia guide stones. Who decides who is expendable? of course not them with their intelligence and briliant minds. They are part of the elite, right! When Jesus comes back, we'll see who is a member of the winning team and who isn't and all their evil schemes will certainly get their recompense which is sorely due!!!!

  67. @ katnevergiveup

    You know i grew up in the country hunting, and fishing. I also know all about agriculture and what to eat and not eat in the wild. That said I can't stand it when someone starts all this preaching at others about thier comfortable lives and how they need to learn how to survive in the wild. Yes the skills you have will be important if it ever comes to surviving off the land again, but so will other skills that you do not possess.

    No one knows it all or can survive all alone forever, you will need others for things like engineering and electrical knowledge. You will need scientists and doctors. You will need people that inspire insted of condescend. Its not all about who is the toughest you know, or who can play survivor man the best. Cooperation will win the day, as it always has in the past. Besides I very seriousely doubt it will ever come to that anyway, at least not from this cockeyed bs. 2012 will be no different than all the other contrived end of the world scares, a big to do about nothing.

  68. This is the only video out of about 20 I've watched here that SKIPS EVERY 3 SECONDS.

  69. video will not load?

  70. @the seven of spades ----check out neil degrasse tyson .. matter of fact everyone should.... learn about the meteor sp? thats on direct course for earth. its the size of the rose bowl so thats ok sorry about the grammar and punctuation im little buzzed but really check that out i LOVE documentaries

  71. Videos like this are here to inspire us. To give the week strenth,to give the willing motivation.
    But the key to this life is to find your self pure in all aspects of life. To grow from your mistakes.
    Let your emotions be your guide.You are to shine like the star we are and if you are ready for the
    responsibility to try to manifest your reallity. Then we must set aside our sinful natures and walk
    that narrow path of purity. Because we are creative Gods in the making. Turn your LOVE ON,
    treat people with respect because in the end it is your intentions that matters ,so be kind.......
    All''' everybody needs to study more, understanding the very nature of all things..{Light,electromagnetic radiation
    adams,matter the molecules and how it holds the Vibrations and Frequencies together exp:with Cymatics.
    All this gives you the grand pic, understanding who we truly are. just keeps you grounded from
    being miss lead. But we all must understand the only TRUTH We Will Ever Know is how We Fill in our Hearts
    the Emotions that Tells you what is Bothering You.All the INFO, that is out there was taught to us and no one taught
    you how to fill. So you see keep your mind open but not so open that your mind falls out...... THINK and add things together be smart.

    1. So, is the world ending or what?

  72. BluePhotonic,

    1. If some type of massive radiation burst were to hit the Earth, battery back-ups would do no good, it would actually completely destroy all electronics, including batteries.

    2. The Magnetic Field around the Earth DOES protect us, BUT, as massive amounts of energy (Types of radiation) bombard the Earth, it "strips" layers of the Magnetic Field away, effectively making it weaker and weaker.

    Those are the points it sounds like they were trying to make.

  73. oh and according to me 2012 is all some crazy people ideas aint nothing happening and 'i'll be here to say i told you so'

  74. i really don't understand some people,scientists said there were dinosaurs and provided proof you believed it now they say something is going to happen in 2012 and they give evidence and all of a suddenly you don;t believe it because it is going to affect you please whatever is going to happen let it happen

    1. The people who predict disaster in 2012 are not scientists. There are accredited scientists that endorse this nonsense.

  75. I see it this way, iam going to live my life to the fullest. If the world comes to a flaming end oh well theres nothing I can do to stop it. Where iam going to run and hide at? lol So please stop fighting everyone it doesnt fix anything but make more stress in your life's. Have a good one!

  76. Did you notice the blatant advertisement shot of TGI Fridays?

    TGI Fridays? The world is going to end at TGI Fridays? How cool is that? It was at 25 minutes in.

  77. I think any end of world or end of times will some how look like the movie "The Road". It will all be pretty grim. Lets all hope nothing like that every happens.

  78. how many of you guy's know how to tan a hide, or what to eat from your suroundding and how much. Do you know the amount of tie lost in a day with talking or thingking or acknowledging. could you actually survive without coffee or sugar or a matress or a washroom. The only thing that we humans have acheved is to use resources so we can make time and make our life easy and drive our self crazy. Well I know how to tan my hides and what to eat and the amount of energie It actually takes to live, what It feels like to be in the middle of nowhere and truly realizing what is Important, but one thing I also know, is that I would not whant to be close to most of the population nor theyre help because, wile some have the guts and will power to actually DO, most do not. So instead of thinking of big stuff that you do not know about, maybe It would be smarter to get some life skills, the ones that can feed you and keep you warm because at the end, 20$ bills d'ont have much vitamins

  79. its only two years away lets wait

  80. @ LifeQuest:

    Watched your link, Instead of saying, I hate being right all the time.
    I'll say, glad that I'm right!

  81. ppl!!! just look at all the people in the doc!!!!! NO scientists, no astronomers - nothing!!! just a bunch of authors who ARE sellin their books!!! how can you byu this???? besides there's no alignment in 2012-and the Sun does go through the center of the galaxy in Dec21 2012 AS IT DOEST EVERY YEAR!!!!! wake up - stop being paranoid - read some prominent point literature.
    google ASK AN ASTROBiOloGIST - it'll give u some iteresting info to read!!!!!!

  82. There is one thing that I see is most important about this documentary. The fact that change will take place that is need . The year is 2010. Everyone all over the world should realize this the only change that will take place is urban living. We depend on Earth's oil too much. The fact is oil will become scarce and when it does what will mankind do. Will we fight one another in a war to control the" last drops" of oil or will we come together and live as our ancestor's have. This is the simple fact about the future of today's way of life. We who live on Earth must become one with her. Our "Mother" is sick we must take good care of her. If we care for her she will care for us. :)

  83. im just kidding folks whos knows what will happen..

  84. if predictions are correct
    haha anticrist- apparently god is going to send you to the bottomless pit for all eternity.

  85. I have to agree with Razor, no sleep lost here, either.

  86. It is always about Money folks:

    I remember year 2000. I was deluged by mail, how all computers would crash, and civilization would come to a standstill.

    I was offered all types of solutions, for fees or course, and some of the fees where substantial. I did not fall for it.

    Just like I will not fall for the end of the World B.S. on 2012.
    Some people do not know that gravity also comes into effect at the speed of light. It is not instant.

    If say, the Sun disappeared instantly, it would still take approx. 8 minutes for the Earth to start to careen off into space.

    The Milky Way Galaxy is some 100,000 to 200,000 light years across. If?? our Solar System is going to be aligned with the core of the Milky Way Galaxy, it would still take observable effects if any, 100,000 or so, years to reach us.

    I for one, am not loosing any sleep over 2012.

    1. No one is predicting the end of the world. You should actually watch the documentary before wallowing in your own intelligence.

  87. its all a kind of a joke cuz first of all the end of the time will not be going to come in 2012 and secondly when this destruction will come everthing will destryoyed nthng and no one will be safe...n in ths movie they had shown tht some peoples are save and they have shifted on another planet i must sayy hollywood should need to goo a mental hospital.......

  88. Just when I thought we'd gotten past the end of the world, it's happening again. I'm pretty sure nothing catastrophic is going to happen on Dec 21, 2012, but I could be wrong. I just think that if the world doesn't end this time, everyone should stop predicting the end of the world based on ancient prophecies. In fact, we should stop using them to predict anything. On the other hand, if something earth-shattering does happen, then we should totally use it to predict everything.
    BTW, why are predictions always so dire? Can't someone predict anything good for humanity?

  89. the only thing that is going to happen its that i will rise and take control of the world

  90. It’s my own belief that people naturally want to be apart of the end of days or Armageddon. As perverse as this sounds think about it… Despite all the horrible and scary images that come to mind, people WANT to believe they live and will experience the end times. Whether they want to assert their personal faith or just feel special to be apart of it, they just simply and truly desire it.

    Don't worry. Be Happy. And if interested profit from the inedible hysteria to take place...

  91. good documentary thanks vlatko u have done a good job.
    I have seen in nostradamus doc the world in going to end in 2012.
    but i don't believe the world is going to end in 2012,but something may happen since every major religions are saying the end of world in 2012.
    is there any christian references about the end of world in 2012?

  92. i if you allow it to stream for a minute, drag the bar in 1 minute and drag it back it stats,
    any way this docu changes its tune towards the end, its all doom and gloom at the start and then its "well it might not happen, its prob more of an enlightning of mankid rather than a culling"
    now hang on a minute its like saying the suns not gonna rise tomorrow........ but it probably will and something will happen lol
    i like how it also hinted that the mayans were high when they wrote the prophacies lol

  93. gern... good stuff, made me laugh, that's what i think people in this world need to see. a bit of comedy and a large dose of reality, maybe then people can see the real picture.

  94. Video would not play :(
    It would stream, but when I pressed play the time line bar would not move and nothing would happen.

    1. I'll try to fix that.

  95. Numbers are infinite, life as far as I know is limited .WHO ON EARTH WOULD WRITE AN INFINITE CALENDAR. They just got tired of writting.

  96. It's interesting to think about, but this stuff is pretty pseudoscientific. This was a fairly weak attempt at an objective presentation of the issue, but at least it was an attempt. I did like the optimistic ending.

  97. It's interesting to think about, but this stuff is pretty pseudoscientific. This is a fairly weak attempt at an objective presentation of the issue, but it was at least an attempt. I liked the optimistic ending.

  98. *Y2K reply*
    The reason "nothing happened" on Y2K is because we only had to make a few small programming changes and had more then adequate time.
    The media only began hyping the issue after it was solved.

    We have a collective of nerds to thank for us not ever knowing it.

    Let's hope we can scale up that effort, fore what's coming is not going to be so small.
    Infact much of the work is well underway by similar nerd hives. Let's just hope they have the time.

  99. Excellent documentary
    But i believe the point may have been lost.

    We are confusing the spacial process(crossing of charted ages, galatic alignment etc) with the short term event which has been generated by an algorithim.

    The process is taking place, all observable evidence is clear on that. But we are far to small a species to do anything about this other then observe and reflect, as the maya.( happening over centuries/millenia)

    The event is something we can exert control over, and hopefully make the process a worthwile one.

    There is a paradigm shift happening which is also a process but the significance is much shorter term.
    This is a change from a world of abundant resources, to one of scarcity.
    Not just of fossil fuels, but of metals, of food supply, of habitable conditions.
    I believe 2012 will be the rude awakening of this fact for the 9 of 10 that seem to have blinders attached firmly.

    The age of unsustainable must give way to an age where we are one with our planet. And we develop our technology to embrace, not exploit the resources around us.

    The future is already written for us if we don't make this change. Just checkout population statistics going forward.
    By 2050 there is a massive cliff dive. And resources, total.. not the bell curve, drop off a good 20 years earlier, at current rate..which is accelerating.

    The barons of this world are walking us blind into a storm of biblical proportion with only one generation left to "get it right"
    While they wont change the status quo until their accounting software tells them so.
    The last 100 years is proof of that.

    We have the technology in place, we have the man power, we just need these clowns out of the way. And for this we need everyone's support.
    I'm not advocating voilence, we'll have enough of that later if we don't change now.
    But we need to demand action.
    Don't leave it to a meaningless vote, which everyone should know is rigged (if not mechanically then most definitely by the bias media)
    Demand what you need and don't sell yourself until you get it.
    It's all about accounting software...if it makes sense then it'll make dollars, and they'll switch.
    We need to start making sense.

    Forget planet x, global warming, global cooling, ..all this sideshow non-sense.
    We're human, we adapt, aslong as we're moving forwards.

    And the next time your going faster then you can run take a look at the world your passing by.
    This is what passes for progress these days?

  100. The 1st few words spoken by someone in this film tell exactly what it is ,if you dont belive in god then you have to belive in something else. It common human behaviour , so its normal for this to reach a audience of non believers .

    I personally think its a load of crap, theres no way that something so drastic will happen in 24hours , if something like this would ever hppen will take thousands of years to be in full swing of things .

    1. It doesn't say it will happen in 24 hours.. Sad that people write off things like this so quickly. The majority of posters on here don't seem to have actually watched the film.

  101. Vlat is this doc no longer available

  102. Really? People are talking about the end of the world? I'm amazed we can correlate the end of the world to the last date on a calendar created by an extinct civilization so many generations ago. That really makes us look stupid. What if they just stopped because it was far enough ahead they could let someone else finish it? Same thing with the bible. No one knows for sure who wrote it and why. Maybe it was a class assignment. Maybe it was anything else but the basis for a religion hundreds of years later. Man, people are gullible.

  103. Sharaf, does the holy books say WHAT TIME on that special Friday that the End Of Time is supposed to happen? I wanna be shure to start that Friday workday off early enough so that I can clock in a full 8 hours and still make it home in time to watch it all happen worldwide and live on CNN. I wouldn't want my final paycheck to be short of a full 40-hour paycheck on my final week. And my company IT department blocks non-work related internet websites from being watched on our computers.

    IT people.

  104. I am muslim, and whats is scary is that, in the muslim prophecy, the day that the end of time will happend will be friday, and 21.12.12 will come on a friday.

  105. I think it's important to point out that the earth, sun and center of the galaxy align EVERY year on December 21st. I don't understand how these authors could write books about this and not learn that, that's Astro101 stuff. :S

    Also the idea that the sun is half of a binary pair system is completely untrue and impossible. The partner would be the most significant celestial body in human history not theoretical.

    I think that because the majority of people they interviewed were historians and not physicist or astronomers it's safe to assume the answer is in fact: superstition!

  106. I would have loved to discuss the film, which I've tried to watch three times, but, alas, I cannot. The first time, I was told the film was unavailable. The second try, the play button redirected me to a free porn site. The third try redirected me to take an IQ test. What gives?

  107. I think a few people missed the whole point of this documentary. It seemed most of the people interviewed didn't neccessarly think we were destined for an apocalypse, rather that perhaps ancient cultures have some lost knowledge that is worth investigating.

    We are at a critical point in our developement as a species and now that we have the power to destroy the planet as we know it in a matter of minutes should nuclear war ever break out, we better seriously consider our steps forward. We must learn to put our superficial differences aside if we wish to advance as a species.

    Also Bluephotonic your capacity for intellectual reasoning should be called into question as Dr. Aveni is pretty much a skeptic the whole way through. Therefore if the whole thing is a load of crap then his viewpoint is a load of crap. In which case you disagree with both sides simultaneously?!?!?!

    This was a very objective and thought provoking Doc. in my opinion. Really an excellent job of documentary filmmaking!

  108. yeah aj, you are not very bright are you? that's alright man you're not the only one, but hey , 1000 idiots don't make a genious. remember that

  109. xxbigkisses that is the most ignorant thing I've ever heard. In what sense do pedophiles, rapists, or murderers have an impact on the environment? If anything they keep an even balance in society that is part of global synchronization.

    A global catastrophe is the only thing that could help our environment, this being done by wiping out the fools and throwing us into an uproar of survival of the fittest. If you're a tool that works 40 hours a week to feed a family you are in no way helping the world...smarten up

  110. Dont listen to the white people they dont know what they are talking about

    Listen to the Indian guy he knows what hes talking about

  111. nothing will happen in 2012 as nothing happened in 2000 and nothing at all in 1000 and so on. GET A LIFE!

  112. I've been keeping up on a lot of this 2012 stuff. Viewed and researched many documentaries and in my view I feel something might happen. I say this mainly upon one reason...and that's the fact that every religion mentioned similar believes and prophecies to happen in OUR generation near the 2012 date. Also, every ancient civilization even their beliefs and prophecies seemed to all fall near this date as well. And the shocker is this...none of these civilizations knew about each other or even communicated. This possible event has no similarities withe the Y2K nonsense...this is space were speaking on. Out there things we don't know are endless. Just have to open up your mind and think outside the box on what could happen.

  113. if the end could just delete only the pedaphiles murderers and rapists in the world, then that would be a better chance of beginning a better environment. oh, and dont forget to put several packets of seeds in a ziplock bag and mark it. the best ziplocks should float.

  114. Imagine how crazy everyone will be...Especially after the Hollywood movie 2012 due out in November this year. Y2K will be a joke in comparison. I can't wait!

  115. Why isn´t anyone mentioning the annunaki,
    planet nibiru or the nephilim.

  116. BluePhotonic I think its only a point of view that we may need to take it from. Its important to look at many different views about the universe and how it works in the future the truth shall be revealed.

  117. What a bunch of crap, so what if the power cuts out for a few seconds, most vital life saving machines, eg. hospital equipment, is all battery powered backup.
    Also, so if the sun get between the earth and the center of the milky way, so what, the earth's magnetic field bounces of most of the space particles away from the earth, less at the poles. If I was a scientist and was more patient, I could go on.
    The only thing here that may be worthwhile is the messages of taking care of our planet as it's being destroyed by 5 billion mostly mindless termites called humans not deserving of this rock.

    1. I was wondering if your still around.......What are you thinking now?