5th Dimension Ghosts

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5th Dimension GhostsDoes life end in death? Or does the soul wander from body to body? Are there such things as demons, ghosts or the devil?

Following circumstantial research and in cooperation with top-calibre scholars, this series sheds light upon, unmasks and takes the magic from centuries-old superstition and also reports on breathtaking, super sensory experiences.

It also shows if, and where, things that cannot be explained really do exist… The journey in search of the Supernatural leads to all six continents, to such fascinating spots as the holy Tibetan city, Lhasa and to the great universities of the world; to the secret archives of the CIA and the KGB, the Vatican, and to the most modern centres of nuclear research in the world.

The result is a thrilling combination of contemporary history, scientific background reporting, and a touch of the pleasant shiver within the dark side of parapsychology.

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  1. bdoon

    What about the town in Italy which suffered from electrical fires for months, even after the electrical power was no longer there? Today's paranormal is tomorrow's science. I think Taxiqxl (below) is on the right track. Scoot Peck, the eminent psychiatrist whose long-selling best seller book , "The Road Less Traveled" laid out similar theories 35 years ago and his research was not based on theoretical analysis or quantum physics but on his own empirical experience having consulted with close to 10,000 patients over a 30 year practice.

  2. Martin Karlberg

    Interresting how power of illusion can trigger people to THINK they feel or see something...Delusional stories all the way through. "Wherever ignorance prevails, superstition prevails".

  3. Mark Casper

    I believe that I have to go to the bathroom (nah, just a 4th dimension bathroom)

  4. kompikos

    Bad documentary, I was expecting it to be far better from what I read at the description.

  5. Josh Goldberg

    This is nothing more than another bullshit ghost story. There's NO proof presented in the entire film.

  6. tariqxl

    Why does he say at the end if ghosts turn out to be real then all our understanding of science must be wrong? And reading through some comments its clear that a lot of people still think there is a rift between mysticism and science. M theorists say there are 11 dimensions in parallel to our own. Some neuro-biologists believe the brain is a quantum computer tying our consciousness to the universe, other think that the parietal lobes that interpret these E.M fields may be our antenna linking us to the divine. Yes some scientist do believe in a God. Can it not just be said that we do not understand either subject enough to say there is a difference. If scientists one day prove that we was created by a higher power do you think that all scientist would then become priests or would they continue in their field to try to better understand the nature of our creation and the laws that govern our dimension.

    1. Roric Batista

      prob the best damn comment ive ever read about the paranormal. what you have just explained in that short paragraph is better than what most docs present

    2. Rock Quarry

      I am pretty sure they have theorized 13 dimensions in M theory and string theory.

  7. Jayarathne Abeydeera

    I believe ghosts. Ghosts prove the cycle of rebirth of Buddhism. I have my own experiences about ghosts.

  8. Jayarathne Abeydeera

    I believe ghosts.Ghosts prove the cycle of rebirth of Buddhism, the samsara. I have my own experiences about ghosts.

  9. Katherine Caputo

    All well and good - BUT - given that the human brain can be profoundly affected by strong magnetic fields, is it the magnetic fields causing the ghosts? Or are ghosts causing magnetic fields? And if the former - then what exactly is causing those abnormal magnetic fields in the first place? Would be nice if this docu could answer at least one of those questions.

    1. trade

      It's not all about EM field manipulation of the brain. I've had two experiences where an object was manipulated and could not be mistaken or hallucinated. Once when I was a child as I lay in bed half awake I heard a sudden loud noise near my head that I immediately knew to be a coin hitting the wall rather hard. I found a dime laying on a pillow where I heard the sound, my door had been closed the entire time. A few years later in the same house I was again alone in my room at night with the door closed and I heard something fall to the ground, I turned on the light and a small model airplane was laying on the ground having stood on my computer desk for a number of years. The small size of the object compared to the wide shelf space left no doubt that It would never have moved on it's own due to instability. Later as an adult I had used flour while cooking and left the bag on the kitchen counter. The next morning I found a very neat, straight, thin sprinkled line of flour leading from the bag, to the counter edge, to the floor under the bag, straight into my room, then into a neat circular pile just around the door corner where the wall recesses and a book shelf was about 4 inches from the recess( so that the pile was back between the wall and shelf in a narrow area). Basically, even if I had sleep walked and ended up tracking flour straight back to the bedroom It would have been impossible to shake off or drop the terminating pile of dust where it was(or to have a perfect line leading to my room as the result of flour on clothes being tracked by myself), to say nothing of how well shaped the circle was, nothing would fall like that naturally.I was living alone at the time. To make it more disturbing, the doorway in question has had shadow figures standing in it late at night when I wake up momentarily. Its one of those things where you assume it's a trick of your mind then something physical happens later in that spot and makes the hairs stand up.

  10. Christine

    They don't have a clue!!!

  11. Reina Avila

    I think the investigator in this documentary is very narrow minded. Not all things can be explained by science. Science may be able to replicate some things but not explain the true paranormal experience and never will explain the existance of G-d, blessed be he.

  12. joy (? ? ?)

    the last 10 mins of this docu is WICKED!

  13. joe franco

    the main psychologist narrating this documentary doesnt care about the truth... his ego is to big,like most scientists,to be wrong.

  14. Stephanie Price

    Very Convincing.

  15. dhhdshdshsd

    I like how you fixated on "mind induced states, Grumblefield. I also believe that self awareness, of the individual, can lead to one better being able to decipher imagination from something unachievable from the own mind. I have always experienced "flashes" of images that are unrelated to anything that i have experienced, and easily distinguished as something not necessarily my own.With enough experiences, when these individuals overcome their "initial" fears, they could mange what what just imaginative, and what could actually be possible. As far as science, why didn't they have two individuals in the chamber at the same time? If they both experienced the same sounds, images, etc. then it wouldn't be particularly "mind induced."
    i am, however, always open towards skeptical views and am looking forward to more of an emergence with each viewpoint, in the future to come.

  16. eetwo

    a doc for dummies.

    Please watch The Spirit Molecule (2010)

  17. Samusakis

    @Galloway Grumblefield

    That's a good point your making. I was always interested in whether self-inflicted (rather than forcefully induced) mental brakedown can lead to a gaining access to regulary unperceved stimulation.

  18. ashbreaksstuff


  19. age

    where do ghosts get there ghost cloths from

    1. nomi gobo

      from Wallmart left over stuff of clothes , try to get for your friends too, and don't forget me for new one , lolz :)

  20. Galloway Grumblefield

    Was an interesting doc, kept me watching. Some real novel ghost features, especially Maria and the faces at the end of the film.

    I would like to comment on the psychologist with the "God helmet". That kind of technology is really misunderstood, and not at all explained well. The impression given is that "it's all in the head". Yet, you could say that about any perception. Devices exist that can detect vision in the brain. Same for any of the other senses. Just because a sensation of a presence can be artificially induced in the temporal lobe doesn't really explain the perception, any more than inducing a false vision through stimulation of the visual cortex invalidates the deer I see in a meadow, or the rose I smell in the garden. I think the psychologist was a bit misleading in this regard. Inducing a feeling in a part of the brain that is responsible for processing a perception is not proving that the non-induced perception is "All in the head".

  21. Sam

    The thing that popped into my head at the last 10 min. regarding the faces in cement. I felt she was seeing old grave paintings on cement that had been covered over with new cement. By new I mean over the last few 100 years, and is now bleeding through over time. As a result of room temperature and air change. It could account for no pigmentation , dies or other chemicals present on the surface of the cement because it is coming from behind, not the surface.
    Is this possible?

  22. Eric

    Some years ago, i played a lot with ouija with my best friend so i know and im 100% sure that is working. BUT, i dont think its ghosts or spirits. Honnestly, i don't really know how it work, maybe with some sort of electric signal from our body plus our subconcious. There is no pushing because i played only with my friend and we almost don't touch the pad and for sure don't force his movements.

    I believe in some sort of entitys and in other astral planes because i practiced OBE for 25 years now. But i did not find any logical answers. And honnestly, im not 100% sure that is not another brain twist. So, our world is very strange and one thing is certain, we are far away to understand everything, we must keep an open mind on this subject. before understanding everything on these subjects, we will have to understand our brain perfectly and the effect of the collective brain power, but its not for tomorrow.

    You're theory is probably not too bad because when you experience OBE, the vibrations, like waves are the most important aspect to separate from your body.

  23. charlesovery

    I believe that there somethings that r only in head but there r other things that cant b explained

  24. bored

    some believe that there is a connection between reality and waves. We use waves to depict sound and sight. Maybe its possible that there is a certain wave that connects the human body with the human soul. Maybe its possible that a "Ghost" is like static on a tv....its a signal. The soul has lost connection to the human body...maybe just maybe thats why MOST ghost hunters use EMP readers and other devices that measure different types of waves.

  25. Phoenix

    Good watch - Psychology vs Ghosts

  26. aaa

    stupid comments by stupid ignorant people, ghost do exist
    and this documentary is great!

  27. dee

    when i seen keeran o keith i stopped watching ,enough said the guys been bought of by the corrupt

  28. osmex

    well ..i really do believe in super natural .not mainly ghosts ..i'm a Muslim and we Muslims believe that the dead cannot come back in to this world but instead ..there are spirits that have accompany them (Jinns -made from smokeless fire ).in Islamic belief every human being have a companion of jinns that they wiper in them ..and jinns can live very long and are stronger than humans but the're not allowed to interfere in the material world.so my conclusion is that these images or feelings may be caused by jinns who were the dead persons companion...

  29. Kyle

    Reminds me of a movie I saw once

  30. Ian T

    Wow.. This is definitely proof of the paranormal, isn't that Rod Hull speaking from beyond the grave on 14 minutes?.. Dont know what hes done with emu though!

  31. Chris K

    Sick of Lies, I hate to burst your bubble, but I'm an evangelical Christian going on 28 years, and have experienced interesting phenomenon after the death of loved ones. After discussing this phenomenon with others, I discovered that many people have experienced after death encounters, and many of the people who admitted to it were not Catholic.

    I've taken that stance that any paranormal activity must be Satan out to get me. I've rethought my thinking.

  32. Sick of Lies

    Most of the paranormal guff on TV is abnormal. The Catholic church has so much messed up God's Plan to suit the church fathers needs they have created a monster, knowing full well they are doing so. As a Christian, I am not debunking everything paranormal is fake, just that in my eyes the church is the cause of a lot of it when it comes to it's activity, such as praying to a false deity of a virgin and other saints when they know full well God's first commandment is being broken. I doing so, they open the door for demon activity, even more so. I feel this is a purposeful thing the Satan is doing, by using the Catholic church to draw people away from God.(what better way for Satan to take souls by using their own God to do it!) Look at the accounts of hauntings and you will see a familiar trend... the people haunted have one time or another performed a paganistic rite some time in the past- they are easy to draw into occult dealings- and they are almost always(but all the time)Catholic or have been... this is just an open observation I and my wife have noticed...

  33. tim11

    I wonder what the relationship is between paranormal experiences and Catholics? It seems in most of the programs I have seen with people reporting hauntings there is a high correlation with the Catholic faith. On the other hand, I had the experience of being solidly pushed in the back one time when no one was there and I am Jewish, I just wonder how much religion influences a person's ability to believe in the supernatural.

  34. Lykdysplt

    I was always sceptical until my gf and I moved into our last house, we often heard bumps and creaking at night,,house settling or whatever, then one day I was outside firing up the bbq and I saw someone walk past the window in the basement, my gf I thought, a second later she was outside with the steaks,,,it was not her down there...spooky shit...I havn't touched mushrooms since.

  35. Katinthehat

    I found myself laughing at the documentary quite a lot. It was just like every other show on tv about paranormal shit.

    The science behind the human mind is way more interesting!

  36. Spiritguide

    Ghosts are vey real they do interact when you have been Investigating this subject for over 25 years. You tend to develope your own theroes on this subject, The y can slap,bite,and kick you. Been there done that....So to all these sceptics out there get off your ass and go into the feild,find out for yourself instead of sitting in front of a screen telling eveyone who has had an encounter with the Paranormal they are either mad or have just seen something out of the corner of there eye. Shit guys get new script writers because the crap you comeing out with to try and debunk this Topic is very old.......

  37. HaTe_MaChInE

    I think that if ghosts did exist someone a lot smarter than me would find a way to detect them. How is that quasars, neutrinos, and anti-mater be easier to find, record, and reproduce the results then it is to find a ghost. Especially if the "ghost" is actually trying to contact us.

    Maybe the problem is that all the respected scientist stop looking for ghosts about the same time they stop looking for the Easter bunny hiding there eggs.

    I personally do not think ghost have ever or will ever exist. But I wish I could believe in ghosts. Living in a world of ghosts, goblins, and monsters seems like a lot more fun then my current world of science and logic. I do envy those willing to reject reason for the supernatural.

    Sceptics never have any fun...

    1. Twistedinc

      It may be that the study of such cosmic things could lead to the study you mentioned..you may have it backwards. I personally believe that further study of M theory and the core elements that bind our dimensional space would reveal what ghosts truly are. Magnetic fields play a big part in ghost encounters, so at least there is a base to start from.

  38. TrewQ

    I pretty much agree with CC. Certain conditions, such as magnetic fields etc, might either be heightening awareness of things that are there, or causing delusional perception of things that aren't. It's hard to say which. It's like psychedelics in that way.

  39. Thece

    It was king of entertaining, but also without giving any actual information on the subject. And indeed, the last 10 minutes were the most interesting part.

  40. CC

    Instead of choosing just one theory to explain the phenomena of ghost, Why not combine all three to draw a reasonable conclusion. The conditions affect the imagination causing us to see, here and feel things that wants us to see, here and feel them.
    Since the affecting conditions in these cases are external forces with most of them being natural. Natural in these cases meaning; that you can leave one area and enter into another which has an acceleration in its magnetic fields which in turn affects experience. It must mean that there are simply there or appear there to serve the purpose of ghostly experiences, and is not just simply our minds playing tricks on us.

  41. Zahra A.

    the ghost that's walking through what looks like a hallway, looks like my mom in her prayer dress. he he

  42. Anja

    i liked the last 10 minutes of this documentary the most! very interesting story..

  43. g

    this film is rubbish, really rubbish that will waiste your time!