I Know What I Saw

I Know What I Saw

2009, Mystery  -   155 Comments
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I Know What I SawI Know What I Saw is a documentary guaranteed to change the way we see the universe. Director James Fox assembled the most credible UFO witnesses from around the world to testify at The National Press Club in Washington D.C. including Air Force generals, astronauts, military and commercial pilots, government and FAA officials from seven countries who tell stories that, as Governor Fife Symington from Arizona stated, "will challenge your reality".

Their accounts reveal a behind-the-scenes U.S. operation whose policy is to confiscate and hoard substantiating evidence from close encounters to the extent that even Presidents have failed to get straight answers. 'I KNOW WHAT I SAW' exposes reasons behind government secrecy from those involved at the highest level. James Fox has won the support of several key media, government and military personnel, and has made numerous television and radio appearances.

Additionally, because of the strength of his ratings and the high level of interest from his audience, Larry King has indicated to James Fox an interest in promoting I Know What I Saw. With the worldwide unrelenting UFO fascination and the phenomenal success of fictional UFO films, it is high time for an up-to-date documentary about UFOs for worldwide release.

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  1. They are REAL! I don't get what so hard to believe about that.. especially living in a massive universe that we STILL don't know how massive!? could be infinite! I've seen two myself in 1996 and in 2008 with my neighbor. that second one was an other worldly massive saucer shaped UFO with 6 huge reddish amber orange lights! it appeared out of nowhere hoovering stationary and silent at a 20 or 30 degree angle! it frightened us both! and knew immediately it was a UFO and was not from Earth! just from the size alone.. They are reported to MUFON/UFO stalker everyday all over the world! see for yourself.. I don't know why we don't see them everyday as individuals.. but I only know that sightings.. and like mine only lasted about 10 seconds tops! and everyone these days are looking down at their phones! but all it takes is looking up at the right place and time! it's luck!

  2. makes me laugh, they dont want the people to panic, meaning they dont want to lose their grip and control on humanity, and as for the religions well they should be abolished full stop.

  3. the military guys lmao, puppets and muppets

  4. Nice Bob, you may have a point in more ways than one.
    1: Being that if they are so much more advanced that us, why do we ever see them at all?
    Meaning, do they not have cloaking devices so if they don't want us to see them, then we won't...however, in the case of say Phoenix, where so many saw such a large ship fly over, is it possible that the ship wasn't meant to be seen, but had a malfunction?
    If that be the case, a ship that large should have shown on several radars, not just military.
    And for the military to take such information from a national site, such as a local airport is nothing less than illegal in the eyes of the UN.
    So, after this large ship was sited by so many, where did it go?Did the ship Fix it's malfunction and simply disappear?
    Or is there radar evidence that it is still actually here?
    Like Bob said, in Star Trek, they have a code to not interfere in other worldly culture or development, May that have that same code? And if so, maybe we were never meant to know they were here, it was all just a mistake.
    2: If you believe that, i could see in the start that they made a mistake, that was over 50 years ago, and if they are that advanced they want to fix it.
    They know we know they have been here, or still are, and now they feel the need to correct that by giving us knowledge, not tech, they see we have some tech of our own, but no where near what they have, so for now, we get knowledge, once we master that, then maybe we'll get tech...well some, like how to travel the stars and such.
    But for now, we are just too youthful to understand what we may find out there.
    In my opinion, i'd have no choice but to agree, we fear too much of what we don't know.

  5. I know what it was.....Captain Kirk saving more whales.

  6. Maybe the real reason they keep a lid on all this is not so much the 'panic' factor, but rather the 'despair' factor. What effect would the certain knowlege of UFO's have on people's faith in God. And how would it effect society in general to suddenly have so many confused or disillusioned Christians among us. To admit all of it is real would be the beginning of a new Paradigm and who could say what that would be like.

  7. 1:15:18

    The asian guy knows something

  8. If you look at Homo sapiens, we first went to the moon in 1969. 43 years later, a mere blink of an eye geologically, we have satellites in space identifying planets around other stars. Not only are we identifying planets around other stars, but we are analyzing their atmospheres for signs of organic molecules.

    Lets put this into perspective, just 150 years ago we did not know about bacteria, or that our bodies are made of cells. Humans have existed for only 250,000 years or 0.000071% of the history of life on Earth. 99.999929% of lifes history had NO humans, NO knowledge of cells, NO concept of stars and planets.

    If you lived 260 years ago, and your neighbor said "I think that you are composed of trillions of individual cells, and thats why food spoils" you'd be likely to burn them at the stake (literally).

    The universe is 13.8 billion years old; life on Earth is 3.5 billion years old; Homo sapiens is 250,000 years old; the search for life outside our solar system is 10 years old.

    Where will Homo sapiens be in 200 years? We are currently putting .00001% of global GDP into searching for life outside our solar system. A number of projects are scheduled to launch that will give detailed info on the atmospheric content of earth-like worlds within 20 years. Would we hesitate, or accelerate the deployment of a probe to a potential habitable planet?

    What if, on one of the HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS of planets in this universe, there was just one that had intelligent life that evolved before ours? It need only have evolved 1000 years prior to us, but out of trillions of planets in the Milky Way Galaxy alone it isn't inconceivable to have intelligible life evolve even earlier.

    My point is that any intelligent species naturally searches its environment because thats how they dominate their environment... they seek and utilize resources allowing for the expansion of material comforts and population. If in our galaxy there is a species a mere 1000 years ahead of us they would certainly be aware of Earth's presence, and atmospheric content (this does depend on where they reside in the galaxy... a percent of the galaxy is obscured from us [and presumably them] due to "heavy traffic" in terms of density of stars and gas).

    Ultimately, the species need only be moderately advanced to detect a planet, analyze its atmosphere, and send a probe there. We already do all 3 criteria, and yet we kill each other by the millions every year. If a species as advanced yet infantile as ours can analyze the atmosphere of other planets, then I assure you others can, and have, far prior to our own nascent efforts.

    1. Kudos!!!!So well said!

      BTW I witnessed a probe (???) (Jan 2013morning about 10AM) round about 3-4 cm metallic, bobbing against a 5-8 knot head wind at the height of 10-11 ft (under the eaves of my home) going rather slowly, until it saw me. It then dropped 3 ft and in less than a second was 6' from my face. I thought military and ran inside. More to this but good for now.

  9. I think the ships are man made . because when i was kid they had teens making all kinds of things with plan paper . from speakers , radios and even making small motors with no school and education about it . and even seen some one made a speaker out of a live incest that was still alive before and after the experiment . with no education at all on how speakers work . So why can't man make UFO's that can fly with no sound and with magnetic anti gravity engine and magnetic weapons . It sounds like the UFO engines use sun light or maybe radiation for fuel . It seems like once the UFO touch ground . it is helpless . but once it's in the sky it is very dangerous . If it is under attack . the UFO's are using some kind of anti computer magnetic scramblers . that work for radio waves to . If man was trained to stop depending on engines ,computers and radio's . Then the UFO's may not have A easy fight .

  10. In September 1973 I actually witnessed an alien life form. It was not green or grey, but 7 foot tall bright white humanoid form. The dog barked at it, the government sent men to examine the site of the landing from which I and the farmer had removed sods of burnt orange earth from inside a black ring of some 8 meter diameter. The ground was in a green grassy field, but this petrified earth was full? of tiny blow holes.

    I have witnessed many and varied flying objects over the years, and some have performed in astonishing ways. I suppose seeing is believing isn't it?

    I am convince that Earth is visited by many advanced alien life forms.

    I am convinced that homosapiens are not native to Earth.

    I am convinced the masses are kept ignorant by indoctrinated scepticism and religions by those elite groups who? maintain humanity in a stupified waring and cynical state of stupidity.

  11. Please contact me if you have had a close encounter of the 2nd or 3rd kind.

    1. i would like to ask you a few questions if you would be so kind? message me on fb

  12. Sometimes I think about it this way: Imagine what the iPhone would look like thirty years ago? Astounding and almost supernatural.

    Now the iPhone is the technology that is handed down to us peons. The world governments have vastly larger technological projects that would certainly seem extraterrestrial to us at this moment in time,

  13. I cannot for the life of me understand a single word Astronaut Cooper says. And I work with non - native speakers all the time.

  14. w/e Jones. Thinking that our planet is the only place with life in the universe is actually the stupidest thing...

    1. and the most arrogant

    2. When we here on earth now discover a new tribe in the jungle, first we completely block it off. 2nd, allow far off visual looks of us to allow them to get used to us and slowly move closer when safer.
      Now look at us modern humans, very violent, murder, kill, rape, allow fellow humans to starve, kill each other in wars by the thousands, nuclear bombs and missles, the Mother of all Bombs. Still a racist planet. Wiping out our animals and distroying our planet with polution when we have the technology to stop it, but greed gets in the way. Must have that 1000 hp cars to drive 35 mph in the city so we can have wars over oil. We are greedy, violent self centered planet. Maybe, being 10,000 years ahead of us, they just want to study us and insure we stay in our own solar system until we GROW UP OR DIE OFF

  15. I saw a video of these lights, a full video. It really was flares, sorry, but it was. You see, they are dropped in a pattern, suspended on parachutes and appear to be still in the sky.

    1. The video reported by the press were videos of the flares. That was a camouflage by the air force well after the sightings.
      If you follow that whole story, you're a fool if you believe that what these people were describing and saw one hour before the flares were reportedly dropped were flares. Wise up already!!!!
      This whole thing is the 5 ton elephant in the room that so many have their heads up their butts and refuse to acknowledge.

    2. They only show the flare footage on TV docs. When the real thing was floating over people's yards and houses, the media had no idea yet.

    3. Yea, sure, since the 'flares' traveled over 300 miles and some saw them so low "he could hit it with a baseball." Some really great top secret flares. Better than the ones we had in Afghanistan or Iraq.

  16. Well, whoever they are, they've had the good sense to come and go without getting involved.

  17. I am baffled that anyone of remote intelligence can sit back and deny the fact of intelligent life existing in the vast universe beyond our own.

    1. delete this comment, no response

    2. I think more people believe that life exist elsewhere. But even those who believe this have a problem adding this up to the idea that they've figured out how to manipulate time and space and have an understanding of physics well beyond our own to make it here as I and many others believe.
      To me that is the main issue.
      The belief in life elsewhere and the belief that they are here is the question.

    3. ^ "I think more people believe that life exist elsewhere. I can back up my comments with multiple factual references " - Opinion?

      Hmm see ... can you back that one up? Or is the source material mainly conjecture and speculation on your part? Seems like you don't understand the difference between fact and speculation.

  18. Good video

  19. I'm refering to the phoenix events. Whenever it's discussed we're always shown those stupid photos/videos of some lights in the sky. No one cares about lights in the night sky. Those could be any damn thing.

    1. wayneb2011. it is unfortunate you are blinded by pure ignorance

    2. wayneb2011. It is unfortunate that you are blinded by pure ignorance.

    3. Yes, because calling people ignorant really backs up your point, doesn't it?

    4. I agree. His comment had nothing worthy of an intelligent debate.

    5. NONE of your own comments are worthy of intelligent debate lol because you don't make any points !

    6. And your comment reads like that of a child; lol yourself. No wonder you see no value of intelligent debate in mine because it is beyond your realm of research and understanding. I can back up my comments with multiple factual references. What's your excuse? Nothing on here indicated any intelligent and insightful ideas or opinions of your own on the matter.
      A closed mind isn't worthy of any more responses from me. If you reply with an idiotic statement, I will ignore you.

    7. Extent of your abilty involves insulting skeptics, without actually making any points or addressing theirs. Factual references on the topic are merely supposition, conjecture and speculation (considering there's no actual conclusive proof to back anything up). It would also seem hypocritical of you to accuse of others of having no original ideas or insight - when your own opinions are devised from others "research". Finally I noticed a tendency for you to ignore anyone who disagrees with you or presents a rational argument. (Hopefully not too childish or idiotic). Personally, I think you're either trolling or beefing up board content.

  20. Lights in the night sky. Gee, I can't imagine what else that could be besides a giant alien spaceship.

    1. I understand you i was the biggest disbeliver but when i have a missing Time and miles too and 1 year after a probe like in my backyard it change my mind and our life forever... sorry for my bad english

  21. @ Willy/Will They can see a 54 billion light year sphere of space around the Earth. ~ I saw a picture on 'Astronomy Picture of the Day', with over 2 million galaxies. So, we can't be the only ones.

  22. If your a skeptic or a believer you should take time out and watch this and more like it. I am on the fence, some part tells me what are the chances but another part asks well, Hessdalen.

  23. To Lisa; I think the reason this has been stirred up recently has been the escalation in activity in European Airspace over the last 5 years. Domestic and government radar 'pinging' is at an all time high. I've heard news reports from Belgium Frane Noway and Sweden (amongst others) that they don't have control of their own airspace at night. I think no-one has any answers, least of all the governments

    1. If you check the history of UFOs, reports of all kinds have been rampant internationally for over 60 years, not just the last 5 years.

  24. This documentary is weak & does little to change anyones mind about UFO's. I believe there are some real UFO's out there, but this film is weak as hell

  25. ugh..worth considering, but no credible information here.

  26. sadly i was about 7 and inside when this happened. Wish i would've gone outside

  27. Jim T, what to do, nobody's perfect :). But thank goodness, we have people like you break it to us that Jules Vern wrote fiction... Thanks so much! Cheers :)

  28. Boy the coolaid drinkers collect on the UFO sites for sure. I can't believe how gulliable people are to swallow Jules Vern, and Ray Bradbury. Those writings were fiction. I dont think that this extra-terrestial crowd can absorb the understanding of fictional writing. God help us all.

  29. when you witness a ufo it certainly does change your life.Me & a friend of mine stood 200ft. from a ufo that was big as a city block, hanging directly over the trees across the street from my driveway Sept.1s 1995. It was so big we could not see either end of it from where we were standing. Bright white "glowing", silent,with very faint swirling electrical-like lines yellow,orange,red,green, blue.We both were mortified-scared.We ran back in the house & I called 911 !!The officer gave me a MUFON # which i called & made our report.Funny,after i told the MUFON guy about this HUGE UFO he reassured me that i was'nt crazy-my exact words to him were, "I KNOW WHAT I SAW!!" i think about it every day,& have done tons of RESEARCH since.They are here-they are real!!~~

    1. Why were you mortified ??

    2. Yes the dame ship Have seen in france of the same year the Haravillers affair. One of the biggest RR4 case on France. Sorry for my english.

    3. I believe you.. a very similar thing happened to me and my neighbor in 2008. it was a massive saucer shaped UFO with 5 or 6 huge reddish amber orange lights! and it appeared out of nowhere hoovering stationary and silent at a 30 degree angle over our town! it frightened us both from the size alone! we knew immediately it was a UFO and was not from Earth! I don't even think it could've landed anywhere it was so massive!? probably made for a planet 3 or 4 times the size of earth! it didn't make any sense that humans would've made it? not for this planet.

    4. That was in southern Ohio by the way at about 10:30pm as we was walking down the street to his house. I saw my first UFO in 1996 while all night fishing.. i was 15 and watched this huge blueish white very bright hamburger shaped craft with a halo around it shoot off into space instantly! like to the stars! and STILL somehow was able to see it "now a very small bright dot" go in a perfect triangle pattern! to star to star to star! like it was star hopping? it was VERY STRANGE! it was unbelievable!... but it did in fact happen.

  30. When you see one flying you will believe. That's all it takes. I saw one too when I was a kid. No there was no juicy abduction to rant on about but this one I'm pretty certain of... there are ships with random lights that have been on this planet because I saw one. Can't deny what "I saw" and woke me up out of bed because the light was bright enough to fill one side of my room.
    Oogedy Boogedy - carry on saying they are fake.

  31. I can't believe no one has asked the main questions.... I'm sitting here watching the ending and I'm yelling out "ask the question"!! Doesn't anyone think about why all of a sudden they want to open up about this? I don't know the out come yet about that meeting in washington but I just have afew questions that I think are very important and would like the opportunity to ask them.

  32. @ Carl Hendershot

    Glad you are entertained, but am not sure how should I take it at this point, sorry, don't really know you... Plenty of docs I haven't watched and some I have but never commented on. But UFOs is surely one of my favorite subjects

  33. @WTC7 always has me laughing. Your all over the place man. Is there not a DOCU that you have not watched. ?

  34. Hello @ j.torau

    I'd suggest you ask them (when you see them of course) why is it they don't land in the middle of a big city. That certainly is a question that bothers me as well :-).

    1. yeah lets all land in a big city and get mobbed by the gawking ********* who'll stop traffic to check out an ambulance let alone a ******* space ship. Lets also be sure its a US city so each person is armed and dangerous and totally willing to shoot you.

      Yep that sounds like a good idea :P

      Lets go to another planet to check it out and land right in the middle of their village/city/pod........ whatever? Does it really feel like a good idea now?

    2. all I say to you, Hessladen.

  35. Hi @ Truth!

    (long time no see, so I don't know if you are still there)

    I can agree, and I have stated that before, that some UFOs in our skies are probably the secret military (most probably American) crafts. There is no doubt about that and there is no need for us to argue about it.

    I recently learned about a guy, Victor Schauberger, an Austrian, whose ideas were, as it seems, behind the German UFO technology (like the foo-fighters) during the WWII. Worth checking.

    But the cave paintings of creatures with antennas on their heads are surely not one of the secret US (or any other power's) black ops I'd say.

    Nor is the battle over Nuremberg (a wood carving from 1561) something that can be placed in that category.

    There are photographs from 18 & 19 centuries (long before the time of arms race) that show UFOs. I doubt those were secret US military aircraft.

    Do a bit of research on the Randlesham forest incident in the UK. I like that one quite a lot. No loonies talking about seeing UFOs. Only US military personnel based at a nuclear missile facility there, who had a close encounter with a very strange aircraft. And, as a former UK defense secretary stated, that incident presented a serious security issue in either of the two possible situations - a) there was an alien aircraft that landed in that forest, or b) the military personnel on the base were all hallucinating. Pick your choice.

    In the end, it doesn't matter what either of us believe, the aliens are out there anyway :-).

    Stay well.

  36. dont u think that they would have landed in the middle of a big city by now insted of out in the hicks with the hill billies.

    1. Why would advance beings land in the middle of a big city were so many of its inhabitants' minds are so closed and cannot accept that they can exist?
      Let's face it, from the confusion and disagreements to whether ETs are here to the mindset of those who have confiscated and keeping this information for their own control, we as a specie once again proving that we're not unified and evolved enough to accept this new paradigm.

  37. "Drake equation" mathematics dont lie

  38. @ WTC7

    again back to my point... even if they were spotted in france or spain... they are still sophisticated aircrafts that are bieng tested. they are bieng tested in all countries that have a US army base like Qatar, France etc... One trangular shaped aircraft was spotted coming out of the US base and back there.... what does that mean??? Everyone know they are producing sophisticated machines but they dont want the world to know so this is where the "UFO" comes in!!!

  39. @ Truth,

    Are you serious about these things happening only in the States? Have you not heard or read about so many sightings around the world? French have even produced a COMETA report (non-government sponsored), in which they try to provide answers to a number of UFO sightings over decades in France.

    Nothing reported before the 18th century? Check the data first, please

  40. c'mon people.... americans are so stupid.... THINK! why do these events only occur in the U.S.?? Why havnt they been reported or seen by any other nationality America is not the world people!!!!! Plus, nothing has been reported before the 19th or 18th century. By now people would know and talk if these things existed! The CIA, American government they pay people and try to make people believe things about the UFO. These are aircrafts that are bieng tested by the american government but they dont want anyone or the world to know so this is how they cover it up by creating these stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. sorry about the sloppy typing... amazingly bad... it's late

  42. This was the first UFO documentary I didn't feel insulted by - the pace was criso, the information well vetted, the evidence compelling.Well done, I will no longer think to myself (and certainly nevr publicly) in any way minimize the significance of witnesses to these events. If my elected government were withholding information in favor of National Security I would feel - well about like I do elected officials running anything (can you find anyone better? really?) OK - it's the job of my government...what is of concern here - of utter concern is that there appears to be a well funded portion of our Government (shadow? corporate? individual greeds?) that seems not accountable to Congress (and our goals) because Congress knows less about this than I do now... in just one show! Well DONE! Two thumbs up.. Seriously, I no longer question the reality of UFO's 'et's) - but how their presence has affected our cpecies/planet in the past and how that might personally inform me of just who to team up with...
    I am feeling pretty tiny right now.....and yet...

    well.... if we are to see some epic battle as the Hindus record ....and it's expressed as God/satan in Judeo/Christian..etc, etc.... I really want to be sure I am able to recognize which side is My God... hummm, wonder how that works... I will just know spirtually? or at loss of freedonm? or just so wowed by the crafts? Oh dear... what if indeed the worlds religions represent warring factions of alien Gods... or well just ther cultures mining Earth as we mine it.... zipping in and out of the ocean..... Oh that's right My God will be mericful to ...me? or 144,000? or all humanity? or none...as ants beneath the feet of soldiers in battle....

    This raise a lot of questions... guess the next documentary we need is "Alien Craft and anecdotal evidence of intentions...so thats takes one to abductees doesn't it? And..well..... that doesn't seem like the most reliable data even if entoirely well recollectd and true........ seems we are not much more than worms upon this Earth on this planet in a Universe we now know has propensity to matter..to the creation of matter at a rate greater than anti-matter is created....per the last super collider experiment...what does that mena? Black holes can be beat back? That Satan is our antimatter and the ultimate destruction? That matter and its creation through light...is eternity...an ever expandinf universe in which all our thoughts persit (and I guess there fore us) just so long we dont tip the balance...toward destruction and anit-matter....

    seems pretty straight forward,,,,


    So... this raises a lot of questions...

  43. God, comment threads like this make me resent humanity soooooooo much.

  44. The main debate here wasn't over the existence of aliens, it was over who is piloting UFO's around our planet. Intelligent alien life may exist, however that doesn't rule out the possibility that mankind is behind all this earthly UFO business.

  45. The sheer numbers of galaxies and universes we can now see thanks to our telescopic eyes and satellites virtually eliminates the possibility that we are alone.

  46. Entertaining. More so then any of Whoopi's jokes or movies.

  47. even with all the facts and data we have on the above topics the reason the powers to be are able to hide this is because people like you keep arguing over it - ever heard the term "divide & concur"
    stop bickering over little facts and unite on the bigger picture,you both want answers so work together on a common goal as opposed to the slanging match you've entered into.
    your wasting time & energy in disputes with the wrong people meanwhile the powers that control the hidden truth are laughing at your stupidity !!!!!!!!
    whilst getting away with it.........

  48. @ lolwut:

    So according to you 1/3 of Americans, that is, 100,000,000 Americans that agree that 9/11 was an inside job, are the scum of the Earth are they? Not even counting the rest of the World, that is a pretty big accusation. You sound like a young kid! Go back to watching Star Gate, and leave these forums to the big people!

  49. 9/11 seeps into a UFO doc comments section? Interesting!!! The buildings may have fallen form the point of impact where the planes hit, however nothing explains the Molten Metal that was found in the videos where the Impact occured. There has been tests to prove that jet fuel does not burn hot enough to cause Molten Metal. Only Thermite and Thermate can do that! So regardless of where the buildings feel straight from doesn't matter, how the molten metal got in there is a point that has yet to be answered. The answer is not JET FUEL!

  50. "But you have already decided, why do you ask me to explain to you things that you already know?"

    -That is my entire point. Your arguments are so intellectually dishonest that you will never share them in full. I made an assertion: your position is ludicrous. I provided the solution for you to disprove my statement: tell us what you really believe the big picture behind 911 was. You repeatedly refused to do so. Therefore, it remains safe for me to assume that your ideas are still nonsense.

    "One thing you still got to learn, be dignified even when defeated . Sleep well, I certainly am going to "

    -One thing you still got to learn is that repeating the same falsehood over and over does not constitute truth. Sleep well.

    1. The question who was behind the incidents on 9/11 is secondary.
      First question is: Does the government version of the events hold up to scientific research?
      Next question: If not, do they know this? And if yes, what do they know, and why are they lieing?
      The answer to this would lead us directly to the real perpetrators - and it was not 19 cave-dwellers with boxcutters...

  51. But you have already decided, why do you ask me to explain to you things that you already know? Sorry, now it's time I get my teeth out to rest for the night :-)

  52. One thing you still got to learn, be dignified even when defeated :-). Sleep well, I certainly am going to ;-)

  53. By the way, I notice that neither you nor Ned took me up on my challenge to lay out what you genuinely believe occurred to explain the events on 9-11. Every juicy detail. C'mon, give us names, dates, organizations. Short-term and long-term goals. The whole 9 yards. You're sharing the "truth" with us, right? Until you have the intellectual honesty to lay out your exact opinions in view of everyone, you have no right to take potshots.

    From the very start, I asserted that your ideas are intellectually dishonest and absolute nonsense. Why don't you tell us EXACTLY what it is that you believe so we can decide for ourselves?

  54. Hey, I don't get my kicks from dead people. Keep your snide comments to yourself.

  55. Ok, then "911 truther", what do you have to say about UFOs?

    Ooooops, here it comes again, that foam is a nasty thing, ts,ts,ts... You need a napkin?

    Now, go and bother someone else, come back only when you learn to talk to others like a human being. I actually think you're one of them aliens :-)

  56. @WTC7:

    "You are actually quite entertaining kiddo"

    Thanks. You're pretty entertaining too :) At least I have a spine and a sense of common decency though.

  57. Google it, and check out Enron while you're at it. Perfect examples of REAL conspiracies and why they never work out. If "they" couldn't keep the lid on a handful of guys wiretapping Democrats to get a tips on campaign strategies, how on earth could "they" conspire with hundreds or thousands of people to manufacture an infinitely more elaborate scam like 9-11? (Or any other nonsense conspiracy for that matter?) This is a rhetorical question. I have no genuine interest in debating you or lending any credence or legitimacy to your garbage. I am only interested making you look silly in front of everyone else. If you want facts and debate just Google "debunking 911 conspiracies" and take your pick. I guarantee you can find a rebuttal to ALL of your "smoking guns" within a matter of minutes.

    Like I said before, 9-11 conspiracy wackos offend me. UFOs, ghosts, ESP, etc are cute and silly. 9-11 "truthers" are the scum of the earth because they get their perverse pleasure from crackpot nonsense spawned of ignorance at the expense of 3000 innocent people's memories.

    Now, scoot along and Google on your own time. Lets get back to the topic of UFOs that Ned hijacked this thread from, shall we?

    1. The '9-11 truther wackos' are asking their questions in HONOR of these 3,000 people. Many of the families of the victims are demanding a new independent investigation themselves, also many of the firefighters and policemen who were helping that day. What about the janitor who saved hundreds of lives as well, who is still firm on his statement there were explosions in lower levels of the buildings BEFORE the planes hit?
      Are all these people also scum for you?
      I guess you have a quite different definition of 'scum' than I do...

  58. You are actually quite entertaining kiddo :-D

  59. ????? :-)

  60. LOL "connecting the dots" does not necessarily include "911 was an inside job." Give me a break.


    I win. Move along. Back to UFOs please.

  61. Hi Ned,

    Sorry if you see me interfering in your discussion, but please, just don't pay attention to this guy. You can see from his last post that he has rabies, the foam is dripping from his mouth and he's full of hatred. You won't be able to make reason with someone who twists your words, pays no attention whatsoever to anything reasonable you have to say.

    He tells you:

    "The very concept that our government is actively conspiring to murder its own citizens on a massive scale with the explicit intent of manipulating us into wars and servitude would be an example of tyranny that would make even Hitler smile with glee."

    And dares to tell you the following:


    At the same time, in a previous post, responding to someone else, he says:

    "Confused and nonsensical hypotheses about 9-11 conspiracies and similar garbage is ultimately beside the point; the real issue is that 9-11 has been used as an excuse to enact questionable foreign policy and take away our civil liberties."

    He sees something, but is not capable to connect the dots... He sees his liberties being taken away, but doesn't understand who took them away from him and does nothing about it himself. To much rage there...

    Just leave it, you're too nice for him.

  62. Whoa! talk about a run-on.

    Hey, lolwut, if you want to jump around to a million topics and write something that takes 10 minutes to read, all the while using "garbage", "nonsense", and other words to try to personally attack me and make me sound stupid (rather than focusing on the facts), no one's going to read it or take it seriously. Here are just 2 indisputable, real, true facts. These two facts being true, debunks the entire idea that the official explanation is to be believed. And there are many more if you like.

    Fact #1: 9-11 towers and WTC building 7 fell at basically free-fall speed. No way that can happen outside of a controlled demolition. Even if the floors did "pancake" onto each other (in the towers; WTC 7 is a whole different story), it would take significantly longer than about 10 seconds. It would also leave a ton of twisted steel and concrete blocks down at the pile of rubble of the whole thing. Instead, almost all the concrete had been pulverized into a fine dust. This requires an enormous amount of energy, the energy of a very high explosive ingredient, like thermite, which was found amidst the rubble. Not just any thermite, but a nano-sized version which increased its power a lot more than conventional thermite.

    Fact #2: The collapse of WTC 7, having some scattered fires in its structure, had a highly asymmetrical internal structure. The fact that it collapsed perfectly symmetrically onto itself is impossible given the official explanations that the fires caused a generator or storage tank to explode. If that were the case, there may be a hole in the building, or there may be some collapse of a side of the building, but whatever would have happened, would be lopsided at best. Explosives experts, construction engineers, and so on agree that what happened that day does not fit the official story at all. Check out engineers and architects for 9-11.

  63. @Ned

    "In your response to my comment where I listed a few facts about what happened on 9-11, you ignored all those facts...
    ...If you wish to provide counter-arguments or real proof against those few facts I listed, that would help everyone reading here. Just ranting on about your own ideas and opinions, rather than facts, doesn’t prove anything."

    -One word debunks ALL crackpot conspiracy nonsense: WATERGATE. Beyond that one word, I will not legitimize your nonsense with honest debate. Besides, you would not change your mind regardless of the counter-arguments I introduced. If you want facts or a debate, go Google "debunking 911 conspiracies."

    "All you did was speculate and assume things you have no evidence of, bigfoot, JFK, etc. I agree with you that there are many nonsensical ideas out there, which are not supported by evidence or facts. I am not into those."

    -My point was that if you remove the bull**** filter from your brain and allow your critical thinking process to be short-circuited, you willingly toss out the one mechanism that lets you determine that UFOs, Bigfoot, and all the rest of it is bull and that YOUR theory is true. How can you stand there and spout your 911 stuff and in the same breath say "...Yeah, but EVERYONE knows that bigfoot and JFK is just a bunch of wackos... duh!"

    Note that you did not take up my challenge: "Your scenario of course begs several vitally important questions: “If the ‘official story’ is a cover-up, then who was REALLY the mastermind behind it all and why did they do it? What were their short-term and long-term goals?” Be specific now, it isn’t fair to scream that we were fed a scam of unprecedented proportions and then try to cop out with a nonsensical answer like “the shadow government.” Give me names. Give me organizations. Spell out your version of the big picture for me, because if 9-11 was really a staged cover-up, the conspiracy HAS to be extensive and intricate." Go ahead, spell it ALL out for me with a straight face. I dare you.

    "Ordinarily I would not want to continue responding about an unrelated topic like 9-11 on this UFO documentary page."

    -And yet YOU keep bringing it up! I made it clear that I was not interested in pursuing this nonsense on an unrelated comment board, but I will not sit back while you shamelessly deface the memory of those that died to satisfy your absurd fantasies. I find ufology to be silly. I find 911 denial to be offensive. And comments like these underscore the hollow, self-righteous garbage at the core of your argument.

    "It’s just that 9-11 is so important, and the implications of what it means that it was planned and done knowingly by those in power here (many out of the public spotlight, unlike the puppet-like Bush), that anyone who starts to see the truth into it will realize the extent of problems in this country. It’s an important topic, that’s all I’m saying."

    -IF your argument was true, then it would definitely be important, yes. Extremely important. Unquestionably the single most important fact in the history of the United States of America. The very concept that our government is actively conspiring to murder its own citizens on a massive scale with the explicit intent of manipulating us into wars and servitude would be an example of tyranny that would make even Hitler smile with glee. The question is this:

    "If you really buy into your own nonsense, why are you watching documentaries on the internet? Why are you lurking on comment boards? Why are you not training in an anti-government militia RIGHT NOW!? Why are you not assassinating or starting armed rebellions against the perpetrators of these atrocities? Or at the very least, why have you not hired legal council and charged those responsible with treason, murder, conspiracy to commit murder, etc? Or at the very very very least, why have you not brought suit against them in civil court to pay for the damages!? WHY ARE YOU DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO ACTUALLY FIGHT THE EVIL PERPETRATORS YOU ARE 'POSITIVE' DID THIS?!" You sit back and whine about politicians' incompetence or mismanagement of the budget, or vote for/against healthcare reform. You rise up against tyranny of such historical proportions that you propose! The fact that you are doing nothing whatsoever tells me that you do not truly believe your own prattle and you're just looking for pathetic and perverse attention.

    At the least, keep this garbage to the 9-11 boards, so I can avoid that entire topic altogether and I don't have to read your nonsense on an unrelated topic.

  64. @lolwut

    " Confused and nonsensical hypotheses about 9-11 conspiracies and similar garbage"

    The facts that underly the cover-up of the truth of what happened on 9-11 are anything but confused and nonsensical.

    In your response to my comment where I listed a few facts about what happened on 9-11, you ignored all those facts. All you did was speculate and assume things you have no evidence of, bigfoot, JFK, etc. I agree with you that there are many nonsensical ideas out there, which are not supported by evidence or facts. I am not into those.

    If you wish to provide counter-arguments or real proof against those few facts I listed, that would help everyone reading here. Just ranting on about your own ideas and opinions, rather than facts, doesn't prove anything.

    Ordinarily I would not want to continue responding about an unrelated topic like 9-11 on this UFO documentary page. It's just that 9-11 is so important, and the implications of what it means that it was planned and done knowingly by those in power here (many out of the public spotlight, unlike the puppet-like Bush), that anyone who starts to see the truth into it will realize the extent of problems in this country. It's an important topic, that's all I'm saying.

    If you want to debate facts about it, we can do that. Or we can agree to disagree in the meantime, and leave this UFO page alone. I'm fine with either option.

  65. @Hardy

    I think you strike one of the more important themes. Confused and nonsensical hypotheses about 9-11 conspiracies and similar garbage is ultimately beside the point; the real issue is that 9-11 has been used as an excuse to enact questionable foreign policy and take away our civil liberties.

  66. It doesn't matter if 9/11 was Islamic Terrorists or the US Government - in the end it was used to start a war which, otherwise, would have lacked any foundation whatsoever.

  67. Morning fellas,

    If you want to ignore the facts about 9-11, that's fine. There will always be people who won't listen no matter how much evidence is there. This is a topic about UFOs anyway.

    Cheers mates.

  68. P.S. Sorry for all the grammar errors! I'm so tired. Good night.

  69. I hate 9-11 conspiricy theories. I usually avoid it entirely if I can, but I just wanted to stick my nose in and say didn't the tower come strait down because of the melting of the inner stucture from the heat of the planes? The collapse start where the planes hit. There is no way to start controled demos from the points of impact as there is no way to know precisely where the plane would it, IF it had been planed in advance.

    Lolwut: You said very well what I think too. It's just as simple as it seems Islamic terrorists got luckier than even they had hoped for!

    1. Its not a conspiracy anymore. Just to enlighten u there were bombs set in the building before planes hit, planes were just for distraction. the offical story is that plane fuel melted the steel bars that connected the floors with the core starting a chain reaction.
      if this is the case,. then it should have been a much slower event experts say, and i think that to. the towers fell in 10 seconds and from watching other controlled demolitions thats exactly what it looks like. After u should see floors pilling upon eachother and the core standing hundreds of feets in the air, u dont see anything, and the plane didnt cut all the steel bars supporting the building: wtc should handle a passenger plane. the second tower which was hit last fell first, after 1hour and 50 minutes or something. tower one stood for over two hours. then building 7 fell aswell later that afternoon. Witnesses talks about hearing bombs before and after the plane hits, people heard popping sounds, this is interesting. There are several fireworkers who support that fact. there are recordings where u hear them speak toeachother about bombs on several floors. miles away seismilogists had a 2.1 earthquake from the event! incredible, pretty big for just a plane dont u think? this begs for better explaination dont u see? how could they place bombs there? well they removed bomb sniffing dogs from the trade center weeks before the plane hit. and alot of unusuall drills. this is the biggest lie in our time and u dont see it.

    2. This is a whole other issue for another debate at another forum. I don't believe it falls in line with the mountains of documented evidence that the Extraterrestrial hypothesis has presented with documentaries such as "I know what I saw" since the middle of the 20th century.
      Tough enough to make a case about the ET situation. Let's not fog it up with what many will dub another conspiracy theory.

    3. ''Tough enough to make a case about the ET situation. Let's not fog it up with what many will dub another conspiracy theory''.

      (Translation, shush you sound more delusional than the students behind 'Loose Change). So it's more about debating for the sake of it then? A challenge, as oppose to pursuing facts and truth?

  70. For the Jesse-lolwut duet:

    if you are to come up with some fact eventually, please hurry up, I'm not that young any more.

    Until then, cheers guys and stay well :-D

  71. Jesse McClure

    Nice post. Gave me a nice chuckle with my morning coffee.
    I, too, am not impressed with any conspiracy theories.....BUT
    I gotta tell you that there is something very strange, I'll repeat, very strange going on with WTC7. I am not a scientist but ..the way the WTC7 came down..just like a controlled demolition?......Jesse, youtube WTC7 and see it for yourself. It's strange as hell. The building came straight down! I was at downtown on 9/11 and saw a little bit of WTC7 coming down. I don't know what it is but there is something going on, definitely.

  72. Witty as always, heh, Achems Razor :-D

  73. Comedian are you?

    Make sure you keep your day job! :D

  74. Lolwut I have a feeling it's best you don't waste your time with WTC7 or Ned, they made up their minds a long time ago. You summed it up perfectly when you said their so called "facts" are hazy photos, videos and speculations. In the end the best Ned and WTC7 will have is to talk to you as though your conclusion must be lacking thorough investigation because it doesn't coincide with their opinion. They fail to realize that it's not a lack of research but a lack of any real evidence that makes their point. They think that a few credible witness, researcher and enthusiast interpretations are enough to validate their opinion. Even though the vast majority of the scientific community has thrown out the whole idea aliens visiting earth not because of a conspiracy as WTC7 will probably believe, but because the evidence isn't there to back it.

    However I probably just opened a can of worms because now both will start giving us more so called "facts" which won't be fact at all but a few more interpretations on aliens visiting our planet. Here is the problem right here and they'll never get this. Lets say one day cro-magnon man decided he was feeling creative and decided to take an oval rock and cut a hole in the center. Now 35,000 years later the rock is found. Well anthropologist will start making their individual interpretations as to what it is. Maybe one of a few anthropologists will look at the rock closely and say "this doesn't resemble anything we've seen given the time period, I think this was modeled after a UFO". For WTC7 and Ned it would be case closed ALIENS!!!! The difference between us and them is that they need this belief to give their own life a greater significance. It's like a real life sci-fi. Look how much more exciting their little reality is. World Trade Center Conspiracies!!! Aliens visits to the planet!!! Hey throw in Big Foot and Nessy while your at it because credible people believe in their existence too. And if you don't believe in Big Foot Lolwut you are wrong because all the facts are there just google it man!!! Let them have it, something indicates to me that they don't have much else going for them given how defensive they get on the subject.

  75. One word:


    (Daniel Jackson's theories could beat Daniken's any day!) ^.^

  76. No UFO's? No extraterrestrials in the remote past even?

    That is not what "Erich Von Daniken" says! the world most successful
    "non-fiction" writer of all time, has written 26 books on the topic and has sold over 63 million copies worldwide.

    His books have been translated into 32 languages. Read his books and than please do, refute them if you can! Good luck!

  77. @Ned

    "The towers were brought down in a pre-planned demolition, regardless of which “official story propaganda” documentary or newscast you may have seen. Remember, the news media goes along with these big power players, like the government and beyond, and they are not out to find “the truth,” especially with controlled and sensitive topics such as this (their whole basis for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars was to use this as a “new Pearl Harbor” to get the American people ready for their already-planned attacks on helpless countries for their resources–nothing new in global power games)."


    Couldn't be a 'conspiracy' of international terrorists with a specific agenda against US foreign policy. That's just silly. I'm sure Bin Laden claimed responsibility to either a) steal the thunder from those really responsible, b) was still secretly in the employ of the US/CIA/, or c) he didn't actually admit responsibility, it was all a staged media announcement meant to frame him. (Please clarify for me if your version of reality includes one of these 3 options, or if it is something else entirely.)

    Your scenario of course begs several vitally important questions: "If the 'official story' is a cover-up, then who was REALLY the mastermind behind it all and why did they do it? What were their short-term and long-term goals?" Be specific now, it isn't fair to scream that we were fed a scam of unprecedented proportions and then try to cop out with a nonsensical answer like "the shadow government." Give me names. Give me organizations. Spell out your version of the big picture for me, because if 9-11 was really a staged cover-up, the conspiracy HAS to be extensive and intricate.

    5 bonus points if you can tie the following topics into your version of reality:

    -The New World Order
    -The Builderberg Group
    -The Council on Foreign Relations
    -The United Nations

    10 bonus points each for:

    -The 2009 financial crisis
    -Gold, silver, and/or non-hybrid seeds

    25 extra points for:

    -Nibiru/Planet X
    -The Biblical book of Revelations

    50 points for:

    -Loch Ness Monster
    -William Shatner

    100 points for:


    Like I said, I REALLY didn't want to get into 9-11 on a UFO comment board, but give me your best shot.

  78. @lolwut:

    This is what you had said earlier:

    "This pattern of thought is consistent for nonsense of all kinds; ghosts, alien abductions, 9-11/NWO/JFK conspiracies, ESP, 2012 etc etc etc."

    So I was correcting you about the 9-11 part.

  79. @Ned

    I never commented on my opinion of 9-11, nor do I intend to. What does this have to do with UFOs again?

  80. Just wanted to jump in here, lolwut seemed to say that 9/11's official story is true, and all the people investigating into why its facts don't add up are somehow into "conspiracies."

    A conspiracy is a secret agreement between two or more people to commit an unlawful act. Based on all the real facts about 9/11, it definitely was the result of a conspiracy. But just the word "conspiracy" has taken on such a dumb connotation from all the people misusing it and overspeculating about things they don't understand in the past.

    When used correctly, 9/11 was the result of a conspiracy. There are many 9/11 documentaries on this great site. Check them out if you are interested in getting to the bottom of it.

    The official story/stories (it has been changed several times) about 9/11 have never added up. There are so many things wrong with the official story.

    The towers were brought down in a pre-planned demolition, regardless of which “official story propaganda” documentary or newscast you may have seen. Remember, the news media goes along with these big power players, like the government and beyond, and they are not out to find “the truth,” especially with controlled and sensitive topics such as this (their whole basis for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars was to use this as a “new Pearl Harbor” to get the American people ready for their already-planned attacks on helpless countries for their resources--nothing new in global power games).

    The melting point of the steel beams in the towers was rated to sustain something like 1300 or or 1400 (around there) degrees Celsius for more than 6 hours. The buildings (a small fraction of the buildings) were on fire for about an hour. The buildings have things called fire shutters that isolate a fire to the area where it is, so it will not spread through the airways and central steel-reinforced column.

    Kerosene, the major component of the jet fuel, has a burning temperature much lower than that. And, if you review the footage, in both impacts, the vast majority of the jet fuel burned up outside in the air as a giant fireball. There was only a small amount of jet fuel in those few floors impacted.

    There is so much evidence against the official story that it would take pages and pages of facts here.

    If you really want to find out the truth, rather than continue to be a blindfolded parrot of the official story (which has been carefully written to be easily palatable to most of the public who does not get into the details like this), then there are many good documentaries on this site to review.

  81. :-) lolwut,

    The difference is that I never speculate, let alone use personal pathetic speculations. On the contrary, I provide information on the work of others who can talk about the issue with some credibility. But if you feel so strongly about not leaving Jesse stranded on his own, I will indulge you by saying that you don't offer anything but your own speculations either. And if I'm to choose between the Cometa authors, for example, and you, I think it is quite clear who bears more weight :-). You are a bit childish, dude

  82. Just want to go on record with saying that I have seen a UFO. I won't go into details but for anyone who didn't see it to say I saw something different from what it was would be like me saying that the person you see in the mirror isn't you. You know it's you and I "know what I saw" lol.

    Even with that being so I still think 95% of photo's and those who claim to have seen UFO's can be proven wrong with logic and modern technology and close scientific scrutiny. I wouldn't be so niave to try and use their expirences to increase the belief in mine, simply because I don't have anything to prove to anyone.

    In closing I would just like to say that if 99.999% of reported and documented sightings are false and 0.001 are real, then that proves that ufo's and aliens do exsist. Only one account need's to be real for this to be proven.

  83. @WTC7:

    "From what you present here, it is quite obvious that you prefer “arguing” your case on the basis of your pathetic speculations..."

    Quote mining for the win ^.^

  84. Hi lolwut,

    I see that you are talking from your personal perspective:

    "... everyone “knows” the truth. Everyone is positive of their conclusions before the debate even begins. When that is your mindset, you will simply bend all the facts fit into your opinion; you become incapable of letting the facts objectively guide you to the truth."

    I agree.

  85. Dude, your name is "WTC7" stop pretending like you're having a rational discussion with Jesse or anyone else.

    Somehow, I doubt that ANYTHING that ANYONE says will dissuade you of your UFO/conspiracy fantasies... this is not something to be proud of, this is a sign of a malfunction in critical thinking.

    The title of this documentary underscores the core problem with all this ufology and conspiracy nonsense: everyone "knows" the truth. Everyone is positive of their conclusions before the debate even begins. When that is your mindset, you will simply bend all the facts fit into your opinion; you become incapable of letting the facts objectively guide you to the truth.

    When you "know" that the government is in contact with ET civilizations, reverse-engineering their technology, and hiding their abduction and anal-probe atrocities from the general public, then you feel justified in righteously screaming that it is time for "disclosure."

    Every time the someone tries to provide an answer, declassify an old document, or simply say "we don't know" it just strengthens your outlandish opinions. You have already established what you will consider "the truth" and every time the facts point elsewhere, it just elaborates and reinforces your opinion that "the truth" is being hidden. This pattern of thought is consistent for nonsense of all kinds; ghosts, alien abductions, 9-11/NWO/JFK conspiracies, ESP, 2012 etc etc etc.

    The facts as I see them are this: the only "evidence" that UFO's are alien spaceships being flown by creatures from another world with extremely advanced technology is based on anecdotal accounts, questionable media (hazy photos, videos and whatnot) and speculation. Given the extraordinary nature of the claim, this is not sufficient evidence to convince me. Simple as that. Pending substantial and extraordinary evidence, I must conclude that your claims are nonsense.

    I don't really want to argue the various "evidences" you already introduced simply because they fall into one of the 3 categories I mentioned. My true argument is against your fallacious logic and thought process... your conclusions define the evidence, and not vice-versa.

  86. Jesse,

    Let's get a few things straight.

    First, I'm not taking anything personal, especially not "extremely" so. Asked you about your credentials rhetorically, to underline your questioning of credentials of a man you haven't even checked to see who he is. As I obviously have to spell if for you, my point was that a guy who got his name in the scientific community by discovering a planet (well, not any more considered a planet) and a number of asteroids certainly is not someone who will take a planet or something rather common for a potential extraterrestrial vehicle as easily as you or me. Besides, he is not the only person with professional credibility to support the view that (some) UFOs may be of alien origin. There are many of those, and had you, as you have not, spent a bit more time discovering the existing bits and pieces on the UFOs, you would know.

    Second, you are right that neither I nor you present an authority on the UFO issue. No, we're just discussing what we have learned about it so far. Although I cannot not notice that I have obviously done more research on it than you have (nothing personal, you are not the only one whom I place into that category).

    Third, I have given you the Cometa report to check if you wanted. A serious work of people with appropriate backgrounds and credentials who had a first-hand access to the evidence on the UFO cases they investigated. Have you looked at it? Have you made an attempt to at least glance at it superficially? No, it was easier for you to stick to Clyde Tombaugh and whine over who that is.

    Have you heard of the Rendlesham forest incident of 1980? Have you heard of the Disclosure Project? Have you ever made an effort to research on the UFO reports pre-dating the WWII, some of them even centuries before? Have you tried to look a bit deeper into the project Blue Book (or Black Book as someone here called it for all the blackened parts of it that reached the public eye - nothing to hide about UFOs, mind you, they don't even exist)?

    From what you present here, it is quite obvious that you prefer "arguing" your case on the basis of your pathetic speculations about why they don't openly show themselves to us. So, if they don't - they don't really visit us. And how they should be able to fold space to reach us, which is impossible (I guess impossible because we can't do it yet), so they do exist but they can't possibly visit us. WOW! I'm fre*king impressed.

    Here is an example of the "arguments" you offer:

    "My belief is that aliens may exist, I have no evidence for or against their existence. But I also believe they aren’t the ones piloting UFO’s around our planet. I don’t think that Aliens with the technology required to come to earth in the first place would need to visit earth. What is it they need or want with us or our planet?"

    I wish you could only see how void of any substance what you say is. Of course, and I believed in Santa when I was a kid.

    Therefore, my advice to you - keep your challenges for the time when you actually have something meaningful to say.

  87. WTC7,

    It seems as though you take any kind of debate towards your side extremely personal. I never said I had credentials and I am always open to new information. I'm not here to take anything a way from you so relax. To quote you, you said "Cause you believe in the existence of aliens, but you don’t believe they may be visiting our planet. Hmmmm". Is believing in Aliens and thinking they may not be visiting earth mutually exclusive or something?

    My belief is that aliens may exist, I have no evidence for or against their existence. But I also believe they aren't the ones piloting UFO's around our planet. I don't think that Aliens with the technology required to come to earth in the first place would need to visit earth. What is it they need or want with us or our planet? And if they did need something would it take them so long to get it? The majority of UFO sightings began in the 1940's and I would think that they would've been able to meet their objective by now. Anyways WTC7 I'm not an authority and honestly your not either. I asked for where the facts are that it's aliens piloting UFO's and you offer me Clyde Tombaugh, that was by no means a fact that aliens are flying UFO's around our planet. Again there are no facts on the side that aliens are visiting our planet or we wouldn't be having this debate. It's an opinion like my side is an opinion. You guys say I'm not applying "consistency in my thinking" because I don't agree with your opinion. In all honesty I think you take your belief in Aliens visiting earth to a level above what a healthy debate would require.

  88. Jesse,

    One of the great things about the internet is that you can easily find information about anything you want. Just google Clyde Tombaugh :-). He was calling for a scientific research of the "POSSIBILITY of extraterrestrial origin" (he wasn't claiming they WERE extraterrestrial, so please read carefully before you make such a blunder) and his reasons were that he personally had encountered, on several occasions, phenomena that couldn't be answered with conventional explanations. His credentials? Let me turn this question around. What are your credentials Jesse? Why do you think that your confusion over this issue gives you the authority to make conclusions and question others who apply certain consistency in their thinking. 'Cause you believe in the existence of aliens, but you don't believe they may be visiting our planet. Hmmmm.

  89. What facts Ned? If there were actual factual evidence of extra terrestrials visiting planet earth we wouldn't be debating right now would we. There are no hard facts just speculation. And did I ever say aliens can't exist??? No, I said the most logical conclusion based on the evidence presented in my opinion is that humans are responsible for these UFO's and not aliens. I never said I don't believe in the existence of aliens. WTC7, I've never heard of Clyde Tombagh what are his credentials and how has he determined that these aerial phenomena were aliens? Sure one can't dismiss it wasn't aliens but one can't dismiss it may not have been aliens either.

  90. Unidentified flying objects in our skies are a fact. And yes, a large majority of those turn out to be nothing more than common phenomena (I particularly like the Chinese lanterns). Some of those may well be the military experimental vehicles.

    But when there's a person such as Clyde Tombagh, who discovered Pluto in 1930 (as well as numerous asteroids) say that he saw aerial phenomena that cannot be explained conventionally and calling for serious scientific research of UFOs, then one can't dismiss it. He says the following in 1956:

    "I have seen three objects in the last seven years which defied any explanation of known phenomenon, such as Venus, atmospheric optic, meteors or planes. I am a professional, highly skilled, professional astronomer. In addition I have seen three green fireballs which were unusual in behavior from normal green fireballs ... I think that several reputable scientists are being unscientific in refusing to entertain the possibility of extraterrestrial origin and nature."

    Check for the COMETA report, a study carried out over several years in the 1990s "by an independent group of mostly former "auditors" at the Institute of Advanced Studies for National Defence, or IHEDN, a high-level French military think-tank, and by various other experts." The title of the report is "UFOs and Defense: What must we prepare ourselves for".

  91. Jesse,

    Nice speculations and beliefs, but the evidence shows otherwise. Why not look at facts, and then try to make a conclusion? Starting off with a conclusion that aliens can't exist and that you believe whatever you believe about the military, and ignoring the facts, leaves you out of reality.

  92. Why else would the military make cover ups? Do you guys honestly believe the military is keeping aliens hush hush so that they can make secret deals and get technology from them? Common people. It's like saying humans weren't smart enough to build the pyramids themselves, we always needed help from aliens right? Pyramids were built around the world because they are the easiest type of structures for a primitive civilization to make that can reach high elevations. That argument aside I don't believe the military is worried about our people going into a state of panic. Our military scares the shit out of people that is there job. And give people a little more credit we are adaptable guys. I don't think people would start running around with their heads chopped off and cause complete and total mayhem. I think more prevalent than hysteria would be more inquiries into what the aliens motives are and what the next step is. Kind of like every single one of you who posted and are curious as to the existence of aliens, not because you are mortally scared of them but because it has all sorts of implications about our own existence in the universe and what our meaning is.

  93. Why does everyone in the film and here continue to believe these are aliens??? Lets think about it. Aliens would require interstellar space travel and the manipulation of the fabric of space and time to reach earth in any reasonable time. If they have the technology to travel faster than the speed of light they sure are terrible at covert operations. Don't you think they could develop a way to fly invisibly also?

    In my mind a more reasonable explanation is our military has been developing these craft from the start but would lose their advantage over the rest of the world if discovered. Our military has always been shrouded with mystery. We developed our first flying glider with the wright brothers that flew just 12 seconds in 1912. By 1936 we had our first jet aircraft that flew 400 miles an hour. Where do you think we are now? In the film it showed that aircraft radar readings showed speeds of 7000 mph. Although that seems impossible for us it really isn't too outrageous. I think it's plausible given our rapid advancement in technology over the last 100 years. And for aliens to visit us even from somewhere in our solar system which is totally improbable at 7000 mph it would take depending on earth's orbit about 60 years from Pluto.

  94. Chris, you have the right idea. So many people seem to be limited in a narrow view such that they wonder why these beings don't show up at the White House and talk to us and be more open.

    But the people in charge (governments, militaries, people with power) haven't been the type to be peaceful and open. They rule by control, power, secrecy, and, to put it bluntly, selfishness. This is a relatively primitive fear-based method and advanced civilizations, like any wise man, would not do something they know is not worth it.

    We have shot at them, we have chased them, we have been hostile (most of us--though many individuals themselves have been curious and open, but they don't have the power and clout to matter much in the big picture). Much like an angry baby screaming for what it wants, with no larger sense of maturity and doing what's best for everyone, we have made it clear that we are not yet ready, at least those in power have.

    They are so far advanced and beyond, many of them (there are many different species it seems) remain hidden in the shadows, watching and observing; maybe making themselves known only to those they feel are at least a little open.

  95. Perhaps ET's consider us very primitive, the same as we would a remote tribe of peoples in the Amazon. Just as we are very careful not to "spoil" their tribal culture while at the same time studying and learning about them, maybe they are doing the same. Any civilization that has mastered space travel would most likely also have discovered other life-bearing planets like ours in the past. They probably understand all too well the ramifications of "interfering" with a culture such as ours. Its very possible that THEY don't feel we are ready for the change that would take place if they fully revealed themselves. Maybe they know based upon experience its not a positive one at all in the long run.

  96. The governments cooperate with the ET's and they push big fast moving rocks out of the way. Deal!! Ever wonder why we don't spend the money and resources that we should to do this ourselves?

  97. I really want this secret to be exposed! Unfortunatly It might be a while i suspect because most people i speak to about this ufo phenomena cannot/willnot accept it as even a possibility. The governments have to be gentle for we are a fragile species, if you destroy somepeoples world veiw you can actually destroy them.

  98. UFos are a known fact for well over 5,000 years in the east, in the oldest books known to mankind. I am refering to the written accounts of Vimanas in oldest Hindu books. look at the pictures of those things sometime. For all you non illuminated people, no man thought of air travel 2 steps out of stone age can come up with dimensional drawings of flying disks which can destroy entire cities with beans of light, yet there they drawn nearly 3000 years before christianity. they look like round sausers with a big bulb looking thing in the centre which according to the writings emmited a beam that consumed a city in a flash of light.... hummm very extraordenary for a human imagination in 3000 B.C appox..

  99. We are the unpaid modern slaves of the US Government. We supplied all the billions of dollars they have spent since the 1940's to work on the ET projects with none the visitation and technology benefits in return. I say we band together as one and boycott any further tax payments until they come clean, only then will they be out slave masters any more.

    1. Typo in my previous thread. ( only then will they not be our slave masters anymore.

  100. Hi , Yea this is all very interesting but what you don't know is going to kill you . You have walked away from the path of truth to a path of profit. Where nothing you see today is truth. If you return to what is real maby we will continue to help. To do that you must unite , you must join together as one and push the profit takers out. You must realize you are a sprit of light. Everything arround you is part of the light. do not dispair continue to ask for help we hear you. have faith.

  101. maybe timetravel .Future people looking in on the earths past?

  102. By the way, It is airing today on History Channel at 2:00pm PST

  103. I wish every one would watch this documentary and wake up to the truth that has been hidden from us for way to long. Come on Obama!!! Open up the books to the American people!!! We can handle the TRUTH!!! It's TIME!!! Thank you Fox for all your hard work in attaining such a valuable work of knowledge and research.

  104. I'm an Alien so it must be a reality, I'd just like to say though that I'm not in to the anal probing! That aint how I get down.

  105. Whoopi, your like a bat without echo location, now go back to sleep

  106. Has this documentary been removed? Well, I've seen it already once and I have also done research on many other things such that explains that proves that UFO's are nothing miraculous, the top NASA's top scientists and the largest physics community already have plans on how these flying objects can be made and understand their incredible speeds. Now when it comes to extraterrestrial beings, here's my output on them, take it that the universe is infinitely unmeasurable in age and that it extends into infinity as far as we know, after all that i have learned about life, history, physics and astronomy there is just no way that you can tell me that there is no way that there is no other intelligent life out there and that it is impossible that any of them are of higher intelligence. In my opinion it is crazy to think the other way around, that we are all alone. All the life you see on this planet and all the planets that are out there and people still really think it's so far-fetched?

    1. The doc is OK now.

  107. That was the best UFO video ive ever watched. I dont understand how so many people can just dismiss all of this. I understand the government withholding information because thats what they do, and they shouldnt, but they do and I doubt anything will really change that until say maybe somewhere is actually attacked, which probably would happen. If we havent been attacked yet, even with people walking around the UFOs with guns, then I doubt they are hostile.

    So many people believe in Christ, God, afterlife etc, which there is no proof of, but they will call someone who sees a UFO crazy. Its just ignorant.

    That documentary was really interesting though. I really enjoyed it.

  108. Personally I think our government is treating us like idiots....oh yeah,,,we're all scared of ufo's....I have no respect for the government...they like to play with us....when all along they have no intention of letting us in on anything...the e.t.'s will have to explose themselves to us...hope they do so and soon....
    I don't fear them....the government them I fear....peace

  109. If there are aliens and the government admits it im gonna kill all y'all

  110. Let the facts speak for themselves. Lets bring out the astronauts, pilots, government officials and others, remove the code of silence, lets have all film brought from the vaults that have been stored all these years and let all mentioned let loose to be interviewed by congress and by credable journalist to lay down on film and print what is really going on and I would say no panic in the streets will happen because this will be the most extaordinary thing that could ever happen to this planet. Nothing is going to happen because the government knows who and what they are where they come from and why they have been here and are still visiting. I also beleive our government has communicated with these beings and is still. I also beleive the US. gov. is trying to milk technology from this outer-civilazation and doesn't want any one else to have it. Don't kid yourself this stealth tech. did not come from here, the closest thing we had was multicolor cammo in paint and cloth and now all of a sudden boom our planes look like UFOs thats because its the only way to design for effectieness of flight and invisability. These beings and there technology are at least several thousand years ahead of us if not more. Don't you think that if the beings wanted this planet they could and would have taken it thousands of years before we were installed here. Just another thing to ponder, maybe we were put on this planet by them or some other civilation. I trully beleive as a civilation we don't have a clue where or how we ended up here and for what reason we were put here, and maybe that alone keeps all this a big secret because the gov. doesn't want to know.

  111. Let's look at this folks, realistically. If the U.S government wanted you to have the truth, they would lose the grip they have on this small rock we float about on. We have to accept the fact that they need fear, paranoia and confusion in order to constantly manipulate and control all we see and hear.

  112. And where exactly did you fail this time, Whoopi?

  113. fail

    1. You'll do better next time! Whoopi doopty dooo. Such a little cutie...xxx

  114. Very interesting.