The Money Masters

The Money Masters

1996, Economics  -   128 Comments
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The Money MastersThe Money Masters is a 3 1/2 hour non-fiction, historical documentary that traces the origins of the political power structure that rules our nation and the world today.

The modern political power structure has its roots in the hidden manipulation and accumulation of gold and other forms of money.

The development of fractional reserve banking practices in the 17th century brought to a cunning sophistication the secret techniques initially used by goldsmiths fraudulently to accumulate wealth.

With the formation of the privately-owned Bank of England in 1694, the yoke of economic slavery to a privately-owned "central" bank was first forced upon the backs of an entire nation, not removed but only made heavier with the passing of the three centuries to our day.

Nation after nation, including America, has fallen prey to this cabal of international central bankers.

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128 Comments / User Reviews

  1. There was a time when I would watch this docu everyday to the point that I almost memorized it. Today I know more and so I see some major flaws, The Flaws I see do not support the banking system but actually the situation is far worse than what it is shown on this docu.

  2. Fix the money, fix the world*

    *with Bitcoin

  3. One of the best and most important documentaries you’ll ever watch. If you don’t understand how the financial system operates, then you know nothing about how any other issue works.

  4. Because of money the people of this World have gone made and a stray far from God the Creator and think they are every thing, and drawing to more difficult thank leads to End, there is End, the worse are on the way without God there is no peace , and we are looking for the King of Peace and His name is Jesus Christ the Savior , Isaiah 9:6,7.

  5. I was handed the original version of this on an SLP videocassette tape along with Alex Jones' "Police State 2000" - As a believer in Christ already, I had a firm foothold on truth... But Bill really sank his teeth into me. Shaking his pen at me again and again, I really came to understand that I had been lied to for years and years. Now I write books and expose things like this. Thank God this man made this documentary. Thanks a million times over.

    1. Thank you for being able to change mind. Many can't do it.

  6. Cool it with the anti-semitism!

    1. What antisemitism ?
      Do you mean that people that do bad things and also happen to be of a certain ethnicity are about criticism ?
      That's insane dude.
      Oh and what's with the racist name "DeathCultForWhitey" ?

  7. Read these books ,The Web of Debt,The public Bank Solution, by Ellen Hogdson Brown.

  8. Must see!!!! Best 3,5 hours for you to spend, everyone should see this and please don't distracted by the fact that this is not a glossy production (like what you're used to: they keep you entertained and distracted with stupid shows abd bullshit in which they dictate what to buy) everyone should have only 1 jacket and a pen (instead of a smartphone, smart for whom? Cintrol you and know where you are, what you buy, etc). Wake up and tell your friends!

  9. Any body can say anything about anybody and make a video not contact them and on the video say they didn't show up or refused comment. Really I don't think it's fair to talk bad about people with out getting to hear their side. They are lot of tools and educational material available to the public for free to help them learn the value of the dollar and save. No one has the right to blame the board or the reserve for the debts they take on. We our each responsible for our own actions and our own money management.

    1., that is patently false.
      If you watched the video, you obviously didn't understand it.

  10. They keep erasing what I put and i don't know how they want me to "moderate" what I said....?

  11. Or can tell you where to get a copy!

  12. An enlightening film on manipulation of people. All of our resources and services are tied into money, and I feel this clarified how the top financiers control the world's people. See if you can find this on may also know...if the org that produced it still exists.....My favorite part was when he speaks on how to get out from under the "Money Masters" towards the end!

  13. A must watch. All greedy bankers hate the film. A must for all. A Must watch
    Shocking real truth that few people understand.
    Why do we have the debt and inflation we have today? This is a must watch - and strongly recommended for all students and Educational teachers. All bankers, bond traders and stock traders need to see this. All mothers, fathers and children alike.
    make time to watch and listen to this.

  14. Excellent account of the corrupting influence of Central Banks on our economy. The mechanism by which wealth is sucked to the few by a malevolent hidden hand...

  15. Money , Money and thinking about only Money is not the only thing to be taken care of in this world. We are forgetting that money is not everything but it means to live life on this earth. Productivity, distribution, proper utilization of the resources and social justice is more important issues to tackle with priority.

    1. Well, if we fixed the way money worked most of our problems would disappear. EVERYTHING is linked to how money currently works.
      Social justice ?? Pffft

  16. only the uninformed could call this video presentation fiction. i have spent my live in finance/banking and i can say without equivocation that this documentary is true and accurate! Not only that, but each and every one of the business cycles that has occurred in the period of my professional career from 1960 to 2006 has been caused by the FED. The FED charter stipulates that it is the purpose of the central bank to "normalize the business cycle", and instead of minimizing these cycles, the FED has enlarged each of them. I each case, the transfer of wealth has been to move wealth from the common man to the wealthy. The 2006-2010 cycle transferred far more wealth from "small to large" that at any time in human history. The "so called bank bail-out" said to have been 700 billion dollars, was actually over 19 trillion dollars, and more than half of the money was moved to banks and insurance companies that were not even domestic. It is a travesty that our news sources in the US cannot or will not tell the truth about this debacle. /s/kr

  17. Non-fiction? Everything in this video presentation is fiction. The ridiculous haircut of the dufus narrating it is the only thing that's real here. Is anyone doing any Q and A on this website? I doubt it otherwise, this piece would have been chucked a long time ago.

    1. Says the person who shows no effort to explain his reasoning other than insulting.

    2. smear, that's your argument

    3. Thats your argument.........the hair cut!!!!!

    4. Ridiculous haircut ???
      If you can't attack the message, attack the messenger.
      You Sir or Madam are a fool.

  18. How can I record or purchase this documentary?

    1. if you find out how to get a copy, please let us all know. /s/kr

    2. It's on YouTube

  19. Excellent documentary. Spot on, still going on 18 years later.

  20. Wat year was this made?

    1. It came out in 1996, but the information and conclusions are no less relevant today. The story has been on the same path for the past 300 years... the people who controlled much of the world in 1700 control even more of it today - including every majory western government. This documentary should be core curriculum of every school in the world. A majority of the population needs to understand how we are all being secretly stolen from on a daily basis. Only then will we have any chance of demanding implimentation of the step-by-step solution described at the end of the documentary.

    2. carl our country was stolen by the Rothschild's and Vatican City long before the Paul Warburg act of 1913. the act of 1871 turned the government of the Republic into a private corporation. the act of 1871 was unnecessary as provisions for D.C. as a municipal entity were already in place in the 1787 Constitution for the United States. there is a big difference between a municipal corporation and a private corporation in regards to law and control. a municipal can enforce and control in all states and territories while a private can only enforce laws within the 10 Mile Square of D.C.

  21. Objective! The highest compliment I can think of. Thank you.

    1. I was looking for an unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to provide one. 11/10 on your review.

  22. First and foremost MONEY is only a peice of paper, The people should learn to live without money. Because it is not hard to do, That is where the real true TRUST comes in between man and man. The sharing of knowledge wisdom and understanding eliminates the need for any banking institutions. Which is only a tool of the rich, To rob steal cheat and kill the people who "(TRUST)" the banks.Not because you sacrificed and graduated college means that you cannot share your knowledge freely with your neighbour.ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE THAT KNOWLEDGE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING WITH YOU TO THE GRAVE. That my friend,Is being just as "evil" as our "false leaders". Think about it

    1. To paraphrase Bob Hope, "I've been poor and I've been rich and I'd rather be rich." Now, just how do you plan to eliminate money. The more you post, the more idiotic you sound.

    2. Hi, folks. What Alvin Mahvood said about money being eliminated is not just real, it is feasible and sane.

      This statement, however bold can be backed and you can understand this, but not on an online chat board. It will require those of you curious enough, to go do yourown research about a life-long journey of a man called Jacque Fresco and his proposal of the Resource-Based Economy.

      If right off the bat you deem this a Comunist, Socialist, Fascist or any other "ist" system, then you simply haven't read enough about The Venus Project and its proposals.

      The Venus Project offers a solution to human problems by applying science and technology to human and environmental concern

    3. A socioeconomic system without money may work, but it may also fail miserably and furthermore - why propose such a drastic (and extremely difficult to impliment) change from the status quo when a very small (and much more easily implemented) change can acheive a good and more certain outcome quicker?

      It is not the existance and use of money that causes all of the economic and many other problems in the world, but rather the fact that the money supply is controlled by a few powerful people. These people use their control of the money supply to control inflation and deflation and thereby syphone trillions of dollars of value out of our currencies and into their own pockets.

      The financial system upon which society is built today allows theft by the world's richest citizens. It is unfair and injust to the extreme, but the steps required to fix it are very simple and, but for the resistance of those in power, easy to impliment.

      The Venus Project has good intentions, but just like with long-term weather forecasting, with such a large shift from the present situation it is impossible to know if it would work. A more efficient and better use of resources and effort would be to try and fix the known problems in the current system... at least as a first step.

    4. MY friend. I am not concerned to "overthrow" or otherwise spread propaganda to 'debilitate' the current system.

      What I am suggesting is we simply outgrow the necessity to 'control' resources by a monetary means.

      Right now we have nano-tech (early stage), sustainable energies (quite well demonstrated), medical methods using robots from surgery to care, to nursing.

      What I am trying to point out is that the human potential is outdated. Compared to the possibilities of a machine completing a task, and the rate at which the machine will complete that given task.

      There is no longer, a need, to expose humans to labor which is repetitive, dangerous or dirty in order to earn a living.

      It is possible to build a computer to survey the agriculture, water supply, resources available, land mass and the population living on that land mass and, the needs of the people living on the said landmass.

      If such a research can be done, then it is possible to gauge the possibility to provide for those needs. Namely food, water, shelter, education.

      Does this make sense?

    5. I agree. Science and the pursuit of truth is much more important than economics and war. But we've spent forty years wasting our best scientists and engineers on military tech. Can you imagine if we halved out military budget -- since we're pretty safe already -- and focused that brain power and capital on food production and housing?

    6. Yes, science and the pursuit of truth are more important than economics and war - but until we take back control of our world we will have zero chance of changing the focus to these worthy topics. First we must take back control of the money supply, so that we can stop them from manipulating the economy and thereby supressing our existence into one of struggling to survive. Only then will we be free to pursue the more worthy and interesting topics of science and truth.

    7. Americans do not even bother to vote now in this age because they feel that their vote no longer matters.
      Even those that do are either stupid rich or just plain stupid.
      Less than 24% of Americans approve of the ( so called) job congress is doing. Yet those same Americans gladly go and vote 96% of incumbents back into congressional office. Any suggestions anyone?
      Granted their opponents are privliged crooks as well. What would it take to get decent non career politicians to run for office? There smply are not any honest people with integrity that are not beholden to some entity that run for office EVER

    8. Or on healthcare. Witbout the greedy insurance company. Perhsps spend that money on education. With the majority of that going to higher education. Fix some of the decimated infrastructure. Nope we will continue subsidizing oil and coal. Continue killing people for American corporations ( our freedom.) Our freedom is what we all naively stupidly and blindly say those men AND WOMEN are killing and dying for. Which id bull$()! T.

    9. No! Money is good! But it has to be REAL money... Treasury notes issued in proportion to population and GDP.

    10. If money is simply a piece of paper then go and cut up a newspapers and pay your bills with that PAPER.n Good luck. PS I would also advise you to try this experiment. Get rid of everything you own that was bought with money like the devise you wrote this comment on the power that allowed it. The some what clean water in your home which is gone now and when you are standing naked in the middle of NYC you can start showing us how easy it is to live without money. Do not go to that shelter for it cost money for other people to operaste it. Again good luck. I understand the dream but we must get serious. This is not fantasy. The world simply would not function without currency.

  23. Hello All, This calamity which we all are facing in our lifetime is because of miseducation by the so called leaders of our societies throughout the world in any language under any religious umbrella in every nation group and entity that lives upon the face of this blessed earth. The table has been set for a one world government long long time ago but the problem is who is going to be sitting at the head of the table. That is the main reason for all these wars and rumors of wars they they fake leaders throughout the world are fighting for power. It is about time the nations wake up and see that the only way to defeat the order of spiritual wickedness is to UNITE!. STOP mistrusting your neighbour share the knowledge that you have with anyone who seeks to learn then and only then, WILL you see that we have no need for any leaders whatsoever, REMEMBER government IS ONLY A MANAGEMENT FOR THE SICK RICH,The real power on earth is in the UNIFICATION of the PEOPLESagainst any type of false doctrine whether black or white, If the people can truly organize then THERE WOULD BE NO NEED FOR ANY "(FALSE)" LEADERS)" WHATSOEVER

    1. First of all, how do you expect to accomplish this. Secondly, if the people (whoever they are) were to unite, they would need a leader and you're back to where you started, which renders your post idiotic.

    2. I generally agree with most of what you're saying here, but don't fully understand what your suggested solution is or how you think it should be implemented.

      1. Governments around the world are in many cases (and certainly the most significant cases) just managers under the employ of a rich elite.

      2. Miseducation was necessary to trick the world's citizens into thinking that we live in a democratic world in which we have some form of control over what happens.

      3. Re-education of the truth about how the system is rigged and how we are all being ripped-off is most likely the best first step towards fixing the system for future generations.

      4. Uniting against false doctrine is good, but we must beware of uniting in the wrong way. United peoples are much more easily controlled by a rich few....

  24. Am I the only that can see Treason written all over what these criminals have done and are still doing?

    1. It is only treason if the people holding the puppet strings are US citizens... most likely they are not. The population of your entire country has secretly been enslaved by the legalized counterfeiting described in this documentary (as have the populations of many other countries).

      If you look at the CIA list of national government debts around the world, it is interesting to note that the countries in the world with the strongest economies are generally also the countries in which the governments have the largest national debt.

      This is because the people are these countries are able to pay the most taxes to finance the loan. The better off the economy of your country, the more financially enslaved you are.

  25. This was made in 1995 or earlier and tells what will happen as time advances.
    When you listen to the end you will see that is is talking about what is happening right now. Gues s this guy is telling the truth.
    To say that the mention of two 2 jews in this Documentary is the same as saying that all that understand the Lord Jesus are members of the Westboro Church that protest military funerals.
    Crooks come in all religions or those without.

  26. "It is barely mentioned in the newspapers or our textbooks," the narrator says. Most likely because journalists (real, not from Fox or Drudge) and educators are educated, and have a grasp on facts. They also adhere to a high standard of evidence. It must be verifiable.

    There must also be critical thinking. For instance, is it possible that this many people could actually be taking part in a conspiracy without breaking ranks? No real leaks from "inside?" Impossible. Just think of how many times you have mistakenly let a friend's secret out of the bag.

    With conspiracy stuff like this, all thinking and evidence goes out the window...

    1. Wow, given your posts here I would bet that you are a banker.

    2. Nope. I'm an industrial engineer (IIE certified) specializing in statistical process control & Lean/ Six Sigma quality programs.

      It seems to me that this stuff is bunk. By classic Critical Thinking, In this case, the first question that should always be asked is "How can you get that many people to not leak any info? Especially when the hypothesized 'conspiracy' is centuries old."

      I would suggest it impossible. And leave it to the type of people who beleive in UFO's and that fluoride in our water is an attempt at or government to control us through brain implants -- that no one can see.

      In short, the realm of half-educated and frequently unbalanced cranks.

    3. Hmmm rather strange, but to me you do come off sounding like an Ayn Rand Objectivist. For my money that is rather empty and free of the messiness of emotional connection and compassion, or you could say without life. Regarding leaking information what exactly do you mean by leaking? The information isn't leaked as it is out in the open. There is no true conspiring. It is undeniable that Power does what Power wants and true democratic action need not be applied when Authoritarian action takes place. But when that paradigm is challenged you can always count on them using emotive words and popularized belief to blame it on "cranks", i.e. anyone who questions the authoritarian's stated position.

    4. LOL. I find Ayn Rand just plain bad philosophy. She has no idea of how science works, or how business works. And to look to her for economic advice is silly. She has not done the work required to understand the math of how economies work. And be able to parse data to see if her theory conforms to said notions.

      I am a Progressive, closer to a European-style Libertarian (not the silly Right Wing variety that is so prevelant here in the USA). My political thinking has been very influenced by Noam Chomsky. So it's funny you should say that I sounded like a Randian.

      But, regardless of political stance, I think that all positions must be bounded by truth. And this video really seems ungrounded. And thus dangerous speculation.

    5. Well, good. I glad to hear that politically we are on the same page... for the most part. On background, I have come across Thomas Campbell's "My Big T.O.E." a book that shook my view of Objective Reality, and (bear with me) this does tangentially tie into Rand's Objectivism, sort of... . Long story short, the more we know it becomes clear that we do not know. very much at all. I look at people like Alan Greenspan who espouse Randian objective ideology and it is beyond belief that they can wield such power over us, the unwashed masses, but WTF that is what perception does to us all... and 'objective reality' is still just perception.

      And that silly American Cowboy Libertarianism can't stand up as it has repeatedly shot itself in the foot. I regard Chomsky as a first step toward true Anarchism, almost like the Jeffersonian ideal of agarian yeoman farmers.

  27. Tripe. Conspiracy nutters are nutters are nutters...

    1. One is left wondering...

      a) You are employed by the bankers to taint any attempt to expose their vile secret, in which case you are evil scum.

      b) You honestly believe the doco is tripe, in which case I am tempted to envy you for your blissful ignorance.

  28. cant wait till the usa wakrs up to the jews, and we have a nazi like punishment for them

    1. I have Jewish blood, though I am a Christian. And comments like this are evil, and have no place in American society.

    2. In response to Kjow's comment:

      Many of the money changers of the 17th century were supposedly jewish
      and most likely their descendents include the hidden powers controlling
      our financial system today.

      But generalizing statements that
      imply all jews are bad and need punishing are dangerous, unfair and
      counter-productive to the most important goal of taking back control of
      the monetary system.

      Greed is a disease of the mind, a
      progressive and insatiable desire for ever more wealth and power. It
      affects all people alike, regardless of religious orientation.

      any generalization is permissible it would have to be that the world's
      wealthiest citizens are most to blame for the world's problems.

  29. How much longer do we kiss the bankers' ass before we clean up this mess?

  30. it was made in the 90s, most probably 1995.

  31. any one knows wen this documentary whas made?its before 2008 right?

  32. It was a nice documentary, but the narrator ... wish he had more life, and the pen pointing was funny.

    But still, excellent information and I did enjoy every bit of it. Only wish the resolution and audio quality was better

    1. Yeah, Leon Dias, agreed. That pen was annoying... Obviously he wasn't funded by the Banksters.

  33. wow ! profound and informative, well done !

  34. A MUST SEE.

    So, now we know that most wars are fought over MONEY.

    How can we free ourselves from the tyranny of money?

    Money only exists BECAUSE we feel we can NOT trust each other as humans to be fair. The ONLY WAY to basically save the environment and ultimately save us from ourselves, is to make the currency (money) based on nothing more than TRUST IN EACH OTHER to be fair and do the right thing.

    Well... that is a poetic note. Our we doomed because we simply can not trust each other? Mother Earth can not deal with the new World Wars to come because the wars will not be fought with stones on fire and arrows, but with nuclear weapons, resulting in fallout and poisoning of our water, soil and air.

    1. mother earth can survive it all, she has done before and will do again. Its us who are screwed. Oh, and the poor animals we like most, the ones we hate - roaches, rats, bugs and germs - will flourish.

    2. She cannot handle it! We must save her against the 1%

  35. I've watched a number of Federal Reserve themed monetary reform videos which I feel are quite informative. However The Money Masters is now the first one I'll be recommending because it covers more on the European roots of fractional reserve fraud and thus offers greater relevance to non-Americans.

  36. wow so simple but yet no politician will move a finger toward change , i think it is because they are i****s

    1. It is true that many politicians are idiots, but among them and most frequently among the political leaders are many intelligent men and women who have been helped into their positions of power by those who rule the world.

  37. This is the most important documentary I've ever seen. It did more to open my eyes to how and why the world's governments work than any other film. It clearly and convincingly explains the driving forces behind government policy, and in doing so, provides the "big picture" perspective that is critical for anybody interested in understanding socio-economic regulation and its impact on our lives. It should be required viewing for all educated people.

    1. Best response I've read thus far. I would only add that the topics in the documentary should be core curriculum at every school in the world... not before a majority in the population understand exactly how we're all being screwed over will we have any chance to fix the problems.

  38. Simply the best, watch or don't join the discussion on modern money issues at all.

  39. Ok! Understood. Maybe at 95% but good enough. To sum that up with that money hoax, the IMF is the real target. The real bottom line problem in all this is that these "Money Changers" are a team against quite a few nations and those "Few Nations" are not close to be as united as those modern "Money Changers". Take time to think that over, Huh?
    That is where the problem lies.

    To face that gang of international "Money Changers", there's a need for a multinational league if I may say...
    One sole national financial politic is unfit to face that gang of crooks.
    "They" have the international platform but no one has the equivalent.
    It just doesn't exist at present time.

    However, if such a good documentary would be translated into a few languages, it could and sure will become an international trend.
    Already, there's a few "Higher-Middle Class" individuals that are ready to carry this this concept against those abusers.

    It ought to be done, in do time I guess...
    However, take Megan Kidwell commet (Here below) seriously.
    Because these bankers or money changers may not carry guns tucked in their underarms but sure have plenty of hire guns to refer to.
    Anytime & anywhere.

    Obama ought to be aware of this as the one who'll come after him!


    1. Obama has nothing to fear, he works for them.

  40. A definate MUST watch! I Have shared this Top Doc link on Yahoo financial news stories many times..Thank you Vlatko!!

    1. Sharing the link is good, but this documentary has been around for nearly 20 years and still relatively few people have any idea about how the financial system is rigged. Seems like we need another medium to get the message across to the apathetic millions who don't realize they're being screwed over.

  41. Kennedy was going to take are dollar off the fed, instead he got outed with a bullet

    1. Absolutly the truth....

    2. Yeah and he wasn't the only one... Jackson (failed attempt), Linkcoln, Garfield... no doubt some of the other assassinations or deaths of questionable cause also.

  42. Considering that the first money was human beings used as slaves, that money has been, is, and will continue to be coerced symbol slavery, and like an insane religion, 30,000 people, at minimum, will be sacrificed every day to maintain the stress that the system requires... yeah, sure this video explains it all... lol!

    Nobody works harder than a slave who thinks he is free. AS long as people think that money came from some 'exchange' system in the ancient past, they will continue to work their asses off for their own destruction. But don't forget the men with the guns that are there to make sure you suffer if you try anything else.

  43. if you watch the doc on youtube, you can use the cc translation from portuguese to english and it works well

  44. This is obviously a take over attempt by a foreign power. It is time to declare the debt "Paid In Full," declare war on the FED and the IMF, send in the Marines and take NO prisoners. War is the way of the world and the U.S., and to the victor go the spoils.

    1. Do you honestly believe that AMERICANS are the way you are because your original, some how? Instincts? Please shut up. Foreings area mostly AMERICANS today. America has become a giant Circus for a very very long time now. You are living a lie pal, you just don´t know it yet. This documentary is very important to begin to start thinking for yourself, but its long path to the truth... lots of Reading before you can get answers from a simple documentary. Also War and nukes, and Take no Prisioners are another Lie. You were meant to think this way, you were raise to believe that. You are part of the problem thinking that way. So far foreings done a great job for them, raising you.

    2. Yeah... but not a take over 'attempt'. They succeeded already a couple hundred years ago. We've all been in slavery ever since and as Roan states above - nobody works harder than a slave who thinks he's free.

  45. From wikipedia
    'The Senate, on December 23, 1913, agreed to it by a vote of 43 yeas to 25 nays with 27 not voting.'
    Not the three members refered to by larry bates.

    1. I am positive Wikipedia, which anybody can change, has the facts without possible error. Where was the other Senator?

    2. Also could be different, depends on who edited it. Remember that.

    3. Oh yea because wikipedia is absolute when it comes to accuracy huh. Despite the fact the anyone with a keyboard can edit pretty much any article. Don't speak on matters you haven't the slightest clue about, Cpt. Clueless.

  46. These curses causeless do not just happen! There are invariably spiritual forces behind what we as individuals choose to set our affections on, and will ultimately reap life or death. Everybody has to choose whose fool he will be in this life: eternal love or temporary wealth? One brings freedom the other bondage and eventually death! For where your heart is there will be your treasure! There is nothing wrong with having some earthly possessions. It's your attitude towards it and what you do with it that counts. It all depends whether you own the money or the money owns you? Don't become a sad Scrooge! Live to give and thus you will be given more. Seek selfish preservation and you will lose it all in the end. He is no fool to give a life he cannot keep to gain a love he will never loose!

    1. stop it with that religious nonsense.

    2. *lose. He will never *lose.

    3. You know absolutely nothing and yet endeavor to foist off your ignorant superstitions (pardon the tautology) on others.

      Perhaps a little education might assist, but I doubt it because I'm certain that your reading is confined to your pathetically ignorant religious tracts.

    4. ..shut up satan

    5. So True!

  47. Reasons Voice, I totally agree with you!

  48. I suggest you turn off the video and just listen to what he has to say to really let it sink in. Fact is these money changers are a nessessary evil for mans basic sin...greed! The love of money has crept into our society, it has become a super bussiness cult, feeding on the greed of others. It's we the people that have to take control of our money without interest and restore it to the people where it properly belongs. It can be done and has been done in the past. It's time we put the money changers behind bars for this great deception.

    1. Do not honor money. The Money Masters worship Satan. We honor love. Their system is collapsing. It will be dark, but when we are done the Golden Age will Begin. They made the money out of thin air.

  49. Best Doc on monetary reform EVER! Please spread this around!

  50. Excellent source for educating all economic classes.

    Please spread this documentary.

  51. I find more truth in this then the government as a hole for many years I have known this by seeing it with my own eyes. To you that don't like this you go on living in your smoke screens I have already did what he said to do and I know that its true by getting out he is right. I may suffer lose but what I have its mine an no one can take it. Its paid for and can't be taken by any bank or money changers. AS for higher cost if I can't buy it I don't get it even at the cost of my life !.

  52. Great movie, even if a bit dated. Still gives a very clear explanation of the banking history of America and its relation to international banking.

  53. Yeah .... this was not the most informative or well sourced documentary. Of course, it must be taken into consideration that this docu was made in 1996, but still. Making outrageous claims that we are all slaves even after abolishing the national debt is Alex Jones style shockumentary. I suppose the workings of the US financial system was less of a common knowledge thing in 1996, but the documentary suggests that the majority of our leadership were not aware of the mechanics or structure of the federal reserve ... and then moves onto the next point without any sources or evidence of any kind. Expect alot of that in this docu.

    While it contains some excellent information, the presentation reeks of a poorly done conspiracy theory docu with an intended audience that never took even an introduction to macroeconomics.

  54. I watched this and became interested in who wrote and published it;aren't you? Well the web site for the publisher states it is "closed". I emailed the address from "The Money Masters" site a week ago with my questions and have not received an answer. Why can't I find out the source of this information??? The information is only as good as it's source!

    1. Umm... maybe they've all been outed?

  55. This documentary, while containing a lot of truth, should not really be in the factual economics section of this site. Its not a direct conspiracy theory but thats where it should go because a lot of the information is incorrect or badly represented. Whoever made it obviously didn't do their research.

    1. Exactly what information are you saying is incorrect or badly represented? And where are your references? Even if some of the facts are incorrect or badly represented - the basic ideas portrayed are exactly true. Your response is exactly the kind of response I would expect from somebody working for "them"... a balanced and subtle attempt to discredit the core message.

      I've been studying these topics for close to 5 years now and this documentary provides the most accurate and detailed summary of the current situation that I've seen yet. I had actually been planning to make my own documentary explaining all this crookery and I'm quite greatful I stumbled across this because now I won't have to.

  56. The single most diabolical aspect of a financial plot to control the world is that in general hearing about it can drive you straight to sleep. It sucks that I am so bored and disinterested by this while I know that it is in fact Bleeping me right in my bleep.

    1. I totally agree with you!!!

  57. This is the best doc i've seen so far, thank you for this one. Top Doc

  58. This was a wonderful documentary. There was a wealth of information provided in this three and a half hours and it was worth every minute of it. If every citizen of the world were to view this video there would be a revolt in little over 3 and a half hours. But it makes me wonder, are we too far into this muck that we cannot get ourselves unstuck?

    1. Great response, the core to the solution is education of the masses - exactly as he states in the documentary. But as you ask, are we too far into this muck? There is certainly a large obstacle to our solving the problems and that is the rich and powerful elite who don't want us to solve them.

      They control everything and I can't imagine any possible way in which we can beat them. The only sensible choice left is to go eat some chocolate and be thankful I can still afford to buy some (I'm still in denial about it being unhealthy).

  59. Instead of people focusing on the information, which is crucial to poor & working class' education & survival, they prefer to address trivial issues such as a pen & jacket. This goes to show some of the backward mindsets that help to prolong this economic & social slavery by the ruling, racist, greedy, diabolical elites.

    1. You have to remember that there are people out there who are in the employ of the guys in power.... employed to spread disinformation and distract us from any real information that may come to light now and then.

      Having said that I also did find the pen and jacket a little distracting, although perhaps more because they told me the documentary was probably 20 years old and I found that a little disturbing... why is it still that nobody knows about this?!?

  60. I love this website!! I have told many of my friends, family and co-workers about it. TY and keep up the good work. A sequel to this film has come out and might make a good addition to this page of econ docu's. It's called " The Secret of Oz".

  61. @ lanvid: the doc is from 1995.
    it's funny you see the same faces over and over again in those anti-FED documentaries.

    and of course we heard it all in zeitgeist again but the more important point to me is rather what happens after we got rid of fractional reserve banking.
    i see the exponentially growing problem behind a currency treated as a debt/virtual loan. but the thing you have to guarantee besides stability is social and economic justice. otherwise there's hardly a point in nation states.

  62. im thinking about gettin out of that debt hehe and gettin liquid ... hmm

  63. finaaly got to finish the full 3 hours ,

    myabe a new evolution to the idea of $$ and group human activity called civilazation is our dependance on FUEL coal oil electric derived from any source ( inc green ) . This is our new slavery , add to this the evolution that world wide more people live in dependant citys , not able or knowing how to FEED THEMSLEVES as thier fathers still could just a few genertions ago .

    and waht of social security and socailied healthcare , these are the gifts PHAROH must make to his slaves to keep them from revolt . The human animal has at it's disposal the Garden of Eden discussed in the Bill Mollison Video and the general healthy life style which accompanies .

    Life span and health figures of stressed industiral workers do not hold the broader perspective of HOLISTIC HUMAN LIVING from many different varied form of imperical/acceptable data to help insure less manipulation in conclusion drawing .

    Further the confuse and conquer of the few or PHAROH CLASS over the many . who by free choice move to the bright and shiny the new and fancy promises , like a moth to a flame. Historical evidence of societial failure , macro and micro ie.easter island for an example of a closed resource system with reliance on the trust in a GOD/PHAROH class, experiment drwn from historical evidence.

    treating only 1 aspect like $ is not ...whole istic

  64. the story about PINHEADS of history had less to do witht he details as to do with ,DISTRACTION .

    Tally sticks ? what about the other 2 hours and 58 minutes of PERSPECTIVE and information ? anyways i think his point was to show that tools of finnace could be in any form even wooden sticks .

    Memebers only jacket ? come on why not talk about the stove pipe hats or the togas they wore in the time of Jesus , FOCUS PEOPLE FOCUS

    and if she had a chance to meet with Hawkins face to face she would probably say smart dude , but what is with the chair , why doesn't the guy just walk around like the rest of us ....... Do you judge the book by the guy unloading the truck at the book store if he had torrets synd. wold the books in that sotre be taint'd?

    AHHH thank you world 1 out of 4 , has something to say , if this is the example of the critical minds of American if this is all we can muster to say about the presented

    we deserve the mess we got

  65. what decade was this made??? the MEMBER'S ONLY jacket is not only convincing unprofessional but distracting.

  66. Excellent documentary! It's amazing to see how the banking elite in the US slowly worked towards their dream goal - establishment of the Federal Reserve - and how they succeeded. Somehow gives you the feeling that they don't function on an ad-hoc basis, but had / have a plan all along.

  67. Good documentary, but what's with the pointing the pen?Sheesh!