The FBI's War on Black America

The FBI's War on Black America

1990, Conspiracy  -   83 Comments
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COINTELPRO: The FBI's War on Black AmericaThrough a secret program called the Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO), there was a concerted effort to subvert the will of the people to avoid the rise of a black Messiah that would mobilize the African-American community into a meaningful political force.

This documentary establishes historical perspective on the measures initiated by J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI which aimed to discredit black political figures and forces of the late 1960's and early 1970's.

Combining declassified documents, interviews, rare footage and exhaustive research, it investigates the government's role in the assassinations of Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, and Martin Luther King Jr. Were the murders the result of this concerted effort to avoid a black Messiah?

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Vanessa Rae
2 years ago

Oh Miguel! I can only say to you that your comments are based on lack of knowledge as well as empathy and understanding of the psychological and other effects on blacks from what happened to us in the past. I don't know if for the Jews whether or not there were systematic successful attempts to ensure that they did not rise. If so, that plan has not been successful. We have had a different experience. Yet the white man is afraid of us. Why? Yeah, it is easy to say we must forget it and pull ourselves up when you haven't had to face certain experiences of unconscious or conscious bias, having to be twice and three times as good as whites in the same position yet not getting the same opportunities, and so on and on. But my brother, you might want to do some research for the real history of America because what they taught in school ain't right. It is said that the history is written by the victors. They never tell a story from the perspective of the ones they conquered. But there is justice...and there is a universal law of sowing and reaping.

Jon Jonzz
2 years ago

How about a more current documentary about the FBI, DOJ, and the msm conspiracy to frame a sitting President and steal an election!?? The story of the Century and the msm elites behave as if nothing went on. Hypocrites all!

Miguel Rodriguez
3 years ago

What does Oprah, Mike Jordan, Jay Z, Denzel, Obama, Shaq, Kobe, Carl Lewis, Mayweather, Justice Thomas, Beyonce, Magic Johnson, and other terrific blacks have in common? None of them made excuses and they all worked hard to achieve their dreams.

Angelic TroubleMaker
4 years ago

J. Edgar Hoover was NOT only a homosexual crossdresser at times he was also black. Can we say , Self-Hate 2.0. ?!!! Google his family history documentary that is located online for purchase or view for free on YouTube. As a very young man he kind of reminds me of bruno Mars due to his wavy hair and large eyes.

5 years ago

Its happing now before your eyes people you see daily oppressed trained ordinary people to look the other way or join in their suffering

6 years ago


How can you demand people to forget the past if the past is what has let them become what they are now? Don't you know the system is created not to benefit the blacks? You say things without actually having knowledge. You say blacks should ''Forget'' but why don't you say that to Israel? Receiving billions upon billions every year. You are a hypocrite, we should never forget the past and what has been done to us.

6 years ago

Maybe need to stop looking at the past so much,thats all you ever say.. make some progress in changing the future, nobody stops you from getting an education, or inventing something the World needs ,or teaching children to work and not live with their hand - out there entire lives.. who's making a difference these days? Rappers.. you can ride Nicki Minaj like a try cycle for a three way, gross. Stop looking at the past , nobody has been impressive for a long time. And our inner cities are destroyed.

6 years ago

Know who you are & your Past#

6 years ago

I have read all of the prior posts & agree with so many of them,the major part. I have dedicated myself to helping people of all races know who they are and share they came from. Plus insight into all of the man made religions designed to handle all people in America no matter their ethnicity. Please people see the entire picture. They continue The Roots LIE told their way.They refuse to support the true history of America. Never speak of the blacks in history who created along with others in this land a Government,one which The Caucasians came with their lies & guns & stole. We have had black Presidents etc. Way before the criminals came and stole. Now we must stop having children without a father or family linkage. Please people study learn who & what you are. You will be so proud & the CREATOR will lead you out of bondage.We are put down & segregated daily in the media. There is a daycomming & soon. Make sure you are prepared mentally. & otherwise.
Blessings thre is an answer

Ellis Ellison
9 years ago

The GOVERMENT Has ObamaCare Now and its aTrojan.if you dont buy Health insurance the IRS fines you.But what if the Feds use that same info to track you.Every 3 months you have to have a updated status..Nothing is free!

10 years ago

WTF? Black Messiah? I'm not looking for a black Messiah! I assume you mean 'stellar role model' to lead the black community? The last time I checked, the black role models were Gucci Mane, Rick Ross and whatever new circus act coming to a stereo near you. If you don't think this rap 's@!t isn't f@#$'n up the image of the black American then you are blind as Stevie!
Instead of glorifying the educated graduate, society has decided to glorify the fake-as-hell 'Hollywood' blaspheming, self-professed drug dealing, raping murderer. If that isn't twisted logic I don't what is boss!!! Now that white suburbia has fallen in love with the dregs of the African American community, the thug image has become a prime time hit (thanks Pac)! It aint just music, it's a movement guided by an invisible white hand intent upon proving that black folks are nothing but savages! Yep. The plan is working well!

10 years ago

Of course the FBI's involvment in either the King Assasination or that of Malcolm X is pure speculation in fact all the available evidence suggests otherwise,lets hope it is more obvious who killed Obama when his time comes.

10 years ago

The American government had every right to supress Black violence as they still do today just that it seems today they are far less effective in that supression.The truth that remains is that African Americans indeed anyone of African descent suffer a defecit in intelligence,this is what enslaves them and this is the reason why they shall never be entirely free whilst living amongst their superiors.

10 years ago

When I see people leaving 'Jewish Conspiracy' comments on documentaries like this I always wonder just 'who' is posting them and 'why'. Could it be an effort to discredit the documentary and drive folks away from viewing it? It just makes me wonder.

10 years ago

I wouldnt say the government created the bloods and crips, albeit i haven't yet watched this documentary but i did watch one earlier called "bloods &crips: made in america" that is quite an eye opener , in there you meet a few guys who did start as a small gang in L.A. this was before the bloods n crips but still they were the ones who got the ball rolling so to speak. Watch it.

11 years ago

This is an actual a part of American history . I ask anyone who is not Black to put your race in our place and honestly think how would you feel right now . At this time Black people because of our North American acclimation , going back to Africa would be the same as you going to Africa .
Beware the tactics that were used against Black people are still around , the players have changed but the game is still being played .

11 years ago

Jon B, amareda10, Who me? yeah you! & Withoutacountry: STOP FOLLOWING INTO THE TRAP OF SEMANTICS!

The comment warfare reads like a Willie Lynch divide & conquer exercise while YOU ALL SHARE THE SAME POLITICAL VIEWPOINTS.

'Who me? yeah you!' responded to 'Jonathan R's' post, "...I wish they would have talked about how the CIA started the bloods & crips rivalry with its introduction of crack cocaine in the black community." Who me? got caught in semantics because Jonathan never said the CIA started the blood & crips per say, but rather their 'rivalry' with the introduction of crack. Thorough research will show that the Crips or Baby Ave's (Cribs) were a grassroots organization who emulated the Black Panther Party which unfortunately became victim to influx of crack epidemic because of lack of gang leadership (most of the founding members where killed or in jail).

As for Who me?'s comment, "the birth of the drug industry kept cointellpro alive as... It later resurfaced to 'turn Hip hop from' Public enemy's Fight The Power to 50 Cent's get rich or die trying," I totally agree with it. Why can't he use 50 Cent and Public Enemy in one sentence to make a point. He wasn't lumping everybody in the same category. Semantics again! Drugs 'DID' turn Hip-Hop music from Fight The Power to Get Rich or Die Trying within a 10 year span 1991-2001.

Amareda10, the Iran/Contra case you talked about happened between the mid 70's to late 80's well after the infiltration of the Black Panther Party. Their was actually (2) occasions of drug influx-ion targeted in the black communities.

Be a thorough reader & speaker at all times because the lives of our children depend on it! Much LOVE & RESPECT to all!

11 years ago

They also been hiding our history from US with these so called "schools". I'm talking about our History here in America and before we arrived here. They have the youth under the "we come from nothing" spell. Also they are using the music and television to destroy us. They are already destroying Africa with economic warfare and also the MAN-MADE diseases being distributed intentionally throughout the continent. But who gone stop it though? We can all talk the talk...... But who is gonna walk the walk?

12 years ago

who me? yeah you? seem to twist and bend to anything, the influx of drugs came during the black panther party by the federal govt. it was a way to destroy the black communities. If that wasn't the case then why during the Reagan Administration Oliver North admitted to not only weapons being smuggled in but also drugs. This was supposed to be during the time of The war on drugs.
Also you're so out of it you fail to realize Public Enemy wasn't gangster rap it was about recognization of the disenchantment within black america, and upliftment of a people. 50 Cent was gangster rap. Don't lump everyone in the same category out of ignorance to a culture.

Who me? yeah you!
12 years ago

the CIA did not start the crips or bloods. The founder members themselves stated that they started their own youth movements/societies coz the usual stuff e.g. scouts were run by typically racist leaders. These youth groups then swelled in number due to the pressures that led to Watts riots etc. The most prominent was the crips. These voluntary groups were not funded and were member organised. As Law enforcement cracked down harder on black youth the membership was increasingly brutalised at younger ages. Thus the membership increasingly were angry, disturbed young men leading to failure to arrange activities, strategies with neighbouring groups then cointellpro drug programmes did the rest and the familiar gangs were born. The system lost control of the drug programme as it rapidly turned into an industry in neighbourhoods that had very high levels of unemployment and disaffected youth. The birth of the drug industry kept cointellpro alive as it had 3 "benefits" - destruction of black communities, raised money for off the books covert ops, junkies made good informants, assassin recruits etc. It later resurfaced to turn Hip hop from Public enemy's Fight The Power to 50 Cent's get rich or die trying. The same "black on black gangster" violence subjugates the leaders of a black conciousness with lots of black men killed/sent to jail but the violence not dealt with.

12 years ago

lazibonz hates all 'effin' Americans because of what the FBI did to the Black American and thinks that all Americans deserve to be victims of terrorism. Does he or she also believe that all 'effin' Americans work for the FBI? Disturbing.

12 years ago

Also Danny Glover just came out with a new documentary on the black power movement, for anyone interested, don't have a link to it, but the name is

Black Power Mixtape

12 years ago

Unfortunately there is no surprise here, and with additional misfortune racism seems alive and well everywhere in government, from local to federal, and our justice branch as well.

Look how generously John Burge was treated by our legeal system. One of the most sick heinous violations of civil rights and human decency was perpetrated by this former police officer and what does he get a slap on the wrist. If anything we should holde these people to a much higher standard, not give them a pass...but again no surprises here.

12 years ago

On a global scale nations have had up rising all along but still for the wrong reasons. Blacks have been involuntarily displaced when others willingly exiled themselves from their native homes. Our white counter-parts never wanted us to have an opinion they just wanted us as work labor. They should have come up with better machines because we are children of God and our strong will won't let the oppressor keep oppressing. There has always been groups that have stood up against evil. Whites on the global scale have made themselves sit upon high and everyone else a lower being. The only way for the world to have peace is for equal distribution of God's wealth of the worlds resources to all the nations or there is going to be this continue fight.

Ron Burgundy
12 years ago

such a messed up thing to do, blacks are nothing to be scared of to do such a thing

12 years ago

Vlatko?!! Whats the deal my dude? loyal member here... I'm wondering why this of all docs isn't working?

12 years ago

Yeah, this one and Wake Up Call have not worked in a couple months....I wonder why?

12 years ago

ive tried to watch this several times but it never works any body else have this problem

12 years ago

Watching this documentary will make you dumber.

12 years ago

Strange,how at certain times I can not view certain Docs...

Mo gunz
12 years ago

White hippies are u serious dis was a race issue and still is u think America would ever let a brother like malcom in the white

no typo
12 years ago

This is only appalling for the fact that they have done this to taxpaying citizens...I don't think this was a 100% 'black' issue, it was a class issue, it will happen to "illegal" immigrants or any other group looking for a slice of the elite american pie...hell it happened to white hippies too

Mo Gunz
12 years ago

I cried after dis am sick of all the lies today and yessterday

12 years ago

this is why i dislike effing americans thats why even though i dont support terrorists i think americans have it coming . i wont be suprised if what the fbi did comes to bite them in the back and the truly sad thing is that their kids/grankids are the ones who are gonna suffer for their atrocities

12 years ago

Years before Katrina, the U.S government was warned again and again that a hurricane in New Orleans will be devestating, so why did they ignore? Simple, look at the results:

Blacks as a share of the metropolitan area before Katrina: 37 percent.

Blacks as a share of the metropolitan area after Katrina:
22 percent.

The white share of the population grew from 59 to 73 percent.

It is amazing to me that some Blacks still don't believe that the Republican run federal government did not turn the other way, knowing full well who is going to be hit the most. The few whites hit were expendable considering the larger Black community that will be affected.

Even when the disaster was unfolding they still tried their best to maximize the damage with slow response.

Well, during slavery, there were blacks paid to hunt down runaway slaves, so no surprise that you will find blacks supporting the Republican party.

12 years ago

I've always heard from blacks of the 1960s that they would often times see black duffel bags full of drugs dropped off in their communities, mainly in Oakland, CA. This is appalling and I'm not surprised the FBI or CIA would use tactic like this against people... just look at 9/11, Afghan-Soviet war, Iran, ect.

12 years ago

Doc is dead. FBI coverup? Maybe.

13 years ago

@ no name
There are things that some people would rather not know. There are groups, about which people are apathetic. Situations of injustice and inequality against others are avoided or ignored to assuage the conscious. People want to believe the best about the U.S. Government and it's agencies; therefore, the vast majority of visitors to this site will not choose to watch this documentary. This is apparent on a number of documentaries that expose racial hatred and division; not many viewers and scant commentary.

@ Battleangel

There were a lot of entities conspiring against Black leaders, but I do agree with the idea that this listing is misleading. It is a part of the "History of America" but those in power still control how things will be told. I'm just thankful that this site exists.

13 years ago

how the CIA started the bloods & crips rivalry with its introduction of crack cocain in the black community : they did not start the crips or bloods

crips became big out of the black panters , and bloods came when crips were taking over the streets harassing people and it was just a response to that

13 years ago

@atown - Tupac got taken out by the FBI. (wondering whether that should be a period or a question mark) Really. or ?

13 years ago

Add Tupac to the list of "black Messiah"'s that they took out. He was all about this.

Born 4change
13 years ago

There are some disturbing truth that lies in the pages of history, some of which will never be revealed. Stories of conspiracy and hatred for a people. ...But we are from a strong and persevering stock. A people whose strength and courage has changed the world. History has a way of righting all wrongs, and shining light of the darkness of humanity, and we will be better for the roll we played in opening its eyes to equality and love. For humanity to remove the perception of one man being fundamentally different from another, and that one man's rights and privileges are of more importance than that of another is to embrace an eternal truth, that will lead us to a more sustainable future built on peace and brotherly love. But the mess they the haters make until then, is the bed that they themselves will lay in.

13 years ago

Great Documentary! Chilling and Enlightening This documentary gives us clues on to how the modern day FBI and CIA continue to act to oppressed peoples' especially overseas.

The one thing I am wondering is why this documentary is under the "conspiracy" section here. The information presented here is not only proven to be true but backed up by thousands of witnesses, testimonies, and literature.

Until we start owing up to Americas true history things will not change. We must try to educate every one we know by sharing this documentary! Email it to a friend everybody!

13 years ago

This .rap is not used just on blacks, not just back then....look around you, it has worked so well for decades, what would make them stop now?

Thanks for posting this!!
educational and so incredibly sad!

Jonathan R
13 years ago

Wow that is something else - The FBI is so wrong for this... I wish they would have talked about how the CIA started the bloods & crips rivalry with its introduction of crack cocain in the black community

no name
14 years ago

I can't believe that there have been no comments written on this documentary. I found it rivoting and concerning. I don't believe that I'm the only person to have viewed this. Aside from that-- this is a must see for all people... not just Blacks, as this is not only about Blacks being silenced, it is about all americans. My only wish in viewing this film is that the quality were better, but I do understand that archive footage is being utilized.

Thank you for creating this website-- I share your enthusiasim for documentaries! Good work to whomever made this film and to the creation of this site.

My best to you.