America's War on Abortion

America's War on Abortion

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Donald Trump was the most anti-abortion president in years. He won a vicious political fight for control of the Supreme Court that could now result in abortion being banned entirely for millions of women across America.

Deeyah Khan is coming face to face with people convicted of anti-abortion terrorism and the anti-abortion campaigners who celebrate these attacks. She's meeting the medical staff who risked their lives to provide abortions and the women who face the harshest choices of their lives.

For decades the Supreme Court has protected the right of a woman to choose with the landmark decision "Roe v. Wade", but the death of justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has led to a battle for control of the Supreme Court. These legal struggles now have far-reaching consequences for American women. It may even mean abortion is one day banned across much of America.

For example, only three clinics regularly provide abortions in the whole of Alabama. On top of that, patients who arrive at Alabama Women's Center in Huntsville have to be shielded by people known as "clinic defenders" because every day just yards from the clinic entrance are anti-abortion protesters.

Having an abortion can be stressful and difficult and the staff say the protesters make things much worse. Dr. Robinson is medical director of the clinic in charge of everything that goes on there and her partner Dalton owns it. This is one of the few abortion clinics in the whole of America which is owned and run by people of color.

Under Donald Trump's term in office a number of Republican states have already passed laws severely restricting abortion. In 2019 Alabama banned it even for rape or incest. None of these state laws can come into action because they're overruled by the landmark Supreme Court decision "Roe v. Wade", but it seems the nightmare of America's abortion providers came true. If "Roe v. Wade" is overturned states such as Alabama may be allowed to severely restrict or even ban abortion.

Directed by: Deeyah Khan

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1 year ago

If a person goes through "Planned Parenthood" for an abortion, then they should be charged with
"premeditated murder"

1 year ago

I am 54 yrs young & I had an abortion when I was 19 yrs old and there isn't a day that goes by that I think about "my choice" & how I took my baby's right to live and to have a life & a few years later I got married and a year later we wanted to have a child & I in a ridiculous mind frame, I believed that the baby that I killed would be able to come back to Me and We tried for 4 yrs but I kept having miscarriages & I figured that I was being punished for what I had done & 10 yrs later I was able to get pregnant & Our Son was born and then got pregnant again at the age of 43 and Had another Son, When I look at them both I can't help it but wonder if either one of my boys is the child that I gave up. The only way that I can see anyone getting an abortion is if the child's life has ended inside of the mother's womb and I don't believe that it's ok to murder an innocent child because the mother was raped. After all, it isn't the baby's fault & so the punishment of the crime shouldn't be blamed on the baby or just because the mother doesn't want to be responsible. It's usually the young liberal women who for political reasons & money were "TRAINED & BRAINWASHED" by someone that is a Political Leader or by Some One who is into Politics or the Head of a Women's rights organization who has ties to some other type of an Organization or a Foundation & they seriously do not care about nothing else other then the money that they make by selling the baby's internal organs and the other body parts that weren't damaged while they twist and yank at the life of that child who is alive and in 98% of the adortion cases, the baby still had a heart beat & they even tried to take their first breath as they were dying & it's all because that their mother had to prove that she had the right to hold up a sign and chant out loud "my body, my choice" & if these babies could speak at that moment, I bet that they would ask "Why are your rights worth more to You & Why is my Life worth Less when you never gave me the chance, You just Killed Me instead"
Unless you're an immature cold hearted arrogant selfish person then that above wouldn't bother you I am sure but I hope that it did.

1 year ago

Here's the thing - I'm a guy and never really cared. Until we went from "safe, legal and rare" to "until the moment of birth". And that's just disgusting. Besides, if abortion is so important, why didn't the Dramacrats codify it the last two time they've controlled the house, the senate, and the White House? You have no one to blame except yourselves. And your lack of support proves this.

Not Me
1 year ago

if we men had *ANY* reproductive rights, maybe I'd be more sympathetic... but no, getting graped by a woman won't mean you don't have to pay child support... what's even "better", some countries have outright banned vasectomies!

Millie Henningson
1 year ago

Also, chainyanker, is having body parts what makes you human? What if you lose and arm or leg or both? Are you less human?

Millie Henningson
1 year ago

Chainyanker, blastomere and fetus are stages of a human person, just like infant, toddler, adolescent, teenager... Science says life begins at conception therefore a human is a person from the moment of conception. Most babies are aborted in the 1st trimester when they do have a heartbeat, fingers, toes, etc. They are removed from the womb by dismembering and crushing the skull. Some states allow abortion up to birth and this is not rare. There are around 10,000 late term abortions in the US. (The abortion of a 2nd and 3rd trimester child is more gruesome.) So chainyanker, you may ease your conscience by depriving the unborn child of its humanity but so did the slaveowners (with their slaves) and Nazis (with the Jews). Both said their targeted populations were not "persons".

As for the child conceived in incest or rape, while horrific as these violent acts are, the child (a completely innocent being) should not be made to pay for the sins of the father. The perpetrator, if caught, is not put to death so why should the child? Furthermore, abortion will not take away the emotional or psychological pain the woman has endured. (Abortion is not evidenced based mental health treatment.) Actually, abortion, which is an extremely violent act as it kills an unborn child, will only increase a woman's mental duress. Women all claim abortion is a difficult decision and that is because it is a moral one. (No one stresses about having their appendix, cancerous tumors or inflamed gall bladder excised.)

Remember, all pro choice people have already been born so it is easy to be pro choice when you are not the one getting killed.

1 year ago

so, 12 year old girls who were violated by, lets say their uncle, cant get an abortain? They arent allowed to drive, buy medicine, have a legal job, drink alcholic beverages and so much more but they can take care of a child while being a child themselves? Make it make sense. And even non-12-year-olds. A grown woman is NOT supposed to be forced to take care of a child. An unborn fetus is not a human, it does not count as murder. Men may be able to have a say in this but they in no way have a say whether the woman has to keep a developing child inside of her? This is a man's world and they are against women.

Steve Dustcircle
1 year ago

All the anti comments by men; those who have no clue what the situation is like. Religious patriarchy at its lowest.

1 year ago

For a pro-abortion documentary, it does a very good job validating my anti-abortion viewpoints.

Claudius Pereira
1 year ago

Abortion, in most cases, is MURDER . Radical lunatic left wingers in action !

1 year ago

totally agree, thanks!

Rick Villa
1 year ago

So maybe, if you want an abortion, you can just go to a state where they allow you to kill your baby without being penalized by law? Crazy abortionists want to be able to kill babies up to the moment of birth. Why not just have the baby and give it up for adoption? Why hurt the baby and have the guilt to deal with later?