America's War on Abortion

America's War on Abortion

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Donald Trump was the most anti-abortion president in years. He won a vicious political fight for control of the Supreme Court that could now result in abortion being banned entirely for millions of women across America.

Deeyah Khan is coming face to face with people convicted of anti-abortion terrorism and the anti-abortion campaigners who celebrate these attacks. She's meeting the medical staff who risked their lives to provide abortions and the women who face the harshest choices of their lives.

For decades the Supreme Court has protected the right of a woman to choose with the landmark decision "Roe v. Wade", but the death of justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has led to a battle for control of the Supreme Court. These legal struggles now have far-reaching consequences for American women. It may even mean abortion is one day banned across much of America.

For example, only three clinics regularly provide abortions in the whole of Alabama. On top of that, patients who arrive at Alabama Women's Center in Huntsville have to be shielded by people known as "clinic defenders" because every day just yards from the clinic entrance are anti-abortion protesters.

Having an abortion can be stressful and difficult and the staff say the protesters make things much worse. Dr. Robinson is medical director of the clinic in charge of everything that goes on there and her partner Dalton owns it. This is one of the few abortion clinics in the whole of America which is owned and run by people of color.

Under Donald Trump's term in office a number of Republican states have already passed laws severely restricting abortion. In 2019 Alabama banned it even for rape or incest. None of these state laws can come into action because they're overruled by the landmark Supreme Court decision "Roe v. Wade", but it seems the nightmare of America's abortion providers came true. If "Roe v. Wade" is overturned states such as Alabama may be allowed to severely restrict or even ban abortion.

Directed by: Deeyah Khan

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  1. Steve Dustcircle

    All the anti comments by men; those who have no clue what the situation is like. Religious patriarchy at its lowest.

    1. Ron

      the sentence above full of assumptions and stereo types: "anti comments by men?" assuming that men should not have a say here or that men do not have facility to understand! both myth as men are fathers and have hold half the equations and also almost 50% of the population, so they have as much right to make comments.
      2nd "Religious patriarchy at its lowest" first being religious is not a bad thing, 2nd Patriarchy is not bad either, infarct historically we, humanity have thrived where ever there has been religion and patriarchy. in fact there has never been civilization without religion or patriarchy. where ever society has thrived there has been religion and patriarchy.
      Stop spilling nonsense read for yourself, investigate and make your own mind instead of regurgitating someone else's halfwit nonsense.

  2. Martijn

    For a pro-abortion documentary, it does a very good job validating my anti-abortion viewpoints.

  3. Claudius Pereira

    Abortion, in most cases, is MURDER . Radical lunatic left wingers in action !

    1. Chainyanker

      Murder is defined as killing a person. At what point does a fetus become a person? A microscopic blastomere is not a person to me, so when does it become a person? Various states have different definitions, yours is ill-defined.

    2. Chainyanker

      So in Alabama even a woman who was raped by a close relative and became pregnant cannot get an abortion, insane.

  4. Mark

    totally agree, thanks!

  5. Rick Villa

    So maybe, if you want an abortion, you can just go to a state where they allow you to kill your baby without being penalized by law? Crazy abortionists want to be able to kill babies up to the moment of birth. Why not just have the baby and give it up for adoption? Why hurt the baby and have the guilt to deal with later?

    1. Chainyanker

      Why is a microscopic blastomere a 'baby'? It has no body parts.

    2. Chainyanker

      'Crazy abortionists', you are exaggerating, none propose what you say. Please be more truthful, otherwise you lose all credibility.