Red Cry

Red Cry

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In 1492 the indigenous Arawak people of the Caribbean Islands encountered Christopher Columbus of Spain. Columbus wrote in his log: "They would make fine servants... With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want." Columbus proceeded to unleash a reign of terror unlike anything seen before. When he was finished, eight million Arawaks have been exterminated by torture, murder, force labor, starvation, disease and despair.

Columbus' atrocities, with cross and sword, were justified by the Christian doctrine of "divine discovery" and set religious and legal precedent for the invasion and genocide of America's indigenous peoples... for the next 500 years and beyond. By 1650 a precarious relationship between the first nations of the East Coast of North America and New England colonies was collapsing... into slaughter and enslavement of native people by settlers who wanted more land and wealth. Most of the English colonies sanctioned and encouraged scalping Indians. In 1776, the United States gave birth to the first 13 states on land taken through the ethnic cleansing of dozens of tribes. The Declaration of Independence further enshrined the belief of Euro-American settlers' supremacy by declaring native peoples to be merciless Indian savages.

In 1787, United States adopted its Constitution... Article 6 established treaties as the supreme "Law of the Land." Despite this supreme law, treaties with sovereign native nations became slippery promises, easily broken when convenient. In 1823, in the case of Johnson and Graham's Lessee v. McIntosh, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the first nation people's right of occupancy was subordinate to the United States divine right of discovery. "The United States has unequivocally agreed... that discovery gave an exclusive right to extinguish the Indian title of occupancy."

This landmark ruling provided legal cover for governmental policies that would claim white Euro-Christian supremacy as justification for stealing indigenous lands and for the genocide of native peoples. In 1849, the California Gold Rush triggered the mass western migration of settlers putting them in direct conflict with existing indigenous nations.

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  1. Stop with all the lies.....the people of this country were copper colored! They are said to have a close similarity to Ethiopians!!!

  2. Humbling. Yes it is genocide.

  3. I learned more about the native americans than I knew before today. Honestly a lot of people don't even know this is going on at all. I did like the video for the most part but please don't bundle all whites in together. It will create a resentment and enemy's. I understand showing of anger but directing towards everyone as a whole will not create friends, defeating the purpose of the video. Similar to the BLM movement.

  4. While I agree that the indians did not fare well in the conquest, the negative tone of the presentation betrays the motives of the producers. This documentary is aimed at High Schoolers that are not grounded in social development around the world. I'm from South America, and I know when Columbus came he found the Caribbean indians have other indians tied to a pole, they were fattening them for the day of the banquet. And what can you say of the Aztecs famous for ripping hearts out alive indians, so nativism have its plus and minuses, and this balance is absent from your documentary. Think about this, you judge Americans for the ill treatment of indians while supporting their wild system of living, but if they don't assimilate, then judge the indians by their way of life, do not compare them to the American ways.

    1. So you are condoning the theft of their land, the genoicide and attempted annihilation and extermination of these indigenous natives? Look at this crazy corrupt, polluted country now. There is no nation in the 3 billion year history of this planet that has started more wars than the U.S. A ... in under 300 years. Thou shalt not steal. Kill, and rape, Jay.

  5. Nature is cruel. Killer whales migrate near beaches of breeding seals to eat and play with the bodies of the baby seals learning to swim. Natives had wars with one another this is a human activity. The Europeans came over and nature took its course. That is what it is, i'm a hippy and run trails natives ran in Michigan. The Natives life close to nature but they are human and once the tech came they saw the advantages too. We are all human!

    1. I'd pay money to watch you use that kind of logic to a Jewish holocaust survivor. Of particular interest would be their open-mouthed expressions as they realise that we humans have learned nothing.

      Killer whales migrate near beaches of breeding seals to eat and play with the bodies of the baby seals learning to swim.

      Guess what? We're not Killer Whales.

      And the Killer Whales behave like that to baby seals; very rarely to their own species.

      We are humans; we have something called morality. It's a little something that humans have evolved to stop them wiping out their own species. Long may it continue.

    2. Agree with MeMcMe's comments! We're not pre-programmed animals. We have the "abi!ity," the consciousness to make choices. Unfortunately, we're not very conscious. Either We make that leap soon...or the human species will destroy itself.

    3. You sir, are not a "Hippy". Unless you have large hips, then you may be hippy, but if you "run trails" you wouldn't. So based on this level of ignorance, and why you felt the need to brag about trail running , as if that has any relation whatsoever, it's safe to say that you have no concept of what anyone but yourself does. Being born a certain year doesn't make you what was popular at the time, so I'm positive you aren't a Hippie either, and I'm positive you are white .

  6. White man is the second beast mentioned in the bible and he is here to kill everything. So sick of the white's existence and story and fake history that I could vomit at this point.

  7. Magnificent! Right thru the heart to my soul. One, & Ive seen MANY, of the very best documentaries out there, Thank you

  8. 2017 The same element that has been snatching white children for the past 40 years is the same element that invented the insane maniac predator that seems to have been INCREMENTALLY replaced by 'the terrorist', IT IS A FIGMENT accelerated by modern media but there has always been a boogyman created by the very same greedy, bloodthirsty, racist, pedophile, mind f-cking, supremacists who pulled off the theft of this magnificent continent, and did all the same sh-t to our native peoples and their children and their culture and continue to oppress & distort them to this day.
    They gave no mercy because they had no mercy & "NO TRUTH IN THEM".
    We failed to wake up & put on our brothers shoes. We settled for "A Veneer of Justice In A Kingdom of Crime" is the superbly apt description (& documentary btw) for this theater we exist in / live in as if its true.
    We did not look harder dig deeper or stand up against the cruelty inflicted then, we must face the deeds, IN OUR NAME, the merciless wrought on them. They predated, WITH OUR (the whites) SUPPORT on Indians, the Africans & are happy with their 'work', now our time has come. We were already so molded, twisted, transformed into accepting abnormalty (its a word now), we served well their secret, ultimate intentions. Now that all other courage against their domination has been subdued, we shall today face OUR land, children, families, elders, progeny, food supply, health, environment & all living creation, under our poor stewardship, that they are coming for.
    People, not all but enough, with freedom have TIME to devote to untangling history (none if they have TV). TIME to get a view, TIME to follow feeling compelled to get at the truth after 1 major lie leads to the next. Then they find themselves hacking & slashing through the misinfo & lies that make up our imagined, falsely documented history.
    What we accept as reality requires our education be altered, to disrupt our natural mental process of deductive reasoning, to impose obstacles TO learning, TO GENUINE maturation & logical behavior not driven by triggers & compulsions & addictions & emptiness. Obstacles like trauma, doubt that inhibit fearless independence youll fight & die for before giving in.
    Hundreds of years of rule they have mastered by adapting a military like strategy of controlling the regimen, the flow of information, preempting acquisition of skills should one need to survive.....without them.
    But today the facade of paternal concern we have been lulled by, they must crumble. Awareness & knowledge will soon undo them so it is time for the final: Problem/Reaction/Solution to create chaos they will control. They relish the fear in our uncertainty. our competitive clawing at each other to avoid being the one to go under. That has always been the plan, for all humanity, to go under...their foot or die.
    A highly secret, centuries old & perfected plan which cannot succeed unless they murder the majority of us to keep hold of the invisible, to us, reins. A delight they will savor. Civilization conquered, created, constructed. Skills developed, techniques gleaned, the directions mapped, the 'know how' is documented....the sorting & elimination of useless eaters is the culling that will begin before long. A stage that has long been prepared for.
    That 'thinning of their herd' we caught rumors of? That we dismissed as being so unbelievable we did not believe, but we will....just as our brothers before us watched them do to their own.
    For however much of the Book they encrypted with riddles & deciet Our Fathers words remained clear, untainted & a challenge we were capable of achieving: "We Are Our Brothers Keeper" the instructions to "Love One Another" so "The Truth Shall Set You Free". Forgive us dear brothers, sisters & relatives......Will we catch on before the victims are humanity itself?
    Awakened Wabbitt
    That is why we are NOT watching their programming instrument they insure is affordable or accessible to all. We are here.

    1. Read it all. Twice. Awesome overview. Thanks for the hope of opening more eyes.

  9. For openers we were lied to by our teachers, our preachers and our parents from the day we were born, regarding just about everything it now seems. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio where they made a big event out of this genocidal maniac ...... and called it 'Columbus Day'. Good grief, such a crime. And for some reason we were never taught anthropology that we might understand the world, instead a 'religion' was 'instilled' within our minds, and we were told that we would be forced to suffer the worst of tortures if we didn't believe! ls that not child abuse? It takes a lifetime, and I've about run that course, to realize what life is all about. It begins with 'believe, and you will be rewarded', but if you don't believe, then you will certainly suffer..... And just look, the majority of the world's people believe what they are told, they believe that these myths, these mythologies, these 'religions' are reality. Columbus believed in Christianity, and he felt superior to the native peoples he encountered when he had no reason to. Men have created thousands of gods and goddesses.... when will people begin to understand the human mind?

  10. Very interesting reading all these comments & the most interesting part is how whenever white Christians are called out on their progenitors blatant racism there is an invariable allusion to "they were killing each other before we got here" or the increasingly popular "it wasn't my great granpappy but rich elites in control of the govt then" both have some kernels of truth at their basis but those are only small surface bits that belie the facts. White settlers were extremely racist towards N8Vs on an everyday basis as a GENERAL rule! That fact cannot & shouldn't EVER be denied nor brushed aside!! That is the larger point of this & other docs like it, to illuminate & hold up for consternation the atrocious thoughts/actions of your ancestors so that hopefully you learn that its up to you as inheritors of this dubious ill gotten legacy to finally stomp out & cease all such behaviors in the future! We N8Vs aren't seeking reparations from or deportment of all non-NDNs or even apologies but are only seeking to help all humanity understand the violent natures within everyone by reminding you of the more than 10X worse genocide perpetrated on us so that it will hopefully never again happen!!! Dochsh`e wast`e mitakuye oyate

  11. I had to stop watching at 45:00. When she starts blaming starches and carbohydrates, then goes on to say our body is built to utilize protein.... Do you understand that legumes are primarily starches, complex carbohydrates? I mean I understand the lack of education due to the subjugation and neglect to the people, but you need to comprehend you are being handed PROCESSED foods, don't blame a macro-nutrient for your health qualms, when you seemingly don't comprehend it. Let us emphasize, fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains.... All comprised primarily of these demonic "complex carbohydrates and starches"...

  12. just 1 minute and 24 seconds in I can feel deep sadness inside it seems to come from a far away place....

  13. First of all, what happened to the Native American peoples is an atrocity. Their rights were clearly violated and they were taken advantage of right from the start. Most of their current problems are directly correlated to actions, broken treaties and wars caused by the Us during the 18th and 19th centuries. I do however seem to have a huge problem with how the Lakota people are reacting towards their problems. They seem to resent the government and their "white counterparts" for all their wrongdoing, but at the same time ask for food, for infrastructure and jobs. I don't believe that the downfall of Native Americans is due to government ignorance but rather due to the fact that most of the people depicted in this documentary seem to think it's the governments job to make all their problems go away. I truly respect their way of life and how they continue to fight for their rights and their culture. It's just not within the realm of possibility in today's world to get the best of both worlds. Either you want to be a sovereign state and figure out your own problems and how to fix them, or you can be a part of the US government and accept the help that is given to you. You can't have it both ways.

    1. ^"why can't the native americans ask pwetty pwease for the awful s*it we give them?"

    2. Did you even watch the documentary, Jorge?

    3. Yes you can. And yes we should. You're obviously apart of the invisible mind programming. You need to sit down...write out every thing you said...then ask and research why you believe that...because most of what you've said about their LACK of making an effort is a lie. What would you do in their circumstances requires imagination to walk in their shoes.

  14. I thought this was an incredibly enlightening, yet depressing documentary. It's shameful that people are still so ignorant to the ongoing destruction of these great people and culture.
    The racism against the 'half breeds' bothered me though. Would they be rejected by the 'pure' native americans if someone with mixed blood came to the reservation with a desire to learn the language and the culture of their people?

  15. .....all I can say is I'm stilling waiting for America's karma to come swinging round, because we all know that nation has ALOT to answer for. my god, it just makes you shake your head at what humans are capable of when power and so called "god given entitlement" goes to their head. I guess they just forgot to skip the part in the Bible which says God created ALL man equal...or was that just a typo.... smh

    1. The phrase -God created all men equal- is from the Declaration of Independence not the Bible. Wow, you really showed your a** there. God only claimed to have created one man therefore could not have made Adam "equal" to anyone as he was the only one. It makes me shake my head when I hear idiots like you spewing stupid comments under anonymous names as if a complete moron is entitled to an opinion.

    2. Yes it is funny how that the majority of Christians in this country claim that the God of the Declaration of Independence is the Biblical God, and that we owe our entire nations founding and its laws on their God, The Bible and so called "Judeo-Christian" values.

    3. does the bible actually say that? I know Lincoln wrote those words into the Gettysburg Address in reference to the Declaration and Bill of Rights

    4. You do understand Christopher Columbus was not an American, right? And that is one weird Bible you are reading.

  16. This film brings to mind the picture of a N/A with the caption, "Fighting terrorism since 1492." Sadly this continues, not only at Pine Ridge, but in many other places, by the same terrorists.
    I see by sum of the comments, that it didn't take long to get off topic, and start arguing. Power and control, isn't that the topic for these inhuman acts brought forth in this film? Live and let live, just as the Lakota and many others want to do. The acts against the N/A look more like genocide, and or democide.

  17. I am personally ashamed of my race, my heritage and my "given" Christian religion. I would hope that native peoples would forgive me for my race for my religion for my forebears ignorance and cruelty. I feel nothing but shame.

    1. Mike, don't be ashamed - you can never be responsible for another person's actions. The feelings associated with guilt and/or shame is not helpful nor conducive to a positive way of thinking.

      All humans are different and it's often not mentioned but imperialists were the dominant groups. Just like today, back then there were large inequalities of wealth and if you were rich and therefore had a good high stake in society you could more or less do what you want.

      In short, what I'm trying to say is that not all whites were the same. Some saw no problem in doing what they had a misguided view, whilst others (even of the same race) did see inherent problems in the way they acted.

      Superficial differences like race, sexual orientation, class etc are only labels that bring about assumptions. Knowing that you are a living being with emotions is enough for me to say that I have nothing but love and respect for you, and hearing that you feel that way affects me, so please rejoice in the goodness of humanity and not the divisive consequences of labels :)

      May you the rest of your journey be a happy one!

    2. I'm not christian anymore, but even if I were, I wouldn't be ashamed or apologize for what others of the same group did. Nobody is responsible for anyone else's crimes, you don't need to apologize on anyone else's behalf. Just condemn them for what they did and make sure you teach others not to follow in their footsteps.

  18. Catholic dominated expansion of the Americas left open d saying of divine right... Divine right for white people to rule and take everything and anything because of some twisted Christian doctrine.if anyone in the faith of Christianity or Catholicism were true to their own doctrine the subjugation of others would have stopped... But wait.their own doctrine encourages the taking of land and then the conversion of those who do not know convenient? manifest destiny.. How much bull**** can you swallow all of your own faith?

    1. I read once that the Catholic Church, when confronted with negro natives of Africa and South America, declared that they were not 'human' in the same way as the white people, and therefore they could be made slaves. And to think that the Book of Joshua is anything but a description of genocide is absurd. At Leviticus18;24, God says "Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways, because this is how the nations that I am going to drive out before you has become defiled. Even the land was defiled, so I punished it for its sin, and the land vomited out its inhabitants". At Deut 7:1,"When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you many nations...... seven nations larger and stronger than you -- and delivered them over to you and you have defeated them, then you must destroy them totally*. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy." And a footnote explains: "The Hebrew term refers to the irrevocable giving over of things or persons to the Lord, often by totally destroying them." Hmmm.......... Could not a believing Christian likely have a predisposition to genocide regarding those of other beliefs and religions. God's chosen people, indeed!

  19. the problem with this documentary is.. That Columbus and his fleet came representing "the one true God". they saw everyone on the continent as being pagans and being only worthy of slavery unto the church, or perhaps the monarchy that sent them.once again Western Power & religion has subjugated a less advanced race.while at the same time being less advanced than the current science we know to be true. Ignorance plus ignoignorance in the dark ages thru the Renaissance = the Catholic Church.. And I say period With a capital P.ask Copernicus Bruno Galileo...

  20. Lets face it, man hasn't changed one bit. We are a deceitful and cruel lot for the most part. Makes me wonder how long slavery would have lasted in the USA if Abe didn't come along. So sad

  21. The people who greeted Colon were TAINOS! Early anthropologists didn't know any better labeling everyone the same when each tribe was different. None of the Natives in the Caribbean called themselves Arawaks!

    The Arawaks were in South America, the caribbean was populated with natives named after each of their island. Classic tainos, western taino, Caribs, guanahatabeys, and only in parts of jamaica could Arawak descendants be found outside of Venezuela, the colombian basin in Colombia and central america. that's because they spoke a different language than the Classic Tainos. The Tainos were not Arawaks. Boriquas, Cubanacans, Cibaos, Aities, all were not Arawaks.

    Colon never reached North America. That credit goes to Ponce de Leon thanks to the Boriquas from the Island of Boriken telling de Leon the fable story of the Fountain of Youth in Bimini just to get him out of the Island.

  22. I have not yet watched this documentary; however, I twice notice in the description the word, "Christian." It is nowhere mentioned, of course, that Columbus was a jew, with at least six jews on board and that it was they, the jews, who were trafficking in slavery.

    1. Columbus may have been Jewish, it's not known for certain. What is known is that if he were Jewish he would have had to hide it like his life depended on it because of the barbaric nature of the ruling Christian class of the time. Tens of thousands of Jews and Marranos (secretly Jewish) were being torture and killed.

      I'm not sure if your comment shows genuine ignorance or something more insidious ...

    2. The real Jews were people of color, the people calling themselves Jewish today are converts to Judaism. It's also a fact the the Jewish elite financed the
      Tran Atlantic Slave Trade. Do your research jaberwokky

    3. It seems to me I said nothing about Jewish heritage and the rights to claim it in my comment. Somehow you decided that educating me on your version of Jewish history was the right way to answer a question relating to a perceived issue of persecution. Given that, my question to you is are you trying to educate me or are you trying to prove how bigoted you are?

      Edit: What would you like me to research?

    4. You made the following statement:
      "Columbus may have been Jewish, it's not known for certain". And I replied to it
      stating what I stated "The real Jews were people of color, the people
      calling themselves Jewish today are converts to Judaism" I was merely
      stating a fact trying to have a gentlemen's conversation with you. But I
      see that is impossible, because you like to resort to name calling.
      Thus, kind gentlemen you have a nice day, and forgive me for intruding.
      But still I was just stating a fact. Research the fact the the Jewish people of today are converts. And the Hebrews that he bought with him knew the Hebrew language, and Columbus was not looking for a route to India he was searching for the lost tribes of Israel. Because of what he had read in the Apocrypha (it means hidden books). They don't teach that in school.

    5. Fair enough, I was a little too pointed in my question and I apologise.

      Edit: I get jumpy when people start into the issue of Jewish history because it usually means they are laying the ground work for an argument of an altogether insipid nature.

    6. accepted, I understand that very well. I wasn't saying what i said to start anything of that nature. Nice chatting with you and I do apologize for making you jumpy. ;)

    7. If the world took a leaf out of both of your books when it came to resolving disputes like you two just did, we would all be in a happier world right now.

  23. The Lakota have the key to destroying the West's empire. By virtue of pure principle. An enemy so great as this "Smaug", so to speak, lays bare it's most vulnerable weakness in its engagement. It's just to access this Achille's Heal, makes on equally vulnerable to an even worse demise. I would tell the Indian the truth, & they would know it to be, both the only victory possible & ultimate loss of their culture. No one could, or would dare intervene. No one could not watch in horror, yet no one would be willing to show it. It would rock the entire human psychology in terror. Japan would cut off their pinkies as a people. It's the most disgusting idea anyone can conceive of. It makes the Scorched Earth look cordial. It makes Jesus look greedy, & dismembers religion. Become the treaty stone & show the Indian it is long since dust, by becoming the truth. No agent can decipher this, only the dead can hear Death's call. Make magic. Peace, 2014!

  24. When you think that the Israelites are doing the same thing in Palestine...

  25. Obesity seems rampant among these native Americans, yet another scar left by the occupiers...

    1. And, why dont they home school??

    2. How can you " homeschool" when the "school"(say..their native lands) has been taken (through "manifest destiny")away? The "school" was the native environment where their culture originated! The culture of some 5 to 10 thousand years was made illegal. White christian p.o.s' made speaking the native toung illegal. Their heritages...the same! Subdue all that was who they were. The only true American Genocide! Think about it!

    3. Good points...

    4. LMFAO! Yes, we "occupiers", storm into "native Americans" homes, strap them to a table and force feed them every night until they are sufficiently Obese.
      The sheer stupidity of these sort of comments is dumbfounding.

    5. your so ignorant! did you watch the whole documentary? and did you even listen? they are forced to eat what the gouverment is sending them becouse its against the law to grow their own food.. i can type all day but you should just watch it again, and now try to pay attention to the important thinks!

    6. It's not stupidity Natives and other parts of the Americas such as the Caribbean,Mexico and Falklands have a higher obesity rate than the given average and the illnesses that accompany obesity are prevalent . The cheapest food is often the unhealthiest.

      Cokes multilingual NFL advert came under fire for not being solely in English, they said they were celebrating diversity. The reality is that their target market of white Americans have become more health conscious. As a result they target their crap to Native Americans, Latio and African American groups in the guise of celebrating diversity and gaining free publicity by causing a stir among the conservative 'Americans'.

  26. All religions seek to dominate the ignorant.

    1. No that would be pseudo science and the liberal media....

    2. fortunately liberal media speaks a rationale based "mostly" on information, based in science and understanding. for media I go to for my information anyways. Fox, CNN MSNBC blah blah blah f them, do your own research.. Come to your own conclusions.National Public Radio does more to inform then all other news outlets combined. anything commercially based. religiously based and or special interest based has an agenda that they are trying to sell.

    3. I like how the Christains like to go 1/2 (half way) with their beliefs and then STOP DEAD.

      1) Only through Jesus may you understand the Holy Father God.

      Well, last I checked the Bible says that Jesus exists in all of us. So, you can contact the Holy Father God yourself if Jesus is within all of us.

      But, organized Religion does not want this, because then why goto a Chruch and give your soul away if you know you have divinity, like Jesus, as the BIBLE Tells us.... They always say Jesus only Him and NO further... it takes away your God given right to God to say only Jesus and no one else.

      But, the Satanists like Crowley and the other anti-christians take it too far and say, "Do what though Wilst." Meaning who gives a crap, I am God and so F off.

      When can we find a happy medium? When will people get with themselves and use just 1/2 a brain cell and not give in to all these crazy lies?

    4. As a former Christian (now Atheist), having studied the Bible for 20+ years...I partly agree & partly disagree as well as take issue with your comment.

      I think the verse you refer to is:

      "....that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with power through His Spirit in the inner man, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; and that you, being rooted and grounded in love...."
      ~Ephesians 3:16-17

      From my understanding it is not Jesus who dwells within the Believer it is the Holt Spirit. The Scriptures say that Christ (the Spirit of Christ) can dwell in the Believer's heart through 'Faith' whereas God/Jesus sends the The Holy Spirit to dwell (literally): 1 Corinthians 6:19, 2 Timothy 1:14, Romans 8:11...there are more verses to support my comment.

      I agree with your point about organized religion, History tells us the the Church was designed to control, enslave and extort the population.

      Speaking of 'stopping dead'...which is exactly what you do in your comment about Crowley who WAS NOT a Satanist: Both during his life and after it, Crowley has been widely described as a Satanist, usually by detractors and by the Press's Sensationalism . Crowley stated he did not consider himself a Satanist, nor did he worship Satan, as he did not accept the Christian world view in which Satan is believed to exist. Crowly leaned towards Thelema , a religion based on a philosophical law, in the order of The Law Of Reciprocity which is a central tenet by many Religions . The law of Thelema is "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will."

      Your claim that 'anti-Christians' , those of us who do not accept Christianity as our religion subscribe to a moral code of: " "Do what though Wilst." Meaning who gives a crap, I am God and so F off." is utterly absurd.

  27. ,,,also, Christianity never committed any atrocities; wicked and ungodly people committed atrocities, misusing Christianity as their rationale.

    1. Inquisition? What Inquisition, I don't know nothin' 'bout no Inquisition

    2. Ha! (made me laugh thought you should know)

    3. but how do we tell the difference between the two,they all claim that their mission is Gods work?

    4. use your own logic and brain.

    5. Communism/Athiesm has killed many more people than pseudo Christianity

    6. Unless you are able to prove with actual numbers (which no one can) its a waste of time stating this.

    7. Communism is NOT Atheism. Atheism is not an ideology, Atheism simply means a lack of belief in god/s while Communism is a political ideology. There’s a difference between Atheistic and anti-Religious. You don't seem to be able to differentiate a Governing system from a Belief system.

    8. Look up the 'No true Scotsman' fallacy. Your post is an example of that fallacy.

    9. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a joke statement or not...because this sounds hilariousis to me.please tell me who are the wicked and the ungodly?

  28. Columbus arrived in the Caribbean in 1494, having left Spain in 1492.

  29. Christianity and government equally have placed a mental virus in it's own people called " IGNORANT BLISS" and created the most ignorant country in the world called the USA.

  30. Kudos to this website and it's Moderators. The level of free speech here is very insightful as to how different people think. THANK YOU very much.

  31. Yes, everything is horrible. But it doesn't stay that way. Aboriginal Americans are getting excellent reparations today by a legal construct that gives them a virtual monopoly in the multi-billion $ gaming industry. Better them than Meyer Lansky!

    Arabian nomad tribes, on a diet of camel milk and fleas for centuries, are now enjoying the very best things that money can buy.

    Catholic pederast clergy are being prosecuted and their protectors charged with obstruction of justice as payback for their cruelty.

    Cheer up. Things are getting better sooner or later.

    1. Getting better for everyone but the black man! What happened to the forty acres and a mule we were promised. A promise that will never be fulfilled!!!!

    2. Not condemning you one bit, but with lovingkindness, I want to tell you that you need to get over that, Alvin, just like I need to get over what the British government did about the Irish Potato Famine. Or what the Roman Catholic Church did in the Inquisition. What Germany did. Or the Moslem hordes did to Christians, Jews, and everyone from the Pyrenees to Samarkand if they failed to convert.

      As long as people nurture and cherish a root of bitterness (like Palestinians, Armenians, Cuban-Americans, embittered blacks) they stand little chance of doing well and being satisfied in this fallen world. If only Adam hadn't sinned, my life would be just fine! Reject that and embrace your sonship of the living God. He wants you victorious and joyful.

    3. dude we cant eat money, we need to live with nature in order to treuly live free as humans, and that is also YOU terry. this is not only for them, its for the planet.

  32. I say boycott Columbus day!

    1. You had better boycott the $20-dollar bill if you're serious.

  33. This page has the longest list of racially bigoted comments I've ever seen. If someone were to take the comments as whole truths they would walk away thinking that "White Christians" (Whites in general) are a race of demons hell bent on inflicting genocide and cruelty on all the helpless peoples of planet Earth.
    Columbus was no doubt a wicked man. Yes, he was a White Christian. What about genghis khan? His hordes of Mongolian warriors exterminated countless men, women, and children in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Just Persia alone, the Mongols reduced the population by 90%.
    The Turks invaded Anatolia and ethnically cleansed the Greeks from the peninsula. They then invaded south east Europe and massacred millions. They enslaved anyone left alive.
    The Orientals completely (with the one exception of "reservation" natives still living in Japan) exterminated the indigenous Australoid peoples of all south east Asia.
    The Chinese had a total war against the "Yellow heads" in northern China and completely exterminated those people (look up a documentary called Ice Maiden to see who these "Yellow Heads" were).
    The "Native Americans" of Asian decent are believed to have exterminated the Solutrean Americans that migrated via Europe who were in N. America first.
    The Hebrews exterminated countless tribes after they migrated to the Middle East, i.e., Canaanites, Philistines, etc.
    Genocide, slavery, and cruelty in general is the dark side of ALL HUMANITY, not just the evil White man or Christian.

    If many of you weren't so blinded by your self-hatred and/or thirst for blood, you'd realize that it's the evil White man who has made the greatest strides in putting the brakes on much of this evil human behavior. We put an end to out right slavery in every European country by the late 19th century, we coined and implemented crazy concepts like Human Rights for all. We relinquished control of colonies voluntarily after WW2 (some were less willing unfortunately).

    I'll stop here because I've made my argument. Sadly, most of the people posting comments won't be able to get past their bloody nature and continue to bash and all but advocate exterminating Whites because we're the evil ones.

    1. Well said. Do the Islamic warriors who forced every one from Samarkand to the Pyrenees to convert or die as infidels count as "white men?"

      Guess I had better work on my tan... big time!

    2. Shhhh! You might give one of these NPR intelligentsia a brain hemorrhage because it's completely contrary to their "Politically Correct" (Cultural Marxist) religion.
      These are probably the same sort that donated millions to the Kony 2012 lie. LOL!
      And, look at how they simply post their hateful statements without even attempting to debate any statement well footed in reality.

    3. It doesn't matter what you believe, at one time all beliefs we do or die. That is the cause of all violence " beliefs"

    4. This is what the rich people do, race doesn't matter

    5. If you look for what these killers throughout history have in common, it's a psychopathic need to own and dominate, which is a common thread among all Patriarchal societies. In our time the most prominent Patriarchal cultures have biblical origins and would include the Christians, the Muslims and the Jews.

    6. The very rare matriarchal societies in history fair no better than patriarchal ones. In fact, most of the few societies considered to be matriarchal were usually politically/militarily male, the families were headed by females. These societies tended to die off quickly and never got bigger than a small village or loosely connected tribes.
      And, it's been proven time and again that children raised with a father are far more likely to succeed in life than those with without. Hmmm?
      Both men and women have their faults as well as benefits.
      My point, really, is that it's easy to blame every subgroup under the sun. It all boils down to Human nature - period.
      But it sure is easier for everyone to mindlessly keep pointing that finger and ignore the five fingers pointing right back attcha.

    7. I agree with you about the blame game, it's a catch-22, and I feel sorry for caucasians, they seem to be the only ethnicity that have to endure racist rage, taunts and jokes with a smile. And it IS racism! (for any that wish to know my ethnic decent to help them judge this comment: I am mixed race with heritage stemming from black, white, chinese and indian. Born and raised in England, yes I'm a real fusion of genes).
      This aside the point I'd like to make is that it is the individual as well as the collective that allows such atrocities regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.
      It comes down to ignorance and fear.
      It's easy to control through fear, in fact that is how the world is run, in our "civilised" society we just have a slightly more advanced form of that control now, namely money and popular media.
      For example if I was asked to kill my neighbour I would say "No freaking way!" but if I was informed that my neighbour had been siphoning money from my bank account, (this is why I'm struggling to pay my bills and feed my family) and is using that money to give people that live in odd-number houses better weapons, food and security so they can take over my home and others living in even-numbered houses then that changes the situation.
      The obvious solution to this is to knock my neighbour's door and ask. But people don't because they are frightened of their neighbour, they have been told that their neighbour is different, evil, wrong and so the best solution is to remove the "threat" one way or another.
      People! If you wanna change the pattern of humans wiping each other out? Start with yourself and your own fears and misinformation and you in turn educate those that are scared of you.

  34. Lots of highly racist sentiment in this documentary. The anti-white stuff is to be expected and is generally forgivable, but the 'half-breed' talk is rather deplorable.

  35. There is not a place on the planet that has not been desecrated and destroyed by the White Man and his arrogant Christian values extolling superiority over darker skinned people and other belief systems. White, Christian hypocrisy is astoundingly blatant when viewed historically. What they did and continue to do to the Native Americans should put them in the same category as Adolph Hitler, the man that to most of the modern world has been deemed the most evil. Of course, anyone who digs deep enough into the Nazi Holocaust will find Jewish ties to the destruction of their own people as well, at least those of the Zionist Jews, from the elite Jewish bankers on down.

    The White Christians have ruined many an indigenous culture in the cruelest possible ways, not the least of which has been taking children away from parents. They did this also with the Aboriginal people of New Zealand and Australia (watch Rabbit Proof Fence) and with indigenous tribes in South America. In Africa it was Cecil Rhodes who used alcohol and other similar means to steal the lands from Native Africans in order to lay hands on the land and it's resources which included diamonds, making it part of the Brittish Empire. He founded DeBeers Diamonds and became incredibly wealthy off of his illegal and immoral pursuits.

    America has no more right to condemn Germany or any other country for their evil acts of suppression and genocide as long as this blood stain continues to be swept under the carpet of American History. Until America apologizes and provides reparations to the Native Americans in the same way Germany was ordered to do for the Jews, we as Americans are no better than the Nazis, I hope each person who watches this documentary pays attention to the end about how to become involved.Share the documentary, write and take action. If those who are touched by this do nothing these people will surely die out, continuing to suffer in the meantime. To them I extend my gratitude for the making of this incredible documentary. I will take action.

    1. Correct, all wars the usa has today are non white poor countries, the last time wa attacked a white race was the germans and that is because they were doing what we are doing now in other countries.

    2. There is the Virtue of the Vikings, isn't it? They only raped, murdered, enslaved, and sacked other disgusting White people. :o)

      The entire notion of Group Guilt is a racist simplification. Useful but false.

    3. This White Man thing is starting to get unruly. In fact is ANYONE white? I mean my mother was Mexican and Dad Polish. Most 'White people' have the same story.

      It is not a questions of color of skin, but a mantality. True most white skinned humans have loads of Drones and Missiles. And true the Brown Skinned Muslums treat their women with NO respect and refuse most change and are FEVERISTIC in their Holy Book.

      Both seem to be at odds. As I see it was are a Human Familly. White, Black, Brown and Yeller ... whatever color. It is your MIND and your culture that defines you.

      I find it fun to listen to a Fully BLACK guy speaking Proper U.K. English. Is he Black or a refined english gentalmen?

      Looking at skin tone is surface tension. Look what is IN the water beneither that and you find some substance to talk about.

  36. A disgusting tale of American savagery on the indigenous tribes of the blessed Indian nations that were first on the lands stolen from them. Shame on the American white nation for their crimes!

  37. This is the face of English Culture. It is a Culture of agression and Intelligence. But, that Intelligent Agression is going to Back fire. As the American Military has grown so out of control, even within the American Military, the MJ12 (or Mejestic 12) are fighting with it's own Military. Area 51 now spread in 'black' areas, poses Weapons far greater than that of the 'Traditional' Military.

    You can not do much against Energy Weapons and Anti Gravity machines when all the Traditional Military has are chemically based Rockets, airplans and tanks.

    That divine discovery will soon be felt by the very people that started it. Psychopaths will kill other Psycopaths. Few even will understand what I am talking about.

    1. I know exactly what you are saying, eventually the machine eats the machine.

    2. Psychopaths may kill each other off,but we will still be caught in the middle.I use to agree with your posts,but now your starting to sound like you may have stepped out of a flying saucer

    3. So easy are you to read, systems1000, that I can tell you are Bias against those that think Flying Saucers are real and are all over youtube. Do not give yourself away to easy my friend! :) In fact that's cool. I love it all.

    4. Agreed,the evidence supporting the existence and proof that UFO,s really exist is solid and can no longer be denyed.But their origins and intent (if any) still remains only speculative.

    5. Their Origins is the Universe. Some say star systems. Well yeah, some star system. But, until the public gets to dialog with them, it only seeds speculations. It is maddening.

      As far as their Intentioned.

      What would you do if you had the ability to go faster than the speed of light on light ships connected directly to your mind. That you could travel Inter-dimensionally and therefore had UNLIMITED resources, as in Asteroids and other Planetary bodies. Also the ability to replicate ANY atomic and therefore molecular structures. You would have ABUNDANCE, no limit to the amount of materials.

      And You also had energy weapons and ability to harness entire Suns of their magnetic fields and energy.

      And have been watching many planets, not just Earth?

      This is what they have done.

      1) Study us, maybe take samples
      2) Explored the Earth with craft and probes

      See, some people think they are here to hurt us or destroy us. That is so naivety thinking when you consider...

      a) They could have destroyed us a long time ago
      b) WE have fire on them and they have no fired on us.
      c) They have abundance ...

      So, they are explorers... not destroyers. They want to see new Species rise to the level of peaceful exploration. The more the merrier.

      But we have fired upon them, and even taken their crafts, yet they restrain themselves, because, well they have abundance and are wise.

      The American Military HAVE staged (false flagged alien abductions) as a way to scare the public and a make them think aliens are 'out to get us'.

      If you use 1/2 a brain cell you will see that if they really wanted to destroy us, they could at any moment. Yet, they have restrained themselves.

      My theory is that they will allow us to live so long as we do not try to leave the planet. They will ONLY let us leave the planet, no further than Mars IF we stop killing each other and destroying the Earth.

      The Petro-Nazi's are keeping this from happening. As long as we use Oil, Coal and Gas as energy, it will be impossible to evolve. That is the real story. Energy Wars. Money also must become a think of the past. We work together, no work just to get by.

      We are at the cusp of something profound and most people do not realize it.

      I learned most of what I know about the true agenda from Dr. Greer... please check him out. Very brave man.

    6. It's all Chatham house rules in the great game.

  38. Every American needs to watch this documentary!

  39. Apologies...below comments directed to
    Bobby Marko's rejoinder.

  40. Very pleased to read how you "love" being criticized. You are "judged" and "known" by words which imply racial superiority.

    Notwithstanding those confused racial comments, (proud 'white' or Indian?) , your apparent ignorance of the planetary destruction caused by the cruelest, most unjust economic system (capitalism) ever devised by men is repugnant.

    You're one quarter Cherokee but patently ignorant indifferent of their communistic past (society) which allowed them relative autonomy and an enviable harmony with Nature.

    There is only one sin.....ignorance.

    1. Well said

  41. Great Doc!!
    Totally worth the 2hrs.
    Real truth of real corruption!

    00:43:10 -- “They cannot take ownership...” - Is seemingly explaining the sort of idealistic clause, indoctrinated into the culture responsible for the Genocide of the Native American people. Ie: The ideal of never having to admit you were wrong.

    00:51:00 -- Goes on to describe a missed point of More neglect of minors. From withholding information pertinent to participation within their native society/culture. Thus depriving education; constituting (yet again) premeditated abuse, against the Native American peoples (Genocide).

    01:15:00 -- Describes the story of a girl pretty much cradle robbed, in which her abuser was never prosecuted. These are the instances where the group think of a community can “will” the most atrocious moral infractions away, as “having to” protect their vested communal interests.

    01:21:20 -- “Learned Oppression”
    Great term! +1

    01:21:57 – “Half breeds” Not such a great term :-p ...but a solid point of how Native land is exploited and sold by unknown parties, was found, so thank you.

    01:31:00 -- I believe that the man was referring to a money laundering scheme that involved the local politicians. Common of corrupt parties that vie for expanding constituents. Often involving the hiring of vigilante “reinforcement” of their (...for lack of a better term) “vested interests” Re: 01:14:40.


    If anyone is interested in learning about oppressive tactics, as well as a vast library of vlogs on psychological/emotional abuse, they can check out: Activism of Care on Youtube.

  42. Truth may be upsetting to those who are unready to accept it as so. The Creator knows the Truth - All that was, is was, and will Be. If all would search and ask to know the Truth perhaps we could once again learn how to walk in Beauty & Harmony. Mitakuye Oyasin.

    1. What creator?

    2. Azathoth of course

  43. I turned to this page by mistake, sorry i got involved and sorry if i offended anyone. Good night and love to everyone!

  44. It's been said somewhere that, "No country should be allowed to write their own history"?

    1. Great quote!

      But should a country not be able to right its wrongs, under its own direction?

    2. This sounds like a loaded question? Elaborate please?

  45. The poster who stated that Natives warred with each other is correct. However, the devastation that decimated them was not from tribal wars. Their destruction resulted from diseases, forced slavery, and European colonization. So, to pretend that their life was the same as before Europeans arrived is fallacy. furthermore, when they warred with each other, you did not have the types of slaughter that you saw when the cavalry soldiers came in with guns and smallpox blankets. So, NO Native Americans are not innocent babies that never fought or killed their enemies just like Europeans killed each other for millions of years., but the European invasion wiped them out thats a fact.

    1. Well put, the biggest issue I have is not with the people that committed said atrocities, but more so the mentality that encouraged them.

      Which I must add is unfortunately still alive and kicking today. Asphyxiated but still present...

    2. cookie i have no argument with your post.

      The Fact that N/A killed and wiped out whole tribes of men women and children makes them mass murdering Killers of people.

      The Fact that Europe came over and Killed wiped whole tribes of people makes them mass murdering Killers of people.

      Cookie, (i love that name), the important thing is that you and i are not like that! Do you understand what i am saying.

    3. Recently, I read a very disturbing book, Hard Country by Michael McGarrity.
      A fictional (but historically accurate) account of Mexicans, whites and Indians all slaughtering each other in New Mexico from 1875 to 1918.
      The atrocities committed by all parties against one another were incomprehensible to me.

    4. I agree, the reality is that humans of all ethnic groups have committed extreme violence against each other. MOST of the Native Americans who died, died because of diseases to which they had no immunity. However, there is a larger issue and that was the cultural ethnocentrism against N/A which played a key role in the governmental policies towards them, i.e the reservations, forced boarding schools, the B,.I.A which Native Americans despised, and the treaty breaking which was prevalent, so even if you subtract the genocide, the policies such as the Cherokee Removal was atrocious.

    5. cookie I am tired tonight I could brake it down the way I see it. We can talk about this later if you wish i can't handle it right now. I do not have a lot of details to go on maybe you can fill me in.

  46. didn't he die of syphilis?

    1. Ha! Sounds like something that would still claim the life of one whom chose to invest in Obama Care...

    2. because going without health care is so much better for you.

    3. So, this topic is related to Obamacare. Thats like going to the doctor for your leg and say you know my rent is going up too.

  47. I have Columbus' personal journal. Beautifully written. His journal is in the "Annals Of America" published by Britannica North America.

  48. The Native American's status on this continent---now the absolute poorest, with the shortest life expectancy, and every other crippling disadvantage---is at last a symbolic status. It represents what white christian capitalism will do to anybody who doesn't believe in money. "Wall" Street literally began as a wall to keep Native people out of "Dutch" lower Manhattan. So what else is new.

    1. I have documented proof that the N/A in this country slaughtered other N/A tribes men women and children and wiped out whole tribes. And this was before we had mass movement here. Just a small colonial outpost up in the far NE of this country. Jack I suppose you missed that part of the story? Jack there just like us, some are good and some are no good. There not poor little Indians Jack there just people, just like you and just like me.

    2. poverty leads to dysfunction, and dysfunction leads to criminal acts...try not to hold it against the entire race.

    3. Where in the world is your comment coming from? I have nothing against any race of people, Read my whole comment don't just pick and chose what fits what you want to hear.

      They finally figured out how many lawyer jokes there are?

    4. "The first Cherokee I met stole from me, him and his Cherokee girlfriend".

      Speaks with the inflection that, that cupple who stole from you. Has forever destroyed your hope of ever trusting another Cherokee again. Which is quite racist.

    5. No that is the way you read it. You took it out of context of my whole statement. Now what do you have to say about the first part of my comment. Look friend I was born and raised in Washington DC proper. I could not possible have formed a racist point of view about these people now could I. All i know is what i have heard and that is, "in essence" "The pore Indians" all my life. Then I get a documentation later in life to prove that they are no different then you and me or anybody else that's all i am saying. Is that not a fair statement.

    6. An by the way they had credit cards and there daddy ran a casino. This comment should come under the comment i posted just below this one.

    7. I understand... I have been a victim of theft many times. I'm sorry you had that experience... Perhaps we could agree to disagree and both delete our comments?

      Sup to you :-)

    8. That's fair, forget the theft part that was an isolated case and unfair to make my overall point.

    9. Wonderful!... water under the bridge!

      Perhaps some world leaders are reading this forum, so as to help them achieving, a f--king clue of how to curtail needless disputes.

    10. The idea that they are just like you and me is a very new one in North America. I don't think we could have treated them like we did if we felt they were 'just like us'. American Indians were less than Black slaves, and slaves were only 3/5 like us.

    11. You don't have to be an American Indian or Black in the 21st century, just be poor and uneducated. The job of wealth and privilege is to persecute those who have neither. Death and taxes aren't the only things that don't change.

    12. @DrJack37:disqus I am white, a Christian and prefer capitalism over socialism, communism or any other form of ism that restricts the ability of a free market system. I understand your tact-less and thoughtless comment was meant to jab us pesky little Christians but I recommend you think twice before making such blanket and stereotypical phrases as it doesn't represent me and many other people like me at all. Oh, by the way, I'm also 1/4 Cherokee!

    13. You and DDDuane...birds of a feather...racist, imperialist, middle class blanks, minds easily manipulated by the puppeteers. Gullible and superstitious, thus a danger to themselves and others.
      "I believe that religion, generally speaking, has been a curse to mankind — that its modest and greatly overestimated services on the ethical side have been more than overborne by the damage it has done to clear and honest thinking.
      A man or woman full of faith is simply someone who has lost (or never had) the capacity for clear and realistic thought. They are not mere asses; but actually ill. Worse, they are incurable, for disappointment, being essentially an objective phenomenon, cannot permanently affect their subjective infirmity. Their faith takes on the virulence of a chronic infection. What they usually say, in substance, is this: "Let us trust in God, who has always fooled us in the past."

    14. organized religion is more dangerous then all the nukes combined on this Earth!

    15. I love how us Christians are always criticized for being judgmental of other people yet here you are @UnderSiege:disqus sitting in judgement without fully knowing me or even knowing what you're talking about.

      It's sad, you will always feel empty because you will never know what it is to truly love, just as long as the only thing you love is to hear yourself talk.

    16. Don't knock socialism.
      Social Security
      Unemployment Insurance
      Disability Insurance
      Free health care
      Yeah, really harmful for society.

    17. You cannot be a true Christain and worship money...sorry

  49. "Are you STUPIDLY implying that Italians".....(Columbus) or any others cannot be a Jew? Judaism/Jews are a religion. BTW, Columbus was an Italian from Genoa, employed by Queen Isabella-Spain.

    Kathy Discursive....what the devil are you trying to say?

    1. There are Jewish Italians that were born and raised in Italy, he could have very well been a Jew? More importantly why is this even part of the overall conversation here?

  50. Well considering there are not any Arawaks around to dispute this , I have to believe it really happened , My dear ol Dad had a problem with Columbus being hailed as the discoverer of America when there was people already living here .

    1. There are Arawaks still living in the Sierra de Santa Marta mountains on the Caribbean coast of Colombia

  51. Sorry, this Italian-American doesn't buy all of the Columbus bashing of late..servants...implies and board..Better blame the "imminent domain" Christian White Males that took EVERYBODY in America's land. The Lakota are a proud society. Don't go pitting peope against each other. It really is unnecessary in 2013. I just have to say I a sick of hearing Columbus being bashed.

    1. Are you STUPIDLY implying that Italians aren't ''White males''?
      Columbus was SUPPOSEDLY born in Genoa but there is many historians purporting that he was a jew...contracted by Spain....

    2. No, you're not. You're not and you can't join the club because we have enough white males already. Besides, it sounds like its wayyyyy too important to you that you be considered 'white',... just saying.

    3. You are 100 percent correct...It is very important for me to be a member of the Euro White race....Who has created and invented 95% of every bit of the technology that makes this planet tolerable....It seems ''Bubala'' that you're trying to impress the black guy you're hoseing....

    4. sounds like you are a very fearful individual....i'm familiar with fellows like you,,,,manhood threatened by everything and everybody. relax for christ sake. so uptight!

    5. Sorry I said anything. You are right. I am stupid. I wouldn't dare argue with anyone there. I ought to have known better as a woman to know my place. I am heartly sorry to have offended you DDDuane. You are perfect and I am scum. You win.

    6. Kathi...I enjoy subservient woman like you (who know their place....)
      Do you know how to cook, clean and perform additional womanly duties when summoned?
      You may make a good wife....

    7. Not for you pal..I have read your other posts. End game. OVER.

    8. Miss Kathi,
      When I said you'd make a ''good wife'' I meant for someone else....I DEFINITELY do not deserve you.....Thank You for enjoying my writing.....

    9. Oh, kind sir it is I who is not worthy of your eloquence. Adieu!