Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey

Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey

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Bruce Lee - A Warrior's JourneyBruce Lee was inarguably the greatest martial arts star of his generation, and his intense on-screen charisma and astounding fighting skills make him the standard by which other martial arts heroes are measured.

Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey is a documentary about Lee's life, career, and untimely death, which uses rare behind-the-scenes footage to paint a portrait of both the star the world knew and the man behind the image.

Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey also includes rare, recently discovered film shot for Game of Death, the project Lee was working on at the time of his death.

This documentary marks the first time the surviving Game of Death material has been assembled according to Lee's script notes, in an attempt to honor Lee's ambitious intentions for the film.

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MingTuck Chung
11 years ago

Wow!!! You got the complete collection of Bruce's philosophy that say's that even his Jeet Kune Do is not the way!!! Thank You!!! On behalf of all the true Fans of the Master Thank You!!

12 years ago

Vlatko. I would like to praise you for putting this Documentary site together. I've been browsing your site myself for quest of knowledge and you have got some very interesting docs, theres many varieties and and many cateogories and touches many aspects of life, a positive attribute to these fact based programmes are they are unbiased or at least they seem unbiased which is very important when the average Jo like me are watching, especially when there are interviews with people which relate to the actual documentary itself, Credible interviews with credible people makes a person like me believe the truth. Facts and reliable intelligence and a scope of ones knowledge is is a recipe for truth and wisdom.

An open mind and an average intellect is all you require to truly understand and appreciate these documentaries. However I would be very weary about the documentaries made by the Americans (written, produced, directed, composed, researched by them) because they think and act with a Hollywood brain which is no good when it comes to the truth. Dont get me wrong Hollywood is great for making films (fiction) but for entertaining purposes only and wild fantasies and dreams. You can easily draw the line between the two. The American media (that includes all forms, news channels, radio, tv, newspapers) etc have gripped the American public by the nut sack because they believe everything their fed through these media enterprises. The art of deception is at its highest form there. Even the the average intellect person will be taken by the bullshit they are fed. For example the recent invasion and occupation of Iraq and pumping their oil away to the 911 disaster which was so obviously an inside American government job. Especially when Bush himself said ' I seen the first plane hit the the towers' on Tv. This was to an live audience, now was this a slip of the tongue or some Illuminatti shit that let slip. Because we all know bush apparently first found out when he heard the second plane hit when he was at a primary school with children. When one of his aids or an advisor whispered in his ear. When you watch Fareinheit 911, Loose Change, 911 Coincidences and many more credible docs out there it just illiminates any conspiracy theories out there because you can draw the lines between fact and fiction, I just hope the familys of the victims and the victims themselves of the 911 disaster get the answers they have been so patiantly waiting for, Still today. At least they ain't gonna believe no shit from their government. The actual victims themselves and the counless fire crews that perished, will they get the true answers. I doubt it.

Now putting that behind this is a documentary with alot power coming from a 5.7 foot china man, It brought America out the dark ages (just briefly) obviously there were all kinds of civil rights movements at that time, but this man was a lil different, the charisma and the many talents this young man possesssed is incredible, the art of unarmed combat, his method of combat and his philosopy is today still practiced by many men (and woman of course). It was rare (Bruce Lee) to have influenced many races, cultures and creed especially in that civil rights era. He actually studied and in turn wrote a book on his fighting skills and prowess. He fused all types of unarmed combat and types of training together (Boxing, Karate, Kick boxing, weightlifting, Aerobics (probably spelt wrong), European Fencing and many more to come with his own shit. Jeetkwondo ( I know theres many ways of spelling that). The art of real combat in any given situation is in his own words is ' the true freedom of expession' to express oneself in its truest form when in combat'. And i like the pholosopy behind that, which is 'to win the fight without fighting'.

Like 2pac his legacy continues and will keep growing exponentially. Its a tragedy that true warriors are taken early, but i believe its Gods plans. As their souls are taken away by the Almighty their spirits continue to move us today. I for one was not born in the Bruce Lee era but can feel the power from Britain. A massive positive influence and hope for all. May their souls rest in peace.

12 years ago

Bruce Lee is not only the king kung fu, he is the philosopher.
He knew himself and the human antomy.

12 years ago

'Be like water' is not just a phrase. You can see Bruce demonstrating it in many of his fights. For instance, one moment he is standing on par with the opponent and the next instant he is crashing under the legs of his opponent and knocking him down suddenly. It is like a ice cube standing and then all of a sudden melting and flowing like a stream on the floor.

12 years ago

I've always thought of Bruce Lee as a martial artist and never wondered about the person of the cinema screens. This documentary shows so much more. I now understand why he is role model for so many people around the world. It's too bad that many of us still think of him simply as the "father" of marial arts, his persona and philosophy is what makes him so unique and this was mirrored in his physique and arts.

Tom (
12 years ago


Haha. Didn't intend for a six word question to be going too fast.

Perhaps to clarify, I don't mean to say that Bruce Lee was the finest man who ever lived. That is for the simple reason that trying to literally rank one human against others is as foolish as trying to compare an apple to an orange.

Lee was good at martial arts. Of that, there is no doubt. What I think you may have missed is that, for him, the martial arts was an expression of his fight for personal and spiritual freedom. I consider his martial arts in a similar manner to the way I see Gandhi's salt march or fasting, Martin Luther King's civil rights actions etc. I believe they were all operating on a personal and spiritual realm.

A world without violence (of any kind) would indeed be great. It doesn't take greatness to see or believe that. It does take greatness to move the world closer to that point. That is something which I think Bruce Lee did and, for a man who didn't even live to be 33, that is not bad. I doubt he or any of his students (direct or from afar) ever picked a fight or attacked first out of fear. If the students did, I doubt it was under Bruce Lee's guidance or philosophy.

12 years ago

Woah Tom. Slow down bro. I think those who fought for personal and spiritual freedom might trump his achievements but he was very good at martial arts. A world when me don't need punching and kicking would be great. I bet Bruce would agree.

santa claus
12 years ago

A great and respectful documentary about a very incisive man.

12 years ago

Even 37 years after his untimely death Bruce Lee remains an awesome inspiration to millions around the world.
I have seen numerous documentaries about Bruce Lee and I
still took away a lot of stuff from this documentary that
I hadn't known.
Great job, John Little!

12 years ago

amazing documentary. Finally a doc composed of people with true connections to Bruce's Life legacy.

12 years ago





12 years ago

The finest man who ever lived?

13 years ago

Bruce was the Einstein of the physical fight world. His Son Brandon was a promising successor, I highly recommend brandons film "The Crow" - one of my top 5 at least. Father and son assainated I believe - google the stories.

13 years ago

what an inspiration, such a shame he had to go so early...