Animal Weapons

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Animal WeaponsIn the competitive struggle for survival, less powerful animals have developed an ingenious array of strategies to find and kill their targets. Traps, lures and lies may be the best-known tricks to man, but are also skilfully employed by creatures in the animal kingdom.

With weapons of deception, animals can disarm and entice prey to their death. Perhaps the oldest weapons employed by animals are projectiles, evolving their own versions of poison-tipped harpoons, chemical missiles and high-powered bullets. The creatures featured in this episode demonstrate the resourceful and inspired nature of surviving in the animal world.

Specialist hunting strategies demand particular adaptations of the body, from fearsome teeth to scimitar-sharp claws and tusks. In the natural world there are razors, guillotines, daggers, clubs and spears a galaxy of animal kitted out with an arsenal of weapons to gain a meal.

To get close enough, many use stealth, speed and surprise. Besides outright warfare, these weapons are also used in aggressive displays to threaten and intimidate competitors and predators alike.

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  1. Minh Duong

    BennyB: I see no irony. A charming feminine voice can be a very effective weapon. LOL

  2. Jacek Walker

    With us humans a similar set of weapons is still in fashion. And after millions of years of a supposed evolution....who would have thought.

  3. Piki Bellas

    Should just re-name this film to 'Don't Move to Australia' already.

    1. Mike Cole

      LOL no kidding !
      another show that really emphasized Australia as a no go for me is Natures deadliest careful when going into the water.. ohh yeah .and the shoreline ...and also the most parts of the land as well ... creatures with nasty pointy teeth will get ya!

  4. Ryan Evans

    When i saw the title, it reminded me of Monty Python's holy grail when the french start launching animals over the castle wall at King Arthur and his knights :)

  5. BennyB

    the title of the documentary is Animal Weapons and the narrator is a woman with a charming, feminine voice? I love the irony =D

  6. Ella Silver

    250,000 mice with one bite?

    Even for an elusive prey, surely that's overkill!

  7. Carlos

    No, i like her accent. It's charming. :D

  8. DarkVamp

    Her accent was too annoying after the first 2 mins.

    1. Ella Silver

      on the one hand, if an accent annoys you, that's fine.

      As long as you understand that you also have an accent of some kind. And it probably sounds ugly to someone else.