Conspiracy of Silence

Conspiracy of Silence

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Conspiracy of SilenceConspiracy of Silence is a 56-minute unreleased documentary film produced by Yorkshire Television in 1994.

The subject of the film is an alleged child sexual abuse ring involving a number of prominent Nebraska persons, including Lawrence King, an Omaha banker, political fundraiser, and convicted felon.

The documentary was scheduled for broadcast in the United States on cable outlet Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994.

However, it was never aired. Proponents of the film claim that it was withdrawn due to political pressure; neither Yorkshire Television nor Discovery Channel commented officially on why it was not aired.

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  1. Jeffrey Flick

    This is sadly so true yet there are still ignorant people that don't accept the truth. Sometimes I think the utter ignorance of their brains cannot comprehend? Or they to are guilty of the same atrocities.

  2. Skizz

    Real question... Who does the music heard in the first 10 mins of the program? Sounds like Twin Peaks.

  3. peruda

    the yorkshire pigs are known for covering things up, you only have to look into the rotherham child grooming gangs, the footy stadium disaster etc

  4. Dominic Cini

    Brink kelly is a deciever and liar and is pitiful in his attempts to discredit and troll people here in the comments.

  5. Michael Sanchez

    but its mostly jews doing this

  6. Matthew

    Why does this take place?

    Yeremyah 23:22 But if they had stood in My counsel, and had caused My people to hear My words; the Law and the Prophets, then they would have turned them from their evil way, and from the evil of their doings. (King James Version = Jeremiah) For more information go to

    1. myname

      Satan is God and that thoughtform of YHVH will fall. Hail Satan!

  7. Patricia P Tursi

    I was in lincoln nebraska at the time. this really happened

  8. Carol Ann Rompca

    These ppl are sick and disgusting and resorting to murder shows the most Evil minds possible are involved in This Pedophilua un Boys town and what is going on in the World today February 2019,they are killing and torturing our youth and the Democratic party who are so sick and twistwd are trying to legalise these things,by full term abortions , lowering the age of sex ,legal sex between families, we the right thinking Moral ,Christian ppl need to stand up to this in all walks if life especially goverment we need to stop believing their excuses we can see it happening with our own eyes with the new sick abortion policy where it is the mothers choice to murder new borns,ppl stand up for our children and our futures it is not with these Evil so and so,s

    1. Brink Kelly

      Vno one is murdering newborn children. Grow up.

  9. V

    I believe these kids. I am a psychiatric RN and I have heard similar story from a patient that took place around that time.

  10. R

    John DeCamp was always odd to me; going back to the 80’s.
    I remember summer of 1991 we’d tune in to find out what went on in court that day. Alisha Owens also made plenty of claims that were proven false.

    This video isn’t journalism, it’s nonsense.

    There was never any link made to Boys Town.

    1. Jeffrey Flick

      BS what about Lawrence E. King Jr. the pedo that trafficked children to private parties in D.C. and into The White House when Reagan and Poppy Bush were running this sick satanic Country! It's mostly all of the blood sucking politicians on both sides Democrat and Republicans! Not every single politician but ask yourself why do they attend the Bohemian Grove where they do so called mock sacrifices of babies! It's been going on way longer than Epstein and the Franklin Cover-up! Ask oneself why Gislane Maxwell was involved in grooming Epstein's stolen/ trafficked children?

  11. UnderSiege

    From a legalistic standpoint the 'case' is very weak...flawed. DeCamp is flawed and none more so than Boner. The latter's flight, and his entire manner is reminiscent of an inveterate liar and intriguer. Of course, some of these allegations may be factual.

    It appears to me the D.A. had no other option than to forego prosecution. Mr. DeCamp appears too wild, inexperienced, and emotional to build a prosecutable case. Many of the comments below reflect much of this attitude.

    1. Jeffrey Flick

      Ask the poor kid Johnny Gosch how fake it is! He was kidnapped on his paper route by a group of pedophile's that called themselves "The Finders"?! SRA is real and eventually will be stopped!

  12. Tip of the iceberg

    This video only tells a part of the story - it is much bigger than this. you can read the whole story here. written by John DeCamp, war hero, member of Nebraska legislature. As the comments say, this did not air and it is very curious that federal legislation that the Cable networks wanted passed, was passed immediately following this doc from not airing - coincidence? Probably more like collusion among the cable TV companies.

  13. Conspiracy Realist

    For all of you that still have the audacity to be ignorant after seeing this documentary, I truly pity your ignorance. If this was fake or made up why the hell would Discovery Channel and the production company pull this off the air? Use your common sense, first and foremost. You don't have to look at Wikipedia for proof. If you research enough, you will find it as I have for many years now. OPEN YOUR EYES, and stop being sheep.

    1. Dude

      Discovery also put forth a claim on a documentary about the dyatlov pass incident that a yeti was responsible if I remember correctly. Which is patently absurd. I wouldnt judge this based on the network that produced it but by the merits of the case it makes.

    2. Brink Kelly

      It wasn't broadcast because it's garbage reporting, and the resulting lawsuits would have bankrupted the network.

    3. Jeffrey Flick

      You are 100% spot on. This has been going on long before the Epstein,Maxwell case! During the Poppy Bush and Reagan Presidency children were trafficked in and out of The White House to be sexually abused & tortured! The ones who ignorantly deny this are possibly ones that would cover it up. #StopSRA!!

  14. Jami

    This film is true. I lived in OMAHA when it occurred ....
    It was horrid

    1. Mussa Pie


  15. Skews.Me

    When I started kindergarten in 1975 already knowing how to read the newspaper, my genius was noticed by more than just the playground bullies, and I started spying on child abuse rings. One of the first creeps I caught was my Sunday school teacher who didn't appreciate me quoting the Bible to point out the church's hypocrisy, and when the other children rallied to my side, I was removed from the group, drugged, and more invasive brainwashing techniques were used including sexual blackmail to try to make me conform. When that didn't work, they kicked me out of church, thank God! Sacrificial virgins never went away: just behind closed doors.

    If you haven't seen the docudrama "Spotlight" about the massive pedophile cover-ups of the Catholic church, I'm sure your library has a copy. A long forgotten documentary available online is "Boys for Sale" about how "straight" white businessmen pay boys for sex. You might also want to watch the Tearoom Trade presentation about how so many "straight" men have anonymous gay sex sex in public toilets, with that whole glory hole grossness. Also look up the infamous O.K. Boys Ranch that was abusing children in its care for years known to the state. They're run by Kiwanis which prides itself on its access to children.

    From there we bounced from house to house, rooting out the local pedophile rings while moving up the food chain. In 1977 NBC News reported "The Children and the CIA" about abusive summer camps run by the clandestine organization. The one I went to was obsessed with O.K. and twisting children's sexuality and gender identities, like how in ancient Sparta *all* the boys were turned gay. I've noticed a number of the stupid behaviors they were brainwashing in the kids have become mainstream.

    Then there's the American Nazi strongholds of Disney that hired German Nazis after the war. When I was a kid, if you held your breath at just the right choke points at Disneyland, you could catch them engaged in organized crimes against children. These days they'll create children's role models like Hannah Montana before turning them into full-blown sex toys like Miley Cyrus, but she's just one in a long line of horrible role models Disney churns out. Their children's animation slip in sexual references on a regular basis, and their teen programming encourages promiscuity and defiance of adult authority, complete with a laugh track to really drive in the programming.

    For every one story you hear of someone giving everything they can to their religion/government/sports team/dealer where they finally have to hit rock bottom to realize their huge mistake.

    1. Brink Kelly

      Your genius? That's laughable.

    2. Jeffrey Flick

      Skews.Me, Thank you for staying the cold hard facts about Disney + the Catholic Church as I truly believe that this whole world is ran by Satanic child molester's and I pray that it soon comes to an end! It's time to break out the millstones and throw them all into the sea! That's what our Heavenly Father has planned for those sickos.

  16. Mary

    It is real. Big money paid to keep this off of TV and copies destroyed. This was the "cutting room" raw copy. Just as it is real today. ie: Pizza gate. Most people will not look at because it is just too horrible to contemplate.

    1. Patricia P Tursi, Ph.D.

      Pedophile rings are so large, that I doubt it takes much money. Remember Pizzagate? That's when Russiagate began. Diversion. But there are many indictments out and supposedly, they will be served and acted upon. Only time will tell. I have been looking into Madeleine McCann again. I believe the parents participated.

    2. Brink Kelly

      There is no pizzagate. Your gullible, at best.

  17. Darwin is a Harsh Mistress

    I write this in 2016. Given all we know about Penn State, Jerry Sandsuky and Joe Paterno's molestation ring, done under the nose of Big Ten football media and hundreds of thousands of alumni, footballers, politicians and parents, the likelihood of guilt in Boys Town -- and a quasi-government coverup -- seems much greater than it did in the 1990s.

    I'd also like to point out this documentary was quashed before the public internet. Ordinary citizens had little choice but to accept mainstream news as definitive. The alternative was nothing more than mimeographed, underground pamphlets. (Think about that, Millennials and others who grew up with 4G devices. There was literally no way to research the veracity of claims such as this. You could be dubious but there was no way to research the facts personally. Smearing the vicitms/witnesses was a simple matter as only a few gatekeepers maintained the narrative. These gatekeepers were of course subject to manipulation including corruption, extortion, blackmail and even murder i.e., Arkancide.)

  18. The Southern Gentleman

    Under the picture it says this was never aired but another link I read that it was aired 3 or 4 times before stopping. So who is correct? And then we see that it is being aired on you tube so I guess it never was totally destroyed from the public being able to watch it or as some one has said recently so what it doesn't count that I lied now does it or better yet wipe it like use a rag to wipe it clean???

  19. Lee

    Aug 2015 -When I saw this was an hour long I thought I would fast forward or not even watch to the end, but I was captivated and watching the turmoil Troy Boner was going through tore through my heart, he was (as were all the other victims) a youngster who was manipulated by the 'system'. I hope he and all the other victims find peace. I love children and can't bear to think that this is still happening, please make this come to an end. (I have dated this as cannot see when other comments were left & always find it useful to see how far back comments were made)

    1. Patricia P Tursi, Ph.D.

      What is heart breaking is that the abused children became drug addicts, as most children do, to be able to endure the physical pain and emotional manipulations. They were the only ones who went to prison. Even the Publisher of the Omaha World Herald was said to be involved.

  20. Peter

    I don't profess to be an expert but from what I have read it appears that the abuse of children is thought of in some warped circles as enabling a powerful source of magical energy in those so doing. Its doesn't appear to have been the case here, since this seems to be a case of paedophile abuse for its own sick ends and power tripping. Either way It opens said individuals up to total control by those monitoring and recording such abuse. This makes them puppets to do their masters bidding rather than face the approbation of been outed for the child abusing scum that they are. Here in the UK (as of 2015) we have similar 'historical' cases surfacing from the 60's, 70's, 80's and beyond concentrated around our political 'elite' (I use the term loosely). However it seems the 'establishment' is doing all it can to prevent the investigation into the same going forward in a timely manner by for example appointing two 'chairs' of the same who were clearly unsuitable and had to be removed. Its not unusual since its is so often the case in this country that our public enquires drag on for years (and never conveniently reach a conclusion close to an election such as the one we have looming in May 2015 this year - god forbid if might influence the outcome!). Frequently the main guilty parties go unpunished or conveniently die (or become too 'ill' to prosecute) in the interim but any 'little people' will of course be squashed liked bugs and nailed to the wall for the degenerate scum that they clearly are! Welcome to western democracy - harsh and unfair if you get the wrong side of it.

    1. Gailnichola

      I agree wholeheartedly with you Peter, I watched with great interest when Dr, David Kelly was (in my opinion) murdered by, = who knows M15,MOD,??? My father took his own life after years of illness, (radiation poisoning in fact) at the age of 23, he was in the RAF, a young Bomber pilot, he was ordered to fly his Canberra bomber into the mushroom cloud of a nuclear bomb, - Grapple Yankee. He went through and hit a 'hot spot' irradiating him badly. Then they ordered him back into the cloud again. He slit his wrists in a forest, and bled to death.David Kelly's death was highly suspicious. I used to think Great Britain was Great, but I now know that there are some 'dark forces at work' and possibly in every corner of Government, Monarchy, Forces,Entertainment, everywhere, from the very top to the bottom of our society.

  21. Sur Veilled

    I would really love to see someone provide access to a version that still
    has all the production credits still intact. That may help those of us
    who wish to verify credibility of this compelling video.

    Thank you "Top Documentary Films" for correcting the embedded video link to one that works. However, it was rather rude and unnecessary of you to remove my comment that pointed out the need for it while leaving intact the comment of BludBaut just below which does the same thing.

  22. BludBaut

    "Top Documentary Films" needs to get another source for this video. The citizens of this country need to see that our government is evil, protects evil and is no longer fighting for the right.

    This was true when the government murdered JFK and the FBI and the media covered it up and it was true when the Bankers put an illegal alien in office, though we didn't realize why until he gave them 7.7 TRILLION dollars of taxpayer money.

    Folks, if you're still watching the TV and reading the newspaper, you're a fool. The Internet is the only place you'll find the truth and you'll have to search for it here. It's not going to jump in your lap.

    The media and the government are our enemies; it's that simple. If you think the last election was legitimate, you're deceived.

  23. Forbidden Fruit

    This has nothing to do with Satanism, Bohemian Grove or any other supernatural bullshit. It's about powerful people abusing their power and rigging the justice system in their favor, like they do everyday. No aliens or reptilian creatures needed to make it more "interesting". All that does is make it seem less credible. (Which might be the point?)

    Child sexual abuse is about power and control as much as sexual gratification. These powerful men have lived privileged lives and have never been told "no". They're used to getting what they want and treating weaker people like animals. And why not? The legal system has given them free reign to do as they please.

    The takeaway message is this: Foster kids endure hideous abuse at the hands of foster parents and orphanages every single day in this country. These "wards of the state" belong to no one and will not be missed if they come up dead or shipped overseas for god knows what. They're over-medicated and under-loved. We all need to do a better job of watching out for them.

    1. Bobbie

      Most powerful men are Satanists. You would have to be to do sick rutals and torture to children. Bohiemian grove is a place that top government officials meet to do devil worship and sacrafice babies. Then they leave to there place deep in the woods and take 1 out of thousands of children that come up missing and sexually abuse them. All of this goes hand and hand

    2. Theanne long

      'Very well the same time, don't be so quick to disregard that these sick individuals are worshipping something..or someone. Think about it.

  24. joe31

    As evil rises and takes over,more children suffer,stop beleving the phonys politicions i,that only want to tell you what you want to hear,then after they get in,jone in they're private money making circles off of everyone's back,finding new schemes to rape the people and country as a whole,they build there private bunkers with our taxes,there use our children to fight there money grabbing war and resources......wake up there a big big divide between the people's and powers that be.your corrode rations allow the to continue.

  25. joe31

    The Vatican,the Government and all the other perverted devil worshiping sex Feins....the devil is really perched up high,sweeping down on the innocent.I take comfort knowing a day of judgment will come and others will get exactly what the deserve and what they earned for self deceived.

  26. jane smith

    what difference does it make where it happened

  27. Benjamin Freedman

    Most important documentary in explaining every new Congressmen's initial reaction to Washington D.C. politics:

    " I didn't know how rough this town really was."

    1. Patricia P Tursi, Ph.D.

      That's the primary reason I post it on FB. People need to know what a cess pool DC is.

  28. johnpaynesenior

    The claims in this documentary seem to be believable. I have no doubt (having used Google extensively) that elements in the FBI and CIA are involved in child abduction, and that these children are often used for sexual acts and sacrifice. I have no doubt either that many children are auctioned off at high prices. I have no doubt that people in positions of power, including senators and congressmen have used and continue to use such children for their own sexual ends. And I'm sure that such information is later used in order to blackmail politicians, as leverage to get them to vote one way or another, for example. It's standard stuff for that sordid area where politics meets the intelligence and security communities, not just in the USA but in lots of other places too. I'm sure there are people on this site making comments critical of the documentary because they have an interest (either personal or professional) in undermining such claims. Some of them may even draw a salary for attempting to undermine so-called "conspiracy theories". But the point is that anybody who believes that spies don't tell lies or that intelligence operatives don't conspire to do bad things is an i*iot. And to suggest that kids are not kidnapped and used for sex acts on an industrial scale is just plan s*upid. In the USA, almost 800,000 children go missing every year. The don't all fall down a well.

  29. Jeremy Hughes

    DO ANY Of you know how to use GOOGLE? Seriously, this is old ass news and 100% debunked news. Guess why DIscovery dropped this one? Because it turned out the person making the accusations had alterior motives and the ENTIRE case was thrown out. As in, the DA got the prosecution to admit they were lying. Good to see that even the most asenine conspiracy theory still gets full credence as long as you don't do ANY research...

    1. Not always, but usually right

      This is to Guest
      Your "opinion" is as interesting as you grammar and spelling. It is impossible for anything to be 100% debunked, and you are 110% (also unlikely) wrong. It is common knowledge that these things go on and that powerful people are involved. It is also common knowledge that politicians are bought and sold every day and that the "justice" system only works for those who have enough money or influence. Just like in politics where the candidate that spends the most money wins the election, the one who buys the best lawyers, politicians and judges wins the case in court. Drop your 'Fox News' view of the world and grow up!

    2. corpus vile

      I have no firm opinion on the veracity of the Franklin allegations but it wasn't debunked "100%", as iirc Mr Bonacci was awarded $1 million in damages in civil court, which afaik King didn't contest. I remember reading that the plane crash which killed one of the investigators and his eight-year-old-son had suspicious elements to it also, such as the wreckage spanning quite a distance, implying it exploded in mid-air, although I'd need to research this aspect again.
      However the civil court award nullifies any claims of it being debunked "100%".

  30. Elizabeth Wesley

    I wish some of the dialogue was printed at the bottom because it is muffled and can't be understood.

  31. Andy King

    Just think about previous conspiracies that have gone on in the U.S. Vietnam, Kennedy 1 & 2, Ruby Ridge, WACO, all cover - up's. There's no smoke without fire and being the most powerful nation on the planet (which I have to say the U.S. loves to call itself) it has the means to achive all it's goals, even if it's to protect it's most powerful people. This documentary was produced by a really small production house in the north of England, why would they want to make a programme for the U.K. if they were just airing lie's? We in the U.K. would want some kind of proof that there was a story there, they followed that story then the U.S. owned Discovery Channel pulled the plug. I private eye and his son murdered and the brother of one of the witneses found dead also. No one wants their power taken away from them not if they cover -up their wrong doings.


    i was in prison with Larry. i was the head cook and he paid me well to deliver top notch meals to his bed. he was no perv. he would have been killed if any one even believed the bull the news puts out. some kids are punks that do sex for dope money. Larry did not snitch on the punk or the politician. he did not stick any ones peat up no kid. Larry was classy, with style. I'm a convicted kingpin and have been on the news several times, the news was always wrong and exaggerated. Now God on the other hand is probably guilty of such crimes. He kills kids, has people raped and murdered, tortured millions, spread disease and sores to man and beast. Even after your holly bible tells you he did all this, you still get down on your hands and knees as if to..... and worship it. if you believe this to be true about Larry, you should worship him too. Larry is not godly, he is decent.

    1. MairiCM

      Harold, you are a liar, because if you were in jail with King you would have known that he was in for embezzling over $38 million from the credit union, not any pedo charges.

      Additionally, King didn't even attempt to clear his name in civil court when Paul Bonacci filed a lawsuit against him, so a default judgement of $1 million was awarded against King.

      Yeah, King was clearly an all round good guy, just like you say...

  33. Jax

    "A grand jury identified eight boys singled out for sexual advances or sexual assaults by Sandusky from 1994 through 2009."

    "walked in on Sandusky subjecting a ten-year-old boy to anal penetration."

    DA who was investigating disappears, body never found, and presumed dead, hard drive to laptop missing.

    My, my, my, what coincidences to this documentary.

    So Eileen, I suppose the 40 counts of sex crimes against young boys Sandusky was just indicted on are just conspiracy theories and liars too right?

    1. Patricia P Tursi, Ph.D.

      Watch Paul Bonacci testimony. If you can't see PTSD, you don't know that it looks like. Pedophilia is not about sex. It's about power and many times involves torture as it did with Paul.

  34. Guest

    Wow, people will believe anything. The only things this documentary really proves is that a few people were child molesters. The rest of it are just baseless accusations made by prostitutes that were almost definitely paid for their time by the makers of the film. The documentary itself, in 1994, was just trying to ride the coattails of the false Satanic Ritual Abuse scandal left over from the lies of the 1980's. People should look up the facts before they believe in something. Some people are so gullible. Although the USA certainly has its share of real problems, it seems like some people are willing to believe any accusation as long as it paints the USA in a bad light.

    1. Forbidden Fruit

      Nowhere does this documentary mention Satanism or any other supernatural BS. It was made in 1993, while the Satanic Panic was over by the end of the '80s.

    2. corpus vile

      The documentary doesn't mention SRA and SRA (if you will) or isolated cases of it anyway have been documented to exist with convictions to prove it. The Satanic bs is just an excuse for bad people to do bad things and is used by the offender very probably simply to frighten their usually child victims into submission.
      While a moral panic did indeed ensue and claims of SRA were wildly exaggerated, exploited by fundamentalist groups, infused with hyperbole and outright lied about, the fact remains that documented cases have occurred with successful convictions.

      SRA had nothing to do with Franklin and wrt Franklin I suspect that the truth is somewhere in the middle but would be so far open minded on several possibilities.

  35. Joe Blow

    So this is just an example of a corrupt system of government.

    I am glad that I am Canadian. If I was an American I would be ashamed.
    It is a wonder why any American citizen would tolerate such a diabolical government like this.

    But what can you do when your own new media which is suppose to protect the masses, only screws them in the ass by being in bed with the same bastards that are evil.

    Boys you have to clean out the shit from your house.

    1. Luke McEvoy

      nothing bad ever happens in canada.

    2. Vater Araignee

      I'm glad I'm an American Jr. If I was an American I would be ashamed that my government didn't have some one as corrupt as America Jr. has to learn from.

      But what can you do when when your mass media who is suppose to cover everything up has been infiltrated buy bastards that leak truth?

      Boys you have to clean house and become as blind as an American Jr.

    3. Guest

      Yeah, good thing there is no corruption in the Canadian government and that they teach Canadians to research the facts before blindly believing in things. I guess every country has its share of ignorance.

    4. cheliosetta

      maybe you should research the pedophile ring the b.c government has been covering up for years before stating that the Canadian government is free of political corruption.

    5. Lingy

      Haven't heard of Kevin Annett? Haven't heard of the women who disappear in Vancouver?

  36. MIchael22541

    Question authority! thank you for posting.

  37. Ronald McD

    This was a c@#$$% doc. Just sayin'

  38. barbaranelson

    Provocative. The country is only run by a government when the citizens abandon their responsibilities in exchange for comfort. We the people ARE the government.

  39. yikes

    Everyone in America should be forced to watch this.

  40. Healer

    Slavery, sexual abuse, forced use of drugs, all this on kids, and people just dissmiss it as "nah, it's just one of the conspiracy stuff or blackmail or the like". Seriously, how much does it take to awake a sleeping people to these kind of things? Or is it accepted by the public?

  41. Tell

    wow...just wow.

  42. Rachael

    This is so shocking, this should be played on the tv for everyone to see. I have recommended this to others with the hope that more and more people will see this.

  43. Shelly

    Is this for real??!! this is so horribe that I cannot not even accept is actually truth ..
    this is crazy... this must be aired on tv

  44. Tyler

    This is scary stuff. Interesting how so many of the frames are missing... It really should have aired. I'm shocked.

  45. Del

    These types of cover ups are the scariest. How can we trust our government when they have all the power. As citizens we must stay informed and stand up and unite. This doc is just another example of the govt being above the law. I am glad this doc is on here. Please pass the word about this site and about this doc. Thanks again Vlat.

  46. Devin W

    I love the internet, thanks for this one Vlatko.