Anna Nicole Smith: Her Final Hours

Anna Nicole Smith: Her Final Hours

2010, Biography  -   33 Comments
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Anna Nicole Smith, the former Playboy Playmate of the year, was one of the most famous models in the world. Anna worked her way from the bottom, pretty much straight to the top. The first year of Playboy, in Guess Jeans she made $22,000,000. She loved being in front of the camera. She loved the attention. She was an American icon, a sex goddess with an insatiable dark appetite. She came to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to buy a luxury yacht.

It was one of the few times she ventured away from home in the Bahamas since her 20-year-old son Daniel died five months earlier. Going to Florida to buy the boat was the big deal for her. Another way to maybe move forward a little bit to find a little bit of happiness. Anna Nicole planned on keeping the trip short. She was anxious to return home to her newborn daughter Dannielynn, but that plan had quickly fallen apart. For the past two days, she'd been too sick to leave her luxury suite at the Hard Rock Hotel. With Anna Nicole in Florida was her bodyguard, Big Moe. She couldn't eat. She was sweaty, very clammy.

Staying with Anna Nicole in the Hard Rock's luxurious Apollo suite was Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and her lawyer and close companion, Howard Stern. Big Moe's wife Tasma, a nurse, was also in Florida. She told her husband: "Take her to the hospital. If someone's spiking a temp of 105°, something is wrong." But Anna Nicole had no intention of going to the hospital. Every time she'd gone to the hospital, press, had been media frenzy. She didn't want to go. She didn't want to have the cameras all in her face.

Antibiotics and flu medications had brought Anna Nicole's temperatures back to normal, but she was still very tired. On top of that, she had an intestinal infection. The combination was making her unsteady on her feet. The former Playboy Playmate was far from okay. For the past five months, she'd been taking a potent and unpredictable mix of prescription drugs; antidepressants, valium and sleep medication.

There were times where she felt the she should take a little more, in which those that were there, Howard and Dr. Eroshevich, would take it away from her and hide medications from her. She was a woman in pain, not only physical pain, but mental pain. She had a photo of Daniel that she would hug at night and just cried herself to sleep. Barely 39, Anna Nicole Smith was a shadow of the voluptuous blond who 15 years early was the picture of health and sitting on top of the world.

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33 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Rose Rodriguez

    No one should judge a drug addict or alcoholic unless they have walked in that person's shoes. And drugs are not to blame.

  2. Jane Tow

    Sad. From the first minute to the last.

  3. Jane Tow

    If thats what it costs to be beautiful I am happy being average.

  4. Leslie Payne Simmons-Hale

    Someone was letting her have drugs just like with Michael Jackson. Even if they were prescriptions...too many drugs. You can't turn to Benzos without a supplier.

  5. Eric Lawson

    Very Sad I do not know how i would handle the birth of a child and the death of my son. Yes she should have been hospitalized to heal the infection on her Buttocks . She should have had therapy to handle the death of her son !!Her relationship with her ex husband and his death and the bad press she received as a result of that whole situation should also have been dealt with !! She died needlessly and i feel she latter in life may have had a lot to offer others. Sad !! Good Doc !!!

  6. oQ

    Here's a girl who thouhgt she could do it better than Marilyn.

    1. anonnn

      No she idolised Marilyn. She never thought that for a second ha

  7. Shubhendru Sood

    its important piece of information for all potential drug abusers. it acts as a grim reminder of what lies ahead of them if they choose to go down this path. Sadly, it hardly acts as a counter measure. I think the drug menace is a world war in terms of people already killed and who continue to die.

    1. Mathew Scannell

      drugs are not to blame and the war is waged by governments against individuals, often perfectly honest respectable individuals...sounds like a fair fight
      i understand what you are saying but its way too easy to just blame the drugs and this ignores all the deeper problems and causes. i always like to clarify terms, alcohol is also a drug and is up there with heroin crack and tobacco in the most dangerous category (statistically speaking)

    2. Psych3d

      I'm afraid this comment will land on deaf mans ears... but I fully agree with you as stated above...

    3. dmxi

      a nice recitation out of a textbook,very polished but lifeless.

    4. Psych3d

      Ah yes, blame the "drugs" ... So it wasn't the underlying psychological and/or physical problems? it wasn't the stress that make her start going that path? It wasn't the hyena's around every corner that drove someone to self medicate? So it wasn't the misery of losing people one cares about that make her act erratic? What all people that point fingers to external symptoms forget to see is that it is what it is: a symptom of a deeper madness... and as long as we don't find the underlying cause of the problem, you'll never help anyone out. The fact you call it "a drug menace" says enough about how much your comment has been influenced by brainwashing madness... The real danger is mis/desinformation, biased opinions and a religious belief in whatever the state might tell you...

      In short: drugs are not the problem, they are the symptom of a darker problem...

  8. xxDarkSidexx

    I have no respect for addicts like this, millions of people cry over famous people dying of drug related deaths, yet millions of children, familes are dying every day due to a lack of food, water and illness yet hardly anyone cares or takes notice.

    1. Psych3d

      If you can't care about those near by, you have no right to speak. Think globally, act locally... to each society their own problems, besides, it's not about the drugs here... even though they like to portray it that way. It's about being lost in this shit western world that doesn't care about it'"s own people (like you just stated). And don't you think they have drug problems (again, symptoms of a larger truth) in countries where there is no food, no water, no housing? hell, even more people over there get hooked on far worse drugs... for that you'll have to visit those faraway places of course and go see for yourselves... and of course, all the focus shouldn't be on the drug problem alone, but that is so obvious it's not even wordthy of a discussion...

  9. dmxi

    goes to show that 'beauty' can be a burden esp. in a culture where superficial goes hand in hand with artificial sex iconology. that attractive
    people may not have the strength to handle the commotion, instigated by vultures whom claim to be in the duty of free press/media, choose to kill the pain inside with lethal substances & it's outcome has a 50/50 chance of surviving.the poor suffer with ugly misery...& it is said that the rich tend to suffer in style.nicole had the misfortune of not enduring the latter.

  10. alison kirkbride

    With that pathetic excuse for a mother and surrounded by sharks and vultures she never stood much of a chance, and as for the bodyguard's wife the 'nurse' who never noticed that she was dead...........

  11. Chandio

    nice documentary heard about her first time.

  12. DigiWongaDude

    Whatever feelings you have towards hedonism, it helps to know it only has eyes for tragedy, imo.

  13. John Krisfalusci

    Jeezus Christ who cares? She was an addict and she died a miserable death. I mean why put her in the spotlight again? Lemmie guess, couple years from now an Amy Winehouse: Her final Hours documentary will be made too right?

    You people make me sick...

    1. dken66

      So we should exclude documentaries about struggling addicts who's lives come to an end in pain and sadness?

    2. Psych3d

      A lot of hating here, they forget they might go down the same road without realizing it themselves... There are even those that are so against drugs, so patriotic about it, they take more drugs to go asleep than addicts themselves... (ah yeah, when it is called "medicine" it's ok right? :D) ah well, even though I can agree with the fact that too many "famous" people get too much airtime, there is always a choice, to watch or not to watch, so if the haters don't want to watch it, then don't... n move on

    3. Archie Caldwell

      I don't smoke should I try it what am I missing?

    4. docoman

      You can only try it once. After that, it's using it. ;)

      An ex-military guy that hasn't tried smoking... sure mate, sure.
      Did you hear the one about.....

    5. Archie Caldwell

      Its never passed my lips Im not a smoker period. I don't even no wot it smells like. I don't even no wot it looks like. I did hear it enahnces ur sex life tho. Is that true?

    6. docoman

      G'day Archie,
      you can google it for some pictures. It smells a little bit like strong cigars, and no, it makes you lazy so it doesn't really enhance your sex life.
      If you have any history of mental illness, it would probably be best to avoid it.
      There's some honest opinions/answers. OK, I have a couple questions for you.
      How old are you? What country are you from? And what part of that country do you live in?
      I'm curious, that is if you were being honest. I was being facetious in my first post to you. :)

    7. Archie Caldwell

      Facetious hm. a little early in the morning for me to handle those big words. I'ts actually pretosterous. How ever getting back to ur message and ?'s
      When u say I can google it. Does that mean chugalugging like in beer. Where u use a funnel down ur throat and load it up with booze? Dam it I heard it enhances ur sex life.
      I doin't smoke I hate smokers. I once kissed a girl smoker it was like sucking on an ash tray. and if i did smoke it I would reak of smoking in my clothes and hair. So whats left. The high. Wots the high like and how long does it last? Is it better than a booze hi,
      I like my beer and it doesnt affect my sexual drive.
      Actually I get quite horny when Im drinking.
      And Im a retired pilot.

    8. docoman

      If you want to know about pot, there is plenty of information online mate. There are also some pretty good doco's here on TDF on cannabis.

      You should know, pilots don't retire, they die. Horny schoolboys do grow up though ;)
      It's too late here now for shenanigans, so have a good day mate.

    9. Archie Caldwell

      WEll I wont do any searching . I belive with all the spying going on nothning is secret. I think if I typed something into the search engine it wud be picked up by the spies on the web. I bin reading about that lately aparantly noting is secret any more. hehe Thanks for the help tho.

    10. Archie Caldwell

      G'day.. hm. that's an Ausie saying. hehe
      Im Irish immigrated to Canada 50 years ago. Was a seaman. Have relations in Australia. Bin to Australia travelled up the coast from Perth to townsville. Townsville 60 yers ago was like tombstone.
      with its dirt roads saloons with batwing doors and spitoons and sawdust at the bar. I expected at the time to see Matt Dillon coming down the main street with guns blazing, hehe My relative is buried in Geelong.

    11. docoman

      Yeah mate, I'm Aussie. :) Townsville, apart from the Defense Force, was still like that until relatively recently. The last time I drove through Townsville it had grown and had developed quite a bit. (compared to what it was like)

      It's a pity, you stopped just short of some of the best country here. It's a dry patch around Townsville, it starts to get tropical north of there.

      Perth, or Melbourne up to Townsville? Perth is on the south-west coast. Geelong is a nice place if you can handle the cold (no doubt still warm for you mate ;)

      How can one explain a feeling to someone that hasn't felt it? It's a happier, less drugged feeling then being drunk. But makes your short-term memory pack it in, makes you lazy and hungry. Often art, music for most people, is more interesting.
      Another effect it reportedly has for some people is it'll block/stop dreams. Handy if you have nightmares.
      A pretty good doco here on TDF is called, 'Clearing the Smoke, The Science of Cannabis'.

      * there are risks too mate. Look into it closer first if you're thinking of trying it, a good policy for everyone with any drug, recreational or prescribed. It's your choice, and not for me to encourage for or against. Pot, for most people, is pretty light as far as drugs go. It is impossible to overdose on it in it's natural form.

    12. Archie Caldwell

      Thanks for the info mate. My Mom is buried in the geelong cemetary. They fled briton to get away for the povertry just after the 2nd world war. They found a new life in Oz.
      At the time they were offering imigrants passage to the new world for 10 pounds .They were like cattle boats but did the job. hehe Thousands took advantage and found thatnew life.
      I was int he merchent navy they sent me to see at 16.
      I was an orphan and dint have a very good upbrining.
      They took me out of Ireland and the country side when I was 8.
      I was happy in Ireland. Green fields and stuff to eat.
      They planted me in the Middle of LOndon during the 2nd world war
      The shipped me off to sea at 16.
      So I had a bit of experience in Oz.
      I liked it very much the people are so friendly.
      But I'm a retired guy in Canada now. 80 and climbing.
      Drink a bit every day.
      not bad health.
      Dont fly any more.
      Got some hobbies. Right now im taking music lessons. hehee
      So nice to chat with some one I have roots with.
      So that's it in a nutshell.

    13. Archie Caldwell

      One of my "want to do" things in life would have been to . Get in my plane at perth and fly up to Darwin thru all the back n out back couintry Seeing all the Abo terrortary. landing at some of the craziest spots. I did that here in Canada. I got in my plane and flew all the way out to Calgary and back and flew all across the north country over Indian reservations etc. It was a wonderful trip and had many landings and take offs. hehe
      That has always bin one of my most desires. hehe
      Most people have no idea how big Oz is hehe.
      u have everyting. U could close ur borders and live without outside help. hehe

    14. Archie Caldwell

      I don't think I'm mentally incapacitated but some would disagree.
      I still fly occasionally.
      I dont think theyh allow insane people to fly a plane.