The Bank of God

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In July, 2013, during the Pope's visit to Brazil a letter was delivered to his secretary. However this was not a standard letter. It has been sent from the prison Regina Coeli in Rome and addressed to the Holy Father himself. On July 25th, the Pope's delegation in San Paolo was awakened at dawn. A problem came up at the Holy See.

The letter was not just a plain letter, it was not sent by any of the many prisoners who write every day to the Pope to ask for comfort. The sender was Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, a high priest who leads the special section of the accounting at APSA - the authority which manages the whole patrimony of the Holy See. He is a very influential figure, not just an average priest.

Scarano is also very well known at the IOR - the Institute for the Works of Religion, commonly known as the Vatican Bank. At the time when he wrote the letter to the Pope, Monsignor Scarano had been in jail for a month with the charges of bribery, slander and money laundering. According to the Italian Finance Police inspectors, Scarano tried to bring a bag containing 26 million dollars into Italy from Switzerland and according to the prosecutors that money would have been used to do a favor to a Neapolitan family of ship-owners.

Monsignor Scarano had two accomplices during this operation: A broker operating mainly abroad and a non-commissioned officer of the Italian Carabinieri working for the intelligence and security services. The operation also involved a private jet and an armed guard. Monsignor Scarano is the first high priest in history to be imprisoned for financial crimes that never occurred before.

The Vatican state is surrounded by walls and covers 44 hectares of land in the heart of Rome. It has a population of 839 people whose per capita income is about 470,000 euros. About half a million dollars this is the highest per capita income in the world. The Vatican state owns a daily newspaper, a radio and a bank. Its structure is very complex. The sovereignty lies within the Holy See which is under the Pope's authority.

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  1. Paul

    Don't you love the way people who put down Christianity always revert to the Old Testament . Christianity is Christ and his teaching in the New Testament . Why do people consistently take bible stories and instances ie: Abraham asked to kill his son Isaac by God . Out of context . In the days of Abraham people killed and sacrificed their children to a myriad of "gods" there was no government or police only the dictate of another . If we collectively decide to leave religion and God behind in our push to free ourselves from the oppressive and restrictive way of living . One would have to ask we're will this lead us . Back to the beginning alone with our barbarity . Emptied of the hope of a better world back to the ,whatever I want mentality . Which has already taken a strong hold on many and we will all reap the rewards of this satanic maxim . Do as thou wilth . This is the antithesis of love and Christianity love serves another and creates unity harmony . Do as thou wilth is intrinsically selfish and devoid of love . This will be hell on earth until we learn to love God and neighbour as Christ thought us . We will all continue to suffer the effects of a world opposed to its very creator . The one who gifted us with absolutely everything . Nothing we can call our own not even the body one possess

    1. Mike simp

      The new testament says you have to follow the old one. So if you follow the new one you must follow the old one as well. You can't pick and choose.

  2. Constanino

    @ a_no_n, so Christendom dismantled the Ottoman Empire, eh? And what do you say about the fall of Constantinople to the Muslim Turks? (Constantinople, the capital of the Christian Byzantine Empire) Byzantium fell to the Muslim Ottomans along with the holy land. Empires last forever? The Ottomans lost what they had for siding with the Austro-Hungarian empire and Germany in WWI. To the victors belong the spoils.

  3. Tony Ricci

    dont u find it odd that the rating for this is 66.6 just sayin

    1. Sebastian Lindgren

      my thought exactly... though it's not odd really... thats their number

    2. Val Valiant Five

      That made my day, take a screen shot eh! >:)>

  4. Martin Ellacott

    Personally, I am no fan of the Vatican, but I'm also sure that this is not an objective News presentation about the Vatican and its is presented by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting from an Islamic theocracy, of which I am also not a fan. Today, Islam is the curse of the World, as is all religion.

    1. a_no_n

      Islam is the curse of the world?

      It was a christian nation that broke up the Ottoman empire and created the middle east crisis we have today.

      Christianity has far more to upset stability in the world than Islam.

      Al Quaida are a half assed band of small time crooks in comparison to the Christian atrocities of the modern age.

      The fact of the matter is that well over 90 percent of terrorist victims are themselves Muslims.

      Viewing Islam as a single faction is like saying an Orthadox priest is the same as a southern baptist pastor.

      Another sore truth is that the rational world owes Islam a lot.

      Islam is responsible for many of the medical and scientific procedures we use today...Science that Christians of many different factions are struggling with all their might to suppress.

      Islam is small potatoes in comparison to the lingering threat of Christianity against the modern world and the progression of civilisation.

    2. dmxi

      ...& al-quaida (germ. way of writing it) is a cia based they don't even count as an argument against.....& islam forbids interest on loans...very attractive for solving western debt machines,me thinks!
      i 100 % back a_no_n's comment!

    3. a_no_n

      I was going to kick off about tin foil hattery when i remembered that the CIA did in fact arm al Quaida back in the eighties.
      On a related subject the recent developments of Abu Hamza are interesting as well.and run along very similar lines.
      Google "Teresa may Abu Hamza" and you'll get online versions of news
      stories going back years detailing just how much money and effort the
      last home secretary spent to get Hamza extradited from the UK, claiming
      that he was a terrorist sympathiser and radical preacher.

      For the last five years we've (in the UK) been given saturated media coverage about this telling us how much of a terrorist he is, and now he is in an American court and in his defense he's produced documents showing that he was in fact working for MI5 all along.

      Who knows what to think anymore?

      in these days where the liar is king we need rationalism and logic more than anything else!

    4. dmxi

      al-quaida...meaning 'the base' was the cia's name for a data file concerning 'their allies' against russian occupation in afghanistan.they didn't take over...they created it!another interesting topic to 'browse' through is the biography of massoud prior to 9/11...very enlightening even when wearing 'tin-foil' garments;)

    5. a_no_n

      yeah you are of course a hundred percent right...God it's hard arguing against conspiracy theories when the CIA exists...they certainly try their best to make it difficult don't they?

    6. freedom74

      The CIA created the term "conspiracy theory" as part of their COINTELPRO program.

      Since the CIA created the term and negative connotation behind it through media manipulation, yeah, they have made it tough to refute those darn conspiracy theorists.

    7. a_no_n Conspiracy theorists gain a negative connotation on account of being mostly wrong about stuff.

    8. leighatkins22

      A story is only a conspiracy theory until it's proven right, then it's a factual scandal, usually costing some powerful jerk their job & public dignity.
      True, some turn out to be just crackpot stories, but how would the real ones ever be revealed unless someone has the BALLS to look into it, regardless of how much the asleeples laugh at them?

    9. a_no_n

      the key word is proven.

      It does take balls to make up a story and then try and pass it off as truth dispite having no evidence for it Balls and a complete lack of morals or standards.

      Asking for evidence does not make me asleep, quite the opposite infact...ironic really considering you're the one living in a dream world.

    10. dmxi

      have you ever used 'cui bono' on these 'mind-boggling' ,logic deifying incidents?please pass the aluminum around,eh?
      thanks for the hamza link....totally eluded me over here in germany,ie never mentioned on't news here!

    11. Will

      Tin-foil is the most sought for supply, lately. It seems the conspiracy theorists theories were proved correct in many cases.

    12. leighatkins22

      Yeah I like my tin-foil hat collection - it keeps my mind open enough to consider ALL opinions & evidence presented to me in an even-minded manner, WITHOUT predetermined bias. How else will I ever learn new things?
      I may look silly in them but at least I can see & think for myself, & last time I checked, that was a good thing?...

    13. Raven

      you know what is amazingly stupid, using the Bible as evidence for anything historical. It is a made up book written by men which has been bastardised through numerous edits and translations. The whole story of Jesus is plagiarised from pre dating religions. It isn't real you fool, even Justin Martyr (where the term martyr comes from) wrote that the stories where never meant to be taken literally. The problem with the devout today is they read the Bible (well, some do, most don't even bother) and just accept it without thinking. It's a intellectually offensive position.

    14. Will

      Sorry it took me five months to respond Raven. Jewish history from Abraham through till the kingdoms split and separated is some of the best history in print. It was hand written by professional "scribes" and the error checking method that was used was adapted to 'error correcting' server memory. That is to say an idea ahead of it's time. Jesus is not only real, but is very well documented by Jews and Greeks. What you decide to believe is up to you, and each individual will get the credit for what he/she believes. I had to reply to bring some truth to the conversation. You are mistaken and I implore you to seek real truth.

    15. guest 7

      1.I don't mean to offend anybody specific and I do mean to offend the hole mankind or at leas moust of it. Before you answer me read the hole thing carefully and calmly or shut up and move along. I do take critics but before crap or impulsive stuff just pops out of the mouth it should be passed trough that modern wonder called brain. If you offend me personally I won't even answer cause then you are acting like a brat and you didn't read and got the point that I'm not trying to offend George or Monica or Russians or Muslims in generalin specific. individualist

      . I'm European but I don't say that in the way that I think I'm superior. We all suck just as much. We as human beeings are arrogant and everyone thinks he's better than the other.
      2. Be realistic. If the us wanted to wipe out a country that small that would be easy. Usa has serious guns. That would be like me vs a fly
      3. Check what a false flag operation is and then if you are a bit Smarter then a toast u realize that 911 was just an excuse so the i*iot Americans support the idea of war on terror.
      4.Does oil and petrodollar ring a Bell???
      5.I've heard so many say that Muslims are a plague and Christians are as well. We tend to generalize. I'm orthodox born but stopped believing in religion(if I ever did xD) before I was 5 years, also when I found out santa , easter bunny and the tooth fairy was a houx. Normally the age you start thinking instead of believing in fairy tales.
      I can't believe that we distract ourselves with silly nonsense like made up religions or skin type or other trivial bulls*it just so we have an excuse not to work on a common goal. I guess some don't get it that we all are just one. Not black race and Asians and Muslims or what ever. One race adapted to different enviroments. Think pls. Blake are black cause they've adapted(and I don't mean in one persons life span or even 500 years over a very long, slow gradual booring process) to Africa harsh conditions and English get burn in Portugal with 25 degrees. Everybody just sees their own interests but I wonder how many give a s*it about having a kid in this fake filled with hatred world. And I'm 25 BTW. The idea is do shit and say. Ow back then we didn't know better and now its late. Let the next generation fix our mess. Clearly non of us gives a s*it if our neighbor is OK cause im a cat and he's a bear, and we don't all want or have the same basic needs and dreams. And if one day i have a kid has either a dog or a hypo. F**k them right. Media brainwashed Id*ots.
      The reason we survived so far as a species was because a primitive version of us realized we have more chances if we stick together and we invented the so called communities and we started to care about each other. We might not need to defend against predators like we did in the past but f--king each other while acting nice and inocent doesn't really help ensure the survival of humans or not for such a long time and surely make living a struggle when with our knowledge an d technology we could live almost an utopian life. Almost I repeat. Not fantasizing about a dream world but we could do so much better.
      Oh NOO.....How will the banks survive
      Ppl like to have rich and poor.
      Again. Homo erectus used to share, care and protect another with just the common interest of survival. And we call those ppl savages and cave men. Partly they were but we are worst then them because we have the information and means to do better and we are doing exactly the opposite. Going on an individual run cause we are self destructive imbecils. We do have more tech but the ppl are getting dumber by the day.

    16. a_no_n

      lol What? was that meant to be aimed at me?

    17. Will

      Al quaida was most assuredly US funded, and seems that they still are, at least until last week when they signed up for ISIS. As much as you back a_no_n's comment I addressed your false assumptions when I addressed his.

    18. Martin Ellacott

      Good try.....If I thought you were right, I would agree with you. I stand by what I opined. It is nice that we can freely express our opinions, is it not....

    19. a_no_n it nice, because that felt patronising to me?

      it doesn't matter if you think i'm right or not mate, I posted documented history.

      The only opinions that have been expressed are your own.

    20. Will

      You posted opinion that I can't document. Can you please link me out to something I can read for myself?

    21. dmxi

      & our 'opinions' are superior,aren't they ?

    22. leighatkins22

      All the atrocities of which you speak are not the product of any
      'Christian' nation, these are the actions of selfish, greedy human
      governments or powers using 'Christianity' as an excuse - they are
      Christian in name only. The religious doctrine they teach are man-made
      doctrine & their beliefs don't even BEGIN to mirror the Bible, from
      which they claim to get their standards. The Bible itself states that
      half the doctrine the Catholic church pushes upon its clueless followers
      are the teachings of demons... What does that say?

    23. a_no_n

      The no true scotsman fallacy.

      Also i'm afraid your bible does condone the atrocities they committed.
      for example when the Israelites are marching across the Levant sparing no-one on gods orders.
      when the Israelites sack a city they are ordered to murder every last inhabitant except for the virgin girls, who they are to kidnap and enslave.
      again all under Gods orders.

      I also think that the idea that the bible says catholics teaches daemonic preachings only goes to show your woeful understanding of your own faiths history.

      Catholics didn't exist until the great schism from the Orthadoxy several hundred years after the bible was it is literally impossible for it to mention them or comment on their teachings.
      so either provide a quote or quit making stuff up...there's already enough made up nonsense in the bible, we don't need you throwing in your own imaginings as well.

      i'd say actually read your bible before trying to explain to anyone what's in it.

    24. dmxi

      thanks for sparing me a comment!as usual dead-center & straight!

    25. Will

      You are simply mislead. "The Bible" has a clear deliniation between God's ordering Hebrews to kill all the Amorites. Note carefully, that occurred during old testament times, when "giants" (the offspring of fallen angels and human women) walked on earth. This was presumably done to ensure the dna in the line of Christ. By the way, there was no levant nor muslim until right around 2000 years after the occupants of the land that God gave to the israelites, were cleansed from their land. You are correct when you state that the Catholic Church wasn't invented until the fourth century. The hierarchy, and the way the Catholic mass is chanted is definitely refuted in the scriptures. Read the Bible for yourself if you want to know the truth. He didn't make that up. Rather than rant about that which You are apparently ignorant of, educate yourself. You've obviously believed a lie.

    26. a_no_n

      ok...a few problems though.

      1/ this "Line of Christ". If he's the son of God then he has no lineage...he can't. Unless you're suggesting he is Josephs son in which case he isn't the son of God...You can have the son of God, or you can have the ancient lineage, you can't have both.

      2/ If the Catholic church didn't exist, then how can the bible refute their practices? By saying that you are saying the bible was written when Catholics existed a full 400 years after Jesus's death...Either that or you're saying that it's prophecy, in which case you can't be a christian because the existence of prophesies contradict the idea of free will.

      3/ I read the bible extensively, i just don't interpret it the same way as you do because i haven't had someone holding my hand and telling me what i'm supposed to think when i read it.

      4/ ah the repeater...Repeating the same thing i just said to you straight back at me re: read your bible...nothing makes you seem more adult than acting like a child.

    27. Will

      The line of Christ on earth is Mary, mother of Jesus and is fully described in the book of Matthew written to prove the legitimacy of Christ's claim of messiah to the Jews. The spiritual line is of course the spirit of God (or with the understanding of a Triune God, God himself).

      I can only think offhand of the command to "when you pray don't pray as the heathen do" chants, IE: Mary mother of God, (Insert the rosary here). Jesus told (and demonstrated to) the apostles that if you wish great honor in heaven to serve the brethren on earth, while he was washing their feet before a meal. The rosary and the hierarchy are in direct conflict but instituted far later than the commands were given in the new testament. Get what I am displaying here? The prohibition of idol worship is Mosaic law. Catholics routinely wear an idol, and display an idol in sanctuaries, by wearing and displaying a crucifix.

      Sorry about the attitude. I posted that response when I was late and I'm up late again. I'm 60 and I feel lots older than that when I've been awake for over 18 hours. A Christian should never tire trying to help someone who is seeking scriptural knowledge . I also have read the Bible extensively. That surely doesn't mean that I have been able to remember chapter and verse to refer to. Perhaps another Christian with a more organized mind can help with chapter and verse or even good quotes. I apologize for the rough tone of my response. I tend to want to respond roughly to someone who tells me to quit making stuff up and should be above returning that hostility.

    28. a_no_n

      Don't worry about apologising to me, i give as good as i get and heartily expect to get as good as i give, live by the sword and all that jazz.
      i'll be the first to admit along with quite a number of people on this forum (even ones who agree with me) will tell you i'm a brash confrontationalist (or assh0le if you want to be cruder but more accurate)

      It's interesting but i'd never considered the catholic church to be iconistic, but now that's been pointed out to me it's quite obvious.

    29. leighatkins22

      I understand my faith's history fine, it's what the rest of the world deems to be 'Christian' that I think stinks - knowledge such as yours.
      You see, YOU think that 'Christianity' is what the Catholic church teaches. TRUE Christians understand that the Catholic dogma couldn't be further from the truth & the problem is, the WHOLE WORLD thinks that what the Catholic church has done over the last 1700 years is TRULY representative of what Jesus taught us to do - COZ IT'S NOT.
      DON'T presume to lecture me on my FAITH when you can't even separate a FAITH from an entirely unrelated RELIGION.
      I once saw a movie where a man said 'just because I don't believe in God doesn't mean I can't be a good Catholic'.
      And I couldn't put it better myself...

    30. GotScience

      He said-she said; he started it-she started it; is not-is too. This is what this remark really is.
      The point is that all organized religions, especially the revealed ones, are noxious and exist only as a tool to control and benefit. Modalities, orders of magnitudes, etc. are irrelevant.
      Religions are nothing worth even thinking about; we just need to resist them. How? Education; critical thinking; social conscience; equality; fraternity; liberty; empathy come to mind.

      And yes Islam is a bane just like Christianity.

    31. a_no_n

      If you think historical context is "He said she said" then sure i suppose.

  5. dmxi

    one should also see propanda due,'the gorilla marcinkus',sidona,calvi ...leading to berlusconi,which happened well before this 'scandal'.