Sex Crimes and the Vatican

Sex Crimes and the Vatican

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Sex Crimes and the VaticanCreated in 1962, a now infamous document was issued in secret to bishops. Called Crimen Sollicitationis, it outlined procedures to be followed by bishops when dealing with allegations of child abuse, homosexuality and bestiality by members of the clergy. It swore all parties involved to secrecy on pain of excommunication from the Catholic Church.

This document was reissued in 2001 by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and sent to all bishops. Yet rather than ordering more openness and cooperation with the authorities as demanded by both law enforcers and the victims, he reiterated its policies and ensured that the Code of Silence be applied to all cases of child abuse involving a priest. Cardinal Ratzinger also instructed that all cases should now be referred to his office directly and that he would maintain 'exclusive competence' over the handling of allegations. This is the Catholic Church's policy to this day and Cardinal Ratzinger is now Pope Benedict XVI.

The policy laid out in the above document has led to systemic failure by the result that a significant number of priest have, in effect, been allowed to abuse again, and further children have been put at risk.

As the documentary explores, Colm O'Gorman is the man responsible for breaking open decades of abuse by Catholic Priests in Ireland in the BAFTA award-winning BBC special Suing the Pope. He links international 'systemic evidence' to argue the Vatican has a policy to cover up the sexual abuse of thousands of children across the world.

In Sex Crimes and the Vatican O'Gorman explores four separate cases internationally of widespread clerical abuse, putting the Roman Catholic Church on trial for the reckless endangerment of children. O'Gorman raises the question, 'Is the Church in default of its obligation as a signatory to the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child?' (Excerpt from

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  1. Now that the bodies of children are being found at catholic mission sites ,when will the abandoned missions on the remote shores of Great Slave Lake be dug up and investigated, all the locals say lots of souls were taken to these places to never be seen again, I think every site the Catholics had should be thoroughly investigated

  2. "Sex Crimes and the Vatican" should be also available in the German language and shown now on German TV. Especially now, while the Cathl. Church is trying to hide more documents of sexually abused children.

  3. This is not especially about the Vatican or about child abuse - it's about psychopaths and how they tend to gain control over the masses:
    Andrew M. Lobaczewski
    Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes
    Rzeszów, 1984

  4. Happened to me. I pray That they try to punish me.

  5. Lisa O

    You have watched a BBC documentary, The same BBC that covered up paedophiles like Jimmy Savile and many others that we have yet to find out about, ergo by watching this documentary you have supported paedophilia

  6. I can't believe there is still such a thing as a Catholic Church. How foolish do you need to be to still believe there is an invisible man in the sky who gave his only son to die on a cross for our sins in the first place. And it turns out his representatives on earth, the Pope and all his friends included, are a bunch of sexually repressed pedophiles and con artists.
    It's time to put an end to the Catholic Church and put their leaders in prison, or worse maybe, hand them over to the victims of their sex crimes.

    1. Don't malign Jesus and the LORD because you are an idiot and cannot discern between the genuine and the fake. Catholicism IS NOT CHRISTIANITY!!!
      IF some low-brow atheist thugs dressed up as a preacher and then went and did horrible things, was that God's fault too and was that "God's will"? NO! certainly not. Your hatred and anger against God leads your head into toddler logic. Grow up.

  7. These monsters need to be burned at the stake, if society had any sense

  8. I am a Roman Catholic. I was raised in a very religious family. Nothing that occurs in and around Catholicism will affect my faith and deep devotion for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I oppose of the Catholic Church and the Jesuit infiltrated Vatican since I read the oath of all Jesuits. The Vatican is a disgrace to Jesus Christ. It is an abomination and all those who worship the Pope as if he were God should stop doing so immediately. Stop giving money to the Roman Catholic Empire. The Catholic Bible omits and adds whatever it pleases to the Bible to accommodate their New World Order agenda. They have been behind every single war, genocide and famine and have even caused wars. This Papacy is the 666 Beast System and all people should "COME OUT OF HER". One can only make an educated guess that this is what this Bible phrase "come out of her" means, the Roman Catholic Church. I am extremely close with Jesus Christ and obey the 10 commandments. I live my life as if Jesus Christ would live his and when I falter I always recognize my flaws and immediately repent. I offer up all pain and sorrow in my life for the drops of blood Jesus Christ lost on the cross for our sins, so that we would be saved from eternal damnation. A lot of people have a hard time understanding this. Ask God to help you understand this by receiving the Holy Spirit. Nothing, no torture of any kind could make me turn my back on Jesus Christ. The Zionist controlled media and United States Government are also an abomination. Luciferians are lied to and refuse to see the fault in their ways. God help these people! The Jesuits who have taken an oath that is the exact opposite of anything Jesus Christ would do is an abomination. Through love, kindness, forgiveness, and living a Christlike life we will defeat all of the evil in this world. We are doing a much better job now than we have in the past. Keep up the great work all Holy people of this flat earth. Yes, they even lied to us about that. Seek the truth and you shall find it, with the Grace of God.

  9. "Sorry, This video does not exist."

    Silenced by the church once again? WTF? Raping little boys needn't any attention when the church's reputation is at risk!

    1. Yes it does exist dopey

  10. only one word "jesus!"

  11. what other organization could survive such horrific atrocities and still have millions show up every sunday and throw money in the basket to continue to support it. Blind faith.

  12. Their first and only response should have been to tell bishops to involve the police and give them and the victim their total compliance.

  13. A secret vatican decree called "Crimen Sollictationis" protected priests and kept victims quiet, alluded authorities, withheld evidence, obstructed justice and covered up to "protect" priests and the name of the "almighty vatican"...this is just the tip of the iceberg...

    First Nations people in Canada have experienced this for 500+ years, it has altered the states of our minds, beliefs and brain washed the population to accept their teachings as the "only one, the right one and the only way." It has made our people submissive to their cultures, beliefs and yearning to be like them and one of us.

    The only way we can change this is to start with self, to take charge, take back what they ripped out of us..."The indian IN the child...the Spirit"...they knew that rape, molestation and sexual abuse was an instant spiritual removal to be replaced with their beliefs, teachings and they knew it would shut us up from speaking through the use of "fear of God, punishment or death to our families" is repetitive throughout the needs to stop.

    First Nations people were just a practice run for the rest of the world...if they got away with it then...they can do it again...It goes back to a Papul Bull passed hundreds of years ago giving priests permission to have sexual relations with is documented in black and white...

    It is time to wake up!

    1. In one word: UNREPENTANT! Google the documentary (it's also called, 'Unrepentant') and it is about one man's plight to educate the average Canadian about Canada's dirty little secret- the horrific and shameful history of attempted genocide in Canada. Haunting and a definite "must-see"!

  14. Documentaries are great but are only an idea and opinion at the end of the day. They are a stepping stone to our own investigations to confirm their presentations.. this doco for example is false right from the start!

    The Code of Canon Law in force when Crimen sollicitationis was issuedobliged anyone whom a priest solicited in confession to denounce him within one month and ordered that any such priest be subjected to a serious ecclesiastical punishment:

    Canon 904. In accordance with the apostolic constitutions... a penitent must within one month denounce to the local Ordinary or the Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office a priest guilty of the crime of solicitation in confession; and a confessor must, under a grave obligation of conscience, inform a penitent of this duty.

    Canon 2368 §1. Anyone who has committed the crime of solicitation dealt with in canon 904 is to be suspended from celebrating Mass and hearing sacramental confessions and, if the gravity of the crime calls for it, he is to be declared unfit for hearing them; he is to be deprived of all benefices and ranks, of the right to vote or be voted for, and is to be declared unfit for all of them, and in more serious cases he is to be reduced to the lay state.

    Crimen sollicitationis indicated the procedure to be followed between a denunciation and the possible infliction of a penalty.

    1. The Seal of the Confession is sacred,it is not for evil people to use to molest innocents

    2. The attorney-client and doctor-client privileges are recognized in secular law, not the priest-confessor--and that's all that matters. .

  15. Homosexuals or not, the fact is that religion belief (no matter which one) is a way to control people. It's been like that since the beginning of humanity and it will always be. No wonder that most of the victims are from poor and illiterate families... Knowledge is a threat to any religion! What a bunch of hypocrites!
    Believe in yourself! That's my view of faith.

  16. The Catholic Church is just a Cult for Pedophiles and the Pope is the ring leader! Pedophiles are drawn to the Catholic Church for obvious reasons, because they know they will be protected by the Vatican.
    My thoughts and good wishes to those who have suffered at the hands of these monsters, and may peace and a higher power be with you!

  17. Nothing about the Catholic Church has changed since the Middle Ages. It still regards itself as a law unto itself, unaccountable to secular authorities. Let's not stop with priests, how about jailing a few bishops and cardinals and bringing this mephitic institution down to its knees, at least here in this country so that other countries can be inspired to follow suit.

  18. Do not be deceived, people! This problem is not exclusively Catholic! With the exposure of the Catholic Church's abuse, more and more non Catholic abuse cases are being exposed in every sect of Christianity! It runs rampant in all of them, we are finding out.

  19. As a muslim we believe in christianity and islam and many other relgions that allah ( God ) has conveyed to us in the Quran. Thus, I wouldnt link this to christianity being a bad thing since it came from allah, however , todays modern christians are following a changed bible. it isnt what allah has put it down as in exact. god knows whats true and what isnt. so leaving that aside, i think these are just sick people who abuse children using the name of god. And i can only say, may allah have no mercy upon them and i hope they get the punishments they deserve which i know they will as god is fair and leaves noone mistreated. Especially innocent children.

    1. "Allah" is not the LORD God Creator, the Most High, Ancient of Days.
      You better find out who that is.

  20. Let's see - can I be more disgusted and disturbed? NO! And they're wondering why more and more people are leaving the Catholic Church. At the top of it is the Pope, of all people, who has covered up all of this horror directed towards innocent children. How can anyone follow a religion that allows this abuse?

    1. @Lana M. Gavin

      Great comment and fab avatar!

      The Crucified One

  21. This is the church that wants the government to enforce church teachings.

  22. The Pope gets his messages as God speaks to him and he informs the Church of Gods commands. Not. Ratzinger is a criminal who preaches to the Catholic Churches. If the Vatican was not it's own country this pervert and his mob of pedophiles would rot in jail.

  23. The whore of Babylon.Get out of that church,its leaven(doctrine of devils)
    will infect you.Jesus is real,but what they teach and practice is what Paul
    calls a another Jesus.They are the sea beast of Rev.13 and Rev.17.

  24. This is Abomination!

    The Sins of Adultery and Fornication will not go Unpunished....
    God is watching!

    Adulteres and Fornicators will not inherit the kingdom of God. 1.corin.6:9
    The wicked shall be turned into hell,,,Psa.9;17

    Repent Now Before its too late!

  25. I'M not a catholic and the bishops entered a case against me in the Nevada Supreme Court supporting rape crimes committed against me. I was on life support for 3 months and bishops of Nevada seem to enjoy the rape committed on me.

    1. I am so sorry to hear this and hope that you are recovering nicely now. All of the information that is now available to us reveals the true filth that is this "church." We never completely heal, but we can use our truth to bring them down. Best wishes to you.

  26. I would kill everyone who is guilty of such by one... in the name of THEIR god...

  27. You may wonder why the Pope does not do anything. Well, obviously he rapes little boys. He would then get in prison too... the WHOLE LOT is a pedaphile haven.

    Now, the comment below about how corps, colleges and every institution being like this is SOME WHAT true. But, do they have a policy IN THE OPEN DOCUMENT FORM to allow it to happen and then HARBOR the sex offenders (priests) under the guard of the vatican stronghold?

    NO, they do not. So, the Vatican is a VERY VERY sick place to be, worship or do anything with. Imagine.

    You may wonder why they rape kids. When you repress a Nature desire to mate/have sex only makes the desire stronger. So, men that may not be gay turn gay for little boys, because that is how strong the urge is to mate/have sex.

    No excuses though... it is sick in the head on all levels.

  28. Cover-ups are a natural consequence of institution's self preservational tendencies. Weather it be a corporation, a church or a country or a school. Why are these institutions corrupt? In other words; why do they do everything to preserve their power and image? The answer is because so many individuals depend on them. Again the root of the problem is the competitive nature of our society. A non-indoctrinated person who thinks outside the box would ask himself why do we have different religions, countries...etc and in the first place? What good do they do? Does the world really need the Catholic church? Why do some people have such psychoogical desire for religion? Can its benefits be achieved by other means? The problem here is not human nature but nothing more than historical practices preserved trough tradition. I also blame the "that's just the way it is" mentality - like a heard of sheep walking into an abyss.

  29. The comment below mine is really disheartening. Likening gambling to child abuse is asinine.

  30. EVERY religion has corruption at some level. It's mankind's dirty little not-so-secrets... YES - even your current religion that you feel would NEVER happen...

    A priest or minister or elder that sexually manipulates anyone, including children, is just a pervert using his position to intimidate & abuse. We have bosses/employers who do the same thing...we call it sexual harassment. Also our sports coaches and so on...

    This 'sh!t' goes on because we, as a society, continue to put other people in these elevated positions & give them complete control. None of us really knows what goes on in another persons mind.. And we have to remember that this is also a small percentage of these people committing these heinous acts... but by creating & putting these people in these positions turns over our control & authority over ourselves, our children and other possible victims.

    And celibacy doesn't make someone a pervert or pedophile! They are already sick... psychology they are already pedophiles... they turn to their religion to absolve themselves & their conscience & in some cases punish themselves...

    But on a lesser level don't we all do this? If you/we/I call ourselves christian (or perhaps another religion), and attend our place(s) of worship, in between MOST of us are doing things we are taught NOT to... drinking, gambling, fornicating, etc...

  31. it's a strange phenomenon that perfectly lovely, kind, gentle, moral people who call themselves catholic are willing to overlook these disgusting facts, when if, for example, oxfam or some other organisation were discovered to be systematically raping children, they would be appalled. as they should be. i wonder why people don't simply choose to remain religious and even christian but disassociate themselves with a church that has literally become a nursery for rapists/paedophiles. how do the genuinely good-hearted people reconcile their morals with the rape committed by the people they look up to? it's a curious effect that religion has on people.

  32. " you will Know the TREE by the FRUIT it bears" I renounced being a catholic when I was twelve. Who are these monsters? Really these guys being in their unique position* inflict the worst sort of sin upon the victims! My cousin was repeatly molested by "Father John" for years. Fucked his whole life up. I understand there is a special place in hell for scum like this.
    *liasons between You and GOD

  33. @All

    Re: Mary Power #57

    What she said.

  34. When the church, which holds itself up as the moral judge speaking with the authority of God gets caught diddling the choir boys and hanging out at gay sex bars, it calls into question whether the priests themselves actually believe the myths they peddle to the sheep. Or that God does not exist and you have all been played for total fools by the world's oldest ongoing fraud.

  35. Doesn't anyone care to examine the obvious question? What are the statistical chances that a vast majority of pedophiles in the world would be drawn to the Catholic Church, when they could have easily practiced their sick "preferences" in any situation? Why would the Catholic Church leaders cover up such heinous crimes if they did not secretly condone it? Why was it so widespread, in every corner of the globe, under every socio-economic and political stratosphere? Why has the sexual abuse of children been found to be the case in every continent and culture that has had Catholic "parishes" in their country? Luciferian Ritual Abuse is the problem, not "sexual preference" or "sexual sickness", if you will. Ritual abuse of the children, in honor of their "god", is what's really going on. And the "god" that the Catholic Church worships is not the god that you may think...and I defy any person to actually LOOK at the history of the Catholic Church, and what it continues to do at this very minute, and still justify themselves in supporting this MAN-made institution. "And ye shall know a tree by it's fruit..."

  36. I am also an athiest.
    I was also abused as a child by both clergy and teachers.
    I have been celibate now for the past 14 years, and have never felt the need to pass on my lessons of life.
    So, no,, being celibate does presuppose a person to be a pedophile.

  37. Catholic priests - pigs and debauchees! A world shame! My girlfriend was raped by the Catholic priest from award MSC from Slovakia, and conventuals forced it to make abortion! Vatican is a generation of a devil, and the Pope - a Satan
    Perverts in cassocks! They all onanist, I myself once saw that the priest before Mass mastrubiroval! These people are taught life! They are defective! Celibacy - really devilish doctrine!

  38. @zgbivana,

    1. Pride is a sin (if you are genuinely Christian).
    2. If you put Pope in jail, you don't have a Catholic church anymore. Since HE IS the Church.
    3. I'm suprised you didn't realize it buy now.

  39. I am overjoyed that mainstream society is finally beginning to see the evils of religion. The Catholic Church scandal is just one aspect of this medieval thinking. Faith is making a virtue out of non-thinking and believing what you know isn't so! A thousand years or so from now people will look back in disgust to the whole idea that man ever worshipped an invisible, non-existent deity. Any god or deity who creates a hell for his/her children should be the first to be burned in it! Leave it to man to screw things up!

  40. As long as celibacy is practiced, sex abuse will continue. It has for years.

    This is why Paul taught against the practice of celibacy,
    "A bishop then must be blameless, THE HUSBAND OF ONE WIFE, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach" (1 Timothy 3:2)

    Just one of numerous teachings from the Bible that the Catholic church teaches and practices contrary to.

    1. Umm...As I recall, Paul ENCOURAGED celibacy, saving marriage for only the very weakest with the idea, "if you are so weak that you absolutely MUST give in to your foul, vulgar desire, then marry so it's not a 'sin.' A WEAKNESS, obviously, but not a 'sin.'"

  41. what a great and abominable church !

  42. What does the Lord have to say about it...

    Thou shalt not commit adultery, including fornication. (Matt 19:18)

    But whoso shall offend (e.g. molest) one of these little ones (i.e. children) which believe in me, it were better for him (i.e. the offender) that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.(Matt 18:6)

    Beware of false prophets (including priests), which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.(Matt 7:15)

    For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. (Eccl 12:14)

  43. so that's it for Catholicism i guess .
    it's should have ended a long time ago
    i invite all catholics to depart from their faith and join something else
    i would never like to have a catholic hangigng around near my kids
    obliviously their faith has a relation to them loving to sodomize young boys .

  44. Why do parents turn their children over to any adult whose personal habits are unknown to them? Celibacy is not the issue, but the cold, competitive loneliness, the alcohol...that guarantees serious and secretive trouble. For anybody. As for collaboration just for being Catholic...well let's examine collaboration. The worst sex abuse of minors today is in the garment and shoe industries. Children are being sold and kidnapped to make all our crapola we love so much we go into debt to buy. There are souls who vow to never wear slavemade clothing...that is a heroic personal choice. All of us are guilty of collaboration. Do we drive cars? To condemn the Catholic church as being worse than non-catholic systems is to pay the Church the compliment of being above others...being graced and stronger and therefore guiltier than merely human systems. It is "come to Jesus" time for this Church with the filth of child abuse. We will see if grace will make it honest and open at last.

  45. Shallom to all, let's become a muslim. Pray only the Oneness of God the Almighty, no more trinity. I truly fed up with this! Jesus Christ will angry with us we do not fully follow him, now we just follow this kind of Pope as our leader. oo... God Almighty now i know which one right & which one wrong.

  46. To Sarah and all others...sorry the catholic church is not growing,,,the Pagan Faiths are on the increase, the same faiths that the catholic church burn people for, I know Cause I am A Asatru Pagan Minister.

    Everything the Catholic/Christian churches are, was taken from the pagan faiths of old.

    And all it takes to let Priest marry again is a repeal of the PAPAL BULL of the 1100's.

  47. @ zgbivana,,,
    You cannot say the pope and those involved have nothing to do with real catholics! They are the head of the catholic church! All the men in power know what goes on and allow it! Why, the priests and bishops of your church are probably some of those peadophiles shuffled around abusing more and more innocent children along the way! How would u feel if you or one of your children were one of their many victims??? They are evil through and through. A female friend of mine was raised in a convent, and just today told me that if any of the children made a noise after dark, they would be forced to stand in the hallway all night till morning, and if they sat, they were beaten. Imagine how the REAL GOD feals watching these HYPOCRITES claim to be his people! And what of the Billions of dollars the have, using for hush money and supporting their lavish ways and extremely expensive churches, while the rest of the world is in financial crisis. NOTHING at all like Christ Jesus, who was humble and rode on a donky and washed the feet of his disciples! They are corrupt through and through! Their day has come, they are about to fall, just as the Bible says!

  48. After hearing the testimony of the Vatican Church having 7 million dollars budget in 1999 to silent child sex victim in order to maintain 'the peace and integrity of the church'. Even the thought that I have actually contributed (as contribution during a mass) to help the catholic church commit this kind of crime against small defenseless children makes me sick. I have long left the Catholic church, the reason been they have violate two basic demands from God written in the bible, 1) do not worship idols (they worship Mary and many other saints and a cross with Jesus still nailed on it), and 2) give out your wealth (they seems to be collecting more than anyone else, looking at all the expensive utensils, gran clothes and exclusive buildings). Now I can only say they have practice to the fullest of one commandment 'love you neighbor as yourself', but in a worst possible and wrong way.

  49. The Catholic church cannot go on behaving like a prim maiden aunt hoping that, if it closes its eyes, such unsavoury things will simply go away.

    A good start would be to abandon the unhealthy, unnatural rule of celibacy celibacy, voluntary refusal to enter the married state, with abstinence from sexual activity. It is one of the typically Christian forms of asceticism in the priesthood

    I fail to see how a married priest would be any less capable of spreading the word of God and saving souls. But he might be less inclined to work off his sexual frustrations on some innocent, trusting child.

    I so glad i was sent to an Anglican Church as a child.

  50. Wow this make me sick to my stomach!

  51. I wasnot born a Catholic, but did convert to it at age 20. did not relly understand to much about it for years. Not to active in it untill in my 50,s. not to interrested in it and their rules and insults if you disagreed. Found Jesus at a Chaismatic prayer meeting. Knew at last I had found the right thing. Do know that priests think they are GOD. not true. Was totally shocked when I found out about the pedofiles and became very up set and confused. Am not all tha active in the church anymore. Do no want some priest telling me how to live my life kowing what they do. Have found out this. I do live by the 10 commandments. One thing no pope or Cardinal or Bishop etccan do is excommunicate me from GOD. No one has that much powwer. consider my self a bornagain christian and am happy with that. Jesus christ is my savior and will never deny HIM. I cannot be around any priests with their holier than thou attitudes and GOD, only knows what they are doing when no one is looking. I believe pope Benedict is a pedofile and covered upmany pedofiles in his life. Justlike now telling the bishops he will handle it. Sure he will. Stay close to GOD. Stay close to Jesus. I dont need any organizes religion to run my life when I follow GOD and Jesus. I have peace and I do not worry. Maybe that is what some of you should dothat are upsetwith the preaches in life who talk out of the side of their mouth with their hands out. I can give to the oor at the Salvation Army and at shelters. I am not going to pay for any popes ermine coat or summer houses and vacations. . GOD BLESS.

  52. Must be difficult to be liberal and Catholic.

  53. Joseph Terence -

    Couldn't have said it better if I tried.

    Most of the world is irreparably tainted by Catholic influence, started by missionaries - they screwed up a lot of cultures who thought they were just fine for hundreds of years until the Church told them they were doing everything wrong.

    The individual Catholic has no control over the damage their donations may be contributing to. I wouldn't be able to live with that and be true to my own values.

  54. The Catholic Church are all about controlling the public's fear of death. We are so afraid of dying we let them rape our children, we bow before them, chant what they want us to chant, throw money in a basket, ask for their forgiveness.

    Most priests are good people, but the Catholic church is THE most corrupt and ignorant system ever devised by mankind. In 1981 they admitted the world was round! They apoligised to Galileo for jailing him for believeing in science. Pope John Paul the Second caused the death of countless Africans who believed contraception was wrong because HE TOLD THEM SO! Mass death through ignorance. The Catholic church is anti-science. Think about that, ANTI SCIENCE! They don't believe in evolution, contraception, free thought. Like not believing that 2 plus 2 is 4 despite the fact that it is.

    They all take vows of poverty but live in wealth. They protect sex offenders, this has been proven! There is no evidence of God, they don't believe in God, but they know we FEAR death and they exploit this financially.

    Religion is dangerous; 911, Afganistan, the Middle East, Aids in Africa, etc etc all stems from chanting, repetition, brainwashing, exploiting fear of death, and telling people what to do to please a "God".

    "Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord." ADOLF HITLER.

    So God wanted the Holocaust? Hmmm...

  55. I find it cute when people try to defend their religion by saying "Well, those people that did those horrible things.. were not true or real(insert religion here)!!!!" Take responsibility for once people. Not all Catholics are bad and they certainly aren't good either. They are human.

    Get off your high horses and own up to the corruption you just simply ignore and disassociate with. There is a reason these terrible things happen and in many ways they only have to look as far as their bronze age myths and dogma.

    This is a perfect example of the brain washing the church does on people. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

  56. I don't hold individual Catholics responsible for priest abuse, but I'm so tired of hearing only one issue raised, in a vacuum, by individual Catholics that I know: Pro-life. They'd reduce abortions by looking at all the issues that surround it, and working with others instead of just picketing.

    I would like to see as vocal of a movement demanding new child-protection policies from the Vatican.
    OR insisting that the Vatican lead the fight for dispersal of child vaccinations or AIDS drugs in the world. It's not like they don't have the money.

  57. I very much agree with zgbivana. I am a strong Christian believer and was raised in a Catholic home. True Catholic beliefs and the real church are made to look like hypocritical scum by people who take advantage of the church body. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of what happens behind closed doors, but to say that these things happen only within the church is being naive.
    Yes I think that people who commit these heinous acts deserve to be behind bars no questions asked, I also think that to judge an entire group of people (and a rather large one at that) based on the acts of a relatively small percentage is unfair. These people do not stand for true Christian morals or values, and to base your opinion of a religion on them alone is wrong.

  58. Just wanted comment on the documentary and say that the hierarchy of the church will continue to get away with these heinous crimes as long as parishioners keep funding them. Cut off the funds and you cut off the head, that's the way to deal with this criminal group. I'm a lapsed Catholic who went to parochial schools k-college and was an altar boy but never was a victim of a priest in any way. But I've also worked for the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops and have seen some the non-cleric executives behave in scandalous ways when they were on the job. The point is that these if the bishops are corrupt and the Vatican is also involved then no one will step up and do anything about it. again,the only way to get their attention is to cut off the money. There are many good Christian people in the church, but they are not the ones in charge.

  59. It's most criminal to cover up. If such accusations ever get proven in court it may deter it most. I do not personally know the extent of the problem, but have witnessed in two Canadian Parishes that convictions of abuse were made (while in many more none have been made). Most Catholics are ashamed of it, false accusations occur, and abuse is endemic,( in society more than Catholic denominations. I was sadened by the Church saying that it's going to continue, because, honestly, i picked up that the priest was "not right" in his well being from the get go.

  60. Faith that post has appeared on about 6 discussions so far - is this a TFD glitch?

  61. evil scum

  62. Wow, so much sickness everywhere... so glad I am not nor ever will be baptized to any of these religious organizations, I prefer my soul to be FREE when I leave this earth... too much criminal activities , not just inside the church walls but inside all sorts of organizations from the top, down to the lowest slug on the soil...

  63. this site and to the management of such shares to us for ease of finding internet te thank you very much for

  64. I watched a similar video on TDF yesterday about the fireman who was abused by his priest :"Twist of Faith." Some of the comments made after it made me so angry I thought it best not to comment at the time. Comments such as "It wasnt the church that molested him" and so on. It was as if these apologists for this criminal religious corporation either hadnt watched the doc or else as usual had filtered out all the bits they didnt like - much like they do with their religious books.

    This video doc however is much more about the endemic crimes committed then covered up by the church, rather than an example case; and very noticeably nearly all the religious trolls go quiet! There is a huge tendency on this site for almost every discussion to be twisted round to religious bickering yet when there is a video like this where they probably would have authoritative views and knowledge they all go silent.

    If I watch an interesting video about a newly discovered fossil, there are huge rants of a religious nature, reams of scripture quotes and ultimately the view that "GOD DID IT."

    Strange how that view isnt being endorsed here, after all; the all omnipotent God of your choice should at the very least be able to keep his own house in order, to watch after the people that love him , keep his faith or at the very least keep an eye on what HIS clergy are up to.

    Whenever there is bad stuff its never Gods fault is it? I`m not just talking about the Catholic faith. If there is a God why would he allow innocents to be victimised or indeed born deformed or whatever. Always the same excuses come out.... Oh thats not my religion or my interpretation of the bible, quran etc etc.

    Some of the comments above are great, in particular:

    August 12th, 2009 at 14:20

    Mostly this is true, however in the case of the Catholic Church its Head office is in the Vatican State which is legally a separate country (as is Washington and the City of London) therefore it can hide behind diplomatic immunity. But this City State status is untenable when the member state commits such atrocities. Such states exist by the good will of real countries. If such a state refuses to behave within civilised modern boundaries they should be declared rogue. Diplomatic ties should be broken and the United Nations (a joke corporation true) should take whatever action is necessary to bring them to justice.

    A crime isnt just perpetrated by the abuser but all those that work to cover up and protect the criminal. In other words aiding and abetting. The Pope in particular has vicarious responsibility for all his underlings and as the single person (who is apparently in direct contact with God) who could and most definitely should deal with this criminal and corrupt aspect of his organisation. He is by his inaction and sponsorship of the silence rules the biggest criminal of all. He brings misery and suffering to untold thousands.

    The paedophile situation has been like a bad running joke for decades and probably centuries and this is because the Catholic Church continues to attract more and more paedophiles. They effectively endorse through silence or worse; encouraging with protection such individuals. And then there is the utterly ridiculous "forgiveness" facet. Confess for a clean sheet!

    Carlo Coello, your comment sickens me. This isnt just a hand full of bad apples. 0.3 pct of a Billion for one thing is 3,000,000 - yes - 3 million! So I do hope you got your figures wrong......... In any case, I can authoritatively say as a retired police officer with duties which included administration of a sex offenders register and having been involved investigating such crimes that the reported cases are a drop in the ocean. There are probably ten or twenty times as many unreported crimes as those that come to be investigated. And of those that do a high percentage never make it to court. The fact that there are a billion Catholics who dont go around raping children is a retarded argument. This billion should do something about it instead of coming out with crap like "its only a few people." It only has to be ONE abuser for it to be bad, but its not just one. Watch the video again and try to understand the tip of the iceberg they are highlighting. And we'll never know the true figures because the CC hides that!!! How do you not get this?

    What is the acceptable number of paedophile priests Carlo????!!! This is evil being endorsed and propagated by your church and call me stupid but I thought you religious types are supposed to be the ones with high morals and the priests should be whiter than white. Yet the Billion dont do anything. I`m not surprised with an attitude like yours. Just bury your head in the sand huh? Instead of finding reasons to explain away this evil why dont you do something about it? Start a movement amongst your billion buddies, get them to say in a big voice that this should be dealt with instead of buried? I`ll answer for you. Because people like you are hypocrites sitting in a comfort zone. So long as it doesnt affect you or those close to you you really dont care.

    "Only cast the stone if you are free of sins…" Sin is an invented concept, but here; have a few boulders from this sinful person who is apparently condemned to burn in hell forever just because I dont believe the crap you do. As for the "Envy" comment... man you are a joke.

  65. If someone is fanatic with anything is a sign that he is sick. All those priests are fanatic so they are sick. Religion should be prohibited for everyone. It is a creation that killed more people than any desease and sexually abused more children than all the child maulesters together.

    1. "Religion should be prohibited for everyone."
      Doesn't that make you a fanatic? Remember Atheism is a religion too. But a fanatic may not see that.

    2. Atheism is a religion like "not collecting stamps" is a hobby. Having said that, I don't agree that religion should be prohibited. Everybody should be given the right to believe in whatever he wants, no matter how illogical and stupid a religion might be.

  66. Hi. It is very sad to see how easy people are to judge and condemn a whole religious congregation for the atrocities and crimes committed by a handful of its members. There are over a billion Catholics around the world, among clergy and followers, and less than .3% are the ones involved with these hideous acts. However the haters are quick to demand the demise of the church, or the elimination of all Catholic believers. How many of you honestly consider yourself clean and pure enough before God's eyes? Those priests sinned terrible against God and against humanity, and they will have their punishment, but please do not use that argument as an excuse to express your frustrations, rage and envy of one of the best religious organizations in the world...It is not the Church, but the impurity and imperfection of men the root of all evil. Only cast the stone if you are free of sins...

  67. First, the teachings of the Catholic Church are not in harmony with what the Bible teaches. Look through the pages of the Bible and you will see how Jesus identified false religion in these last days. One idenfifying mark of false religion is "celibacy."

  68. eye opener. I'm glad to be protestant.

  69. Lord God Almighty, I pray that You will not allow this to continue and may every molester and rapist in the Catholic church be fully judged both in this life and the life to come. Show no mercy to those that have shown no mercy themselves. May every victim find justice, and may every evil work come to light and no longer be hidden. Convict hearts and bring those called by Your name to repentance and retribution for thier actions. Merciful Father, heal those who are even now suffering because of the molestation and punish those responsible for the cover-ups. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

  70. Under the power of the catholic church, more people have suffer than in the heands of Hitler, Just read your history, I am a christian, and Christ did not teach us the ways of the catholic church, I still don´t know why does it stil exist, it should´ve been done away with after the 800 years of inquisition


  72. it's like the pope is intentionally providing these priests with an endless stream of new children to molest. and what's even crazier...this is happening NOW.

  73. All pedophiles should die a slow painful death. The catholic church is an organization who FAVORS and FACILITATE pedophilia. It is not a "sad side effect" the POPE is allowing child abuse, sheltering pedophiles, hampering investigations, intimidating witnesses and victims, and moving pedophiles to new areas so they can keep molesting children.

    The Vatican should burn to the ground with all the pedophiles in it.

  74. That is terrible - Those people deserve to be burned at the stake... But I suppose that its really just a symptom of the the worlds most powerful, most corrupt religion

  75. Shocking and sad to see the depth to which the church has now fallen.

    The Catholic church is morally and spiritually bankrupt and even though I am no longer a Catholic, I feel even ashamed to be a Christian as well as a pastor when I watch something like this. Sad to say that the church cannot and will not change as the corruption is from the very top, all the way down.

    Those Catholic priests abused the kids not because of the pressure of celibacy (I was celibate for many years as a missionary) but they did it becuase they are sick perverts; plain and simple.

    All those that did nothing but covered up and hid the truth are just as guilty and will no doubt get what they deserve.

  76. From the years 2001 to 2008 every church in America lost people... Except the Catholic Church, it grew. It's the same for the years 1994 to 2001.

    Why?!?!?! Why is it STILL GROWING?!?!

  77. buy the cross,and the star . in the history film , catholic priests confess that pope of the 1940 order the holocaust to take place. real human beings lost their lifes , little babies had their skin take off their backs and lamp shades where made from the skin of fresh. i would like to know where this so called god of humans was. why didnt the so called god stop these murderers. 6 million humans was killed, how holy could a god really be to sit back and do nothing.

  78. If the Church was a company it would have been shut down long ago. Please share this information with everyone you can. The truth needs to be out there. After you watch this... you won't be wondering why they want a Blasphemy Law! Ratzinger has helped to cover up the rape of young children. The Pope is a paedophile protector, but does nothing to protect the children. Oh, suffer the little children...

    In my opinion anyone with any loyalty to the catholic church is either a paedophile sympathiser or just completely ignorant as a result of burying your head in the sand! The church is not corrupt - the priests, bishops, cardinals and the pope are! They are satan's little demons sent here to defile the innocent. If I were president of the world, the pope and all his criminal gang would be sent straight back to hell!

  79. Well said, Vitaloverdose. If celibacy is the issue, then why don't these priests run off with women and have hetero-relationship? For the same reason a child abuser who is not a priest does ... they were perverts beforehand.

  80. To say that these priests are only doing this because of their vow of celibacy is crazy! These people are messed up perverts before they join the Church. No normal person turns to child abuse just because they are not getting any sex.
    The problem is that people who 'work for God' are given an elevated position in most societies. They are seen as 'better people' than everyone else. This allows them to get away with things like child sex abuse and all manor of illegal acts. This is what attracts perverts and weirdo's to become priests. I get the feeling that some off these idiots actually think that being a priest makes up for the evil things they are doing. I just hope there really is a God just so these people eventually get what they deserve!

  81. organized religion will stop existing and these priest must be taken away by ufo's will they ever be save.

    The only thing organized in the future will be group meditation. Saying hello be @ the town center @6 and we will start mediting for peace. Apparenty crime drops 25% if i have to trust the police chief reporting on it.

    In the 1980’s, 4000 people used meditation for Washington, DC during the hottest summer months. The results were incredible. Normally there was a 25% increase in crime during these hot months, but with the meditation, the existing crime rate was lowered by 25% creating a drop of 50% from the previous year. The Police Chief was so impressed that he actually published a paper on the outstanding results!

  82. I have left the Catholic Church and now want nothing to do with any institutionalized religion. The abuse scandal, maintaining celibacy for priests and denying women equality in the Catholic Church are the chief reasons I no longer count myself a member of this corrupt Church to which I was born 60 years ago. The present Pope has a "disgusting" history which merely amplifies that my decision to leave this misguided institution was indeed a wise one. The documented corruption of the Catholic Church can not be ignored or justified. In reality, I now fully believe that people do not need any church or any religion to do good in the world or lead a "good" life. Heaven? Hell? Afterlife? As much a myth as Egyptian, Roman or Greek Mythology.

  83. Der would have us belief that the content of this documentary is common knowledge by the way he is talking *looks bemused*. I do wonder how he knew all this being an atheist?

    Anyway, I think he has missed the point; this documentary is not intending to show the real church, just identify a serious issue which its failing to get to grips with. The result of which leads to consequences upon communities and the lives that it touches. The documentary does identify those who who fail to take reponsibility. Its perfectly right that those questions be asked, rather than get sidetracked by idle speculation/theories how is a paedophile is created. Maybe then we could move to a stage where there is greater accountability.

    IMHO its complacency that results in this sort of thing - when people who fail to act when possession of information. There is no research to suggest that celibacy results in pedophile behaviour, thats speculation Ger.

    We also know that there are long serving members of the Roman Catholic Church who dont prey on children, and by Ger's own admission, are doing great work.

    Othere have said that its the idea of a celibate lifestyle thats likely to attract such people - those who wish to surpress it, rather than confront their serious need for help. It would also explain why the Church has appealed to gay men and women, despite it being homophobic.

  84. Mediocre documentary, nothing that is being stated here is breaking news.

    2 out of 5 Stars

    I'd like to put my two cents in it as long as living in celibacy is obligatory for catholic priests/clergy, abuse will continue on this scale. Depriving human beings of sexual contact, be they priest or not, is wrong and results in all sorts of sickening abuse. Sex and everything that is part of it (i.e to be loved, sexually and non-sexually, a sense of belonging and acceptance) is a basic human need!!!

    @"Lisa O": Child abuse is not a distinguishing feature of the catholic church but a sad "side effect". To say that supporting this church means
    (that one is indirectly or directly) child abuse supporting is too simplistic and unfair to the the many members of catholic church as well as a great part of their clergy who are doing a great job helping people all over the world.
    Films like this one do not expose the "real church", the matter is by far too complex.
    This would be like condemning Islam because some of its clergy (the mullahs etc.) encourage their followers to commit hideous terrorist acts.
    In my opinion your statement is unfair and unreflective.

    By the way.......I'm atheist.

    Der Oberst

    1. How do you know they are doing GOOD "helping people?" Not if the religion is false they are not.

  85. You may mean no harm by supporting the Catholic Church. However, by doing so you support the crimes perpetrated. The money you give to the Catholic church goes toward the filth and secrecy you speak of. Films like this expose the "real church", and faith rather than true knowledge and investigation allow these crimes to continue.

  86. I am catholic, and proud of it, but those priests (including the Pope) have nothing to do with real Church and real faith, and should be put in jail for everything they did and do. I believe that the Catholic Church really needs a complete cleansing of all the people in it, because a lot of filth has piled up in there surrounded by secrecy and protection.