Hidden Secrets of Money

Hidden Secrets of Money

2013, Economics  -   115 Comments
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Your real riches are your time and independence. Money is just an instrument for buying your time. It's a canister to hold your financial power until you're prepared and comfortable enough to re-distribute it or use it. But the whole world has been alienated from the actual money and has been tricked into utilizing a currency - a dishonest fraud that is quietly depriving you from your two most important assets.

We are spiraling into an era of economic catastrophe that is the most extreme the world has ever seen. The affluence relocation that will happen in this decade will be the biggest one in history. Actually wealth is never lost, it is only shifted. And that means that on the other side of every catastrophe there is a moment of opportunity.

The good news is that all you have to accomplish to change this crisis into your favor is to educate yourself. The greatest investment that you can make in your life is your own self-improvement and education. Education on the history of money, finance, currency, how the global economy works, etc. Education on how the central bank and the stock market can defraud you... and how they can swindle you.

If you discover what is going on and inform yourself about how the economic world works, you can place yourself on the appropriate side of this wealth relocation. Winston Churchill once said that "the further you look into the past, the further that you can see into the future".

The way the financial system operates is not totally hidden. It's visible, but it's complicated and people just don't, and can't see how it functions. It's very difficult for them to assume that we're involved in such a hoax. Besides that, some of the things are meant to be hidden, but the truth is slowly coming out.

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  1. Maloney said the Crash of Oct 1929 caused the Great Depression. This boundless error by itself renders his entire series worthless. See Silver Stealers Dot Net (100% free) to see the British attack against silver as money was 95% of the cause of the Great Depression!

    1. Maybe he meant 2020

  2. To Hell with Fractional-Reserve ‘Debt’-Based Banking Constitutional Amendment

    (It is extremely important that the average citizen understand our present system of debt-based currency issuance, which most people, unfortunately, do NOT understand, although it amounts to nothing more than a simple extortion racket clothed in a lot of financial mumbo jumbo: YOU (hereinafter referred to as the Serf) sign a promissory note of some kind, a mortgage, a business 'loan', or you swipe a credit card or acquiesce to some other credit instrument to THEM (hereinafter referred to as the Neofeudal Lords); they then create the money out of nothing ("ex nihilo"), and you pay it back over a lifetime with blood, sweat, labor, creativity, and tears; (here comes the truly diabolical part) then, they EXTINGUISH the principal portion hidden in every single one of your 'loan' payments while skimming off the interest portion to keep and play with (hey, they gotta pay for those mansions in the Hamptons somehow); this extinguishment of principal reduces the money supply and thus compels the population as a whole to take out more 'loans' from them in order to keep a requisite quantity of currency in circulation for advancing business and trade.

    Let me simplify it even further: You are a Serf on a tread mill of eternal bogus debt to Neofeudal Lords.

    The more ‘debt’, the greater the quantity of currency in circulation (there is no other way to create it under the present system), the less the purchasing power of the dollar, the higher the consumer price index (most importantly, the higher the costs of production), the more our manufacturing capacity is gutted by outsourcing, the harder you must work to maintain a standard of living.

    If we can spend mystifying trillions of dollar on a worthless war on terror---which, surprise-surprise, only creates more terror---we can afford to do something different and beneficial for American citizens! We can afford to allocate our productivity in ways that benefit us all, not just the 0.1% in the financier class.)

    The amendment proper:

    (1) Rescind the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and replace existing Federal Reserve notes and check book balances in all U.S. banking and credit-creating institutions on a 1-to-1 basis with U.S. Treasury-issued dollars and U.S. Treasury-denominated bank balances. Bankers are prohibited from creating credits to themselves in anticipation of the date of passage of this amendment, and any strategies employed by them involving ex nihilo credit creation specifically to take advantage of the transition to U.S. Treasury-issued dollars or U.S Treasury-denominated bank balances will be considered treason to the American people and punished accordingly.

    (2) The principal portion of installment payments on presently existing financial loan contracts which originated via credit creation by institutions in the Federal Reserve system are not to be extinguished from the money supply, as is heretofore the case, but are to be distributed annually to existing individual U.S. citizens holding accounts in those respective Federal Reserve institutions in possession of the financial contract, in amounts proportional to the product of the minimum daily account balance for the preceding year and the number of days the account was active. Interest payments continue to redound to the parties which hold the promissory notes of existing financial contracts.

    (3) Henceforward, credit creation by banking and financial institutions in the United States is prohibited. Loans are required to originate from previous savings of U.S. Treasury dollar notes and U.S. Treasury-denominated bank balances which are to be held in specific sequestered accounts designated solely for lending by the various financial institutions, with interest charges to be determined by the contracting parties. Deposits in the form of checkable accounts or savings accounts are kept separate and are redeemable on demand. Any existing financial contracts involving the transfer of earnings or savings into various funds, trusts, pensions, and retirement accounts and whose payments do not originate via direct credit creation remain fully in effect. All holdings of United States Treasury bonds existing at the time of passage of this amendment qualify as valid debts of the U.S. government.

    (4) Fund the U.S. government directly via Treasury-issued currency authorized by the Congress in its yearly federal budget. The borrowing of money from banking institutions to pay for federal government expenditures, including the issuance of Treasury Notes and Bonds to the Federal Reserve system of banks, financial institutions, or individuals, is prohibited.

    (5) Abolish the Federal Income Tax on individuals, corporations, and business enterprises and institute a federal sales tax with a varying yearly tax rate adjusted by the U.S. Congress in session, the sole aim of such adjustments being to maintain a stable or decreasing Consumer Price Index based on data collected by the Federal Government. Any such sales taxes taken in by the Federal Government are extinguished from the currency supply to keep the Consumer Price Index stable or decreasing and are not utilized for further funding. The Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is hereby voided.

    (6) The adoption of this amendment does not prohibit the use by the citizens of the United States of any alternative currencies they should choose to use in their private or commercial transactions.

  3. i recond mend this site for yong kiddis it best

  4. If you wanted a single place to start learning about monetary systems I think you'd be hard pressed to do better than this documentary. Mike Maloney knows his stuff and he's done a better job than most of putting it together in an easy to understand format.

    There are many critical posts here but I don't think they credibly detract from the documentary. Some have made the claim that this is an expensive infommercial for Goldsilver.com. Is it really so hard to believe that some people believe in something so much that they choose to invest a good part of their life in a business venture that is consistent with their beliefs? Mike Maloney believes that all fiat currencies in the world (which is most of the world's currencies) will go to zero - and he's adequately supported by history. It is his goal to run a business that allows people to buy precious metals to protect themselves from this eventuality and he uses the profit from this business to fund education on the subject - such as this documentary.

    I agree that there are some comments in the documentary that might have been qualified a bit better, like the claim that all fiat currencies depreciate to zero. This is historically true, but it might have been clearer (but cumbersome) to add that some of these fiat currencies were initially commodity-backed and successful for many years. The Roman denari , for example, survived for centuries as a gold-based currency, until successive emperors decided to debase the currency to fun wars and public programmes (literally striking coins with a higher and higher base metal content) until people lost faith in the currency and Rome was no longer able to afford to even maintain adequate legions for its own defence. The fall of Rome was a direct result of the debasement of its fiat currency.

    Conversely the East Roman Empire (Byzantine) continued to trade the gold solidus for another 500 years and out-lasted the Western Empire by nearly 700 years. In a post above, somebody asked what does it look like when a currency collapses? If the failure is to a local currency the damage can be contained, but if it occurs to a widely traded currency (such as the Romain solidus) empires fall. It's followed by invasion, suffering, tyranny and the dark ages. Economic collapse is not usually pretty.

    I personally think that anybody that watches this documentary with an open mind and chooses to research the subject further will be doing themselves a big favour. Those that decide to pick holes in it and miss the underlying warning, may not be so happy with the value of their paper dollars in the next few years.

  5. Take the title HIDDEN SECRETS of MONEY is this funny to you also?

  6. In the second paragraph of the storyline,the statement that wealth is never lost,it is only shifted,is untrue,best example of lost wealth ,war,when the sherrif is forcing you to leave your home you are not losing wealth it being shifted, how laughable.I think the people reponsable for this documentary are trying to shift us.

  7. In the second paragraph of the storyline,the statement that wealth is never lost,it is only shifted,is untrue,best example of lost wealth war.

  8. I honestly don't feel like there is anything wrong with the dollar, it does its job of getting what I want. I also don't understand the fluff about the dollar taking my time and freedom away. It creates times and freedom. It is convenient or am I missing something?

    1. You, and many others here don't understand. That's okay - it's only important the bright ones survive

  9. I'm still a little confused. So I should invest in gold and silver? Gold Standard seems practical but what can I do with it? Why can't companies like Rosland Capital create their own currency? Why not invest in Bit-coins?

  10. I agree with another poster who accused this of being an expensive and elaborate infomercial for precious metals, a.k.a. The Goldsteins and Silversteins. Yes, more zionist banker tricks to get you to buy their useless metals.

    1. If you believe gold and silver to be useless metals you truly do not understand a thing, and very obviously have no taken in any of the information presented here.

    2. Silver is used for major part of world industry, how is it useless?

    3. Gold and silver are not "useless". They are not made by humans, they are literally in the periodic table as one of the elements. They are very unique metals that have a lot of real world uses and they are also quite rare. If somebody tells you to buy gold you are not getting scammed. It's not possible to get scammed if you buy physical gold, you are literally giving paper notes for something much more valuable

  11. A very well presented introduction on a highly controversial topic which must be appreciated within the context of a worldwide adoption of the USD as "the trading" and debt currency standard via the IMF and global banking system, which has since the 1970's paved the path to a global catastrophe waiting for the "death cross" (financial pun intended) when corrupt US politicians and greedy financial houses push the limits too far. The statement that our true value asset is "time and independence" is a stroke of superior wisdom which people in the upper middle class should reflect on daily - understanding that their parents' initial investment in their education is that which separates them from the majority of the world's population currently living in poverty - you are what you know! It is now 09/2015 with gold & silver prices at all time lows, albeit not representative of physical demand, but then one should ponder on the relevance of daily market closing prices which are convenient to balance sheets despite DAILY intraday movements in excess of 10%! Without a doubt, Gold is a hedge against a GLOBAL currency write-off and since all significant governments, including the IMF, have been stockpiling it seems logical that the new fiat would have to be based on some fixed value to start over again, free from the trade constraints of a debt laden USD. And surely, 10% of savings would be enough not to make one a goldbug - btw purchasing gold anytime before 7 years ago would show a profit even at this low price.

  12. Good Doc... well put together... and accurate as far as modern day economics...

  13. Damn, talk about some propagandist crap.

    If it is not Food/Air/Water it is Fiat. So yes, gold, silver, etc are all Fiat moneys.

    This is easy to see.

    If you are alone on a desert island and there is a pile of coconuts and a pile of gold, which has "value" and why?

    coconuts provide food, drink, and even kindling for a fire. Even if
    you detest the taste of coconut, it will provide all those and keep you

    The gold won't even make a good tool, it is too soft.

    Another way to look at it, you have gold. I have food and arms. You wish to trade me gold for food and/or arms.

    I say no. After all, why should I? I have no interest in your shiny metal. It has no intrinsic value.

    Many people are just like many other creatures on this planet, they just like shiny objects. Nothing more, nothing less.

    And that is all "value" and "worth" are, the emotion of want".

    How ever much you "Want" something is how much you "Value" it, or think that it is "Worth".

    1. The reason people historically chose gold as the basis of money is laid out very clearly in this video. You are trying to apply a property of fiat currency namely, legal tender laws, which force you to accept a federal reserve note in exchange for a good (food). Let's revisit your desert island scenario. Would you agree that I should be able to accept anything I want in exchange for my fish? If not then you are just advocating the same monetary system we have now with a different item in place of dollars. The real problem with the current money system is the initiation of force, i.e. legal tender laws, in trade. What's used as a medium of exchange is irrelevant as long all the parties involved agree on it.

    2. Yea, that is pretty much BS. They liked it because it was shiny. And it happened to have those other qualities as well.

      "You are trying to apply a property of fiat currency namely, legal tender
      laws, which force you to accept a federal reserve note in exchange for a
      good (food)"

      That is incorrect as well. I am not applying anything, I am merely stating a fact.

      It is fiat because it has no intrinsic value. It's value is merely arbitrarily decreed by another person or people, hence it is fiat.

      "Would you agree that I should be able to accept anything I want in exchange for my fish?"

      Yes, you can accept anything you want in exchange, but that does not mean that the item you accept in exchange has intrinsic value. Intrinsic value is separate from whether another individual is willing to accept it for exchange.

      Heck, if something only has value because there is another person there to exchange it with, that is as fiat as it gets.

    3. The term fiat means that its value is determined by authoritative decree. Historically people accepted gold as money for the reasons laid out in the video, not because the ruling class told them to. Gold and silver have special metallurgic and chemical properties that are unique so saying it has no practical use and therefore no intrinsic value is just incorrect

    4. And the amount of gold and silvers value is determined by authoritative decree. I do not like gold, so to me it has no value.

      All the elements have "special" chemical properties that are unique to each, And each metal has "special" properties that are unique to each. So your point is moot.

      And the fact that gold and silver have no intrinsic value to life is absolutely correct.

      If you are alone on an island, and there is a pile of coconuts and a pile of gold, which has "value" and why?

      Well the coconuts will provide you with food and liquid. And, if they are in the right stage, even kindling for a fire. Even if you detest the taste of coconuts, it will provide you with said nutrition and hydration.

      What about the gold? Well you can't eat it. You can't drink it. Technically you could do both, but it would not provide you body with the nutrients needed to keep you alive and even be toxic. Heck, you can't even make a good tool with it since it is too soft and would just break.

      Hence, it has no intrinsic value to life.

    5. right so the government just changes its mind everyday on how much gold and silver are worth and people just trade them for that value on the comex. The value of something is determined by what you can get for it, not the number next to the dollar sign. The whole reason money was invented was to get away from barter which becomes impractical on a large scale.

    6. @Shad Walker

      "I do not like gold so to me it has no value"

      It has value to you wether you like it or not. If I took away all your gold, you
      wouldn't have even been able to make this comment, let alone use the internet, or calling anyone with your cellphone.
      Every sim card, ram, cpu and gpu are gold plated, not because companies feel
      like using the most expensive materials to make their products, but because it
      doesn't really work without it.

    7. So if you can't eat something that makes it useless? There are a lot of people that can use gold and silver in productive ways

  14. Amazing, here we are in late Sept 2014 and gold has been toying with a new low around $1200/oz., and oil around $93, .... hmmmmm........ Who would be buying gold now?

  15. Not a documentary, just a self-serving infomercial. Please remove from the site. It doesn't belong here. Thanks.

  16. Don't be fooled: gold and silver aren't money either. Gold and silver are not limited. The more gold and silver that are mined the less valuable they become; just like printing more dollars. Dollars aren't printed anymore anyway; most of the 'money' in the system is digital only. If the world went through a nuclear war gold would be worthless. Seeds to plant food and potable water would be worth everything. Gold and silver are just metals, just elements.

    1. I must disagree, gold and silver have been, and still are, money more than anything else that has been tried. When a country destroys its currency, like the US is now doing, and it eventually becomes worthless, something has to act as a medium of exchange. So out comes the hidden gold and silver to facilitate transactions and get it all working again. And they don't become less valuable according to how much is mined, that's not accurate. Silver, for example, is a by-product of lead and zinc mining and that affects it's value. The main distinction is that real physical effort is required to obtain gold and silver from the ground, whereas the same printing press can produce a thousand dollar bill as easily as a ten dollar bill. Same situation with a digital dollar as well. The ease with which governments inflate their money supplies, that cannot be done with gold, and is exactly why Nixon took us off the gold standard. Take a look at Murray Rothbard's books........

    2. If it is not Food/Air/Water it is Fiat. So yes, gold, silver, etc are all Fiat moneys.

      This is easy to see.

      If you are alone on a desert island and there is a pile of coconuts and a pile of gold, which has "value" and why?

      The coconuts provide food, drink, and even kindling for a fire. Even if you detest the taste of coconut, it will provide all those and keep you alive.

      The gold won't even make a good tool, it is too soft.

      Another way to look at it, you have gold. I have food and arms. You wish to trade me gold for food and/or arms.

      I say no. After all, why should I? I have no interest in your shiny metal. It has no intrinsic value.

      Many people are just like many other creatures on this planet, they just like shiny objects. Nothing more, nothing less.

      And that is all "value" and "worth" are, the emotion of want".

      How ever much you "Want" something is how much you "Value" it, or think that it is "Worth".

    3. Shad......

      "If' you were alone on a desert island..... but you're not and never will be, so you're not talking about reality. Many things were money once, but aren't now, agreed, coconuts likely one of them, but we are living now, in this world, where wealth is saved using gold and silver. Try burying your coconuts for a year somewhere and see what you've got...... 'Intrinsic value', as far as food is concerned is a limited concept, since food rots, gold doesn't.

      And remember, people have exchanged gold for their lives during WWII, and again that is reality, not fiction. German guards at the camps had all the food they wanted, so they stole the Jew's gold and jewels to trade later. You say:

      "And that is all "value" and "worth" are, the emotion of want"."

      Hmmmmmm......... Again, these are difficult concepts and you're speaking in the abstract, for in reality there appears to be a scale of values, which depends upon circumstances, such as war and famine. Can you even imagine the countries of the world not having gold to support their paper currencies? I can't either, but that's the world we live in.

    4. ""If' you were alone on a desert island..... but you're not and never will be, so you're not talking about reality."

      You are incorrect on a few different levels here.

      For any true experiment, you must isolate the test material from outside factors, hence why the analogy of an island. To make it easy to visualize.

      Also, people get stranded out on islands and other wildernesses all the time. It is why we have rescue crews.

      " 'Intrinsic value', as far as food is concerned is a limited concept, since food rots, gold doesn't."

      Incorrect again. The fact that food rots is irrelevant to the fact that it has INTRINSIC value where as Gold does not.

      "And remember, people have exchanged gold for their lives during WWII,
      and again that is reality, not fiction. German guards at the camps had
      all the food they wanted, so they stole the Jew's gold and jewels to
      trade later."

      Irrelevant. They wanted their gold. Heck, they could have stolen their teeth, that would not mean that teeth had INTRINSIC value. They just liked the shiny object. And like so many others, they were raised on misinformation and believed falsehoods.

      "Can you even imagine the countries of the world not having gold to support their paper currencies?"
      I don't have to imagine it, I am living it. The USA does not use the Gold standard and has not for quite a while.

      Many native tribes do not use gold standards either.

      It is quite easy to imagine and live it.

      "Another way to look at it, you have gold. I have food and arms. You wish to trade me gold for food and/or arms.

      I say no. After all, why should I? I have no interest in your shiny metal. It has no intrinsic value."

      You also tried to side step that example. Some people just like shiny objects and have a hard time separating their likes from seeing intrinsic value.

    5. "For any true experiment, you must isolate the test material from outside factors, hence why the analogy of an island. To make it easy to visualize."

      Not a valid experiment, it's all imagination, not reality. The chances of what you describe happening is extremely small and not a valid sample.

      "Incorrect again. The fact that food rots is irrelevant to the fact that it has INTRINSIC value where as Gold does not."

      Not so, your example leaves out the time factor. I'm not suggesting that food is not required for living, it just isn't 'money'. When humans are faced with war or some catastrophe, when food is hard to find, gold will be of value in the future.

      "You also tried to side step that example. Some people just like shiny objects and have a hard time separating their likes from seeing intrinsic value."

      My guess is that you have not studied economics if you think the wealthy hold gold because it's a 'shiny' metal. Soon you will see the dollar and other paper currencies collapse, and their values go to zero. Then you will see where the gold is, and how it is used.... All the gold that has ever been mined is said to still exist.....

      So, how long will you survive without some form of enduring value. ATM's shut down, grocery market shelves bare in three days, no gasoline, and where do you go for some food. I live in the country with an old spring and 5 acres to grow on, with stable neighbors, a winter food storage, plus a stash of some metal that will be of use to re-establish bartering and commerce.

    6. "Thought experiment:

      The common goal of a thought experiment is to explore the potential
      consequences of the principle in question: "A thought experiment is a
      device with which one performs an intentional, structured process of
      intellectual deliberation in order to speculate, within a specifiable
      problem domain, about potential consequents (or antecedents) for a
      designated antecedent (or consequent)" (Yeates, 2004, p.150).

      Famous examples of thought experiments include Schrödinger's cat, illustrating quantum indeterminacy through the manipulation of a perfectly sealed environment and a tiny bit of radioactive substance, and Maxwell's demon, which attempts to demonstrate the ability of a hypothetical finite being to violate the second law of thermodynamics."

      Yes, it is a valid experiment. It is called critical thinking. It is a valid sample. I made it simplistic so you could follow along easily and not be distracted.

      But here is another way. We are on the street, you offer me a chunk of gold for some item I have. I say no, you ask me why. I tell you because I do not want the gold, it holds no value to me. I find it worthless. It has no intrinsic value. While I could say no if you offered me a coconut as well, I would have to admidt that it does have an intrinsic value to it.

      "Not so, your example leaves out the time factor. I'm not suggesting
      that food is not required for living, it just isn't 'money'. When
      humans are faced with war or some catastrophe, when food is hard to
      find, gold will be of value in the future."

      I never claimed a coconut was "money", only that it has intrinsic value; unlike gold. And even in that future, I still wouldn't trade food for gold. Especially if food was scare. You would have to be stupid too.

      'All the gold that has ever been mined is said to still exist....."

      Yea I really couldn't care less. So let's go to your future Earth example where food is scarce. I have food, and you have gold. You try to offer me gold for some of my food. I say no. Why the hell would I want your shiny object, I would rather eat and eat the next day too. So plain and simple, I wouldn't. I would let you starve with your shiny object. Then if I was curious enough about it, just take the shiny bauble from your dead body.

      "So, how long will you survive without some form of enduring value.
      ATM's shut down, grocery market shelves bare in three days, no gasoline,
      and where do you go for some food. I live in the country with an old
      spring and 5 acres to grow on, with stable neighbors, a winter food
      storage, plus a stash of some metal that will be of use to re-establish
      bartering and commerce."
      The only thing keeping you alive there is the land that grows food and the water. Push comes to shove, you can always barter food and water. The shiny metals are superfluous.

    7. Superfluous, of course...... Yes, well, to me you have some curious notions regarding money, it seems to suggest you'd be happy living a subsistence level of existence indefinitely. And contrary to the exponentially expanding dollar supply, it's quite possible that the future will not repeat the monetary fiascos of France in 1890 and Germany in 1923, when the national fiat paper money collapsed entirely. It could be world-wide and worse, far worse. Power to you..... but you're still caught between the man who consumes all he has today, with no thought of tomorrow, and the man who would consume just a little less each day in order to accumulate a surplus for the future. If you see what I mean.....

    8. Gold mining is starting to cost more than the value miners get.
      No one can print gold.

    9. Well mining a ounce of gold takes is insanely more time consuming than adding numbers into the books of a bank. So it will defently be less prone to inflation than forex currencies.

      Money is just what we seem to call anything agreed by anyone to trade with on the planet earth where i live.

      Well if there's nuclear war, that stuff does not matter either, if you don't have the means to protect it, i would simply kill you and take your stuff. Cause there's no rule of law anymore.

      However if we are going to live in society we are going to have a medium of exchange, cause it would be silly for me to ship you 400000 cows for 20000barrels of oil, so you can then ship half the cows further on for 100000 chickens and so on. We would need to have half the population working in shipping very soon.
      What the medium is i don't know. It will be determined by society.

      And gold is limited, there's a finite ammount in the universe. and nobody has yet figured out a way to create it out of other elements, this is probably possible, but at that point we have probably evolved into not needing to struggle on the topic of dividing of resources and stable source of money.

  17. Well done! I am just beginning my education and when I discovered a dollar bill only buys a silver dime I was shocked! Now to find some silver dimes.

    1. When I was a kid bus fares were 3 cents, coke was a nickel, a stamp was 4 cents, hamburger 25 cents, french fries 15 cents. Gas was 25 cents a gallon. And it's often said that a good men's suit will always sell for an ounce of gold. Today that is about $1350, but back then you could buy that suit for an ounce of gold, $20. We're all becoming painfully aware that what we weren't taught in school is money and economics, and that was intentional. If citizens understood money they wouldn't be stuck in debt now...... Murray Rothbard tells it all in his books, and the truth is now showing up on the internet.

  18. This guy said the Government just prints more money ,the U.S. Government doesn't print the countries money at all the Federal Reserve prints the money and is not part of the Government at all .The U.S. Government borrows it's money from the Federal Reserve ,,also the Reserve In the name was put in there to make it look to the public that the Federal Reserve is Government run ,it is privately run business ,run by the people that decide what happens in the country not the Government . If the public were aware of all the hidden things that happen there would be one hell of a rebellion I would hope ,The problem is getting them (THE PUBLIC) away from all the (put) in place distractions ,TV, video game ,etc , usless mind numbing strategically made and placed things to keep them from focusing on what is really happening in the world around them !!!!

    1. There are two points in you're post I would like to clarify. Firstly the vast majority of the money created does not come from the Federal Reserve. It actually comes from commercial banks just like the ones in your town. They, just like the Federal Reserve are allowed to "print" money. Notice the quotation marks as neither of these banks actually print all the money they create. When you get a loan for a house or car from BofA, it likely only has a percentage of that money in it's vaults for the loan and it simply creates the rest.

      Second, to say that the Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank is disingenuous. In reality the Federal Reserve is a Cartel. It is a group of private bank owners ( BofA, Veridian, etc) that persuade the government to pass laws that benefit the banking industry as a whole. In exchange the government gets to borrow basically unlimited money to pay for it's social programs, wars and whatnot. So really the Federal Reserve only exists because the government ALLOWS it to. It does so to hide it's inflationary practices from the public.

  19. Someone should ask the poor fellow what capitalism is about if it is not about using Capital to control the means of production. To me his expose speaks of a bunch of capitalists that have succeeded very well, thank you. I fail to understand why he feels capitalism=freedom when the mess we have (he calls it bondage) is the result of very intelligent people using their craftiness to secure the means of production for themselves and their kind.

    Collectivism leads to dictatorship and poverty? Come on. If you want to give the freedom to some to succeed beyond their wildest dreams at making themselves happy (on their terms) then you have nothing to complain about. Some people's wants are as limitless as the debt ceiling Mr. Maloney. The author actually wants collectivism to come and save the day, but probably doesn't see that.

    Until one can question his motives I don't care what he uses as a currency. The freedom to dupe is the American way.

    1. Really?! I suppose you are proud of where the American way is today. Are you?

  20. I love this website but sometimes some publicity creeps under the door and - as Regen says - why do they want "worthless" dollars for "valuable" gold?!?!
    It's a shame because the subject is very interesting but needs a neutral presentation.

    1. Well obviously any business still needs fiat currencies because the world still runs with them. Its simple. What that particular business does with the money is up to them. But I have a feeling that the owners like to invest in one particular yellow metal :)

    2. David, you and I referenced Regen's post and it is no longer on this thread. Can you say conspiracy?

  21. Gold nor silver can keep you alive.
    It only has perceived value.

    1. You are absolutly correct. It was decided early on when those who manipulate the current system began this taking over of the world to pick two elements and establish a value to them. Any two could have been used but we humans like shiny things with no intrinsic utilitarian value built in. Only recently have gold or silver become useful in electronics.

      Ever wonder why history repeats itself? Because those who manipulate the system found what works and keep repeating it over and over on an ever increasing scale soon to take over the world. Look up "thaler" or "taler" to find the history of the "dollar" from Bohemia (ever hear of the Bohemian Grove?) though clumsily begun much earlier this was when a consentrated effort was begun.

      Look up "All Presidents Related" on Youtube to learn of the monarchy which has ruled the US since its inception.

      Also note Regen's post below. Those who sell still want paper in exchange for metal. At some point those who set the initial value and who continue to keep it at their price can eliminate the value of either. Gold may be easiest by revealing that most stored gold is realy coated Tungsten.

    2. You said, "Any two could have been used", but seeing that repeated here means I must tell you that's just not true. Gold and silver have been chosen for specific reasons, which are readily apparent if someone were to pay you for your labor in fish instead of gold. What, you can't divide up the fish equally, and you can't keep it in your sock under the mattress. And so few people want fish, they prefer shells or corn perhaps. Gold is easily divisible, it's uniform, it endures, it's easy to work with and is relatively rare. There are certain qualities to a good "money"..... and most items have been used for money once, salt, sugar, cattle, iron hoes, tea, shells, etc. but none endured like gold and silver, they fell out of use.

    3. I guess you missed the point. There is no good money in any form. In the past, because people were necessary to be directly involved for the survival of all, trading using a commonly agreed upon item and unit were considered necessary to basically insure that each were contributing to society as a whole. If you had the common currency, it was assumed you earned it in some productive manner, even if you didn't. Gold and Silver were decided on when the banking elite created the "Thaler" and linked it to their value in gold and set the silver value to 1/15 that of gold, approximately.
      Now, with the level of technology we have today, the entire system of needing an exchange for survival is moot. It started when elevator operators were replaced with switches, then telephone switchboard operators. Gas pump attendants then the mechanics at those stations were also removed. Not just consolidation of workload, but elimination of the workforce. Most of the work done to sustain human and domesticated animals can be done without human intervention, or at least a bare minimum. If people are not doing then they cannot earn. No earnings means no paying. Its called 'technical unemployment' and it is now that we have the opportunity to fully implement it.
      Did you see the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"? Did you think it was about aliens? It wasn't. At the end of the movie, when the organ player begins to play notes to the alien ship, and finally plays the 5 notes in the correct key to get a response, that was the beginning of the end of his job, the advisers job (telling him what to play next) and the control booth operators job. When the computer took over for him, all three were then out of work.
      I say, let the computers do all the work possible and let us begin to live without work and without needing to pay anything for anything. Check out the Venus Project and the intent of the Zeitgeist Movement as well as any books by Buckminster Fuller for more details.

    4. Pascalore..... Thanks for the reply, although I fear I can't appreciate it. Your thoughts are too far ahead of me, so idealistic I can't comprehend what you are saying. I'm experiencing the generation gap in full, and at 76 I simply don't understand what 'let the computers do all the work possible .....' and 'live without work and without needing to pay anything for anything." could mean. I did watch the Venus Project and thought it was too idealistic, but perhaps my job is to keep what's happening today going, and leaving the future to you. But how do you change human behavior, such as the fact that some humans will consume all they produce today, while others will save some for tomorrow, immediately producing have and have not groups of people, just as we see it today. A man decides to save 1/10th of his production so he'll have something for emergencies, while another will consume it all and not worry about tomorrow. Trying to legislate human behavior seems futile to me, just look around to see the madness. How does humanity arrive at the Venus Project, and how do you anticipate doing without a medium of exchange?

    5. The lifestyle of the Amish is close to an ideal. If you need a barn, the entirety of the community who can help do help to build it. In turn, if someone else has a need, you do what you can to fulfill that need. When you go to a buffet dinner, do you eat everything there or do you eat what you want and leave when you are done. Imagine everything available like a buffet. At first, there will be those with the hoard mentality, but that will disappear when it is realized that you don't need to hoard to have. And you are not without hope yourself. At least you are listening to possibilities. It is the idea of the elevator. Everyone uses it without cost to themselves and no one stands inside all day long because it is free. It is that mentality that will develop once the imposed scarcity is eliminated. Each current community needs (or at least consumes) a certain amount of food per person. Build a vertical farm building 10% larger than needed and eliminate pesticides, shipping, warehousing and with local distribution, if you wanted an unusual fruit or veg, just request that it be planted in the excess space designed in. Many people think it is essential to work hard all your life and yet they do use autos, trucks, machinery, digital devices to make what they do easier. I just think this nickel and dime system isn't necessary. There doesn't need to be a balance sheet for your existence. That you exist and the earth can provide should be enough. And like Bach, Tesla, Shakespeare and others, if you make something better, we should all be able to enjoy it together

    6. Yes, I grew up near the Amish in Ohio and have admired them for their unity and cohesion and sense of togetherness. On the other hand, they are perhaps ignoring or overruling other parts of their personalities, the creative parts or the introspection that could run contrary to their group beliefs. I think what I'm saying is that at present we each appear to have evolved into unique individuals, capable of unique thoughts and deeds, and society is an attempt to get all us to live together peaceably. But we could be but a heartbeat away from nuclear winter, or some such catastrophe, maybe an asteroid. Are there not too many possible contingencies to accept an idealistic view of the future? Even if it were preferable to remain as the Amish appear now, how would we know if that is preferable for the long haul? We are all faced with the evolution of disease for example, a fact hard to deny. Or a nuclear bomb could leave a food shortage, or the loss of the electric grid.

      You say "It is the idea of the elevator. Everyone uses it without cost to themselves and no one stands inside all day long because it is free." Where do you get the idea an elevator is free? The tenant's rents cover the cost of the service, the upkeep and maintenance of the equipment. I agree that much of what you say is possible, but not likely. The current veneer of world civilization is very thin, a sudden disaster will induce panic and mob thinking in any populace. But if something happened that would eliminate a majority of the population you could well be right. I'm not criticizing your optimism and enthusiasm, power to you, you are the future, make the most of it……

      You said "That you exist and the earth can provide should be enough." Should be enough?" Well, the earth is a reluctant provider. Do you realize that 9/10 of what exists around us is not paid for? It's based on debt. Future generations are scheduled to pay the debt for the equipment required to eliminate my prostate cancer. Debt does not increase forever, and a debt as large of ours will surely make peasants out of us all. We've been robbed by our leaders…….

      Yes, sorry for running on, it's one of the pleasures of retirement.

    7. And you have now found the reason for the worlds situation - debt, only this debt doesn't exist. It is based on nothing. Nothing can be owed to someone if they didn't have anything to lend in the first place. If you have time ;), search the Planet Money podcast for "How to Spend 1.25 Billion Dollars". In that recording, near the end, the Fed representative was asked where they got the money to buy 1.25 billion dollars worth of A1 mortgages and the Fed rep said "nowhere". After the radio silence he said that is the magic of the Fed. They have the authority to create money from nothing, backed by nothing and lendable at interest. Andrew Jackson was the last president (though still part of the "family") who created U.S. backed currency and in less than four years of his second term, eliminated the debt in its entirety. His currency was Constitutional money created and spent by the government without the need to pay interest on it. This could be a transitional substitute for this debt based currency now in use.
      Not to suggest that Hitler was correct in what he did to the Jews, but Germany did the same thing to recover from WWI by creating their own unbacked no interest German currency, eliminated their debt and I can only presume Hitler believed the Jews were behind the world domination scheme.
      Now, I believe you have all of the parts to a final solution. Imagine the Amish embracing technology. Not the pollution spewing 'bridge' tech, but the end product Earth friendly tech now possible. Using all electric/non polluting machinery to plant and harvest and run by GPS (then vertical farming as the next logical step), EVO-1 type electric cars (see Who Killed the Electric Car) and adding a GPS guidance system as in the Google car, community transports instead of individually owned cars.
      in home RepRap 3D printers for small items, GPS guided 3D concrete printers for housing (now possible) with designs being open source as with the RepRap etc.
      I suppose it is idealistic even to have thought that the United States was a free and independent nation apart from England when it is obviously a satellite nation of England.
      Also note, the Regen post referenced at the beginning of our discussion has been removed (and that post was also referenced by another commenter).

    8. Thanks Pascalore, I do appreciate your efforts to bring this old man into today's world. But...... you leave me with more questions than before.....

      It still all goes back to ones's personality, and what you feel you must do for yourself and those you love, if or when things run amok. Gold and silver can be used to bribe others, or to reestablish transactions within a community following a disaster. Are you saying we don't need a medium of exchange? We have always used one thing or another to keep the system working.

      But no system can work correctly if the people involved are corrupt. We are now reaching the end of the current debt cycle, nearly all of us carrying a hefty load of debt that prohibits us from continuing to go further into debt. And any government with the ability to print money will do so, thus destroying anyone's ability to keep the money stable. This is all documented, so I guess what I'm still asking, is how to get from now to then? Those with power will not give it up quickly.

      "Now, I believe you have all of the parts to a final solution."

      I wish…, My glimpses of your future world only prompts me to ask, "How do we get there?" If 9/10 of the people don't understand money, how do we convince them about anything? And will the Amish accept modern computer technology? What will their 'God' say about this new technology?

      "There is no good money in any form." Well, there are better and there are worse things used as currency, Gold and silver used honestly will work I think, at least until the New Age arrives, a notion that may or may not work, we'll see.

    9. Actually, I am trying to bring you into tomorrows world, but you need to see the reality of today's world to get there. Regarding personality, if you listen to Jacques Fresco, (and he is right) your personality is based on your view of the world which is all learned through your upbringing. And that point of view can be changed if you are placed in a situation which is different from what we are in now. The hard part is being that different person while still living in these times. Go to jail and see if you don't adapt to that necessity of survival. As different as jail life is to outside jail life, take a bigger step towards what future life could be. And, yes, we do not need any medium of exchange. That we have always done something one way does not mean we have to continue to do it the same way.

      A mans wife always chopped the end off of the roast before she put it in the roasting pan. He asked her why and she said her mother had always done that. He asked her mother the same question and got the same answer. At a family reunion, he asked the grandmother why she always cut the end off of the roast before putting it in the pan. Grandma said, "The pans too small". First, understand why you do a thing a certain way and once you understand why, then decide if continuing to do that makes sense.

      Regarding corruption, only that which can be manipulated can be corrupted. An ear of corn cannot be manipulated but the value/cost/hording of the corn could be.

      Actually, 9/11ths of the people don't understand money (sorry, more manipulation of peoples feelings, citation: Gulf of Tonkin incident). If they don't understand it, how hard could it be to get them to stop using it? I know, really, really hard. But here is a possibility. Create non-profit industries. Wait, don;t we have those? Not like I mean. All public service industries should become non-profit beginning with the banking system. If money is still necessary (or deemed necessary) no profit should be made simply from the movement of money from one hand to the next. All public utilities should be deemed non-profit including water, electric, gas and telephone and internet service providers along with any digital provider such as cable and wireless. I used to be able to turn on my TV without paying anyone for that usage (except the electric co.), that should still be my option.

      And then we have world resources. It is only one more step to deem all world resources the common heritage of the peoples of the world with the only control being the even distribution throughout the world of those resources.

      The only reason illogical things are done in this world is because they are funded to be done. Farming is done not because it is funded, but because food is necessary to human existence. Wars happen because they are funded and so far as can be determined, since all banking is one system, both sides are funded by that one system.

      Andrew Jackson did eliminate the central bank and though he lived, two pistols were thrust into his stomach and both misfired. Abraham Lincoln created the greenback which if it continued to exist would have put the central bankers out of business. Robert F. Kennedy did create U.S. backed no-interest money which would have eliminated the central banks. And now, automation, removing the human aspect from most if not all production AND distribution, threatens to collapse even their monetary system. If we had Lincoln money or Kennedy money, the transition would have been simple to do. It would be like making a lamp with a decal glued to the side and thinking the lamp wouldn't work without the decal and then realizing that you don't need the decal and never really needed it for the lamp to work. Our current world use of money/currency is that decal and we don't need it.

      It would be an honor to take you to dinner. If arrangeable, I live north of Chattanooga, Tennessee. That would be a conversation worth recording.

    10. Remarkable, reading much of what you say has a familiar feel to it, I'm sensing our minds are running in similar channels. Yes, we should talk, I'm about 100 miles north of you, near the erstwhile metropolis of Lancing on the east, Deer Lodge on the left. I made a drive out yesterday that I survived, about 130 miles round trip. I've got a bum hip that acts up, but sitting works better than standing or walking. I'm guessing you're young and mobile, so I'll defer a decision to you . You're welcome to come up here and experience the joy of living along the first Knoxville/Nashville Turnpike, where today there's scarcely a car to be seen on the road. And although the town of Wartburg is dying, it still has a restaurant. Actually I'm sort of hiding out here, putting together a book about rednecks. Any chance you're a redneck? No offense implied of course......

    11. If I were a redneck I might not get the joke, but I've heard/seen Jeff Foxworthy (YouTube) and his audience seems to laugh enough. I'm a rugged indoorsman. On my way to visit my mother, I pass through Knoxville on I24. As soon as some business finalizes here, I plan on visiting there. The last four years that I worked, it was for a private, very for profit international corporation. For each of those years, I told the IRS that my earnings weren't taxable. They agreed regarding 2009 but refused to refund SS and Medicare. I recently received a letter refunding ALL withholding for 2012 including $54 in interest (except they applied the refund to two of the other years saying we were now even). I don't think so. Now just waiting for the nearly 10 grand they owe me (including interest). We'll see.
      I don't want to post an e-mail address here but I can also be contacted through Singsnap, an online karaoke site. After logging on, you could send a private message there and who knows, maybe you are also a good singer. ;)

  22. i got only one question. If gold and silver are the only thing worth s*it, why did i just watch a 2 hour long infomercial about this guys company who gives me gold and silver for useless dollars.

    1. Ask yourself a couple more questions first to answer that: In a year or two what will the dollar be worth, and what will gold and silver be worth? Then call Blanchard or Monex or someone .....

    2. The point im getting at is, why is he exchanging this valuable stuff, for stuff he is claiming is useless.
      Imagine this, i offer you a brand new sports car, and all i ask in return is the lint in your pocket. What am I to gain? why am i doing this? This is what you need to ask before you "invest" in this trash.

    3. Because 'useless' in this sense means the dollar is losing value and will continue to lose value because of overissue of paper money to back our trillions of debt, while gold and silver will go up in value an equal amount as the decrease in paper value. Why? If our Fed continues to print money to accommodate the trillions of debt it is creating to avert a depression, they will destroy the value of the dollar. Prices will go up beyond what customers can pay, since wages won't go up as much or at all. If you invest correctly the dollar value of your precious metals will increase going forward, in proportion to the decrease in the value of our paper money. For example, my $6,000 investment in silver in 2003 is worth $13,000 today, up about 10% a year. It went as high as $20,000, where I could have sold it, but I expected the cycle to continue until the dollar collapses, so now we're at another low point, a 'buy' point, from which another rise is expected, this time above $20,000. The video is attempting to teach how to anticipate and gain from this cycle, and this fellow is a salesman. The real 'winners' are the rich, it's their game......

  23. "Gold is portable..." GTFO!

    1. It is, most people on the planet can live off an ounce a week easily. An ounce easily fits in your pocket.

    2. I was just saying in general, as in the guy made a blanket statement. Not nearly as portable as say dollar bills, non?

    3. Depends on the bills denomination, 1 oz of gold is definitely more portable than it's value in 20$ bills at current price.

  24. Only way to get rich is don't follow the crowd,,buying property etc get on to You Tube and read all you can about CFD's Options a lot of brokers have free web site with demo accounts

  25. The Islamic perspective of an economy is based on the possession of real wealth in the form of natural resources plus goods and services. The right Money supply (currency) of a country is the exchange of resources. However, the value of a currency is determined by the market forces of demand and supply for product and services by the buyers and sellers. All product and services carry an intrinsic value, that is the GDP should equal the money supply. Fractional reserve banking is the devil is disguise.

    1. Since I was raised Lutheran, I find this quite interesting. While the usefulness of a orange is clear to me, the question for me is whether is worth a penny or a dollar. Once this part of the GDP is answered, the "correct" amount of money can be known. However, I suspect most people would answer the question based on their sense of the amount of money that's accessible to them, and the availability of oranges or a suitable alternative (supply & demand). The ability to borrow money tends to allow people to overpay. So it follows, in America almost everything is overpriced.

      I agree about fractional reserve banking, but I suspect this leads to a bank of only safety deposit boxes (no lending or borrowing).
      Otherwise some reserve would have to be set aside bad loans. At the time of the US great depression, the fractional reserve was 50%, these days it's 10%.
      I believe borrowing/lending money at interest is just as evil.

  26. gold is only formed when a star explodes? wait wait WHAT?

    1. Yes, as are most elements heavier than iron, they generate in great quantity in a supernova. There are other ways like neutron stars collisions but these are much more rare.

    2. Recent scientific research states the gold is also formed during earthquakes, creating microscopic veins in the earth

    3. Certainly not on an atomic level, you need nuclear fusion to create a new element.

  27. The reason why gold is so valuable is because it's now used in many different electronics and used many different ways. If society collapses, you are going to get much further with food, weapons and ammo, and supplies.

    1. If gold was going to 5,000 an Oz if should be going up by now not down look for 400 an Oz one day..

  28. I watched all parts and found it very interesting and well explained. We can't deny that what he says is the true story of money but his solution for the moment is to buy gold from his associates, and if enough people do so in huge quantity, i imagine the price of gold will go down and his associates and him will have more currency in hand which they will trade into cheaper gold and silver. The guy is obviously smart despite his claim to be dyslectic. I bought gold in early 2000, if i remember well the price was 360 for an ounce. It's incredible to see what it has come to now.

    I am far from being knowledgeable about the whole financial system. All i know is i don't owe one penny and have enough above my head to eat and be warm and a few little extras. In that sense i am rich compare to many around me. If it crashes i will fall like others but perhaps not from such high level.

    One other advantage i may have is that i live in the booneys instead of the city. Barter system did not work when they bartered cows, the bartering would obviously be different in this era.

    1. Me too, oQ.
      I was reading up on the gold standard and how it affected Central Banks during the Depression. I find all this monetary and investment info rather confusing, it's not my forte at all.
      I do understand the concept of buy low, sell high.
      I'll stick to what I know, because so far, it's worked for me.

  29. all barter and trade is a manipulation and prostitution. gold and silver has no protection from two key things domination and authority. if you remove barter and trade you can remove domination and authority.

    1. list 10 reasons why a civilization should allow for a system

      to make possible billionaires on one hand and 1 billion people each with one dollar. we have these things because the system itself allows it to be possible within the structure of the psychological game.

    2. Can´t argue with that,
      We use the drug Money/Currency

      Its great for productivity.. advancement and this and that.

      Negative side effect of this drug, is millions of people die of hunger each year.

  30. I am so glad I got out of that business - what a waste of life - (how do they say it) - LOL :-o

  31. Gentlemen,

    A WISE investor understands: TRUE DIVERSIFICATION across MANY asset classes offers BOTH financial insurance (during recession/economic collapse/mad max) AND also good returns VIA a SPREAD of gold, silver, rare diamonds, income producing real estate, AND paper diversification. Why? Because, NO brash, fast-talking, 'booyah,' after-the-fact nostradmus-pundit has yet produced a crystal ball to predict exactly how, when or why global catastrophes hit!

    REITERATION: Mere 'mutual fund diversification' essentially restricts an investor to paper; the emotional whims of the market; and relying on his owned home as his primary asset, -usually a fat, non-income producing liability!

    Ancient basic wisdoms and pragmatic strategies, proven to secure the fortunes of nobility and the elites through the ages, have been increasingly abandoned for pseudo-sensibilities among the willfully-ignorant masses, as said elites continue ti create an engineering of consent (read Edward Bernays; Prof. Noam Chomsky). Worse still, these wisdoms could have saved said masses globally in the last recession/crash but continues to elude them as steered through a sea of corporate hacks; insider-paper-pundits; over-lobbyed public servants, against the few well-meaning sages who invariably get dealt the 'conspiracist' label.

    Oh, you foul, faithless, quivering people - you see Truth stand before you...-and still, you call for Barabbas!

  32. This doc is nothing surprising. A smart investor never invests in money itself. They invest in other things. Gold and Silver are not my choice since companies always do better because they produce things. Gold and Silver doesn't . But otherwise this is an infomertial to buy gold and silver. You really should invest in the stock market.

    1. Yeah, until the brokers tell you your money is gone and they can make up whatever story they like while stealing it.

    2. only brokers win at the stockmarket

  33. This is one of the best documentaries on this site in my opinion. I don't think right now is the best time to buy gold but not a bad time if it's your first buy.

  34. Paper and hard assets teter totter if you sell your gold back at 1800.00 an ounce that means it takes more dollars to purchase something if you sell your gold for 250.00 per ounce money is stronger and it takes less to purchase something - the same with the gold as it goes up and down it buys more or less so in real time no loss or gain just transfer to the vehicle that has the most value at the time - I owned and directed a hard asset company in the early and mid 80's - I flew thru this post so it may be hard to understand?

    these people are pitching gold - as the dollar strengthens gold will come down and they know this is taking place and they are doing everything in there power to move gold

    If your going to buy gold now as it comes down do a cost avg and continue to purchase as it falls until it bottoms -

    1. If you are selling gold at 250$/oz, I'll buy! :)

    2. Its possible it will go there - not today but if things turn and the economy heats up and money builds value then no one knows -

      A good rule of thumb - (my opinion) - all ones paper assets should be hedged by holding 30% in hard assets gold silver plat. so if paper/money collapses the hard assets will soar-(spelling)- go up high fast and offset ones loss of falling paper?

      Nothing carved in stone here take it for what you think its worth?

    3. just using the above post as an example - no forecast calls here -

    4. There is a lot of speculation in precious metals, it's not as much of a safe haven as it used to be in my opinion. Good money to be made trading it though with decent yearly value swings.

    5. Gold rarely goes up during the summer doldrums, I suggest to start paying attention to the spot price at the end of July.

  35. Looks more like an infomercial for silver and gold than a documentary. It's odd that they present that so soon after the precious metal bubble burst. The current gold spot price is roughly the same as it was 4 years ago at 1291.7USD. Peak was at 1921.5USD in 2011...

    1. You're placing a dollar (fiat currency) value on a metal that has been used for thousands of years and cannot be destroyed. The point of talking about using gold or silver, isn't to "sell" or "buy" it in exchange for dollars, and to "buy and hold" until it increases in value, to then trade it for dollars.
      The point they are making is to make a complete switch back to silver and gold as that world standard. Therefore it's value will not be in dollars, yen, or Euros. It will be money, but true money, not a fiat currency.
      I'm not an economic expert, so I don't know for sure if that will be any better than the current system, it all seems like theory. But I do know enough to see that what I described in the previous paragraphs was the point of the documentary.

    2. is there enough gold and silver to fully back all the money (and debt) in existence? i haven't done the math but i suspect not. do you know? or are you supporting something that isn't possible. a fractional backing of money still leads to the same pronlems

    3. I'm not supporting something yet, I believe it's a theory that has as much merit as the current system, therefore I'm on the fence but very intrigued about the whole situation.
      My reply wasn't an argument in for or against gold as our new money. I'm arguing with the fact that this Documentary is being labelled as an infomercial as if the things being said have absolutely no merit whatsoever. Trust me, I've I seen infomercials, and they look nothing like this.

    4. Economies crashed even when gold was the preferred medium of exchange. It definitely isn't a panacea. The precious metals availability isn't elastic so the value would have to change just like fiat currency otherwise the economy cannot grow unless you mine more which is pretty much giving control of the monetary system to mining companies.

    5. So the economy can only expand if the money supply is increased? I'm just asking, because I would imagine there is another way to expand an economy besides increasing the money supply.
      Economies crashed when there was no regulation. What if regulation was in place, along with a money supply that always stayed the same? No inflation. I'm guessing it's all much more than we can all really comprehend, but I'm just trying to learn!

    6. In such a system, how do banks make loans if they can't create new money? How is new gold obtained to pay the interests on loans?

    7. Wow, that's a tough one, fractional banking, a must save from the current system! Yeah, right. Here's a novel idea: they loan out only what they have! Therefore interest will be accounted for in the cycle of money, without having to continue creating new money.

    8. I don't see how fractional reserve banking changes the necessity of creating new money to cover the interests. The money supply has to expand if there is growth.