The Genius of Beethoven

The Genius of Beethoven

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BeethovenA powerful, moving and accurate docudrama based on the life of Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827). Paul Rhys's masterful portrayal of Beethoven is particularly noteworthy, doing well to vividly convey the isolation and despair Beethoven experienced throughout his life, while insightful narration from the popular conductor, composer and presenter Charles Hazlewood does well to add a sophisticated educational dimension to the series.

Beethoven was the grandson of a musician of Flemish origin who was also named Ludwig van Beethoven (1712–1773). The elder Ludwig was employed as a bass singer at the court of the Elector of Cologne, rising to become Kapellmeister (music director). He had one son, Johann van Beethoven (1740–1792), who worked as a tenor in the same musical establishment, also giving lessons on piano and violin to supplement his income. Johann married Maria Magdalena Keverich in 1767; she was the daughter of Johann Heinrich Keverich, who had been the head chef at the court of the Archbishopric of Trier. House of birth, Bonn, Bonngasse 20, now the Beethoven-Haus museum.

Beethoven was born of this marriage in Bonn, probably on 16 December 1770, and baptized the next day. Children of that era were usually baptized the day after birth, but there is no documentary evidence that this occurred in Beethoven's case.

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Tobias Brook
2 years ago

Why oh why isn’t this wonderful documentary film available on DVD?
Come on please BBC 🙏🏼

2 years ago

I'm lost who is this guy again?

3 years ago

Who is the artist performing 3rd movement of moonlight sonata?The best interpretation I've ever heard

4 years ago

Can I buy this 3 part documentary? Thanks

anne mette holm
4 years ago

Most of it can be found on youtube, but part 3 has somehow been taken down and replaced by an upload in a slightly distoteted format - in 7 small parts. Why?

4 years ago

NO proper documentation of all the piano pieces played

5 years ago

How do I watch part 3, which has been blocked on copyright grounds?

5 years ago

Brilliantly done piece on the 'Great Man,' as he was referred to during his lifetime. BBC seamlessly combined interviews with Hazelton and others with scenes of Rhys portrayal of LvB. Agree with Mr Mero - ashame this is not on DVD! The 250th Jubilee of LvB is around the corner.

Megh Banerjee
8 years ago

The best on Beethoven. Paul Rhys as Beethoven is just unimaginable.
Thanks to BBC for these efforts.

Jonn Mero
8 years ago

Quite annoying that this gem is not available on DVD!

10 years ago

Beethoven was the greatest genius of music that was born .

Ana E. Leggeri
11 years ago

Excellent! I recomend it to all ....and I think it is a must to all Beethoven lovers no matter how many biographies they have read.

11 years ago

Never has any medium made more illuminating docu-dramas than the BBC. Bravo.

11 years ago

What an excellent documentary about a musical genius and tortured soul! Bravo!

12 years ago

An extremely well made documentary... By far the very best I've ever seen, in fact, and a true work of art in its own right. If you're a serious music lover of any genre, you owe it to yourself to watch every last minute of this. It's quite unbelievable, the job they did, in every respect. And the best thing about it is, there's tons of lengthy examples Beethoven's music in it.

A true story -a joke- for Beethoven lovers, so that we can remember that side of him, as well...

Beethoven, to a fellow composer: "I liked your opera. I think I will set it to music."

I've always just loved that one.

12 years ago

Vwry well done! Thanks BBC for this production.

12 years ago

Wel done. Thanks BBC for this remarcable production.

12 years ago

Well done.Thanks BBC for producing such wonderfil works.

12 years ago

not back. liked it.

does anyone know of any films regarding chopin?

12 years ago

Well acted. Liked it.

13 years ago

This is the best film I've ever seen on Beethoven. It shows us the man as well as the god,thank you so much. The BBC can do no wrong as far as I've seen.

13 years ago

mankind climbed towards the light... whats the original name of it?

13 years ago

Not much more to add to the comments already offered. Wish for more documentaries of this caliber on the other major composers as well--Bach, Chopin, Schumann, Schubert, etc. This particular documentary was also especially good because the actor actually LOOKS a lot like Beethoven!

13 years ago

The BBC's composition of Beethoven's life story is first class - dramatic acting punctuated with a pleasing amount of music and a clever interview device as a means of relating events through the words of his friends and acquaintances makes it very accessible, never boring and always grounded in the humanity of its subject which sometimes can be forgotten due to his mythical status. This is a passionate biography of a passionate composer.

13 years ago

great Doc...
Great Composer!!

13 years ago

Another masterpiece from the BBC.