Married to the Eiffel Tower

Married to the Eiffel Tower

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Married to the Eiffel TowerIf you thought that men in love with real dolls was strange, wait until you see Married to the Eiffel Tower, which follows these fetishists (all of them, for some reason, female).

Interestingly, Objectum Sexuals - they call themselves OS people - believe their love with the objects are reciprocal and that they can telepathically communicate with them.

Naisho is married to the Eiffel Tower. She has a passion for inanimate objects, and her mission is to fight the stigma surrounding the disorder and create a global network of sufferers - like Amy, in love with a church organ, and Eija Riita, who married the Berlin Wall.

In this compelling documentary about objectum sexual disorder the characters describe just what it's like to be in love with a highly public structure.

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  1. To be honest, at the start of the film I was judgmental. However, as the film went on and the Objectum Sexuals explained their emotions for their objects, I realized their feelings were authentic. Although I was flabbergasted by the idea of Objectum Sexuals, I understand that every human has the right to decipher their sexual orientation. That is, if it deems appropriate. I began to discriminate against Objectum sexuals not because of their abnormal sexual orientation but because their relationship's stemmed from a place of selfishness and dominance over the object. In my opinion, there can be immoral sexual orientations. There are people who molest children or partake in beastiality and we consider that inhumane. It is no different than an object not being able to consent to these sexual encounters from Objectum Sexuals. And let's say the objects too were in love with these humans. What if the objects want monogomy? These humans are taking it upon themselves to be in polyamorous relationships with all these objects. Whose to say, the objects aren't jealous of their human's various relationships with other objects? In a relationship, there must be respect. These so called relationships, are solely based on what the humans desire.

  2. This was a very insightful documentary about Objectum Sexuals. I don't feel as if these women are mentally ill or disturbed, they are looking for love and acceptance and found it outside the realm of societal 'norms', there is nothing wrong with that. From watching this documentary I saw pain behind those womens' eyes, and love, and happiness. So what if an object makes them happy? It is probably a LOT healthier then most dysfunctional couples that end up hating each other, or worse later ending up on ID investigate channel for a murder. Some people are ignorant and not open to accepting anything outside of their comfort zones, so just ignore those fools and keep holding your head high ladies.

  3. most of us anderstand about relationship is very problem for us

    1. I am in love with a pipe on the bus and had sex with it

  4. At first, I laughed, it seemed so absurd but I stopped laughing as I let myself have an open mind and listen to these women's stories. All seem very mentally competent, and they are very much aware that what they possess is not considered "normal," but they don't care. They're happy being who they are and stand up for themselves. A lot of people could learn to be strong like that, unashamed of whom they are and not feeling that they have to conform to a label or image that doesn't necessarily exist, such as as the airbrushed nuclear family.

    I think it's very small minded to ridicule these women because they're different. Are they hurting others? No. Are they adding negativity and hate to the world as some are doing in the comments? No. Pastor Mark was correct in saying that Jesus is about love and opening doors, and it was beautiful how sensitive he was to someone whose condition is rather unheard of. I'm a Christian and I do not believe that these women would be condemned for what/ who they love. Loving God and being vessels of love, and being able to still love after horrific things happening to them as opposed to people proposing loving God but showing these women hate or anyone hate and apathy because they're different is what would be condemned.

    Do I believe what these women are saying to be true, that objects can have souls and love humans back? I don't know but I won't dismiss it. Even if it could be proven to be a product of their treatment in the past, if they're happy then I wouldn't want to change that. The universe keeps showing itself that humans don't know everything they think they know at any given time, so maybe it's true. We are all made up of energy and life exists on so many levels, so one shouldn't go out of one's way to dismiss what these women have. It's real enough to them, and it is really no one's business but their own. Furthermore, i think there could be far more people than 40 women but due to pressure to conform, others may not admit it. The lack of understanding and empathy shown in the comments demonstrate why more people might hide their "condition."

    This documentary was definitely not disturbing in my eyes but revealed a group of people who are loving and considerate and at the end of the day, that's what's important, not what/ who they are romantically/ sexually involved with.

  5. Did anyone consider how the Eiffel Tower felt? Did anyone bother to ask her whether she wanted to be forced into marriage to this woman? Did anyone ask the Eiffel Tower whether she would like to have sex with this woman or can this be considered rape?

  6. I was trying desperately to be open minded and non judgmental while watching this but when they said, "Blah blah is in a loving relationship with a guillotine." I nearly died laughing.

  7. Just think, the only reason she is in love with the Eiffel Tower is because she's alone. Lonely people, definitely not connected people, are very likely to believe inanimate objects have emotions and intentions so falling for an object believed to have emotions and intentions is honestly understandable. A little weird but it's understandable.

  8. after hearing amy's story, it seems as though these people love objects because they are a solid, permanent structure..unlike people who can walk out of your life or die..very sad

  9. If she got splinters from the fence would it be an abusive relationship?

  10. These OS people are whores, especially amy. She married, but tryna get to know the fence and letting the carnival ride get her pantys wet. Just slutty!

  11. I'm speechless at this. I had no idea such people existed. At first I wasn't sure what to believe, whether this attraction towards objects is real or fake for the sake of seeking attention. I'm still a bit skeptical. Nevertheless, they are not harming anyone so everybody should be free to do whatever they want without being laughed at or ridiculed.

  12. what if Golden Gate bridge is cheating on her!!? ;')

  13. These people are lucky enough to feel love and to feel loved in return in their lives. I consider that a success, no matter if it is to a object, a man, a woman or a building. Love is love.

  14. this is sad :( feel so sorry for them, and all this bla bla bla for objects its just to fill a gap

  15. Am sure there is something wrong with their brains as in mentally, because god definitely didnt make us this way. it is sad.

    1. Something isn't necessarily wrong, it's just different. It has to do with Asperger's Syndrome and things that happened early in their mental development, we may find it sad, but that's just our point of view. Also, I don't think that a god created us, I think everyone is the way they are because of nature, and nature does strange things from time to time.

    2. Totally agreed to what you have said. The people who continuously say that god created (enter entity) has not yet learnt what scientific evidence is. Oh well, they should believe in what they want to believe in.

    3. You love a make beleive being in the sky and you call this mentally ill?

    4. My mom and dad made me.

  16. Really Sad :( heart broke when that women said how her parents did not want or love her. Explains so much of her behaviour. Glad that they can talk to other people who can relate to them. However they really do need alot of help and understanding, love and gentleness in the hope they will learn to trust and love another human. We all are born with the need for love. We hunger for it if we do not have it and the lack of it makes our minds sick. Some women/men will settle for unhealthy relationships. Anything to feel loved and love. I wish these people the best of luck in their lives, and really hope they find true happiness, peace, security and Love.

  17. wow, to the narrator's voice and her choice of words. am in love with what she says. it makes me warm and happy i kissed it.

  18. yah its strange BUT at least they are not poking kids.

  19. Those Eiffel Tower souvenirs "are" phallic shaped.

  20. Wow. I thought I had issues on account of my conservative Christian past that's keeping me an unmarried virgin at 33 even though I no longer believe.... but these women REALLY have issues!

  21. What the h*ll is this??? And what the f--k is wrong with that woman and the guilotine? That....ain't.....right! Doesnt anybody remember that Lorena Bobbit "weenie hacker"??.....although?, that ain't right either.

  22. so weird

  23. There are men, too. I saw a show recently on Strange Sex or My Strange Addiction or something where there was a man who was having an emotional and sexual relationship with his car, whom he'd named Chase. The car is also male. Sigh.

  24. also... feels soooo sorry for them .... being loved.... by a human ... is the single greatest feeling

    1. And the one that requires the most work, and involves the most risk!
      But the rewards?! (Hello...?!)

  25. people like that make this world unique....

    ohhhh where is this generation going to ? ha

  26. OMG! I laughed so hard when the Narrator said so seriously, "Whatshername is in love with a guillotine..." BAHAHAHA!!!!! I mean imagine the sexual relationship with a guillotine?? " You bastard! Why did you just cut my vagina off??"

  27. forgive me for saying ths I don't understand how she can fell in love with a something that does not hit back or share a conversation .

    1. That is you opinion, and I think you should have kept it to your self. I'm sure there must have been people who never understood why you loved certain people or why you took a certain action. We will never understand fully of others no matter who they are.

  28. There are parts of the brain that are active when someone looks at or thinks of their lover in an MRI. I wonder if anyone has done actual brain studies on this phenomenon, to see if/why those regions are firing off for these particular triggers. I suspect that's what's happening - some kind of "misfiring".

    1. I don't mean to be, ahem, *condescending* towards you, but i wonder why you have to consider these sane (in my opinion) people as having some sort of mental disorder. I know you did not use those words, but to suggest that a part of their brain is faulty ("misfiring") has a strong negative connotation.

      This admittedly small sample of women in this documentary did not appear crazy or mentally defective to me. They at least seemed to be doing well financially. At worst i might say some of them appeared ever-so-slightly misanthropic perhaps -- but that is a far cry from having some sort of mental deficiency.

      (Please forgive me if i have read a little too much into your post.)

  29. Having watched this film, I am no longer ashamed to admit that I am involved in a long-term and loving relationship with my back massager, "BOB"

  30. This sort of reminds me of females, bicycles, and railroad tracks....

  31. projecting emotions and states of conciousness onto things that dont have them is scizophrinic. These people need theorpy. They have had hard lives and i feel sorry for them. This was a real sad documentary.

    1. We are all monkeys with schizophrenia- We are at odds with ourself over everything-
      i want that bananna
      i dont want that bannanna

      Schizophrenics are people who resonate at too high a spiritual frequency for their animal brains and bodies to cope with or understand- and in a society void of spiritual guidance and leaders, we lock them up-

      This is just an example of how humans, all humans, mistake the fleeting emotional response we CALL love to objects or people with the natural state of your realized connection to the ALL/GOD

      see my post below-

  32. i wish i had that effect on women..

    1. Same here!

  33. why does she have stool smeared all over her hands when shes fondling the nacht?

    1. hahahahhahah!

  34. Love is a divine state that we all can learn to live in permanently- The truth is ALL humans create an object of love in another person, failing to see that this is a state of consciousness- This person becomes like a drug and we can only feel the love state when the drug is available- Even the thought of the object of love leaving can create a sense of despair and pain- When you realize yourSELF as everyone else, as the Creator of your reality you are able to enter into this love state and dwell in it- You engage in an active romance with the whole world, which is your own self- When you realize your true eternal relationship with the universe things we always "said" in human relationships make sense- Like "i will love you forever" or "i would die for you"

    This is just an example of how humans, all humans, mistake the fleeting emotional response we CALL love to objects or people with the natural state of your realized connection to the ALL-

    Make everyONE your lover!

    1. I wish more people could realise all this ... love would then really mean something (not possession) individuals would be better off and so would the world ...

  35. Strange and yet beautiful.

    Not so strange that it's objects. I love my watch, a friend loves his car, but buildings and walls? However I do agree with Susan Donovan (below) that we should be happy for them rather than alienate them. They seemed to have had a tough time of things previously so cut them a bit of slack. I celebrate them finding love.

    Unkeep the faith

    1. You find it beautiful when these people believe in something that you don't...yet simultaneously you discourage the beliefs of others that you disagree my friend are a hypocrite of the worst kind..

    2. @Brown Guy
      Thanks for your Very Strange and not at all Beautiful comment.

      ”You find it beautiful when these people believe in something that you don't...yet simultaneously you discourage the beliefs of others that you disagree my friend are a hypocrite of the worst kind.. “

      I had to read it several times before I could fathom what you were talking about, I’m still not sure, it doesn’t make any sense. Before you read on I suggest you check the comments below. This will give you context that will help you reach a logical conclusion. I read them before I wrote mine.

      Some of the comments contain uncalled for and unwarranted language and don’t give an accurate account of the doc. I watched it, I hope you did. I think almost everyone agrees it’s at least a little strange; nothing wrong with that, lots of strange stuff goes on in the world. It was not a freak show. The participants had to get over much in their lives and I was delighted to see them happy and in love. (A beautiful thing)

      You imply that because I’ve called it strange I can’t comment on people using much stronger language, that’s just not the case and not hypocrisy, its called sensitivity. I stand by what I said, it’s qualified and consistent. All I asked was for people to “cut them a bit of slack”, not much to ask for really. For you to call me a hypocrite over a few lines of innocent text is disgusting to me. If you choose to reply please don’t include the word friend. You are no friend of mine!

    3. brown guy just gave you words of wisdom. you did not get the message. maybe one day you will understand.

    4. Gee, the christians here are such kind and considerate people! Please oh please would deign to tell us all about Zeus and Allah so i also can learn to mock things i don't quite understand either!

      (Please excuse my sarcasm above if it was a tad too thick -- i suppose in retrospect that you rather worship a "real" god like Yahweh or Jehova, rather than Mithra or Zoroaster or whatnot.)

    5. That is an absolutely id**tic comparison.
      When Lovers of Objects start indoctrinating children to love them too, or start trying teach Object Love in public schools, or try to keep other people from marrying the PERSON they wish to, simply because some old, cobbled-together tome says it's wrong, or start killing people because they don't love the same object they do, then maybe you'll have a ******* point.

    6. Atheist 13: You do yourself in with your very name. You claim to be an atheist with your name. You don't believe, so you cannot begin to understand or embrace things or concepts that you have already erected a wall against. Some things in life are for believers ONLY. Too bad, you will never experience that.

    7. @123thisisme

      ”Atheist 13: You do yourself in with your very name. You claim to be an atheist with your name."

      Thanks so much for giving me such a laugh. Your observational skills are really quite outstanding, most of us call it reading but I guess it’s quite an achievement for you. Let me get this straight, you say I’m claiming to be an atheist with my name. Do you think in any way that I hadn’t noticed this name I gave myself?

      As for your things in life that are for believers ONLY. You can keep it, all of it, I want none of it, it’s NOTHING anyway.

      Unkeep the faith

    8. "Some things in life are for believers ONLY."
      Then the believers can keep them, and keep them to their selves, and stop trying to push them on other people and telling others how they have to live.

  36. I thought this documentary was kind of sensationalistic. I know a few people like these women and I never thought it was that strange. (But I'm biased, I used to have a serious crush on the Chrysler building... but it never went anywhere...)

    I don't think I'm one of these object lovers, since my attraction wasn't really very sexual. Also, I fall in love with men much more easily. (And I'm happily married to an amazing one now!)

    But, I just don't see anything wrong with these women. They are following their hearts and not hurting anyone. I think some of their stories are very romantic.Why the hate?

    I'm happy for anyone who is lucky enough to find true love, it is a rare and precious thing.

    1. Come on, I don't see any hate here... Just some confusion, and a sense of humor, about something so radical. (You seem to have a pretty good sense of humor, yourself!)

  37. Remember when watching documentaries as Vlakto has warned, not everything is real. Some documentaries could be created just to see how far they can get you to believe something.

    1. I don't think they were joking or spoofing. I visted their official website and not a joke could be found.

    2. you might want to take a dose of your own advice their false flag boy!!!!!!!

  38. so what i gather from this doc is basically its idolizing these objects worshipping if you will,,and getting sexual gratification from it? strange, but then again what is strange in society whatever comes into your mind that you want to do.

    1. Well, maybe.

  39. Ok. Last thought for the night: This doc says all the known individuals that consider THEMSELVES to be "objectum sexuals" are women. Then, what about the guys with lifesize dolls? Those are OBJECTS and not people, aren't they? Most of the doll owners have sexual contact with them, so wouldn't they be male "objectum sexuals" as well? What do you think would be the difference?

    1. Just simply that the dolls are at least representative of the human in an obvious way the other objects aren't.

    2. I see. You're right. It's replacing a person, but the objects like a bridge are not meant to replace a human being directly.

    3. I think they are meant to... And that's what's so hard to grasp about it. How can the human touch really be substituted with cold steel? Maybe it works for these women, but I still feel very sorry for them. Say what you will, but they are not achieving real intimacy with anyone but themselves...

  40. Ok, in all SERIOUSNESS. Would these women say they were "born this way" or would any say that they developed this way due to early life traumas, etc? I would postulate a spiritual aspect to the compulsion as well. Would they even want a "cure" if there was a "cure" for this "condition" for lack of a better word?

    1. The big lady said she was born that it's okay because if ppl are born that way we have to accept them for what they are.

  41. lol...only 40 women, huh? That means I mus know like 15 of them because they also have very loving relationships with objects lmao. Albeit not as large as the Golden Gate Bridge!

  42. This Doc is Vlatko's way of coming out. He has confessed to me previously his deep love for his mother-in-law's garden wall.

    1. Hahahaha... Good one.

  43. that was really strange!

  44. My wife is in the other room with the window grills, stroking them softly and repeatedly . . . . with a paintbrush! ;-)

    1. Nothing to fear Charles, as long as she does not take them to bed with her.

    2. I wouldn't be too sure, Achems. From Charles' point of view, even thinking about those paintbrushes could be tantamount to adultery.

      (Sorry, Charles! It was just too good to pass up, lol.)

    3. She does't like me to do the grill painting as I just want to get it over with! But, I can do the walls--faster is better there.

  45. well the part with the woman and the oil is a bit weird for my taste

    1. yes but the rust was sexy. :>

    2. When she said that she said "I want your fluids!"---- Reminded me I forgot my cornnuts and glass of milk. Wife was saying, "What ARE you watching?"

    3. Give me your fluid!

  46. So, ok---still haven't had time to watch this, but I just had to ask: Is this like some kind of fetish? Like a shoe thing, or underware stealing (I read an article where they guy had several hundred stolen panties). A lot of people have weird fetishes.

    1. kinda but not really. its more like the need to love when these people have been damaged in some way and cant love a human for fear of being rejected. a object will never reject them. but in a way it is a fetish, but not in the normal sense of the word.

    2. I see. That was a good reply.

    3. I saw it as even more than you suggest. The objects do not seem to be selected by the women rather the women are drawn to the objects. Realize how much time and effort were put into designing and building each of the affected structures. It is almost as if these women could feel what care went into the existance coming back out and touching them.

      The picket fence wasn't just any fence, it was uniquely designed and built by someone putting in a little more effort, a little more 'love' into its creation. I'll even bet the banister was hand crafted by one individual spending months pouring his heart and soul into his work.

  47. i can totally understand. the part with the banister made me cry. I have this in part, more of the "Love" of objects then the sex appeal however if it was more difficult for me to get men or woman I could see it going there. I loved my car, more deeply then most people perhaps understood. I never thought me strange for it but I did realize it was unhealthy. I felt that she communicated with me and had a soul. It burdened my immensely any time I tried to part with it. Finally I sold it 6 months ago and I think about it most every day. I miss her. But it was a unhealthy relationship and after 12 years I had to let her go.
    I have felt this way about several objects on different levels, and I have to practice detaching regularly. I did not see that this was as strange as people made it out to be in this video, but again, I am not obsessed to that level. I do not have sexual relations or extended verbal conversations with these objects. However the love is deferentially there as is the feel of a soul and awareness. Even if its my love that gives that object the life force and consciousnesses I see.
    But what is reality then what we perceive anyway. Perhaps a part of a persons soul goes into objects of there life and that is what these people fall in love with.
    Who is to sat that is wrong. With all the bullshit that goes into relationships I can totally understand why someone may choose a fence over a man or woman. Its the constant that these people desire. There objects will never lie, cheat or leave them.

    1. A fence--I can't even imagine an attachment like that! But I can see how you could "love" a sweet ride.

      I love my plants (especially trees) and I'm especially fond of my Bibles (The one I bought in Manila for my 16th birthday, and the one my mom and dad gave me on my 21st birthday). If there was a fire, I'd grab the wife and kids, the Bibles, our passports, and my picture chips in that order! :-)

      But I think that you're talking about something deeper than just mere fondness of one particular item. If there was no "sex" involved, then what would you call your attachment to certain items like your car?

      I've know men that loved their Harley Davidson motercycles that much, actually! More than than their wives! LOL

  48. I really tried to watch it with an open mind. I stopped laughing after the first 5 min or so when it sank in that these people are beyond screwed up and you cant just laugh at them (ok you can a little lol). I dont know what to feel for or about them it is just way too creepy

    1. It does mess with your emotions in surprising ways, doesn't it?

    2. It just messes with your head overall. These people, to themselves are perfectly normal. Yet to us they are deeply afflicted with abnormality. I just lost my baseline of normal-reality for a moment.

    3. Yes, I had a creepy thought process today . . . . I would see a bus, and think . . . are there any "bus lovers?" or "tree lovers" or "sub way station lovers"? It was disturbing for me.

  49. I guess we here are all documentary lovers with the honorary mention to Vlatko (thanks), I guess musicians are in love with their instruments, sportsman, scientists, painters, sculptors, thinkers, I guess Plato is modern when speaking about the soul or the ideas of the objects, I guess the world is not turned to thinkers, I guess we are hunger to communicate, to be listened, to touch the other by expressing, I guess the words turned out to be blades or the contact, I recalled modern philosophers like Kafka and Camus speaking about this autist world we are living in which people forgot to see the souls within the object's creators because they are afraid to be absurd to exist. I recalled Fernando Pessoa saying the poet pretends to feel the pain he ultimately feels. I guess the few that saw this documentary with insight in opposition to the plenty that didn't are the reason for the wall of contact. Unfortunate the one who loves humanity with such passion.

    1. i agree with you. as i said above it is not that strange and in ways understanding with all that the world through at us with the dynamics of relationships these days. These people just take feelings that most of us have to the next level because of there lack of human interaction and intimacy.

    2. In contrast interesting it is that people often use other people not as people but as objects.

    3. Also, wondering about how much people impregnate their own projections into objects or people, in fact, creating that internet is crucial either for our evolution and our concept of socialization. At this moment part of me is extended into characters, words and phrases like making a bridge to whomever I'm contacting. I guess the frenetic actual society is more breaking bounds in terms of socialization in reality. Here things change and I think it's the reason for so many people to become addicted to the virtual, becoming autists themselves to the world. This documentary is the opposite.

  50. I wasn't going to watch this at first but couldn't help reading the comments, now I am curious and must watch it.

    1. I feel as strangely compelled to watch this now as well..

    2. people are interesting. with a brain our size and the complexity of our society with the restrictions on our animistic side, what you you expect?

  51. Now I understand why women are so addicted to shopping.

    1. lol

  52. Wow! That was one seriously weird doc. If Vlatko wanted us to think about something entirely different, he hit the Bulls-eye with this one. I never imagined that this was an issue for anyone, but it seems to be out there, albeit in small numbers, and while they cause some concern, they're not hurting anyone, still, I have to go and re-calibrate my 'weird sh*t-o-meter.'

  53. I had to read the comments before I watch the doc because I thought it was a joke. Call me rude, insensitive or whatever else you chose but I am guessing I will be doing a lot of laughing during this doc. I didn't think anything could surprise me about human nature anymore at this point in my life but lol I may be in for a surprise with this one lol I am laughing already

  54. The only time I searched the "TYRA BANKS SHOW" on Youtube was to find the episode about the woman who married the Eiffel Tower. It's so strange. I mean, I honestly thought I'd seen all types of "sexual orientation". I'd never imagine there were people who "fell in love with objects".

    It's so weird, you have to watch it.

    Also, your love is not like any other love with a being. A being is a living thing! A bridge isn't. Come on. Why even try and define your love as "like everyone else's" ?

    1. Maybe so, but we project consciousness onto other "living" things (other people), why not on to inadament objects? The relationship you share with anyone or anything is all in your head anyways. This reminds me of hoarders because we push our consciousness onto everything we experience and the reflection we get back tells us who we are. Sometimes its just easier to "deal" with reflections that have no input into what your getting back.

    2. What I mean is why do you try to define it as love between humans...or even love between a human and an animal? Why not just portray it as something else.

      I think the barrier partially comes from these people trying to act like it's just like have a girlfriend or a boyfriend...
      then again, to them, I guess it is.

  55. For those of you who think this might be disturbing, if you like to understand the workings of the brain/mind, give it a try. The first few minutes are weird as various women describe their love affairs with objects. Depending on your temperament, you may even find it hilarious, as, per example, the two women coming to New York. One of them wonders how people can live in NY with so many buildings to fall in love with.

    Then we start understanding a bit more. One woman was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrom. Actually her attachment to objects could be an extreme form of the "comfort blanket".

    Another was dismissed from the Air Force for psychological reasons. Both had difficult childhoods. None of the three women have ever loved a human person.

    At least now I'll not be surprised if I ever find a woman (why were there no man with this condition?) kissing a bridge. The only thing that really bothered me was the very end. The woman saddles a beam of the Eiffel Tower, with as she says, nothing between them (meaning, I suppose, that she has no underwears). The place is full of tourists and someone could touch that very spot a minute after she's left. Yuck!

    1. @ frenj

      Specifically, the first woman's half-brother had also molested her for over two years during her childhood... If this hadn't happened to her, and her parents hadn't rejected her, I don't suppose she would've developed this incredible emotional anomaly, though that doesn't throw much light on the one with Asperger's, or that it evidently only happens to women, only 40 people in the world "suffer" from it, or the fact that millions are abused and rejected without developing any such thing.

      Some clever psychiatry/psychology student somewhere, if she hasn't already, is going to make her shingle with a good explanation for this weirdness, though I don't see how she'd ever be able to make a living treating it, short of an epidemic, lol.

      Could you imagine a worldwide outbreak of people stroking skyscrapers, or passionately caressing picket-fences? Who knows, maybe a shot of such Monty Python-style insanity wouldn't altogether be a bad thing for this planet... I know I've seen worse, anyway!

    2. Could be, I have a nice picket fence for hire, could rent out some pickets and make some MOOLA! Wonder if I need a business license?

      Don't know about skyscrapers though, the tallest building where I live is only ten stories high, but what the hay? Gotta start somewhere.

    3. I'm a little surprised there isn't a sub-genre of porn dealing with this subject already...If there is, I haven't found it!

  56. I'm a little blown away here. You think you've seen it all and then BAM!
    There you go phucker, women sexually attracted to steel girders. Didn't see that comin' did ya!?

  57. This is one of the most bizarre doc's I have ever seen. HIlarious.

  58. Talk about the wrong stuff!

    1. Mr. Razor, did you watch this? I've just read the summary. Objectum sexuals?!? Is this real? I'm stunned. Surely, SURELY they exagerate! If it wasn't nearly 12:30 A.M. I'd waste my time pondering what could possibly wrong with these people (for some reason all women).

    2. Yes, watched it, words fail me on this, especially the woman in love with a working guillotine in her living room...Yikes!

  59. I work as a hypnotherapist/hypnotist and if you would show this woman in another frame I would say she is hypnotized. If you just think of people on stage having sex with chairs and other objects.

    This case is of course a bit diffrent, but its not realy disturbing or unusual when you understand the workings of the faulty pattern matching and emotional brain.

    A good hypnotherapist would know how to break her trance (plus teaching her other skills that she needs).

    1. There's nothing wrong with her. I'm starting to think men find it disturbing and frustrating that there are women who find bridges and buildings more attractive than human males. Hence the desperation to "fix" what isn't even broken.

  60. Sexual deprivation often results in sexual deviation. It's a mad world we live in.

    1. Yes, Alan Watts suggested in the 70's that celibate catholic priests would likely be the most sexually deviant.

  61. Good thing these people love inanimate objects so they aren't polluting our gene pool

    1. Sadly myopic, intolerant, unimaginative people such as your self are.

  62. Now here's a woman for whom size matters, I guess.

    1. Hahahaha! One must love you Pysmythe :)!

    2. @ WTC7
      I actually watched the doc (lol) after making this joke, and I gotta tell ya, Psinet is right: It's really disturbing...So much so that I kept 1/2 hoping these women would break character at some point, and just fall over laughing from the prank they were trying to pull off. Failing that, it actually made me pretty annoyed (and sad) that these women, who obviously aren't (completely!?) psychotic, don't seem to be able or willing to recognize how much they need help, and to go try and get it. And I was also reminded of that fairly typical phenomenon among heterosexual preteen girls, where some go through a stage of being enamoured with horses as a kind of emotional dress rehearsal for the bond they will make with a man later on (I know how sexist that must sound, but there's actually a doc about that on here somewhere...Don't shoot me, it's just an example! lol). Even though these are inanimate objects they've "fallen in love" with, it seems similar to that, somehow, and like they're stuck in that stage and can't get out of it...

      It's just amazing, the incredibly bizarre turns human love and sexuality can take! This one, though, I have a hard time comprehending at all, lol.

      p.s. There's a lot of humor in it, too, though, don't get me wrong. Especially the scene where the woman is describing the parts of the carnival-ride she wants to hook up with... There's even a "money shot" a few minutes after that. The 40-weight kind...

    3. Pysmythe: I understand the women and horses thing---my girlfriend in highschool had many and they were the loves of her life (no sex involved that I knew of). It's humbling to be loved less than a horse! To get her all emotional, I took her to see "The Man from Snowy River" in the movie theaters just waiting for that horse to get shot! Yep. It worked! Tears and cuddles for comfort . . . that was mean of me, but it really was a great movie! But, at least they are LIVING things! Gees!

      P.S. Is the doc you mentioned "Zoo"? That's a bit different. Is there another one?

    4. @ C and N

      No, it wasn't 'Zoo,' which was even weirder than this one... It was actually only a few minutes worth, all told, in one of the docs here, and I can't remember the name of it right now, its been so long. I think it must have been one in the 'Sexuality' category, though. If I do remember it, I'll let you know.

    5. @ Pysmythe

      I haven't seen the doc & I probably will not. I understood from some commenters, and you confirmed it, that it may be disturbing. (After a decade of recent disturbing events in my little corner of the world, I avoid as much as possible any docs/movies/news that are emotionally unsettling. Not that I bury my head in the sand, but just don't want to know the details.)

      But your comment I found disarming :).

    6. @ WTC7
      I understand that completely...In fact, that's really the reason I'm not bothering with that Winehouse doc or commentary. Even though I saw that one coming, like we all did, it's just too upsetting to get involved with, really. I just don't even want to know...

      Be clean and keep it stress-free, as much as possible! :)

      (Sorry if any of my comments were in bad taste...)

    7. Not even a trace of bad taste anywhere in your comments, only the contrary!!! Just keep up the good humor :).

    8. @ WTC7
      I had to go and put those last lines back in, lol. They were just too pertinent to this weirdness to leave out, imo...

  63. Possibly one of the most disturbing and unsettling documentaries I have ever watched - and I have watched a few. Kudos, weirdos.

    1. Disturbing and unsettling? Hum. Before I watch this . . . . is it like an abstinance only "Objectum sexual" relationship? Please say "Yes!"

    2. Abstinance only? no, not when women are straddling and sitting on sharp picket fences. Almost kinky (LOL)

    3. @ Achems
      Talk about a woody...

    4. Wow, you're really easy to disturb. I find things like gang violence, war and famine disturbing, not a group of women who have a deep love for beautiful bridges and buildings. (I'm almost jealous of their relationships, though my human husband is much more lively than any bridge!)

      Why is it always so important to JUDGE and CONDEM people who are different?

      At least they have found love. Why not be happy for them?

    5. Susan, I am sorry, but that is daft. Violence is natural, and common, throughout nature.

      You are just looking for a fight.

      Why is it so important for you to JUDGE and CONDEMN my VERY natural feeling of being disturbed?

      Woman - THEY LOVE ROCKS!

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is not love.

    6. I'm really not looking for a fight, I'm just kind of shocked that on this website where I normally agree with the comments there are so many here that I don't agree with at all.

      I don't see anything wrong with being in love with a building. To me, it's rather imaginative and quirky in a sweet way.

      These women are very smart they have good jobs and fulfilling lives. Why on earth should they conform THEIR idea of love to someone else's standards just because it makes people like you uncomfortable?

      Why is something so innocuous and innocent making so many people uncomfortable?

      You know what makes me uncomfortable? That AX deodorant commercial where the women swarm over the guy like a flock of cats in heat. Disgusting. The notion of "barely legal" pornography is also disturbing to me, especially when the consumers are men over 30. (Why would a 40 year old man be sexually attracted to a teen?)

      So, we put up with all kinds of warped ideas about sexuality in media ideas that have the potential to hurt people. ... but if a woman professes her undying love for a building it's some kind mental emergency.

      Come one just try looking at this again with an open mind. Have a little compassion and imagination. It's OK if you don't understand how everyone's idea of love works, it dosen't make it any less than YOUR ideas about love or mine.

    7. I'm also surprised at how the comments are either very intellectual or very crass. You are obviously the former. People objectify people so much these days, yet some are discusted by a way a person lives? It is very ironic. I agree to what you have said. People are entitled to live how ever they want to unless they are harming others.