The Third Industrial Revolution

The Third Industrial Revolution

2018, Economics  -   37 Comments
Ratings: 6.24/10 from 348 users.

The Third Industrial Revolution begins with a dire premise. The global economy will continue to exist in tatters for decades, extreme political movements will fail to deliver us from the brink, and climate change will further exacerbate our journey to extinction. The remainder of this feature-length documentary/lecture from VICE focuses on possible solutions devised by acclaimed economic theorist Jeremy Rifkin.

With insights taken from his book of the same name, Rifkin addresses a crowd of inquisitive onlookers on a variety of issues, including the need to adopt new mainstream sources of energy, communication and transportation. These are the building blocks of a modern industrial revolution, he argues, and the only hope for salvation from an oncoming economic and environmental Armageddon.

Rifkin illustrates the need for a third industrial revolution by outlining the origins of our previous two. As radical as it may seem, this new revolution is actually a natural evolution from these prior economic models.

Meaningful, long-term growth can no longer be achieved through reliance on antiquated infrastructures. The new economic model must be powered by the internet of things - digital communication, renewable energy sources and autonomous modes of transportation. This emerging infrastructure will provide the central nervous system that unites the world, drives entrepreneurism, closes the wealth divide, empowers future generations through the sharing of information, and lowers cost while enhancing productivity.

The road to a fully functioning sharing economy is not without its pitfalls. It could be hijacked by net neutrality regulations, clouded transparency and corporations who seek to undermine a democratized system through monopoly.

But the wheels are progress cannot be contained. In order to ensure survival given our current challenges, this radical new system must be enforced quickly. China and Europe are on the frontline of these efforts. They have been aggressive in their adoption of wind and solar energy, and in constructing an infrastructure that can properly manage and distribute these resources in the digital age.

Driven by Rifkin's beautifully articulated insights, The Third Industrial Revolution is a must watch for viewers who want to understand our potential for future greatness and the threats against progress that we must confront along the way.

Directed by: Eddy Moretti

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john ledbury
2 years ago

What a wonderful speaker. But I wonder if he actually said anything

2 years ago

UN propoganda nothing more how we need to become slaves for the same of climate change

3 years ago

"In order to ensure survival given our current challenges, this radical new system must be enforced quickly. China and Europe are on the front line of these efforts." --is all you need to know not to bother with this trash heap of BS.

Challenge the premise of it. It is all about the new world order globalist control grid over you. That is what China and Euroland are building.

elliott mcallister
4 years ago

I love this idea. I wish he would have narrated his own audio book. The audio book feels like you're listening to someone read a textbook. This video is 10 times more intriguing.

Karen R.
4 years ago

Brilliant! Should be rated much higher, but I think a lot of people didn't hang in long enough to see the end of it, or they did not understand the veracity of what Rifkin is saying. I wish his books and thinking were taught in public schools at the middle school and high school level.

4 years ago

Frequencies in the atmosphere are disrupting bees and birds. I don't use my cell phone outside anymore. If everybody planted 2 trees that would probably help slow the wind erosion, hold the water and clean the air. Individual actions do have a sum effect.

john hall
4 years ago

Back in the 1980's,you couldn't pick up a newspaper or magazine without reading about
Rifkin attacking Biotechnology.He filed a ton of lawsuits against it.His main complaint was
that scientists were rushing to use this technology without having a formal discussion on
it's safety and impact on society and the enviorment.He raised concerns and issues and
warned of unforeseen consequences.But now,with his Third Industrial Revolution,
Rifkin's doing the exact opposite.He's getting people all excited and anxious to make the
switch to renewable energy.The problem here is Rifkin's not raising concerns and issues
with renewable energy like he did with Biotechnology.He's not questioning the cost,safety and reliability of hydrogen and battery storage and the toxic materials and
chemicals used in the manufacturing of solar panels.Not to mention the impact solar panels and wind generators will have on society and the enviorment.

4 years ago

Waiting for ANY type of govt to make things better for you, means you will die waiting. Changing govt to have more power to help you means they will have more power to harm you. Which will they choose? Take a look around the world and at history.

His talk All based on MISinformation. GDP has been falling on purpose due to the policies of the central banksters and those in govt whose plan has been to accumulate as much wealth as possible AWAY from the people into their Globalist-communist hands, thereby concentrating power to themselves in order to achieve their Globalist one world govt dream. Where they rule and you obey. This has been done through incrementally increasing Socialism and War, both which suck the life out of an economy. Right on schedule the ruling class get richer and the rest get poorer, all by design. And of course the Marxists don't want you to blame them so they are shouting "its capitalism" as loud and often as they can until the unthinkers believe.

Pollution would be a fairly easy problem to fix if not for govt controlled by the banksters allowing it. No new technology is needed at all for that. Some very old tech would do just fine until some Nikola Tesla type energy would be allowed. Ethanol is carbon neutral and far cleaner and less expensive than petrol. Food vs. fuel was a ruse to keep panning Ethanol in favor of bankster owned petrol.

Much the same for any problem. Govt IS the problem. Which means YOU are the problem. You have allowed govt to be controlled by those who intend to either eliminate you or enslave you. They certainly don't want you to be independent from their control.

Weather problems are not carbon burning problems when a volcano can and has dwarfed what mankind does in short order. Not to mention the ice core drillings that show 5 tropical times in those now icey locations. It is just another means of control, a power grab from you, a means to fence you into their emotional scheme, to get you to demand your own enslavement via more govt control over you.

"In order to ensure survival ... this radical new system must be enforced quickly" Such fear mongering is always bad for the people, good for the ruling class of any type of govt. However, it is typically the Marxists Globalists who want to emotionally and hurriedly drive people into their enslavement before they stop to think it through. Obamacare was all about limiting your options. Stuffed into the bill were all manner of rights stealing provisions; marching toward Globalist control.

What are the biological effects of 5G and why have some places banned it? What are the big brother implications? Not good and worse.

The only real economic problems we have are central banks and allowing the wrong people into govt, which is your own fault. Socialism will not fix either. It will only make them worse.

4 years ago

Excellent and informative but constantly distracting as the camera pans the crowd for the most attractive young women. I agree this lecture deserves a much higher rating.

Joe Wong
4 years ago

China has made most advanced and commercially viable 5G internet communcation technology that can turn Rifkin's beautifully articulated The Third Industrial Revolution into reality. But the American is determined to kill China's 5G technology for their fedual imperialist global hegemony. Rifhin underestimated that selfishness and greed of the human nature is the main obstacle of the human progress, not the capacity of innovation of human beings.

4 years ago

Very good.

4 years ago

"Its not what you don't know, it's what you are certain of that isn't so, which is the largest problem."

Which applies to @matrixreject in full tilt. Or those of any agenda which seeks to steal from one group to give to another group.

Seems more of a coppertop(matrix) statement. What does it do for you to state "there is not, nor can there be..." when it is simply flat wrong? Those of us who don't have our head up the middle of the Globalist agenda propaganda networks (govt schools and agencies, major media, and Globalist bankster minions like Obama, Gore, Moore, Google, Facebook, etc.), can easily find factual information outside of that cabal; at least for now; until the weasel Collectivists curtail free speech on the internet and media; which they have been doing on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and much of the major media.

Look for a map showing the frozen methane reserves off the coast of several of the continents.

If a so called documentary that discusses climate factors fails to include the significant influences and effects of Chemtrails-GeoEngineering-Weather Modification, including HAARP, then it is misinformation.

4 years ago

There is not, nor can there be enough energy to support and sustain the current human population for 30 more years. If the energy were available the ideas presented would be great. Money is a claim on productivity and natural resources. Work can not be done without energy. Natural resources are finite. No amount of efficiency can replace hydrocarbon energy. The only way to build the infrastructure required to create this techno fix is to use more fossil fuels, that don't exist, as well as natural resources like phosphorous, rare earth metals, and a host of other problems that have no solution. What lives dies. What increases decreases. Entropy. We as a species have burned up our tomorrows for todays. We are doomed and that is the way of entropy.

Desmond Malliaros
4 years ago

10/10 Born in 89 I have always felt something was wrong with the way we consume, destroy the environment , and base ecenomics on oil and automobile while the sun provide energy to every living organism free of charge. Now we live in a world where the detriments are evident. Climate change, environmental pollution ect. This man very clearly explanes ecenomics, how we got here and a great plan for the future! This 2 hour video made more sense of the world than 12 years of public education.

4 years ago

I'm an engineer and I thought the video was highly enlightening. I'm working on my corner of the IoT. I understand net system efficiency. How does my company fit in here?

Peter Pan
4 years ago

There are two alternatives to why the rating of this video is that low:

1. Fake profiles with political agendas wants to discredit this video.
2. People didn't understand what he was saying.

Barry Bozeman
4 years ago

Excellent thought provoking revelations everyone should contemplate. This guy is a bridge between the power that is and the sharing distributed alternative that is to come. The reasons why Germany, Denmark, France and other European countries are moving forward so rapidly in this necessary change involve the forward-thinking elements of the currently powerful political and industrial players.

Difficult to see why some here are offended by that. We need Mr. Rifkin's guarded optimism or we will be lost in despair. Here in the USA we have "the Chinese Hoax" and an administration that refuses to see what is and what is coming. So China and Europe will benefit from their rapid movement while the USA will fall behind. I suspect California and other western states like Oregon, Washington and Nevada will move forward to build the new grid despite the resistance from Washington DC. Hopefully, that will infect the rest of the country and I predict it will take hold in New England and New York. I also imagine my state of Tennessee will be among the last to recognize the necessity to our detriment.

Perhaps we can move faster with some election wins this year and I hope replace the current disaster in the WH. We would benefit greatly from political leadership that understands Rifkin's message. Still the wealthiest industry on the planet - fossil fuels - is the most threatened by this new reality. Along with the military-industrial complex and desire of the 1% to hang on to their power, we are faced with powerful and intractable foes. It may take mass deaths in a climate catastrophe to shake the system away from the powers that be.

James Grant
4 years ago

He hit the nail on the head. It seems to me what he is saying is that sharing is the future. non-profit organizations, zero economic growth empowers the masses where historically huge economic growth enriches the few. disparity between the rich and the poor resulted. The following statement is just my initial gut reaction. Economic growth is intrinsic to two things. 1-cheap energy 2-purposeful lack of regard4children. note the pollution after decades of economic growth, that isn't regard4children is it?, when energy gets expensive the only thing that will sustain economic growth is increased lack of regard4children. He seems to be saying STOP economic growth.
We need to ask ourselves the question. What perpetuates lack of regard4children. The answer lies in the foundation of our society, the justice system is coached by a professional code of conduct that knowingly and willingly lacks regard4children. It only has regard for its clients $$$$. This fundamental aspect of the foundation of our society has to change if we want a healthy future.

Urban dweller
4 years ago

What do we do? I had the worse upset stomach after eating some bar-b-que ribs. I rarely eat beef. It took almost 1 week until I felt normal. After that - I went vegan! What's that got to do with climate change? Only that we, as human beings make change under pain. I recovered from that upset stomach. But, if my health had been seriously compromised in any other way, I may not have survived. And deciding to go vegan would have been too late. That's what seems to be what's going on with climate change. Will we as earthlings come to terms with this crisis before it's too late? I don't think so. The very wealthy have built their bunkers and stored up supplies for a decade. Unless people, en mass, riot in the streets across the globe all at once and literally shut down the world economies it's going to be too late. I know it and you know it too. And even then it could be too late.

4 years ago

Awesome documentary. Loved it. What a great guy.... unfortunately the 'powers that be' won't like his message because it means less money for them... that leaves it up to us I guess. Also loved to hear how Europe and China are already well on board with these ideas...
Pity there's not one planet for people who care about the future and one for those that couldn't care less and don't want to make any changes in their own lives because it's a bit of a hassle :-(

hugh mcnab
4 years ago

A relevant observation about what the present is now, and where we are going.
Fabulous talk. We are lucky to hear those who still think originally. It's also beyond our politics of dysfuntion.
Not for everybody to understand but open to anyone.

4 years ago

The rating of the film is way of. It should be at least 9.5 given that what is discussed is really happening around the world, turning a blind eye won't make it go away. I don't know what is wrong with people, they probably can't grasp what is being told so they just dismiss it.

4 years ago

People that are still describing this man as a puppet for the current "greedy corporate structures" obviously didn't understand this talk. The issue is indeed quite difficult to understand, but anyone making a plea for decentralisation, distribution and peer to peer structures is obviously not doing the current "powers that be" any favors.

4 years ago

Some may have noticed the poor rating given this documentary- 5.22 out of a possible 10 ! Average intelligence is so low, the many cannot grasp the existential importance of the topic, or are mentally too slothful to make an attempt to understand the issues.
This is a grave existential obstacle, which will require extraordinary efforts and ingenuity to overcome.

B. Williams
4 years ago

Jeremy Rifkin has it exactly right in this lecture. Anyone who ignores this new paradigm is sabotaging themselves. What I find most hopeful is that the world that he describes is not only more prosperous, but also more just and a happier place to live.

larry mc kenna
4 years ago

this man hires his talents and knowledge to the EU amongst others the EU is part of the destructive greedy corporate structures so for me he speaks for them and is selling this environmental danger for the very same corporations that created environmental problems the US Military admits to controlling the weather !

4 years ago

Fascinating presentation and some glimmers of hope, even as I feel we are too far gone with addictions to war and petroleum to make this transition in time, The Bright Net victory over the Dark is a long shot, but I'm in.

Why does the audience look like a group of paid actors hired out of Starbucks?