Beyond Treason

2005, Military and War  -   43 Comments
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Beyond TreasonDepartment of Defense documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act expose the horrific underworld of the disposable army mentality and the government funded experimentation upon US citizens conducted without their knowledge or consent.

Is the United States knowingly using a dangerous battlefield weapon banned by the United Nations because of its long-term effects on the local inhabitants and the environment? Explore the illegal worldwide sale and use of one of the deadliest weapons ever invented. Was Gulf War Illness actually predicted by the DoD before hand? Why are thousands of our men and women in uniform dying? Why won't the mainstream media report this story?

Beyond the disclosure of black-ops projects spanning the past six decades, Beyond Treason also addresses the complex subject of Gulf War Illness. It includes interviews with experts, both civilian and military, who say that the government is hiding the truth from the public and they can prove it.

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  1. blondemama

    this just pi*ses me off so badly. It sounds like it couldn't possibly be true; but the fact that our government has done so much unbelievable s*it in the past makes me have very little doubt that they could have done every single horrific thing talked about in this film. And that is what pi*ses me off- that its true.

  2. Adam

    I just suffered through an hour an a half of very bad story telling. I would certainly not recommend this film to anybody. A lot of ideas and personal opinions were mashed together to try to portray a big conspiracy. Based on my personal background, I can tell that a number of the alarmist statements about DU are either plain false, or deliberately misleading. That makes me doubt the rest of the film (I can't force myself to call it a documentary).

  3. Akos Szeredai

    an entity surrendering decision making capability (to follow orders) is completely dispensable especially when it's trained to be efficient at killing and ignore any sensation. therefore it's far more preferable to test on soldiers then on rats and it's far more ethical.

  4. ordinaryLEE

    PS..Please try to watch 7/7 ripple effect on this site..those 4 lads never couldve pulled it off..the evidence is overwhemlingly proven all the trains were blown from outside under the train and not in it as police report..then the bus..3 men got off with others only secs b4 it blew up with a control demolition van in front and alongside it at the time..the 3 men had all previously walked away from 3 other bombs b4 by seconds ..then look at the photos at luton station .rediculous ,esp as the train they used had not been in service for i say draw ur own conclusions but it stinks of usa and our giovt collusion for a goahead to war not needed..

  5. lll1lll

    a belief system that realizes there is only love or insanity cannot come about until one begins to wonder how the aviodance of the search for the truth equates to sanity

  6. Jamie

    And when you speek facts thats what these none Semetic people call you.Its like the governm,ents that call things with 100% evidence like the 9/11 fauls flag conspiracy theories so they can avoid awnsering things they could not possibly anwser.Many people have woak up to no the lies there government and the 4th branch the media feed us daily.But there are people much to smart to fall for there lies if they would just take the time to look at the crimes commited in there name with there tax money.I heard someting today and it said that every 20 to 30 years there needs to be a revolution to replace the corrupt people in governments.And I fully belive it's true,in the American constitution it says if the government becomes tyranicle its not just your right but your duty to replace it.You be the judge if the government is tyranicle our nopt.There will be some good people in government more corruption in America than my country Canada but we are heading in the same direction.I watched this DOCUMENTARY about 1 year ago and am going to again right now.

    1. twanya brown

      Revolution ? Jamie have You ever seen a dead baby ? How about a dead baby with its head squished or burned almost to death. ??
      No ? Well check out some video from the Syrian Gov. or a FSA site ?

      Broken and burned civilians, cities destroyed along with a few soldiers, often fathers, is what Your going get from an Armed Revolution.

      A far more effective 'revolution' would be for us the 99% ers to stop being so lazy and begin our 'ATTACK' at the top of the food chain, namely corporations !

      Corporations legally bribe our politicians, its an Old trick called lobbying and its a very effective way for corporations and the very rich to get laws passed.

      I believe a corporation is easier to influence than a General. A corporation's only goal is to make more money for its stock holders. !We only need to start strangling the corporation of money by BOYCOTTING their products and we will bring them to heel.

      Here's what You can do. Decide for yourself what corporation is doing America wrong or join a 'boycotting site on line' You trust.
      Then write an email to the corporation explaining why You and Your friends will NOT buy their products UNTIL they STOP. ...and never buy their products again until they DO WHAT YOU WANT !!

  7. Jamie

    I put it in 2 comments because just two speek 1% on this subject takes a book.These christians should nmot belive that any GOD would support such and evil government.They take a passage in the bible out of context that says those that bless Israel shall be blessed.Modern Israel was mans doing not GODS Britan agreed in WW1 to give the Jews not biblicle Judeans some of the land they had no right to give,ater WW2 they did what was promised 28 years latter.For belivers in the bible GOD said he would gather all desendants of biblicle Israel to the promised land not just Judeans from the tribe of Judea.Ancient biblcle Israelys don't know how they are and would no consist of a mutatude of people from every race on earth.The closest to biblicle Israelites we no is some of the Palistinians.God new our man whatever you belive about who wrote the bible new there would be people to lie and use the scriptures to there evil advantage.Thats why we are warned about People that lie about being Israelites but are the Synagogue of Santan.Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 show this,and for it to be there it had to be important.Jew is not a real translation it should be every were you see Jew in the Bible Judeans.But the bible has been changed over the years to help others lie and stell and make people belive they are the opposite of the truth.Look at the Dead Sea Scrolls that were edited before we ever even new about them to suite the changes made to scripture.The Chief Editor was named James Strugnell,and befor we seen them they were in the property of The Rockefeller Institute,Israel and the Vatican.I belive in GOD but don't trust no holy book as man corrupts everthing he get hold of.I'm not Arab I'm a white Canadian that hates whats being illegaly done in the Mid East and other places in the world.I could go on but you must look for youself and into what I've said.To make myself clear not all modern Jews are bad and many hate Israels illegal actions as much as anyone,there is good and bad in every race on earth with no exceptions,so don't call this comment Anti-semetic it's just facts.

  8. Jamie

    America has commited every crime possible,including there illegal wars baised on lies.The military and CIA are both criminal.Soldiers kill themselfs due to there sickness and thing they seen and were orderrd to do that no normal humain could want to live with.America supports a criminal zionist ragime in Israel above American interests.Israel is a country that right know supports terrorists like PKK and other against Turkey and Iran and how knows how else.They have a thing called the Sampson Option that treatens the entire world with there illegal over 200 nucular arsenal.They have broken over 60 UN resolutions more than the entire Mid East put togeather and more than China and North Korea togeather more than any country ever.They are the biggest terrorist country in the world.They are not even biblicle Judeans they are Askenazis.Read the book the 13 tribe or the Synagogue of Santan by Andrew Carrinton Hitchcock.America has used over 35 vetos more by any country for any ever,that lets these criminals continue there war crimes and crimes against humanity.That includes Genocide to real Semites the Palistinians that have broke 0 UN resolutions.Anything anyone says against Israel and its crimes is called an Anti-semite when they are not even Semetic.85% of modern Israelys are kazarians and never had ancestors that steped foot in biblicle Israel.Look for your self and as for evangelical christians stop suppoting these criminals.

  9. Klaus-bud Oracle-kaczor

    Really sad how stupid people are

  10. oddsrhuge

    How about, I give you all a debate, for no apparent reason other than I want to see, whether you are all, just like me, confused.

    These are simple observations, derived from my basic senses. According to the general concensus, I should possess 5.

    Here goes:

    1. The government and media are consistent with their message of “fear”.

    2. The media are consistent in their explanation of celebrity issues, yet curiously distant, dismissive or down ignorant of any issue that includes the mass killing of civilians, the delivery of dead military bodies in the dead of night, the rape of a natural piece of land, the appropriation of land or the draining of a lake, unless it can be blamed upon a marginalized “evil” force.

    3. Terrorism cannot be targeted as an “entity”, in a War. (I see no end, how about you?)

    4. The government is consistent when telling us that all the new laws and statutes that take away freedom are necessary. For freedom.

    5. The media are no longer hard hitting journalists, but indeed are “celebrities” themselves. And these days anyone’s opinion will be aired. (Unless it counters the current belief as held by the owners of the network) ei: the Occupy Movement.

    6. Lobbyists and government have become as one.

    7. No individual can make a run for the presidency without unlimited access to money. ( before you all start screaming at me) Maybe, name a candidate in either party that is running for president or has run, in your memory, that is a “working class”, “down to earth” Tradesman.

    8. The media watch the same debates as I do, but even if a candidate garners most of the popular vote…they pick out the current winner (seemingly from the top of their heads), this week, then build him up….and tear him down.

    9. It’s NOT government of the people, for the people and by the people, anymore.

    10. "Some people are more equal than others.”

    I am ALSO going to make a prediction: In the current list of candidates for the GOP election…NONE will make the bid or be president…a dark horse, whom we have never heard of ,will make the eventual run against Obama.

    Are you kidding? That was my summation? …maybe some of you brilliant de-bunkers can refute and debate me with logic. I await your responses.

  11. Klaus-bud Oracle-kaczor

    American women do not breed with army vets!!!! Come to Canada and we will take care of that problem for you.

  12. Klaus-bud Oracle-kaczor

    Toi think that because the media fails to expose this dumb Americans are still signing up to be poisoned by their gov.

  13. Klaus-bud Oracle-kaczor

    Soon the Americans will be faced with "depleted warrior syndrome" because their will be no one healthy enough left to fight

  14. Shannon Elizabeth Staley

    Good. b plus.....terrible that we experiment on our soldiers....then refuse them health care. Such liars and so lacking in conscience......yeesh!

  15. Pierre

    A comment to audiophile.
    "Who" are "We the peoples"?
    In an democratic system, I personnaly understand that it is the population? The citizens...

    The basic problem we see (Observe) in the USA is that it is the "International Corporated" companies who lead the elections in the USA.
    I already mentioned earler that there's something about a constitution that grew old and was not ever revised since its creation in a delai shorter than 2 days.

    I felt ackward to mention but, what about imposing a "Certain" maximal contribution ($) to political parties in the USA? Let the "We the peoples" be a factual reality
    But be prudent...
    Then, the "Corporates" give money to their employees so that the employee gives that "Hidden" contribution to a selected political party...

    But that's only one part of the problem.
    The other one is the fact that you guys do not have a tertiary party to keep the political power in balance.
    I mean, one that has some sort of a minimal reality!
    You simply do not a "Third" option.

    However, if a maximum political contribution requlation would be enforced, it would take maybe less than 10 years to have 1 or 2 factual opposition parties with a few elected individual.

    Let me here have a little grinning, Hummm?
    Whoever would campaign for such a renewal would get shot dead in less than a year!

  16. audiophile

    I think that the biggest tragedy regarding this documentary is that the level of incompetance and ignorance in america is so pervasive that they don't recognise the repeating nature of political behavior which is very obvious if one looks at two simple indicators: PAST HISTORY (which they are ignorant of due to the pathetic education system); and RECENT HISTORY (which they are incompetent to understand due to both pathetically short attention spans and memories)
    SERIOUSLY..... how often do we find out that various political leaders or gov't. institutions take advantage of us, squander our hard earned resources, erode our liberties, and LIE TO US?! (I could go on and on with examples about the self-serving cancer-like behavior of government but in the interest of brevity...) And yet people are surprised and outraged when things like this happen. (for a simple list of some of the things go to wikipedia "list of federal political scandals in the united states"
    Either way, the soldiers got what they deserved. They're just hired assasins. Going into foreign countries and overthrowing democratically elected governments, assisinating political enemies, fighting proxy wars, fighting actual wars on false pretenses (EVERY war after WWII), just to name a few. What would you say if I were hired by somebody to kill another person? Who is guilty, the hitman or the one who hired him? I'm sure that you'd say "both". And if I were somehow killed or injured during my crime? I'm also sure that you would say "Good! He got what he deserved."
    This idea that we need to "support the troops" because they're unwiting participants in this is crap. It's nothing more than kowtowing to right-wing efforts to badger and bully the population into accepting the war on nationalistic and patriotic grounds. "patriots don't question, patriots just follow!" And on the dangers of nationalism? Look where it got Germany, Italy and Japan in WWII.......and look how they got there(that would require you to learn some history)......look familiar?

    1. bcbingram

      I agree totally. We as warriors often get what we deserve, the civilians are usually the one's that suffer the most and shooting a missle into a apartment building or Sheiks compound kills mostly woman and kids and obviously is a "terroist attack" dispite who shoots it.

  17. Pierre

    1st) I wasn't strucked by the disgrace of being a US citizen.
    2nd) I wouldn't set a foot on US territory in now days because there ain't no civil/social rights over there anymore (Patriot Act as you say)...

    I feel like the bright days ended when your Pres. Eisenhower put a term to his services at the beginning of the '50s.
    More than a while back. We first didn't noticed except his TV speech where he said to remain attentive toward corporates that see war as private bisiness matter.
    He was no pHd nor a rich man but a bit smart should I say?

    There just ought to be something weird with your constitution "Blah-Blah"? One sole man, the US President deciding over your fate on his own, in the very same manner as the most the notorious/infamous dictators/tyrans that could be imagined. Just 1 man in the USA who's enough of a patriot to oversee what's going on with the army, CIA, FBI?
    Not even a few (10-15) who'd be intitled to think over and veto if something fishy is detected?
    And for sure, one decision supported by a biased propaganda.
    I call this voting for a totalitarian dictator.

    Bizarre enough, I read in the few comments here of some if not many US citizens who were simply not aware that the US used depleted uranium in their weapons while it is a very well known fact abroad.
    Its know and also well known to be banned by the UN.
    So, you're the last ones to know or concerned maybe?
    And you guys are also unaware that G. Bush Sr. was meeting Bin Laden's brother while 911 took place?
    His airplane took off from the US a little later or the day after while all other airplanes over the US were grounded.
    How come the world knows 'bout that while you ignore?
    Does anyone in the US knows how & with whom did the Bush family made their fortune?
    Who was the CIA director when the Iran/Contrats/Drugs deal took place under the Reagan reign?
    Does anyone remember what Reagan said at Pointdexter trial?
    Quite a bit of the same as Rumsfeld who sold the bioweapons to Saddam. The US logo was on the wasted shells in Kurdistan.
    The whole world saw that and knew.

    Remember the US clown who shown up to the UN trying to convince the rest of the world that Saddam has chemical & bio weapons (WMD)? Plus nuclear weapons.
    Could it be that only peoples outside the US all knew and only US citizens were unaware? Else blind & deaft?

    You host, harbor and protect these guys as far as I know?
    You wouldn't bring these guys in judiciary court, wouldn't you?
    Oh! Sorry, justice is not part of the american apple pie?
    I feel useless to recall about the Iranian Mossadeth democratically elected, otherthrown by the CIA, the CIA who murdered the Chilian democratically elected president, same as for the Savadorian democratically elected leader and so many other cases where US Gov. killers were given a murder license. As long as the murders occurs abroad!

    The list is much too long by now.
    You guys may well have your own opinion and that's what freedom is about, but comes a point where when morons become seriously dangerous for everyone included themselves...
    Something's fishy there.

    For sure, no ones on planet earth wouldn't like to have to go and get these abusers on US soil but in the end, if there are no other options since there have no factual justice over there, only totally corrupted fakes, dark days ahead.
    You wouldn't tolerate that, why the rest of the world would?

    It sure is a big thing 'cause I seen the new detention camps in the US in case of US sedition and there is your "Patriot Act" for which any US citizen can be locked up for any reason what so ever. No blue moon in sight that is!

    Bwarff! The time it'll take to come up to that extent, I'll be dead. HiHiHi! & It is much better not to see that mess!

    Anyhow,, the worldwide pollution is the other dreadfull option I guess. Last days of planet earth?


  18. alpha

    you americans are baby killers and you get what you desirve.

  19. Johnny

    Good documentary. It is sad to see these cowards who killed
    numerous civilians and other innocent Iraqis, not to mention that their actions led to the environmental destruction of all the coutries we bomb , expect us to feel sorry for them getting exposed.
    It's like feeling bad that the arsonist gets third degree burns while trying to burn down a kindergarden full of children.
    You are a bunch of criminals and the sooner you and your loved ones die from your self inflicted injuries the better off the rest of us peace loving people are.
    Good riddance you war criminals.

    1. rosetintmyworld

      i half agree. . . but i also think at least 40% of soldiers were manipulated into service by recruiters or family when they were very young/impressionable, or lured there with promises of money or free college education. most are low income. and the military entity knows how to brainwash people. especially poor, desperate, 17-18 year old babies. goddamned awful. disgraceful. we send our children to murder and be murdered.

  20. Pyrrhus

    "Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power."
    ~ Benito Mussolini

  21. debbye

    @Tom Lowry: the point that i was trying to make, is that OUR behavior in the past is still OUR present & probably future behavior.

    I had cancer 34 years ago as a direct result of my ex's exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. I see that results of THAT war in my peers. Now, we have an entire new generation of vets who are dying by OUR hand.

    Are you saying that it is OK to continue to destroy and permanently pollute land because it is will spare a few flyers, but give death sentences to the ground troops & civilians for many years to come? Are we as a nation beyond accountability for the actions of all of this? Is this the true meaning of freedom? Did our vets agree to these conditions? Are they given the respect that they deserve BY their "employers"?

    if this is not arrogance… than i don't know what word to use

  22. Tom Lowry

    "America poisioned the middle east beyond our ability to ever fully repair it".

    Not a bad idea. Ever think about getting a job with the CIA. 'THEY' always have a need for for people who can keep a straight face while inventing silly idea's that will never be used. I just hope that before the oil runs out and you have to push your car down the street you'll remember your own words, then we'll see who laughs last, your Arabian Camel Lotter friends or your family watching you strain. BTW the trade off of using depleted uranium is less flyers shot down and killed v a lack of data to even prove these shells are the cause of these people's afflictions. Leftwing Documentary's are made by noted dandy's who distort and mishandle data as a profession.

    1. Liam MacSuibhne

      Wrong. Depleted Uranium is proven by the UN...i.e. people of many various ethnic, linguistic, cultural and racial backgrounds, from over 190 nations. The only 'dandies' (which you spelt wrong) are people like you thinking science can be reduced to a moronic American left versus right circus pantomime. Or banging on with the old right-wing, FoxNews 'left-wing' conspiracy theories.

      This IS science. The USA DID poison Vietnam and the Middle East. Stop braying nonsense denials.

      Also, your hatred of Arabian people seems quite obvious.

      Documentaries. Also spelt wrong. You utter, embarrassing waste of space.

      Yours Defiantly & Dismissively,

      The Human Race.

  23. Tom Lowry

    "not surprising since we are the ones who “dropped” the bomb"

    What is surprising is the amount of leftwing drivel posted about events even 60 years ago. AT THE TIME everyone was greatly pleased that the Bomb WAS DROPPED, it not only saved many American family's berevement of a loved one lost by a planned invasion of Japan, but it saved many innocent Japanese women, children and old people from deprivation that was caused when we sank every merchant ship that Japanese had. I can assure you, by having parents who lived through World War 2, in a embraced death struggle between two waring Nations that being "arrogant" was never mentioned. The few people who did mention it, or anything close to this, were locked up for their own saftey before the mob strung them up for being disloyal to the country and it's people. Where have the good old days gone when people here didn't have 'Enemy Recognition Problems' gone wild?

  24. debbye

    a good friend of mine, who is a psychology professor, used to say, "The best indicator of future behavior, is past behavior."

    not surprising since we are the ones who "dropped" the bomb …

    such arrogant asses are our leaders!

    another good documentary is, "The Doctor, the Depleted Uranium, and the Dying Children" on Spread the Word.

  25. the loler

    very sad. I watched this before somewhere else, vague memories of a fair bit of it, still shocking to watch again. If I watched this 10 times I dont think the horror would ware off.

    Soldiers infecting their wives and kids? How far will this stuff spread too, surely if it gets down to the water table under iraq it can spread over a fair distance, then take airborne spreading too. What have America done to this world? How many billion years was the half life of this shit that woman mentioned? Was it 4? So in 4 billion years the population of the earth will only be getting half the cancers they are currently getting from this shit.

    It may go down in history 100/200 years from now that this time we are living in right now was the point where America poisioned the middle east beyond our ability to ever fully repair it.

  26. Tom Lowry

    According to the 'Scientific Method of Inquiry' you not only have to prove whats causing these ailments, but you have to prove that it couldn't be anything else but what you posit as the cause:
    * Maybe some other bio-chemical agent that Iraq leadership left as booby-traps in the sand for example.
    * Hello? You do remember he spiked all the oil-wells when he left Kuwait right? Have these other toxic-agents been ruled out?
    * Further, if these toxic agents were present we'd see whole battalions of soldiers disabled as they went through a particular infected area, later being disabled at the same time, and all coming down with the same ailments at once. This doesn't seem to be the case here.
    * This seems more like a psycho-dramatic disablement to me. Hard to tell without definative 'Clinical Concise' type study's.

  27. gab

    this is the scarist doc i ever c'
    althought i knew many thisngs here sayd, it doesnt prevent me from get surprise.
    congratulations to film director william lewis, great doc.
    to bad skull and bones secret zoociety was never mentioned, thats 1 root of the problem.

  28. Zito

    As an Iraqi expat, I know almost all the facts that this doc shows sadly.

  29. Mark

    The United States and its' administration have much to answer for their continuing crimes against humanity. The rife hypocrisy only serves to show the world how low humanity can fall. I bless the impending downfall of all those including the USA that war against humanity so vehemently!

  30. E

    Great doc! This Governement clearly does not have our best interest at heart.

  31. Syly1212

    Typical US War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity! Over and over and.......

  32. M-files

    Biblically speaking: Seems to me the mark of the beast has reared it's ugly head and is alive and well in the shape and form of the u.s. state dept.

  33. David Howard

    Google "The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects"

  34. David Howard

    Google "Many Small Fission Nukes at the WTC"

  35. Nataniel

    Great doc!

  36. Alex

    Very good documentary!
    1) The boomerang effect of evil... Don't wonder america, wake up, WAKE UP! The governments is using your children as ginny pig experiments and fools you in calling them "heros" afterwards, when most are sent to murder for oil!! Then they throw your children a fancy funural and sing "amazing grace" to you (to put the cherry on top of the icecream!), simultaneously planting the deadly seed of pseudo-patriotism in the new breed of killers/mercenaries watching the Holliwood funural.
    2) Some of the horrible facts spoken of in the film:
    a) "but those that are going to be exposed cause the contimination remains there for eternity. It's real simple."
    b) "the average military person had no knowledge that the united states was secretly and illegaly continuing to sell weapons of mass destruction to Iraq just prior to operation desert shield and desert storm."

    Yes, God bless America! God bless them with fear of His Person!

  37. Vishal Naik

    Video from Youtube is removed..
    Please upload another link

    1. Vlatko

      Sure. Done that.