Breaking The Silence: Truth and Lies in the War On Terror

Breaking The Silence: Truth and Lies in the War On Terror

2003, Conspiracy  -   144 Comments
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John Pilger dissects the truth and lies in the 'war on terror'. Award-winning journalist John Pilger investigates the discrepancies between American and British claims for the 'war on terror' and the facts on the ground as he finds them in Afghanistan and Washington, DC. In 2001, as the bombs began to drop, George W. Bush promised Afghanistan "the generosity of America and its allies". Now, the familiar old warlords are regaining power, religious fundamentalism is renewing its grip and military skirmishes continue routinely. In "liberated" Afghanistan, America has its military base and pipeline access, while the people have the warlords who are, says one woman, "in many ways worse than the Taliban".

In Washington, Pilger conducts a series of remarkable interviews with William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, and leading Administration officials such as Douglas Feith, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, and John Bolton, Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security. These people, and the other architects of the Project for the New American Century, were dismissed as 'the crazies' by the first Bush Administration in the early 90s when they first presented their ideas for pre-emptive strikes and world domination.

Directed by: John Pilger

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Steve e wonder
2 years ago

We've killed millions of iraqi's. So this american is full of ****, a liar, and part of the problem in the u.s..

Jean-Pierre Tardif
3 years ago

Remember this allways: WAR IS A RACKET.

3 years ago

“What we in America call terrorists are really groups of people that reject the international system..” - Henry Kissinger

International system, aka the New World Order

4 years ago

There are those of us Americans that don't take 9/11 at face value we also know that no government committee would dare even if they proved it without a doubt come out and say George Bush brought down the towers and killed Americans and used it start his war to begin the Demoncrats climb towards world conquest. There would be a rebellion on the spot and our government would likely be handed over to the Afgan people to hang for war crimes

5 years ago

WAR ON TERROR!! hmmp.. this can be anything, just like the stupid anything tax they called carbon tax! .. No offence to those poor souls where terror is a missile at your door step, but in this western? modern? society we peacefully live in (most times) . Terror ? Whats terrifying usually the unknown, anything to the gullible , the average normal "smoking" family is the one thats suffering as Hitler quoted I think " Its easier to convince the masses of the people with a big lie rather then a small lie" . How sad , how un Australian, how drugged are we to demonise cigarettes and forcing Lies to be printed on every packet " Smoking Kills" . really? We just gave up completely on the bodied organisations that we 1st created that answers and delivers to keep real and placebo clearly apart. for eg. CSIRO. the guys that actually have the knowledge that smoking obviously doesn't kill so they don't cant and wont indorse the b.s. printed, because in my youth i clearly recall classic holly wood movies categorised under Family and Funny Section , them terrorist we idolised, eg. Denis The Menace, Problem Child, Young Guns.. etc..

Now days movies define terrorist as religious fundamentals blowing shit up. I ain't saying there isn't any, sure, look hard enough you find flat earthlings that don't know the Sun IS a STAR .. its horrific , comical, sad and funny, just depending where we find ourselves on the evolution chain. A packet of smokes cost like 50 bucks! ., this is terror on such a large and powerful scale even those that comply don't fully understand. Care to experience being subjected to the magic of social subliminal chastising? I warn you its not for everyone to go experience, doing so I've lost myself, almost lost my life several times, almost lost my family (still struggling) I've even allowed myself to get incarcerated believing it was not only the best method but only way I could save myself from completely loosing my mind, and even more terrifying my family. I lost my job~ coz I had a smoke on a short break~?

Smoking cost keep on rising, So I choose to be an advocate for smoking! Unlike dimwit politicians that would rather have been labeled hypocrite, I choose not to discriminate smoking in all its forms.. OMG. theres heaps~!! most I quickly came to find were already illegal~? ... The closest death I came to smoking was when trading such commodities the other party figured they're better off not keeping to arrangement and just kill me instead.
long story bloody short., were all in our own little worlds,. those of us that enjoy a smoke from time to time., are being forced to stop! Terrifying part is the unconstitutional method allowed to hide all the suffering and psychological frustrations each smoker is forced to see lies and disgust on products never intended for such purpose... Smoking keeps me cool so I don't be frustrated enough to pick on dimwits whom out of fear only of being classed sexist or racist or what ever, actually voted in the Homosexual and Lesbian marriage law by hiding behind the happy old english word Gay. (even the most primitive societies ask "Do you accept?" which confirms they're gay happy choice anyway..

Those whom have adopted smoking as part of culture only see a message to go overseas and fight something , no you bloody idiot! stay here and protest your right.

STOP LOCAL TERROR, its about time smokers make some uncool noise . no offence intended . , but very offensive to smoke .. ... stupid us , how quickly we forget Vietnam massacres the governors we trust had commit , stupid us , uniting for love and peace not war forced the end, so don't demonise those who smoke or do weird s#$@ you don't understand.. For F@#$ Sake ! , just this once, let them filthy smokers in our societies have enough bloody change to take there loved ones movies or ball. i know the shows impossible but live and let live... Justice! Not Laws , Freedom! Not Fines, Governors! Govern us to protect society from itself, not us from ourselves .. pppffffft.. time for a smoke

Daoud M Ahmady
5 years ago

Government of Afghanistan are Pashtun tribe is criminal terrorist
Northern Alliances not in power ...

Daoud M Ahmady
5 years ago

Karzai & Ghani are Leader of Taliban and they are terrorist criminal

Kathryn Saari
6 years ago

I am infuriated. I've been infuriated that Obama campaigned on Guantanamo, and didn't do SQUAT about it. I saw TWO men interviewed by VICE, who described their torture in Guantanamo...
I am ashamed to be an American. Every AMERICAN should know their county's TRUTH. :( Horrified.

Kathryn Saari
6 years ago

Love it. Thank you. I am sharing this with friends. Thank you to the investigative journalists who PUT THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE for the depth...for the bigger picture. <3

Jeramiah Sherman
7 years ago

I would like to add a bit of commentary to this. While this may have been true to the period of time that this documentary was made, I can say for sure that things have improved in the country of Afghanistan as far as healthcare and women's rights. I served in the NATO team that was charged with building up the Military hospital systems (which also served the local population). Working with not only the ANA (Afghan National Army), but the outlying ANP (Afghan National Police) in the Herat, I watched their health department grow a great deal. I also had the pleasure of watching the first class of female soldiers. This may not mean much to any of you, but that is extreme progression in the unequal society they have. Warlords often maintained a bit of piece inside the areas. So, while they may seem terrible they were always a better alternative to the extremist taliban that would perform terrible acts on people that would violate their interpretation of Muslim laws. From the stories the locals told me these things were absolutely terrible!

While the America government may have terrible motives, the boots on the ground are good American people who have a passion for individuals. I deeply care about the country of Afghanistan and still talk to many of the people that I met from the country and consider them friends.

Jeffrey Norris
7 years ago

I was born in 1960. I never thought there would be a day when 'American' was a dirty word. It's here! Washington, D.C. is a cesspool of scum - lies, greed and a quest for some imaginary power. I'm sure Prescott Bush is in the bowels of hell waiting on his son and grandson too.

Catherine Szabo
8 years ago

Every time I see George Bush making a speech I think to myself "What a monster he is and shame on us for giving him such power".

jim elson
8 years ago

what does the U.S. have to do with Afghanistan's mistreatment of their women???? We the citizens of the U.S. continue to be manipulated by our politicians and journalists alike, However you are wrong when you claim that the U.S. only attacks weak countries!!! Was Japan and Germany weak or how about North Korea?? Why then did the Soviet Union withdraw from the middle east; was it due to their weakness??? Note we the ordinary citizen who must serve our country know that we are subjected to the violence involved with war and you are wrong if you think that the U.S. representatives will not stand their ground against all represented and even imagined treats,

8 years ago

Mr. Pilger should have rebuked John Bolton's facetious question: "Are you a Communist Party member then?" with "No. To you, sir, I'm a journalist and that's all you need to know."
A neocon practitioner of friendly fascism, Amb. Bolton was the very worst possible appointee to represent us at the U.N.

9 years ago

As an American I'm truly disgusted and ashamed of the atrocities committed by our military around the world. While I'm fortunate to be living a privileged life than most of the worlds population, these luxuries have come at a tremendous cost to the less fortunate who stand in the way of the American empire. We are now entering an age of consequence for these actions. May God have mercy on our souls.

9 years ago

# 1 Terrorist in the World
The United States of America!
Bush Cheney Rumsfeld Rice Wolfowitz and Rove Created 9/11
as a Spring board For there Military Industrial Complex and the NWO!

John Smith
9 years ago

It is pointless to fight with terrorism, you need to kill the root of it - cash income what is opium. Nooe will blow stuff up for free not even bad guys.

9 years ago

This was a terrific documentary that was asking all the right questions. I once heard a interview with Benjamin Ferencz, the chief prosecutor for the U.S at the Nuremberg Trials, and how livid he was at the idea that the U.S now felt justified for a 'pre-emptive strike' against Iraq. This issue had already been dealt with at Nuremberg because it was the same reasoning the Nazi's used for attacking their neighbors. It was determined that no country could attack another prematurely, based on fear. In other words, if it takes a mushroom cloud, it takes a mushroom cloud.
John Pilger at least had the courage to raise the issue, unlike the vast majority of western media who only reported what they were told.
Note: John Bolton is an absolute idi*t who epitomizes 'lame' during the interview.(asking Pilger are you a member of the communist party?) This from a man who previously ran the equestrian before getting his new post.(not what you know, it is who you blow)
As I have stated on previous occasions, they could have hung Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bremner, Perle, Krystal, and Rice alongside Saddam, and I wouldn't have shed a tear. In reality, these people killed far more innocent people in 8 years, then Saddam, Bin Ladin, and Ghaddafi killed in 40 years combined. The fact that these people are untouchable, and have never been charged with war crimes, is proof positive that the U.N and international courts have failed miserably. (no justice - at least not in this lifetime)
All I can say is they best enjoy it while they can, (selling their souls for short term greed/fascism) because Karma is a nasty lady. (payback is a b*tch) Take care, and best wishes everyone!

9 years ago

These people that are always crying about loosing loved ones in air strikes really need to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. Why are you living with your children in a wartorn location? Seriously? If another country is dropping bombs and other parts of the population are blowing themselves up. WHY ARE YOU STILL LIVING THERE?

9 years ago

Bush was really effective in the War on Terror. His enemies are still at him long after he has RETIRED and refuse to make any update comments.

The problem with documentaries about the war is the rekindling of fear and panic against a seemingly invincible or pervasive opponent as the US. Democratic System or government. It is not hard to imagine how an autistic student suffering indigestion from violent issues has become tahe next terrorist wishing to end or terminate all forms of terror.

9 years ago

"Your obstinance and intolerance for anything beyond your silly doctrine will not help you or do anything for the greater good of human beings"
Project much?

Lengthy, discursive, and convoluted rejoinders escape my octogenarian comprehension and waning enthusiasm. Perhaps a Jung, Freud, or an Einstein could decipher that treatise?
I did take note of your clairvoyant abilities, (the dictionary bit) , and should I ever decide to purchase a lottery ticket, I'll be sure to consult you.
To answer your [revealing] query; "But if we are to reject metaphysics what would we have in its place?" Tangible, concrete, r-e-a-l-i-t-y.

Eric Lawson
9 years ago

This was yet another affirmation of my beliefs that the Ira k war was UN called for. The powers that be truly did use the 911 crises as a means to grab at the oil fields of Ira k. I have felt bad for the People of Irak and hope that some day the truth will be more important to empires than it is today !! This is a must see for all Free thinkers !!!

9 years ago

"Consumerism" and "spirituality" are entirely separate categories. Your words suggest a confused play with metaphysics and semantics as a hypocronant (neologism) panacea for our current depravity?

A social commitment to human welfare and happiness can be had through education. That would make any recourse to the supernatural ineffective, outdated, and foolish.

9 years ago

"spiritually bankrupt"? That has the ring of mysticism or a religious fix? It should be obvious from history that belief in such nonsense does little to make us kinder, gentle, or men/women are quite willing to kill whenever their govts. ask them.

Carla Childress
9 years ago

I wish this doc had been available in the US when it was made. Nearing fascism? Sadly, our freedoms are even more restricted due to the current admin. But, our choices aren't choices any longer. And the media is complicit in pandering the lies. This weighs heavy on my heart.

Arnold Horshack
9 years ago

Good doc, but I really want a follow up.
It would be great to hear from the same folks about what has gone on in the Obama admin. The doc has a part about our country nearing fascism.

9 years ago

Pilger is an awesome journalist. To be honest, I have no idea why people in power ever agree to interviews with him. He separates the lies from the facts with a cleaver and shows us gruesome scenes that we'd rather not see but should in order to be reminded of the dangers and horrors facing us today. My impression is that Pilger is an extraordinarily caring and peaceful man with the detachment and fearlessness required to go head to head with the monsters of the world.

Spread your public opinion.

9 years ago

Great documentary. Leaves no doubt that the mainstream media is complicit in the crimes being perpetrated. Soon to be 2014 and things are even worse on that account. The "New American Century" is upon us.

9 years ago

Pity, in human affairs "might makes right" is the dominant reality. Anything else is wishful thinking or mental illness.
Morally, we languish in the Stone Age, and intellectually we try to convince ourselves we are civilized.

9 years ago

I totally agree with Manfruss. Ans as scary and corrupt as it is for Australia - I'm a Canadian, living only an hour away, in Canada, from the U.S. The propaganda machine of U.S. mainstream media is truly having its way with far too many Americans. They arecattempting to spread their "Empire of a New world Order" around the world. Whistleblowers deserve our support for what they inform us about and we must not let them be abused by the corrupt powers that be. Canada, not unlike Australia, is realizing though the U.S. is a needed ally that we need to say "No" too as we also try to not be enslaved and taken for granted by the U.S. and its out of control Military Industrial Complex.

10 years ago

The US military industrial complex is the worlds biggest terrorist organization. Period.

robert wa
10 years ago

Wath a mess, how did all go rong , I know who I'm blaming the dummys across the pond, ass holes, let them stock up with guns and fight each other, religion s nuts !!!!!

10 years ago

very insightful documentary, I hope the people of Afghanastan understand that most people do not support the so called "War on Terror", I think our Government needs to start thinking for itself, and stop following America blindly.. The only people that think America is great is ' American's' and even some of them are starting to wake up to the truth...

11 years ago

A little outdated, since we now know the Bush administration was behind 2comcast9/11; still worth watching though, as the journalist is pretty fearless and well informed.

11 years ago

Brilliant documentary , of the reality We are All living in.

11 years ago

The government has no money, for reconstructing the disastet , they THEMSELVES first created ? But they seem to have the funds for Weapons and Wars ?

How can the American people , let , these atrocities continue and remain Silent ?

How can we , as ordinary people, born free , peaceful and mindfull end up like this?

11 years ago

John Pilger in the "Conspiracy" section? He is a Journalist, this is not conspiracy. At best you could argue it opinion possibly, but that's a pretty big stretch in my personal opinion.

11 years ago

Gota be careful sometimes,because you rebuke,or bring out to light the wrong doing by several public servants,and believe me you would be branded as a traitor,if not as a terrorist. Each and every day that goes by I am convince that the Bush regime (yes regime,because that can not be call Government) was the architect of that fatidical day. True Americans do not act in such a way.

11 years ago

American People are dumbest people on the planet reason of this is - even when economy collapsed they still lived better than 90% of the world ,they will believe and will be manipulated by their government until they reach the peak when half of America loose their jobs or will not have money for living ,then they will start thinking and stop listening TV bullcrap . America is so ignorant that average man don't know more than 2-3 European cities that's how people of America are uneducated. It's easy for government to manipulate such a mass of dumb people .

11 years ago

Thought I'd watched "the war you don't see"--but it was this. Film must be acquired from Amazon via DVD.

11 years ago

John Pilger is one of the best independent journalists. i hope he will make more documentaries like this one. The old ones are great too.

Nathaniel Hunt
11 years ago

I am finishing a 5000 word thesis proposal in relation to the United States and the Imperial projects in which they are engaged. I am glad the documentary brought up 'Project Camelot' the code name of the operation in which 'SUSPECT' Vietnamese where slaughtered by US forces.

11 years ago

Nice Job, Brent. 100% with ya there. Moderators, thank goodness you're here to censor in the Land of the Free as you can afford, and the Home of Rambo Bravado.

Of all major measured global statistics, the US ranked #1 in only one category— Confidence. Not Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine, any of the Sciences, Philanthropy...f****** confidence, and there's hardly anything more dangerous, for us or anyone, than id**ts that are sure they are genius.

James Colwell
11 years ago

Its funny how almost everyone rips on republicans, can't be more original?

12 years ago

And the West still wonders WHY they HATE us ?

I would too, If I was living in one of those countries.

12 years ago

Its far too early to draw hard conclusions, because its too easy to make a film that supports any view. This without being an ambulance chaser. In speaking to so many Afghans and Iraqis myself, they are far better off than many in Africa, India and China; even without the violence. It helps to understand a real devastation of war and the issues under the skin. 80% of Europe could not protect their citizens from a natural disaster, much less defend themselves from attack. Libya is a recent example of how in-effective NATO and EU is when it comes to collective effort. Russia could walk across Europe today and only China could stop them.

12 years ago

hey!moderator,lick my ass and suck on my nail........

12 years ago

Listen, the american people are getting fed up too, vote Ron Paul to fix this s***. He wants to bring our troops home from all over the world, end the war on drugs, and start following the constitution. He wants to kick the(not federal) FED and the IRS(Internal Rothschild Self-serve) out for good. He's the next Thomas Jefferson, and the media hides him from us, and makes him look like a clown.

Gary V
12 years ago

You can't give people freedom by replacing a bad situation with a worse one, by replacing death & destruction with even more death & destruction. The irony is that our troops are being killed by the same weapons that we gave the Taliban in the first place. We are not stopping terrorists, we are creating them. Our foreign policy creates more terrorists than it stops, by giving them a reason to become one. We need to stay out of other peoples countries & sort our own problems out first. We have killed more people in Afghanistan & Iraq than the regimes that we have tried to replace. It's not working & we need to get out now.

12 years ago

who is more ruthless, unmercifull and inhuman in the history of the world?

1. chengez khan
2. G.BUSH and his accomplice BLAIR
4. Adolf Hitler
5. STALIN "father of communism"

I need your opinion people..