Boob Envy
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Boob Envy

2007, Sexuality  -   26 Comments
Ratings: 6.40/10 from 183 users.

What's behind the cultural obsession with the female breasts? Documentary Boob Envy, hosted by actress and television personality Thalia Zucci, examines this phenomenon which has become increasingly prominent in our media driven society. Although the tone of the film is one of infectious amusement, it manages to present a series of more somber and thoughtful themes related to self-esteem, gender identity and societal pressures.

Boob Envy is not just an affliction that infects the male population. According to a recent study cited in the film, up to 75% of women claim they are unhappy with their breasts. But why? "The breast signaling how sexy you are certainly has been generated by the media," says one interview subject featured in the documentary, "because what we see in the media is that a fun-loving, important woman who's photographed is always one with a big bust line. We get the message that they're the ones that the media is interested in because they have big breasts and that makes them more interesting, exciting and fun people."

Without a doubt, the media ideal of the big breasted goddess is constant and unavoidable. But to what extent does it shape a woman's perception of her own self-worth, or suppress a man's desire for any other body type?

The film introduces us to a myriad of colorful characters, including a young flat-chested model who's desperate to undergo breast enhancement surgery. "Boobs are a woman's femininity," she explains. "I feel that when I have a boob job, it will make me a more confident and happy person." We enter the operating room to witness one such procedure, and hear from several cosmetic surgeons who speak of the enormous aesthetic and psychological benefits that result from their work.

Boob Envy also features insights from a variety of male subjects who all testify to their fondness for female breasts, even while they contend that size ultimately doesn't matter to them. In the end, the film encourages women to embrace their form - no matter the shape or size of their breasts.

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4 years ago

Personally, I prefer the female derriere.

6 years ago

No. In my opinion they do not. I like petite women, so I would rather have smaller boobs. Though my ex's had C's. But, I prefer A's or B's.

7 years ago

A bit cheesy for a movie, and everyone in the audience was shocked that the winner had augmentation...really?
Though I prefer smaller breasts, my ex wife was a double D/triple D (left/right). I loved her just the same but it posed constant problems for her: finding bras and tops that would fit (forget about dresses); back pain; discomfort with sleeping; having to hold herself if running; etc...
It is understandable if a woman has breasts that are greatly out of proportion to her body type or each other to desire change to make them more proportional.
I applaud the women that participated in this film for their courage and thank them for sharing with the world for obvious viewing pleasure and for their effort to help others feel more comfortable with their bodies.
I prefer natural, well-proportioned, with larger nipples (yep: hard is good) and smaller aureoles breasts. Each person is different and should follow their own desires but, just like make-up, I believe breast augmentation is about pleasing yourself and other women - not about pleasing men.

7 years ago

The day we become happy with what nature has given us the world will become a better place to live; and our relationships will become more balanced and long lasting.

7 years ago

It's pretty sad that women are taught self-confidence and worth through exposing their boobs to TV audience instead of teaching them values that actually matter. They are simply more and more encouraged to think that their self-worth is manifested through their sexuality, which poses a huge issue in today's society.

7 years ago

Any more than a mouthful is a waste..

anna b
7 years ago

as a woman its ridiculous that MEN are commenting like eh i think a size blah is favourable

do u see women commenting on how small your dicks are if so the only men we would sleep with would be dominicans or blacks

men are pathetic all talk but as soon as a woman breaks their heart their out boozing crying

shut up guys this doc is not about u at all so shut up

i am a feminist deal with it

7 years ago

It never ceases to amaze me that many women love to present their breasts to the public, and yet complain when the wrong people stare at them. It's like they think they are flowers that attract only certain types of bees.

7 years ago

I would like to say that the black lady with the G Cup had the best looking pair of boobs in my opinion. It makes sense however that the other lady won though because there were not a lot of black men in the audience to give her enough votes.

7 years ago

Possibly the worst "documentary" I have ever seen in my life. Maybe a more apt title would be something like "an idiots opinion on breasts". Would not recommend. 0/10.

Carlos spicywiener
7 years ago

Its kind of hard not to have a obsession with breasts, from infancy we have depended on them for food and comfort and have our faces literally forced into them ,then once we are a certain age they are covered up and out of sight.There was a time where the types of ankles a woman had (if seen ) would determine her promiscuity.But now no one would give a second glance,due to fashion and moral trends. I wonder if we will get that way with breasts in the western world shortly.I would also wonder that today in isolated tribal communities that women are still constantly bare chested if breasts type would have any type of social bearing apart from child nurture.

7 years ago

This was a very unbiased and tasteful look at the obsession that most women have with physical perfection. The opinions of men were very insightful and honest and it became very apparent that we women are the ones who put pressure on ourselves to be more, be better, be perfect...what do you think?

Glenn Swanson
7 years ago

The documentary I watched on boobs was no good. It was so broken it was hard to pay attention. I didn`t even stay to the end.

Louis Krodel
7 years ago

I am a male and beginning in my 50's began developing breasts and nipples(large ones) -- I have found some women looking. As a nudist I usually do not wear a shirt -- my nipples get attention. It is our Christian/Muslim attack on lust that contributes to our discomfort. Since I enjpy looking at women's breasts I have adjusted to the attention mine get.

zef rose
7 years ago

Try to imagine having natural DDs -- and developing early. Imagine being a teenager walking around the halls of your high school with big boobs. Imagine hearing people talking about how disgusting big swinging boobs are. Imagine having strangers concern themselves with your anatomy.
A lifetime with big boobs is not glamorous at all. Boobs with legs is all you are. Everyone gets ideas about you.
Big boobs are a curse! When people see them, they automatically think you are a slut. No one hears anything you say. False rumors fly about you. Other women hate you. Bras cost twice as much. Clothes don't fit. Men go out of their way to try to clandestinely touch them. Medical technicians pay extra special and prolonged attention to them. Security inspectors can't believe it's all you.
After living with big boobs all you want is a breast reduction.

mammy nun
7 years ago

Can't imagine being up against what the industry has set for what a woman is to look like. Have seen my fair share of mamalian protruberances and am great full to each and every one.

7 years ago

Any pair that I have my hands on at any given time are the perfect size.
Small,medium,large-all perfect!
I was very unhappy that the host didn't show hers.I really was hoping to see her permanently erect nipples.She talked so much about them that I was certain she would show them off at some point-SIGH!!!

7 years ago

There is nothing wrong with a nice large C-small D enhancement is great. A pre -filled jelly bear implant size 350-400 cc's.

Oliver K
7 years ago

I can't stand anything above a mid-C cup... furthermore prefer smaller boobs than larger.
Having huge udders swinging around in public and private is just revolting.

7 years ago

I can totally identify with these girls! Chicks are ALWAYS staring at my bulge! I always have to say, "hey ladies... up here... thank you..."